Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1898
Page 24
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.ATEST Sampson Not Beard From Yet. Active Preparations Being Made to Invade Cuba. TROUBLE AT MANILA Spaniards Being Butchered Insurgents IB the Philippines. by Reported That Admiral Montejo Has Bieen Killed at Manila. It is reported that Admiral Dewey captured 10,1)00 lions of coal at Manila. San Frapclflco, May 10.—The City bt Pekiu I* ready to sail for the Philippines wiith troops and provisions. followed at once by another army of 50.003 volunteers, vrho will concentrated ot Southern ports as quietly as the trains can curry them, and will be transported as fast, as the necessary ships can be collected. "It is estimated that it will take at least 300 vessels to carry this immense army to Cub». Nearly everything that floats ha,a already been secured by the government, and last night the wires were hot in all directions,directing contracts to be closed immediately in all naaurlnclp al seaport towns. Other details of the great expedition hwe been arranged. Within foriy-eight hours there will be 2,000 wagons at Tampa, and I". 000 mules. Sever*! hundred ambulances will also be hurried to Tampa. Chicago, May Id.—Word has been received from Manila, Philippine Islands, that the Insurgent forces advanced on Manila and killed many Spaniards, including women and children, who lived outside the walls of the city. Admiral Dewey was powerless to prevent the massacre but may land troops if the insurgents repeat their maneuvering. A highly sensational story comes from Manila to the effect that the Americans were almost led into a mined channel off Manila bay by the treachery of Spanish church officials The trap was discovered in time to avert a catsaBtrophe, Key West May 10.—Two prizes were brought; in this morning, a Spanish and a Norwegln schooner. Springfield, Ills., May 10.—Two regiments and light battery were ordered to New Orleans today. Fifth and Third regiments j;o Thursday. London. May 19—Ft is reported that Admiral Montejo was killed by the populace after escaping from Oavtte. __ Chattanooga, May, 10—The entire army at Chattanooga has been ordered to the front. Washington, IX C., May 10.—A cablegram has beein received here a,n nounclng that the Spanish fleet which left Cape Verde some days ago, ha arrived at Cadiz. This means that bampson will not |jet to fight it off Porto Rico. CHICAGO SUKK.ETS. 9AILYPHABOS TITESDAT, MAY 10. 1898. : Madrid,;Mnj 10—All bonded warehouses at Allcjmta wer3 burned by rioters. Washington, Miiy 10—The government has chartered thirty snips to * transport troops 'to Cuba and the Philippines. Madrid, May 10.—Riots continue In Spain. At Alicante, the bonded warehouses an3 other buildings were destroyed by firs. Washington, May 10.—The whole United States army at; Chiokamauga has been ordeted to the front, which doubtleis means sin Immediate landing on Cubaia soil. Cable to l>e Repaired, London, May 10.— A dispatch to the Daily Mnil from Hongkong says a communication from Manila asserts that the Spaniards are still arrogant and not likely to surrender until line city Is blown to plecesi.. A telegraph operator ha« |jon« with the McOul- loch to se e what can be done with the cable. Recelred Dallj by A. M. Ebau^li, at lite Corner o" Nnrtli ami Fifth streets. Cnisatfu, May 10, 1898, Wheat—May opened at 11,73; high, U.S5; low, $1.73; closed at 11.35. Wheat—For July, opened, 81.1.7: high, 11.25: low, fc*1.06; closed at 11.14. Oorn—For July, opened at 36ic; hlgh,36ic; low, 35£-36c: closed at 40Jc. Oats—For July, opened at 2"i : c; high, 27Jo; low, 26*0; closed at 35Jc. Pork—For July, opened, til.17; high, fll.17: low, *11.07; closed at $11.07. Beceipts of hoga 21,000 head. Receipts, of cattle, 2,000. Sheep, 15,000. Curb, (July), I1.11J; puts (July), 99-9Si; calls (July), $1.30. Toledo, O., May 10. Wheat—Cash, opened L 81.62; oloiied at 81.57. Wheat—July,opened,$l.n ; closied at I1.13J. LOCAL GRAIN JtAKKET . The following Is the p>rlce paid I'or grain in the local market today as reported by W. li. Hurd: Wheat, il.35: corn, 32c; oats, 27c: olover seed. $2.65. OITYJSIELW3. Oranges lOc dozen.—Traut. Strawberries—Rotherrnel, Wed. Hooley, the tailor, can please you. Try a cup of best Java with cream at McHale's. Boiled ham—Rotherrnel's Eastend market, Wednesday. McHale sells the largest and best glass of beer in the city. Mrs. Charles Jones is seriously ill at her home on the Westside. E.M.Howard, of the Panhandle offices, went to,Cincinnati this afternoon The new city council will meet tomorrow night to elect a list of city emploves. Sol Conn, the insurance agent, has moved his office to- his house on east High street Miss Carrie Close has returned from Marlon, where she attended the wedding of a friend. No war duty on coffee at Traut's— Arbuckle, Lion, XXXX, Cordova and Golden Rio 10Jc pa.ckage. The Democratic Editorial association of the state will meet in Lafayette the 26"th, 27th and 28th of this month. Dr. Shldeler and Will See are making a systematic search for mushroom? today on the baciks of the Wa bash, west of town. There will be a meeting of the di rectors of the Masonic Temple associ ation tonight in the club rooms of the temple. The election of directors for the ensuing year will take place. Duke Barron, son of ex-City Clerk Joseph Barron, deceased, telegraphec G. W. Walters this afternoon, that the light artillery, of which he is member, leaves Indianapolis tomor row for the front. Fred Davis received a box of cigar from Tampa, Flu., this morning. Thj smokes came from Carl Black, a friend of his, who is now a membe of Company B, 4th Reg. U. S. In lantry, from Fort Sheridan. The great rise in the price of whea has caused a corresponding advano in the value of flour. A few week tro a flrst-clas-j flour retailed at $2.5i par hundred Today the same bram s selling for 14 per hundred. The county commissioners are In esslon today. The matter of letting he contract for repairing the Dean •ridge is being considered and bids Last SiUutien in Spain. London, May 10. — Madrid specials aay martial ia,w has been proclaimed at Seville and Saragossa, and will gradually bii extended throughout tha country. The most significant 1'aot of the hour Us the: rapid development of the influence ol the military party. An Army «>f Itrraslon. to th» ifharo*. Washington, May 10.—The first section of the army to Invade Cuba will be the • j;5,000 or 18,000 troops that are now assembled at New Orleans and Tiunpa. They ars all regulars, and most ol! them are men who have aeain actual fighting on the plains. Thcj aje seasoned, disciplined and effective. They will b« HAM CASTLE HCRT Sigtat In the Pern, Yards Wliile Coupling .Cars. Ham Ctistle, a former resident of this city, was dangerously hurt last night in the Wabash yards at Peru while coupling cars. Mr. Caatle was night yardmaster and was assisting in making up a train, and stepped between i&wo oars to make a, coupling. The ca.rs came closer together than they should n.nd Castle was crushed between them He was removed to the companj hospital where it. was found that he had sustained (serious internal in juiies. It is thought that he can no survive the terrible accident. Mr. Castle resided here until tb dlvis.on headquarters was changet to Peru. He is a brotner-ill-law o" Fred and Will McDermott. Mrs. Fred McDermott Peru this afternoon. went t< Mrs. Oora Granted. Alford Thomas Here are Two Stunners in WINDOW SHADES FOR A FEW DAYS. 1000 700 Feet Shades, with good Spring Rollers in many colors, feet long. Price, only. Apague Cloth Shades in all the new Spring Shades with the best Hartshorn Rollers and full 7 ft long, for a few days only SCHMITT&HE1NLY. 12c 25c n Every day .Brings S >mething IVew in m ._ _ bnoes HAVE See the latest colors in Magennta, Gray, Tan and Olive colors?.The handsomest, colors and most Exquisite Styles imaginable, beautifully designed and something; quite different from those: you have ever seen. Equally as handsome in Misses' and Children's Shoes SEE THE/&. Stevenson: & Klinsick, 403 Broadway. YOlT" Like to see nice laundry work, don't you' 3 You like to have your linen returned looking clean, white and xamined. Bridge contractors hold elegant. Then send li to he fort today in the court hqnse, ?he name of the successful bidder You been around yet to see JACOB HERZ'S line of Spring Suitings, etc. If you have not, call at all the tailor establishment in the city, and then go and see his prices and if you can not be suited then, t is because you don't want to buy, as he has all he Novelties of the season, such as STRIPES, CHECKS, kind invitation extended to all. Yours truly, JAOOB will be announced tomorrow. A RUCTION AT PERU 'he Steele and Statesman Forces. Clash. There was a hot old time at Peru ast Saturday night on the occasion 'She Republican primaries to choose delegates to she congressional convention. There was a very pirited contest between the 'rlends of Stutesmun on one side and Major Steele's adherents on the other. The meeting had been called to occur at the court house as a mass convention and the call stated that ihe delegates were to be selected by wards. The Statesman faction insisted in selecting tiie delegates wiih- out dividing into wards. To this the Steele faction objected. Stutesman's plan was s.dopted and five Btutesman delegates were chosen to the congressional convention. The other faction, headed by Postmaster Bearss, waited until the full meeting had about finished its work when they proceeded to select delegate? bywarda. They selected one delegate from each ward as directed in the call, all of whom are Steele men. It is likely that the Steele delegates will be given the credentials to the congressional convention, in which case there will be a bitter contest. If the Steeln delegates are seated, S&eele is certain of renomination. The Statesman delegates are: J. H. Garpender, L. P. Holman, E T. Reasoner, Fred Cochran and M1H Charters. The Steele delegates are: C, J. S. Kumler, George Bappert, Charles Matthews, J. Miller and Edge Ager, A rum CHAP* C«E»M or TAHT»« MWOSI Marshall's Laundry. 60S Broadway, and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Call up 'phone 110 and our wagon will call for your work. AUDITION A.L ITEMS. "\V. C. Ilouth will put in a 35- ton ice macliine In his new packing bouse. Montraville Britten, who lias been seriously sick:, is slowly recovering. A. D. Fansl-er is on the sick list and Fred G. Six is filling his place on th OPENING DISPLAY OF Spring Buttings! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens and Novelties, JOHN CARROLL, The Tailor, 1222 Broadway. .John McCaffrey is artendins school at Valparaiso, preparatory to taking a umv-LTwiry course. Mrs. Rnoads. of Delaware. 0.. H •visiting her daughter, Mrs. L. C. Smart of Linden avenue. The remains ot" the late Mrs. Mary Zeaswll was stripped to Springfield, O., last night for burial. Mrs. Nellie Cox and Mrs. Alice Chamberlain of Peru are in the city visiting Miss Lucy Kra.us. John Hildebrand "'mil release the ground hog presented to iiiro several days ago. 'He will open the cage some distance in the country. Frank Stukey has resigned as court clerk and will be succeeded by Adelbert Fl.nm wno is no\v taking instructions in making up the records. Sara Demoss ajid five other agents of tbe Metropolitan Insurance company of Marion, came in this afternoon t.o attend th<? district meeting of agents held here today. The one-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lumber, Lath, Shinjles, Sasti, Doors, Blinds, injx and Ladders. Cheaper Than Everl THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Sixth & High Sts. •DR; was granted a, divorce today In the Cass circuit court, from John E. Thomas. To Lain, Monej, Six Per Cent, On city or farm property, as also on personal security.—Jordan Heoht, 400 Broadway, Winfielcl block. The We»th«r. Generally lair tonight and Wednesday, CREAM BAKING mm Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair Qold Medid. Miclwinlter IF*lr_ Main Office OF THE HUB, 3O9 Market St. Phi 1 adelptiia Pa- Owing to the critical time in ths eastern markete—we have today sirippad t* your store. 500 suits to sell from $5.00 to Jlt.QO per suit, fully worth 50 per cent more. THEY ARE HERE And o-o on sale Saturday May 7th—they come direct Irom & _ _ . . ** ,"' i 11. I 1 „. A i-« e _LUt? OlW*Vt?iLr~OlU MM! UL ,»J. 1.. auiu. -*J-J. c- ;i -J_XJIVA £fv v«. o«iv/ ^1**"-* •-•"j ——* .; •> Milter of Peru. ai«i this morning at f factory, and we think this a very iucky_deal—and are glad the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Otto, comer Fourteenth :uid Wright streets. Tta:' remains were taken on the 4 o'clock train 10 Peru iliis afternoon, for burial. Alonzo F. Campbell left Sunday for Detroit whore he has since successfully passed the physical and mental c-xaruination for as. apprentice in the TJ. :5. navy. His per cent, was so high Tha!: he was assigned to duty ac once on 'board Die school ship Consolation stationed at Newport, E. I. O.ae of the Ijoys from Gamp Mount <vrites the Pharos, that the twy? have been assign€<i tents at: the fair gro'onds at Indianapolis and that eve;rytliin.t: is going on nicely at their new quarters. The first night a ferr of the boys found, themselves covered with newspapers, owing to the scarcity of blankets, and the large number of volunteers. A more detailed account of their camp life w.111 be given tomorrow. (J1J.H-J \* • V J •«-• V "J f I _ our luck with you —No shoddy advertised as baits, but a stock of the. finest a»d mvsi cleverly gotten up garments ever show* here or elsewhere. Made in our factory—which means a saving of 25 per cent; to you at the start. Visit any clothing store you like, then come here .1 . .1 _ J.-IE™-.^-,.^ A £+KA Tor«»i/»e fVm trim tTiP. hftailtT 01 nt* t»r- The best paintt for the least money at Ben Fisher's drug store. LU Y*-' 11 A " tuc a uai t. T IC-AV <-"-*j w*v — p ^ and compare the difference of the fabrics, the trim,, the beauty »t and the PRICE. We leave the decision to your own judgement, your eyes cannot deceive you. CHILDREN'S SUITS From the reliable surt. from $1.50 up, ages 3 to 15 years Pants suits. The best 25c Underwear in the city of Logansport The best Soft Shirt with extra caffs—Soft Shirts with collars t» them - oO Ct»S Our space will not permit of any other raentioB.but ask you to call at The Hub if •worth of goods for - you want $1.25 S1O.OO THE HUB- Harry Frank's Old StanJ. i 13 Fourth St.

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