The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1951 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1951
Page 14
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PAGK FOURTKEK BKYTHF.VIU.P!, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNKSDAY, APRIL 11, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* |*ei line (o> consecutive Insertion: Minimum charge ................ We 1 lime pn Hue .......... ' ic 2 times per Lin* r" da? ..... ... 12" 3 (lines I'rr lhu> [UT day , ......... 9c 6 timos jiff linn |>rr da? ....... .. 'c 12 llnw* i>cr line pei day ....... *c Month pet lint 80c Couni five arfTafe unrd* lo Hie lUf Ad nrrirjvd tot thjv* of six times ,ind j topped tirtnrf rtrmatlon trill be rharp- fA [ot llir number of Units Hi* ad appfarrtl *nr) adjustment of hill made All rliis^ifErd aelvorlhinp: roi'f sub- USED TRACTORS M!nM<Ml>oI!s-.Molln« no 1 *' C»ltkvATor IGP5 Model R •4— "11" ixl 3 I'ie 1947 with 1 Farniall "F-?0" *'iih 2 Row OolllrA- tor, IJ50 iii)*!!'* wlUi I'ou-er (,1ft ol ftiillpiiietlL Each 4800 John Uctre H with 2 How Cultivator and 2 How Duster (700 1947 t:a*t> "VAC" (Vlth Two Row Cultivator 1750 John Deer* "B" Model Trarf/ir with 2 flo* Cull., t Ro«' Ruster and 2 Row Plumcr 11300 the rliv Rates m tlir aljov isl h.- Uv more n »nr rli^llrrl All Hdc :ire rli^ifirannn Cnurfrr N>KS or reject any HIP our time latjlf- Uity ukll be taken for p inrnrrrct Insertion of ad- -iririerf '« I'.nlr p/onei style nnd lypr. The reserve* tl>* rlj;lil lo till! Notice Par 1 .vent nun 'I'm tic Fur run II Tractor 'A-llh 5 a tor IS200 nal] H M 100 Planter, used 1100 I] A J17S HOW JOMII Di-cr*- 1 no* 1 rumor iner Alachmem. Only 1325 Planter tor "F-2D" I th Ftr- 61 Implement Co. N. lliway OL Phone 2M^ 2-9 ck tf r u-lsh 10 thank th Co. Kinplovoes for th rts spin nit 1 d\vriim i e M«-At1 Clolliln* j Drnmlfu 1 COM'- ] v rf-ciu tllnc-As I . 411 pk 12 I Anortmeni for Rent Save Money—.Make Money on "Used Furniture sed api, phniiii 1 room apt 34R3. -111 'Jl sav-p money hv buylnfi iii tii re ai OUn HarrUon'fi on Afih >• P-.tirri comiinin our ptli'FS And J you -it mafcp moiH-v »>v *rl!ini; your fur | Ca5h of turnltiU We'll He glatl 10 iradc ftir, apt 2na Moclci n 2-ionin [urntslif Call 565 or 2395 1 rotiiw turn apt wit 4336 :!22 N Sixth 2 room fur nni; 3 roon Ph 4207 01^3665. 4 rooms find l>«tli fur *p mcnt Efectrlc rrfrlycrstor Tta F Simon rh 3373 4 6 |ifc 13 LiifiiJ* n|)t Gns equip- 124 W DA- 3!29 ck tl 4-room unlurnlslirrt npt . prlv bi\th E40 '17th nnd Ash. ph 6700 Modern upstairs Rpt a rooms bMh electric rcfrl ptTA tor. Kn,? eq mrnt Good furnlturo CnrnfT nt M Pvnrt Second Phone 3373 r Simon 3 room untur or 25<)S ant . close I Ph iflS ']3 fk t/ 4 room imnir Mth you GUN HARRISON & SON KUKN1TUKIO CO. 517 \V. Ash Phone 2r>i}2 4-J ck 5-2 If yon want to sell or buy USK.I) KUKNITUUK see us. Arnold & Gaines -100 Ka.«l Main Ph. 6357 2-'>i\ ck tf disc hrri\>clnR plnw Hale Ph 102 Burdrtt* \ '26 ck tl Minnows. Gold TL 3339, f>r 3292 323 Hawks »nci Mi\l ihtnrrs Ph i St G C 3 21 pk 6:21 SOYBEAN SRRD S-100 iitid Slalc Coiificilj' - Open Nights'- Til 9:00 For Your Convenience «,2*i» • !950 Ford custom ilcluxt Tudor—black color, lias liolti radio ami heiUer. • 1050 Ford I'usluin deluxe Club (.'oiipe—equipped wilh overdrive, radio anil healer. .. m.ttoon color. • IHIfl Ford Coupe—wonderful condition, low mileage. v • !!II7 Ford '1'iidor—we say it's "clean", .lusl drive it yourself and see. • l!)!fi Ford Clul> Coupe—radio and healer, black. • I!) 12 Chevrolet -l-iloor—good I ires nod motor. • 11)11 Chevrolet Coach—even heller than you think. • l!)50 (iMC :!/'1-Ton I'icknj)—blue, good healer. • Sludehaker 3/i-Ton Slake Truck—bar K ain. • 1916 Ford j/i-Ton Pickup—it's a nice truck. Broadway & Chickasawba empong Phone 4453 AVAILABLE NOW! 2 Row fjfi Type and Drag T.vpe KuUry H(,ies. •J Row Rotary Hoes So« 1h« new Kail mid 8nol>«( I'nlveri/ing Disc Harrow, . .perfect for seed bed preparalion. Tractor Spraying equipment I hat you'll need in lh» future. . . 2 Row through 8 Row for any style tractor. COME IN TODAY! Specializing in Ferguson & Ford —Repair Service— Complete line of Ferguson & Ford Parts Jack Robinson Implement Co. 500 B. Main -.BlythevilU Phone 2371 Also Your Ferguson Dealer fn Osceola Help Wanted, Male ~AN "KXCldTU'lN'r" BUSU NKSS OI'POKTUNMTY FOR A .MAN Oh' CHARACTER, CAPACITY & AMBITION 1 . Cunlineiital Assurance Company of Chicajfo I 1!ls '!'\V r O agency o|>|>oi tiinilies open wilh an established, aKK rea - siv« & wall financed agency iipoi'tilion, first as a district or regional manager for N'orlti- easL Arkansas ancl pail of Missoui'i, if agreeable for the riglit man. This man is accus- l uined lo carninif $(i,000 a year and up, desires complete ami I vested ownership of the agen- ] cy operation lie develops, plus a protected territory franchise him tlie mosl com- For Sate, Cars and Trucks Want lo buy ft Kood ear? Look lip the mail who's llred In nlythevllte for -12 yftr.v HERMAN I.OVELADY a Shelcon Motor Co.—117 E. Main 41> CH 63 CARL PAUL [•. the ni&n to s*«* If you'r* looking TOT K new OLDRMOniE.K R new CMC imcfc. or * GOOD USED OAR He'll give you the beM trade ID town I Ymi'Jl iiml h\in at Ilornor-Wil.son Motor Co. Ui30 Cfc tl Uoi-lclisoy no. 2, at V' - ( >° Auto SuppJiej and Services ADTO AND rORNITDRE LOANS Prompt Pcr^nnnl Sprvlce General Cnntri\ct Pnrohnsc Corp 106 South 5th Phnno 6R03 (!5 ck tr : / < i I>on'1 endtnper voiir family with • uiir iins—BUT I.KH nnrs CRAl'UAN 5ERVIC1 STATION hfaln At DlYhJon Phonp 25«3 1311J clt K Services Scwlnar and alterations. Ph. 3133, 4111 pk 5|ll QDARANTEED SERVING AND ALTERATIONS 313 K STH ST PH a;»0 J.22 pk <,22 Washing Afachines repaired, nil makes. Blylheville-iMachine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck If Prompt, Expert Serried on Commercial REFRIGERATION & AIR CONOITIONING As* Tor FRANK WESTAU, Cliarlie'R Electric Rrrvice Fhnne 2993 HfSldrncc !80S -10 LOCUST Posts nt 25 to CCIlf.S CiK'll, BURDKTTK 1 PLANTATION Phone' 782 •1-4 ck If TRACTOR M" *-Uh Phone 4434 KOR SALE: 1 f-'aniiHl -raw cuUlvaior BnrRnln Wnlmil I.uinher. Hoy Veach Mnnlln. 46 pk 13 For Sale, Real Estate A rms. and bfUh on Hia-ay 61 no. Hot and cold -vatpr. Call 2713. 4; 11 jik IS Real Estate Farms—City Properly LOANS 1C tiilrrr.slcd In Rujtn< 01 telUiiR ftco Noble GiilAgency REALTORS — Cecil Knrls — Glcncoe Bldg. I'll. R8G8 t 30 c>. 11 Pli « or A 3.U 5 For Rent Mo /rn Food [Dicker . Priced wi\y hnlow Inquiries wtlie CanilhersvLllt, Mo , ft)(\t\ lacker or [itiode !«:•* CanitherfivllLe, Mo 3,30 pk 13 Come oi on His Troii i (,'amp MnullrL* cp I'll 2357 61 Mnrth .10 i I5H 3JLO c* If Corner I.oL 15th ;uul Main, 80 x MO, Blylheville, Ark. Sec or Call M. C.STILKS U.sceola, Ark. ^1-n pk 12 to Buy "Font IIP rs nfiw or usctrt Best prlrrs pnltl Centra] Feather Co 1323 Knnsn* Ave , East St Louis. Ill" 4.2 pk S!2 I v.'Ill pay tl-00 lo $l.2.S lor 100 of scrap lion . 50c to 60<r for ]l)0 _ of tin and, wire 40c tor 100 Ibs of | old tlrfifi . . !2.r>C) tor old batteries pTlCffl fOI Watch and Jewelrv Reoair II PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second RADIO & TV SERVICE rpvir «;ct on the bllnfc? Foi Tnut >er- 'Icfr. cnll Maiingci Carl Ixint; nt RI.YTUKVII.I.K Toiovision it "rulio Service 1]<I(, W M.-iln Pfionr aipfl 11 [5 . t; K TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. . hath. Call 4057. 4 10 |>'< 17 2 rm parlly Turn !M I.ANn FOIi RENT. 200 in miles west of Hollnnr road lias 10 honsM. , olcctrli-lty »iul strtiool bus I rcul on crop bfisl 1 ? lo Irnttnl fridclH rquls'ineiu. Wrllu plcSe I'acililips in tlie mnrkcl for the development, of alii forms of life, accident & health, group life, both term mid permanent, tfroiip tlistibil- ity ouveraffe, also hospital and sni'tfital convertible to employees, pension plans, non- cancellable disability itisnr- 4|io nk 17 ani-c to ?^50 monthly for 120 . months.non-aggregate for bus- nmtioa "H". SleHe. Mo. 4 rm. IIOU.SP. H6 K. Sycamor .clf V.'tlO ll\- , Slic}] to box* -1'kO cV IX part baih, garde New 4 rm, house ftnrt Si. rh. 94B. incl hath nn Hol- 4 10 px n \ rooms and hath, clprtrlc water aler. ph. 4fifl4. flfll N. Franklin 49 pk 16 fnrnlAhert mne 2072. -1,7 pk 14 f'iunlRli*-d turn*! Phone 2087 or 589 olhfr iniMnls llnvp ininXs ib ptrk It j Ash I) Cnll --150!) or come to I0f). r j W Vltie. 1-4 room hou. Newly riecorntc<l . 7 pX 14 n. 1-2 room house. Inquire at 1604 \V 4[6 pk 13 Wf bMS- OU1 znir, lor I. Ic to I'ic Ib Call -16119 West Vine xe lo If.O^ ^;4 pit -V"! Apia — Furnished or tin fur Private bath 719 W Ash SI *. ished pt 1^ For Trade v: Walnut rS, (• p. , l c:il.i!dm very K'ood resident rlenfy ot rorKing;,iisii-i.-!. This place is in i* Space "" '""" ' ' E'TPTT! Watch «n<! Jpft-rt 11 down, II wcrklj Worfc SCHMU'K'S IKU 202 W MMn For Sale, M/sc. Frtl 2 jjlpre livliiE ronm tlrnlly »c\v. Til 2P20. 4 10 pk GROCKtlV ffX ftJRES 1 scales. 1 cash rocisu-r, 1 mca! f>d>. fV. I meal hlnrV. 1 «lrmV'. wn, taliScs nrl shrlvlns fh 137 or s--r Itslph rmrl, Hwy 61 Snutli ol niytlu-villp , 4 :i pie 17 ]<OR SALK Good 5-room and batb luxise, located at 71G West Walnut. Tliis house is in goad condition, recently decorated inside and out. lias large .screened in back porch, two car garage and outdoor storage. Plenty of shade on this large 75 x HO ft. lot. Close lo church, school and downtown Price ?8,. r >00. Terms. Sec or cftll JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone 1111. Res. Ph. 25!)(; 3-^0 ck If .Modern '2 bedroom home lo- cali'irm very good residential >er- condition. K(]ui|)|)ed with attic fan. '1 automatic floor furnaces and Venetian blinds, i Large bad; porch for enjoy- ; able summer living, and future expansion. Garage and driveway. Owner will sacrifice; for quick sale. See or call MAX LOGAN Lynch liuilding. Phone '^03-1 1-10 <-k 17 Small city tiomc. well locnlcd. Will tr.-vrle In OM soial] (Hroi np«r Hlytlie- yllle- WrU« Box C-^. Ib Courier NVwR. -4;il) pk 17 . Female Help Wanted Woronn to r*TP for rhlUl Bnrt rto tionseworlt Apply 501 Park at fi p.m. t;iO pk 13 Insurance Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection \V j. Pollard Aacncy Plnnnoel Prnlnction IJ* W Ash 81 Gi.rNcoF norr.t Bmi.niNO Notice To my frleiul. 1 '. I hftve clmns-ed 1o- entttms to the Impcrln] HixrUcr Shop. (03 5 'ln<\ St Oewey Tniltt -J.ri pk 15 ontrarl cutting unrt ^ mill S ai5t O ft l^np 327 f"n If Rjittri'ifls ('linrg:^' on Slow Krcc. S»ulhern Auto Store, 2-!) ck ti lieattir Cn 4'6 pk room house: also twu iii^w Ph 98B 501 North Sixth. Nicety irfti\ce 331D 4,fl pX 13 titrnlshpd bed room is* Convenient, lo bath l»l\ 4;5 pie 12 Good ipt Electric slove location, coup!" on Borum Ph 1(501 -nri 414 ck •*s of, hlRh rtry TMon M * 27rX tf a mail wil . )M(j (,,,,! I)C properly top level success, security and stable earnings of ?(i,000 to ? 1 8,000. Only snch calibre men need apply. AND TWO— A (raveling field supervisor, experienced in agency development, to work 34 counties of '1 to 10 in each of Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Northeast Arkansas. Northwest Tennessee and Western Kentucky. Salary $300 to '$500 plus ' a 'l(}''i- profit sharing formula. Write care of Ihis paper or I'. 0. HoxKSO, Hlyllieville, and give us I'u II story of your experience, training and background. All replies strictly •onfidential. -1-1 1 & 6-1 FRRE PAINT JOB WITH CAR REPAIR If you're la «.n accident. 1*1 Bur neti's give you t (rce estimate on the repali Job Oi. any estimate ovei t'. we'll fjlre >' ou A i>alni I oh Jree rltftrse Thai's saving 5011 money and giving you a better looking car You'l! like our expert work. t Ei per I Mechanical Repair * Wasti anil Urcaisa Job^ • Wreckei Service—any ilino o( m nlghl Cull 6991 days, 4103 nigh BURNETT HUDSON SALES East Alain Blytheville 1-21 c'< 4-2vl Chevrolet, Sinnrtard, i door iles on rrbulll motor, clutch, Step Out In Style trims missio Covers, and rcRT end., Ph, 2165. 4]7 NOW...THIS SPUING...STEP OUT IN ONK OF OUH I.ATK MODKL KIOCOXDITION'KD (;AHS! JH50 (,'heviolet deluxe I'owerglidu -l-door Sedan, deluxe radio, plastic seal covers, while sirtownll tires, fresh air heater and defroster, driven only -1,000 miles. t!M9 Chevrolet deluxe t-door Redun, deluxe radio, while sidewall I ires, heater and defroster, (his is a beauty—H real buy for you. 19IS Chevrolet 5-passenjjer Coupe, original black fin-_ isli, deluxe radio, heater and defroster, a one-owner car and it's clean...only $!I!I5. 1!)I7 Chevrolet 2-donr Sedan, beautiful green finish, 4 new tires, H has large hot water heater and runs perfect. . .special, 5S!I5. 11112 Ford V-S 2-door Sedan, radio and heater. . .?llf>. IDKi Ford V-S 2-door Sedan, radio and healer. . .?li!)5. I!)ll Ford V-S 1-donr Sedan, radio and healer, extra good mechanically, tires good, a real good cheap Cani'ilv car. . .$l!!5. 19-17 Cadillac "K2" -l-door Sedan, black, while sidewall lires, largo radio, healer, defroster, sent covers, .city-owned. . .this is a heauliful car, good for many thousand miles,. .?14!).i. EASY GAIAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 Wcsl Walnut Plione 578 Wonferf Lost ond found Berber «nt«d. M.ln B.rhrr Shop. | ne^rSof "n^e lo W. Mftin. Ilftiiifnr Joh Ph. 4198. | Ml!1 nond< ,5. ^.11 pk 14 | 5S8 'Si India Plans Production Of Wonder Drugs Chinese Woman Leads Burners of Buses KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya— (X>>— A big. Tal woman who uses copious quantities of lipstick and i makeup is credited here with being j jj the leader of one oC the Comnumist '• lerrorist bands operatijig In "'Sclan- ; gor stale. Bus drivers .say her gan? carries a smalt book to cheek the numbers of Identity cards taken from passengers when a, bus woman and he lecture bus passengers on Comimi- j nfst Rims before they are ordered out and'the bus is burned. T\venly-sei. p eii buses have been held up flml burnt, by terrorists in SclatTgnr .stale sitice lost September. a. bns is held up. The j i her aides sometimes' t The Fish and Wildlife Service says more than 1,000 deer are killed wilh bow and arrow In the U.S. each year. Conn Th S5\ Bulletin:; wt ', ! <-room (mfiiri Nouiv derorntr Ntntli .Street [.OM Bay 39 pit rK | NEW DELHF rAP»— Three nffic- ials ol the World Health Orsani- aiioti will iltscviss with the Gov- mn(mt of i ncija p , flns f()r R en( , Cilli;ni prwiiicdon plant In India. 'Hie United Nntion.1 Inlei national Children's Emergency Fund has offered tn provide thR necessary npjMrfltiis and cciuifinent, at nn r.^imnlrd cost- ol ?anO.OOt>. The • Vorld Mnalth Or*:ini7a(ion ha.s off- i iih bnth 1 pm! * S J>0.000 lo pixivlrtc hfglily-. 'oK smuh -^il»P(I technicians (o d<.si s n" and j I put into opprntian the iienlcilllan \ 4.4 rk trj planl . TliPW.H.O. Ims al.^o agreerij per.sonue] abroad i Itodrotmi. I'h. 411 pX H nl 1 lo .send Indttin for .specialized training on the .sub-1 Private Rooms Reri room ron» r«nlrnt leal Pli 3325 fJl) W Mr? M 3M7 pk A lifhi'O}>ter can sr-eij -^.oao ncif 1 . 1 ; if ;orpsi land in a riay rompnred lo >nfi nnp- hy.A man. Trail Hprlnp nnt! r^Atlres^ .• nu-:t!il »M tin i in r.irk snc Klrculc \\-Atcr hcatrr Pb RlttlO^t 3.000 hi i cor Innri. Ack.. pli. A 1, Whittle n,o HI 2fiM. 329 pk Walnut BufT^t good condition 67F1 327 iiiicl rieppt-r plants L?.li Kt Vh 467ft n Oil l^nTn t JMclrll ImmJ iwo lifs. If Lntf lcuirt Co, •4,10 t>H 13 U whHr (Mil i?0'>.V ll-clc 13 -Typo-ATltr FOR SALE Farms of all sixes and types IN SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Conic to Dexter and l«t us show them to you. JOK G. K A D1C AN Realtor Uexlev, Mo. 4-2 ck tf Used Car Values aulnronlrile. On\5 SI^S 13IS ronllnr \ Iloor Sedan, MT- drnrn^lir l>rlve and all the Mhrr extras , . J139.V 1017 PnnliAC I Dnor Srdan S10P5 ISIS Kriisri . . . $935. mti Corn-rrlible . . * real buy . SfiO.V 1919 Kntsrr IWImc * l>oor Se- rtan. all extras . . . M395. and many more, all values galore The 61 Motor Co. You r Kaiser-Frazer Headquart«r» North 6lh. St. Phone 2142 Well Be Her* FOMORROW to Bact Up WhM We S*y Rrid l>o TODAY I" Nicely flun Jnlnlni; bdlli frortt hcllronm fil only I'll 44:17 35 cK Nl-W rrniu l $8.00 WEEKLY WE REPAIR It.tilii)^, rcfrUcr-ilors, Trcc/rrs. ranqrs, w^slinris, 5111,1 II apph inrf.i. All work tunrnntrcxl. Adams Applianco ('«>. FOR SALE Cnncrcre eulrerls. 12 Inrh In ig incli. pj^in or rc-cnforced. Also Omrrrle Ruihllm librks chcap- rr limn liunher for harns. chicken linnsos. IIHTIIP IIOIISM. Ictiatll linnsrs. tool shells We deliver ("all (is tor (rre tMimMr.. OSCEOLA TILE 8, CULVERT CO. I'hone 691 Look at the Record PLAY SAFE! For Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! For Automatic Washing at it's very best, get a BENDIX Automatic WASHER Isn't It Tim* You Bought a Bendix at HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Due to Public Demand We Are Now Offering DAY and NIGHT Television Service For Daytime For Night Service, Phone Service, Phone 2642 4851 We Service All Mokes and Models! FRED CALL!HAN Phone Radio Service 110 So. 2642 Your Motorol* and Admiral Dealer ' St St. HORNER-WILSON ON EAST MAIN • PICKUPS * ^ GMO (i-Ton Flcknp, J (tnnrRntcrrl condition. practically TTew Mrr*. Concrete Culvert Tile SI/PS up to 3fi IH. Corrugated Metal Culverts Slirs np lo 84 In. Anlnliutlc I Inni! tinlrs Ciincii'le Se|i1ic Tanks .Mrhii Svnlic Tanks Sewer Tile Hr»t Trier* \Ve Dflivrr A. H. WEBB IHnliKAv «1 at Stale Uni rininr 114 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) ronn ^-Ton ricxup. r«.(1lo, hftAter, spot- llght. scat cover*. CMC </,-Ton Plrknp. deluxe cab, new tires. It's o rcftUy fine btiv. CHKVROLKT li, - Ton Pickup. It's us clean » Intel: us yoirn tlnrt anywhere. FORD <i-Ton Pickup. •• completely rcconrt\- llonod inick at A pood srlce. SHEET METAL WORK __________________________________ OF ALL KINDS Cuslom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom up lo '/i inch Ihickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Sonlh Hroadway I'hon* 2651 CHRVROLET 'i . T Pickup. deluxe c n*w tire? . . . nd a rORt> Vj-Ton : Tirkup « *-ondrrd]| hny tn n tfBliy clean little trurk. CHFA'HOI-ET U -Ton Pickups 12 to ,rhoo5p fromi. new tirf5 and rifx paint. PORD i^-Ton Pickup. otip of the trucks in itie city nt Blytnevllie. Cars & Trucks • O OI.DSMOBU.K "88" 'R'lth Rort*-t cumins, ^-(loor -Sedan, rndlo, hp,-\t Pr ..«:r-a t covrrs. O RocXtl dphixp 4-rtoor Sedan, all extras. Ilka having a new car at R big caving r\ CHKVHOI.F.T 2 - door car driven very tew trill c5, O OMC 2 - Ton Tmclor with short whcrUjMn. * <;nai nnici-cl rotullllou, .(* Oi.D^MOlMLC 2 - door 1C with Rocket (MI^IIIP, T/ nr-A- while tires,, very few miles o BUICK 2-rtnor Sedan, >< K home - fm'nrd car ^ nire to give you lota 31 goort service. 7 PONTrAO Strramlliier 2-door s e <l a n. nrw white tires, radio and healer. , fORO l' a -Ton Truck r\ wVth bed., here's A nice w truck at a real savings, , « CHKVROI.ET 2 - door !U Sedan, sir-p back and ' look fizaln at this n>e- clal pttcc . . . 4149-501 HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO. Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street I ,

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