The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1951
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, APKTT, 11, 19«. B, (ARX.V COURIER PAGE FIFTEEN Our House with Moj. Hoo P le|OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williomsl * • • • •• i " 'V,M _ _ . .' - -T.^j^T..^T.r^^^^^n '71 i'Xi'LU \/Viu /•v****^ VKVO.Txy^r'S HIS JOB.' WE i •UjlTHA- V / > IN A » tlTH' I'l I HAVF \f OH COME Y MO. "Tt*AT'i^ Hl5 »3OB. n>IAT LION \ON', CURLY, 1 COT COW WORK.' IN AN HOLK..WeE'N } *X^E £!L™ b l £V = TH 1 TRACKS ™' E j\? Hv , r -JUST trie KlrtD OP -bit 60LL OPERATIONS TrWT COMW. HS HOWORSD f WOULD FIT YOO LIK6 A . AW PATRIOTIC DEEDS BY A\ N16UT60WNS .' -"- X JUST ME A^iu^Y ]k nope v&u DO^T .'—MvMtHE FIR&T RUBBISH ° OT A EGAD, MARTHA? PEA5T GOVERMWM TH 1 PLAY PART OF HUNTER. ( IT/ YOU'LL BE SGI ONLY \ PLAYISJ' WITH A AN HOUR.'77 GOLD-PLATED CAP PISTOL NEXT. </•» ^ OOPS. l»i; IY htA BIBVKE. IWL T. M. BIG- U R. *AT. fi( Johnny made poor grades at school, And often ha~d to sneeze, Now, he's eating Meyer'i Bread His grades are A's and B's! Go/d Mannequin By Myles Connolly COPYRIGHT 1951 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSBB Not Too Homeless /^ "Why does she push us out if they're only going to sit there and talk about th« weather?" YOU \!HQ>fl THAT VilO T'RIXIE WE HERE'S A PIC-IURC Of HCp. DAD/ I PRISCILl.A'S 1'OP The Homc-Cleiiticr BY -AL VEUMEEU 'I'Hi: S'I'L>H1': Tim Kr \,ii vrirrHn. who kit- nul." nil <-.»rlii»lvr K'^ uoiiirK. tvllk hl« HI' nllr.i I. l»ve .-'Ih IK' lolnud. i>ne of II-- "^ PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best ['rices Kirby Drug Stores HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD . . . Shoe Repair Siives Monej ( H-FILTERS IQUflLITY SHOC SHO (21 W. MAIN SI *nnn K c* tn rli«» Tin*'- I ry • In4 »*i Ihf (*•»««• • It«1i0" XXII MM REESE, in tranquil She was very close lo him and Ilier voice was soft, personal, as she said, "Suppose we call the shop 'Teresa's.' darling? That is how [we niel and how it all began." Tim looked at her, plensed and I gralcful, and lost himself completely. Now, when he talked again, his dream seemed no longer a dream, and time tinkled magically away to music, as the gnomish young pianist conjured from I (he keys the haunting pathos o[ I Debussy. Before long, even Jean was'en- l chanted. good spirits, nibbling cheese and sip- I HAUL PANC1ERA was waiting for .lean when she returned to e apar tmcnt laic that night. He al in nn easy chair by the fire- ping fine red bvirgunciy that Guilio p| a ce. On the lable beside him had produced as a special com-I stood the miniature gold rnanne- plimenl to Jean Roland, began to quin awarded him at the Ball, relax. Tim talked now and Jean Neither spoke lor a momenl. lie listened. I watched her carefully as sl)t lle told her of his cure, of his moved her wrap. Her movements adventures that night, o( his were light, almost gay. dreams, especially of his dream of [ "Yonr mood chides me, sweet, 1 a Jean Roland Shop with her in [he said. "1 gather, however, this charge and with him as designer time the young man did not give At this, Jean's eyes shone. Gone you the—what is it you call it? immediately was the concern that Hhe willies." had troubled her since that mo- Jean did not answer. She wen men! earlier when the bellboy had lo the mirror, scrutinized hersel led her to Tim in the lobby and land appeared pleased with wha she had discovered Tim was no she saw. Mr. Panciera, his eye longer a far-off person in * wheel never leaving her, got to his feet chair. went to her. At that first sight of Tim she "What did he do?" he askeo her had realized that Paul Panciera. "Wheel you around in his chair al would no longer be able to pose night?" as the designer genius of "Jean | Again she did nol answer. She turned away from Ihe mirror and he t-onlil. sec the amuse- netit in tier eyes. He't use a wheel chair any more, my love." she said. H wss Mr. Pandora's Ulfn to be silent as he considered .lean's aords. He had nol expected Ibis md it promised complication!! vhich he did not like lo think about. "1 see. A miracle. He walks • now." He watched her even more carefully. "Will we be having him around very much, do you suppose?" "Very much, I'm sure." It was a moment before he spoke gain. "It could prove very awk- avcl, couldn't it?" She smiled coolly. "I don't magine he'd be very happy stand- ng around watching you lake the ows for his creations." His being around could prove cry awkward for MK—is thai o\ir point?" 'That's about it, sir." She, still miling, pointed to the gold man- lequin on the lable by the fire- Paul," thai, indeed, from (hen on Mr. Panciera mighl very well b« much in the way. Jean had made her decision quickly, audaciously, in thai mo- menl in the lobby Now, as she heard Tim tell of his dream of a gown shop of her own, she knew how- wise her decision had been. "I hope I am not harassing yoi but the evening proved very diff cult after you left, with everybod questioning mfc about your dis appearance, and my curiosity i I think, quite legitimate." H smile was ironic. "I could hard explain you had run o[I man in a wheel chair." with rOU WERE UP AWFULLY LWE LAST NIGHT, v"l •IRS. BOTTS! WAS ANYTHING WRONG? NOT BAD! OME TEN-SPOT )fltr l3-v AND TWO - f -^FIVES! ft-•••••.--l , {,"• •t: '• '.''•:;.\ sii iPfut&s' •f\-:-:'.uiif i»ii o» w 5t«»i«. me. VIC FLINT Fright BY AIK'llAK1. O'MAI.I.KV and UAI.P1I LANE ^SAMJSCLES OPEMS THE PVDOCTO K6CCVET THE SASESALL... place. "I'm afraid he wouldn't care to have you decorate your apartment with his trophies." PI E picked up the mannequin, held it up shining in the light. 'It is a lovely thing. It seems 3 pity to waste it on such a' primi- .ive person." She laughed softly. "1 was under the impression it belonged to him." 'And my talent for discovering genius count.*; for nothing?" "Just about." "Your mood, sweet, still eludes me. Do I gel the subtlest of hints that you may not be—let us say eager in helping trie to solve the problem?" U was evident she was enjoying his predicament. "I'm not sure I want it solved." (To Bt Continued) YES, WE BUY Scrap Iron and ftlclal. Old Cars, Plows, Ciillivalors, Tin, Wire, Naileries, Radiators, Rags and other items of 'little value to you. We sell all kinds of angle iron, flat iron, etc. and when you need Coal and Kindling, call. . . HESTER'S GOALS SCRAP METAL YARD S. Highway 61 Phone 318fi PLANNING A GARAGE? Then Call 2-1.1.1 for Free Kstimate Turn your porch Inln a knnllj pln» den nr TV room. Knlhs and ,Kitchens Revnodeled Non-Mortgage FHA Termi AJ Long us 30 Months I" I'"J BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. "Brtrvthing (or lti<; Bnltdcr" W. M. I'Msn S. Hiwny 61 I Wilson Henrj FLIKJT'S STILL UP Y AWSELPUSS, IM H6 OFFICE, /* THIS COULP £E U5LY LITTLE - - LOOKS UK& AMJST &E WO!JTH [O O£ IS THCU- EA5ILY. WHAT 16 IT-'/ 16 (T? CAPTAIN l':/\S\ All There BY I.ICSI.IK SOYBEANS RECLEANED Now is the time to have Ihe weed and grass removed from your seed beans. liring them to us for re-cleaning at your convenience! Henderson-Hoover Seed Co. Hiway 61 So. Blytherille Phone 2860 PACKAGE HE MMLEO FROW TIDLEV HAU THEV A.RE EASY! ALSO/ THE JEWELS ERIC HftO / K15 CHECK. FOR DUDLEY KESPOHSI-I SOOO'POUMDS FOR. WHEW THEY V TO COV6C THE 5&PP6MJEO TOO! ^s\_ IOSS 1 , ?J i PEMMV. SORE.'/ you HI\P t TO KWOW THE TRUTH / ^BOUT 6R1C! L '^> J I'W SO KM PS 10 BE- <*BL6 TO R&TURU TUEW, BUT...tt6LL, STILL QUIT6 SMOCKED P.T— BUGS BUNNY Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miic» Extra Power Get The Bsst "I Sell That Stuff" G. O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 SPEEDOMETER REPAIR SERVICE Re sure your speedometer works right. We i;' ve one-day service for any kind of car or truck. Drive in today. T. I. SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2122 Tlml'll Teach Y-.i'. Service that Shines T. 1. SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2122 LOOK.' SHE \TAKE IT RUINS MORE ) [ GOT A THAN SHE ._ _. FEEL.IN' THI"5't-U PUYS / )V BE TH' L^ST r FIGGER6O THI5 OLP AUTO HORN I PAINTGP VGULOW, WOULD PO TH' TRiCK..' ALI.RV OOP lUirden? BY V T ilAMMM IMCIDUN I'AI.I.Y, ( A HUN!)klU).O:< £ • .1 ^" wnor'U : C/Jt AM^ YOUR KAfiS / 5O. IHIJtl'.,/. Ill) :i ,M\ « WRONG , ['.VL-RIL &I.-EM TO HI" ( OOI I AW.S CAM BE l'(y ,A wliH '' OF MOT J'HCTrY \ OUIFE ABUKt)I:M /• " '' ' ' " ""' ' HEAVY. r^\ M IIMtSlf _, •<sv; ^ : K^im %^^gw$fa,'i ~^'.!M:r^4Mi v "8ett«r mofc« the operation snappy, Doc. GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION h going to finance a new car for me oi soon os it's oyer!" BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES The Heroine BY EDGAR MARTIN

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