Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 30, 1890 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1890
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER On Laeo Curtains Nottingham Laoea, Etamina Plain and Colored crfius. Fancy Draperies, eto. Also a full line of Window shades Plain and Dado with poles and Trimmings. Department upstairs. Caffeine Seidlitz Powders Will Cure Your. H ea dac he 5 cents, at PAR VEST S 12th-st. Drug Store Daily Journal. MARIONSWADNER CI.TY CIRCULATOR. PubUgliexl ererr day In the week (except Mcnila;) by W. D. PitATT. Priee per Annum. - - - - SO OO Price p«T Mon Ii, ----- 5« WEDNESDAY MOKNINtr APIi. 80. THE ELECTION. There teems to be considerable interest manifested in the coming city election and the action of the Democratic conventions to-nigh will be watched with interest. Upon those conventions principally rest the responsibility, as the wards an nearly all Democratic. In two ward; especially a nomination is equiva lent to an election, and low license candidates means low license. It is to be hoped* tbe result will be th> maintaining of the present license bat the prospect is not brilliant The low license men are organized and working earnestly, and tbey are more interested, because tbe; are working for their own persona advantage. Their right to work for their own candidates cannot be dis puted, and a fair, square issue is raised in which personal attacks or collective abuse will amount to nothing. I f you don't want low license you must vote and work for high license candidates. OWEN, ivho hus been 10 New fork as CUairman of the Congressional Commit tefl Investigating Immigration, says that probably 500 Immigrants weekly land In violation of thj Intent of the contract labor law."| Indianapolis Sews. From this the News argues that because of this fact protection, does not protect the laboring class. In the face of the fact that this investigation was held to get at the facts in order to put a stop to this method of getting around the protective tariff the Ne,ws v argument is rather weak. When thedam has been erect ed to keep out the flood of products of foreign pauper labor, and the flood succeeds in getting around thai dam through another channel, the News would tear the darn out anc let it all in. That is what «aeh argument amounts to. Common sense would suggest''the stopping of title new channel. THBpharos insists tuat the city's finances are in good condition. With its orders floating in large quatiti- ties at a discount of from five to fifteen per cent, in,the last two years the force of its claim is not apparent. It is true that the financial condi 1 tion of the,city.has improved recently, and one of the reasons is that the city got $12,000 more from the saloon licenses last year. This gain was made to the city by the vote of two Democrats and three Republicans, and the two Democrats are to be defeated to-night in convention because of their vojte on that occasion. If the 'Pharos feels that it ought to be proud of this record it should riot hesitate to .say ;so., As a matter of fact it will support the nominees tonight be they high or low license men. , , TUB lower house of Congress yesterday passed the JjOgausport public building bill by which $50,1)00 Is appropriated for a public building in this city. The bill now goes to the Senate wherfiit will be passed us xoohasitiK reached. Congressman Owen is entitled to the thanks of the citizens of Logansport irrespective of party for his enterprise and energy. ,The Journal would like to have expressions of public opinion on the proper location of the building, but perhaps it ia as woJH.o wait until President Harrison signs it. FOR WOMEN IN THE HOME. PRETTY WORK FOR FAIR FEMININE HANDS. Art at Htnldne Petit Point Tnpeitry—A Fascinating Occupation for Those Who Would Adorn Their Homes Artistically —materials Required and Stitch U»od HICETHE KIND of tapostry tl)at recalls o d heroes is beyond tho power of tho bands of fair woiuou of to-day to reproduce, there is another Icind of tapestry, now most highly prized in France, that is within the reach of any ciever and industrious woman with an artistic, turn. It is the "petit point." Tho old palaces and chateaux of France bavo roomshung with this lovoly triumph of "a noodle and thread" the pala o of Fontainebeau being particularly rich in this respect. Tho rooms occupied by Napoleon I. are completely furnished with hangings, bed-curtains, chairs, and sofas, all of tapestry. Tho design is charming— airy wreaths of flowers on a background of white, so real that one could almost pluck them, and us fresh as if finished yesterday. FlOtTBE 1. a good even TUE KMBKUIUKIiV ST.V.N'J). The petit point is most fashionable in France and ladies there aro justly proud, to show a screen, cushion,or chair worked by their'hands. Tho materials aro .simple and not more ox pen s i v o •than formauy other kinds of fancy work •not half as beautiful or lasting. Plain 'line canvas is used, ^such as we see In tlio old-fash i o n a d samplers (figure. 1), caro bolng taken to get a good even mesh. The stitch Is the half-cross or satin sUch (figure 3} and is never varied In flower or back-ground. Four or five dollars' worth of sllk.s and canvas ^,vi!i make a back for a large chair and a pieco of tapestry will.add §50 or $75 i.r> tho value of the chair if executed with taste and skill. A tapestry or embroidery stand Is necessary for tlio comfort of the worker and the success of the work, and adds decidedly to tho appearance of a, room. Tho chair should not be too high. Then if my lady will arrange herself ~s\ —/f~V with a handsome lamp, lighting up two slontlcr, agile iands and tho pile t'lcup.E :.'. of rainbow silks, with the arch facci in shadow, "to save her eyes," and perhaps a sweeping train to carry out the effect, she will be a vision of loveliness and industry that, will take all hearts by storm. The following hints will prove sufficient if any ono should be lillcd with an ambition to work a back or seat for au. old chair. "First catch your hare," in the shape of a design. If you can paint, a simpld spray -of flowers or leaves on an un- shaded background nainted in broad, flat tones will provo most satisfactory. If not. many of tho uolorod Dower designs published by tho art publications will do, provided ono bo selected that la not finished too finely. For the object of the tapestry FIGURE 'i. Is to copy exactly the design, and tho more subtile tlm gradations the ,moro difficult It will be to match them••in silka and to achieve the. effect when they arc matched. Tho design selected, you may buy you r silks-at any largo decorative art store The proper silk'13 only to be-found in France and is, called Algcrin'e.isilk, but the fast, dye. silks similar to filoselle only a little more twisted, will do. ' You can not hope to match every* shade of your design, but with tho assistance of an experienced clerk will find a good many more shades than seemed possible at first. Match by laying the silks against tlio design. Then' if you have selected one with a, snaded background-dp not try to copy it but take a rather gray medium tint of the provaHiiiff color and,b'uy plenty-.of, it. Yon will never bo able to match It exactly, so do not let economy have, sway here. . All this,accomplished, get your bhmt canvas needles and canvas. It must bo tho (most that coinos.und tho space jehwcen tho threads should not bo more ,han one-sixth of an ncli. Buy som« oiled paper and are.fully trace the desigii and ink the •ocirig heavily. in It under the canvas .and trace hrou^h with a pencil, then with India nk go ovor this last tracing. Yoiir design Is new indelibly JKrd Stretch tlio (anvas, nrtor I hiding t'n> aw edgo and marking tlio limit of- »bw barkg ouiifl, ou Che ornbioirtdy o i Tour frame, And Inaso a? luiso ,L pin < , inrollpd as nan convonio.ruly be tian.- dled, for It hurts Ihe wort to rostroteti It often. Tl.cn the wise woman will com man co In ono corner of the b-iri;- Rround and work fur some time !>' fore attempting a lea r "or flower, unvil B? e h?.s learned the stitch and can work sin iotuly. ., Take a iiRcdleful of silk, which must always be compose 1 .! of three threads, knot it, Htid sew it through from thu~ buck at the desired starting placo through one of the little squares. Tlio work fs always done diagonally from left to right (figure 3). Then cross the intersection of tho canvas threads Into the next, square and pass your necdic through to the back again;- pass it back to tho snunrn boyond the one at which you commenced. It is really a backstitch with tlio sliortstiteh on tho right side (figure :)). Each stitch must bo pulled lirm and tight, for a, loosonu.is wouid ruin tho effect when finished. A gre.it deal deal of the beauty of the tapnstry lies In the firm, smooth texture and the jeweled effect of tho innumerable lltUostitf.nes. When you have finished a needleful of silk sew it through some of the finished wurlc until you have a iiumbor of onds to finish off. then turn over tho enriroki- ery fr:im<> ami pull them back and fasten th/'m. Having mastered the stitch you may commoneo on a leaf or petal. Selnct an inconspicuous on<* for thn first trial, for that is liefer a vory great SIICCT*S. Work with your design in a good lig-Iit on an otisir! in front, of you, and tost tho accuracy of your match by laying the siJk ngniiist it. If you aro not, sun- of your eye map out with a pencil the little blocks of oach shade on your canvas, taklnz care not to make them too regular In shape. After onn of thesn blocks is linlsho.l loejk carefully to s«e if the same shado uccurs again in the leaf or near it. If it does, before changing tlio color in your needle sew with a long stitch at the back Into the other block, and Icuivo the thread" loose in front until needed. If you have not a silk to match the next shade skip It, and go on with tho first ouo you i-.an match. Then tako two threads of outs of tlioso shades ar.il one of tlio other in your needle and work tht! spacn between the two. For instance, you wish to shado from a pink to a green block. First tako two pink threads and ono green and work next to the jilnk, leaving tho edges vory irregular (fig. 4). Then, with two green and ono pin.f fill in tho nmpty space andyou will find that you have shaded as if painted. Sometimes it is oven necessary to use three i-hades or colors in ono needleful, but this Is a matter in svhich experience is the best guide. Do not be afraid to change the shade. Often tho gain" in effect will more than pay for tho trouble. Ono family that had undertaken to make a set of furniture selected a background of dull gold framed with a band of olive green (lig. 5). In the center was a >pray of iris, a couple of pop- ples, or artemislas tied with a ribbon, A Convio.-'H Desperate Lr*]>. By Telegraph to the Journal. COLUMBIA, S. C., April 30.—A remarkable lenp from a moving train was made yesterday by Vince Story, an escaped convict, who had been recaptured in Georgia, and having been extradited, was being taken to the penitentiary. They were on die fast passenger train, and the bands of the couviot were tied with a rope. When pausing through Edjjeneld county, the home of fr>'tor>% the puard left his side a luo'went to get ft drink of water. The window by the convict had been left open to admit air. and the guard had hardly turned his back when Story, with bauds tied behind biui aud the train making over forty uiiles an hour, sprang head first through the window. The train was stopped and backed up, but nothing could br; found of the daring convict. The guard remained behind to continue the search. Highest of all in Leavening Power.— IT. Wreck on thf Bier J r 'onr. By Telegraph to the Journal, LEBANON, April 29.—While an east bound freight train on the Big Pour railway was side-tracked at Holmes, three miles east of here, this morning, it became uncoupled. The siding being on a steep grade, and the cars having no brakes they rushed down to the main track aud dashed iuto passenger train No. 21, that lefc Indianapolis at 7 a. ui. The fireman jumped, but the engineer remained athispost. When the crash came the entire cab was knocked from the engine into splinters, aud the tank was broken up. Several cars were wrecked, but the trainmen and passengers, outside of the shaking up, were uninjured. ABSOLUTES PURE FIGUIlt: S. or one or two white lilies. For each chair or fautenil the flower was different, giving a cliarmlnz variety yet a similar effect. Two shades of old roses, gray or blue, would be vory nice if they were not too light, as they soil too easily to bo of much use, Ono clever girl painted u little vino of morning glories twistrd around the inner edge of tho olive band. Many modern workers of thi.s (apcstry essay figures, but they do seem to make a conspicuous success, as this small stitch does not lend itsplf to figures.or double flowers. Some, of the most beautiful chairs in Fonlalnbleau have plain grounds, ooiinco. or powdered with litMe conventionalized figures such as lleur-de-lis, palm leaf, or dark clover- heads, or forgct-mn-nots. or any small single flower would bo pretty. The work on tho. flowers and leaves shortld he done in tho daytime to prevent mistakes In coloring, but all the background can bo worked at night, and after a. f«w rows aro done it will not be found tryhig to tho oyos, but is almost mechanicalaas each row is a guide for the next. N« Or tier Bf Telegraph to ttie Journal. CHICAGO. Ills., April 28.—If there has been an order issued calling upon tbe militia to hold themselves in readiness in anticipation of trouble ou Jluy 1. the officers know nothing of it. Col. Zeigneld, of the 2nd regiment said to-day he did not btjlievtj any such order has been issued. There is nothing to apprehend, he continued, from the parade of tlie workiugmen. The only disturbance at all likely to occur is froui the Socialist and Anarchist f-crions. Col. Zefgneld said, under the present condition of things, two hours would suffice to have the whole regiment reHdy for duty. ?PUPII, farming" hns received a tremendous shock in KB gland on acooiiut cf the disclosure;} in tho Bircbel! en c>. Judging from the inquiries that r.hf<» pupil farmers make of their agents, they need a great. <irnl of teaii'iiiy. One young ii.aii u'eeiitly wrote to inquire if cut.roti was grown in a c«3rtai;i locality in Vn ad:v, and the sapient agent aiistti'i-ti! lhat it wns not, bit that so ini] i>i-;:iM- BU industry could not long csf'U ^ i'.'-.U'tition. She IIml Ueen There. After the conventional embrace th lady from ( hicago Raid: " Von. must havi had a very tiring day, Jlru. Blauk?" "Yes, indeed, I navo, dear, and I fee fatigued." "Yes—t uevar HAW yon look to pale be/ore." "Oh, that'H pownor." broke in the six year-old enfant terrible. Miss Kellie, wh< had not bceu a spectator in her mother's bovidoir for nothiug.— Piltuburu Dispatch. He Took Stock. "Kowtell mohoneolly," said a si-.ientiGo gentleman to the proprietor of a d me ZBDsenm, "do yon rouily take any stock in mermaids? "Do I take any stock in 'em. Look here, if yon want to so iuto tho bnaine-s, the first thini/jou want to do in to get somo one that understands what he's about to make yon a good mermaid."— Wnshino- ton Pout. CHABLES Law, of FiUsfon, Pa., has a peculiar bronze implement that found near the scene of the famous Wyoming Valley massacre, below undisturbed alluvial soil. It is ten inches long and two inches in diameter, resembling an ordinary rolling pin. In each ind are the msly remains of an, iron or steel spike. Through tho body of the implement is an eve two inches long for the atlachm< nt of "u handle. It is identical with tho bronzes in the British Museum, and will be (jiveu to th* Bmitbsonim Institution. Took It an n Compliment "Miss Passcn just dotes on Ui<> lord of the Vundome hotel."' "Why so?" "Why, when she went thi>r<', gave hfir Suite ]<i." ianci- thoy The French titles of the late Ducde Moiitpensiar have- passed to his grandson Prince 1'erdluand d'Orleans, the youns- er son of tho Comte do Pjris. We hate our enemies with tar more intensity than we Jove our friends. It is easier to establish a reputation for ROOdnp.=9 with tho world at large than with those of our own household. MARKETS BY TELEGKAPH. Xcvr York. NEW TOBK, April 29,—Flonr—Quiet; but firm: (?2.60; flue grades of "" : ntcr, $2.40(72.70; N'obody Died for Her. Some^years ngo a sober, zealous Con- necticnt piirson went to ! visit a family in his neighborhood who were not so well versed in the rudiments of divinity as they might have been. When he arrived at their home he thought it prop, r to catechise them a little and beffiin with Mary,«iueir D! lest d ughter, a girl about eighteen, buxom and blooming us a Mav moruintt, and whose chavm/i had mnitien the village swama with an i-pidenfic "Well, Mary." said the parson, "I shall beg'n.-w th you.' come, tell me who died for you. Mary, with a flush on her cheeks, replied: "Why, nobody, as I inows on." The parson, rather surprised at her answer, repealed his question with increased zenl. "Hnry, I s;iy, le'l me wbodiedior von?" Poor Mary, rather irritated at., the in- qmaitvve parson, again • rep'liecU "Why, nobodv, <.ir; there wag .Bob D won lay bed-rid for me about six months, but folks say he got about again. "—New York JiLercurti. • • .^ fine grades ot winter silOffiOO; flue grades of spring, $1.85« 2.25; super-fine winter, S2.40(72. 6u;ierflne. spring, $2.10uZ60; extra No. winter. $2.7Sr/3.16; mctreNo. 2 spring S'iGSffS- City mill extras $4.95t?4.60; for West; Indies' Southern flour closed qufet and unchanged. Wheat—Options v.ere fairly active but prices were weiik throughout the day, closing isfflc lower. Spot lots closed steady; spot salfs of No 2 red winter, 97S97l£c; No3 red winter, ' 2 mixed July 40c. Oats— Options were moderately active nn<l weak, closlngl^c lower; spot lots closed Liffilfec loner; spot sulra of No. 1 white. 36IAc- No !! white ' . . tft^Vx; No. .1 mixed, 35c; No. 2 mix'ed, Sta; No. 2 mixed. April, S4c; May. SOc: June. 2asic. Lnrd-Closecl steady; May. $6.45; June, S6.56 Fork— Dull; mess, , . Sugar-Raw, strong, 5 9-16 for centrifugal, 96 degrees test, 606 1-lUc for fair refining. Hefliied ? T ?!'Sv, c , ut )oaf ' and crushed. 7Uc; powdered, C .44u G^e; granulated, 6 3-10i76l4c; cubes, 644 extra C, 6W£?5 7-16; gold, n C. 6ff5l4c. Butter— fateady: western creamery, eostern half flrkln tubs. I6318C. Cheese— Finn; Factory New York, western flat, 103 IWAc CofTee-Stwtdj-; Fair cargres, steady; April, 16.45, May, 16.40. futures, ""ura, Clitrazo. CHICAGO, April 29.— 1:15 p, tn. closing prices.— Wheat—Opened Brm an higher on uiseouroclnE crop repnrts, but the reliability of the rerwts was <l,,ul)ted,-iiid prices soon declined, the lowest prices of the <lay prevailing at the close There was very large trading In corn, but much of the business consisted in changing May to July. Wheat—May. 69c; Jane 8?c; July. 86M>c Corn—Mav HZBu:; June, SSI^C; Julj S2%iC. Oats—May, 24%c; June, afigc; July, SsVtc. S1MO * ' ' 7lme ' S 13 ' 02 ™ J" 1 ?' Lard-May. $6.22i,5>; June, $6,80; July, S6.S71A Shnrr Ribs-May, $6.20; iune, «6.?2; July, Hogs-Receipts, 16,000 t-ead; market moderate- prices steady: light grades, corn-leU,, Sheep—__ 4.10; lumbs, . ipts. 4,500 head;firm; n nHves;.84ffi Toledo. His Clients* Sake.' Xes, sir-yes?,-sir-ire r.re being taied lo death in this city!" he shotted, ns the counsel of » Twenty-third W»rd Taxpayers' Association stood on the rear platform of a street car^j- "How ronch tase* do von pay, for instance?" quietly listed one of. the group. How much? How much dol pny? I— J—well, I'm not talking for myself, but for one of my clients. His tuxes wonid hove been nt least S12 this year i£ he naan t sold out." ——*—_ . > A Strict Vegetarian. Fruit Deafer—I have some very sweei olood oranges, madam; would you Ilka some 9 uoUm or—J^p. indeed' '1 :xm a strict vr-"pi.ul.i1, 5011 l.now. Both the method and results whet; Syrup of Figs is taken; it, is pleasuu't and refreshing to the !a«e. ami acts gently yet promptly ou r.ho Kidneys, Liver anil Bowels, clesusea the system effectually, dispels coldc. ____ aches and fevers and cures habitue! constipatiou. Syrup <>f Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the t:\ste aud a» ceptuble to the stomach, prompt in its action aud truly beneficial iu its effects, preprj-rad only ii-nni the reost healthy and agreeable euli?tances, its many excellent <jn:iiities conmiend i: to all and have made it tbe "!••:.; popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale iu 50;. and $1 bottles by all leading drug gista. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on Land will procure it promptly for any one T?!IC wishes to try it. Do not'accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. MAT F/rANC/SCO. C*L. ioaisvia£,.Kr. HEW rots. K.Y |For sale by?B F G.iadcnsed H. K. i;hiraz«, Mt, l.o u!» (CKSTRAl. TlJtB.) 4Krti»B Hrav.rord Olvuion JjKjam* ...... Ka*tern Express 1-flOpm* ... Fast Line ......... 2(t5p. u'« pm t-ir^ ccoramo<latlon ...... "Warn* S.-45 a mt.Marton Accommodation. ^ OH Lara mchnxiutl tlivmioit. ; 1238 P ........ t ..... Accommodation ...... 6s*j » Indianapolis IMviNinn ? 1 , ...... 125jl>ffl* ....... Chicago IMvlMion. ».TI v ui-„ rusi. IjlllK l:2£n >n* • 1205pmt Accommodation 4"3b(/5t (O6prat AcconmioOaUon 6:15 a mt State l.lne l>iv(Mion, •• . s«)a m --" Mall ¥ dBcpre8 ' ..... 830 a nit ......... Express ........ If&aui ....... Local Freignt ..... USjaSS Trains marked • run dally. •••" Jgal nt Trains marked t run tiauj except Soad*j. v :"• Vandalfa Une. SOUTH aonro. Local Freight ........................ „ Terre Baut« Express- ____ ...... Mall Train ..... „ ........ SOUTH BOCKD. tocal Freight ..... _..... ...... „_ MallTrala± ....... ______ .7™ South Bend Express.- ....... _ Through Freight...... ............ __ ........ Close connections for Indianapolis via DOW made by all our passenger trains.--/. C Edgworth, agent. W abash Railway. EAST BOCJTD. New Tork Express, Jallj . 2ix< 3 ,» -• Kt Wajne (Pas.)Accm.. excpt Sunoaj- ba 1 .- a K :' ??, n 1 ?, t)r # T»ledo Ex., excp: pundarll 33 a is Atlantic fcxpress, dallj ............... 4a3pnj Accommodation Frt, exept Sunday.; 9ia p m WEST EOUSD. fadflc Express, dally ............. ^Sais-i Accommodation Fit., excpt Sunday. liSinai Kan City Ex., except Sunday ......... 3*Zan Lafayette (Pas.)Accm., escpt Sunday 6.-W p m St Louis Ex, dally Wabaabt Weatrrn— Depot l» Q01K6 KAST, St Louis and Boston Ex., daUr ..... Mew York (limited) ..... ....... .. ........................... 10-15 pa Detroit Accom ................. __________ 11 is an eoras WIST. - Cnlcago Jt St Louis (limited) ...... SCUOnm Pacific Ex ..................... 6A)aa Mall and Ex ..................... "" s^oSS Lo^SD ACCOm ______ ....... ..... _ .......... 9:50 K C Lantz Bro's & Co., 01 Buffalo N. Y. are placing a ticket in every family in Logansport, which are good at any procery store for a bar of their Acme Soap free for trial. So do not fail to present your ticket as each one is worth five cents to your apr251w THOMPSON'S GLOVE FITTING CORSETS! Dull, stendy; Ciisli, $8.50; October, Cioversewl Recylpts-Wheat. 16.466 bu; corn, 76.C93 'bu- oats, 471) bu; CloTCrseed. 628 tings. , ft »^"i"iS"-1r Wlle<Vt ' 15 ^ 0bU; cotn - 108.250 bu; gais, 4,100 bn; rye, 1,200 b«; clovemed, 1,167 Ka«t Liberty. o,. r ' , pa - A P' U 29.-Cattle-Re- V 21l) , h ^ d; , slI| P ments i 260 head; market 8S- h»?S g ^T R £ c f lp , t * 1 1A ™ head : "hlpmeuts. 1.000 bend; market slow, medium and selected, S4.46,T> lS ;1 «i mm <>" lob '2 t Yurkers, J4.30ff4.40T pigs. . og Shecp-Hecejpts. 1,700 bead; shipments, 1,200 h*ad; market fair at yesterday's prices. Cincinnati. ,CiNonfNATi, April 29.-Ho<is-F)rm; receipts, a entB, 1.86B head; common, to good, llcbt. *4.16r?-1.25 : * COUGHS -v AND COLDS SOLD BY DRUGGISTS ANO GENERAL STOREKEEPERS; PREPARED OMLV BY CINCINNATI. OHIO. Sold by B. i>\ *Keesling. Log&nsp 17 NASSAU STREET, New York, BATSKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES. CORfQKA- TIONS, 3A.VXS A.VO JlfKKCffAKTS. INTEREST ALLOWED 'ON BEPOSITS AXD Z.OAXSNEGOTIATED. '• ' TAR DID The best remedy on earth for piles. No use in quoting a long list of testimonials when a fifty-cent box.wil) cure any case in existence. You cap buy it of C. F. Keesling, 365 Fourth street, Logansport Ind. uiarI8d-'wtf \srANTED—A WOMAN of sense, enei v . V f respeetablUty for our business In herlocaltt; middle aged preferred Salnry SW per montlr. Permanent position. Keferenies exelmngsA. $ Mdtmfiicturer, Lock Box '.VS.>. T-... QOportuaily. OOP. A . gcotfc .'T. * :.>au Ufltlf MCUKKUATA1IKH. all If tut OCT. »nd .00 imti rtua will can Caoirb. CaiuriuU Tlttntt AffKOtuDi,, BnmrttU*. knd O«lrtu»(<x» didplBt «tmre, viii b>- «mi ut oo. Ura. " it IX. llMr , - _ ., -, working for us. preferred who can tnrnlsh (i hoise ami i wlioln time to the business. Spare moments! beixrolltabl.vniploj-edalso. A few vacancies^ owns and cities. B. ¥. JOHNSON * t0 *,ln. "H.hrnond, Va - iP»rj.«3^ : ANTED— All Active Man for Siiiiry S75 to « 1 OO, to Jrtcallr uceessful N. Y. Company inconited to Dry (Sooils. Clothing. Shoes. Jewell*. « uraers at cost. AlsOiiLailv of tart, ' *4O. to enroll ineiabera (SO'.OOO n(W<*> HKKMIOO paid in) mplre Co-operatlite rated) Lock Box 610. N

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