The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1966 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1966
Page 10
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ftp Ten - Blythtvllle (Ark.) Courier N«w - Monday^AprllJ^ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fce to by 4 pjo. preceding day ol MbUcition ewept I«r Moodiy » fasne wtee Adt mMt b« to ••• fare noon Saturday. Daily rate, per Una eons.cutiv. Insertion. A1 n« Minimum chare. «y™ J time per line Sr 1 times per line per d»y JO t times per line per day 2°J t times per line per day »c Month per line - m Sou« Tour"." eras. word. t»th. « m V sr n a r^pp«d th b"v. o %t"- EF«fe te,w &r^°X«'»™™ * A??'' classified advertising copj suit be accompanied by cash. Bates mar be easily computed from ^Advertising ordered for irregular Insertion take the one time table. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion «tf'£ H !3?&«« « g« ?£?Sourlef %S. rSrWS. 3ft to edit or reject any ad. _ •uBdowr-rrorrt Air compressor* Concrete Mixers. Qas it Electric Weld.fl) WBsalDirrows-picks * ahOT Wattr Pumpi Heavy Jack. - Cnnai Trucks & Handwreac&M Carpeotera TooU Plumbers HecLaalc TooU Tard & Qudeo Tool* Wneelchalr It Sollaiay BMI igtt for anything aot Uttatf We deliver FB. PO 3-SJSS or PO 3-J7» Kelton Ft»ncl» FRANCIS AND FOB Large fat worms, 414 4. Sycamor.. PO 3-3278. 3-36 Pk 4-30 ^V^—^^^J^^ FED. & STATE $5 UP H & R BLOCK CO. America's Largest Tai Service 17 S Second Phone PO 3-6453 Weekdays Sa»-9pm. Sat. 4: Sun. S-5 1-31 CK 4-16 (Notice: rwo Hue* oi • ttanding classified advertisement may be changed b any SMay period at • rtarge of M cents. When additional enanges «re re- •quired, the advertisement will be billed at a new ad, vertisement.) SKILLED SERVICE DIRECTORY 1 Bdrm unfurn. duplex near town ft Jr. High. PO 3-4222. 4-« ck tf *sv*sww*^swv>~™r**~~ 'UV^^-V-^""' Plastering, Stucco, Brick & Block aflng. PO 3-19*'- «•* P" »•« "Clothes Lin* r>el»* « rm unturn. houM. VT. Main, i per mo. PO 3-«0»0. 4-8 ck 3 BB unlurn. house. 118 First, Manila. PO 3-»313 or PO 3-8672. 4-O PK 9"V Clothe. un« pom. »rjrtamne iron I U.tal FO 3-tm 9-1* ek M .Mrn, hou 3.430S. S tra (urn. houti, call PO 3-3747 or PO 3-3782. 4-7 pk 4-15 3 bdrm. housa furn. with bath. Fenced back yard. Ooanell »« mo, LE 2-5837. 4-6 P.* «-> s a rm umurii. nuucw ™/« .......-« rard. 412 E. Rose. $75 per mo, call col. Osceola, LO 3-5128. 4-S pk 4-" INCOME TAX SERVICE Individual Farm, Business General Accounting Services A. Victor Evans 1000 N. Second St. Office PO 3-6911 Res ?• n, »«0 »». Titbtp. PO S rm unfurn. nouM W/B fenced -13 o. sceoa, -. - 4-rm lurn. houst near Air Base. LE 2-5891. . 4-a pk 4-14 3 Bdrm. house, carpeting unfurn Central air cond't. 920 Adams. Call PO 3-4188 for appt. Lease til Jul?_30 . 4-5 pk 4-13 8-rm house, So. Lilly, PO a- PO 3-1908. 4-5 pk 5-6 1 10x50. 1 10*56. air cond. & washer. Shearln'i Trailer Ct. PO 3-4858. . PO 3-6424. . . 4-5 pk 4-13 5 room house for rent, 1»1 W. Davit St. Phone PO »-«4M^ ^ ^ 4 bdrm. unf. paneled home, available April 15. Ph. PO 2-2223 or PO 36281. 4-4 ck tl Sew S or 4 BR home. Lrg. den & brtak.'ast nook. 3 baths. 1175 per mo. 16H Xisnln St. PO 3-3S01. 4-* pk 4-12 3 BR boas, irith ea-'ige. Near schools. PO S-SIJS. 2-l« Ck tf 1 mortem 4-TTa hausft & 1 modem 3-rm house. Applv S2S S.^ Lake. All tax lorms completed. I come 10 your Borne at no extra charge. Call Leroy Richardson at PO 3-3840 or PO 3-8323 lor appointment 12-31 CE w ^^,+wsw^ —^w*w«~~«. Call PO 3-4553 For Complete Insurance Protection f. J. POLLARD AGENCY Planned Protection Btythertlle Federal Building Light moving & hauling. Free Estimates. PO 3-4764. 4-2 pk 5-3 Upert outboard nvotor repairs and rtbreglass repairs. BYRtrM HAHD- WARE. US E. Main. 10-8 ck tl Painting Painting t paper hanging. B. L. Freeman. PO 3-8911 4-5 pk i-t 3 bdrm brtcX 1U bsths. Carpe Uvlns rm, dlnuig nn. Cent, hea & sir cond.. Fenced bscS yard es- cellent nelsaborhool. PO S-SOS9 aster 6 PH. 3-30 pk 4-jO Business B14S. »3B S. 51st St. «30 mo. 2 bdrrn housa in rear. 503 S. 2i5t $40 mo. Tmltl sps.ce sos« & 21St. S1J.50 TOO. PO S-3737 night PO 3-4110 3-1 ck tf 2 bdrm house. 2£S" Carolyn. LE 2-55SO. 3-30 pk 4-30 4 rm house with bath, newly decorated. 140 mo. PO ^-5735. 2 br unl. House, 2201 Marguerite. 3 rm & bath furn. house, 704 Howard. S40 each. PO 3-J546. 3-38 pk 4-28 2 Bdrm house 919 S. Clark. $50 per mo. PO 3-3331 or PO j-2112. (f Trailer space on pvt. lot. Plenty of shade. PO 2-2011. 3-25 pk 4-26 Painting & Expert Paper Hanging. Eddy Rhodes. PO 3-8935. 3-30 pk 4-30 Pecan Cracking Jimmie Anderson Co. 107 E. Walnut. Phone PO 3-62B5. Pecans Pecans for sell is pecans cracked. Jenkins Farm. 695-3612. 4-3 ck tf Plumbing Service For fast service on all your plumb' Ing repair phone Myers Plumbing. PC 3-6349. , 3-17 p* 4-17 •veirlv palmed S-rm bo-jEt, »rti. turn. ?0 3-6272. 3-30 Pk4-30 2 BOB fum. apt. carpet, washer connection. Lrg. den. PO 3-0954 or PO 3-6247. 3-23 ck tf 4-rm house, furn.. fenced yd. 11» E. Ash. PO 3-7192. 3-23 pk 4-23 3 BR home. 128 E. Ash. Air Fore, personnel welcome. PO 2-2831.^ ^ Store building. Close In. Bent reasonable. Suitable for warehouse or storage. 0ay phone PO 2-2938 or after 6 p.m. PO 3-4397. 3-21 ck tf Nice 1 BR unfuro. Bouse. PO 372 J7. 3-18 CK tf 305 East Kentucky - S-rm furn. house, fenced-in yd., carport. PO 34-89-day; PO 3-4282-nlte. 3-18 CI 4-rm furn. house: S-rm rum. apt., utl. pd. PO 3-6417. 3-18 pK_4-» 2-rm furn apt.; lurn. house. Utl. pd. Couple. PO 3-8684. 3-12 pB 4-13 Nice. turn. apt. utl, pd. Davis St. fum. house. PO 3-4339._PO 3-7962.^ DELICIOUSLY pretty but simplicity itself is this flattering bodice caught with a lovely bow; contrasted by the slender shirt. For fun make it long and ruffled. • No 1459 is for sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Bust 31 to 38. Size 12, 32 bust, short length and sleeveless 3% yeards of 35-inch. "DON'T MISS the Spring & Summer '66 issue of Basic fASHION, our complete pattern jnagazine, SOc • Send SOc for each pattern. —To Order Mai! To:— Ilythirilf* Courier Ntvt ,".-. Pattern Deft. 723 - 407 South Wocker Df. :: Cfcicasojllinoij 60607 . Address '' State ....••••••»••»••••• Z'P .«.••« '.' tatttm No, .....$i«...... : - : Fashion IH!C Q < For tint clcu miilinf iM Me «W ; t«i tvliir* Adding Machine* Underwood — Olivetti tales - Services - Rental* Easiness Machines Co. 2008 W. Main PO 3-8991 < 4-90 ct tl Alterations ;* ll «est^ Me S2 S38F mv ' Alterations * Sewing. All work luaraautd. PO J-8607. 3-15 pk 4-15 AutoUpt^lsttry .LOar-Tnick-farm equip, aeatt. Oil- affa. «M «. Main, PO a-TW 8Mi>.Toca*D*ek Matt. Ott- PO *v*i^i-^jv<*^vvv*^f>f*~>s^*r*s*nrvv Radio & TV Service ^*«uv^^v*^«^w^-^w-^w^^ww>^«^ We now ternlce all makes T.V.'s >s radios. Wilson's Turn, to Appliances. 113 E. Main, Ph. PO 3-4237. 4-4 ck tl 2-rm turn house, rear 110 E. Ash PO 3-6304 after 5. 3-15 pK 4-16 TV - Radio Service, now available at Dorrls Garage, Air B^e Highway. Service calls 84.00, LE 2-9301 or LE 2-5153, 3-23 P* 4-23 I 3-rrfl lum hous« redecorated, 31! j S. 17tB. PO 3-8019. 3-12 pK 4-13 "OFFICE SPACE" 2 Blocks from Court House it City Hall. Across from new bank Will build to your specifications. PO 36145. 3-15 etc 4-15 Rug Cleaning General Rug Cleaners Rugs cleaned in your home. Phone PO 3-1445. P.O. Bos 851, Blytheville, Arlc. 3-18 pk 4-17 Peerless Rug Cleaners Pickup 3c Delivery Service 116 B. FranKlln - Ph. PO Z-2433 w. remove mat, corTOiiioa, old oulrit aaid. etc., from metal by sandblasting. No item too large or imaJJ. jno. C. McHanej ft sons. Jnc.^ 4-rro furn house; 4-rm furn. apl PO 3-8672 or PO 3-82M. 3-10 pit 4-11 Furn. house. 3-rooms and bath 206 N. Seventn. Also fum. apt. 2-rooros and bath. PO 3-0768. 3-9 cK tl 1-10' wide i: 1-8' wide house trailer at O'Steen's Trailer Par!:. For Inf. call O'steen'a. PO 3-4522. 3-4 ck « Mocern house. 1021 McHaney. Located near Nibco and Central Met als S40 mo. Nat. gas. wash, conn O'Steen'B, PO 3-4522. 2-8 ck tf New a Mrm trailer, aiudla. Mote! :-24 ck t 8-rra atucco house, l',4 baths newly decorated. PO J-2535. 3-4 ck tf 1 clean aeptlc tanks, cess poola grease traps and sewer lines. AU work guaranteed. Gene NucKles. 2007 W. Vln«. BITtoevllle. Ark. Ph. Pp 3-4482. l-« Pk *-!« W^XT^^WVWV^**^!*^^^"^^* Structural StMl Wire rope, new tt laecl angl«, pipe, plate, Channel, etc. Blytht- viu Iron a uetat, PO 3-8868. 4V23 ck tt 2 BR mobile borne. Close in town Wt. fum. PO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112. 12-14 ck H Modern bldg. across from Air Base $85 per mo. Call Randall Hawks PO 3-8288. 1-31 ck t Hybrid Big Boy & other.. Sharps Plant Bed. 2208 Carolyn St. 3-14 pt 4-14 Tomato and popper plants. Big' Jumbo and other Hybrids 60 cts. dz. Common varltles JO cts. dz. 1512 W. 3-bedroom farm bouse located a bout 3« miles west of Air Base on Green Store Road. »2S per montB PO 2-3331 or FO 2-1111. 11-17 ck For Rent-Colored Propert 3 room house wltn oath, 1625 W Stewart. Can be rented furnisher 1 or unfum, PO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112 3-28 ck tf For Rent—Apartment*- Ash Bt. . . . 3-23 pk 4-25 Typing Wanted Typing, mlmeogrftpn, notary, photostats. TYRONE TYPING SERVICE tt ACME TERMITE PO 3-3280. 3-2 ck tt Venetian hllndB repaired. Gordon Harrli. <17 Ohlckuawba, PO 2-2898. 3-15 pk 4-16 For Rent 4-rm turn, house; 4-rm Turn. «pt. PO 3-8(72 or PO 3-8243. 4-11 pk 5-12 3-rm lure. apt. w/bath. 12S B. Ash Inquire at rear before 3 p.m. 4-8 pk 4-1 Excellent 3-rm. fun. brick apt. w bath. 817 N. Jlst. PO 3-6217. 4-7 ci tl 5-rm houae lor tent. Ill V. Davis, PO 3:«4J8. 4-11 pk 4-lt 1 bdrm. trailer M5. Sunset Trailer court. PO 3-9353. 4-11 pk <-!» Newly decorated house, furn. PO 3-8889. 4-> ck It Nice 3 BR house w/b«th In country. 4 ml. So. ol Blj. owner leaving town, rent cheap. PO 3-7799. 4-» pk 4-17 Unfurn. houw * newly decorated apt. PO 3-M2J. 4-1 ek tf Nlct (tor* bulldln*. MM W. Main. tO J-4XXW, PO 9-WM. 4-1 pk J-» 3-rm house. Buyer move off lot. 511 N Fifth. PO 3-4033. 4-S pk <•!» 3-rm unfurn. houn, hath $33, MC B. Wart. M MM* « •TO 3-J8J4, w* Ja* ei^ 1 rm apt. for rent. PO 3-7075. 4-11 cK 4-1 Pum. apt., KB Main. PO 3-324 nlte, or PO 3-8802 days, 4-8 pk ! Furn, apt., small, nice & private Air/cond., auto, washer. No pets PO 3-7888. 4-8 ck t 2-rm fum. apt.. Its., wtr. ptf. Clean 101 E. Cherry. PO 3-3538 4-8 pk 4-1 2 BR furn. apt., w/wa»h. & dryer PO 3-4293. 4-8 pk 4-1 Clean well furn. 1 nn apt,, washe conn. FO 3-7531. . 4-5 pk 4-1 4-rm nicely fura.. convenient! located duplex apt. >55. 201 Dougw Day PO 3-2861, night PO 2-2759. 4-5 ck 1 3-rm furn. apt. CIOM In. PO 2-2238 4-5 pk 4-1 4-rm unturn. apt. Hear Air Ba» Call LZ 2-8493 after 3 p.m. 4-9 ck 3 3-rm furn. apt. Phone PO 3-MM Mrs. 0. A. Tent 4-S pk 4-1 4-rm Jurn. apt., pvt. bath. (27 ' Walnut. PO a-43>7. 4-4 ck 4-rm lurn apt.. 5-nn apt. PO a-lTM, PO 1-Mtk unfuri 4-t pk I- t large raoma, ptt. bath, all ut pd. ««5 mo. Come to 404 E. Davl or call PO 3-3483. 3-23 ck t t tm * tott ftua. Call OPEN 'TIL 9 P.M. DAILY VOLKSWAGEN Central Motor Sales Guaranteed Used Can 1300 S. Division Ph. PO 3-1812 Real Good Selection Of Clean Late Modal Guaranteed Cars to Choose From 'M FALCON Futura, t door, radio and heater, whit* ilde- mll tlrea WS •57 CADII-AC Sedan DeVille, full power and air conditioner, SMS '64 FORD Falcon 4 door, low mileage, one owner, real clean $1195 '65 CHEVROLET fan pa la 2 door H.T., V8, full power and •Ir conditioner, real nice.... $2495 'tt CHEVROLET Bel-Air, 4 door sedan, 6 cylinder, white with red interior, radio and heater, only $785 •82 OLDS 'M' 4 door sedan, radio and heater, automatic trans., power fteerinr and brakes $1095 •63 OLDS '88' * door H.T., radio and heater, automatic $1695 •64 FORD Galaxie 500 4 door H.T., full power and factory air conditioner, low mileage, while with red leather interior $179! M CHEVHOLET Station Waron. V8, automatic tram., low mileace one owner turquoise real clean original $1791 'M CHEVROLET, pretty good old ear $195 '58 BUICK 4 door, local owner, runs good $14* •63 BUICK 4 door aedan, full; equipped Including factory air conditioner, real good car $1695 '» CHEVROLET Bel-Air 4 door, original black, white sldewall tires, radio and heater $395 '64 CHEVROLET Impala S door H.T., white with red Interior, clean aa new.... $1895 '84 FORD Galaxie 500 2 door H.T. V8, radio and heater, white sldewall tires, original gold, real clean $1595 '64 PONTIAC, Bonnevflle, 4- door H.T., full power and factory air conditioner low mil- ease, exceptionally clean car, SPECIAL TODAY .... (2395 See One of These Men Today: * John Nelson * W. C. "Dub" Colston * Bruce Ritchey * Claude Williams Walt.r Falser, Mt, I, P.riiould. l«o acre, land & .quip, Including; tvwtock. 1425 ace. for quick «ele. Reason for lali: 111 wife. 4-« pk 4-14 PUT A RABBIT IN YOUR TANK And Take A Short Hop To 14* Shield! Une - 3 BR. Brick front, Urge lot, carport & storage, 1950 equity. Payment* only |7«,76, B. 1>ntssee--3 BR Brick, cp & fit Re, clost to Fairvlew. |B90 down, payments |94.36. tVKl and «Q2 N. 5th - Corner lot, clos* to Post Office ami n«w commercial building. Might cell aeparately. 520 E. Cherry - 5 room house. Payments only $45.52. Need* a little work, but you can take ov«r a low Interest loan and be way ahead. 1101 Normandy - Always remember you could have had a 3 bedroom home with central heat and built In range and oven back when. Get it now! *950 «t.uty. Payments f!fU3. Hearn - Corner lot, large den, atoning room. 2 bedrooms, breakfast room, built-ins. $900 will handle. Close to schools. 1023 Adams - 3 bedrooms, laigs lot, close to schools. Buy equity and take over short term balance. MaxLogan Realtor Ph. PO 2-20S3 Harold R. Knop. Salesman Nite PO 3-4233 Milton Snow, Salesman Nite PO 3-4613 4-8 cfc 4-l« T Owner: IBIt Brick hern*, ear- port, itorigf, (meed y>rd, itorm wlnaowi, doore, ten bearlnj pecan trees, near ill schools, 1013 Pecan. PO 3-7331 niter 5 p.m. 4-5 pk 5-8 Per S«lw—Colprtd Prowrty Bout* it 1«S W. Stewart. 8m. down pymt. Fay u paying rent. Will lell turn, or unlum. PO 33331 or PO 2-2111. 3-26 ck tt For Silt Cart a Truck* ISXIS Okjimoblle, Dynamic 88. Still under Warranty. Excellent condition, LE 2-85U. 4-9 pk 4-13 comp. fum. 1 BR apt. Cent, heat nd sir. auw. washer & TV. *85 er mo. 1 BR zurn, apt. vacant Uarch 31lt «65 mo. PO 3-9272. 3-30 pfc 4-30 The Town House Apts. 1 BR't. plenty or closet!. Eat-in kitchen. Stoves & refrigerator*. Separate dining room. Central heat is Mr. Garage wltu storage. No children or pets. $125 per month. Mrs. J. L. Lewis — PO 3-WSO 3-30 ck 4-30 Completely furn. apt. Close to hree schools. In desirable resides !al area. Max Logan Realtor, PO ^ 033. 3-24 ck 4-24 3 wn unlum apt. Bath. nice. 419 E. Chen? PO 3-3535 or PO 2-2624. 3-28 pk 4-28 Driftwood arrangements especially Drafted for the Cowpoke Western Shop. 4 ml. S. of BlytheriHe on S. 61. 3-30 pk 4-30 GTM-DANDT PLAT GROUND EQUIPMENT. Swlngs-SHdes-Cllmb- ing Towers-Merry Go Rounds, LAD it LASSII, E .Mala 8t. 3-28 ck 4-28 Saddles Bridles, baiters. «puis. hits, blankets, pads, saddle bags, belts, buckles, western clothing. As many other Items. Cowpoke Western Shop. 4 mi. S. of Blytheville ,on S. 61. R«B. for t«« gift each ma. 3-30 pk 4-30 Bldg. 24 x 30 ft. W. Rose at Carr. Sell or trade for house trailer or camper. LE 2-5301. 3-23 pk 4-23 Sandy loam yard & 1111 dirt, PO 1-2459. 3-29 pk 4-30 3 rm furn. apt. Ut. pd. Couple only, Sear Base. PO 3-9902. 3-39 pk 4-29 Used TV's & Appliances. F curve tt Main St. PO 3-9659. 3-2S pk 4-28 55 eal. eteel gartjag. Barrel* Free dellrery. PO 3-7161. 13. 1-3 ck « nn. furn. apt. w/bath, $60 mo. mi. pd. PO 3-8738. 3-21 pk 4-21 3-rm furn. $50. 106 E. MO. PO 3'874 or PO 3-M56. 3-21 pk 4-21 1st grade shingle, several colors. wt. 215. While they last 14.50 per q. O. S. RolUsort Lor. & Wrecking Co., Hl-way 18 W. 3-22 pk 4-23 2-rm. apt., bath downstairs. A- dultB. l«5. Bills pd. PO 3-991)8. 3-l« pk 4-17 S nicely turn. apt. PO 3-8790 or PO 3-4311. 3-15 pk 4-16 Yard dirt, M.50 load, delivered. PO 3-8493. 3-14 pk 4-14 2-rm furn. apt. p«. bath 6s ent. Bills pd. PO 3-4679 — 5 p.m. 3-12 pk 4-12 100.000 B.T.U. gas Reznor heater, reas. O'Steen's PO 3-4522. 3-S ck tf 2 BR fura. apt., utl. furn. Drum- ler Boy Motel. PO 3-8168. 3-8 ck tf Furn. apt. 3-rms & bath. Good location. Coup], only. PO 3-3123. 3-5 ck « 4-rm unlurn. apt. Near Air Base. Call LE 2-8452. 3-4 ck tf 3 room unlum. apt. Pb. PO 3-7171. 2-28 ck tf 2 large rms & bath furn. apt. Utl. furn. 875 mo. PO 3-6981, nights PO 3. 4791 2-23 ck tt FOB THE ITOEST IN FBRNISH- ED OR UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS SEE OR CALL THOMPSON REAL ESTATE, 1000 N. SECOND ST. PO 3-8911. 3 LOCATIONS. 60 UNITS. 2-24 pk 4-24 Modem tu.n. apl.. 3 nn. and batb, gas equipment, air conditioned. Couple only. T. Simon, pa. fit 3-J181 or PO 3-3KJ. 1-17 ct a 1 BR lurn apt. MS. 1034 W. Wal< nut. PO 3-IB40. 1-8 ck tf 1 BB unfnrn. brick Bt. PO 3-6217. N. 2Ist ck tf 3-rm furn apt. cftM* In. Call after 6. PO 3-6387- 12-28 ck tl Efficiency apt. completely furn. and equipped. Utl, furn. By day, w*ek or month. PO 3-8108. 1-21 ck tt For Sat* GEESE, Toulouse or Chinest. FREE Delivery. 581-4891. Munlln. 4-11 pk 5-12 Two miniature French ARC registered. LE 1-5928, 4-11 pk 5-12 CARPETS and life too can be beautiful if you use Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. Sherwin-Williams Co. . 4-H cH 4-19 "NEVER used anything like It, 1 say users or Blue Lustre for clean Vng carpet. Rent electric shampooer $1. Hubhard Hardware Company. 4-9 ck 4-n 600 pe. 2x10x10, nails all pulled, bright & good. *«0 delivered. O.s, Rolllson Lbr. Co. Hwy. 18 W, 4-9 pk 5-10 Maytag gas clothes dryer, 2-cycle, used 214 jrs. Exc. «75. LE 2-5534. 4-8 pk 4-16 10x55 Mobile Home, 5 BR w/Mur- phv bed In dining romn. Contact Michael Stuck, PO 3-3(31, Ext. S82 or Manila 561-4784. 4-8 pk 4-12 1994 Honda 90 Good Cond. »200 LE 2-5238 after 3:30. 4-5 ck tf Com. In and bid on 1965 Coronado Mobile Home, 37' long «' wide thai has burned on Inside. Come by and look at this trailer and make me a sealed bid. Highest Bidder will get this trailer. Martin Trailer Sales 1121 8. Highway el, BlyttuvUle. PO ?-2IU. 4-1 ck 4-l« All furniture 20% discount, 30 day.. O. S. RoUlnwn Lbr. * Wnek- in« Co. Hwy. 18, West. 4-» pk 5-» a pure-bred Duroe mala piis. A.J Kitcnuaon, Tomato, PO 3-8446. 1 air Mod. 1 Piano. PO 3-U58. Tomato - Pepper - Ejuplnntj •ometteu, Mana Lucia, Rutgera B«ef«t>lu, Oxheart. itone, Ou»< 2 BR trailer - LaKo Norfork. PO 3 [762. 3-18 ck tf Cull hens. SOc. HalseU Egg Farm PO 3-7960. 3-8 ck tf W> make photostatlc copies. Coins and coin supplies. Money loaned on diamonds. We buy old gold rings. O'Steen'a Jewelry. 105 W. Main 3-8 ck tf Money orders. City Drug. 7 days per week. 3-3 ck tf WATER PUMPS Sales and service for Gould Dem- ng tero and Modern Water soften, ere. Bubhard Hardware 213 W Sialn 10-4 ck tf Used Pngttun »<nom»tlc waah. ere. Used Maytai wasters 411 strictly guaranteed. EALSELL * WHIT! 307 W. Itela 4-9 ck tt Used REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL & WHITE tan w. Mam ANTIQUE CARS— 1935 Roll* Royce, 7 pass, limousine, Orf-40. Right Drive, Original paint and uphols- iry In good condition. All original equipment Intact and operates. Driven daily. Runs fine. Best offer over (2200.00. O.L. Conner!, 1518 B. 8th Bt.. Blythevllla AFB, Ark. 4-9 pk 4-13 J-ton truck fixed to pull housa trailers. Oood cond. Bargain. PO 3---- _. ----9957 or PO 3-6012. Good used Chevrolet \!,-ton Panel truck, good tires, engine, 4-speed trans. Truck in good shape, prlct •125.00. 8« at 1104 C. Cherry. 4-8 pk 4-12 1962 Chev. pk-up. 8 cylinder, full deluxe. LE 2-3290 after 3 p.m. 4-1 ck tf T Bird 1960 H.T., air cond., whu«, full power 1095. LE 2-8512. 3-31 pk 4-31 Sports car — Alfa Romero. Clean and cheap. PO 3-4762. 3-17 ck tf 804 North Parkslde - Buff Brick 3 BR with IV, baths, kitchen with separata dinfng room. A Oood Buy Now. 1213 East Ash - 3 Bedroom with attacher garage, fenced bacK yard Can be handled with very low down jayment. Regular payment of S82.00 ncludea all taxes and Insurance. 16 West Bardic - Payments of tK! 00 per month on this 3 Bedroom home. Fenced back yard. Available now. Low equity. 308 Eastwood - Only J425.00 down alus closing cost on this 3 Bedroom Brick or will sell equity and assum* present loan. Others to select from. RAYMOND ZACHRY REALTOR 2nd at Ash Phone PO 3-881J Night Phone PO 3-1J24 4-5 ck tf 4 rma A: bath, easy treras. Would rent lurn. Se. at 108 14tb St. 4-6 pk 4-14 57 acres land. SO ft. w. of Highway 55 S. of SteeH. Jenkins Farm --•3812. 4-3 ck tf GOOD DUPLEX Rents for $100 monthly, little upkeep and low taxes only ?8500. X. M. "Buddy" TERRY Call PO 2-2381 or 2-2134 anytime. 4-7 pk 4-15 Travel Trailers • Holiday Rambler, Nomad, Streamline. Apache camp. Ing trf.llers. Camping supplies, hitches Installed. Trailer rental. Mobile homes. PRESLEY TRAILER SALES, 110 Missouri Ave., Slkeston, MO. 3-14 pk 4-14 Many listing* in tut "Male" ot "Female" columns are not Intended to exclude or discourage applications Irom persons of the other sex. Such listings are for the convenience of readers because some occupations are considered more attractive to persons of one sex than tbe other. Discrimination In employment because of tei Is prohibited t>r 1964 Federal Civil Rights Act With certain exceptions. Employment agenc'es and employer* covered by th* net must Indicate la their advertisement wnetber or not the listed p03l- tiont ar« available to botb eel- Designation tu 10 sex in our Help Wanted and Employment Agency columns are made only (1) to Indicate bona fide occupational Qualifications for employment which an employer regards as reasonably necessary to the normal operation of his business or enterprise, or (2) as a convenience to our readers to let them know which positions tb.« advertiser believes would be of more Interest to one sex than another becausa of the work Involved. Such designations should not be taken to Indicate that ttxe advertiser intends or practices any unlawful preference, limitation, specification or discrimination In employment practices. 7-room house, $9230.00. Low down payment. Very nice 3 BR, kitchen *; family room. Buy eqxiity. S87.S5 ma. Large spacious home in Country Club adidtion shown by appt. only. DAVID REAL ESTATE PO 3-3928 Lou HcCluer — Nite PO 3-7119 8aro Godwin — Nits PO 3-8653 Whit« lota tor sale. Will arranse financing to build. PO 3.6008 or LO 3-SS44. Osceola. 3-3 pit 8-4 218 Walker - One 3 Bedroom Bricfc, i baths. Lot 100 I 165. well landscaped. Malcolm Greenway. PO 3-7070. 3-» cfc tl Per Ltas* Large Main Street Building. Can possession In 30 days or less, box WF c/o this paper. 3-35 ek tl Per SaT* or lUnt Duple* with rental unit )n rear. N«wly painted-'1124 W. Ash St. Call or see Harvey Morris. PO 3-3101, 4-6 ck 4-14 For Sale 1304 Julia: Extra clean. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Wall to wall carpet In living room, dining room and halls. Large lenced back yard. $850.00 equity. 178.83 total payment. 8M BUtmore: 3 bedroom & den or 4 bedroom, in good condition. Only $800.00 eqlutj and assum» 111,500.00 loan at {92.26 per montn. 105 West Moultrler Practically ne* 3 bedroom. 1's baths, 24' by 16' Kit' chen & fle^ combination.. AU electric kitchen. Wall to wall carpet In living room. Inside, alao outside utility room. Large fenced back yard. Prlc* 118.300.00, 401 Cedar Lane: 3 bedroom, 2batb home. Kitchen and den combination Separate dining room. All electric kitchen. Central heat and air. Double carport, larg« corner lot. Priced to sell. 100% GI loan 2i£ milea north of Gosnell: Extra roomy 3 bedroom and den. Large electric eat-in kitchen. Price $10,730.00. Only 1300.00 closing cost*. JOHNNY MARK, Realtor 120 West Walnut St. PO 3-4111 or Res. PO J-J59S N MARR. SALESMAN Nlt« PO 3-3355 3-13 e» 4-JS Store 'Ulldlng. 316 E. Main. 35'I I)'. For lau. or .ale. PO 3-3483. 2-29 Ck tf For Sal* er LMM Hunting & Fishing Lot*. Wrlw Box M. Rotellnd. JO 4-32S4, Dell. 3-1 pk «•» For S»l» Rt*1 Eftatt Robindale Addition - 3 bdrm house '/family room. «73.71 mo., «n»ll tquit? PO 3-8863. 4-11 pH 4-18 3-rm. house. Buyer move off lot. 511 N. Fifth. PO 34033. 4-1 O* 4-11 Low Payments 3 BEDROOMS, atonkow interior (no pilnv woriiet), good condition, only 1300 down $60 monthly. 3 BEDROOMS, nice euttlde •tor- lie, $300 down Ml monthly. 2 BtDROOMS. GI NOTHING DOWN, cloie to builneu OUtrlcv, MS monthly. C. M. "Buddy" TERRY Kaaltor - 913 W. Walnut 8t. Call PO 1-mi or 1-1134 anytime. , , 4-7 pk M Nice Brink home, 3 Bedrooms, > baths, den, brenklMt rm, living rm an* kitchen. Newly painted Iniloa and out. New roof Irf, lot. 131* W, Waitress for nelght work. Apply a Red Rooster Inn or call Mrs. Henry PO 3-9715. 3-31 ck t Saleslady for Saturdays a O'Steen's new Jewelry &, Gift Shoj Must have sales exp No phone call 105 W. Main. 3-8 ck t Diesel truck drivers, age 21-4 Must be in good physical condl tlon Rood salary. Equal opportunlt: employer. FROZEN FOODS EX PRESS. 1755 Proctor St. Dallas Texas. 3-28 pk 4-2 THE AVON WAT IS THE PROFITABLE WAT TO SPEND YOUR FREE TIME AND HAVE MONET TO SPEND FREELT! WRITE BOX 111. JONESBORO. 4-8 ck 4-12 Store for Runt we will itock. Near Air BM«. P" •' LOST: In Bly. area, dark red bone hound. Male. PO 3-7489. 4-6 pk 4-14 Arkansas Cinzette — f° r Home Delivery PO 3-OJ33. Early 4-il pic J-ll Attention New Car Buyers If you are thinking of trading jour, present car or buying a new car, )lck up your plionn and call m« now for the best deal in town-led Haxwell, Bob Sullivan Chev., PO^J- 4578 dav PO 3-1300 night. 4-8 pt 8-9 Now open M. & R. Bracking Cale. 123 S. 3ld. St. 5 AM to tPM. ^ Kitchen Aid Dishwashers t> at F°™i Cabinet k Vanity Topa In Stock for Immediate Delivery Henry Woods Cabinet Shop 1033 W. Moultrte Dr. PO 2-27,7 -PO 3-6,78 ^ Child care. 424 E. Cherry, rp 36948 ' ) - 5 P k i ' S Open For Business. Bill's Used cars & Parts, Auto mile alvage. Used cars & arts, ..m ut of city limits on S. Elm, PO 3- 6 Unna Tlllman Sherwood Is at Bettys Beauty Shop. 3-11 ok tf BILL'S COIN SHOP new hours 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.. 7 dnys l> week We buy and soil coins. Supplies of nil kinds. located In Hotel Noble Lobbf. Child care and Ironing done. Call PO 3-0827. 3-11 pk 4-12 We buy As sell used bricKs. O.S. RolHson tomber & Wrecking Co., Hwy. IS, West 1 ml. 3-21 pic 4-21 Tha Mississippi county TJniofc Mission needs your surplus clothing, household items. Hardware, turn? Iture. etc, Pleaie call PO 3-8380 or ortnl » «0 B. Main 4-18 ct « Expert repairs on all msltes of sewing machines. The Singer Co. Shopping Center. PO 2-278J. 2-1 ck tt . ... f Personal Hecelvs PresneU Courtesy at 9S3 S Division. Oroc., tt 1208 S. Division, Shell Station. 2-26 c* u Private Room* Comfortable bedroom, adjoining bath. 801 West Ash. PO 2-2209. 3-31 pk 4-31 Room & board. $17.50 week. Men. 115 W. Ash. Mrs. Cassldy. 3-18 pk 419 2 BR'fi w/pvt. bath Davis. PO 3-0643. ent. 121 E. 3-li ck tt Nics warm rm., pvt. ent. Ill E. Davis. PO 3-4050. !-17 clt tt ^^^~~^~~-.~ • • ~~~^^*~ Wanted to Buy I buy Indian relics. rocKs & pottery. Ph. PO 3-3840. 3-12 cX 4-11 Wheelchair -adjustable legs Call afttr 7 p.m. PO 3-6100. 3-11 dh tf 12' ArX. Trav. 3-4522. boat O'Stccn'a. PO 3-8 ck tf Waitress M, & R Sracklns Cafe. 123 S. 3rd. PO 3-9929. 4-7 pk 4-12 Car hops wanted. Must apply in person. Kream Kastle Dr.-Inn. Corner Division and Walnut Sts. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS WANTED. APPLY IN PERSON AT BUS- Busintst Opportunities LARGE Billiard Supply CO.. will finance responsible person with good character and credit rating. .10% cost of a Recreation Billiard Center in BtothnUle. Write or call: Bruce Oilman Hermitage Music Co. 469 Chestnut St. Nashville, Tenn. Phone 244-1790. 4-11 ck 4-12 Indian relics, arrowheads tomahawks, pottery, etc. or will tradB. BIA-THEVILLE IRON & METAL CO. 1200 S .Elm. PO 3-8886. 3-4 Ck tf Os«d rurniture. ualseu & White. Ph PO 3-8098 or PO 2-204J. Richardson Electric 2237 BIRCH "For Electric Service Caff Louis" Louis Richardson Owner & Operator PO 3-7826 For Sale NICE 3 BDRM BRICK 2 full baths, double carport on targe lot. Located Northeast Blytheville, can handle on loan assumption with reasonable down pymt. Monthly notea 1114.90. Immediate possession. NORTH CENTRAL LOCATION S bdim brick, 1 bath, large kitchen. Well landscaped lot, excellent location tor all achools. Only t<so dowa FHA or 1125 down OI. NOT1OS TO ALL COLD WAR VETERANS We haw several propertlea with no down pyrot to eligible veterans having military service before or alter January. 19SS. Call for Information. KEMP WHISENHUNT Realtor PB. FO 3-4461) lot Whlaenhunt salesman Nite Ph. to 3-7<«o Kemp Whlaenhunt, Jr.. talesman Nite Ph. PO 3-8525 BUI Banev. salesman Nite Ph. PO J-78H9 3-U Ok « WANTED Real Estate Listings Want to Sell Call Me Raymond Zochry Pboa.pO.VUll Brand New - Heavy Duty • It Ft. PISHING BOATS S99.9S • 14 Ft. FISHING BOATS SU9A5 • BOAT TRAILERS WOO • NEW U Ft. FIBBEGLASS RtlN-A-BOUT BOAT J495 Open 'Til 9 p.m. Daily—12:00 Noon Sunday FREE PARKING IN REAR By rum Hardware And Seed 116 E. Main — Ph. PO 3-4404 or 3-3529 THIS IS "• V B(M( Htm Gw CONOCO SERVICE • - » DIVISION G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Holiest Brant) AIM tfn •».. CONOCO! I OHO*. SPR/NG SPCCML' Complete Tune-Up 5 99 (Vlut nru> Here's what we do: Set points, set carburetor, clean or replcae bad plugs, clean air filter, check condenser, adjust brakes for only — •.« — Chickasaw Pontiac Co. Phone PO 3-6817

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