The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1951
Page 10
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TAGE TEN BLYTHEV1U-E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, White House Cancels Truman-Cocke Meeting Because of 'Statement' WASHINGTON, April II. <AP>-The White House said yesterday it cancelled an appointment for National Legion Commander Erie Cocke, Jr., beeause Cocke first publicly announced what IIP planned to (ell President Tininnn—thai he supports Gen. Douglas MaeArtlinr's controversial position on Far Eastern policy. Tills eliminated Hie need for Iliej conference which had been set fo r noon today, the White Mouse said. Presidential Secretary Joseph Short tolri a news conference: "At. 10:30 o'clock Monday morn- Ing, Mr. Cocke called Mr. Connelly's (Pies,it!emiM Appoininw'U- Secretary Matthew ,1. Connelly) office asking for nn appointment, statin!! he had just returned from Rome nnd wanted lo sre the President he- i fore making any statement to thcj press. I "A couple of hours later Ihete ap- ( pearert on the news tickers interviews i by Mr. Cocke in which lie informed reporters what lie wns coinc to teil the President. At that sioini, it seemed unnecessary for him lo have Hie appointment. The appointment was cancelled. 1 ' Cocke sairi yesterday lie supj>orlcfl Gen. Douchis MacArlhur's proposal to nso Chinese. Nationalist troops against ihe Chinese Cominunisls. Meanwhile the White House continued to decline, to comment on Die controversy over MacArthur's proposal. m:ide in a lelter to Republican Floor leader Martin of Massachusetts. Short replied "no comment" when asked if Mr. Truman intends to rebuke, MacArthur. Pressed for an answer. Short said"J have ijo comment. That, will be my answer lo nny question you have on lhat subject." Norman ijOdee. Legion spokesman, said Cocke may have a statement Inier. to Joseph Pulitzer's Memory Unveiled in New York THF WHOLESALE PRICE PICTURE—The Ncwschsirt nhnvo compares \vlm!e?;i!o prices nl thrc-n eriticnl dnles. nircordtnK to the Purrjiu ol Labor StMirVic?. TnUin^ nil H)3f> price* nr. 100, farm pyttrtucfs — which j!ot n big jump on other commodities in World \\'-tr Il-hnrl risen In I'SiT^when (ho government's .Innunry \v;»fic-price (reeve wont into cffi'd. iVi'»ii-f;irin prnclncir. :-ti'fi(I i<\ '.I- 1 -! Him, v.h'le ml commodities combined were nl - 1 .:l^. from pro-Korea 1o pri'-o frrr-/.o, whf-k :;i!i- i.iiin pnres ro:-;c a.>mu 17 per cent, \vtuic all conumjtlilitrs w-? 15 per ccul. -hs NEW YORK, April U. <*P>—A bronze plaque in memory ol Joseph Pulit?.er, newspaper editor, was tin- . veiled in the foyer of thn Columbia Graduate School of Journalism yesterday on his 101th birth anniversary. \ Mayor Vincent R- Impelliltrt'i j lauded Pulitzer's journalistic and civic contribution!;, his endowing of {.he journalism school and his establishment nf the Pulitzer pri7.cs. A paragraph written by Pulitzer in 1004 appears on the plaque. Carl \V. Ackcrman, dean of the journalism .school, said Ihc words were as binding upon newspapermen! as the Hippocratic oath is upon doctors. The paragraph: 'Our republic and its press will ripe or fall together. An able, di*- Jiitcrepfed. public spirited press, wilh 'i ^-icd Imelliurncc 10 know the richt, and conrase tn do it, can pre•>i.. i, i' ih;ii public virtue without which popular em-em men I is a sham nnd a mockery. A cynicrtl, will prnrluce in lime a people n.s baso a.s itself. The power tn mold the future of thn republic- v>"iH bf* in the nnnds of the journalists r>f future The plaque was prr.srntcd hy the editor's sot), .Joseph Pulitzer,' preM- it, and publisher of the HI. Louis Post-Dispatch. The National eOo^raphic Socipt.y says Sarajevo, enpital of the Yugo- slnv stale of Bosnia, has become a mamifartmine center. iCorrespondents in /Core;/ Bzcsnr,? '( lie Homeless, Eight-Ye:tr-Q!d 'Huvy Long' I\y MAI* HOVI.K ' YORK. M'l — Of nil Hie ifls of homclcs.s childIPH in Korea thr one I cnn'l foraet is Hnoy i-jone. He Inohcd likr a wrrpinc pcr-'-iMi- mon with n cicw haircut, thn first tinit; I snw him Ilir 1 nieht thr Anict- ican nrmy pulled back In touch burning Seoul in early January. Dwiphl Martin, nnoihcr rorn 1 - sponrient, and I wore (ourlny t'tr riaikc-nctl riiy, It, was lit only by a half-doxcn acre-wide fjrrs. floor n[ Ilin rr<min»ncl pn'l oi ihp.lrm hy n r-iar!- itln fiir. ilion to:o ui> 2"th RcRlmont uilh liis m'ni'.h full. :i hlin'iM :i!:<l ivrnppcfl U around nf nrarkois. Tlir> next clny n-^ \vp iii'- fcot. made n farewell drive- nrrnmi Ibu II V.:* « i -.irKr-ho'ir ridn ilii'mrjh llcsnn to siver vio'lenlly. 'I'll' 1 i-llild's , rnnip nt. 'f'nrail. Hllry went '.vuholl'. hn'rc tors were slirkii'B ihi'iimli * * -vliinrirr. i:verv "ll'i: in a wiilli- tcnr In Ills rubber boots, hvir he Had i lie would iiokc lii- liP^d out of tin luill nnd sine a lew c-nakhes "t | My IMllin" Clrnientlnr" snrt tllcnj sink Dark and (nil asleep i Iluey Immediately t>ecamr Hie i>« ; anrt autocrat of the press ramp. He al>o iicciuired sonic new nlrknamcs! .-.-rhe Cinnamon Kid." "LiUlc Pot' lirllv." and "Charlie Company." When "Oncln Dwiaht" went in t Tokyo. "Oncle Haul 11 —as tin called ' me—hfitl lo lake over as Irx'ter lather. He w,is a hard child to hati-t die 'rluoueh interpreters tie to!d us Hint, his fatllc-r had died. his. mother had heel) killed in nn allied] bombing raid, and lie hnd hcen iwt into an orplinnace hut. had run nv.ny from U LU'lte, i I,lie. had made him independent j nnd self-reliant beyond his years.'. We hiul stufled one of his pockets: with Korean currenry. On is day. an^ry brcau^e I had been too biisy] to buy him a new suit, he stomped: into town l>y liimselt ami bought one fnr' ST.SO Lat«r. out o[ rurlo*- itv. I ni'lccd one exactly like it, and rl'e stioiikrppnr watl'cd M5. Little. H"ey had been .1 sharp brmtatncr. ; Bedtime \v;i<i ahvays .it'irmy. Us- u.illv two COLtcpponrienls finally had In pick him up hy force and rjairy him spreadea'jle style to hU cot. But in the mornine our \itile man: al 1 .va\'s t)?i ame a Soncsnme. affec- • iliinnlf little bov aijain. He s"t U|>' bo'fire the birds. He would try to- rravvl into our bedrolls to srmgelc. j Tiifii he would 20 around and pat ' r;>rh ."-Iceiiinc coi-respondent on the ; rhr^k nr'U'tiii? "i!? 1 !!" where"cr tie' ''• Tlirn he would beglu lo sins, ovci and over: ' 'Jesus loves me. this I know. "For the Ilihle tells me so." Alter an hour ol this, even the -iToirsr iicwsmmi decided it war- iinie to cet up and face an Army breakfast ridii^-hl Own Tnod it, was impos.sible to regulate 'Tuey's di"t \Vhenevcr Ameiican [ood rnarie. him sic'K. lie'fl ( jo into rown Korean food. He liked (o cook [or himself. One mornins friends—other "new oncles"—smug- lie boiled seven eges and two sweet Uled Huey into an orphanage sup- poUlncs—and ate them all. Alter ported by U.S, soldiers. He seemed he survived fhat. we decided lie happy there for a few days. But re- knew more about his stomach than cemly I pot a letter saying , VP di( | I "Huey has run of! aealn. And Iluey rarely called mr- by namc.ilhe orphanaKC staff say they don't He'd just as'k one of the' Korean I know what to no with Wm U they Imusetioys -Where's my Amei lean?" i cet him back. He was beginning lo He retarded me as his personal property. I became so loud oi Huey Long I decided to Iry lo adopt, him leeally pay too much attention (o Ihc little At last reports "The Cinnamon Kid" was still AWOIj. And now 1 decided to Iry lo adopt, him icBany. ^>" »">• »"" n.,v>«. ..-• - An Army chaplain talked me out wish I had brought him home He ol It I was a wonderful litllc alarm clock. "If you lake him to America, he [ I miss his birdlike pat on the chctk will be on exhibition all his life, It J in the mornlnc. And my conscience is belter for him that he stay here] tells me 1 should have done moi,- with hi.s own people." f°i him, When I left, Iluey wept- a little. Before \vc rorie out to the. alvfijid, he complained: "All my nev,' onclcs 20 away and j die They must die, because they j don't come back." I But I had bought him a new pair of leather bools. and lie liked them very much. A few weeks later correspon POPS SO SOCRtSPfSorASTVI I&IY; Good Nitrate Fertilizer 1 will have a fiir of Calcium Ammonium Nifrnie_ here nf.\l week. II .contains 2().5'> nitrogen :ui(i Ihc price is 572.0(1 pel Urn, F.O.B.. IJlylhuvillu. Paul D. Foster, Distributor Phones 3418-3153 BlytheviHe, Ark. FOR THE BOYS IN GRAY—This! ihrcc-ccnt stamp, commemorating the final reunion of Ihc Untted Confederate Vfftjrans, will , be placed on sale first in Norfolk, V.i., on May 30, the rjujcnJng day • of the reunion, The gray stamp depicts a Confederate I'tlo'an as h* is today arxJ as he appeared as a youth 85 years ago. ThhT arc seven known surviving Confederate veterans. On the stops of city hall sionrl " I .-small forlorn hoy. all alone wcepinp bitter Ly, landed f.rnoj] trucks ronrM i),v, Arross Iho \vav pililul croups nl plorfUiiiB velviRCOJ wcrro outlinrri (icarnst the flames collap^iiiK .strpctfrouts. Wr IwUrd nnr Jeep find talkrd Uif ciylim hoy. 'I'cars .U'ltrd from hl.s eyes like water frnni n iny He spnkrr a few words of Ki , tip lifitl picked up from v>l<!i[-rs. He let u.s know Lhat lie was eight yenrs nld nnd nu nrphan. When we askrd him his name h<- snid: '•Hone: Ku He." Rii-lil jiwny WT, decided IliaL Huey Lone was t^Mer tn rrmcmhcr than Ku HP, and Huey Long he hrcame. What could we do with him? If wr drove nff. we lell he would die of starvation. But- no rrMucrc family wanted HIP burden nf a .Hnncc child In that desperate hour. There was im polic-r- stal.Lon to Likr* him to—tlio natUT police u ere already on (\\v, marrhing 5oulh. n\s-ii:h(, whn has children of his mvn, finally sighed and paid: "Jump in, kid. 1 ' Hr rlimhed into t.lie -'eep. we .swaddled him In a bhnJcr-l, and tlie frars sf.opiied n~ if hy mapir. BRAINIEST Place Under 'she American Tlag/ Mcninl Waialcle, Hawaii, where the annual rainfall -— is over 4SO inches ""sX a year.' r- -when building or remodelling your home, an extra bathroom, stall shovjcr or downstairs lavatory will provide much, greater comfort and convenience. MEW "SAFETY-TLOW RIDE"—stability and salcty never iio.^^ible before! Even when you unexpectedly encounter violent, bumps, dips, waves, or holes In the road, you enjoy a smooth and steady motion. You have complete control of the car at all times. "Safety-Flow Kide" comes Irom new Onflow shock absorbers working with other engineering features. WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity IT FREELY' It 1 I%|M 9m IM I • Water Co. Blytheviib, Ark, HEW ELECTRIC WlflDSHltlO WIPfRS, unlike v.-ic'iMin vvipfrs.cIc.iiiR'. i ! '.M. i<":-:ii<:t speed, o\rn \vlim the rncine !" inirlrr n h'^.n-.' l",-,ri. Tliryrr si,iud,iid cijiniiincn 1 ••'•'> »'i'b ihi-in .'."'<'ie lint rcqinrrri (o buy » v.n-uuni h"-.-.!rT. You rmiiy liritrr viMon .ill nvw.ixl '.M' V .\ i\.<vi"'J'fr ti"«t corner posl^:- and a ISTr I^r(;cr ic.n \\mciuw. NEW BUMPERS. GRILLE, HOOD. Tlic Inw- ?'.\rcplilg new hood jicrnuls a better ^ - iew of (he rlo.-e to the far. Individual grille units src rrpl.trc.-'blp. so yon rion t nrrd a whole lifu gnllE i' only one pnrl Is dam^ced. Also, all four trwlcrii nvo. hnltrd OM; they cost IOM to repair or rcphicc than lender; which arc [>arU o! the botly. NEW INSTRUMENT fANEL AND HAND BRAKE. The new vertical-grain dash harmonises «ith a variety of rich interior fabrics and trim. The new "T-hanrtle" hand brake pulls easily. s«?Ls pfk'ilivcly. and releases at a turn of the handle. The icnuion Key docs three thinzs at once: turn-; on the ignition, starU (he, cueing, aixtt nuu I tie automatic clioke in operation 1 HEW ENGINE FEATURES. A tirwr rartlator pre,v-\irr rnp Intrr^j r-^litis capacity \vhrn yn'; need It mosl snrt also help? keep i.he or flntl-free?,R Irom bollinc away. A new by-p.i:.> cnoh sy-.irni. 5=(,Ttirinrri nn all modrls. gives fa^t warm-up and yrt diTulntes tl;c coolant w that Ilic enpine is fully pmtcr'ed uuclor nil *t art Ins; and arivitip condilions. AND MOJiC GOOD NEWS-AT YOUR PLYMOUTH OEftUR'S Tliis doesn't even begin to lell you ihe Piymoulh Volue Slory. Your Plymouth Hcnlcr wnnK lo fell you more, ond he'd like lo demon^iafe Ihc sensolional new "Sa?c(y-f low Ride," So why nol slop in, or phone him. Today or totr.orrow? irr-n tf CHRY31ER C

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