Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 29, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1892
Page 5
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DUISTLAFS CELBBRflTED Hf\TS STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES. DEWENTER. "The Hatter." OBSERVE. i H. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is showing some very handsome woolens lor fall wear ia suitings He also has something new and attractive foi overcoats Yours Truly, "PUCK." DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. SEPT. 29. Special*, •: ,- • BASE BALL YESTERDAY. •Special to tbe Journal: vi CHICAGO, Sept. 2S. ^Baltimore, 2 'Yew York, 14. ^ Boston, 9; Brooklyn, S. ''Philadelphia, 11; Washington, 1. Cincinnati, 5; Cleveland, 9. Early game—Louisville. 4; Chicago, 5. Late games—Louisville, 5; Chicago, 3. St. Louis, 2; Pittsburg, 10. A BIG RALLY. [Special to the Journal. YORK, Sept. 20.—The jRepublioan rally was held Ito-night. Cooper's union •flooded with people and first here was great Qthusiasm was manifested. Address- i were madle by Whttelaw Reid, Platt, Earner and others. The situation is harmonious. NITKO' GLYCERINE EXPLOSION. 1 to tlie Journal. LIMA, 0., Sept. 28. At 2 o'clock afternoon the nitro glycerine aagazines a mile west of the Solar oil efinery exploded. Windows were lhattered and houses jarred four miles Four persons were killed. TO IMPROVE THE NAVY. |peclBl to tbe Journal. WASHINGTON- Sept. 25 Secretary fraoy invites proposals for the con- ruction of one sea battleship of nine tumsand tons displacement, and one rmored cruiser of S.OOO tons. Bids re to be opened. Dec. 15. FUMIGATING THE MAILS, pedal to the Journal. WASHINGTON, Sept. 2S San Fransco authorities are fumigating the airs:from South America, Sandwich land*, China, Japan and other ports. . Yesterday morning at 6:30 o'clock at St. Vincent de Paul church, Very Rev. m E. Campion officiating, Miss Mary McTaggart was united in marriage to Mr. Richard J. McGreevy, the well known liquor dealer, corner of Fourth and Broadway. Mr. John Shanahan acted as best man and Miss Winifred McGreevy, cousin of the groom, as bridesmaid. The ceremony was witnessed by quite a party of friends of the contracting parties and they wore recipients of many warm congratulations and well wishes. At 8:15 thenowly wedded couple departed via the Wabash on a wedding trip to Now; York a'nd other eastern points. Fell »own Cellar. Jas. Burke, fell down through an open trap do'or into the cellar beneath E. J. Twomey's grocery store last evening. Mr. Burke is about 75 years of age and the shock rendered him unconscious for a few moments. He rallied, however, and it was found that he had sustained no serious injury although, quite painfully bruised. He was able to walk home The True Laxative Principle Of• the plants used in manufacturing the pleasant remedy, Syrup of Figs, •has a permanently beneficial effect on the human system, while the cheap vegetable extracts.and mineral solutions, usually sold as medicines, are permanently injurious. Being well- informed, you will use the true remedy I only. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. Easy Payment. Your chance for a bargain on a fine, sound, carved legged piano in complete order. Call at once and examine at 429 Market. w. D. CAI-JRON. RAILROAD EUMBLDT6S. Items from the Note-Boole of Oar Railway Reporter— Volute Per- fcOnaljind Othertrlna. John Mullick sand,, house man at the Pan Handle shops.is sick. John Truman the veteran Pan Handle engineer is on the sick list. Pan Handle, fireman Joe Minneman is off duty on account of a sprained ankle. . W. M. Matth'ewa shipped a car load of fine horses to Boston yesterday over the Wabash. '"':;, Pan Handle freight engine 490 is being, con verted into a switch engine and will do service in the Chicago yards. '••'''• • The Pan Handle road announces a cheap rate for the Butler county,Ohio, fair to be held in Hamilton. Oct. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. . .-•".; Pan. Handle engine B has been repaired and was returned to Elwood yesterday evening. Engine 35S will be brought back for repairs. Wabash engine 174 which went through a culvert at Kellers last July causing the death of five persons has been rebuilt and is on the road again The Pan Handle steam shovel working at Anoka broke down yesterday afternoon and was brought in for repairs caueing the idleness ot the workmen. The Wabash has received this week four new Rhode Island engines of superior workmanship, equipped with the latest mechanical improvements. Two were received yesterday and are now in tne Fort Wayne shops being set'up. . .. Smoke consumers are being "supplied to Pan Handle engines'at "the rate of two a day. These consumers are giving excellent satisfaction, doing their work well, without keeping the engine from steaming like many other kinds do. . . The "Car Inspector's' Journal." is the latest railroad publication that has shied its castor ia the .journalistic arena. It is published at Pittsburg, Pa., by the Car Inspectors'Protective Association of which organization it is the official organ. Jt is ably edited and will do a great amount of good among car men. Success to. it. There are indications -Jf trouble between the engine men of the Chicago & Erie railway and the company. The chairman .of the adjustment committee of the Erie system , in Huntington and a meeting was held Tuesday night which continued in session past midnight. -The trouble is between assistant Superintendant of Motive Power Piggins and the engine men, and grows out of the removal of Master Mechanic JLawes. It is understood a commutes, will go to New York to-morrow, and lay the matter before the general officers. Among tbe" recent applications for space in the transportation buildings of. the World's Fair, is one from Elk hart, Ind., for an- automatic block system of signals for railroads,.--and in connection therewith-* an automatic alarm for the protection, of trains where washouts have occurred .at bridges and culverts. The inventor wishes to use a- model of a railroad, with small locomotive /and cars, operating the signals as "-.they- run. At intervals a washout will be : shown 'at a bridge and culvert, where very small torpedoes will be automatically placed on each rail at a .distance that,:.will represent a mile each.'wsjy, and'their explosion will announce the threatened danger. Indianapolis Journal: The pro jectors of the Indianapolis, Logansport & Chicago road are disappointed that the citizens of Indianapolis do not take more interest in their enterprise, and are disposed to fight its entrance into the city. The projectors should bear in mind that the opposition co'mes FREE-THIS WEEK ONLY. Oak Chairs for Everybody. Real Japanese Cups and Saucers for Ladiea Folding' Vest-pocket Comb, Case and Mirror for Men. Beautiful Bound Books for Big Children. Iron Tqps and Flying Kites for the Boys. Sh ° eS thi$ W6ek ' Value de P e ' ndin S u P o n amount of sale We adopt this plan to attract the people instead of givmg are opening. Our stock is now complete; inspection solicited. ' SHOE DEPARTMENT. ground it would get into the city,- or property holders who feel that it is too near their premises to benefit them, and if the road is to be located through their properties, naturally -they will oppose it. But, laying this aside, the company has not .sought advice from any of the leading business men, or had an Indianapolis attorney or enterprising citizen to work up a feeling in favor of the road. In speaking of this matter last evening, a railroad attorney, and one well informed as to the difficulties in getting into Indianapolis, remarked that the right thing ' for the I. L. & C, people to do was to'build to some point in North Indianapolis and then utilize the Belt road to reach some one of the roads now running into the Union station. This being a new -idea, a Journal , reporter had a talk with a general officer of the-Big Four, which .now, controls the Belt road from North Indianapolis to a connection with other roads coming in. from the West Side, as to the feasibility of the I, L. C. using., their tracks to get into Indianapkis. Said the official: "That is just what they want to do. Their line will'not be a competitor of ours, /or the present, at least, and naturally they will get. a. good deal of business from the Big Four in return for any business 1 the load might give the Big Four at Indianapolis, and I am very coufident-that a traffic agreement ic.ould be made between the two" companies Indiana, and this first dance given by them promises to be the success it deserves.to be. Ii will attract representatives of labor from all over the State, and promises to be the big dance of the season. PARIS T/ielr Immense POSTMEN. IVorJe and Tlielr Small Piiy. The Paris postmen have lately had unu some attention paid to their condition _v v by the government, and it has brought ' ' their hard Jabors and many virtues to light In all there are 1,862 men working- on the seven daily distributions of the mail in the great capital. These are divided into three classes—one for old.Paris, one for the annexed districts ness men, the police, every class or persons use this handy little card, which rarely takes more than half an hour in*, transit from point to point. Many large: business houses use hundreds of thens. daily. The printed matter postmen have the> hardest v.-orlc and are paid the least- Some of the loads which they carry are- tremendous. They deliver a million,, prospectuses in a singie morning, froitt to end of Paris, xvith perfect ease. and one for printed matter. The whole which would not be oppressive to. the new company and would yield a reason able sum to the Big Four for such terminal faolities... If the officers o the Indianapolis, Logansport «£.'Chicago will look into, the matter they will find that itv*would cost .that company less per annum .to,-use.our tracks within the city limits, than would be the interest the .company would be obliged to pay on the sum of money which wou'd be required to purchase a right of way from the city limits to the union tracks. 1 ' city is divided into "sections," which in turn are subdivided into "quarters," each of which is served by four postmen. ,. P ;ln 's is the city par" excellence of "tips, 51 and the poor postmen, who get Only three hundred dollars salaries annually,, receive about the same sum in gratuities. They go after them with energy, and woe to the business house or private person who does not tip them well once a year. One man in each quarter is delegated to look after the etiennes, or New Year's gifts, and in some banks and rich mansions he often gets hundred dollar bills as gifts. ; In the commercial quarters of Paris alone more than five millions of registered letters were distributed last year, and every postman who delivered one received a two cent fee for it. This made quite a handsome addition to their salaries. The postmen distribute about 050,000,- Curo in Small Tiling*. The elderly woman is too apt to think that her appearance is not of any importance, and she neglects the small belongings of dress, wearing a badly-made- shoe, too often ill-fitting gloves, hand.- kerchief s that are neither fine nor pretty' and a neck-dressing that has nothing to recommend it, unless some one should approve of slovenliness. Young-women can afford to dress plainly, but it is the women who are elderly who have a, right to the elaborate and rich clothes. We are very apt to conclude that what, the mother is the daughter will be, and when a young girl elaborately gowned is seen with a mother dressed in the most dowdy fashion the conclusion is quickly reached that at her age the daughter will resemble the mother. This may be true or not, but it is injustice to the girl, and more -than wrong- • in the mother not to be as young- in. heart a-nd appearance as she possibly ca -n.—Ladies' Home Journal. from property holders through whose Hamilton Heights In Court . Ssterday the attention of the court as taken, up by a hearing of another ise in which nearly the entire popu- tibd of Hamilton Heights figured as itnesses. This -was the case of Mary jolUas vs Gertrude Hartz, surety of feaca brought on appeal from Justice fender's court. A change of venue joss taken from Judge McConnell and fe case was heard by George W. ink and a jury. The case closed ipnt 6 o'clock and the jury retired to osider the law and the evidence. e decision will be heard this morn- rust come and look at the $9.98 ss patterns, at the Golden Rule. >ne plain drunk appeared before • Honor yesterday morning. fcaa.*'^ v -• * ; ' : • ' American Association. LOGANSPORT RACES, NEXT WEEK. OCTOBER 5th, 6th and 7th. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY aid FRIDAY : ' On the Fair Ground Track. JoIinston'M Appointment^. Judge William Johnston Republican candidate for congre-s will speak in Cass county in October as follows: Royal Center, Monday 10th, ar, 7:30 p. in. New Waverly. Tuesday nth, at 7:30 p. m. Walnut Grove school house, Wednei- day 12tb. at 2 p. m. Young America, Thursday 13th at 2 p. m. Galvestoa, Thursday 13tb. at 7 p. ra. Walton, Friday 14th, at 7:30.p. ra. Logansport, Saturday loth,' .at 7.:3 p. m. 000 of pieces of mail matter every year in Paris. The first delivery is before eight o'clock in the morning, and the last is at a quarter before ten at night. This is at every private house in the remotest quarter as well as in the business section.' The postmen are carried to their beats from the general and quarter post offices in huge omnibuses drawn by white stallions, which get over the ground at a tremendous rate. This hurrying 'bus, with the gaily uniformed postmen jumping out of it right and left as they reach their points of delivery, is one of the curious sights of Paris, The 'bus picks the men up when their beat is finished. The various sub-offices are connected with the central pneumatic dispatch station. In all of them, and in ci"-ar itores, one may buy the telegraph post card (open, 6 cents: closed, 10 cents), which will be sent by pneumatic tube o the point nearest its destination, and or the rest of the way by special messenger. This service is so perfect as almost entirely to supersede telegraohic messages within Paris. Actors, managers, professors, busi- SIX POINTS, out of many, -where Doctor Pierce's Pellets, are better than Other pills: 1. They're the smallest, and easiest to take— little, sugarcoated granules that every child takes readily. 2. They're perfectly easy in, their action—no griping, no disturbance. 3. Their effects last. There's no- reaction afterwards. They regulate or cleanse the system, according to size of dose. . t 4 4. They're the cheapest, for they're' guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your, money is returned. You pay only for; the good- you get. ... i 5. Put up in glass—are always fresh,' 6. They cure Constipation, Indices 1 tion. Bilious Attacks, Sick or Bilious Headaches, nnd all derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels. ib Bicycle riders don't forget that Journal's gold medal road race take place next Tuesday. Enter you names for the race and make an effor for the possession of the beautifu medal. Already entries have, been made which insure an interesting and exciting race and tbe more the merrier. Yesterday in a trial s over ihc course C. W. Burg-own made J-t in 38 mioir.es, from \';\,- --town, pump" ai Koral Center ?•<• :i ; office. This is w. roinr.'" ;..-.- tbe ssdvertised n-.cor •.,••.•< >• •--. that or: ntrxs Tuesday the re. be lo-.verird by several Xllii- JLau.-drj- Girls Will Wauce. The Logansport Laundry Girls Jjhion No. 5083, have issued invitations for their'o-raod initiator.!, balrto be given at tne B-oudwuy riolc, Wednesday evening. October 19th.„ Tae Lagan'I" port Lf.uodrv- Girls' Union is the only union of wozen workers in Northern OREST 'AND BEST LESS THAN HALF THE- PRICE-OP OTH&R BRANDS -rPOUNDS,20*-{- HALVES 10* QUARTER^ SOLD IN CANS ONLY Storage Room; FOR RENT. \ In Reap of Ppyop's1 Drugstore. ' FREE LADING ROOM,) Open Daily and Evening 8£f3Ot Welco AIL Reading Boom each month. u.n-ajins of tbe Free 'lj;.-i; Tu^daj ol

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