Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 29, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1890
Page 7
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I 1: c-w i'. rrtc'aed is the man who has fallen. .:" v:i % i:m to Bilioxisness, Indigestion, Sic:; Jli-.^'afhe, oi ' diseased Liver, \yith ;;il lii? lii'iTil'le aitendaiits. Look upon ;!::• r,b;i'.:v. ?I»T r.ian, being tired of •irauci"; o'.it ;- iniseraMe existence, he ;U;<»j ;"t;:-. •• '. >.!•:•>! nffl'.lencv; altogeth- .- ho ;.> r:i;!ii'-r :> forlorn specimen. Do •,v !>iiv liiiii :' Of murse ; but at the san:(" J:njo :• s ! .^-uivd that in a measure :.,: i», (•> U.u:r:- i'or 1h" bad state into iv!;':ch !."J:::s ial'.er, A sure, safe, speedy i:-ij ;:: .• »",:ri- r .:>r! !>•• found in Simmons L:\'f I't-i'r.b.ii.':— Nature's own rem- ., IT. 'N? ]!:-vri-iiT v •• -r ot-leterions dnigs, ; -."> ;-,n: ':.';i.-;iT!i i •> ihe taste, and always r . ijal'-'." — ius'. s-i'.cli a remedy as you can '.;•:! jc-c:- 'faith io -.vithcut a shadow of ais.-i7jt' ••'iiit'.;f-:;t. Read the testimonial, i::''. (••.'.'.:• i.-vr vrord for it : •1 Kr.vc l>L-:n s:?l'jcct to severe spells pf (.cr.^csiion («"ih^ l^vcr, and have been in [be habi; (.f tnuiu;; fror.i 3 5 to 20 grains of os}u:>~ci. which generally laid me up for '.Tirrc; or fo-ir c:iys. lately I have been inking Simr-.c-ns Liver Regulator -H-hich riv-^irc rciief. without any interruption ffbusine-st-." J. Hrcx;, Micldlcport, Ohio. * co., CIK PESPOTTOKS. PHILADELPHIA, PJU I'KICE, Sl.OO. BSek Heaclachs sxid relieve all tbo troublaa toa^ dent to a bilioaa state of t&e system, suo2l as I>iz^ness, Kansci, Dro-wsiness, Distress aftac eaiisg. Pain in the Sida, £c- Wldlo their mnst lft soccess **« been shown in coxing jrt Carffr's Idtflo UTBT PHJ9 SM ltta.'hlo in. Constipation, cnringandpra- venting this EnnoriDgcomplaint,-while they also correct oil disorders ot thastom»ch .stimulate tha ami legalite the bowels. Even a they only eaf.'er from this distressing complaint; butfortnr !2i±6lT their goodness <3 oes notend hsre^indthosa •who cuco trr them Trill find theso littis pals vain- ao rioy irays that they triU not ba wil- Eat after aJlsicS Is i£e bane of BO mazrv li-»*S3 that hera 5s wnsro trenaio our great boart. Oorpinacnraittvhao ethers do not. Carter's ILitilo Li^er Pffls are Tery stcall and ray easy to tako. One or two pills mako a doso. They are strictly vegctabls nnd do not gripa or purge, bnt by lieir gentls action please all •who nsethora, la -rials a2 25 cents; five for $JL Sola by draggisis eveiywnere, or sent by mail. CARTER KEDSOINE CO., New York; SMALL PILL SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE A CHEAT BLESSING TO WOMEN. I Bead Symptoms and Conditions fhis Specific «-lll Believe and Care. 1C Vnn har& nen-ous or sick headacbe.stom- Ir I UU achacbe, backache, spineachc, bloating, internal beat or scalding urine, U Vnii bave chronic wealme35.bearing down II lUU or pen-ersions incident to life-change if Vnii navc oterine cataiTb. suppressed or 11 1 UU painful periods, or ovarian dropsy, If Vnii have suspicious groirths, disposed toil lUU tumor or cancer, or hemorrhage, I* Otiilrln vmquicJd}' a run-down constitu- llDUlluS tion and brings refreshing sleep, It Will dispel those dull tired looks and feel- II II III ings, and brins back youthful bloora and beauty— restores the nervous system. Mnthnrrt Give it to your weak and delicate fnUlnClS daughters. Not a drop of jinpurB Blood can escape its healing and purifying influence. \t Vtn value g-cxxl health and hope for long I! I UU life, use Female Remedy. THE FASHIONS OF THE DAY And Then She Ue.Hcrlbr, in u'euili a Number of Pretty Bonnets and SOIB.B Very Tnkir.~ Wraps an.l Costnme*—Pirtnrei of the letter. [Spe,-ia] (Jumaipoijdeiiee. 1 SKW YOKK. April 34.—Truly the uew spring bonnets are lovely. "They are small, it is True, ^-id lack something of that pointed, aggressive style that were favorites fur the last: two seasons, but the velvet llovvers ami the fine taste shown in thn selection of colors make them beautiful. Th<?rt; was one black lace boiuiet. with vc-lvc; nasturtium m three, or four shades of v<?llow, from lemon to rich orange brown, ami words cannot paint ii.s superb. !«>ul.y. The, brilliance of lhp coloring was > ..ono<l (low;, by the black Jace. •which V.TIA twine— among them so that they ;«•«••=• partly veiled and shaded. Symptoms eontbvaed will* certLflcotw of curti, i" "uuide to Health" tree. Also odrice free, Br. Kilmer & Co., Cinghamton. K. Y. Pruggiate >LOp I* RATES I* DC JIT OUT blf EAT UU I The MISSOURI PACIFIC StAXtWAT fes placed in effect the following lour rites bi- tween points on its lines : - «.Le*b and Kama* Cltr . - • *3,OO. . ft. Louis, Atetliioi and 8U Joseph >l.Lo.l8MdOi«Bha ...- -S. H.Lo»U, Pueblo. Colorado Sprlnen, Denver 15.OO. * St. JoAtpfc. AtefalnoB. Lenveowerth Pucfcto, ColonMi» oAtpfc. A aM City. Creates! Discovery or me 19ffl Century! i Medicated Air' i 1 Dr. Teaprue's JNEW REMEDY CUECT Cniarrfi! Asthma! DISEASES ! The crov,'! 1 ,!;•!•, partii-iila.rJy fcr ihe cj curoiii't oiTc-ci. ra.;rj\- Iiaving :"i i.»aT; jet cir iridesr^Tit. U'iri iri:;iuii!:^ ij; EiiTel jxiintr; r.'.'i .-x> tiia;. t.]ie ^xjiiats ^'Oia to stand up from t"ie heaiJ. . Ir is very IH- comin;:; to an;.' style of iaco. If fnahfiin shows sentiment in bonnets and hiits she .-.hows little ia the naming of colors this .season, and all the richest, preiticst rhade^ ;;re Datued after vet;'t?- ta.bles. A.uberglnt>, or egg plan',. i« the favorite. This is a rich purple '-viva bhu'k s!>r-'io- Tlitse are carrot, tomato, mushrooui :::i*l lettuce tints in all thi new fabrics. i'lUt EilTel red,or ("r~n cott;i., si ill retaias its popularity. Plaids in f/:ft sumli silk and in ]>opli;is OH wpl] a:s \vfj-.>k j n i;ot>ds arc very popular ;ind. to be entirely ci« rigueur. should be made on the bias. Black velvet in bias folds or ribiion is the only suitable trirp- hi^, and Mack wraps or jacket?! thu ntcr ^arnisnts that should be i "'ivi- hern three m.'\v and verv only worn. haiidso;, 1 ]'. 1 '••jp^p-j; t\vo are uiaciC' oi" 1'la.ok failit r'r;incnisf-, twinimed vri!h lace and ciienille trin^iiing's. The-;, arc- easily made, as the linck of them bot.li :;re ju^t like a iirn-53 Avcist, with a ft;!l <if lace auci a l;it of the passementerie trimming a» ;. finislf. Black stro.v r - hats -'<i' s'di'm iiiii^'r. br^id. lvirLn;:ed wi.',h ribbon and ]>]u:ucs to loslc'h, ;;re worn with them. T5t» plain .skirt beside the i>ia.id om'> is o' Eiffel rod camel's hai.r. The o'.Svv two costumes ure jvist made and a:n.;n.u; the most elegant cf the season. The walking costume has the plain skirt- f^ stone gray bengalino, v,-ith lo^- enzei- of brown upon it. Th<; dainty wrap is fif Eifiel ladies' clotli braided with black. The novelty of this i-, the wrap effect, which is obtained by lengthening the fronts, and the closing of it on the left side, is also quite a pretty innovation. The si ceres are loose. Thr; body of th.'.' wrap is a simple basqus in the back, and it fits the sides under the arm. The house dress is of coachman's drab Henrietta cloth laid in double box plaits in front where it is slightly draped. The back of the gown is princess shape in snuff brown Henrietta., the waist, cuffs and skirt being lavishly trimmed with silk passementerie one shade lighter. The dainty pattern gown has already been copied in several other combinations. Aubergine and light blie are seet together, but moss green and drab, crearr color with olive green and such conibina tions urn more refined. Two shades ol gray, one very dark and the other light, are always elegant and ladylike, at ar« also different shades in brown. THE SINGING VOICE. Slne»r« and noctora Agree that Tobaecj Affects 11- That the voice is aflected by tobacco 1 is proved by the testimony of singers ' on the one hand and by the experience of physicians on the other. A very large acquaintance with vocalists of all grades, extending now over a longer period of years than 1 care to think of, enables me to say thisl, while a few consider their voice as improved, the vast majority think it more or less injured by smoking, says Dr. Morell j Mackenzie. I attach far more impor-i tance to the testimony of the latter tha.n to that of the former, as singers j have frequently the most eccentric I notions of what is --g-ood for lh. voice.'" As stout, mustard am?, mi.-iK-;! tallow caudles have each been va.unl a by distinguished artists as vocal elixi;-. of soverign efficacy, it. is not surprising that tobacco should have its adherents. The example of .Mario, who smoked incessantly, is often cited as a proof of the utility—or. at any rate, the "harm- Icssncss—of the practice. It is obvious, however, that an exceptional singer is so by virtue of possessing r.n exceptional throat, and no ruie for general use can be safely founded on such an instance. iJalzac used to say of great men who were victims of the tender passion that there wiis no knowing how much greater they might have been if they had been fref from lint weakness. In the same w:iy we may say of Mario: How much finer might even his voice have been without his eternal cigar'. 1 It might at; least have lasted longer than it did. CURIOSITIES IN BOOK-BINDING. CURES PERMANETJTL'i . ud completely cur- ; i.y - 1 JM...I.- o ;. U nprecedented Attraction over a Million Distributed. •Jumpr-d trnir* nn"i:jp. STOP. !T;h ;-!..< •::*;„., :;,:,.:^i-i.^ v-.«. I jumped fn>;n nn i-.-ijrin-; i:i e«:!ii<.ri :md ttrcii)"'! ray unfit: VI.T.- tiddly. i u^l (•:;::« for \v-otts. St. Jp-rob;*. Oii o-^'-iTvJ'-Mtlv i-np-d " A Hisi-ory of a Murderer Unurni in His Oivn Skin. 'JL'here is a L:v)iri mtniufcnp; JjibiO In the. library of the vitticau at Rome bound in the mantle unce wci'u by Kinrr'Abg'ai'us, Uie friena of Jesus. A Greek copy of Arelius" ••!'!olden Ass,'' now in the British museum at London, is bound in tljo skin '>* an ass tanned •trith the hair oc. A boolr giving; the life history of JefTery Hudson, the celebrated dwarf, to be seen in the same museum, is bound in a piece of a, silk waistcoat which IVILS formerly •worn by King Charles I. Of late the fashion of binding works on anatomy, physiology, and kindred subjects in human skin is becoming popular in many European countries, fays the S1. Louis Republic. Some take this for an innovation, but history mentions several books bound in human skin as eariy as the sixteenth century. At Bury St. Kdmunds public library may be found a history of the life and trial of a murderer, bound in his own skin! The French revolutionists, \vhc seemed to delight ia the fa.ct that, they were marking an epoch iu the history of mankind, revived the human skin book-binding fad of the sixteenth cer.- tury. and took great ^leasuri; in presenting- some brother rovolulionis' with copies of Volney :~.u3 Yol!;ii:v done up in the cuticule of-'cinieonemy. The writer owns some 'jvK:!fr"V> nf ;i book-ljiuder's plca^an'.ries in vur.jes •..; Bacon's works bou?ni ';: \il:s skin (bacon rind) 2.nd !•'<•>,'.-( hi-; o:'k';;i work? done up in the sk;:: of sly r---y- nard. The EritLnb. Mujteam. The trustees of the British museum have made an order allowing the delivery of telegrams to readers there, and they are being denounced for it on the ground that there is a growing tendency io turn the museum into a sort of Tree <.'lub. Letters cannot be delivered to readers Iher" yet, however. tih^rlA™^ Bakain IB a positive care tor t^SDl'tHrSA' l? re Throat, Hoarseness, DlpbtUe- - " u * m « tn Dl ood,TThooplng Cough, and all diseases. Teaarue's Ew>Sa)Te H the Ere= 6 ranulated Lids and ' conjunction with Medicated Air send to the a A. Dorter and W1B febZOltawtswly cosnr.:ES. Just j.uvr the maiden vvitli tlif u mjiilv- developed liat brim and t!,e bi^ do}; are seen out, and the younj; lady's struggles to keep the dog within bounds and the hat from blowing off affoni cause for anxiety on the part of the beholder not unmixed xrith amusement. If the bat did blow off, could she trust the do°- to catch it for her? Or is the hat. nailed on securely? The -whole is a subject for reflection, but I don't believe the nails would injura the brain of any eirl who goes out in the street with a bis 3 o . OLtvs HAEPBK- TTEVZR FAILS. KEurnox os FACE AXD KECK. Ailcr suffering for eight months -with a troublesome eruption on my face and E<.-ck, and trying oil sorts of remedies. I -was finally cured by iafemp a few bottles of Swift's Specific, It increased my -weight from 95 tn 185 pounds. A. W. CCOOK. Ottawa. Kan. RHEUMATISM ELIKIXATEC FEOSI THE DLC-1D. T am satisfied that S. S. S. is the best, bioci remedy in the world. 1 have used it for rhen- matism with the be^t resulls. L. L. EovssEJ^ Sherman, Texas. BAD CASE OP TOOST BITE. A patient ondermy char?re was bodly aflfected with liloodjvoison. the result of frost bite in the feeL Berth feet bod slouched off before he wes turned orer to me. He was enred sound with a few bottles of S. a. S., and is now walkinc about on his knees. R. L. WOOD, Milledgcville, Ga. Treatfae on Blood arid Skin Diseases nmileii fn?.-. SWUT SPECIFH- Co., Atlanta, (ia. irort tcvday? Ifee/mi^erable, headachy, tired, pain ia my back, my food Tront digest, coy Trholo oody seems out of order, n c nTas^rer that it is no wonder y<« STC in sich a broken do-in condition, and yott will keep pelting woras unJF,=3 Ton cm care yoor LIVEE. Tnis iiasc.r'aot crgrji isontof order and t-oa must cure it by promptly using thoso never _ iDr.C.McLane's Celebrated Liver Pills. Ihey win restore joa and inTOTigor and health to rour -whole ej-stem, mJdng you strong and -rail. Only 35 cents a box, and they may safe your life. asfcyoordroggistibrtiogenain xsr. o. aaroTi / DELEBRA TEH UYER PILLS FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. SS-Lootoutfijr OopaTiii de iaSt Loois. rEE.rD3EES THE BE32A.TH. _ AT r)pn.-(;i -IN • >•!> p-iT/rn* THE CHARLES A. VQSELEE CO.. Baltimore. ELY'S Cream Balm I Cleanses tli Nasal PassnjrH AHnys Pain Inflammation.) HcalstlieSorof Itestorcs the f Sen sesot Taste] mi (I Sinel) reffieM® r KftTEV£R§| !*& Try A parade Is applied Into pjich nostril anil is agreeable. Prloe 50 cents at drucg!sT=:hT mail, registered. 60 ets. ELY BEOTuEfis. M "Vnrreri St.. New Tort .luglWi-Atl.;. Louisiana State Lottery Co, IneorporatHj by the Leidblatare, for Educational and Chai Itable pnrposep, ajid Its fran- ctilse ma le a p;ut of tne pr»per.t State Constttu- uoa, In Ifla. by an orei-whelming popular vote. Its MA5DiOTH_pItA'vi'I>;GS tak.' p'.ace SemJ- Aiinuailj, CJun^ dsd I>eccrcb>-rK and Its liJitND SIKIJLE NUMBER DKA^TOVS take pL':« In «!C); o! the other ten mouths of the yeir. aii'5 are aJl dnm-n In public, at the Acadeisy of Muste. New Orleans, Lfi. FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity ot its Drawings.and Prompt Payment of Prizes. Attested as Follows : 'We do hereby cerWJ that we supervise the ar- ranEements for all the Monthlj- and Bemi-annnal Drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery Compani and In person manage ana control tie Drawings tbemseives, and that tne same are conducted wlUj honesty, fairness and m eood faith tewaid aa parties, and we authorize the Company to use tats certificate, with f ac similes ot our signatere* at tached. In Its advertisements." PERFECT , Middlemen] aaj E'dfriv n:pn trfio ore from the offecls o: yooiMt-i joMee -^r ei- e" of matcrc'r j-i-cr*. s-.i.l nun- li.-j.i ib>-!r iaynlT viiror decreased znrt who ar-. ti^u: ; ,.] «-itii ti-rrtbfe losses, you <-a:: tt- pcrnian.'ni:? r PEKFJEirr M.13TISOOD. at home, without ex|»o«ar«. ot lnvi:e*t. co«t, bv l>i-. Cl&rk^^ approved m^th<h!s. lepted and prV.Te:i in nporiy Jc year's practice lE«-TWi>heJ ISill, iu Chmalc. Acrvoua and Sp«etal DiMiosen. ' If to need of mt-dical aid. ?eud fo- Ourstion iist «p you cnn fn» 5 descrto* ibc »ymp-.oroj%.f TOOT pj«~ ncnuir dineiise to raa ConsuitaOor, free tad sacred. Hoars, 8 to S; Sandajs, s to IS. Address F. D. CLARKE. ffl.O., 186 8. Clark SU CHSCACO, JLI.. rfeaith is Weailh, MOORE'S Hay Mt in the Blood. Slightly IsiatiT Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & Impure Blood Thfiy eipel dise&se germs, and Purify the System Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moorc, 78 Cortlnod 81. N.K They Positively Cure. Wethe undersigned Banks and Backers will paj all Prlies drawn in Tee Louisiana State Lotteries which may be pre^erTi *d at our cfflm tera. If. 31. WAt.3ISt.IS>. BU JJat'l iiiijti., :.'«£.KU> Mat'J ii.sitt- !. S. O. w»t'« Nerr« end Brain Treatment, • gnarsatee.1 cpvclfic for Hy«Erta, ZJizrse^i', Coo- T-jtif!oot. Fits. Nerroce Nearslsriv 3O".'*r,ei«, Kftrvoat tTr*trRtloa caupsd fcy t*e n'-p n.*a>oliol ing 10 m!ssr7 ,ii«ca7 and doitfc, Preniccuiv Old ige. narrtascM, too'of power IE »13:«r <«, ImcJmiLarj Lof*oc led SpermslGrrbG?8 c&tu&Jby OT*I «eruon of the br*.t&, cslf-ab^s^ or OTar-ln- £cl<aoc«. llfieb box ccoula* ca« zrontii'a tfMl meat, tl.00 s b&x. or tiz bas«s for JS.UU. «eat by mai! pr-piM oa r*£elpl of price. V« r B GUARANTEE SEX BOXES j "ocare scr ia<«. TTIlh each order r»- ivcd b s»iit tii«, oarcfaaepr osr wr'.tton ?u&n:~i«flia refca the U;<TO«T if lh> irmsrment doss not »flet; i. cn« auEi'snl»« !KO«; or:) Dj E F. i? Bole AK»nt lor 7 The Great English Prescription. ^ A successful 51edicine Tided erver " ' 30 years in thousands of cases.- Cures SperTrmfoTTftfC, lfervoux\ \rtctknesK, Emissions. Impotency and all diseases cansed by abuse. 1 ' [BKPO&E] indiscretion, or over-exertion. [AFTER] Six packages Guaranteed to Cure ichfn ofi others ftiiL Ask your Druggist for 1'be ere»« Ej^c'l'l" Pre»cHption. talre no substitute. One package 81. Sii S5. bv maiL Write f or PatnphlM. Address Bureka Chemical Co., Eelroit, JUiclu F« gals by B. F. Keesllne. ninrtdiP-Ji NESS » HEAD (WISES CBREBt* I'eci'j IKTIiilBLE TUDDLA» £48 C3SHSBSS. Whiipers baud. Cttfs- Yall ItenfdiM &1L SvldbyP. HJSCni^ w, KraTuk. Writ, tor boofc«rpn»ur£EX PARKER'S HAiR BALSAM ; Cleanses and beautifies the hair. iPromotca a luxuriant Growth. Never Fs !s to Restore Gray Hair to il^Ycuihful Color. Prc^cTitt 1 -.in IJ-.KY ar.d hair . r -i*3. p-n-i NL Oi! at I^rncrri* HIHDERCORNS. The emly Pirns Onre for Corns. St^ps Bll Tfain. . eoraIorttothefeet.lac.atDrepnrists. Btsoold:Co.,N.i CHICHESTKR'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. Keel Cross Diamond Brand, The onlj- reliable_mH Ibr nit rare. Ladie*. a«.k I>m«cirt. for the S»n!t<mmad,lii l-ed tneta.Utcbwcw,«te vitli blocnbtoiL. TakeuooLher. Scnfl4«. (Fiantps) Ibr Trarticular* aud *-RrfieT lor Olid-ester Ch«nilc»l Co>« Madison MADE WITH B01UNG WATER. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA Grand Moniiily Drawing, In t!,-j ifsiiiprnyof Music. Xpwdtlfcans. 'j i>'«jay. May is, 1S9U. Capital Prize $300,000. Tit-kots LI 1 Prize o; S39.00G is 1 Prize tf 10S.(igo is 1 PriW Of :J'.!»li.^.. ct 2 Prizes of 5 Prizes r>f •25 1'tlzes »f luJ Prizes of a* Prizes of 0(10 i'rizas ol . KLu'rj an- iixi aiv a>J are 2X1 a re . VT.MKJ! i5,(*» • APPliOXIKATION I'SIZXS. 100 Prizes of £SC« are 1IX) Prizes oi 300 are 100 Prizes of 200 me I. PHIZES. . iC:,(> v «.<•<, !•£!.:; 0 S.5a,(iQ(i 30,000 20.0CC 2M Prizes o! $300 are B99 Prizes et 100 rire JS.9W 63,900 Ci.1^4 Pri7.es .••.mi.iuming io ............... Jl,(t"^.?d(i Noli.— Tickets dr;w!n; O:,'lv<; PrUes art- noi entlt'.fctito UnEjtuC y.Tlzes. AGENTS WANTED. >"or Clul> Kates, or any further IsforaKit ion desired, write legibly to th** yndereljrned. cieerir ^itli.sy our residence with siatr. oouiity, street tmd uujnJjer: ilove rajjlc. refr.n] .tn.nl! dclivei-;' win be aspired by rourc-m.'ii^^t^.in K^Tt j JGi>i* f^air IMPORTANT. Address "- A. -* 1 '- t -W^ a ^ By urdlnarr letter, c.')]H;iin;:::: "- v*-ry UI^'HT r.su«>d l)j; all Express Coniptiaii^. .Vcv. 'i-x-'n SCi- Hospital ScArinyuse JP.S.C. isputupfor Ara ericaa tra.dc ia n patent bcttJs Lol<!- isSdavs. inssyna^eisM NoStricture -f' ? I ?SS 1 ? t i..f Ko Paim. SURE i Von ffiotilCompanyTcincL-initt, C B. F. KEESLDiG, Agpnt. Lrgan.s:«rt. Inti. STEEL PENS COLD HEDAI. PARIS EXPOS/TIOy ZS7S. I FJos. 3O3-4O4-17O-6O4. ' [THE_3£05T PE5F2CT 0? PSNS.J Tt, -• • Ben yisher. Sll >"ourth street. FDR Address Readier eii Letters ContaiHiDd Currency i-3 N*E\r 'T.T.TSAN:: NATIONAL n.lNK. " The only Fr.ue Calf SeamJ.e;:s tne )?r s •. it * >'l •' •• '-• ?>•%' iO - ^ WA>i?*»* '.f N^,' Or:**=ns. and eb^i.^.'.rf s'^ieJay i);- 3 iT---M^!5t of an ii\sQ . vrlM^- ch;t:t^ivU rieltt-^ ar<* recc-pilz^:! In gke:-; Ooi:n>; Tlieref-.-re w-vrn;^ r' all im ,s or r.ncnynious schcBias.'' Ol^i.AtC U ibe price ot the smallesl part or Tmciion ct ;j Tickeu;s*r*K Kl> JKV X'« In any Dre*Aln«. An jibing In oar name offered lor less UIHM :i 3>ollar IB aswSjidie, no tmle»s U A U 1IUIM priS ire stampwi on tb« bottom. If tbe dealer cannot «upplj- yon. send direct to factory. encloslnc adTerUfled price. MADE WITH BOILING MILK. UJMRODS »* CURE f° r ASTHMA Hzy Perer, , Croup and Com CoMs. Re-onnnended by PhyBldanj e»d wdd \iy Drng- UtstluoagluHit the world. Sand f OT Free Samplo. HIMEOD MANFFG CO., SOI» PEOPBIETOES, 191 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. .STRENGTH. VITALITY! Fine Calf, HeaTT moor Waterproof. Laced Grain and Creed- Best IcTChe world. Ejountne lil» HANI>-SKWKD 8HOE. l£D WEI.T SHOE. K3.50 POLICE AND FARMERS'SHOE. S2.5O EXTRA VAUtTE <3ALF SHOE. «2.as * «3 WOKKIXp:gjKN»S SHOES. S2.OO and 81.75 BOTS' «3HOOI. SHOES. All made In Congress, Button and lace. $3 & $2 SHOES 81.75 SHOE FOE MISSES, i Best Material. Be.t Style. Bert W. L. Douglas, Brockton, MM*. S«a 07 Far -«i<- (iv J. B. WINTER ASdeatificand Standard Popular Medical inatneoa the Brrore of Youtb, Prematoie DecJlne, Nervoos and Physical Debility, Impm-ide* of tig Blood. EXHAUSTEDY1TAUTY ffisutiofr trom Follr, Vice, Ignorance. Eiccests or Ovi-nalHtion. KnervatlDgand unlllliDC the victim for Work, Biielnc-ae, the Married or Social Relation. Avoid HuskUful pretenders. Poeaeu thia great Tort It contoinn 300 pages, royal Sro. BeauOTol binding, embMBed, fafi pit. Price, only $1.00 by mail, post-paid, conoeatad in plain vrrapper. Illn»- a^itrre Prtwpectus Free. If fon apply now. The l'p*irefli»bed author, "Wm. H. Parker, If. D., re- iftSfSeCOI-D AND JEWELLED MEDAL ,Vom the National Medical Association, •or the PRIZE ESSAV on NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr, Parker and a»rp» rf Assistant Piysidans may be coasolted, foaa- Jentialiy, bv n:ail or in perion, at tb« nfficjol rHK FKAKODT ME&ICAI. IMST1TDTK. Vo 4 BmCnch St., Borton. Mas^.. iowbomall jrdrnt for IsuotcB or Itttcrt for advice ihOBM M WHAT TH , AVEYOU the -world -with & smooth Innersole. No Tacks, Nails or Heavy Searaof Tfcrcad to hurt the Feet and wear oat Stocftngs: not- quailed for style, durability and -n-car; mace by first-class worUSen. Every Pair YV.-jrant«i to give the purchaser perfect ss'isfacuori. None Genuine unless Stamped en Sole, «LRKIHS & HJYGE $3. SHOE WARRAIiTES . M. GRAFF1S, Loganspcrt Jr.d SWISS CONDENSED MILK COS R1GI BRAND GBNC«E SWISS CONDEKSKD SULK, Guaranteed the richest and purest ollk mon- ractured, containing over 10 per cent, of Gutter. Children and invalids will tlirlw wnderfanr. anO femllleswill find Its KS* mcrB RccncTclmJ than pnJlnarj cows mils. A-e your arocer glvps yoa genuine Elgl Swiss Omdcn>-«l Milk. Import Agent, JASiES P. SMITH. New York and CbJcago. BRIOHTIHi i A XEW rosrriv I CL'££ FOB ,!•.,. IlKtOKT^i * ::'*,'£-'' - : - ' ^ : -i.----: «.Wn2Dll .'. r. 1.IMOJ.'-': .v i O . Sf :li,-m. • • i-nif^m. lU- HOBE TBUTX«T—Br t»t«««s4K*r*lfnC«n»(Xoi. I rr?vt%r2w ptaafttka ca4 9rcc% Btlb-i .'.oiJcJl £rr^. J00n» ERIE BiEBiCA}. CO., tSUFTA'-O, to. V. A Cbicagodruggist retailed [2000000 of For some of the choicest lan.is in KA-SSAS. both- . IVK9t a*. STOtK. Add) OTUDtr, * * A. B- PABKBE, Bailne, Kesa «•••• YOUNC, HI3DS.E AGES Or OLDl ^H K •• X hAX-e a p*«ilive r^:ic^.7 irr a21 tUseuca IH Imtm recai-.-a:-. f.v.-_i*v.-.-.r3 crpmtb. ion.oreioes.M-.Iwjr. .aidpa- I pcrceta. Rmmtetre* to those ba. No risfr. qaScfc gala. H. F. iveesliiit: and Cu!3e Agents ia Locncs-'port. tftaflHBOM ffl, ror »*!•«)» LMMtli«D«iier£. ' XtU SolWy tjWJt SAB££a,Trsy,K.-i .» ___ ..». - .. i.M«5«fcJf

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