The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 12, 1951
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VOL. XLV1I—NO. 20 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Dally News Blytheville Courier Mississippi Vnlley Lender Blytheville Herald BIA'THEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, API11J, 12. 1051 E1G1ITICION PACKS S1NGLE"COPIES FIVE CENTS YANKS WIN BIGGEST JET ___ . Voters May Decide On State Sales Tax LITTLE ROCK, April 12. (AP)—Voters of Arkansas may have the final word on whether they'll pay a three per cent sales tax to help public schools. A plan to rei'er the proposed sales tax increase from two to three per cent to a vote of the people was reported gaining -strength in the Arkansas House today. Backers ot the proposal said today a compromise on Hie sales tax bill to permit, the public vote may be the only way the measure can v,'in approval in the lower cnamber. ' The proponent.'; say labor unions and other organizations now are ready to circulate petitions calling for a vote on the sales tax increase at the 1952 general elections. Education leaders say that, unless more money is provided lor education now the public schools will suffer. However, a vote on the sales lax measure could be called imme- X alately. An Arkansas statute provides that proponents of a bill may :ircu!ale petitions asking tor an early special election on the matier. MacArt/iur May Return, to U.S. Next Week WASHINGTON, April 12. (fl»j — House Republic AH Leader Martin of Massachusetts said today "there is a possibility" General Douglas MacArthur may fly back to the: United Slates next week to address Congre&s. Martin''intide the announcement to newsme n follow ing a n early morning session .._., ,.„.,.-, . — of the House Uc- • publican policy committee. There is a possibility," lie said, "t hat General MacArlhur will fly back next week and will be available to add r ess Congress sooner than the three weeks mentioned earlier." Original plans, Martin said, were Gen. MacArthiir for the deposed returns * salute general to return in Tokyo. The Senate yesterday passed a bill to boost Ihe tax from two per cent to three per cent for a period to end Dee, 31, 1953. Hill is Loaded But in the House, a similar bill was loaded down with a bunch of amendments. Some of the change. 1 ; were proposed by representatives openly hostile to any in the sales tax,. One make the bill . mqre difficult to pass. During Vhe tegular session, -A bill for temporary increase was passed in the senate but was blocked in the House. The House amendments yesterday exempted a long !isi of arlicle5, including seed, feed " and fertilizer, foods and drugs, from provisions oE ' the for bill; Dec. set the expiration 31, 1951 and said da'te that . first money derived should be used to give increases for classroom tea- from Japan by ship. Republicans, furiously angry at President Truman for firing the general, iue sponsoring a resolution inviting Mac-Arthur to address a joint meeting of Ihe Senate and the House. The House rules committee will consider the resolution tomorrow and Martin said he Is confident both the committee and the House will approve it. He snld he doesn't expect administration Democrats to fight the invitation proposal. As for the Senate's attitude. Martin said h« didn't know. On the Democrats' side, Senator Kerr of Oklahoma declared Mac-Arthur — fired by President Truman—won't do it the way the Republicans propose if he. Kerr, can prevent it. How much open party help the Oklahoman will get on that score vemnlned li\ doubt. Senator Wherry of Nebraska, the Senate GOP leader, told re- porters he wiU continue to press for action on a resolution he offered yesterday. It would invite MticArlhur to return to Washington at once lo tell his .sute of the story at a joint meeting of Congress. Senalor McFarland »I Arlzyna. the Democratic leader, blocked consideration of the Wherry measure. And Wherry acknowledged that the parliamentary situation practically rules out any action today. An identical resolution was Introduced in the House by Rep. Martin (Mass), the minority floor Leader. It probably will be considered by Ihe House Rules Committee Friday. Martin talked to MacArthur in Tokyo by telephone and said the general is willing and eager to accept a congressional invitation, Informed sources hi Tokyo said MacArthur definitely will come to the United States as soon as possible. Kerr, sharp crlUc ol Miu'Arthur, culled the CiOl 1 proposal to have the five;-.slur general address Cun- grpss a "very, very unwise" idea. Kerr suld thai Instead of letting Mac Arthur tell a one-way story, the dismissed I ; 'ar Kastern commander should £0 before, the Senate and House Armed Services Committees. "There." said Kerr. "he will he fiC'o to talk but tit the .saint.' time members of Cony re." s will be free to question and exiunlno him." The storm Mr.'Truman stirred up in (rcithitf rid of MaeArllnir* was In no way rjweicd., at least KO far as Republicans in Congress ate concerned, by I he; Prr.sid cat's radio i\nri television in Hires*) to the world last night. Senator Jenncr Ul-IncH dc- mtimlcxl Unueaetiment of the 1*resident, ami there was a round of applause from (he pa u keel galleries. isit lo ToH- chers. And Rep. Paul Van Dalseni, leader of a group opposing a sales lax increase, obtained adoption of an amendment to give welfare clients 15 per cent of the expected new revenue, estimated at $12,OOD,000 or more a year. Tu'O-Thlnls Vntc N'tiedml Speaker James R. Campbell ruled that this revision would mean thai two-thirds vote would be required for passage oC the bttl ratVer than a bare majority, The House also received the bill which the Senate passed, 19-13. It was read once in the house. Three readings are required before a final vote. There were other matters relating to public education in both chambers yesterday. The Senate passed a bill for an See LEGISLATURE on rage G Peace Hopes Are Explained ¥• * ^ • t * * * * * UN Group Delays New Bid for Peace in Korea Truman May Choose New WSB from Public WASHINGTON, April 12, (AP)—President Truman probably will have to name a new .Wage-SUbiliaatioJa Board with only public ineni- /next 43 hpurg...,; o Hersh n He is cxpccte^Mo a^t %it Thwe opinions \\ er^E^pfgyfe|r>tr day by both mduatr> and eis t-\l!ed to another \Vhite meeting of the President's niobilf-' zalion advisory board, The government is unrter great pressure to set up s. board to handle scores ol disputes ptting up behind the wage freeze, Economic Stabilizer Eric Johnston has said \^ labor ami management cannot agree on what kind'of board should supplant the one labor boycotted nearly two months ago. the President'has hardly any alternative but to set np a board with only public representation. Leaders" * ^t United Labor Policy comm. .„<-.« have stoort fast for weeks in fa vor of a boa rd which would handle nearly all disputes as they arose. They say tnnt since wages are frozen a nd there is a s ti g ma at - tached to striking during the mobili- za tlo n em CM ge iicy. n wa gc boa rd slioulil lianrile all sorts of labor- management disputes. ! by calling at any draft board. Management spokc.smcn — rcpre- j \\ rr . s Arrington said it will be nec- scnting the National Association >f j'essnry for students to present their Manufacturers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, business advisory council of the Commerce Drnartmem, and the Committee Cor Economic Development—were equally on having n 3>onrd which would handle only wn^e problems. Other disputes, the management le-A'A^r.s say. ^Iioiild and cnuUl i>e l%9"-'iofi imrfpi- the oeOfntitnc Tafi- fgferment Tesl Blanks Arrive Draft Board Here ,•' Has Applications; 40 Men'Leave Today College students eligible for the draft can new obtain application blanks for draft deferment tests from the Ali.ssissippi County Draft Board. Mrs. Helen Arringtou, assistant draft bnaut clcr-k, said this morning. However, she pointed ont that It will not be necessary for Mississippi County college students to come to Blytheville to pick up their applications. They can obtain them draft registration and class cards when applying for Lest applications. China Is Given 'Time to Think' About Ouster UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., April 12. (AP)—New Korean peace overtures by the U.N. three-man Good Offices Committee were delayed today to give Communist Chirm time to react to the ouster oi' General Douglas JMacArthur a commander of U.N, forces. The committee gathered lute yesterday tii a hastily-called uvo-licur session, only 15 hours alter President Truman fireti MacArthur. i. r Al the end, U.N. Assembly Presl- cUml Ntvsrollah EnU-xam, commit.-1 "fee. clKitnuan, said only that HIR' coinniittee licid diwusscd the new situation. "We v-'il] have to wait to give the Chinese (Coninmnuit-s) lime to consider the change:, "Knt«zam said. "We have not received an answer from them in more than i\\o months that ^ - R have served but v.'e ahvays'hope tucvc will be one." Entefcam said the committee did hot, discuss a ne\v peace proposal ut this tinie. *'S«-c(ln Always Heady" Sven Grafsti'om, Swedi-sh rept'c- sijiHative on the committee, siiid tliat S\vccien's mir\i^t^r i^ always ready in Pciping to transmit an answer to the -U.N. on the committee's original appeal for cease-fire Mo Developments In Taxi Murder talks. Red China has Uius far kept K-rtl™ Act «nv!>r •,,, ,,.-~-,t relations ltil)or-man- The I-'irst Tests in May draft deferment tests to be given college r^ are at 1,200 Ms threat lo Igiiorc the committee, set up under an Asseinbly resolu- tioji which branded the -E'eiping regime as a^greasors in Korea- With MacArthur out of the picture, some delegates hoped that the Chinese might be willing now to deal with Bother Ark:inf:"s ftfrcrn.s(: Fr,'r. except liijrJy with CKcasionai rrtin extreme KA1X noi«:; jiortion. Contiinicd cool thi- 1 - aftcrnoon and tonight. Scattered litjht fros.t south portion tonight Friday fair, warmer west and south portions in afternoon. Missouri forecast: \vet .sno\v, occasionally mixed with rain tonight and Friday; gradually diminish!: Friday; 2-5 inchc.s of wet snow expected to accumulate north and east contra! portions; low tonight 30-35; high Friday 35-40. Minimum this morning—37. Maximum yesterday—65. Sunset today—6:30, Sunrise tomorrow—5:31, Pricipitatlon 24 hours to 7a today—.07. ToVal since Jan. 1—17-22. Mean temperature (midway lie- Uvecn high and low) — .31. Normal mean temperature for April—61. This mic Last Year Minimum this tnovninc—-38. Maximum vesterdiy—CS. Precipitallon January I lo tilth date—27.15. \ examination centers throughout the stuic—most of them at colleges- May 26, June 16 anti June 30. Forty Mississippi County draftees left by special bu.s this morning for Little Hock to take pro-induction exnmmnUons. I Mr. Arritigion said today's call I was for 44 men but ot tins number (:i8 reiJortctl anci six were listed us dcliqnent.s. Two registrants were tnuisf erred to other boartis and 'our svrre transfrrred to the Mis- >isfi!])pi County bourrt from ol 1 , T boards and left with today's gro;.}>. The county's next csll was to be an Induction call [or '^4 mea lo leave Tuesday, 10 Leave 'J'oday Lcitviii'iZ today were: Whites—Arthur Parker, Burras T- Warri, Virgil K. Ilrow]i, Herbert H. Bowca Jr., Glcnnts V. Hill, Alfred Rhode*, Billy J. Mason, Manila; Earnest R. Parnell. Martin S. Har- the U.N. Indian sources, however, .said that the agKre.s.srr brand stilt was a .sUmibh'ng block. The H-natlon A.sia-Arab group that rr.sumeci j C« conferences l^st week on a Korean j^^ peace formula was reporJod try ins to figure oiil some woy to soft-! pedal the ac;grcs. c imi rp-soliiik)ii and May Sop j Kov Negro Suspect Faces Further Questioning Here Sheriff William Berryman said this n^orning that- there were no now developments in the Investigation of the murder of Homer Tucker, Blytheville taxi driver, following the arrest Tuesday of a second suspect. The sheriff stated that he has not "questioned oilie Williams, iQr year-old Jackson, Miss., -Negro, further as yet. \Vi31iams was arrested here late Tuesday by a posse of of-: Cicer.s that had surrounded a -Negro woman's home in the .Comprcs-s Quarters WiUiiuus had been sought by o£- ficera for questioning since Mar. when Mr. Tucker's body was found lying beside his cab on Highway near Armorel. HLs throat had been stoshcd and he had been robbed. Second Man Rlnnicd Arthur Nox Gray, 23, Hickmai Bend Negro was arrested the day following the murder nnd confesaet to being in the cab at the time o the slaying but snld a .second Ne pro, whose name he did not knov> duf the actual killing. Gray Is nov in the Slate Hospital at Little Roc for a sanity observation. Sheriff Berryman sMd thai wil Items fit a description of the sec ond Nepro suspect furnished' hin by Gray and a Ne?ro taxi drive who reported seeing Gray and an oilier Nc^ro get into Mr. Tucker' cab a few hours before the 61-year Truman Tells Plan to Crush Reds' Offense / •• !!}• JACK BtiU. WASHINGTON, April 1.2. (AP)—President Truman liiis ' inife was not pinned high hopes for peace ^".^J] —and vindication for firing Ridgway Sees Ex-Chiej And Returns to Korea TOKYO, April 1'J. (API—U, Gen. MiiUhww B. Klrin\vny left plane tonight for Kori'ii after a talk with (Jciu-ral MiicArlhur at Hie Enemy Makes Sudden Retreat In Ground War iiy OU-:N ci,i:.Mi:xTs TOKYO, April 12. (AP) — 'Vmi-'ricun w :i r planes shot lown five enemy jels, prolj- ibly destroyed three move and ,Uuii:igcd M today in two roaring nir fights over northwest Korea. All American planes came .safely out of the battle. One ot the ilumcterous dashea \va.s the bifib'C.'.l Jet Ao'it in history. It, involved 152 jet planes—80 nus- sUm-mudu \UG-15ii lUld 12 Amcrl- LMU F-Hlis inul l-'-8'ls—iincl uhout 40 3V2iJ medium bombers. On the yxOimd, two Chinese divisions pulled back suddenly nnd mys- tct'Uiuiily on the central front. AiiH'fkan Imup.s pushed cautiously alieiut ta their \vnke agixiust uo up- position. Stair oiriccr.s sukl they re pux-^letl by the enemy with- five-star general's residence. Rldfiwuy, naincil by I»re3idcnt Truman to succeed Muc Arthur 5n all his Far KasL commuiHis, arrived at 4:10 p.m. (l:\n a.m. CST> and left at 7:30 p.m. (-1:30 a.m. CHT>. He spent most of the time with MiicArthiir. The subject. ..selosed. of their were on hand to nrciil him. The promoted K'nO'th Army com- jn;ui<U'r was wearing his winter uniform and his familiar hand t;rcu- tidc- Lapnd to and Jacket. Puce :>nid plannei! lo (-0 directly to :;i:t? Mac- Thi: uvo Reel divisions Wednesday billei-ly opposed AlUod ei'o.ssiiiys of the Ilanlan Uivcr south of Chor- v.'ou. They t<i\iy,lit d'ouv the craggy hills north of tire river. llul. they broke contact Wednesday nljjlii. Smith Korean troops on the east t:oast stabbed 2G miles into North i Arthur at Ills home in (lie American I Korea in the deepest Reillnnd pen- ^xpet'ted to i embassy. \ etr.\tion of the current United Na- ,j c was ' , 1( . TO ,,, 1>nn ic<i uy Gen. Douglas MacArthur—on Secretary of Army Frank I'ate, Jr. the crushing of a threatened Communist spring offensive in Korea. rid taxi dri"cr's body was discov errd. Hijh Low Clo: 3S3 convince Pc'niiig it ought tii talk J Mr. Truman lo]d 'the nation in a adlo and television talk last night lat he relieved MacArLhur of his actfic commands because the five,ar general disagrees. M'Uh hia.pol- uiy alh;ed at prcvchttng tlic Kocah lighting from spreading into world wnr. Less than 22 hours ad elapsed since the announcement f Ihe p^cturcsriite general's dis- ilssal stirred this nation and the ost of the free \vorld. We do not want to see the con- Hct in Korea extended," the President said solemnly and firmly. "We re trying to prevent a world war — lot lo start one." Mr. Truman said the bombing o: Red bases in Manchuria and the I of Chinese Nationalist troops rom Formosa — both advocated by Ridgway cnii^cnk'd t" an im- jrumptu news conference at the side of Pace's bii? Constellation plane. An estimated 100 to ISO persons' Ui:jra)>lK'i. t i. Reporters asked RUlgway huw lie felt ns he slopped briskly off tlir "I'm fine." IIR said. "1 havr no plans nhd have nuulej ^ no decisions." He posed briclly smiling for piio- The prosecuting attorney spcnl this morning, the louvth in tlie trial of Mrs. Willie Flo AlcCorinick on a charge of embe/.xiiiir^ more than S-Uflfl from ISlyllieville I'roiniiie Company, prescntim; witni'.-sus with records of purchases find amounts of pavtnc:nU she and tic:!' huslmiul, Nual, made during lOiiu nml 1051 in- un effort to .show Hint tliey ^IJL'IIL more than they made. Claude F. Cooper, attorney for the j tificd this morlilnp and said defense, entered an objection f. time the state introduced records oft charge of 1"C b'Hjy,k?rpim? anil. lions drive. history's biggest Jet^ batUe, KO MIGs .swooshed out. of Red Manchnrir nqainst 72 U.S. JeUs fly- Ins; cover (or 3D to 40 U.S. 13-29 superlorls. The 13-29s dropped 300 tons ot botnlx-i on the vital railroad bridge across the .Ynlu River between Antimg, Muiu-'hurla, 'and Sininjo, Korea. The. American Jets shot down V.vo JvU-1'.r., probubly destroyed two others nnd damaged 13. A D-2 f ) jjunner brought down a Ililnl Red jet. B-20s also damaged another Red jet, T\vo I3-29.S v/erc damaged but landed safely In Korea. The oUicrs returned lo their Japanese or Okinawa bases. Thq M'coml air tattle flared later Thursday in the center of "Mig alley" between Sinuiju and Sinan- Ihci tificd this inorMlnp and said »1'J^ | JIL ' In thK acUon 15 Communkt jot* iacli] Mrs: McComiick was in crunplete ^^j,,,^,,^ p American ' ' ' MacArthur — would involve "a grave j Mr. McCunniek's purchases and pay- with Ihe U.N. Kiev/ York Cotton N. O. Cotton risk of start Ing a general war. (Sec related slory on Page 3.) ! Then he made if. clear he belicvrs ;h;it if a threatened new mass offensive by the Communists in Korea crushed, the Ueds may decide that further aggression there or elsewhere is "folly." Then, be said, the door would be open to o peaceful settlement "which will not compromise the principle and purpose.? ofHbe United Nations/The defeat of aggression hi Ko•ca may be the turning point In the world's search for a practical way of achieving peace and security," the President predicted. President Truman departed from his prepared text of last night's speech to praise Uiclgway. He srritl Rulgway, as commander of the Eighth Army in Korea, demonstrated he. has "the qualities of lender- ship needed" for hi.s multiple ta.«k*. The President said there rvrn signs tint the Communists are building ,ip lor a new mass attack In Korrn. He expressed confidence that it will be t'trnert back. "I'lxc United Nations forces arr mcnts 'The information filed tlid not . conspiracy, Mr. McCormiek ts not on trial, and his expenditures ase irrelevant to this case," Mr. Cooper liuid. The objection was over-ruled and the evidence admitted in each case, however. Henry Medlin. service manager lor Blytheville Propane Company, les- of his knowlcflijt'. nf the reports, Under cro»; - cx:uLiiLi;iti f !ii. ctnploytrs box ;UH! Tolll (o '1'rar ly'p Krrri])t One of the driver:; had ( int Applications For Licenses Here ringloii, Wilson; Verlon D. Curry, Amada G. Martinez. Euecnc J. Blake, Juan E. Cnrbojal. Claude E. Victory. Osceola; Donald R. Jackson. Etowah; Rex G. Lovell, Joyce William B. Arnold, Young, Blytheville; H. HankwiU, Johnnie S. Waymond R. Criswell, Dyess; IJen- uic L. Williams, Lcc L. Autty, LCJVchville: Laurence G. Hancy. William T. Lamb. Jessie I,. Thorp. Joiner; L. C. Casey, Holland. Mo.; James L. Ussery, Paragould; and James C. Berry, Uixora. Negroes—Abraham Neal. Smith E. j Wcntherirrgion, O?c.cola; Lcroy Junior Bogan. David H. Collins. Wilson; U C. Smith, Jetdc Harris, Luxora; Honry W. Beacham, Driver; •J. W. Love, Jessie Wilson, Jimmie Grayer. Sanuiile Watson, Blylhcvirkv t.ntl Curtis Johnson, Manila. Listctl as dclinnucTitj;'were: Whites—Chester D. Lewis, I'crre \!ay July . Oct. . Dec. . Mar. Open 4MO H78 3950 3S85 3873 Ilifill l/>w 4539 4530 J.485 4470 3970 3950 3900 3639 3885 3S66 l:3Di 4533! May . 4-iSO; July . 3962 i Oct. . 3891 i Di-c. . 3877 Mar. . 453D 4473 3D45 3374 38S! 45M 4539 4178 4465 3350 3038 3W,9 3BS7 3816 3861 4539 4477 3332 3860 PMA Mails First Checks Covering Sale of 1948.Crop of Pooled Cotton A. C. Spellings of West Ridge. [ ler-s he has an address different chairman ol the Mississippi County from that shown on the producer's In the box and on payday. Mi 1 Mcd- lin osked the man (o pay it off, he said. The man, however, maintained that H had been puit! nnd »he reeei])t had not bi:en tl'i.stvoyrtl Mr Mfdlin said he chec!;e<l witii Mr-. McCrjimick lo sec If (lie cash Inx was out of Ijahm'e and -\:i'; told i>y her to lear up tin* nci'lMt. Mrs, flentrice Loveli'/e. ;i]if«lh"i employe of the prnnmi'- comirMry. said in reply to f|lle:i!iiiinnc: of H (J TarMow. Ihe iiroscr-ilini.' :«lton-ji-v. hat Mr:. Mr C'mpiri: h'«l I'jld h' r ([•) any of <}:<• .1 tin; pc,:,lj:i'T Apphcal ion i lor UrciLSint; o[ ' plumber.; as required by a new! t , |at U(] t|]K , w . ;i ,. slate law have been received by ; huolikecpinr; nr ar. William Mitchell, ccunl.y sanitary | m ,| j,| rs McfMrmlck. cn^iucer. it v;as aTinounced l^tiay. I I'sriJ T«il'iK Ti Mr. Mitchell -mid that Act MO oft 1051. p:!.s:>cd in I'Vbnnry hy the 5'1fh [ General As.sombly, (alls frjr tlur toiiRh and able and well equipped."! nminatiort nnd U'-rnsini: of mnr.lcr he said. "They are nglillni; for aland journr-yman phunbi rs and Just cause. We pray that their ef-1 their rcai: Ira!iwi with !hc State forts may succeed. For upon their) iv>ard ol H^alih success may hinge the v>c»cc of Uic j ft also cull- tor rn:i'.tr.Hion ot world." ! appivnMc Mr. Truman said that "real peace' "t did type sf>i i hut sho ' Mrs. Mr } the infnrmMion vrtl HIT ' l '" J '^l fw Mr. 1 ; (.ovelnce :-aitl rltd not add them lAie T "1 pn! 'he ".me nyself." In the ' Sabre jets. Salirts [lovvii Ilvils The .Sabres shot down two Red i.'-t.- and probably destroyed another. T5n- Ji-.dit' raf;ed lor 15 minutes from 34,Qiji> down to 4.000 feet al- iilurle. Othe.r Allied planes in 672 flight* r(!])ortf:d more than 500 Reels killed or 'ivoutuled Thursday, the Rreat-est claim itjiaiivsi trcops in *thc past three weeks. The fighters strafed iroop columns of 5,030 soldiers near Anak and 1,000 Reds near In the ground (Ighting. the Allies used bayonets and hand src- narlcs in carving out two small beachheads Wednesday on Ihe T'tilan Hivrr north bank. The Tied* tried to halt the Unit. e<! Nations advance with heavy j oiort r ,mci grenade fire. ! Th" stifl Cnnnmmist r.ppo.'itiou ! U:il oifl'''rs T\\ '.ir.t to brhevc they i hnrl ron iiifo tlie inain enemy line. | The Hi".l.; Irivc- jammed IB new | Ilr'.r.y ivhlim; also swirled near J nl the -rent tla-.vrhon Re-crvoir. i-lil r'cn.-"r.-)i:i> ol).:curcd the dc- iil.:. Co'. per. Mr.i. rjnrl could achieved on Ihrcc rondi (.Ions' "One: Uie fighting mii-^t. ^toj). "T\vo: concrete steps must lie taken lo insure Hint the flt;hting rill not break out again. "Three: there must be an cud fo Production and istration Committee, said yeslci Admin- copy of the note and loan agree- mm- copy rday incut. Checks to individual produc- that he ha.s hen advised that first! crs will be prepared when the note checks to prodiicerR covering proceeds from the sale of the 1948 crop of pooled cotton have been mailed. The checks were mailed earJirr Ihls weefc from the New Orleans ! commodity office of the PMA. Mr.| Spellings and the mailing of checks to all producers should oe completed within 10 days. The distribution of" the proceeds will totf\] a hour -S67.000.000 and will cover nearly 3.SOO.OOO bales ol col- lon. The amount to be distributed to each producer will be about U per ceut of the n.niaunl of the loan ou the cotton, Mr. Spellings s.iid, Preparalion of Hie checks is bc- Inp handled mechanically and no action ol any kind need bo lakcn by a producer in order to receive Sec DRAFTEES on Page 8 his share of the net proceeds im- covering his cotton ts reached and docs not necessarily mean that all note. 11 for the same producer will be hnudlcd at Ihe same time Mr. Spellings reminder! producers who eiiher redeemed their cotton or =o!rl their equities prior to the pooling of the cotton by the Commodi- i.v Credit Corporation on Aug. I. 40. uill not share in Ihe diHribu- on nnd lhai naymenl to producers \vho obtained loans tn 1918 from cotton cooperative marketing associations will be made by the associations. , . He also stated that U a producer's prereiit- addrcps differs from that shown an the note and loan agreement he should notify the New Or leans PNfA Commodity Office of the change of address. Mew York Stocks 1:30 p.m. Quotations: tor appi'tniice plumbcr.< and the sup-} s hc did adti liu- li ;;i ir' erviston nsul in jfctitjn el plumbiir.; i. A uy •. ..j nl ],! t . ( ( ihi-m •• Inilallalinn.-. ! McCormiek told ne lo." : Pecs -ift by liie act are $r> each j | ;1 , ;): ^,[,1 -KJH- midnl nl;: for Ihe ••xan:ina r .ioii uml licon.-e for!|iie:n." mn,'cr pluin:;rrs anil M i-acli for j Johii r. Iriiti. v.lio .1 jyiirney:i;en Tne license.; rnu'it be j Meyers nakory a«-(nint renewrfl MMr]\' i Ulylhcviile Prup-ine (?'.::i tile now act aiiil application forms j ficd :IST(! <<^\r fi';nrci :-':\n may be olitaiiii'd at Ivls olllce at,| ch(v-!-:s v rre on tit" r;'!l', the County lie,'Hit Unit here. i Sre <:i)l'UT on 1': n U, S. Court A. u in::(iroN". April 12. 'API— M'ruv of C'tur.iiiei-fe Hrw.'.yer and <-r \> : -'\i -jri v ,'nrrinii l :i' officials llavc ]! r :>!]•(! Iji'l'orf L)IC U. S. Court A!vit'.'.!i i;ire tociny in :u^\ver Us jrur; r,f •'L'or.tnnis^utni:: and coii- nar'l'ill'-'' r-roifAllCl. i!i ( f-:i: ; ri,'.';i runti from lUr lot)?. !'," li 1 -; '1 D.ittle (or control ot .< Air.n ic.irx .stc^insnip line. Amcr Tobacco Anaconrin Copper . Beth Steel Chrysler Coca Cola ' Gen Electric ien Motors MontRomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester , ... .) C Penney Republic- Steel — Radio Socony Vacuum .. Studcbaker Standard of N J Texas Corp . ... Rears U S SlccI Southern Pacific . 153 1-21 63 3-8( 40 1-8 55 1-4j 19 1-81 11B 1-2' 55 1-B 52 1-2 . 70 i . ID 1-2! 34 ' . 05 3-l' Should Be Impeached,' McCarthy Says 20 1-8 27 1-2 MILWAUKEE. Apli) 12. '-T'. - Thn Mil\v,u,V.(c J.-,»vnal KuJftV quoted Srn. M<X'iirtli>- 'R-Wls) a.s sayi]:i! !hj\t. ' [r^^i^nn if] the White flouM " h;u ^..^'> arcorripliKhrd by "bovircMii and Hcnixliclinc." n'- r fit'cl. accortlinn tn V iV.^t the "Ifoct^dn" ijll.^i':(i by men who ''" '•'•? i I'" 1 - Prcsldr-nl 11.0 ir<irUln\)C() that the i <- ;rn - MacArlhur by iii: i-- "H Cotnmuni.=,i : v,:'n 'IIP n *tl of boui 1 - i'--".'.'«;>-ti"0.." .'iil!-':'-'.'". t'rc.ildi'iitial c'.isy .I'i.L'l'h H. Rhoit knew ho-.=- clieei lul." 7-8) rtl.",inif".\1 i 107 ' '.he j're'.iii fll 1-2 i viclory ivoi 54 1-R: boil and n 5-8 !n W.) 65 3-0' Pic.s Kccs rf';trl a ropy of 'hir disi:! 1 '^! sa;;l "no <'oii!in^!i 1 . ' M: C. un., en louti^ bir;< to 'i.e c l>y plane from MiKv.tnk- e. The Wi:- : consin -A'nator. ru:i! to Jotirnat reporter Ho';v,:rt i tug, made the stall nier.t VV-. day night in a spcu:b hriir.r iy 600 -iiicuibcrs o; the VVi i Rcluir Furniture rjc.tlvn A.- tlou. t'leinhi" said thai in -in ' view before the r.|v\h in' McCarthy whether h e be that President 'rrnrij:ui r i; >i Impe.iched. Klcsmr.j: f'.ntl Carthy an.s\\eicd: -The — — — flio'.ilsl b 1 ;:M,'!):•<!. bu!. on the other hand I'/; r,or ii!iv>'.i:'(nnt. {l'~ the i:ro\vd ,TI.:.nd inrn thaf c.ui.'iej the tro^r Tins Jounnl qiiftrd McCantiy's re;>rrnro in Ili5 speech .to "botlr- ij;tn rusd Bnnc liotin*" ns filllows: "'IMf h ci black day. one of tin- t>1;wko>t in the history of this eonr.'u. A ti.xy in which America anil ail We.-'iorn civilisation silf- U'u-rt a iivmrarto\)s dcicat and iiie Caminiinists, home madr- and foreign msdc .suffered a grcnt vtetory. a victcry achie\'ed ^ith ihn aid o.' Uoiubon and Dwicdic- linc."

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