Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1898
Page 19
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pierce The Tailor Fine Goods Low Prices 318 ,. g?oadway. DR. F. M. BOZER'S OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK. Corner of Fourth and Broadway Central Telephone No Office 383, residence 343. D. B.. DENTIST Corner Fifth and Market, Pytnian Building. GEORGE W. RODEFER. fteal Estate, Loans. atNo. SI Kel River a rad of Market street bridge. & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand Goods. Sire u« a can. 20 9 6th I* 16 * 1 . H.GRACE, D.D.S. DENTAL PAE.LOB.S 316 Market Street. Aluwinite Rubber Plates. Mew Undertakers. 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day Or night. Mr. KfllUii was for many years toreman for CharWB L Wotl. Telephone old 261, new 817 When "Voa Xeert an ABSTRACT OR A LOAN F. H. WIPPERMAN, .306 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. Undertakers, 6l 3 Broadway. Strain 64. Insurance and Loans. $'instance and Bonds written In first class companies. Money to loan 8 per cent, S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St. MAKE MONEY r>n (.mail o»Dlt»l. fi-00 will start you In the .ChickeTbuslneBS Youn K Chloks for sale at e the table scraps until tall makes «. nice flock for winter oggs ^"SJ^rfat New hatch just off and I ready lor delivery at Poplar Poultry Park, Clifton Avo. John M. Markley,Proprietor. Private Money to Loan No Dei ay- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance'and Loans. seos Fourth arrest. J. C. Bridge was in Idaville yesterday. W. C. Fisher was in Marion yesterday. J. C. Moore, of Marion, was in the •city yesterday . Miss Gertrude Helvie has returned from a visit at Wabash. Jack O'Neil, a well-known horseman, Is up from El wood. Miss Marie Barnett is sick at her home on e^st Broadway . Ed A'jer visited his parents at Wabash Sunday and Monday. Frank Hunter, a prominent business man of Elwood, was in the city yesterday, calling on friends. The American Guild will meet In regular session tonight. Every member is urged to be present. Lots of initiations. s Edward Fohrer and Georgs Barnes, who have been sojourning in New Mexico, arrived home today much improved In health. John Ream will remain there this sammer. Robert Weaver and Merrill Piokell ••will leave for the Klondike gold fields -About the 23d of this month- Mr. Wtaver went to Chicago yesterday to >-Bi»ke arrangements for the start. TO REDUCE KITES. Insurance Companies Figuring on Lower Rates Where Chemical Fire Ex- tingnlshers are Kept. L. H. Wolff, a special agent of the Royal insurance.company, was In the city yesterday, and at the request of Obenchain & Boyer and several citizens attended an exhibition of their chemical fire extlngutsner near the Logan Milling company's plant. The exhibition was given aa an inducement to get Mr. Wolff to arrange a lower rate of insurance for factories and other places which are equipped'with the extinguisher, is'alsooneof the adjusters of company and has much to say in gard'to the rate in this district, will report the matter favorably to the board. Wilson, Humphreys & Co.'s establishment on Erie avecua is equipped throughout and Mr. Wolfl also inspected their plant yesterday. TO NEW OBLEiMS. He the re- He TTTO Indiana Regiments teare Camp Mouut Today. The Second and Third regiments were mustered in today as the 157tb and 158th Indiana regiments. Company F, of South Bend, was the first company mustered in. A. telegram to Governor Mount from Secretary Alger orders the Second and Third regiments and the Indianapolis Light Artillery to New Orleans for active duty. Another special from Indianapolis aays: "The Second and Third regiments will be mustered la today. They are ordered to New Orleans, and they will probably bs forwarded on Thursday, bat th?s depends on farther instructions from Washington.— Ohas. E. Wilson, military secretary." DE1L CLOSED, In Which Coleridge Changes Owners and is Shipped to Jiew York. Frank Matley arrived here yesterday afternoon from Syracuse, N. Y., and in company with Dallas Ouster went to the Driving park, where he handed over «3,500 for Coleridge, the pride of Oass county. R. J. Wheeler, a prominent race starter, was here several days ago in the interest ot Mr. Matley, and he must have-thought well of the pacer or his employer would not have taken him. The horse was shipped via the Wabash yesterday afternoon for New York state. (iood Feeders. Up to Sunday night Camp Mount had consumed over 300,000 pounds of food, as follows: Bacon, 21,640 pounds; fresh beef, 37,897 pounds; canned corned beef, J2,000; soft bread, 42 863; hard brtad, 16,146; beans, 8,701; hominy, 4,100; coffee, 6,000, tea, 1,300; sugar, 14,700: salt, 3,600; pepper, 281; potatoes, 63,981; onions, 31,011; tomatoes, 8,640; dried peaches, 3,024; canned corn, 9,102; cabbage, 7,740; canned apples, 453; prunes, 3,038; flour. 1,960. There have also been consumed -38 barrels of pickles, 765 dozen of eggs and five barrels of vinegar. The New Directors. At a meeting of the Masonic Temple association in the club rooms of the temple last evening new directors were chosen to act for the ensuing year as follows: J. T. EMlott, Ezra Parker, Max Jennings, N. R. Donaldson, "V. E. Seller, Allen Richardson, D. H Chase, Eli Greensfelder, John Redmond, H. H. Montfort and J. T. Cockburn. The officers of the association will be chosen later. Rev. J. Wales, of the Evangelical church on the Westside, has removed bis family from Rochester to 412 Vine street, this city. America's Greatest Medicine is Hood's Sarsaparilla, Which absolutely Cures every form of Impure blood, from The pimple on your Face to the great Scrofula sore which Drains your system. Thousands of people Testify that Hood's Sarsaparilla cures Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Dyspepsia, Malaria, Catarrh, Rheumatism, And That Tired Feeling. Remember this And get Hood's And only Hood's. ADDITIONAL 1TE». Cadet caps for boys.—New Otto. E. B. McConnellJ was in Marion yesterday. J. B. JUrtman, of Marion, was here yesterday on business. Mrs. Henry Heitrrink has returned to her home at Richmond. Lnst—Pension voucher yesterday. Leave at this office—Angusta§«Cook. Smoke- "Our Band," the new 5c cigar, made by Shaffer & Gimmill. The Fourth regiment of Indiana vol n Q teers is short about two huud red men. Sheriff Hombnrg departed for Hot Springs last night for the benefit of his health. Miss Fannie Thomas has returned from Peru where she visited Miss Maud Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. John Chase left yesterday for Knoxville, Tenn., their future home. Miss Mollle Brown, of Delphi, who has been visiting relatives here, returned home today. Alarm box No. 7 has beec placed at the corner of Wheatland Wilkinson street, Westside. Eli March, formerly of Traut'a grocery, is now employed at the post- office as distributing clerk. Miss Josie Sumption left today foi "Valparaiso, where she will take lessons in pipe organ playing. Bridge City Lodge, K. of P., gave the third degree work last night and followed it up with a banquet The crop of mushrooms is unusually large this year and hunters are having a good time gathering them. Rev. Starke, of Flora, has enlisted in the navy and will apply tor a chaplaincy, providing the service does not interfere witb bis life insurance. The regular monthly meeting of the Third and Fourth wards of the Broadway M. E. church was held this afternoon at the church at) 2:30 o'clock. The Epworth League gave a very pleasant anniversary social last night at the Broadway M. E. church. The church was decorated to suit tne different lines of the work. Revs. Walts, Stewart and Semans are In Kokomo attending Che M. E. district meeting of pastors and stewards, which convened there yesterday. The meeting closes tonight. The last session of the Baldwin club for tbis season will be held Monday evening, and will close with a banquet. Chas. G. Newell will present a paper on "Recollections." In numbering the Indiana volunteer regiments that are expected to take parb in the war with Spain, the state will begin where the regimental numbers ended at the close of the civil war. la Muncie all business closes at 6 o'clock each day. At a recent meet- Ing of the city council a petition was presented, signed by a number of women, to have the saloons ciosed at the same hour. The Cass county Bi-metallic league will meet in regular session at their hall on Wednesday evening, May llth. Members and the public are cordially invited to attend,—C, E. Carter president. It is rumored that the soldiers at the Marion home will be called to do garrison duty in Indiana. This is met with great enthusiasm by all and all are willing and ready to serve their country in any way possible. A meeting of Sunday school workers was held in Georgetown JSunday. Quite a crowd attended from this city,among them beingiProf.Gamble, who spoke on "Sowing and Reaping," and Dr. Overholaer on ""Who Should Work." A large majority oi the soldiers at Camp Mount are without funds and some cannot buy postage stamps. Pay day is anxiously awaited. There Is plenty of money with which to pay the men, but the delay in .'preparing the rolls is the cause of the financial stringency. Nearly all the cities of this size in the state have set aside a day to celebrate Dewey's victory at the Philippines. What- Is the matter with Loganaport doing likewise? A city that can furnish nearly 150 men on short notice to go to war ought to be able to get up a good celebration. The quarterly payment of pensions from the Indianapolis office began Wednesday of last week, but It seems there was a delay in getting the checks mailed, which has caused considerable complaint from veterans in many localities. The payment of pensions in Indiana amounts to $2.600,000 every quarter. County Treasurer Cash received a statement yesteraay ot the amount expended for clothing by the different Institutions which «Cass county patronizes. The total amount was 8755.94, divided as follows: Northern Indiana hospital for the insane, $227.16; deaf and dumb asylum, $15.26; reform school for boys, »432; female prison, 181.52. The best baking powder and flavoring extracts in the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. Grant - 34 Howard ~ l Hantington 25 Miami -'* Wabaah 19 M. T. SHIVELY, Chairman. JOSEPH N. TILLETT, Secretary. Delegates to Cangressional Contention J. D. McKitt, Frank Secce, Geo, Lucy,Samuel Sines,-D.D. Dykeman, !has. W. Horoburg, A. Hanson,Chas, Felker. William Heppe, Walter TJhl, Dr. J. B. Lynas, J. P. Martin, S. S. Helvie, Al Merritt, Geo. Jeffries,John Brinley, Charles Spitznagle, Oliver Reed. Lewis Ross, George W. Burkhart, the postoffice address of whom is Logansport: C. F. Davis, Twelve Mile; M, W. JKistler, Royal Center: Thomas Flynn, Deer Creek; Floyd Burton, Lucerne; George W. Emery, Galvestou; William J. Gibson, Bur- nettsvllle; G. S. Tvicketts, New Waverly; Daniel Bohn, Walton; Dr. Snyder, Onward; Allen Snider, Deacon; Edward Whitfield, Lucerne. Stockholders' Meeting. Stockholders of the 'Logansport State Bank will hereby take notice that there will b3 a meeting at the Logansport State Bank at Logansport, Indiana, on Monday, tbe 16th day of May at 3 o'clock p. m.,for the purpose of electing seven directors to serve for the ensuing year and transact all other business that may properly come before said meeting. W. C. THOMAS, Cashier. May 4, !89S. GOLD STANDARD IN INDIA. OFFICIAL CALL. Democratic Congressional Convention Will be Held Jnne 2, 1898. MARION, Ind., Mar. 29, 1S98. To the Democracy 01 .t Je Eleventh Congr8S«- ional District: Tbe Democratic-congressional convention will be held in jthe city o Wabash, at 1 o'clock, on Thursday, June 2d, 1898, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for congress of the Eleventh congressional district, to be voted for at the November election, 1S9S,'and for such other business aa may properly come before the convention. The basis of representation to said convention as fixed by tbe Democratic district committee is one delegate for each one hundred and fifty and one delegate r for each fraction of seventy-hve or more votes cast for William J.Bryan for president in 1896. Under this apportionment the convention will consist of. 155 delegates divided among the counties as follows: Cass.. .32 ft HIM Wroueht HBTOC to Business, »nd the People Are Impoverished. the Euglish parliament may pronounce gold standard au excellent thing for India the people of India are of quite the opposite opinion. Lombard street has no reasou to complain. It can afford to be as complacent over the woes of the people of India aa is Wall street over the sufferings of the people of this country, Lint Lombard street may find its match some day and be forced to retreat before an outraged public, just as Wall street is sure to have its "sound" money plots destroyed by the votes of the masses taught by sart experience the crushing evils of the oppressive goJd standard. Thereisnoimprovmnent iu the financial condition of India. Business is depressed and the merchants are ready to revolt. The gold standard is roundly denounced as a failure, and at a recent meeting of the Bombay chamber of commerce one of the speakers said: "Our exchanges with China and other silver using countries have been dislocated •without our having gained stability for our exchanges with gold using countries. The investment in this country of outside capital has been repelled by the artificial conditions of the currency in a degree in which Isnbmit (bat it never was and never 'would have been repelled by fluctuations in the goltj value of a silver currency. We have lost the great advantage of a currency on a bimetallic basis, expanding and contracting automatically according to the requirements of the country. All this might be patiently endured for a l.ime if the legislation were a stepping litone to a sounder and better monetary system than we had before. If I only believed this I might be content that the present policy should be given a longer trial, but the scheme is positively mischievous because it depends for its success on a contraction of the currency, which is in itself a very serioas evil. ' ' Thus the merchants of India arraign the gold standard policy which has been forced npou them by the govern ment of England. The gold standard has proved a curse to the people of India. It has ruined tbe common, people, and it is impoverishing the classes that heretofore Lave considered themselves well to do. Nothing cam remedy the evil except the reopening of the mints of India, and such a remedy is earnestly demanded.-i>y the people of that- coun- John Sherrnan'3 One John Sherman is not being bored by the interviewers. — Washington Post. SQUABBLE IN OHIO. DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach P-' orders positively cured. Grover Graham's Dyspepsia Remedy is a«pecific. One dose removes all distress, and a permanent core of the most chronic and severe cases is guaranteed. Do not suffer! A 50c bottle will convince the most skeptical. e Bcpnbl leans Xot on Very Good Term* With One Another. The future of tie Republican party in the state of Ohio looks about as un- barmornous and unpromising as do tho chances of that party's success in ibis and other northern states. Hanna has been a little more than the mass of the party could endure. Tbe consequence is that the president's own state is reut- •with factions, and the .McKiuley, Hanna and Grosvenor wing is experiencing nrach trouble from the Foraker men in every direction. Thu schism between tbe'two sets of adherents has passed the bounds of coartesy and politeness. Senator Foraker, indeed, proposes to "call a spade a spade" and to describe a Hanna man just exactly as he finds him. Tbe senate fight over recognition of the Cuban republic has brought all the McKinley officials down upon Foraker, and he finds it necessary to strike out vigorously. Accordingly he has been writing a letter in which he calls Samuel G. McClure, the editor of the Columbus State Journal, who had editorially attacked him, a liar; upon -which, McClure, waiving the practice of tha duello, retorts that Foraker was a lobbyist supporter of the grant of 50 year Htreet car franchises and the slave of a corporation. If these party leaders persist in telling what they know of each other there is no telling how soon somebody may even attack the moral character of Mark Hauna, and what a pity that would be!—.New York News. Somebody Blundered. While Mr. Koblsaat is receiving congratulations because he turned his back on an offered bribe of $800,000, a great many people are wondering what lunatic asylum attendant went to sleep and allowed the escape of a man insane enough to imagine that Kohlsaat's ia- fluence was worth anywhere near that much money. Tan and black sboes, like cut, §1.98, worth $4, cloth and vesting top. See show window. In addition to the great saving acknowledged by all in the New Otto shoe department over the regular shoe stores, we present to our patrons handsome decorated Chinware; (style equal to Havilland);also chamber sets and hotel ice pitchers and cuspidors, and shine your shoes free of charge. This may not amount to much, but if you like to look neat and dressy and have your shoes 8hine3 daily and would keep track of the nicfcels and dimes, you would be surprised at the saving. . This may not amount to much, but )t ! s just tbat much more than the thar stores give vou. Otto Shoe & Clothing Co. SUMMER NORMAL. The LOGAXSPORT COMMERCIAL Hren SCHOOL will canduct a Summer Normal, beginning June 6, and continuing TEN WEEKS. They have secured the services of Prof. A. W.'Gamble of the city high school, who will have charge of this department. Prof. Gamble's reputation as an educator is sufficient assurance of the moat, satisfactory r Tbe course of study will be especially arranged to meet the demands of teachers and those preparing lo teacii Thorough instructions will be given on every subject on which the teacher will be required to pass examination. Tuition 10 Tweeks 18.00 Good board per week 2.50 PKINCEPLS . II. A. J. W. HOOKE McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND YAK BUREh afS. CHICAGO. The New MR Store- Cor. Market, 5th and Erie Sts. Just Opened Our New Line of Celebrated FIRE PROOF. One Kocfc from C. R. T. & P. and I» S. & M. S. Kallroa*. depot. Improvements costing $73,000.00 hivt just been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found ia any hotel, including hot and cold water, electrk light and steam heat in e 'ery room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner nt Preprtetw JSIEW ICEBERG Hardwood Refeigerator. —DRY A1K--- With and without porcelain lined Water Cooler, made of solid ash; of beautiful design, finished antique, carved panels: solid bronze surface locks and hinges; Fox patent self- retaining maple wheel casters, made extra heavy for refrigerator use: perforated galvanized iron provision shelves, and corrugated gal- viaiixed ice rack*,; lined throughout witb. polished zinc and galvanized iron. 15 Different Styles up from tC.90. THR First National Bank CAPITAL 1250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PBRSEDKNT, W. W. ROSS, CAaimcK, J. F. BROOKMEYER, ABST. GUSTO, A. J. Murdook, W. H. BrtnghurH, Daunt* Hal, B. S. Kloe. B. f. Tantii. I K. Hanrood. Vf. T. Wilson. Banking In all its Department* promptlj sal carefully done. 8 ifety- Co Customers and «ookboidei n<.»;htfor. Scroop Reserve Fund Maintained. Your Spring Suit, Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look -veil and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas ;You, Save You Money. Pearl StNext to Dr. Bell's Office. THR City National Bank. LOGANSFORT, IND.] CAPITAL .$200.000 JOHN GRAY, President, I. N. CBAWTORD, Vice Pres. P. R. FOWLXR, Cashier. —DmSCTOBS — John Graj, C. G. Newell. J. T. Elliott Dr. w H. Belt, A. P. Jenta, W.C. Pennock, IMM BhJdeler, and fieo. W. Funk Loan money oa personal and"'oollat»ral security. Buy and «a 11 Government boodi. Buy and iell foreign exchange on all parti of the world. Will pay 2per cent per annum on oartiflottot ot depottta, when depoilted six months: S v«r cent par annum when left one year. Boxes In Safely flepodt Vault*, for tufa keeping uf valuable papers, rent* reasonable. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, snob, as sore month, sore gums, etc. Absolutely §&fe and palnles. The most natural-looking Teeth on new method PLATB8, guaranteed to fit. TbeSaeet and best method of CBOWK «4 EBUXfcE Work. Hr"Nacharre for extracting without {Mil when new teeth are to b« supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, 3111-2 four* §t. erFif)Mr>f Dnwator Coughs and coida, dowji to the T«J borderland of conBamptiott, Jl«l* W the soothing, healing influence of Dr. Wood's Iforw»j Pine Syrup.

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