The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1951
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 1951 (AKK.y coimraR vein r AGE THIRTEEN Fire Again Hits Manila Clinic Patients Escape Uninjured; Check Of Hazards Planned Ration Clinic officials In Manila plan an inspection of fire Hazards at the frame building after ;i third lire In 1'4 months broke out yesterday due r.o a defective flooi <[ furnace. Other fires have been caused the furnace and defective wiring Little damage was done by yes tcrday's fire afler Mrs. Anna Stout clinic cook, suw the blaze and lhrc\ I wo doors over Ihe furnace opening thus helping smother the fire. The doors had been left in a ha: by carpenters. Mrs. Stoul's efforts in putting on the blaze were praised by Manil Fire Department members. A clinic receptionist said morning that damage was i ligible. SLAYING [Continued irora •!> aycees Make Dominations n Osceola Members of the Osceola Junior hamber o( Commerce, at a meet- ng In Osceola last night, heard omlnations lor the election of of- Icers tor the coming years and lade tentative plans for their an- .ual installation banquet and icmbershlp drive. Members of the cluh's Nominal- .ig Committee listed for the clirh's approval the nominations (or club's litices for 1951. The nominations were: for pres- denu-W. R. Nicholson and Vernon Aston; vice president John Ed Phillips and J. W. Hall; secretary —Wiliam Fletcher and Bill Wade and treasurer—Sam Edrington and In Stollle. The election of officers will be held at the club's meeting Tuesday night. Five members of the Board of Directors also will be elected. The Jaycees tentatively set the week of May 1 as the date for the annual installation banquet. At the banquet tlie officers elected nest week will be installed. II was announced at last night's meetin gthat' the club's annual membership drive would start next week. American Legion Post 1$ Honored By Boy Scouts Dud Cflson- Post 24 o( the American Legion last night was presented with the charter ol Blylheville Boy Scout Troop 25 in honor ol the post's 25th ytar of duty In Boy Scout work. The presentation of the charter was made by James Gardner, chairman of the Boy Scout's Extension Committee for North Mississippi County, at the weekly meeting of, the post In the Legion Hut. Prior to last night's business meeting a barbecue dinner «»s served Master Sergeant J. W. Crawford of Hlytheville was • guest »t the meeting. to the left of his ear, Sheriff Bcrryman stated W Hams arrived in Blytheville frc Memphis on a Greyhound Bus at 5:30 p.m. yesterday. Thirty-minutes later he. his deputies and two city officers had surrounded the house where he was arrested. The house is located in a Nesiro area near the Federal Compress known as the "Compress Quarters." Fifth Street on that date.) Sheriff Berryman slated that upon arriving in Blytheville Williams went directly lo the house ol the Negro woman where he had left his wrist watch when he visited there two nights beJore the murder. The day following the discov- erv of Mr. Tucker's body on a lonely strelch of Highway 13 a mile and i half cast ot Armorel the woman turned the watch over to officers. Woman Called Officers Sheriff Bcrryman stated that when Williams arrived at the woman's home he asked for the watch but the woman told him lhat Ihe • "sheriff has your watch." Williams then asked what the COURT (Continued from Page 1) that four or five people had access to it. "It's the same as a cash register in most stores," he said. The defense attorney asked Mr, Hill and Mrs. McCorrnlck had ever had a discussion about th cash box and if Mrs. McCormic I,ad made any suggestions about It Mr. Hill testified that Mrs. Me MacARTHUR Coniiick had told many people had him that access to too th sheriff was rtointj with it but the (Continued from Page 1) decisive area of contest with Soviet Communist power. The bombshell announcement was made by Press secretary Joseph H. Short" at a hastily sunvmonded White Home news conference. The President told MacArthur lie !s free to "travel to such places as you select"—thus freeing the general lo return to this country after an absence of nearly 14 years. There were immediate demands in Congress that he come at ones to Washington to give his views. In addition to the heretofore secret messages, orders sent out .shortly before midnight to bring about" the spectacular shakeup il the Far East were also released. The secret message file showed MacArthut- "had been covered in a general presidential order last Dec cash box and she wanted lo be th only employe allowed to take mone from it. Mrs. McCorrmek usually left be fore the truck drivers came In wit their tickets and money, Mr. Hi said in reply to questioning, and s the tickets and money were give t" someone else who was to tur them over to Mrs. McCormick late Court then recessed until afte noon. Yesterday afternoon the state pr sentcd . as witnesses Mrs. Do Steamcs of Little Rock, former era ploye of the General Motors A •eptance Corporation here, Pi-link Hall, also a GMAC employ woman never answered him. She left the house telling Williams that she had to go to the store and would be back in a few minutes. she then went to a nearby grocery itore where she telephoned police. Sheriff Berryman then rounded up Deputies W. C. Harbour. Holland AiXcn and Charles Short, and City Officers Bert Ross and Herman Lane and went to the home in three police cars. The sheriff and Deputy Harbour occupied one car. Deputy Aiken was alone in another car and Deputy Short and Officers Lane and Ross occupied the third car. "We surrounded the- house when we got there." the sheriff stated. "but when we closed in sve found Williams standing in the yard. We arrested him without a struggle.' Seen Entering Cab Sheriff Berryman staled thai the Negro that saw Gray and the second suspect set into Mr. .Tucker's cab on the night of the killing is now working in St. Louis, so positive identification can not be made 0, clamping down on policy state ments by all government officials He had been bluntly reminded o this by NTr. Truman's direction on March 24, after issuing his famou bid to the Red commander in Ko rea to talk peace as U.N. force reached the 38th parallel. so Urge u to b« prohibitive." (This was In reference to sale of sewer improvement district bonds In which case the sewtr system would l» built/) as a separate project with no water company revenue to help pay (or the sewer costs.! Both bond company representatives pointed out that under a revenue bond issue there would be no original lien against property. H a sewer user failed to pay his fc-e. however, he could he .held it] default and A lieu placed against the prop«Uy. A sewer district Improvement bond Issue would result In an original lien against property; I.e., a direct operly tax. (It lias been shown in previous eetings that R sewer charge will necessary whether or not (hcj ,y acquires the- water company-! o'wevcr. all indications have been lat the sewer charge would be wer under water company owncr- ifp as profits from Iliis utility ould go toward retirement ol sew- r bonds.) \ Mr. cherry said his company ould be Interested in the bond site only if the water company and ewer system wei'e handled as one liancial undertaking. To Low Bidder Alderman J. L. Nabers then a<:ked he'mayor "l( revenue bonds are old, would they go to the low bid- er? " Mayor Henderson replied, "I hould think so." Several aldermen 'and spectator. 1 that the city hire a competent Investment man and let him negotiate for purchase ot the water company. He said he could tell Ihem how other towns have bought wator companies if employed by the council. "Pine Blult and nlythitvlUe are tlie two largest cities In the state which do not own their walei sys- lerns." Mr. Cherry said, "and In the last ten years, those towns with >i munlcipnily-ownpd wator company have had a decrease in wntc 1 :- rules whiel olhcr towns have had al\ increase. Need Revenue "If you can get the \vnier s tern, which will supply a profit which can be used to pay sower debts, your sewer chaws won't be nquired RS to what method the ily could use in buying the walr.i ompany with Alderman Nabor.s asking specifically if there was easible way at this lime to put the question on a ballot for a vote by he people. Mr. Cherry suggested that the Council do as 122 o'hiir Arkansas towns have done and seleci someone to investigate methods used by these cities in acquiring water company ownership. He amplified this by 5iie.ersi.liiK and ml o( line. Revenue ormds are ^ belter risk for us and wr>, cil landle them." Mr. Cherry recognized t> compel! tor in the crowd and asked Jad Stephens of l.IKlc Rock if he hn< any pronosiiion for the Council. At Ihe nv.iyov's invitation, Mi 1 . Stephens told the Council he had a definite proposal for financing {he sewer system through purchase of the water company. '•I've got one if yon want to hear it." he said. Due to tlie absence of two Rldrr- men. the Council asked lo hear his proposal Tuesday niehi. j Mr. Cherry said he also would have a proposal nt that time. Improvement Numls Kxpcnsivr •I think you could probably sell sev.'er district iinnioveuictil Iwiuis at three lo three and one-half per cent if yon wauled lo mortgnge all your property." Mr. Stephens said, -but thai will run you about one- fourth of one ppr cent lilijher Ihnn h« last district hurt been n view of your ument need, I don t hlnk you people will want (o wait- hat long. "The plan lo buy the water company is the most feasible one," he raid". .Mr. SI*!*"" then explained I" part a proposal Jo make » survey K-hrreby "I can loll every person In Hlytiirvllle what H" 1 ICWIT system would cost him Individually If the cily bnirshl the water rimi- piiny anil wlini It would cost him without buying (lie ivjilcr company." W'mlri .Mak* Appraisal He said a contract with Ihe clli would he necessary for tills survey "Furthermore. I am willing tc have the waler company appraised by a party mutually agreeable to the company owners and the Council. There are .several ways of appraising Ihe company," he explained. 'Mr.-Stephens said the contnu't would guarantee him a fee for Ihe survey only If revenue bonds were sold on (.lie basis of his informa- tior """*"-Tr^er^r •"v' 01 *" •»«**» ^ - are limited to Six per cent' fccoml - liy i he Public Service Commission. Unrlnr iminlclpnl ownership, there would be no such restriction. Mayor Henderson reminded th» Council that Mlssiwlppi County land sold for about 5300 per acr« The rriickdown on siuillfttloii fgar- atul , a ne , w riu " 1J) wouM rc 4 ulrft * uU * liaftc) fees came, aboul atler Alder- »» ""'eslmcnt. man t,. G, Nash asked why this department showed a deficit of S10.547.2I for Ihe year ended Mnrt-h o. when ordinarily Ihe loss amounted to about, H.COO less. Cily Clerk W. I. Malln said the loss to the city for last year was about $7,500. j Mr, Malin -said the dlfferenr-H wa.s due principally to non-collections The problem waj referred (o th« Sanitation Committee, which wa« Instructed to report at the next - 1 meeting. The Council approved paving of k block on North Franklin Street between Missouri and Simon Streei iatler Alderman Jesse Whit* "personally diiaranteed" (hat the refit of Ihe money would be presented t« lhc clty cl(irl<1 and asked 1 (XI per cent backing o1r the Council In the Issuance o( war- j f'»>'"'<"H of S500 to W. O. Cobb i for his .survey on the city's $55,000 rants (o haul deHnquetUs Into court. .... , ' .M I CrL. IM fl\il . •About 75 per cent of tlie people'.. ,. m ! m .ii UP ]>«yin K their fors," Mr. Mnlln | "' ," Jr"',,,,! I * (1P (/Will program \\nn authorized by csl linn ted. • 1 lln also rxplninml that some peo- icll also received th» (iiont hi v operating statement /or pie W er,. decent lor a., much as| M;UTl ' rw ' h ' r0hr shr ™^ d tol »' r "" !,..„ .,,.„.., enues of $0.08f;.95 while expenditure* ' H.,,rU«,, Artlon Bonds Kill) would bn aold to the low bidder. I "I reserve the right lo folrt on (lie bonds," lie -said. Further details ft re expected at the next rneoving. Mr. Stephens Msn stMed VIP believed one important value of wa(er company ownership was lining overlooked. "Thai. Is," he s;iid. ''c.nrh time Ihe water company iu'ts a ne\v customer (who Also would br a sewer, ciis- water vevrnuns will be in- revenue bonds as a general rule. "Thai would be mi awfully pensive proposition as you would impose a direct property tax and a .s<*v:er charge on (he cily. "Also, it \vo\n<t take Akxriit two ypflrs (o form inipi iivenient districts bonds couldn't be .sold unlit The Cnunril votrd unajiftnon.sVv (o sum-linn Mr. Malln'-s nrtioti with • Alderman Jimmic Sandrr.s voting "yea" after previously ahstfliiung on grounds thai the vote was irrelevant iind imnpcPKMiry. It nlso was nfircod that .state- j rnenl.s would bo sent to those peo- i';irUnj( Iloc'dpls Top LKl t'fukiiiK meter retol\Ms topped th% tevrnuc li.^t Ifist month ivilh $2,720 i ami police and county fines ran, j second wlih $l.G:i3.90. I Othfir revenues included sanlfa- lion retfipts, $5.M; privilege Ucenfe.t, S535-1!. 1 ); cnRincrrltig department re- ple crwhiE! back payments so they would know how much they owe mid be given i\ rliimoc to ptiy before beinp iirillrct Into court, Mr. Miilin also n^kcd for .support In roller t ion of vehicle 1 lU-euses and Ihe CoimcLI voted to bnck him ccipts. erased 20 per cent due lo an In- ^ ™'»^ "'« • ' ™* crease in water use through sewer L ( ' (])( ,' m ^ mrc( jn R vehicle licenses. SatfifUl; F. If. A. Office rent, $50; Stale Revenue Office rent, $40; civil costs, Slil.-'iO; :uld dog licenses, J5. Costs anil expenditures by dft- piutments were as follows: .Strret Ucpiinrnent, So.Cofi.60; Polive Ui'im tmeiit, S'^; tnllnlc- ip:il juciye'.s salary, $14581; use- facililics. "Hewer users water on a Ballon basis." Mr. Stephens also suus Ihe Council final a bond lo establish n $50.001) revolving fund to care [or now cus- lorners—cllhcr industrial or private N'II l.hnll In i::irnliiss Another favorable aspect of mn- tlr.ense and to be Mind? (ion Department, S2.(!(K!.05; tire De| pur titHMil, $l.fjn,7l and general and inovi'i Mdetmnn Charles Lipford ;\ske<l pldiniviiMyuUve, $:t,'MXO'i. that the city consider a new Mir j Accounts giaynlilc totaled $!>.34I). 17. thai 1 f"r its city dump inasmuch as tlu 1 1 Tm.' .statrmont of operations for ,s-sne liirKC j pii'M-Mi one l.s In (he city limits j Municipal Airport showed total rfiv- nnil Is a "rtMRrnrr anil a nubance" 1 cmif.s of s:),M7.rjR of which $1.650.13 lo those persons living In Ihiit areri | w;is from rrnlals and the rest from Xrw Dump (.'ostl.v I biiiUlinir and equipmenl sales, "I move to close and d*coullnuc I Expenditures totaled $4,277.SI of of Iliis dump in the interest of ! whk:h S3.H6I.75 u-ns for salaries and . the pi-oplf? who live in this urea." I wnif Missco's Population Is Listed at 82,375 Mississippi County's official .population Is 82,375 according to final figures announced by the Census Bureau yesterday in t(,s release of population figures by county. Arkansas 1 1950 population has already been listed at 1,009,511. With the Courts Ch^nccrr: Glenria Tumbow vs. J. T. Turnbow, suit for divorce. Marriage Licenses The ' following couples obtained marriage licenses yesterday at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blylhe, county clerk: Clifton Gravvs and Miss Lavern Calciwcll. both of Blytheville. -, William Rae Smith of Bcriton larbor, Mich., and Mrs. Clara Mo- .ine Whitencr of Sociire. Mich. COUNCIL (Continued (ri/m Pag* 1) previously that Inst until he is contacted. "We don't know whether or not this Negro had anything lo do with the killing," Ihe sheriff said, "but we do not know that this is the Negro we have been looking for We'll have a. little more to go on after we talk to the Negro that saw the two men get Into Mr. Tucker's cab-" However, he slated that Williams admitted knowing Gray and also admitted .talking lo Gray in' a Bly Ihevillc cafe on Ihe Friday befor the early Sunday morning murder (Gray and the other Negro suspect ltd of the murder were reporled seei larking in the 2100 Cafe on Soull- The sheriff stated that he plan n«t lo question the Negro furthe later today. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., \nl-U 11. (API—(USDA—HogK 12,- iOO; weighls 180 Ibs up sleady to 10 higher than Tuesday's average; lighter weights and sows strong to mostly 25 higher; bulk good and choice 180-2-10 Ibs 21.25-40. top 21.50 [cr several loads; 240-300 Ibs mostly 20.15-2125. few to 21-.15; 150-110 Ibs 19.75-21.00; 120-140 Ibs 16.75-19.00 1CO-110 Itas 14.75-18.00; sows 400 Ibs down 19.25-20.03; heavier sows 18.00-75; stags 14.00-16.50; boars most ly 12.CO-15.00. Cattle 2500. calves 803; vealer 1.00 higher; commercial to avcrag choice steers 32.25-31.25; a few util ity steers 20.00: good and choic heifers and mixed yearlings. 33.00 30.00; utility and commercial c 26.00-29.50; canners and' enters 20. 00-26.00. Read Conner News Classified Ad night's was a monthly meeting tor routine mailers, pointed out "we re right back where we started on he sewer, question," "I believe Ihere are people in the audience who are interested in this ssue," Mayor Henderson said, "and hey may talk now If they wish." After a barrage of questions from nrany of Ihe 25 spectators who entered inlo the discussion, Attorney Max B. Reid.^representing LewU W. Cherry, explained that one way of financing the sewer system wa-s hrough sale of revenue bonds in which instance purchase of the water and sewer .systems would be treated as one project. He cited a previous estimate drawn up by the Cherry company which shows lhat purchase of tht water company would leave the city about SSO.OOO available annually lor debt service on Ihe sewer system. [This was based on present water rates and previous operating reports made to the Public Service Commission by Blytheville Waler Company as explained at a special Council meeting March 30.) Mr. Cherry then took the floor to explain "We wouldn't be Interested in sewer bonds »Ione because the monthly sewer charge would be Good cheer reigns when you pour Sunny Brook * BRAND Unco in a wliilc, any man's nnlillnd lo lei himself go. He's enlillcd lo lliat glow of pride tlial comes from feeling like the very important person tlial he really ia. He's enlillcd lo lake practical steps to make his dreams come true. In short, he's entitled to own a ROADXIASTER, and par- lictilarly a ROAD.MASTKII as il is custom built for '51. For this grcal automohile is more than hig and roomy and distinguished in its styling. It's more than sweetly willing In performance, »nd ? superbly poised in stride. It docs things lo you, when you let yourself sink deep down in ihe subtle softness of its cushions, and run a caressing hand over the fine texture of its fabrics. This is everything a fine car should he! Of course, ihis brilliant performer is Fireball powered. Il is cushioned by coil springs on every wheel. It provides, at no extra cost, the complete relaxation of Dynaflow Drive, II has durable and dependable slur- dincss engineered into every mechanical part. But the best ia yet to he told. When you check trie ROAHMASTKH price list, you'll find thai, tbe car of your choice can be yours for hundreds of dollars lese than you'll pay for others with comparable reputation. Come in soon and see this buy of buys in ihe fme-ca* field. SntMtt Buy in, Fate, CaftA HOADMASJER Custom Built byliuick Yellow Label $4.444'5Qt. $2.80 Pint $1.42 i/j Pt. Whit* Label $4.70 4'5 Qt. $2.95 Pint $1.50 i/j Pt, THE o i o 5 u N'N "Y~ YR OOK COMPANY, louiiviur, KINTUCKT • III B»l> vlll h«lK thitn : m LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co. Walnut & Broadway Dial 555

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