Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 30, 1892 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1892
Page 3
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Sold and Warranted &Jf GROCERS. B.SAM'S -sW8SB'3mi£. REMEDY In Paint the best is cheapest— Strictly COREY CONSIDERS. Prize bite Discovery of «reat value for the cure of Dyspepsia, Dicers, Neuralgia, Worms, Nervousness. Constipation, Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, Sick Headache, Scrofula, Kidney Complaint, Canker, Piles, Catarrh, Female , General Debility. This remedy is for sale by the following grocers in the county B. C. D. Read, Logansport. Wm. M. Kreider & Sons, J. J. Rothemel, •• F. M. Spraker&Co., C. M. Personate, •• National Union Co., " J. & M. Sellers, C. S. Green &Co., I. G. Wilson, Horstman & Boerger, " W. J. Parker, John MeehaE; • T. P. Swigart, N. A. Thomas, Geo. Moriarty. " F. W. Kline, Maurer & Schilling, Hiram Harvey & Son, Royal Center. N. E. Day, J". H. Phillapa, Galveston. Every bottle war-anted euro or benefit or the money returned. W. E. WINCHESTER, Gen. Act for Ind. and 111. AGENTS •WASTED. ure is best; properly applied it will not scale, chip, chalk, or rub off; it firmly adheres to the wood and forms a permanent base for repainting. Paints which peel or scale have to be removed by scraping or burning before satisfactory repainting can be done. Be sure that you have only strictly pure White Lead. The following brands have a. reputation established, they are standard, and well known. ANGKOR '.Cincinnati) ARMSTRONG & McKELVY (Pittsburgh) BEYMER-BAUMAN (Pittsburgh) COLLIER (St. Louis) CORNELL (Buffalo) DAVIS-CHAMBERS (Pittsburgh) ECKSTEIN (Cincinnati) FAHNESTOCK (Pittsburgh) MORLEY (Cleveland) RED SEAL (St. Louis) SHIPMAN (Chicago) SOUTHERN (St. Louis and Chicago) If a color other tnan wince is wantedj tint the Lead with the National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors They are sold in small cans, one pound being sufficient to tint twenty-five pounds of strictly pure White Lead the .desired shade. In combination with strictly pure White Lead these colors make the best paint that it is possible to put on a building. If you arc going to paint, it will pay you to send to us for a Hook containing information that may aave you many a dollar; it will only cost you a postal card to do so. NATIONAL LEAD CO., Cincinnati Branch, CINCINNATI. : •. To all persons needing pumps: I desire to call attention to my fine and varied stock consisting of my My improved Stone Cylinder, Porcelain Lined Cylinder, Polished Iron Cylinder, ' Common Wood. Also cistern pumps at lowest prices. These pumps are fitted with the best of trimmings making them easy to handle, insuring durability, preventing need of repair. Call and see me at factory. A. N. PARKHURST, 209 Sixth Street. F, M, BOZER,D. D. S. DENTIST. * Office Over State Xutiouol Bank, Corner of .Vourth and Broadway. Logansport, Ind., Sept. 8,1892. This Is to certify that the .Agricultural insnr- arce Company of New York, S. M. Closson, Agent, has paid my loss in full and to'my entire satisfaction and I recommend this Co. to all my friends. P. ¥. DUNN. RUPTURE CURED! (NEW TREATMENT.) I am prepared to manufacture supports to suit any case of rupture which can be presented to me, and will gnarntee a perfectly fitting support, and cure of any case without pain, or detention from business. Consultation free. Call on or address J. W. BALLAHD, 31. D. Corner 4th and Market Street, Logansport, Ind DAILY JOURNAL. i JHe Has About Decided That Fisrhtins Doeim't Pay. "I've quit prize fighting-," said Ed Corey this morning to the writer, says the Crawfordsville Star, "for I am plumb disgusted with it. There is not a cent in it. Scrub fighters like I am are dead losers by it. Now see here, it cost me$150,all my time for a month, to whip Brown, and although I beat him all to pieces, he had the pure bull dog to stand up ten rounds, and so by the easy terms of the agreement he gets all the money aad I don't get a copper. Why. .he was all chopped to pieces and I didn't have a scratch and yet as long as I didn't knock him clean out he got the money. I was driven into the Keating fight by a lot of fellows who had their money on me —Gill and a lot of those fellows, and I didn't want to see them lose their money. And it was about tbs same way with this last fight, the Doc Srown fight, where the other fellow •ot $500 for letting me knock him down thirty times. I am matched for a fight with Sum Grant, but it is not with my consent. "Have I any prejudice against fight- ng Grant because he is a negro? Not a bit. It's about all the same thing, brutal sport for the sake of the money that's in it. So I can't think it rcakes any difference whether I fight a coon or a white man. That is saying I will fight again, and that's something I von't say I'll do. I am going to hicago to-night to work at my trade as a plasterer and I don't think I'll iver make another fight unless there's , good many thousand dollars in it." "Didn't you relent a bit when Brown's face was all covered with blood and all that?" asked the writer. "No. That's what stimulates a a fighter. JTou see this man had made a great talk'about what he could do and I was anxious to whip him, and the sight of his upper lip half cut off and ail that told me that I had the S500 about won; but he stood up on his pins to the end of the tenth and so got the money. Of course when it was all oyer with and all that I am disgusted. I never started out for a prize fighter; I was just talked into it; I don't'like it. and I'm going to quit it. I've some mighty good friends but I never lost them any money and I've been square with them, so I am in a good shape to quit the business. TRY EEL RIVER CATARRH CURE. It is sold on a. positive guarantee if not cured or greatly benefited, money refunded. It will *top the worst form of Headache in live minutes. For "sale by B. F. KEESLING. Wholesale ana Retail Druggist. Logansporl, Ind P (Trade n«rk.-) y^k ; • & JT . KID GLOVES FRIDAY MORNING, SEPT. 30. II yon cannot get these gloves fro onr dealer notify the iranutacturers. Pings & Pinner, 3S1 and SS6 Broadway, New York, and they will see that yon get them KenVOH Thls °' d " a remarkably successful „... J school provides thorough nreparauon Military lorCollese or Business. »oacarefu! su- n.Hn»T».P wv ' sion ot fcoaKh, habits and ittou- , yor illasirtu. catalogue address . LAWKEXCK BEST, u^n.. .Sector. HarCOUrt -fwyounp ladles and girts. Founded ISil, to provide west o£ the Allegheiiits riuCc a schoul of the -very higbttst crad*>. 'iomr'nupv *' U P"3 Irom twenty-one stales, i'or Seminary catalogue, address. Bargains in dreas goods at the Trade Palace. A ten cent bar of toilet soap for 5 cents, at Foley's. A new. line of fine clocks just received. See them at Ben Martin's. See the $1 fancy hose at 50 cents a pair at the Trade Palace rest of week only. We offer this week children's double breasted Scotch suits, all wool, for $4, regular price, $5.—Harry. Frank. Degree staff No. 1, I. 0. 0. F. are requested to meet at their hall at the usual hour this evening for practice. Dr. F. M. Bozer has removed his dental rooms to the front rooms, second floor, State National Bank Building. The sheets and pillow cases offered this morning at the Bee Hive are made of best Pepperhill & Lockwood bleached muslin. Nobby line of men, young- men and children's suits received direct from our factory fully 20 per cenjt below others.—Harry Frank. Wanted; at once—A good girl,-good wages and small family. Apply to Mrs. D. A. Borges, No. 12 Columbia street. North Side. A fine display of millinery at Adelia Brown's Friday, September 30th and October 1st Call and see the fall styles, S27 Market street. Persons interested in - commercial work, pedagogy methods, etc., should seethe advertisement of the Central Normal College in this issue. The "Gilt Edge Club" will give a dance at McCaffrey's hall next Thursday evening, October- 6th. This promises to be a very entertaining dance. A few pupils for study of German will be received at the private school, corner Ninth and High streets. Instruction given singly or in classes as preferred. There will be a festival given at the Presbyterian church on Michigan road next Thursday evening, Oct. 6th. A splendid supper and a good time is anticipated. A cordial invitation is extended to all. Without a Rival Haverly's .llastodou Minstrels. Col. J.H. Haverly is too well known to every household T,O need further comment. His vast experience has opened for him all the grand colossal ideas which amuse and startle the world. Haverly's Mastodon Minstreis will appear at Dolan's this evening. This present company of par excellence is the same which played at the Casino, Chicago, Haverly's own theatre, for a season of twenty-eight consecutive weeks, a season longer tkan any aggregation of'a like nature ever presented in this country. The list of stars which constitute this organization is certainly a surety of what the public may expect. The smiling face, of the incomparable Billy Rice will keep you from watching the second hands go around your watch. E. M. Hall, Chas. Sully, Bogert and O'Brien, Delmore and Wilson, Harry Constantine, Fred Baudell, A. M. Thatcher, Arthur Yule, Geo. Evans and the other comedians of the company will occupy your thoughts in such a manner that you will not find time to count the big hats in the audience, and "Kissell" with his military musket manoeuvres will dazzle your eyes and daze your brain with his lightning rapidity. This is indeed a great organization, the largest list of great stars that have ever appeared under one management. The grand free afternoon exhibition, which will be given about four o'clock in front of the opera house constating of the most beautiful music executed by Col. Haverly's magnificent band, assisted by the wondrous "Kissel" in his military musket manoeuvres, is only a foretaste of the good things in store for "you. Another Tall Fl»h. Story. A remarkable fish adventure is related by J. R- Bayles, of the Wildcat, a citizen of the very strictest integrity, says the Lafayette Courier, and whose w ord has never been doubted. He will take oath that it is true in every detail. He was with a party and they were running a trot line across the Tippecanoe. He was on the bank and his companions were in a boat following the line. They left the boat and mounted a big log in the middle of the river, which immediately showed signs of life inside it. They were frightened and jumped into their boat and made for the shore. Mr. Bayles heard their story and proposed that they all return to the log, a proposition finally accepted. An ax had been secured and reaching the log the men commenced chopping a hole which was soon made and disclosed a huge tail of a monstrous fish. When the hole was big enough one of the men reached • in his hand, grabbed the tail, and held-on with vengence, while the others took turns at chopping. Finally the hole was large enough to disclose a fish the size of which made their eyes bulge. A rope was secured, and: to one end a hook was placed. After a mighty effort the hook was inserted through the monster's mouth. Then the men climbed in the. boat, pulled the fish out of the log, and started to take him to shore. He took the party and boat, however, and went through the water like a whale. On he went ahead of the boat, pulling it and the occupants after him. He reached the shore, whirled round with a terrible splash, and coming back rocked the boat ajjain to the great consternation of the occupants. Straight across the river he madly rushed, the boat's rudder proving almost insufficient to cut the water in its path. The men's fright increased and they began to strip themselves, expecting to be capsized and forced to swim. All the time however, they kept up courage enough to strive for - their prize. The fish crossed and-recrossed the river six times with them and they^stood naked in the sunlight. At last they succeeded in landing the monster but they were a weary body of humanity. The fish was about fifteen feet long, and they all agreed that he belonged to the cat tribe. They took him to the scales and weighed him and he tipped the • beam at seventy-five pounds. SMOKED FOH WEtt TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. Blackwell's Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco Has been popular with smokers everywhere for over twenty-five years. It is Just as Good Now as Ever. Its FLAVOR, FRAGRANCE and PURITY have contributed largely to the growing popularity which pipe smoking enjoys. Pipe smoking is growing in favor because finer, "sweeter and better tobacco can be had in this form and at much less cost than in cigars. BLACKWELL'S DURHAM TOBACCO CO., DURHAM. N. C, The Day of Atonement. At sundown this evening begins the most sacred and solemn feast in the Jewish calendar, the Day of Atonement, or "Yom Kippur." Services appropriate to this occasion will be conducted this evening- at the Univer- salist church at 7 o'clock by Mr. A. Friedman, of Cincinnati, and also tomorrow morning at 9:30. W. C. T. IT. There will be a meeting of the T. W. C. T. TJ. Friday afternoon at the Broadway Presbyterian .church at 4 o'clodk. All are invited. By order of PRESIDENT. Trustee's Sale. Notice is hereby given, that pursuant to an order of the Judge of the Cuss Circuit Court of Indiana, I will offer for sale, at private sale, in bulk, on and after Monday, the Sd day of October, 1892, at store room, No. 401 Broadway street, in the city of Logansport, Indiana, recently occupied by Samuel B. Patterson, the slock'of goods consisting 1 of ladies and gentlemen's and children's furnishinjr.goods, ary goods, notions, haberdashery, fur- nitfre and fixtures, foroi-rly owned by said Samuel B. Patterson, and by him assigned to me for tbe benefit of his creditors.' TERMS OF SALE:—Cash, or one-third cash, one-third in stxmonihs, and one- third in nine months from date of sale. The purchaser to. givei his notes for deferred installments of purchase money, with approved security, drawing interest at the rate of six per cent, per annum, with attorney fees, without relief from valuation or appraisement laws. SETH M. VELSEY, Trustee. September 1, 1892. A IJjoushtfjil Consults his best interests by having a box of Krause's Headache Capsuls at hand; taken as directed will pro- vent or step any kind of a headache, no matter what the cause—in fact if your skull was cracked it would prevent pain. The frequency of the attacks will diminish, and by taking the capsuls at the approach of a headache, you will never have another. Sold by B. F. Keesling and J. U. Hanson, drug-gists. Krause's Headache Capsules—Warranted, at B. F. Keesling's and J. L. Hanson's. ROYAL REWARD FOR AN ANSWER. "What Is the exact date of George Wash-, lugrton's appointment as commander of th» American forces ? i'fte fiortc Jewel will R-ivo an elopant Chickaw .sijr pure-:oned, uprlg-ht piano to tho first p«r- foo answering- tho above question correctly; tAi-o lirgt-ciass round-trip railroad tickets to ' Wncagro and return and admission tickets Tor- two to World's Pair frrbuncls to witness dedl-- c.itron of buildings October 21,1882, for each o£ next two correct answers; a sold decorated' China diunor set for the fourth: correct 113SV.-01-. An additional special prize, p.oea.utlful pair; • of sold and pearl opera, glasses, vrlllbo fflven for the first correct answer "from each Statci: Each person answering must send fifteen two-ceut stamps for 0 mos. subscription 'to T.'ic Home JeiccJ, tho illustrated family papct containing- particulars of our prizo compett, tion for a free trip to California or Florida^The object of offering these prizes is to In- creuso tbe circulation of this excellent family' paper. Send to-day and you may.secure.K costly prize. Names of all prize-winners iv October number. Write plainly name, po*. oCico, express office, county and'state. A? dress Ilic Horns Jewel, Suite 001, Bldf,-., Chicago, 111. T. r. A. Commercial Travelers' members of the T. P. A. Post of this city, who intend to visit the St- Louis Exposition for the T. P. A. demonstration at that point are requested to call on Emil Keller for information. Desire* to Bear Testimony. Henry Thorne, Traveling Secretary ol the Yil. C. A., wrltas from Exeter Hail, Strand.London February MISS* "I desire to bear my testimony to the value of Aiicocx's POROUS PLASTERS. I have used them for pains In the back and side arising from rheumatic and other causes never without deriving benefit from their application. They are easily applied and very comforting. Those engaged as I am in public work which Involves exposure to suddea changes of temperature, will do well to keep a supply of AlicooK's POHOUS PLASTEHS In their portmanteaus." l>eafne8S Cannot be Cared by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. Tiers is only one way to cnre deafness, and that Is by eonsdln- Uonal remedies. Deafness Is caused hy an Inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eus- tachlan Tube. When this tube Is Inflamed you have a rambling sound or imperfect hearing and when It is entirely closed. Deafness Is the result and unless the inflammation can be taken out and tbls tnbe restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases ont of ten are cansed by catarrh, which is nothing bat an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will gjvs One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (cansed by catarrh) that cannot be cored by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars- free. . F. J. CHESZT 4 CO., Toledo, 0. "Wanted, Cooper shop machine hands and barrel hoopers. A few good men can find employment in the Green street cooperage works, at Michigan. City, Ind. J. H. WrXTEEBOTHAX & SOXS, Proprietors. Address or apply as above. JPrononnced Hopeless, Yet Saved. Form a letter written by Mrs. Ada E. Hurd, of Groton, S. D., we quote: ' 'Was taken with a bad cold, which settled ou my lungs, cough set in and finally terminated in consu option. Four doctors gave me up, saying- I could live but a short time. I gave myself up to my Saviour determined if I could not stay with my friends on earth, I would meet my absent ones above. My husband was advised to get Dr.. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds. I gave it a trial, took in all, eight bottles; it has cured me, and thank God I am now a well and hearty woman." Trial bottles free at B- F. Keesling's drugstore, regular size, 50c. and '$1. Penolons. . Prompt attention given all claims for pension, increase of pension, bounty or any other war claims. Patent solicitors and general TJ. S. claim agents—20 years experience. Address or call. BABEOX & WAI/TEBS, Johnson Block. Hot Springs Skin Soap acts directly upon the delicate pores of the body, sweetens and purifies the skin, thereby rendering it free from bad odors, pimples, rashes and other disagreeable and repugnant manifestations. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. OMAHA, Neb., May 5. 1891. To whom it, may concern: I have suffered for years "with neuralgic headache, and Krause's Headache Capsules is the only remedy that has done me any good. "Would recommend them to all similarly affected. CHAKLES PASSOT, 71S N. 16th Street. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. TRAINS | CARSYIHG PASSENGERS LEA??LOGANSPORT XiCT BOUSD] Naw rork Express,dally M:6lirtto Ft Warae (PasOAccm,, excpt Sunday (i:]s R jr. Kan aity A Toledo Ex., eicpt suiidayll:16 « m Atlantic £xpre«s, dally. t-14 s. j» Acrammodatlon JTrt., except Sunday.. 9:'« p m WKOT B08HD. PaclHc Hipreis, dally......... 7-JO«w Accommodation Frt, exept Sunday., 12:16 p im Kan City Ex., except Sunday Srf? p» Lafayette (Pa8.)Accm., excpt Sanaa? 80S j> nt StLoutg Ex., dally.... .....lOdfilDM Eel Klver »tv., Lottiuuport, We»» 8I««. ., Between LogaiMport uid Cblll. EAST BOUKD. Accomodatlon, joeave, except Bnnday.iOdO »n Accomodatlon, Leave " " tM}m WX8T BOUMD, Accomodatlon, arrive, except Sunday, 9:15 m at Accomodatlon, arrive, " " 8*5 am ) Pennsylvania Station. Cubeb For sale Hansoc. Cough Cure—one minute, by B. F. Keesling and J. L For Over Fifty Years. AN OLD AND WELL-TETED REMEDY.— Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething-, with perfect success. It soothes the child softens the gums, allays all pain cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Is pleasant to the taste. Sold by druggists in every part of the world Twenty-five cents a bottle. Its value is incalculable. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, and take no other kind. -r— tv . J-IVA*'" AJJHJV* Philadelphia and New York...» 1.00 am * 2.85 • m Sradfordand Colamtms -.* 3.00am • 3,36 an Hlehmond and Cincinnati...." 1.05 a m * 3.00 am Crown Point and Chicago » 3.10am »12,40»« Richmond and Cincinnati....f5/15sm tll.20p» Crown Point and Chicago.......). 8.16 a m +U.ao a m BradfordaadColamtras........V8.00am f -120'pj» Montlcelloand Effner _..f 8.30am -f 7,45 am Montlcello and Eflner ,.tU.90 a m +11.16 a m Washington and New York...* 1 3D p m • 1.16 p m Commons and Pittsburgh.—« 1.20 p m * LJSp'm Elchmond and Cincinnati....»1.20 p m * l.« ym' „ Indianapolis and Louisville.,.* L25pm *l-50pj» Crown'Foint and Chicago....* 2.05pm • LOOpj*, Kokomo and Elchmond. tSJOpm tI1.0Bani Washington and New York...* i JO p m *12.15p at > Columbus and Pittsburgh.. .* 4.30pm- 1215pm Marion and Bradford * 4.30 p m *i2.lS DM Crown Point and Chicago...^t 430p TO 18.00pm Monticello and Eftner t B.to y in. \ MO? m Indianapolis and Louisvfc *-.. .»li55 am * - •» a at J. AJfcCDLLOUGH. Ticket Aeem>, To loan, $5,000 to 120,000 at 7 per cent, interest oa business property. Apply to W.D.PKATT. Excnr*ion toLal^e Clcott. Onraccount of theF. M. B. A. picnic at Lake Cicott Saturday. October 1st, the Pennsylvania lineswill run a special train, leaving Logansport at 8:30 a. m., returning-leave the lake at 5:30 p. m. Fare round trip, 25 cents. Bipana Tabule* COM dyspepain. Good look". Goods looks are more than skin deep depending upon a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver be inactive, you have a bilious look, If your stomach be disordered you have a dyspeptic look, and if your kidneys be affected you have a pinched look. Secure good, health and you -vrill have good looks. Electric Bitters is the great alterative and tonic acts directly on these vital organs. Cures phaplea blotches, boils and gives a good com plexion. Sold at B; F. Keesling's drug store, 50e. per bottle. BnekJ«n'» Arnica Sal-re. The best salve in the world for cute bruises, sores, ulcers, salt ; rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hand* chilblains, corns and all. skin, eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed io give perfect satisfaction, or mono; Tefundedi Trice 2& cents pe-. '«. For sale by B. F. Keesling. VandaliaLlne Time Table, IN BPTECT JUNE 12th' 1892- Trains JDeave Logansport, Ind. FOE THE IfOBXH. No. 52, Ex. Sun. 10.35 A. SL For St. Joseph. " 5-t, •• 8.45 P. si. " SonttBend, oO, " 121 P. JL " s*. Joseph. " 00, Local Freight Ex San. 6.0s A. Jt. FOE THE SOUTH. No. 51, Ex. Son, 7.34 A, M. Tor Terre Haot*. " 63, " 2J50 P. M. " 55, " 6.23 P.M. •' " 59, Local Freight Ex. Sun. 5.00 A. H. For complete Time Card, ghtas; all train* and stations, and lor foil Information as to imtM through cars, etc.. address J. C. ED.GEWORTH, Agent, JLOCANSl-OttT, JEW -OR- J. M. CJBLESBKOC7GH, A««t General Puiemrer Ajcort, t Louli, Ho DR.E. M. HATCH. Physician and Surgeon. McCaffrey Block, Broadway, cornej Sixth Street Plank & Condon. 528 Broadway Deuen in 6a*»ane, LobnetUncoO. CM! aUU olrtoim.

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