The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 25, 1930
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Served by the United- Press VOL XXVH—NO. 216 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Biythevllle Courier Biytheville Herald. Biythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley. Lender. Card Index of Fifty Sweeties Brings Divorce CHICAGO, Nov. 25 CUP)— Mr- I "trice Physter, 22, charged in livoice suit that her husband! a card Index flle.r.f women , Project Will Brirm farm- rrlend5 - Ilst 'nJ "'em an "cute," n ' ,, ~~T~. i sojeci v, ni Briny I arm ••drmkeiv ana "petters.- Demand {o r Action on M-JR-! and Job Relief m Ono.^ hE J?. 1 ; i . < ? I ^L ns ?... fl ^. »«"»rl de' Shoals and Other 1 S. 'I LIOSDAY, N'OVKM liKjj ^ Hope Strengthened For Shoals Action SINGLE. COPIES Frtf.E GENtS' r . '" r -- Physter said, and esrti listed Loilgressrhen. a woman. The cards bore rnllmjs : of from on.? to three stars. Some ST. LOUIS, Nov. 25. (UP)—Thc ' nad gold s * als Mississippi Valley association, fac-' Am: »>S Hie remarks on the cards ing"a debate today on the question ' sl)t 11 cour!l were "Jessica,! of approving a campaign to bring! eo ' d Eea1 ' c - rm > t ', smokes, heavy about " ""' " ' the Prnruicnlc Proposals BY RODNEY DUTCHKR NAA. Service Writer WASHINGTON. — Tf-r; Ssvemy- r a cmpagn o rne • > ., ^ t .>, uru*/ : -.— -•••- —-.*..*., t 'completion in Jive years of pst(cr ' 18 >' ears o!d ' •''»> ™. might ? r * Congress m«ts on December 1 inland waterway system was. *°?" " Me »^a. very choice." "Ma-! f ° r 'hree short final months, with told l>y three congressmen thai the rio ' thr «e star, cute and how-j " vast amount, cf unfinished and future prosperity of the middle .dank-clank." , , ':™ business which It cannot pusi- F "• - ' " west, depended on suc'n outlets 'to '•' Judse Henr i' Ll - wis Bunted the!"* a , u *" ti to ^f 01 " 0 "• "ies on the sea ' Jivcrce. - ( March. 4. Congressman Edwirri pnmnhoii ! • Th;L dovc of P" 00 ' formally in- oongrossman toward Campbell, „ _„ _ . _ , vlted into Hie Senate and Hour,? by i titular leaders of belli parties, may j find It'jSH sonn stripped of its tca- 1 th?rs unlc-ss effective means can 1 be used to curb or dissuade various Republican Insurgent and Democratic senators from fighting for action on measures dear to tolr Iowa, said "the time lias come to .relieve unemployment by immediate- action toward the hasty completion of the waterways." Certain relief for the farmer would result also, he said as the farmer "sees no prospect for a decrease in rail rates and with the cheap prices of grain at the present time It is impossible for him to survive and live as tin American should live unless some relief is . afforded him." v . The entire great plains region Is sufTeriri" from high freight rates, Congressman J. H. Sinlair, North Dakota, told the convention. "No i te j public improvement." he saiJ! wltn "would yield a more perma Temperatures From Freezing Downward Reported Over Plains States. This Congrefs will still be virtually the same tedy which took its sea's after the Hoover landslide of 1928. Tlie Housj will still be com-. pletely In the hands of the. admin-j islratlon. Tlie Senate wUl i.'.ill be! Republican on paper, but anti-ad-1 ?*, mo, «/;„ ivci^uuni.uif uii l*a^n;i, UUL. »,ii.i-cm- • it ' ,'"" I mlnHration In fact - whenever in,--,-,' coni P' ele i surraits and Democrats care to re• a™ ™,n «-m«« i"T temperatures , m tneir famous coa utlon. a richer return nor I ? na ™ la wmas . "tended over one ] . - g^.^. Hold< . Kc anent one than the! {»«h° f ">.e na ion today and was , Thus ttetelte# to tli present! "would yield a richer return nor i ? n « ™' d *»*«. "'ended over one i ™ '"^U:„„,£ Key a more permanent one than the' ' ourtl1 of the nation today and was j Thus the first kev to tlie urgent i proper development of our inland i headed - eastward 'toward the At- | M MnSl^^»e dtaatton" ^, wa ' er ™ 5 ' 6 ' rf-wi™ f h f f I be found in the Senate. Kpsclallv o£?,^ m L n ™!!'™ * Uul1 ot LK*±SH^.^I^-_^l r ? 1 Wth those Insurgents and Demo-i Peoria, 111., speaking at the morn- j wlth dee P drlfts the blizzard pbund- j Cr3ts to cotton OH • . session of the' next Congress can or is were, forecasters said, I wm be forced in advance of the as Head of Appeal Papers i i [ the nation would be shivering tm-' , iv, „, .u toda5 ' memoers ! der low temperatures by Thanks- of the Biytheville Lions club were giving i""n« the guests of E. B. Lyman, man- [ • ___ age rof the Biytheville' Cotton Oil Memphis Below Fwezinr company, on a. tour of inspection MEMPHIS. Nov. 25 (UP)-Win- PrtcV^Vh 1 ?"'' », „ „ fer Weath " wllich * nt ^ fmom . Prior to the strip through ths ters in northern states below freez- plant Mr. Lyman told something of 1 ing caused the mercury to dip to the nature and scope of the com- one degree below freezine here nnrt pany's activities: The mill provides the next 24 hours'wm s ' e liUle a market for many thousands'. of | change, according to Mel dollars worth of cotton seed grown P. w. Brlst In northeast'Arkansas arid south- .• .east Missouri, ajid.fyiring-.-its.wGrlc.-. ing season of eight or nine months furnishes employment, 'to a large force of men. Some weeks ago the Lions visited the Arkansas-Missouri Power company plant. A visit to the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation is planned for next month. ember, 1931. Such a cession would bring Into acton a Congress so clco;Iy dvided between the twn parties that uo one now is sur,? who will control cither houss, although everyane knows that in bolti Vri- trcl will be completely out of the hands of the' administration. .Then; is some small demands, in- J.I Fire at Luxora Sunday Fourth in Recent Weeks 1 RU5SPLOTTERS LUXORA. Ark.—Sunday niqht a Slab Alley,'owned by Firman Spicrr and occupied by Walter Daniels, was destroyed by MOSCOW, Nov. 25 (UP)—All of Soviet. Russia united today in a . . - „-_ _., varft demonstration demandinc the' Ssnatdr Norrls 1 of Nebraska, the fire, with a loss cf practically all death penalty fcr eight engineers' progressive leader, has suggested a hou."Shold furnishings- This was who went on War here charged' basi f* a pcssiblj compromise the fourth fire in Luxora within the last m-inth. Late in Octob?r the pressing shop of George Daniels was destroyed by fire and about two weeks ago three cottages -rn Slab Alley wcr,? hurned. Saturday morning a big haj bam owned by H. A. Teaford was destroyed n loss climated at $2,000. with ^e Demonstrations Mark Opening of Trial at Moscow. cluding thai of Senator-elect Ham Lewis fit Illinois, for an extra L^ssien. Others, including some of the.' more prominent .-insurgents; do not -oppose such a .'ession, and may support -it 'if they fee! such is necessary 'to '"get their favtrite measures passed.- ' May Force Hoover's Hand President Hoover is .• dead set against the idea, but he may have to call one if filibustering or protracted Senate, debate blocks in this ression the supply bilk providing -the mon,?y for operating the government. 'However, a two-thirds vote would bring abcut a Senate cloture limiting debate an* that cculd'beVibtained if about .25 Democrats joined regular . Republicans. assuming the Insurgents were op- --- 'ged with ploting an Interventionist war against the communist government. As the eight defendants were led to the improvised courtroom in a f-rmer tickles' ball room, millions of men, women and, children in the industrial cities of Russia marched hi great parades; .singing wildly and shouting demands of Infliction of the death .sentence on the counter revolutionaries. They als-, raised asserlira that a special :'i:sr!on'can be avoided if the administration, especially In the House, will withdraw its active or aliened opposition to such measures as his Muscle Sfcoals bill, the Wag- per unemployment bills, -the "lame duck" amendment and the Ship- atead anti-injunction bill. Other- re, Nrrris has said, a special session "may become unavoidable." ies. against! . Here Arc Blf Problems 72-Hoar Search Fails , , me- • nL'lJ France - Britain and ether Europe-' Now - '•'•' r ° r tlie maln problK 10 Locate miSSing Child• on ccmitries accused of plotting aj which will be presented to Congn j coDperative war again.t tlis Sov-' and may or may not to fought rut: TRENTON. GA.. Nov. 25 (UP)—! iets . a °d they demanded prepared- The appropriation bills for the Seventy-two hours after three-year- old Opal Cochran disappeared from her home near Sand Mountain. Sheriff Grocer C. Tatum of Date county said at noon today he was, without any clue lo her where.: nbouts nnd was considering or- ganteir.g a coynty-wide search for her. Theories ranged all the way from the original belief she. be- ness for a "Defensive war." Mother Jones Clings to came lost to the fear she may have been kidnaped or suffered deliberate foul play. . Bandits Kidnap Memphi is Man, Rob Him of $1,300 MEMPHIS. Nov~25 (UP)—Two bandits kidnaped their victim, J. f-.. WllIlams - collector for the Forest ;,!,T r.". 1 ?' 1 , . robbcd h1 '" of 51,300 -,,,! r . ""LI Ul SJl,v>WJ today " shortl y after noon govemmint. departments are gen- j srally considered the primarily - in] dispensable n^iiisures of every short ! session. Republican leaders will I :{„ U.. C1«_J«_ Tl j i bend their efforts toward putting Life by Mender Thread, thea; ,, hrcu3n „ nvWy Ml pDK! , B ble and Democratic leadert have SILVER SPRINGS. Mo., Nov. 25 promised to avoid an obstructive (UP)—Mother, Jones, century old' policy. "River and harbor approp- vetcran of a scor,; of labor battle* j riatifps are also on the routine was believed dying in a farmhouse here where fa- almost a year she has been ted ridden. "Only her heart is really^alive," program. Unemployment will to ft favorite subject for debate and President Hoover Is expected lo deal exten- said Dr. H. H. Hewlett, her at- j stely with it in his message. Some- tending physician. "Her body Is, thing will be done toward speeding just about dead, but her heart i up public construction, at leatt. holds en.' Cross Has Urgent for Warm The three bills '(. Senator Wagner ']of New York—providing for collec- i Uon of statistics, a system of em- Suit Against A. B. Banks Company Will Probably Be Filed Tomorrow. ' : LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 25 (Up) — Business affairs of the Home Fire and Home Accident Insurance companies, two. ofi : -the cJ«<t.3n- Eurance companies •• in Arkansas, were today in the hards of Elmo E. Walker, receiver. Walker, who \sas appointed late yesterday by Judge Mann in circuit court here, at noon today posted $100.000 bond. . The court order followed filing of petitions by Atty. Gen. Hal, Nor. wood requesting such action. It was reported here today that MEMPHIS, Nov. 25. (UP)-Rcs- ignation of'Giorge "Morris, since 1927 vice-pidsident of the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Inc., to becom» effective Immediately, was announced here today. -. Morris was director of both the i morning and evening newspapers i published by that firm, of which Col. Luke Lea of Nashville Is publisher. Job and Drouth Help Imperative Says Robinson For Dime a Head Wad(lie Is Ready, to iiag "Meanies" DALLAS. Tex., Nov. 25. (UP) — Mayor J. Waddle Tule of Dallas, who calls himself a "rip-snorting son of Texas," applied today for a Job of ridding Chicago of gangsters. He nsked only three weeks time and ten ceiils a head for evciy Bniigster, "meunles" lie called tliem, he bagged. His -requirements for tlu; work are 25 average pDllce- mcn from the local force and one Texas riniger. E LEADER I i . • • . •* Hopes Special Session Un'^ ' necessary, .Opposes:''Dry L Law 'Repeal. : . .' WASHINGTON, Nov. 25. (UP)'^- " Senator Robinson of Arkarisaj; •• Democratic Hoor leader, today, call- ' c<i on congress lor enactment ol -n emeiRency relief legislation during :| the short session to cope with'ceo- ' Outlook Continues Hopeful as Reorganization Efforts Continue. LTTTLE ROCK, Nov. 25. (UP) — ! Reorganization efforts of Arkansas 'bankers whose 'Institutions•• were caughl .in the finahcial" upheaval that' rocked tlie state last week continued to bear fruit today aj j three, more banks -resumed busi- ess. The Bank of O?nn, Bank of Mc„ „ . eal, and Bank of SlnmpS,,'all of Tivo allegee. liquor hijackers, one | which stopped payment under the suffering from a bullet wound thru 1 five day provision, reported to the tl\t* IM'UllHrtf nfn. ln/*r.-^ l_ l_Ji _i ' _i_i_ ...IP . * v**i. the sh-uldor, are lodwd In jail at Qsceola, while the sheriffs office Is attempting lo investigate tfcslr In* " • for bile ' by deputies out i nmp ,„ f ' u-m,M Accident company, O f the Osc'eola office of Sheriff W .would appear tomorrow to request' w. Shaver Sunday night. The Os- that a r ' . . aver that a receiver be appointed for'ceola officer state banking department today they were doing a normal business. Depositors of the three Institutions showed their confidence and no runs were reported. Nine banks have open«l since Saturday and a tenth wes reported ready to resume during (he day. Scvcnt y b:inks A. B. Banks and company. The Exchange Bank and Trust charges In Its petition that the Banks company and the Home Accident company had declined to repurchase certain assets of the i .«,L i,i.- >,-, working on a 55*% ln , the , ™« closed or sus- of ---------- „, „., n on a ,, report from F.jmiscot officers that ^ fh "f , rM With thc clMlng had been hi-Jacked of n | tjuantity of liquor. company of Little Hock. Trust After the capture of the pair, one I B " nkln B officials said steps to' , of thc prisoners attempted to shoot I ' Rrd DermoVTItate bank,Tmemta of ? OT , C ° f ^.T"" 1 ,? ? f lhe of ii__ »». . ' *"tvi*iucj. Ul I fifnvc' nnr Viiif tlin V»iilln+ n-n f >4 n "Ofsanlzatlon ° mccrs ° f were being , the Banks group which was morg. ed with the Exch ' March. , It .to hanir anered "" In th ° " contract for the merger contained I m .!ttal and a clause providing for such re-! ,,„ £, ,°, purchase in of emergency ' th ° Sh0ulder Tlie Home Life Insuance ,,, c " ™ the hb ^ 1 , cl wasf *;' lnto (he "P 1101 ^^^ °f the f °" OWed the ° Ut °' institution. Several were working toward merger proposals. The First National bank nnd thc Arkansas National bank the public welfare," he said, -"that all cooperate In the pass(igi»"pf measures, for relief In the drouth' slrlcken areas." . '•--.:• Dry Repeal Unllkfly ;" : .", Robinson declined to comment qa'' possibilities of u special session but said he would prefer" to avoid one. Regarding prohibition Robinson said ,"I do not think the Demi: cratlc party will*dec-lure for repeal. I do not favor repeal and I. do not think there will be any rei>eal In thc early- future." ....'-' He'sald.hB would advocate nddfH tion of the export debenture', plan of farm relief now being urged by a groun headed by Senator Borah Republican. Idaho.' - • ' : Oppom Extra session-' While Robinson favored dtspasi- tlon of the Mtltcle Shptils project f he said he -did not know If that i ..,,„ woul <l be possible at l 'the coming i portion of today's session to a study ses sion. He took" the position no i Slate Group Will Seek Relief for 35,000 Unemployed. Bjr SAM S. FARRJNGTON , ' United Pross StafT Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 25. (UP)—The problem of aiding 35000 unemployed today faced a state committee called to the capital by Governor Harvey Parnell. The committee is the first called by the chief executive and will organize its work to cooperate with the national committee and with I county and local groups. / It Is composed of 20 representatives, citizens from various sections of the slate. It will devote a larje of a survey of unemployment conditions In Arkansas recently completed by W. A. Rooksberry, state commissioner of labor and statistics. Plans for stimulating business generally will be .discussed as well as means of pushing construction now under_ way. '. ' \-;\v,... - The general committee'"will^supervise jihe -work of various county and-focal groups, to include mayors, judges, bankers, real estate men, lawyers and prominent members of women's civic clubs In each county. The committee also will cooperate with the federal agencies hi charge of unemployment relief and will act unrler the supervision of Col. Arthur Woods, federal unemployment director. - • Rooksbcrry's report revealed there arc approximately 35,000 persons in the state without employment and a Inrge portion are. In need of immediate assistance. The report estimated the workers totaled between 800,000 and 900000 In Arkansas and trial 600.000 or 700,000 of these are engaged in agriculture. Approximately 50,000 women are among the ranks of the state's employed. "The burden arising from unemployment nnd Irregular employment falls directly and heavily Rocd, could be-.accomplished by forcing a special session In view 1 of the even division between the '•'• parlies. - ''. He declared he'htfl no Intention \ of filibustering against: approptiv • ^ ilon bills. - •' - ..-'TV • i the Republican 'record; be said. , Rus«eD Man- Inimed in Automobile Collision Russell Marr, employe at the Dixie service station, tustalned ii badly , bruised shoulder yesterday afternoon wfcen his car collided with tb.° one driven by Dr. J. H McDaniel at the'. Intersection - of ChlckRsawba avenue and' Fifth street. The latter escapod with' only a bruised knee. - ' . B'th machines were badly da'm- ap-d, with Marry auto getting the worse of the encounter. It turn-' ed completely over and was practical ly demolished. Chicken Thieves Parade Cooler's Main Street knocked out of the ---••"••-•"> *T«V.VH.II uiut^ ai, -riiy-jjiy" ^^Q renart Iri "rmi accidentally shot thru I f''^"' 0 cons "™ lcd R ™ r B<=r yes- [ however, this burden falls o. when struck over the £^' ™?^ «»« • ™. ^ I d«t, In general^and Itct, 0 ' — ...^ -_m; j.iuuuiji.c cuin~ ' v, pany, also headed by A B Banks ! ™ ) " 1 men arc bcm S neld ln was not affected by the receiver- at rv """ 1 " ""< '" '"' '""" •"' ship cclion ycslerday. ! f " Thieves Raid Dru^ Store , in Ear!y Morning Hour' sM Thieves enteTeTThe West Main P ' depu " e5 ' Drug store, 20H West Main street, I early this morning and' stole a ! nuantity of cigarettes, cigars and • tobacco as well as two dollars in pennies, Dr. Hammock, operator of' the store, reported to police. Entrance to the building was gained by throwing an iron bolt through the glass door and releasing the night latch from the Inside. The bolt was found in thc store Time of the robbery was plac6d at and so tar have refused ! to give their names, officers say. ! The Osceola officers found 45 gallons of liquor where the men are , alleged to have cached their haul. The identity or the woman hl- by Poin- tution which will do business under I D i,a«.q n f~ rnmm ~Vf 7,';"" " '' the name of First National Bank of El'" e3fn ?.."? ln SS L y .J' fe ' Ul . cllld - Fayettvellle. Assets of the new bank aggregate S3.000.COO. , according to Misslssip- Tennessee Brinks Close ank ^d fhe '^ bank, the only two banks In Institiitlons In Wcaklsy county, were closed today. Bachelor Girls of Paris Receive Flood of Kisses By MARY KNIGHT PARIS, Nov. 25. (UP)—Today Is St. Catherine's Day and Paris stole few million kisses In honor of the ployment agencies and a national „ " b V, 1 lne roDM ry was placed at » "»• million kisses In honor of the ' planning board to prepare actively! 5°™™ere between 4 o'clock and I Po'ron Saint of French girlhood. ( P. 1 » n ^! nploymcnl ' cm 7 rgcndes >S.K o'clock this morning. Police U all was in accordance with a „ . were nassed by the Senate. The There are many peopk in Bly- *™^t^a th, firs t of those theville who are almost freezing! P^- 14 ul - bjcause they don't have clothes' warm. •Si^'"' ta '* u - lbe Red ... Cross, will call for them and dis-1 ^^ p nstcher as chairman of IB store door, intact on p:is.xi uis ursv ui VHKK- . 4 °' clock round and Dr. Hnm- but no appropriation has 1 "™. °r*ned the store soon after been made for it. jSociock.^ Merits of tr.5 Hawley-Smoct tar- :ustom that dates back lo the days of the good saint herself. Catherine Is the patron saint of all those maidens who come to their 25th birthday, unmarried, tlie appointment of I a ! Saf« WUL C7nn T 1 ' within a year and thus pass from - «te With $700 Taken 'girlhood Into feminine bachelor- n tribute them among the needy. In • fi' Tiu iff "commission The en- — Parly Withdraws' 5 ski " g '£ t , hel i 1 s ^ e **** that tlK y' "re nT commission probably will I „ According to ^ ii •*•&»••«* IT o Anil 1 * nnjiH I rv lin i« rwir-fnnt' yinnrlJ 1 *- llt *i-« *.«.«• r - Vi*..- *»J... glrlhood Into 'hood, In accordance with tradition, Support from Chancellor don't need to be in perfect condi- lion. She hns Mils every day for any kind of apparel. b y aid of Democratic -> Levine Wins Release votes. The Ma.vle Shoals Fight Prsver may brcon:<? a more dom- ' inant Issue than ever before be-i Store at Joiner, — i they must don a green and yellow .,„,- ,~, . rc P° rt ' ; f«elved, lace bonnet today and walk the her e today, a safe containing ap- streets, supposedly in search of a prr«ima oly $700 was removed from | husband, and allow themselves to he Dixie store at Joiner Sunday be kissed as often as the Paris night. ! public desires. ing practice for the little girls in the music hall choruses ar.d even the public schools were closed, for France takes this cmniony seriously. in? Industry business, churches and citizenship." Troops Are on Guard in Streets of Peru Capital LIMA, PERU, Nov. 25 (UP) — Troops were stationed in Lima streets today to quell 'possible future disturbances due to the un- situatlof ° f thC natfoml Pf' 1 ""! The capltol was quiet but the outlook was uncertain. Fifty per- COOTER, Mo.—The climax to a series of burglaries and peW.tMev- erles committed here last -'week, came Saturday afternoon when two schools i 150 ^' who lmd stolen two chickens the night before, were finedi five dollars each nnd made to parade I thc streets with the chickens under their arms before returning them to the owner. Tlie old rooster's head sought refuge under' 6ne of the boys' arm, at which he said, "The old rooster is embarassed." Finds Target Really Was Deer, Not Hunter MENOMINEB, injured yesterday' in"* ! <"P>-"Are all l U~* - _i. , . .:/iamn9"' VTn v MISH.. Nov.. 25 brief conflict Wwesn"sYudents"and • cam P ? " Mas Kuntz excitedly asked workers and soldiers. 'a companion on n hunting trip at the Wing camps near here: "They are all safe", his companion replied. vc -"Then I've shot a •'deer," Kuntz announced. King Tut's Wheat Seed Flourishes in'Canada In many dressmakers' where the "midincUc.r chatter over the £.3.0-13 go«ns. the d lo garrets.' TRAIT n ' r. /im, and i Bmy plow'sr rJw ( ~ ter? ° Further Investigation showed he A ' Rol>5O!t - or o£ the garret's "Ca'.lunnettes." The the !|Six Robbers Blow Bank With $5,000 a and .„ . O.. Nov. 25 (UP)—Six I from the tomb of Tut-ankh- i r oobcrs blew open the safe of thc - , • —• j Gratis State osnk near here to™ nove. race for The seed was found, in the an-! da y nnd escaped wllh $5,000. ,. <M -' fr !' izlrls dent Egyptian pharoah's tomb with ! : • among the new bsc'.-.elors. They, olror foods, when It was ownM ^ must run from one hiU w the other, 1922 •• openwl ln . The track, of tire treafc leading Hygiene vs. Osculation M t » i- ,.,! cause Norrls and otter senators! "P Jo the rear of tlie :'tore indicate Since France learned more about tn, . from Aujtnan Jail Irwlsl that Muscle Shoals legisla- ">at (he &af, 2 was rolled to ths rear' hygiene, officials have b»en at M . j tion must be part«l In this ses- entrance of the store and hauled tempting to hold (he kissing cere- S VIENNA, Austria, Nov. 25 (UP)- Eion. The Senate bill providing on the opposite side of Paris, m- WF4THFP In 1926, Sydney Cunningham "1^1 HER. rylng a hat box. somftin-.cs fond farming at South OooMr« like ^triv-o,,, - ' admirers give the sir), lifts by au- Alberta, received a fwbf the seeds' i ARKUA ^ SAS -Partly cloudy, tomobiles, but they nre supposed frcm a friend and clan ted a f«? i ff,"! I0ffhal wam " In east portion; 'kissing ceremony within bounds, but such fn.i \\jci-i c"j»*. i• ••- «—•—•— — f .",.«..•„ .^ oun* u suc Rn has beenUc-verrment operation of the sh^ls jo clues as lo the Identity rf the old tradition Is hard to kill and " -'•••• Mf have yet bean uncovered Parisian men are not going to give derstood. „„. »Hth^, t „ ..1," 8 ...£ ve House Bill for prlvale op go Into conference im-| ;: Norrls has suggested a| — under which the . up, without a i pleasant task. (Continued on Page 2) turc of glass has been found in Nevada. — , struggle, such a k done In run as fast as the:r permit. And tonight they dai;ce M night. It Is tradition, and fact, trst many of the "Catherincttes" owape the heels j (f them, ignomy of becoming sp.mters by becoming engaged cbriii? dance. On this day. '.l:e el proposing. "' «nt S'd ^|™"^ cloudy and co^' ,. ., . 'V^* up from K1 "S- Usl ni K h ' *« the coldest night seeds to Sorry, who planted of the sca:on so far whan the mer- |Cury accordlnj 1 ,u . .^ - tays that the wheat which I to the official weather observer, has grown from his eeMs is soft,! Charles Rhllliprx The maximum the and has a low milling valus. KCV-: was 5! degrees yestorday. On the jias cr-,.,? ess, 1 K V alue.i Us "King Tut", fame tiav E year ago the minimum wheat for Its antiquity and will; temccraturo was 31 and Uie max- plant some .more next year. j innim, 47 dc.jrecs, • -•

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