Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 30, 1892 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1892
Page 2
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What is TEE CAMPAIGN. Its Progress in Various Sections of the Country, Party Leaders Address a Mass Meeting of Republicans in New York City—Other Political Events. Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine no* other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by Millions of 3Iothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour CurtJ, cares Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething 1 troubles, cures constipation and flatulency. Castoria assimilates tho food, rcgnlates the stomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Castoria is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend. Castoria. " Castoria Is na excellent medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told me of Its food effect upon their children." DR. G. C. OSGOOD, Lowell, Mass. " Castoria Is the best remedy for children of Irhich I am acquainted. I hope tho day is not far distant when mothers irill consider tho real interest of their children, and use Castoria instead of the various quad: nostrumsTvhlch ore destroyics their loved ones, by forcing opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful •gents down their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves." Da. J. F. KixcncLOE, Couway, Ark. Castoria. " C-istorin is so well adopted to children that I recommend itassuperiortoauy prescription known to me." IT. A. AKCHER, M. D., Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. " Our physicians in the children's department havo spoken highly of their experience in their outsido practice with Castoria, and although wo only have among our medical supplies what is known as regular products, yet wo aro free to confess that tho merits of Castoria has won us to look with favor upon it." UNITED HOSPITAL AXD DISPENSARY, Boston, Mass. S C. Sirrrn, Pres., The Contour Company, 77 Murray Street, No-or York City. BITS OF INFORMATION. John Dowd, a farmer, was killed at New Hampton, la., by a runaway team. Matias Romero will soon resume his old post at Washington as Mexican minister. Senator Quay has returned to Wash iagton from Florida completely restored in health. At Westbury, L. L, tlie residence of Mr. Toner burned and his wife and child perished in the flames. The Lima (O.) car works were destroyed by fire with the exception of the foundry and the foundry office. Loss, 8100,000; insurance, 840,000. Two barns and several sheep and hop; pens were burned on the grounds of the Trotting- and Pair association at iDanville, 111. Loss, 53,000; insurance, 53,200. Hon. C. H. Tupper, Canadian minister of marine, says a British man-of- war is on the way to Siberia to release Canadian sealers which are supposed to be held there. The Lake Ang-eline mine manage- anentof Ishpeming-, Mich., employing $00 men, will begin eight-hour shifts October 1 voluntarily. The movement :wlll revolutionize relations between capital and labor in the Lake Superior *nininjr district. Vctefans junve a jKennion. VALPARAISO, Ind., Sept. 29. — The One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Indiana Infantry association is holding its fourth reunion in this city, with about sixty present. A public camp fire was held at the opera house Wednesday night Mayor Frank Jones gave the address of welcome; response by Gen. Jasper Packard, president of the association and editor of the New Albany Tribune. ^evcr Saw a Bible. BUFFALO, N. Y., Sept. 29.-James Scroby, the agent for Genesee county for the American Bible society, has just completed a tour of .the county. He found 155 families who had never seen a Bible. >'o More "Kusnes," NEW HAVEX, Conn., Sept 29.—The 'acuity has shut down on another time- lonored custom at Yale college by pro- libiting the annual rush between the ophoinore and freshmen classes. THE MAEKETS. AN EX-CONVICT'S CRIME. Old Florida Resident Brutally Murdered by York Ballard. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept'29.—Charles fichafier, an old resident and highly- *espec:ed business man, was brutally •murdered Wednesday by York Ballard, •who had just been released from the Columbus (O.) penitentiary and re- Jtnrned here to carry out a threat made months ago. Ballard and Schaf- iflir's stepson were in love with tho ««me girl She repulsed Ballard's at- ,tentions, and this so angered him ilia 3*e began sending obscene messages to fber through the mails. For this he was (tried and convicted,' chiefly on Schaf AST'S testimony. Wednesday he lay in •wait for Schaffer and shot him as he sat in his wagon. Then he gave him •- CARNEGIE TO SHUT DOWN. Report That the Entire Plant nt Homestead Is to Bo Closed. PITTSBITEGH, Sept. 29.—A well founded rumor is in circulation in Homestead ' that the big plant of the Carnegie •Steel Company will shut down in. all departments this week. The SB-inch armor-plate mill has indefinitely dosed down and the men liave been paid 'off. The officials of the company refuse to talk about .the matter and their evasive answers to '5«estions make it appear that the report is true, jj| Mest Pntt uf tUe Town Hurnea. - DBS MOIXES, la., Sept. 29.—Reports just readied here that the town of aRnanels, on the Wabash railroad, About 20 miles from Des Moines, i almost destroyed by fire Wednes- evening. The whole business por- of the town is in ashes. The fire ; in a store at 1 o\dock Wednes_ afternoon^ but hotv is not known. -, 3S» loss will aggregate nearly sso.ooo. . % r insurance not to exceed S15,000^ ^^principally in Des Moines companies. "-"Eighteen buildings were destroyed. Kich Haul by n. Whaler. SAX FRAXCISCO, Sept. 29.—The steam- r S*r Bertha has arrived from. Alaska, Springing, news of the champion whal- '•^Xng catch made on this coast. The vhaler Mary D, Hume, which left here i and one-half y-ears ago, is now on ie way home with the product of lir-ty-eight whales, worth §40,000. This the record even for vessels have speaf two years in the tic. . . Grain, Provisions, Etc. CHICAGO, Sept 29. Ftotm—Steady. Spring wheat patents, 84,10 ©450; Rye, 8.40(8:3. GO; "Winter -wheat patents H.<XX34.W; Straights, !3.60<a3.75, WHEAT—Ruled weaker. No. 2 December delivery, T6@7Gj{c; and May, 81^@81Wc. Cash No. 2, 73®?3iic. CORN—Was fairly active and lower. No. 2, 44Ji©45i£c; No. 2 Yello\v, 45&®45}4o; No 3 * Af *«Mc: No. 3 Yellow, «mS45c; October. ' 45Jjc; December. 45?i@46^c; May, 4S3ig._., _ OATS—Market lower. No. 2 cash, 31 J£- "GO- tobsr, SUJ@S2)*o; May, S6JiQ38Kc. Samples lower. No. 3, 29@32c; No. S White, 32@34o; No. 2, S2&@32Kc; No.2 White, 34®35c. KYE—Was -weaker. No. 2 cash, 57c; October, 56#c; November, 5"5fc, and December 58Kc. No. 3 by sample, 4(3@5Sc, ' BARLEY— Sold veil -when good but common lots slow. New by sample, common to fair 35 ®43c; good, 4S@55c, and choice, 5SQ65C; fancy Nebraska, G&gGSc. MESS PORK—In rather good request, -with free offerings. Market active and prices higher. Quotations range at Jll.OOail 05 for cash: 110.8SK@11.05 for October; $108021100 for November, .and S12.20@12.S2^ for January' LAED-In fair demand and offerings moderate.. Prices higher. Quotations range at SSOO @S.05 for cash: fS.OOS8.05 for October; S7 45® 7.47M for November, and J6.95JJ7.05 for January. LIVE POULTRY—Per pound; Chickens, 9c- Turkeys, 12®12«c; Ducks, 9/-@lOc; Geese' 4.00fflV.OO per dozen. BUTTER—Creamery, 16@£3^c; Dairy, 15@22c- Packing Stock, 13j£@Hc. Oits—Wisconsin Prime White, 7Jic; Water White. 7Jjc: Michigan Prime White,' 9c; Water White, 9c; Indiana Prime White, S^c- Water White, 9«c; Headlight, 173 test, 8'.$c; Gasoline, S7 deg's, l£c; 74 des's, Sc; Naphtha, 63 (leg's, LiQOOKS-Distillea Spirits quoted on the basis of 81.15 per gaL for finished goods. NEW YORK, Sept. 29. WHIAT—Weak. December, S2c; May, Sea. if—Dull, weak. November, 52J£c; No. De- OATS—Dull, weaker. November, 37jic- cember, SSJic; Western, 35ii®47c. PROVISIOSS—Beef quiet, steady. Extra mess 56.25iJJ6.75. Pork moderate demand, firm. New mess, Sli23®12.50; old mess, $11.25311.50 Lard quint, nominal; SS.SO, TOLEDO, 0., Sept. 29. WHEAT—Lower, quiet No. 2 cash, September and October, 74uc; December, TT^C: May, CORN—Easier. No. 2 cash, 48Jic asked. OATS—Nothing doing; SSc old for cash. RVE— Steady. Cash, SS^jc- CLOVERSEED—Quiet, firm. Prime cash, October and November, f&<0 bid; December S6.4r<.« bid; January, Sfi.55. CLEVELASB, O., Sept 29. — Jw. S. W. 110, SHc; 74 gaso- Hne, "c: 86 gasoline, lOc: 63 naphtha, GHc. Live Stoct. CHICAGO, Sept 29. CATTLE—Market fairly active and steadier. Quotations ranged at S4.S5®5.20 for choice to extra shipping Steers: Si 25£iSO for good to choice fio: S3.70®4.20 for fair to good; 53.10©afiO tor common to medium do; ?£00© for butchers' Steers: S250® &I5 tor-Stock- ers:a..ixa2.75 tor Texas Steers; 52.75®3.75for Kange Steers; 53.20 ©3.60 for Feeders- $1 T&S po for Cows; ?iOO©2.T3 for Bulls, and 52.25® 5,25 for Veal Calves. ^Hocvs—Market opened strong, but later ruled S.OT.-. Sales ranged atS4.i5325.i5 for Piss- t5.0055.60torUgai; Si90@5.i5 for roiSi £cfc- inp; S6.0S5;5.GO for mired, and £5.:(K?5,70 for Scavy.packi:; and Ehipping- lots. . : COOPEB TOIOJf CBOWDED. YOBK, Sept. 29.—The first re- pubb'caa mass meeting- of the present presidential campaign in this city was held Wednesday night in Cooper union. There were fully 3,000 persons inside the hall, all it could possibly hold, and twice that number without, vainly seeking- admittance. Platt Makes a Speech. Ex-Senator Platt was received with cheers, increasing 1 in volume as he himself stepped forward to the speakers' desk. A synopsis of his remarks follows: He said his past record rendered it unnecessary to announce that he ivas a republican. There can be no prodigal sons this year. The [Treat fundamental principles of the partv are at stake. The republicans -ivho supported the different candidates at- Minneapolis have nothing for which to apologize. Any one of them is qualified to rule this nation in the darkest hour of trial or in the golden day of its prosperity. But a majority of the convention decided that he who four years ago rescued the nation from democratic misrule, who during the years of his incumbency had so faithfully borne the republican standard, and whose administration ha so signally promoted national prosperity should lead us again to victory and Benjamin Harrison, of Indiana, became the republican nominee. The Issue with the Democrats. "The democratic convention at Chicago de nounced the McKinley tariff as a cheat and a fraud, denied the government the right to pro tect the workingmea, threw the plank of tariff reform overboard to the fishes and substituted another plank sawed out long ago by the late Samuel Tildeu, viz.: 'Tariff for revenue only On that plank the republican party joins issue with the democracy. Tho republican party believes that the most sacred function of government is the protection of the workingman and that the noblest work to which any party can devote Itself is in tbe building up and. fostering of those great industries by which tlie progress and prosperity of the nation are assured. Cleveland's .Letter. "In his letter of acceptance Mr, Cleveland has been forced to wrestle with a condition, not a. theory—viz., that he has undertaken to spit upon the platform and to expect to rate as a consistent democrat, "Again, he overlooked that embarrassing condition which was embodied in the recent report of .that excellent democratic official known as the commissioner of statistics of labor. He should have definitely settled the question whether Peck should be crucified to appease the wrath of the free-trade mugwumps, and thus be put on the list of martyrs to the holy cause of protection; also that other burning questions—whetbei the tarin should be made a local issue, and Peck measures should be excluded from the canvass by the democratic courts. Question of Honest Money. "The republican party believes in lioncst money; no juggling with or debasing ti.s national currency. It'wants a silver dollar the equal of a gold dollar and it wants a paper dollar backed by the honor of the republic, representative of value as precious as either silver-or gold. "No greater financial crime has been attempted in this country than of the democrats in their endeavor to substitute the issues of irresponsible state banks for our present national currency. Who looks at a greenback now with the properly authenticated stamp of the United States on it to ask whether it is good or bad? The nation's faith is pledged for the redemption, and the golden eagle fresh from the mint has no more value than that symbol of tho nation's promise. No Force Bill Issue. "There never has been a force bill which was indorsed by the republican party. The issue Is forced, fictitious and fraudulent The republican .party, however, believes in a free ballot and a fair count, and that we will liave. We fought for that right from Bull Eun to Appomattox, we paid for the blessed privi lege 35,000,000,000 and over a million of precious lives, and In God's name we will fght for it as long'as a single republican remains alive within the limits of the American ui;ion, be it in the state of Alabama or in the state of New York. S3® Final Vigorous Appeal. ".Fellow-republicans, we are now on the eve of battle. The enemy in front of us is bold, daring and unscrupulous. Organize, organize, organize throughout the city and throughout the state and throughout the land, and when the sun goes down on the 8th of November next it will set upon one of the most glorious victories that ever crowned the efforts of the republican party since the election of Abraham Lincoln." Whitelaw Reid. At the conclusion of' Mr. Platt's speech the prepared list of vice presidents and secretaries was presented, and then Mr. Platt introduced as "the nest vice president of the United States" Whitelaw Reid. As Mr. Reid advanced to the reading- desk the audience a^ain broke out into enthusiastic applatise, and as Mr. Reid stood smiling before them rose to their feet and cheered and cheered ag-ain and waved handkerchiefs and flags. Mr. Reid urged the need of party effort to bring- success to the polls. At the conclusion of his remarks ex-Senator Miller, spoke. He said: "All differences of opinion as to the republican party ended when the convention at Minneapolis declared its choice. The republican party has always allowed the greatest liberties, but once its choice has heen made we are loyal to party principle and party candidates." A short address from ChauB- cey Depew closed the meeting. Michigan Populists. LANSING, Mich., Sept. 29.—The state convention of the people's party met" here Wednesday, only S50 delegates being present. Judge ~William Newton, of Flint, was nominated for associate justice of the supreme conrt, and will probably he indorsed by the democrat;; next week. Thomas . Munn, o:f Bay City, was nominated for alternate elector at large for the, eastern district and Elisha Pang-horn, of Traverse City, for the western, district Resolutions expressing- indignation at the treatment accorded Gen. Weaver and Mrs. Lease in Georgia because of the former's record during the war were adopted, and the state central committee was authorized to fill' all vacancies which may occur on state or congressional tickets. Offlicial FlsTires from JJCaJne. _AT;GUSTA, jfe.,'" Sept. 29.—The official figures of the gubernatorial vote of the last election sire Cleaves (rep.). 67,585; Johnson (dem.), 55,imj; Jiassey (pro.), 3,781; Knowlton (labor), 1.860- Bateman (people's), 3,005; scattering 17; total, 129,629; Cleaves' plnralitv 12.512. y< j.- ell uean in a store. JACKSONVILLE, IH., Sept. 29.—Charles Toussaint, a prominent upholsterer of this city, fell dead in the shoe store of F. G. flocking. He had been troubled with heart disease for the past few weeks and had suffered several severe *?<>> IT--- i ra* jUr Given Thetr Liocrcy. Sept. 29.—In honor of the birth of his daughter Emperor William will pardon all female prisoners serving- terms for the first off cnses cora- mitted while in distress or : - ^cs of aneer. His feet wortJi'ssu.uow. BUFFALO, N. Y., Sept. 29.—Henry L. Pfeffer has in the supreme court secured a verdict of 820,000 against the. Buffalo Street Railway Company. Both his feet were amputated last spring, the result of his being run over by a trolley car. Money antl Watches Gone. GBEEX BAY, Wis., Sept. 29.-At n o'clock Tuesday night burglars entered the wholesale store of Joannes Bros., broke open the safe, and secured S750 in cash and fifty-four gold watche valued at SSOO. Fire at Conncrsvmc, COXXEBSVILLE, Ind., Sept. 29.—Shira saw and planing mill and the Kelle lounge factory were burned her Wednesday. Loss, 325,000; little insur ance. "A LITTLE NONSENSE. 1 —"Don't you know better than to pu your armfe around a lady's waist?" she cried, indignantly. "I know few things better," he said.—Boston Post —Judge—"If you wish to get along well in the world you must aim high ' Uncle Mose—"Ya-as, sahj ya-as, it am allus de plump pullets dat roost on de top bahs, sah."—N. Y. Herald. —A fellow—Nate. A girl—Kate. ll:30-Late. Papa—Gate. Broken—Pate. —Boston Courier. —Vickars—"Why don't'you have your poetry type-written? You can get a much better idea of how it will look in print." Wickars—"Certainly. But so can the editors."—Indianapolis Journal. —Pair American— "Butler.any chance o get a glimpse at the queen?" Gentleman addressed—"! am not the butler; am the prince of Wales." P. A.— 'How lucky! Is your mother in?"— Tit-Bits. —Love and Grammar.— ». This guestion strange occurs In regard to a couple's affairs' If she is his and he is hers, Shall we say that they both are theirs? —Chicago News Record. —"Don't you think you could learn to love me?" he asked, looking at her wistfully. "I am sure I couldn't," she answered decidedly. "I'm a perfect dunce. When I was at school I never could learn anything."—N. Y. Press. —Whyte— "jbook here, Bjorkius, you said there was an important letter waiting for me on my desk, and all I can find there is a dun. What do you mean anyway?" Bjorkins—"A dun? Well, that is important, isn't it, to the man who sent it?"—Somerville Journal. —Fully Explained.—"I wonder whv it is," said old Tope to his wife, "that women prefer drowning and men shooting incase of suicide." "I suppose," she replied,, as she thoughtfully contemplated his nose, "that it is because men hate water so."—Detroit Free Press. —M. Calino was boasting of the skill of a friend of his who is an accountant in a .bank. "Why," said he, "I've seen him take a great package of ten dollar bills and count them off like lightning, and never make a mistake." "What! Never any mistake at all?" "Well," never more than five or ten cents."— Youth's Companion. —0, That His Too Solid Flesh.—"Dismissed from your boarding house 1 Why?" -, "Well, the landlady said I would either have to reduce my weight or go, and I can't reduce." "But why did she want you to get thin?" "She said my appearance aroused expensive hopes on the part of the other boarders. "—Brooklyn Eagle. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its manyexcellentqualities commendit to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 75c bottles by aE leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promp_tly for any one w"ho wishes to try it. Manufactured only by the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP C0<, SAN FBANOISOO, OAL. UJOTSYILLE, KY. NEW TOKK, MT. E For sale by all drug-gists-. Pliantomg. The hopes of cure held out In tae advertisements of numberless remedies are mere phantoms, without the slightest shadow of reality about them. On the other hand, no statement has ever been made in behalf of Hostetter's Stomach. Bitters that Is not susceptible or ample substantiation. Care has ever been taken In lay- Icg Its claims before the public to circumscribe those claims with the bounds of truth. Allegations outside of these form no blot on the record of this sterling, time-honored remedy, proven by tie most respectable evidence to be a remedy lor ;md preyeative of malarial disease, rheumatism, kidney trouble, chronic Indigestion and biliousness. It k an Ineftably nne tonic, promotes convalescence and mitigates tie infirmities of age Taken before retiring at night It Is a promoter of sleep. Are you made miserable by indigestion, dizzeness, loss of appetite, yellow skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a posi: tive cure. Guaranteed by B. F. Sees- ling-. ____ The Rev- George H. Thayer, of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both" myself and wife owe our lives to Sbiloh's consumption cure." Guaranteed bv B. F. Keesling. With a record like Simmons' Liver Regulator all should use it for the lirer, kidneys and bowels. Special Bargains, and Notices. Bargains Offered Lj-Loffiuieiiort Merchants, Wants and Churcli, Society, Batlroad andJIiscellaneons Notices. -~~ ~—~~~-««_^.—— ^ vvv ^^ v . Call at John Schriefer's 224- Market treet, for Toledo Pilsner beer. M. M. Gordon, Real Estate and Pension • Agent. Pension business a peciait'y. Wanted—Three hundred yards of (oulders, 4 to S inches in diameter, Cincinnati inspection, at once.-—Wm. . 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On the recommendation of a physician slie took Hood's Sarsaparilia and used Hood's Olive Ointment Soon tbe ulcers began to lieal, the inflammation ceased, site was completely cured, and says. "I enjoy health as I have not for many years." '•"We are personally acqnainted with 3£rs. Asten and know tbe above to be true." J. S. GKTFSTN- & Sosv Lewisbarg, Pa. HOOD'S PILLS cure Habitual Constipation by Rev. K. H. Fairal), D. D., editor of the Iowa Methodist, says editorially, "We have tested the merits of Ely's Cream Balm, and believe that, by a thorough course of treatment, it will cure almost every case of catarrh. Ministers, as a class are afflicted with head and throat troubles, and catarrh seems more prevalent than ever. We cannot recommend Ely's Cream Balm too highly." I used Ely's Cream Balm for dry catarrh. It proved a cure.—B. F. M. Weeks, Denver. One Way to be Happj' Is at all times to attend to the comforts of your family. 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