Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on September 10, 1982 · Page 101
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 101

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1982
Page 101
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REPUBLIC E10 , CITY ' nha ... r . --. TXiff CP e5 jP I f! KTVK ABC O KPH0 (nd-) O KAET (PBS) CD KOOL (CBS) J I y51Ju CD KPNX (NBC) KNXV (Ind) Q KPAZ (Ind.-UHF) KTVW (Spani9h)(UHF) Daytime "TV" in movie lutings signifies thai the movie was made for television. 5:00 O The Rifleman CD Summer Semester Q Lester Sumrall 5:30 O College Class 03 Captain Kangaroo Early Today CD Calling Dr. Whitaker 6:00 O ABC News 0 Great Space Coaster O Sesame Street O Morning (2 hrs.) (B News 03 Financial New 0) KPTL 6:30 O Sergeant Preston CD Joy in the Morning 7:00 O Good Morning America (2 hrs.). O Wallace and ladmo O Gardening for Fun Today (2 hrs.) (D Jim Bakker 7:30 O Lilias, Yoga and You CD Praise (2 hrs.) 8:00 O Tom & Jerry O Sesame Street C3 Merv Griffin Marion Ross, Jane Wyatt, Harriet Nelson, Ann Jillian. B 700 Club (1 hr., 30 mins.) 8:30 O Open House Q) Hoy Mtsmo (1 hr., 30 mins.) 9:00 O Richard Simmons O Movie "Cromwell" (1970, historical drama) Conclusion. Richard Harris, Alec Guinness. England at the time of Charles I is divided by overwhelming political troubles. (I hr., 30 mins.) O Electric Company 03 One Day at a Time (B Doctors 9:30 O Ryan's Hope Q Mister Rogers CD U.S. Open Tennis (4 hrs., 30 mins.) (Q Search for Tomorrow (Q Financial News (3 hrs., 30 mins.) CD News 10:00 O All My Children O Sesame Street Days of Our Lives CD James Robison fS Mundo Latino 10:30 O Donahue Janet Dailey, best-jelling author of romance novels, defends her work against the criticisms that they ore pornographic ond portray women as the victims of "hondsome scoundrels." CD Jimmy Swaggart 11:00 O One Life to Live O Electric Company Another World CD Public Report G) El Chavo 11:30 O News O Economics Exchange CD Eagle's Nest 8 Enrique Polivoi 12:00 O General Hospital O Dick Van Dyke O Microwave Cooking New CD Pattern for Living CD Carrascolendat 12:30 O Andy Griffith Q Fast Forward Wheel of Fortune CD American Conflict B Movie "Simplemente Una Rosa" (2 hrs.) 1:00 O Edge of Night O Honeymooners O The Ambassadors CHiPs 09 Movie "Song of Scheherezade" (1947, adventure) Yvonne De-Carlo, Jean-Pierre Aumont. In 1865, Rimsky-Kcrsakoff a Russian naval cadet goes to Morocco, where he meets a dancer who inspires him to write his greatest music. (2 hrs.) CD Sonshine 1:30 O Family Feud O I Love Lucy CD Lester Sumrall 2:00 fj Love Boat O Big Valley O Mister Roger Alice Movie "From the Earth to the Moon" Animated story about a group called the Gun Club that tries to reach the moon with a projectile fired from a long cannon. (2 hrs.) CD Praise (2 hrs.) 2:30 Q Sesame Street Price Is Right QD Infamia 3:00 O little House O Bugs Bunny & Friends Bonanza C0 Andrea Celeste 3:30 O Pink Panther O Electric Company Tic Toe Dough 4:00 O Waltons O Scooby Doo O Villa Alegre Joker's Wild Hour Magazine Sherry Mathis, Jerry loaning. Incredible Hulk CD News CD Por Amor 4:30 O Gidigan's Island O Antiques News CD Davey and Goliath 5:00 O 03 News O Brady Bunch O Doctor Who Leave It to Beaver CD Practice Makes Perfect 8 Xetu 5:30 Q ABC News O Happy Days Again O Doctor in the House CBS News NBC News Dance Fever CD Wanda Jackson B Extranos Caminos del Amor Evening Prime-Time Cable Television 6:00 O News O laverne & Shirley Shirley discovers Carmine has another girl. O Business Report Saturday Night Elliot Gould and the McGarri- gle Sisters. CD Fred Price Q) Noticiero Nacional 6:30 O PM Magazine "Tron" mania. QMASH Col.. Potter and Hawkeye are temporarily assigned to a Korean hospital. O Horizon Family Feud Entertainment Tonight Susan Sullivan. Q Derecho de Nacer 7:00 O Benson Benson's tax returns are audited. (R) (Closed-captioned.) O How the West Was Won Conclusion. Miniseries starring James Arness, Eva Marie Saint and Bruce Boxlertner. (2 hrs.) O MocNeilLehrer Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg accidentally gets a shot ol truth serum. (R) CHiPS A criminal threatens the area with a deadly nerve gas. (R) Pay TV (8 hrs.). CD Praise (3 hrs.) Q) 24 Horas 7:30 O Making a Living The restaurant is the setting for a wedding. (R) O Washington Week 8:00 O Greatest American Hero Ralph's picture gets on the cover of o hot gossip tabloid. (") . O Wall $tree Week Dallas Bobby is questioned about his involvement with Forrader; Pam and Bobby think they know where Lucy is; and Cliff tries to borrow money from Sue Ellen. (R) 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 HBO hwtetheNR (ffiUclier (omdySpogl umnUltiia ON (SGApncy The Making of Star Wan (85) (H)bogeofDrHi(M5) ESPN CRfootbol (5) SportsCent lounj UTS yiel fori Age f lie GtrdnP) Jen (MO) SiatOff FIM CH)Mcow(5) CM) Outlcml (D The Boss' Son SHOW C fagot 18(6) (ffiDecthVoBey fjg) All ttw Marbles USA Soring (i) bHrtnrrwid Telmtoit WGN Now Twilight Zone Soturdoy Night (B Top of the Hill, Conduskm WOt itsefaoS: HY. MetsSt. toon (5 JO) MHogon Irons (H) The Bonk Dick WTES tasekSP) New All in the My CB rode In FILM The Movie Channel Show SHOW Showtime (B Movie The Martian Chronicles Port 1. Rock Hudson, Gayle Hunnicut, Maria Schell, Ber-nadette Peters and Darren McGovin star in this science-fiction miniseries about life in, the year 1999. (Note: Parts 2 and 3 will air on consecutive Friday nights.) (R) (2 hrs.) 9 Charytin 8.30 O Odyssey A look at Choco Canyon in New Mexico. 9:00 Q Strike Force Crime syndicate bosses use Murphy's wife to set him up for assassination. (R) O Bob Newhart Falcon Gest Part 1. Chase takes Angela to court over his father's death. (") 8 SIN Presenta "Fortunata y Jocinta" 9:30 O News Q Doomsayers An exploration of the possible end of Western civilization. 10:00 Q CD Newt O Barney Miller Wojo is having problems dealing with women. GS Vanessa 10:15 CD Religious 10:30 O ABC Nightline O Benny Hill O Doctor Who U.S. Open Tennis Tonight Johnny Carson's guest it Dr. Carl Sogan. CD American Conflict f) Mundo Latino 11:00 O Fridays William Shatner and Kim Carnes. (R) (1 hr., 30 mins.) O Movie "Mode for Each Other" (1971, romance) Renee Taylor, Joseph Bologna. Two oddballs meet at on encounter session and fall in love. (2 hrs.) O Dick Covert Movie "Jackson County Jail" (1976, suspense) Yvette Mim-ieux. Tommy lee Jones. (2 hrs.) CD TreasuresDarkness 11:30 O Horizon You Asked for H CD Praise (3 hrs.) 12:00 O MocNeilLehrer Late Night Special edition. (1 nr., 30 mins.) 12:30 O Movie "Gypsy" (1962, tmnieof) Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood, Karl Maiden. Adaptation of the Broadway play about Gypsy Rose Lee. (3 hrs.) 1:00 O Movie "Nightmare Honeymoon" (1973, mystery) Dock Rambo, Rebecca Diana Smith. A young married couple witness a murder. (2 hrs.) NewsNight (1 hr., 30 mins.) 1:30 NBC News 2:30 Perry Mason News Network CD News 2:45 CD Religious 3:00 O News CD Deaf World 3:30 O Untouchables Q Movie "The Paper Chose" (1973, drama) Timothy Bottoms, John Houseman, Lindsay Wagner. Depicts the pressures on law school students. (2 hrs.) Human Dimension CD Joy in the Morning 4:00 News 4:30 O All in the Family Westbrook Hospital CD Test Prophecy RADIO AM KOY (550) Adult contemporary KTAR (620) Newstalk KMEO (740) Beautiful music KVVA (660) Spanish KJJJ (910) Country KAR2 (960) Popular KXEG (1010) ...Gospel KUKQ (1060). ..Dance music KRDS ( 1 190) ...Contemporary Christian KFLRO230).. KHEPO280).. KZZPO310).. KLFFO380).. KSUNO4O0). KOPA0440). KPHX(1480).. KOJO(16fO) KASAO640).. KNIX (1560).... .Religious .Religious ..Rock ..Big band .Newstalk .Rock .Spanish .Rock .Religious .Country KMCR(91.5). KJJJ (92 3)... KDKB (93 3) . KOOL (94 5). KOYT (95 5) KMEO (96 9). KUP0(97.9). KKLT (98 7).. KNNN (99 9). FM ...Jezz'NPH ...Country ...Rock ...Oldies ...Beautiful music ...Easy listening ...Album rock ...Adult contemporary ...Spanish KIKO (100.3) ...Adult KOPA( 100.7). Rock KHEP (101 5) . Classical KNIX(102.5)....Counlry K2ZP(104 7)...Rock KWAO( 106.3) Big band KSTM( 107.1). .Album rock KMLE (107. 9). .Gospel FEATURES Willard Scott on KOY 6:26 a m. Paul Harvey on KTAR 6:30 a.m., 6:25 a.m.. 12:30 p.m., 3:20 p.m. end 6:36 p.m. Jane Pauley on KOY 7 a.m. Charlee Osgood on KARZ 8:30 a.m. and 12:26 p.m. Jack Anderson on KTAR 6:65 p.m. Dan Rather on KARZ 6:30 p.m. The Swinging Yeara on KLFF 7 p.m. Howard CoseN on KTAR 7:30 p.m. Larry King Show on KTAR 10:05 p.m. HIGHUGHTS Pro baseball Los Angeles at Houston on KTAR 6:36 p m. Toronto at California on KWAO 7: 10 p.m. Chicago at Oakland on KSUN 7: 16 p.m. KOOL weekend anchor takes TV job in Dallas After four years of reporting at K00L-TV (Channel 10) and three years co-anchoring weekend newscasts at the CBS affiliate, Peter Van Sant has resigned to accept a television reporting job at WFAA-TV in Dallas. "The main reason is that it's a fabulous operation with unlimited opportunity and potential for me," Van Sant said Thursday. WFAA-TV staffers are frequently dispatched to all parts of the globe to report news of relevance to Texas, said Van Sant "They probably spend more money than any local station in the country. I'll be able to cover national stories and world stories for a local station," he said. Another reason for Van Sant's departure is frustration over not being able to move from weekends to a weekday anchoring position. The station recently introduced a 4:30 p.m. Monday-through-Friday newscast, but the assignment went to stalwarts Bill Close and Mary Jo West "I was disappointed that I wasn't even talked to about the position," said Van Sant, who added that he has never been told by management that he is in their plans. "I felt I had been coasting for the last six months at KOOL," he said. "I decided to look elsewhere." At WFAA-TV, however, he will only do reporting. "Anchoring has been nice and I can go back to that They are going to pay me a great deal more money to report five days a week," he said. While Van Sant had no complaint about the pay at Channel 10, he noted, "I am getting a $13,000-a-year raise for going from anchoring in the 24th largest market to reporting in the 10th largest." Anchoring is considered a more prestigious role, and anchors usually command high salaries. Channel 10, however, is known in the market for its low salary structure. Van Sant is the second highly visible member of Channel 10's news department to take work elsewhere since the impending sale of the station set to take place Oct. 1 was announced in June. Helicopter pilot-reporter Bruce Erion quit previously to work for WXIA-TV in Atlanta. "The sale had nothing to do with this," Bud Wilkinson Television Radio said Van Sant, although he added that other Channel 10 reporters are sending out tapes and resumes amidst uncertainty over the incoming management Channel 10 has not announced who will join Deborah Pyburn as co-anchor of its weekend newscasts. B IN BRIEF Hello, Dolly! star Carol Channing probably won't wear a T-shirt a la Dewey Hopper, but she will be seen on KPNX-TV (Channel 12) this weekend delivering the weather forecast. The station reports Ms. Channing will join regular weekend meteorologist Ed Phillips on the 10 p.m. edition of Action News on Sunday. The actress reportedly will focus on the national weather scene, while Phillips will zero in on Arizona. Hello, Dolly! opens a weeklong run at Gammage Center in Tempe on Monday. Rick Foucheux, the former P.M. Magazine co-host at Channel 3 who currently hosts a morning TV talk show in Washington, reports that he hasn't sampled the version of P.M. Magazine that airs in the nation's capital since moving there in the spring. "I never watch P.M. Magazine here. I watch MASH or Entertainment Tonight" said Foucheux during a recent phone conversation. Those are two of the same shows that keep Channel 3's P.M. Magazine from becoming a Valley hit. Videophiles will be pleased to learn that when Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is released on videotape in November it will be selling for the unusually low price of $39.95. The flick's predecessor, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, listed for $79.95 when it was released. TV highlights By Bonnie Baker Republic Staff Greatest American Hero 8 p.m. Q- Ralph's cover is blown when his face appears on the cover of a gossip tabloid. In the new season Ralph (series star William Katz) and Pam (Connie Sellecca) will get married. 77e Martian Chronicles 8 p.m. - Rock Hudson stars as the commander of an exploratory mission to Mars in this six-hour miniseries set in the year 1999. It airs on consecutive Friday nights beginning tonight. Hudson's new show, The Devlin Connection, premieres Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. on . Co-starring is Jack Scalia. The Devlin Connection is about a former military-intelligence man (Hudson) who now directs a performing-arts center in Los Angeles. A young private eye (Scalia), who claims to be his son, involves the two of them in his cases. Dallas 8 p.m. . , Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is questioned by the police about his involvement with the murdered Far-raday, and Lucy (Charlene Tilton) is finally rescued from her abductor. The fifth season of Dallas will premiere at 8 p.m. on Oct. 1 and will be followed by the season premiere ' of Falcon Crest. Late Night With David Letterman midnight . This special 90-minute edition stars singer-songwriter Marshall Crenshaw. Crenshaw wrote the hit. single Someday, Some Way. Also appearing are comedian Brdl-Theodore, test pilot Chuck Yeager and singer Harv Mann and the Peacock Girls. Cable-TV baseball New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals, 5:30 p.m., W0R; Montreal Expos at Chicago Cubs, 11:30 a.m., WGN; Cincinnati Reds at Atlanta Braves, 4:35 p.m., WTBS. 'GE Theater' drama to star George Burns for broadcast through January. Two of a Kind is the story of a young man, played by Robby Benson, who rescues his grandfather Burns from senility. Also appearing in the original TV production are Barbara . Barrie, Cliff Robertson and Geri Jewell. Associated Press NEW YORK - George Burns will make his TV dramatic-role debut in a when GE Theater presents Two of a Kind on Oct. 9. It's the first of four monthly productions in the long-running GE Theater series scheduled FpfijHMHMBifiBSSlsS I recatvJs fit audio Y APPLIANCE PARTS WASHER, DRYER. DISHWASHER, STOVE, REFRiG., ETC. General Electric, Horpoint, Noroe, Kenmore, Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool, Weitinghouie, Signature. 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Mill Ave., Tempe 966-6722 ALL STORES OPEN 7 DAYS! ! ! I I If you're going away for the weekend or planning an outing in the valley, check with Joe Dougherty first. Joe knows what's ahead in weather for the valley and the rest of the state. Watch meteorologist Joe Dougherty at 6PM on KOOL News 10. He's your weather professional, working hard to keep you informed, on Channel 10. :o The Movie Storel Video You, International, Inc. "j3i J) 5:00 SUMMER SEMESTER 5:30 CAPTAIN KANGAROO 6:00 CBS MORNING NEWSKURTIS, SAWYER 8.-00 THE MERV SHOW - Marion Rots, Jane Wyatt, Harriet Nelson, Ann Jillioo 9:00 ONE DAY AT A TIME 9:30 U.S. OPEN TENNIS 2:00 ALICE 230 PRICE IS RIGHT 3:30 TIC TAC DOUGH 4:00 JOKER'S WILD 4:30 KOOL NEWS CLOSE, WEST 5:30 CBS EVENING NEWSRATHER 6:00 KOOL NEWS CLOSE, WEST 6:30 FAMILY FEUD 7r00 THE DUKES OF HAZZARD 8:00 DALLAS - Bobby h m a difficult position when he is questioned by police about his irrvofvement with Farraday. 9:00 FALCON CREST 10:00 KOOL NEWS 10 PMCIOSE. PYBURN 10:30 U.S. OPEN TENNIS HIGHLIGHTS 11:00 THE CBS LATE MOVIE - "Jackson County Jail" 12:55 KOOL NEWSNIGHT HUGHES 2:30 PERRY MASON "The Case of the Haunted Husband" 3:30 HUMAN DIMENSION 4:00 KOOL LATE NEWS 4:30 WESTBROOK HOSPITAL 4- a CBS affiliate r j

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