Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 29, 1892 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1892
Page 7
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is Worth HOW TO DBXVE. to Handle the Reins Crowded Streets. on That depends upon the Liver. If the Liver is Inactive the whole system is out of order—the "breath is bad, digestion poor, lead dull or aching, energy and hopefulness gone, the spirit is depressed, a heavy weight exists after eating, with general despondency and the blues. The Liver is the housekeeper of the health; and a harmless, simple remedy that acts like Nature, does not constipate afterwards or require constant taking, does not interfere with business or pleasure during its use, makes Simmons Liver Regulator a medical perfection. I bavo tested its virtues personally, and .•mow that for Dyspepsia, Biliousness and Throbbing Headache, it is tha best medicine the world over saw. Have tried forty other remedies before Simmons Liver ltff?ulator, and none of thorn pave more than temporary relief, but the Regulator not only relieved butcured. H. H. JOKES, Macon, Ga. E. th& proAt Turkish "Feerit-rl- , lliti only preparation thnt vill olivet I ho magical reHqHij ahown abovj. Cnren N-jrroua l)obUliy.Wnk«ifulne"ti,Ix)stMiinlipo(l, .fc-vil li-camii, Fain In tho Hack and all wanting .-iiafmseR oitUKfd by errors of 3 oath, over exertion or the excaftwivo use of tobacco, opium or etimnlant 1 ], which u!'i- nntely l»"d to oonHumuclon, insanity ond eulcid- 1 . BoldntSlpnrbox, KiK for t-5. with c. written Ruur- vyn'y lo our*» or monoy refunded. Circa]an* .Creo lit ourodnoortiont by miijl. AdtlrefftlnTwrnnLioiiri! Medior.l Avnoct«ttn-*.^G3 Ji&ar'jnrn Sr., Chicago, ill. TJTK GKNUIN'E FOR SALE ONLY AT Den ii'itlic^s Drugstore, Lojjunsport, Irid. 1 .SPECIAL MENTION.. If yon hnvo no nppotlto, Indigestion, |hoadaclic ? "all run down" or losing A ' flcsli, you -will find S thorcmodj-younccd. Theyfrlvotone • to tho Htomucb, HtroiiprtU to tlio body, brilliancy to tlio complexion .ind ( licalthful enjoyment of daily life. • Their action in mild, and docs not in- f tcrfero -(ritlii any employment. Price, ^ 2Cc. Office, 30 fi 41 Park fluco, N. Y t MANHOOD RESTORED. "SANATIVO," tho Wonderful -Spanieli iipme'ly, 13 Bold witL a Written Cuarontaa to euro &11 Nervous pla* CQSC3, BUCU OO ^YculC Memory, Loss of Brain Power, Headache, WakcMnes, Lost Mnn- liood, Ner\-ou3Ti*afl, Las- Bltudc, nil drains and loss of power of the Generative Organs In cither 8cs, caused by over-exertion, youthful indiscretions, or tho exeesslvo ose of tobacco, opium, or stimulants, which ultimately lead to Infirmity, Consumption and Insanity. Put up In convenient form to carry In tho vest pocket. Price f 1 a package, or C for $5. With every »5 order ce give a written guarantee to cure or refund the money- Sent by mall to any address. Circular fte« la plain envelope. Mention this paper. Address, MADRID CHEMICAL CO., Branch Office for U. 8. A. S53 Dearborn Street. CHICAGO. Hi, FOR SALE IN LOGANSPORT, IND., BY W. H. Brinshurst, Druggist and Apothecary, aoj Market Street. Before A, After Use. Photographed from life. HARWLESS HtflCACHE POWDERS. Positively the Best. DL'SE ALL HEADACHES. |They are not a Cathartic For sale by Ben Fisher. FORWOMEMONil Mackenzie's Veee table Tablets arc a posittTC und no medlclflotosiwallo-iv^curo cortuln. twranfcrd. i*rIcO!Sl.OOpcrHox. Scut >ymnll sociitoly scaled upon receipt of price. A routlao on Diseases of 'Women, free- Ad dross CULE5IICAZ- CO,,I*coria,Ill. ELECT An Art to Bo Acquired Only with Practice —Col. Kane's "Tally-Ho" t!io Start- Ing- of a Popular Pastime la This Country. be placed in the'right hand, ns in SgTire ISTo. 8. As soon, as comfortably sea.ted upon the box replace the reins ia the left hand ia the same order as at f ist. ICOPTIUCHT, 1S93.1 Certr.ir.ly in no country ia the -world has tt -.-c been the same accumulation of we-. iii during 1 the past twenty years as in o~r own. Consequently there have be,..] added large numbers to the class whicli is generally known as gentlemen of leisure. To this fact and the steady but slow improvement of our roads the increased popul arity of driving must be attributed, and as our cities and driveways become more crowded the art of driving 1 will become more necessary. Those who remember thirty years ago Iniow that in those days our present crowded streets -would, if we had not improved our driving-- methods, become one continual block, and as this crowd increases so will reforms havo to be introduced that will facilitate trafiic. The rapid growth of coaching 1 since its introduction ia 1876 demonstrates how earnest and energetic a nation we are even in our pleasures and sports. When Col. De Lancey Kane brought over his "Tally-Ho" in that year he had no idea that the progress would be so "great. The colonel was at that time a most enthusiastic lover of coaching, for the year before he ran a coach in England from London to Virginia Water. He took his lessons from Edwin Powncs, Sr., a celebrated whip, who acted as coachman orgnidc, and after the season was over the colonel was sufficiently expert to drive with the best amateur whips in the whole of England. Many a time had such old whips as the Duke of Beaufort paid the highest compli- I meats to the father of coaching in this country. It was during the next season, 1S7G, that the colonel brought over the first coach, which he appropriately named In order to avoid mishaps or delays see that both horses are well tip in their traces and that the reins are neither too tight nor too slack. The next thing to master is the management of the horse in turning. To turn to the left take hold of the leader's left rein with the right hand a few laches below the left hand, as in ill.us- t.«i of KlvctricltT through .'S, rtKorlttr ^cm lo HKALTII «il tISOItOl'S STKESOTIL Current »U lubnllT, or wo rorfcit tJ.CCO ia auV- Couploto SA. «nd nn. WcrstcuMrtT' SrAlM pftm VIGOR OF MEN Easily, Quickly, Parmanontty Restored. TTeiUtaea*. BTervonuieu, Debility, and all .^o train ot evils from oarly errors or Inter oxcesaes, J : tta results of overwork, Blcknew, worry, etc, Fnll Btrongth, development, and tono crcen to cverr ontim nod portion of the body. Simple, natural methods. Immediate Improvezoent seen. Failure impossible. 2,000 references. Beok, explanations •ndprootsmailed (sealed)free, Addrecs ERIK MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO, H. Y. Advertising, TFyouvrtslito advertise anythliii; any\v!iere at lany time write to GSO. P. BOWELL <sCa, Xo. 10 Spruce St. Xew YorS. VOXICE TO CA?iVA8SERSar-.d GESERiL Jl AGENTS—Don't devote jonrllle to enriclung publishers. Deal direct with'the mar-ufacrarers ot the largest, and most raxled and lastett selllns last ot new cash subscription boois eitent. 60 DAYS CREDIT at manufacturers' Uttom wholesale prices, without ordinary •pnbllsliers' prost. . KxcluslTO ter-ltorj.;. Onr ISii olT« is orie aa.., d nnprecedentwl In tie book trade; iddrass, for Illustrsted C«ialoetie ana tuU jarflculars, "Tally-Ho," and with him came Arthur Fownes, one of the sons of Edwin Fownes, to act as gnard. This coach, although an entirely new institution, caught on right away, and the crowds that waited its starting and arrival on Fifth avenue, near the Brunswick, are well remembered by all lovers and admirers of coaching. It ran from the city to Pelham, making 1 as its stopping place the well known Arcularius hotel COACHIXG KECOITIN-O rOPl'LAR. The success of the first year's experiment induced CoL Kane to extend its trip the next season to ZvewEochellc, putting up at the Neptune house. After that year, 1ST7, it may be said that coaching in America had taken root, and it^has blossomed into one of the most popular pastimes of tho country. Many people -regard driving a horse as one of the simplest, things imaginable, but driving in its true cense is an art that cannot be acquired without practice and the thorough knowledge of how to manage the horse, manipulate the reins and use the whip. Let anyone view the parade of carriages and horses of all kinds which is to be seen in our fashionable driveways and it will not take long to convince him that there arc drivers and drivers. TAXDEM DBIYEfG. Tandem driving win, perhaps, never become so popular as four-in-hand, but it must ahvays be ranked as fashionable and at the 'same time a somewhat difficult art to acquire. Taadem has about it an attraction entirely different to driving a pair or four-in-hand, having scarcely anything in common tvith either. In driving tandem it is necessary to have a gocyi box seat. Before getting up see that the bits drop in their places in'the horses' mouths and that the curbs are not too tight. First hold the leader's rein in the right hand, with the left rein on top, as in figure 2\o. G. Place the wheeler s rein in the left hand, the right rein between the first and second fingers, and the other rein between the second and third, as in figure No. 6. It is then necessary to keep the first finger open while you transfer the lead- .ers reins from the right hand to the leftL placing the left rein of the leader between, the first finger and thumb, as in figure No. 7. . : Place the reins in your left • hand;- as^ described, before 1 , monnting' the bos. "VThen getting on the box the use of the Boot Map -Hitters' Silicate, Box 1565^- Y. lef t hffiad is reQ^ired. Therein* shonW HOUSEHOLD BREVITIES. tratlon Kb. 11; then draw the rein -up over the left hand, which you should put forward a little at the same time until the rein forms a loop. The thumb should now be pressed tightly to hold the rein in this position -until the turn is accomplished, when the rein should be allowed to assume its old position. In order to be prepared for any emergency you should have the right hand upon the right rein of the wheeler so as too prevent that horse from turn-- ing too quickly. For the right turn it is only necessary to repeat this maneuver with the right rein of the leader. When looped tiie right hand should be ready to cat:;h hold of the left rein of the wheeler, as in figure No. 12. T^ pull off to the left side lay hold of the rein as in figure No. 13, and to tlio right side as ia illustration No. li. This requires practice, as the order pf the reins should not be disturbed. It is necessary always that the leader be well ia hand, for in turning sharply with the leader a free goer there is danger of the wheeler being thrown. Before coming to the crest of a hill the best method in to take the leader's reins from the left to the right hand, holding them with the two bottom fingers, as in figure No 1C. Then pull them back, placing the loader's reins in the left hand, but in so doing drop the left hand forward, as in figure No. 17. The reins will then be in the same position as before, excepting that the leader's reins will be shorter. If it be found necessary to take the wheeler back on going down hill take the leader's rein in the right hand and with thumb and finger hold the wheelers reins behind the left hand, as in figure No. IS, at the same time allowing the left hand to go forward until the rein is the right length. Keep well hold of the reins that they will not slip, then olace the leader's rein in its former position, Good judgment is one of the elements of a four-in-hand v/hip. The driving of four horses differs little from tandem excepting-in the matter of starting 1 . Take the reins ia the left hand, as in illustration No. T. Take hold of the two left reins and pull them out. as in illustration :No. 19, until the buckles are perfectly even. This vrilTle-ive the reins perfectly loose, but when you become seated on the bos they will rend- just thamselves and become even. —Apple Tea.- -This drink is far better for feverish conditions of the stomach than lemon watsr of any sort. Roast seven apples arid pour boiling- water over them; let them stand till water is cold, then strain and serve with ice.— N. Y. Herald. —The People's. Home Jonrual gives the following to destroy ants: Half a pound of flour of brimstone and four ounces of potash, placed over the fire in an iron or earthen pan, until dissolved and united, then beaten into powder and a little of it infused in water. Wherever this is sprinkled the ants will die and leave the place. —Cabbage.—Cut the cabbage in two, or, if large, in four pieces, and Tell wash, aad boil it quickly in pleuty'of water, adding salt and a small piece of soda; when about half done drain it in a colander, and put it,into fresh boiling water; when soft enough, drain and press the water away; chop it, adding a little butter, pepper and salt; put it into a hot pan, and turn it out on a vegetable dish.—Boston Budget —Sauce Piquante.—Put a bit'of butter with two sliced onions into a stew pan, with a carrot, a parsnip, a little thyme, laurel, basil, two cloves, two shallots, a clove of garlic and some parsley. Turn tho whole over the fire until it is well colored, then shake in some flour and moisten it with some broth and a spoonful of vinegar. Let it boil over a slow fire, skim, and strain it through a sieve. Season it with salt and pepper aud serve it with any dish required to be heightened.—Toledo Blade. —"Put a stained glass window in the children's playroom." advised a friend to a woman planning a coining home. "From the baby up it will be a source of the greatest delight to the little people. I discovered that quite by chance in renting a house with one in my own bedroom. My baby, who was fretful from teething that winter, would go to sleep much quicker in mj- room than in his own, and when I remarked upon it the nurse told me it was because the bright window interested and finally quieted him. I soon saw that it was so. 4.11 children love pictures and gay Colors."—N. Y. Times. —To make a soup of corn and tomatoes, scald one quart of tomatoes. Add a quart of stock, a slice of carrot, a small onion, a bay leaf, a sprig of thyme, one clove, six peppercorns, and if convenient a teaspoonful of minced ham. Let all this cook slowly for half an hour, then add a tablespoonful of butter, melted and mixed with two tablespoonfuls of flour. Strain the soup through a puree sieve, so that evert' portion except the seeds and seasoning will pass through. Return the strained tomato pureu to the stove. Add a liberal teacup of scraped corn. Let the soup boil for five minutes after the torn is added. —N. Y: Tribune, •—Iced coffee is a refreshing and delightful dessert and is far more palatable than frozen coffee, or what is known as coffee ice cream. It is easily made and an inexpensive luxury. Make yoiir coffee in the morniug- and make it double or even triple tho usual strength, using two or three heaping tablespoonful of coffee to each cup; pour off the the grounds in a tin pail that has a tight fitting cover, and while hot sweeten with granulated sugar and add scalded milk in the proportion of one tablespoonful to each cup; then stand away in a refrigerator till dinner time, when you serve it. Put two tablespoonfuls of ice powdered as fine as salt in each, cup and you will have a dish fit for the gods. —Whether or not it is righ t to keep the table set all the time in a private house is a question that has troubled one of my correspondents. It_4s not considered proper. After each meal clear the table, brush the cloth and fold it carefully; then put on a heavy colored clotq. If the table be of handsomely- finished wood it may be left bare. It often happens that a housekeeper who does her own work, or one who has a large family and keeps but one servant, finds it more convenient to have her table set after each meal. If the dining room be used only for its legitimate purpose there can be no objection to this, if the room be kept closed and dark until meal time. The same rules cannot apply both to the woman who does her own work, or has but oac servant, and the woman who keeps many servants. There is one thing which never should be done by anybody: tumblers and plates should not be turned upside down.—Ladies' Home Journal. BEER" FROM HEATHER. 'me Picts of Uailoway, it is said, were hard pressed by their ancient Iocs, the Scots of Dalriada. Step by step they retreated before them, fulling under superior number.-?, till at lust there remained alive but three braves—a father and two soai. They n-crc of the family to whom, alone among the Picts,. •was known the priceless secret of brewing heather ale. Stationed on the narrow ;iad fortified neck of land which connects the mull of Galloway, the southernmost point of Scotland, with thy isainkmd. they made fearful havoc -.luong their assailants. The Scottish commander, weary of seeing his best warriors slaughtered, called a parley, offered quarter to the Pictish chief and his sons on condition that they would reveal their hereditary secret "I accept year offer." cried the father; "but none of my race must be witness to the betrayal Therefore, before I speak, cast my sons into the sea." It was done as he desired," and then the Scots closed round the old man, burning to learn the precious receipt But he. breaking from them and running to a pinnacle overhanging the waves, shouted: "Now I know that none lives who can betray our trust!" and straightway flung himself into the churning- tide, where his sons had already perished."—Saturday Revie-.v, AMER!CAN~~MEN AND WOWEN. mo YOU BALSAM AN L.UIOXT'S income ton years ago was S15 a week. He is said to be earning- to-day 5100,000 a year. AIiis. IlAKRisox 1 is becoming' quite skillful as a water-color artist and the white house is already adorned by soroo of her works. Mils. VEST, wife of the Missouri senator, is a very quiet, retiring 1 little woman of domestic tastes. She is slight aad graceful, and has fine dark brown eyes. RUSSELL HAKRISOX lias taken to reporting-. His application for admission to the congress press galleries as correspondent for the Helena Journal was filed recently. As A solution of the alleged disparity between Mrs. Frank Leslie and himself, Mr. Wilde is credited with the following 1 too-too utterance: "Mrs. Leslie lias made industry a study, while I have reciprocated by making indolence one." It Cures Goldju Coughs, Sore Tiroit, Croap, enrft, 'Whooping Coach, Bmsohitu *cd A A certain euro for Conssmpiion in ftift ttad &«ure relief ia advanced atiget. Yoawill SM tho excellent effort sfitt taking tie flnt dole. Bold by dealers Cfeiyc-b-in. Largo bottltt 6O cents ftnd $1.00, : r;-c^:;^o U-r Hysteria, l?;cr\]-ivF?. i'lt?, ^"c-i:: 1 A™. l.'iirreKri^.LL'vso/'iV.Vi.-v'.ric "K.jcyr.'- 1 ; tj;~ t-o?>acciv " rt *tun*.*:*; of .'.n'ftUs.- - Tti.:-.; j-.it:Jneiyro Old , r^crr: 1 :,', t^jv^sTWJV- ::ccivx j!>Yu5u:x;if;;> fIM':U:TtHmO l 'brtdr.», •::.!-.'a ?r:-.--vn?(jat, SU., :;c:w.::->cttr£. £ach.' Lo$500 Reward. :h" :i:i;i\ '. i 1 , Iiy.-pcj rdvaril 'or Illy caseol" u].-!. Slt;k Itaidudie, ludl- . .Hi «•!.:• i.iver J.lits, wtjpii the ! .1. «•[•;>, The.r are" -mrur Go'\to-L L'-.]•«o tout's. conti'JniDgSO rttts. Bt?w":iiv "!' co'jriit*jT<iIts mid 1 Ijyflt?!- l>« 1 gorulH^munuJacturwJ oniv l>y THIS JOHX 0. W-&T COMPANY, CrllC.'.GO'. ILL. :'o!fl bv.^i-hnsron Bros. of me will ccmlulycure nnct fully ilevelopc any EATY, fiSangetic Physician and Specialist in tfee treatment of /ous, Chronic, Throat and Catarrhal Diseases. \jK,ate from Efllntourgb, Scotland, now permanently located at M 276 tV. Fourth si,, Cincinnati.) ; Q !•• EftI O 2 ro m m < ^Consultation, Examination and an Opinion given FREE in every case. Will Make Mis Next Visit to logaasport T* M~ ~i /^^ j /'•^ ~t Monday, Oct. 3d. And Remain One Day Only, PARLORS at BARNBTT HOUSE BEATV'S HEV/ the 1'icts of A Secret That Died With. Gtlllovnvy. The pleasant pastures near Kirkcudbright are specially rich in white clover, which produces honey of a arreenish tint and exquisite flavor, and ive shall not be suspected of touting if v.-e recommend those who fare sumptuously every day to ask London tradesmen, to •whom it is well known, to supply them with Borgue honey. Xot less blessed is he who can spread his roU •with butter and heather honey: the prejudice ag-ainst its dark amber hue has long been overcome, and it is less cloying and more aromatic than that made from white clover. It is not generally known, however, that, fo- some reason not easy to divine, bees can turn the heather grovm in mosses to no good account; it is on the uplands only where the aparian can plant his "skcps" '.rith the certainty of an upland h-ii-.x-?,:. Heather still blooms b;-,--.. •.':- u.i the Gallo-.vay hills, but thirsty -.-^oyhenJs recall wistfully the days u-he i it was made to"yield something 1 of-more'potent vix-tue tban honey. The ancient Pictish, secret of brewing heather ale is lost, and the manner of losing it is recorded in a local lejrend. eq •catacnt Ja Europe ' im of the vital incd. Thus na- v.-ili act iiiie a cSann, and health at ture Is enabled to throw off the effete matter.. ilcd-lci- once ensue. Dr. Ueaty's experience in the Great J'ccliral Pr'ioo'; av.l Jlofi'tals of Europe nad this country enables him to treat all Chrouic ai)d Ciiirri'sl'vl:-, ,.^;., n'nic^laoclingly, and -with: aeycr varying- success. lie does not claim to ci-.-.e cveryiiiii:.--' : : k.-.some yhysicians. Bear this ia njiiid. OiU and sec for yourself He d<-^-3 :r ; j:r.;^-:c;j fjecejjtion. .£>r, EeaTy uses nothing but the latest and most improved trca'.^c-l .-i fj.-^-I^j i:i>piu.ls—nearly oil medicines uc\v. Tfae Greatest of all Glfis—Tlic -?o-,,-;j./ of n Dr. Beaty knowsheisone of thcCreate^t D:*;r;no:.iki^^^ i^ Ll:^ v/crU. He has a rcpulatiou for Diagnosing the most compJidicu ^n,i~~±.. 3y bis keen perception snd intuition he is ciiaVe-i '.^ f^t.r:^^i Tie most complicated t^Lv eaKC and reveal to the siclc one the true ioutitchi au^ c^ ui .^ ^; !„-..- i>«iTcr:i:i;» Xtfhe-c other physicians have laiied and were groping i-.i dartutsj. By his correct unrterstandingof each a:id every cas?, rir. TJcs'.yfi enabled to cure oundrcdS of diseases given up by the most eminent r/hyt;cL.usi>. i..o t..j»;i:y. Dr. Beaty can abaolut«lyand permanently cyrcarr.- c??c cfC-itirr'n that ever existed. He honestly belie% - es lie can show a greater record cf C-ii'c-i t.:" i_uui:r^j curea than all the physi- ciuiis in America combined. Over 10,000 Afflicted Ca-ed GiTKervosiK, Ciironic, Tliroat and CataxrJial JOiseases z i Ten Vears. Dr.Beaty promptly, absolutelv r.=d pen-one'.!:..-- cur'.- 1 ; Rir-amatism, paralysis, Tliroat " ' ' "'-- Epilerosy,"St._ Vjt-j.i Danii.. ":<c-.tralj:ia. Trembling of the Hands or and Cntarrhal Diseases, Limbs, Weak Back, and all Difcasrs of the MiuO. IsyHp;:.'=>iii. Cousun:ptioa "('in first and secoo stages;, Catarrhal Deafness, Heart Disease, !>:*<:;<»•: c:" the Biood, Female Diseases, Xiver Complaint; Nervous Exhaustion, General aud Loci! JV'JiHr;--. eic._nr. Beaty gruaranttes to •restoreImpaired:Vital iinergrv, to Invigorate ti^c I>ehi:it~:te. - l Constitution, Stjjaulate the Or- janlc Action, Promote the Circulation and Promptly Xentw that Vital Energy, the lo*8 of which is the symptom of decay. fs It ? And lioiar does Ee do it ? ^re cr-aesticns asked "by Imndreds of people. Dr. Beaty cas refer "~u t in evsrv State i-i tii- t" I'emale Tro-jfaie—K ^:-ih a;;y inf jrin.itiqu.to c-;hers a£Vct< a i:-. c. 7 : . " '• ;.-;:•.• rl.:i, A-r^cs. '.nd., Kpjlep^—cured «i;U3:csj;.T7er ;:-a ^:^ U,.": V/iscna, Miss., Rheii^iat;;~r!i, Cnl^rri: of tl'" ^roiriu " ; : a.._; X.: rained 45 po;:nds Oi flesh in f htci "^"Cr--^ \~i ^1.33:; ••, Mr- ;. IX'Jra Gallop, La : ;r2cT*' Utica, Ky., i-<-rr«t health. J. If.- ;e.? in'two K'.-art Dt'. wort. in J '.Female Mr, M. X. V.'rite ht:u. Mr. Ed^ar licae- oa^ulsicn. 3ir. O. W. BecaeU. jr aUease-^-a res:orkal>!e cat-e-,.' S.-.rsh A. Posey, Corydon, Ey . '.octors. ta<ay"sne is vreil. 'if . Ada Arcry, AUcn. aua a CATISFACTlO'N.Is guaranteed ^ to every consmner of KOOD'S Sarsaparilla. One hundred doses ia every bottle- No other does this i^ic Coc:^'::;r,t cf r riix* y^-.rs' CT2::iIi^^r—to-day.she :sdoin^ her . . .;v Brciosv:j.i v ?::cii . Ci^rrh, Bron-"i:;l:5, ^erfous Prostration 2 general ?ivi 733 do-.ro of the -whole s-.-Fte—. Hia rcrorerv-csionislied every one. . , • Dr. Bca:y cr,s rc'tTycu tohE-arcdsa-.3/-l hundreds oV persons -rchotxi he has treat cnred. If yon hire. bacn liomb-a^gred orludiy treated do rjot Traitfor amore convejilent seas^3. nnt come .it once s=d put his foadcrii:! powers to tie Lest. You will never regret it, Re- Consultatloa Pri-vate a»<J Free: to All, Dr. B«atv Trill treat.yoa hoaestlV, and positively Trill not JJji^^ out may ial ^ yourcayeifhecan-"—rr*y"n. Ifyonr case is incurable heirill fraakly and honnmbJy tell yon so; also cansic -•<-.« csii^_-' -lendine raoncy for inedicines irhici. iiapostcrs usually sur- gest. Cfcarg«5i.- - - acdTrithia tie reach 1 of=i:. ^ '•--••

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