The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 28, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. X'XVIT—No. 113 BlythevUle Courier, BlytuevlUe Dally News, Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. LUC, ARKANSAS, .MONDAY, JULY 28, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS> MERCURY AT 107 TODAY; RELIEF PROMISED MEETING CHER OF IN DISTRICT Knocks Out Strlbling kncckcd out the Englishman in the second round of u .scheduled 10 round bout. ; LONDON. July 28. (UP)— Young 1 Slribling of Georgia defeated P:ii: Scott of England before a crow financial Situation of Dis- ° r 45 '°°° hcro '° !1| e ht '" a match , •• , ivni n r\- i billed for the heavyweight cham- Incl Will Be Discussed Here Friday, August 1. A mass meeting of owners of | land In Drainage District 17 ha:; • been called for next Friday, August J I, for a discussion of "all matters | pertaining to the affairs of said • Drainage District." and particularly, It is understood, to take up the | financial crisis which the district • Is understood to be facing, The meeting will be held at 10 ' a. m. in the courthouse at Blythc- . in. in ine cuuruiouse ac myinc- -/-. \ -no 1 Die, and every owner of property iLai'UlherSVllle O U n <J a y School Teacher and Boy Drown at Brown's Ferry In the district is invited to attend. The district embraces the northern part of Mississippi county including the city of Blytheville, from the Mississippi river to Big Lai:; and extends south along the Little Hiver basin to the Poinsett county line, west of Osceola. It contain.- 173,379 acres. Signers of the call, a copy ol Last rites were held at Caruth ersville, Mo.. Sunday for Weltci Foster. 24-yenr L olf1 Sunday schoo teacher, following services Sattirda for Kus5,<?ll Kelley. 10-year-old TV7« T T 1 T» ' Dinners In Icxas Primary TOPS TICKET M TEMS Ross Sterling Will Oppose Wife of Former Governor Jim Ferguson in Run-Oft 1 . DALLAS. Tex., July 28 (UP)— • A matronly woman who turns to the house wifely tuski of cannim; preserves during political doldrums, and a multimillionaire ne.wsp,iL-r publisher and oil man will lay their policies of government before 'Texas Draiccra'.s in the run off primary race for the gubernatorial i nomination. The outcome of that contest which promises to run the whole scale in contrasts. i i ; regarded as virtual determination of the state's next- chief executive. Miriam A. "Ma" Ferguson, whoso 1 fortunes have soared and fallen i [luring her public life as - official •. companion of her husband, former | governor James A. Ferguson, ami 'Ross Sterling publisher of- the Bed governor of Texas and wile of Jim Ferguson, former governor who was GUILT! IN DEftTH 2 to 15 Years Imprisonment Recommended by Jury in Atlanta Case. ATLANTA, Oa., July 28 (UP)— C. L. Marlln. one of the seven white men indicted (or (he slayluE of Dennis Hubert, negro divinity] student, wiis found guilty of voluntary manslaughter by n Fulton courtly superior court Jury here today which recommended he be former sentenced to the penitentiary not less than 12 nor more than Ifi Impeached, led a field of eleven in Saturday's Demccrnllc gubernatorial primary " in Texas. Her closest, tuin|iclllor was Ross Sterling, millionaire Houston publisher and oil i:'.an, and the final decision of the voters will be registered In a runoff primary between the two. company company oy u. u. bmun. JOP ^ — J —" ~ Isaacs, W. M. Burns. O. Shonyo ! leacher was giving A. G. Lttle and T. H. Hatfield. < '"embers of his das for several class. White the i group was bathing in the river, I the Keltey youth is said to have is understood" to" InTthT inabVmVof j expressed a desire to go across the river . Potter attempted to swim across with the boy on his back, it Is reported, nnd apparently the sT(iadiiy"for''t'he"pasl"ten"year,"anU il' 01111 ' became frightened, grabbing only $278,oac of the principal of S3.- ''« teacher about the neck and 982,500 of toixls sold by the district ' causing both to go under. Their has been paid. Interest payment i Ixxltes have hitherto been met but now. i afler t it is understood, the district lacks ''• . funds to meet interest obligations 'whieh^mattire within a lew day*, interest Due .August 1 The immediate reason for the cal 1 the district to meet interest pay ments due August 1. Tax delinquency in the 'district has increased tes were recovered several hours accident. T "e >'o»ng Sunday school teach- r. who was preparing to enter U>e ministry, Is survived by. his the Rev. and Mrs. D. K. the former being -pastor owmrs of property upon whicn tax- '°I the First Baptist church at Cae.-i have been paid ri-gularly 10 avoid ' rulhersville for • many years, and ties in (he state gave Mrs. Ferguson a lead over Sterling of more than 55.000 voles. Sixty-nine of (lie j 'counties were complete. Mocdy Against Ferguson Gov. Dan Moody, who four years j ago defeated Mrs. Ferguson for re- • nominaticn, said he would support i "anyone who gees into the run-oft j against the Fergusons." Mrs. Fer- ] [They'll Not Tome Down Unlil Record, Is Smashed Sav Tree Sitters. , guson entered the lists this year as f] when her husband James E."Fapn- j Thu Burns brothers, Dick and John, apparently are nut to become , ft is primarily in ihe hepe of dc- parenU-. t sliife-Jr-'plaii-'whu-h will enable ' Foster.-- t a possible Increase; in their three brothers. Lowell, Lawman and dens to make up for t.ix delinquen- \ William H. Foster, ies that next Friday's meeting has I Tll e Kelley youth is survived t>y been called. All Land Owners Invited Tlie full text of the cai! follows: "Tile i.nderslgned landowners In nrv.'-.hy. Distrlci No. 17 hereby : his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelley and a sister, !Uary. School Will OCOOOi VTH1 er Jim" Ferguson, also former t;uv- iirnor. was denied permission lo place his name on the ballot. Permission wat denied because of his impeachment while in office. in nn "endurance" way as the Hunter brothers. The local youngsters rounded out 220 hours ill a tree at 328 Domraii I street this morning and-less thari •100 hours behind the present nvall- ~ Run-oft- primary elections are held In Texas between the two high candidates for nomination when no 1 candidate, has a majority. upon a.11 Ifind owners in s.iicl | Slimmer Term Next Week ' Ulrn of "Feryusoiiism" (o the .state District to .V ^Bl-Slte "ArKrM™ 1 at°"?0 • COOTER ' "^« '"id-summer oclo^. m on the ," • d!\ OI'A , > »'»». * <*»!« consolidated school g:i5L. 1930. for the purpose of d!s- ' ? slr ' CL ?°' 3 b P s ,! I ' s A "K llst 4 - rlle c^lng any and all m.fers per- ' '"J! 1 ."* Is , a51 j 0 "° ws:p ^ L^icf aT'to "rT H" i P-f nojnt: S. a" Myra, ^ pre.vnl condition of the - ftrie, i "^ and <««?«• "f commercial and for the purpose of choosing , \ "°?l.. L ™™ t S"^' E ^ and for the purpos: l.ind r.-,(.icrs commi ice v.-;ws,e durv | it will hfc to keep i;i cij^e touch , ;l:tiric! to cooperate commissioners when it may b: • deemed advisable, and to keep the-1 . , c °° terl ^ a * . fool - Marcus land owners informed of all maa-rs Limbaugh. principal, teacher of 1-declared they had. intention of coming bock lo cartl: 'Virgil Wright, who IIAS been alott I in a Sycamore tree nn Franklin ,, , , i street since last Monday finished Senator Love, one of the defeat- , nis lirsL mi , fc (od []e , s • , ed candidates who led the success- bujlding „ , . .. foosr wi(h ,,.„/_ fill democratic bolt in Texas from . | :(T , ;l ,ppUe(l by E. D. Ferguson of Alfred E. the 1928 presi-i ,iie E. C. Robinson Lumber coni- dential nice, pledged his support; pany. His companion, Charles to Sterling and said he would do j Knowles. who climbed up to shara all in lusjjowei' to prevent the re- j Wright's ixrch with him on Thursday, deserted Virgil Saturday, according lo reports. Utho Barnes, ground crew o! the capitol. Shrppard '('rue to Form i'ror.eed With Reconstruction Program as Search for Victims Continues. NAPLES, Italy, July 28. (UP) — Plans for a new southern Italy were Lcing completed today ar, the Italian government ordered Ihe greatest possible speed In caring for Its homclfss citizens. The rescue work In the 34 towns and cities destroyed or seriously damaged by last Wednesday's e.irthtpinkc was not even completed when the reconstruction plans reaciir:! Ihe final stage. Soldii-rs weiring gas masks' still sought iimciii! the ruins for tlu bodies of victims and (or \josslblL 1 years. Defense counsel immediately filed motion for a new trial. Before opening the verdict which was sealed Saturday night Judge Camp of Dublin, Ga., who came cut of his own comity lo preside at the trial, sharply warned a packed courtroom iiguinat any demonstration on pain of prosecution. There was no demonstration. The state and 'defense split widely on the question ot Just what occurred when the negro met death. I H. A. Allen, chief defense counsel, | built his case around the version | that Hubert not only tnnde nn Im- vroper proposal to the wife of one of the co-defendmits but that he actually laid hands upon her. Special' Prosecutor Howard however produced numerous witnesses who read Into the record a care- hilly delailed alibi accounting for Ihe victim's movements up to within IS minutes of the time he was .slain. It was a case of mistaken Identity, he said, for when "' b !LH" " accosted by the defendant Hubert allegedly protested. "What do' you want of me? 1 have dope nojlh- Ing." Sharply conflicting, testimony Mirvivci::. Several hospital and final arguments wtflcit,saughl to Impeach the opposition's testimony featured trial of the case which aliened Tuesday of last week and drew unprecedented crowds at every session. Another high spot was the ad- chniB , ng hc embarrassed her by McQrow 11, member of n wealthy Chicago family. Divorce proceed- FLEE fit j ]n j s!i | 01 i (jf Aubrey Sykra. n co- trains -irm-cd I defendant, that it was lie nnd not heie tKtoy with quake victims who Martin who killed the negro, were plated in local hospitals for judge Camp submitted the case more up-to-date treatment. Tl'.c recunstructioii of the devas- lo tht; jury at 5 p, in. Saturday and, hours later it arrived at a history; Charles E. HfcClard. ninth- ' of Sherwood. and science; Mary Emma ! th,- affairs of CM ;!:arici- and P" 10 ™'. vocational home econom- I r J JT n with thp aoard cf ™:.,*™ 1 N - RlcV:er - vocational ag-1 I I U United States Senator Morris Burns brothers expedition, has been Sheppard, dry, was rcnominated in- kept busy in the past few days the Democratic primary, as had , rending up feasts provided for the been expected. Latest returns gave : i-ndunince siekeis. So far all re- Sheppard 368.933 votes to 130.8071 fueling contacts have been success- for Roheri L. Henry cf Houston, a' ful. wet. and 30.727 (o C. A. Mitchener ,, • r >cuuure. c °° ter Numbcr Eight school—Fred Cope- . . wfrri. 24,744 Several other Blytheville youtlr who have entered tt:e race for tree i sitting honors in the past few days j nre still believed to be aloft, al- I though no reports have been received from them. conditions have reached the place where all land owners should be prepared to act in their own inter- j Ja "° ^(SIGNED) "B. F. Gay, E. D. At- '. »".' principal'. Missouri Oarntr. kison, S. L. Thomas, T. J. Mahan. ; Distant: Lake school-Jack RusM- Success for Anti-Malaria Campaign Is Claimed ., . rrii't »v; • i T11at tllc malaria control acti- IS.eillucky : Dlll Writes | villes of the Cotton Belt railroad S/l I'M 11 ' in the St. Francis Valley have Memphis Newspaper He j been successful this year were tcld Robbed Birmingham Bank 5i"-^ • : chief sanitary inspector, who were ago. WHS in Memphis last week, ) i ricullttre has been added according to a letter he addressed high school course which places the i U^«_ R:iKn/r<. Witnocc local school in the current of vo- to Hear Billings Witness : cation!11 e<UlcaUonaI p rogl(!ss . Praf Paul N. Ricker will be the instruc- SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., July 28. ; tor o[ lh!s department. H? has both (UP) minute preparations . Bachelor anti Master degrees anu . were made today for a session of no:[ ) 5 n retn arknble record 5ig Baltimore Chemical Plant Threatened by Fire BALTIMORE. Md., Juy 28. tUP) —Exposion of a drum of nitro-cotton at the separation plant of the United States Industrial chemical company today started a blaze that a half hour later was threatening the entire plant. Five alarms ivere turned in within 10 minutes, j taled region will begin as foon as verdict. The judge had left town, engineers make the final survey?, i low cver, with orders that the vcr- cf the territory's needs :ind th>; iM woul(i ^ ,, rescrvet | , mt ji Mon- Halian cabinet appropriates the' iieccFsnvy funds to carry on the work. That will be some time ihls week, it vv;is believed. Communist Army Advancing Upon Interior Giles, Looting and Murdering. PE.IPINO, China, Jimly 28. (UP), — American residents of Kluklanp and Changsha were evacuated by American gunboats techy before (he unimpeded advance of Chinese communist troops Into Hunan and Kiangsi provinces. The gunboats Monncncy nnd Polos were dispatched (o the two cities to take out Americans who wtre said to number 100. They also were attempting to remove summer vacationists at Killing before the communists reached there. Tnr communists have seized Nanchang In Kt'ancsi province, loatlng and burning the city and slaughtering hundreds of Chinese residents. Many other sections of Klangs Conway Country's H o I I Spot; While Middle West Is Suffering. Today promises to be as hot as tiny ^c've had this summer, ac-. cording to Francis Carpenter, official weather observer. The temperature was 107 at 2:30 o'clock and Indications were the mercury would go higher before night. • Yesterday's maximum was -105 and Saturday's 102 or a Jump of-13 degrees from Friday's hottest uoinl. The minimum last night was 19. Immediate relief from today's Oppressive heat is promised In the ollldal weather forecast, which calls for a drop In temperature to- and. cooler weather, with r. gnod possibility of showers,^ iomor- low. ' • Memphis Hopes for Relief MEMPHIS, Tenn., July 28 (UP) —Relief from heat'whlch has driven hundreds of p'rsons to shelter In Memphis nnd .vicinity, was prom- . Iscrt today by the weather bwenu. .. Partial relie: irorri rhc 11-day ' drouth also was promised when the weather bureau predicted showers and in drop in temperature Tue£day afternoon. East Promised Kaln WAS'HINOTON, July 28 art 1 )— : , Thiindershowcrs tonight and'to .; morrow may break the heat wave .. in the eastern port of the United States, the weather bureau reported In today's forecast. Halns nre predicted for. tonight in western Pennsylvania and New ' York, and In Ohio, Kentucky and ; tVcst Virginia. Tomorrow' rain ts•'• expected to fall In Florida.'Georgia, Tennessee, ,Sou!,h -pajollna,/ North/•;Carol ino,: .vtrtf pi a^MaryJaiJ d,,,y ew.'.., Jersey- and New.'England/* -. ; '-'.'•: • Score Die In Mldwrsl V .' J CHICAGO, July 28 (UP)—More llian B score, of deaths, were Will End Flight If $9,500 _ ... r\l IP 1 1*11*11,* Ulllfl O^V.HUll-1 W* Jfc.ntir,..! IS Not Produced I'Orrest [province and Hunan where Chang- Obrine Says. ed in the middle wet over the week••' end'us a result or the heat wave n Ihe Mississippi and Ohio val-.:; leys. j - • •'•'•' Four persons died In Minnesota, fotir in Chicago, three- in Illinois exclusive of the Chicago area, five , In the St. Louw area, and six In Indiana. • • •'.•..'' . Temperatures over the middle west were well over the 100 degree mark. A trace of rain in Chicago early today, copule^ with"-the weather forecast, promised relief before night. .!. The heat record thus far In held by Conway, Ark., where the mercury touched 113 degrees yesterday. Temperatures ranging from 100-to 110 were recorded in Illinois, Neb- r^ika, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana', Missouri, Texas. Louislan a and Washington, D. C. . •' • Six Army Recruits Sent ST. LOUIS, July 28. (UP)—Lnc!: of funds may end the attempt cf ! Forrest O'Brine and Dale Jackson to Forts for Training i'° 5el n llcw rcccri1 < 01 sustained airplane flight, It uas Indicated to- Six recruits, enlisted at the local; recruiting station of the United States army, have gone to their r ' s lhc stavlcci Uielr forts. Walter V. Copeland. Matthew and John Sherman, all of ond al( > ft ' to the editor of the Press-Scimi- 1 The writer said the S5 bills ob- l iimtMiv riFT FORT WAYNE. Ind, <UP)-A . . . . . , , box «"^'»'»S » -'"aP bo " k ot Blytheville, have gone to the Phil-, ppinc Islands for service in the' l " e oast Artillery Corp. Jesse Louis raig, alto of here, was sent to - . tained in the robbery were put ir | I!cwslin ' >er an " »"8a2ine clippings circulation here and that h; placed ™ncernui E Woodrow Wilson has 1 Iwcn presented to the Fort Wayne I J' n L 171 ' P |lrev ' - Men to start at 10 a. in tomorrow will Leading Derby Myers ! arrested in connection with th? be devoted largely to the testimony ; . j holdup, was "afraid" to rob a bank Of John McDonald, recanting wit-! LOS ANGELES. July 28. (UP)-i Puniphrcy was later released. The ness who returned here from Bal-: Eleven flyers who remained tcciav "^vspapcr turned the letter ovc- timore to tell the seven supreme. in the All-American Hying derby court Justices that he lied at the : turned their airplanes in prcpara- trial of Billings and Thomas J.; tlon for the start back to Detroit Mooney. ' Wednesday morning. i Lt. Iff Gehlbach, Little Rock. n I , i n n • i Ark • lc() tni; airmen into Los An- i Bankers ASK LO-Keceiver i ge!es yesterday o:> the final west- lo police. Damage Results • from Week End Fires YOUTHFUL PILOT KINGSTON. N. V. (UP)—Sixteen year old Robert Ma'.one made a successful solo flight here after only nine hours of flying Instyuv I lion. fiw flarnnr* Sannrlorc ! vvard ior uarencc oaunaers oe from Ariz. . Gehlbach won the $500 offered ~ I by the metropolitan airport here MEMPHIS, July 28. (UP)-A pc- !• tltion asking that J. R. Peters of],, n New York be appointed co-receiver ! MoOVer.. KetUl'nS for Clarence Saunders, Inc., was! filed in United States district court j by attorneys representing Bertles j Rawls and Donaldson, Chicago and | WASHINGTON, July 28. <UP>New York bankers who loaned the j President Hoover returned to groceryman a half million dollars, i Washington today from a week-end The petition also carried the in the Virginia mountains, names of other creditors whose The president left his KopWar claims totaled approximately $150,-1 camp and reached the capital in a AUTO KILLS DEL'tl • TROY, N. Y., IUP1— A young buck de2r's first sojourn Into civil- Only slight damage resulted In | i za tion ended In death when it was tu-o fires Sunday and one today. | struck by <m automobile here. The Two of the group were of the "oil i deer first was seer, in n vard, It stove" variety and the third a grass jumped over several fences and I ran directly In front of the nia- overturned oil stove at 116 : chine. No one knew where the deer nre ' Lnkc streot this nloral "S- Pnrl m Mr,nnf 0 ;r,c Lnkc streot this nl tnO in mountains the wsllpnper of the kitchen at th- 10 tunic tf I rame from. and was seen as nn atlempt. by j the eastern bankers to recover loans made to Saunders. liltle more than three hours. Others o: his party were niotoi ing Ijncl- to Washington later in the day. residence. The fire was quickly CHURCH TO CF.LEBJiATF. brought under control by firemen. I NEW PALTZ, N, Y. (UP)—Prep Sunday a similar flrc occurred a' j arctions for observance of the the home of Walter Bishop. Second |250!h anniversary of the Rtlcrmed and Vine streets. A grass (ire a? j Chnrcl of Kcw Pal!z in 1933 art. Wolfe Arian's house at Dougan and I being made by the Rev. E-'ivm D Franklin Ignited a section of boanl I Mini".. Data is heinic collected b; fence nnd firemen werr called'i'.e Rev. Miner In order to writ? halt the spread of the Ibmrs Sun-1 history of the church, which i.> on day a'tcrnoon. jof the oldi'sl In the country. The flight being made on a subscription taken in St. Louis will come to a quick ending unless an additional $9.500 is obtained. O'Brine said in a note dropped to id crew yesterday. If all remains -.veil we will lanl August 21, but it will te before i! sha is located also were occupier" nnd the advance continued Elendily norlriward. There was little oppo - sltion since General Chiang Ka' Shck. head of the Chinese nationalist government, has withdrawn his troops from Klangsi and Hunan to rccntorce his army fighting the northern coalition rebellion In Shantung and Houtm provinces. \ Pucketl. of Iloland, the people of St. Louis don't hour 7: U a m Firecracker Blast Results in Court Fine A firecracker ot giant proportions, | thrown on the sidewalk of an up-1 town street corner, and resulting | In an explosion of the blasting var- 1 iety is a disturbance -cf the peace. I Harvey Hargett «M_J|n«d SIO, by I . MATAWAN> California Fishing Craft and Passengers Rescued VENTURE, Cat., July 28. (UP)— Tlie fishing smack Mary Anne was. credited today with saving the fishing boat Starlight and the latter's 25 passengers and crew of three. The Mary Anne returned here I this morning to report it towed the Starlight to the Anacapa Islands alter it i'cund the craft floundering in rough water In a channel near the Islands. Two Members of Jonesboro FIREMEN SAVE BISCUITS ofDI ' T ' «.,«Uf ALBANY, N. Y. tUP)-"Fireman Safe Blowing I HO OOUglU ave my biscuits!" cried Mrs. WJI- . in court this morning on a. of setting cfl one of crackers on ar Crashes, Killing Three ' S. • J. J.. July 28. <UP) - , .. ,,i sight seeing airplane result*! In the one of the giant j dcallj Qf tluce ns yeslerday< a uptown street cor- thc nrst rata , me! . sln( , c the open . ncr yesterday. Hargetl appealed dly passing the browning stage | caped after a daring daylight satc- n the kitchen oven, Mrs. Oray blowing at Jonc-iboro. Ark., late rushed to o neighbor's telephone yesterday. open... 0 of the new airport here. th ^ C!lsc - .. Alfred Btddle, 24, Mamaroneck, Hmchel ^McKay^wa,s^ni:ed ^$15, N y ^ p |i ot , Edward Hafman. 35, The control gully I companions escaped after attack ing Clyde W. Martin, proprietor ol the store. peace, Jce Hatmon was flned $10 for disturbing the peace. Decisions In cases against two women, cne charged with being nn Inmate of a disorder's- h:u<e. the other charged with rur disorderly house, were held up. near the airport. Disabled Veteran Burns to Death in Road House NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 28. (UP —Earl V. Eskew. 30, disabled war veteran and gambler, was. burned 61 '.YEARS IN BANK PEEKSKILL, N. Y. (UP)-AfU>r 61 years in the service of the Peekskill Savings bank, Robert S. Allen. 84. has no Intention of retiring. Allen, now a cashier, began as a rlcrk In 1370. (UP)-One of the largest captures [ Gar'alm! bsUer"knSwn"to?"several RAISES SQUIRRELS of liquor evei made on the North . years af Bofum . s camp> lu , nr Nash . LOWV1LLE. N. Y. (UP)_ p 0 ur! Carolina coast, consisting of I,01b . V ille, by Are which swept the place - • - - - ' d at approximately S5a.-1 soon a r ter 4 o'clock. "Big Slim" as Esksw was called was ovtiCome a few moments after he tried to recover $3,500 from the loadhouse safe. U. S.. Makes Big Liquor _ Haul in North Carolina „ , , no veteran and gambler, was. burned WILMINGTON. N. C July 28 to death this morning in Riverside Oklahoma Posse Seeks j Negro Who Shot Watchman HOBART, Okla., July 23 (UP)-. A posse of city and county officers searched today /or a negro who shot and fatally wounded city night watchman Al Trentham in a negro district of Hobart late Sunday night. Trentham died in a local hospital. valued baby squirrels, whose mother was , •• killed by an automobile, are beinis 000, today rested in the Lulled cared lor by fred Graham. Tiie Slates customs building here boy rescued the squirrels from a ' awaiting disposal b; 1 Ihe federal chimney. government. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair and cooler in extreme north portion tonight. Tuesday unsettled and probably showers and cooler in north and central portions.

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