The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1939
Page 4
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,fAGE FOU1 BLYTHEVILLEj (ARK.) COURIER NEWS - THE BLYTHETILLE OQUBIEB NEWS • TH* OOOSOM jonrt ocf, ' ' '"•". ^ •.:W: ,HAMR. WMhber ;> " J. ORAHAJI-8TOBVRY, Editor ' ' f feAKCIL P. NOBRIB, Advertising Manager J ,*-.< r I-l -Jt S- - •" _ • •-. aoh NiUao*] AdrcrtttOf Aifautti IMiiei, toe's New York, Chicago, D*' Uwb, DdOw, KMZSU Cttr, MempbJt , f I^iblMied Brerj ^Afitrnooo Except 8umJ»y Jbttcr^d iw cecoixi ciiss 'nutter »t the po>t- «m« »t B)yUwvUl«, ArUuu, under Kt ot Cooirm,-October », 18)1. "" <• " ' Served tiy the,United rrea« r ' < SUBSCRIPTION HAg By cirrltr In tht City ol BlythevUle, I6e per •eekj or 65c per montl\ By pikll, irithln a rtdlus of M miles, 131» per Ttir, $150 for tli months, 76c for three months; l>y mall In.poeta] zones t»o to »lx Inclusive, f680 ( per year; In zonej seven and eight, 110.00 per year, payable In adi&nce. Tie A Siring 611 Your Finger Payment of poll ta\ by October 1 of this year \till be necfcbsaij' in ovcicr to' be eligible to vote in 1040 general mid piimary election's and it wovikl be well for every citizen to pay bis poll ta^ loiig before that date or make a note to lemind him of the (leadline and place it where it will be noticed. Given a few mouths (ime our attention will tfc distracted by olhei matters ordinarily Anil most of us will probably forget that the period for payment has been extended from June J5 lo October 1. But payment after October i (or as in the past during eaily 19JO) will not pfermit the payer to vote in 19 io. It would be "well to ^ttikc payment, wlille the change in the law is still bomparatively new. X fi '" '' Reaching New Peaks The ilultistriiii things that arc most interesting to watch days (ire the ministries tliflt are reachiitg all- fa'me highs. Not (he ones that are laboriously clinibiiig back townd something like ii)29 peaks, but llibse wliich are each }'ear reaching higher totals than ever before. The fuLuic is ap- iiareiitiy in their handg. •< Uayon is such a field. In 1038, pro-- deletion'throughout the world bioko all- records, as it has been' doing each year for some time. Thai is one of the industries which is already far beyond '- 1929, levels,- and gaining each year. And yet'it is one in which the United " States finds itself third in world pib- duction. Japan is Ihst, Germany second, wilh United States production third, scarcely more than half thai of Japan, and barely ahead of that of Italy. In fields like this one, which is obviously growing and reaching new high totals each year, it is not pleasant to iilid the United Stales in thin! place. Hail, Taxpayer You Have only 16 think of the long squabble over Iloov'ei- Dam, or Boulder Dam, or Vj'halever it has bc'en finally' decided to call it, to r.eatizc what a great man is James B'oyd, chairman of the high school board of trustees at Willows, Calif. Wo are so iibcd to .seeing public ol- ficials endow public works wilh then- own deathless names that Boyd's heroic act stands out like a willow tree in a celery patch. yd, you see, had a good deal to do with naming the school boai'd's new allilelic field. Did ho come out with Boyd Field? Not he. Said Bdyd: "The taxpayers put up the money. We'll call it Taxpayers' Field." It lias taken ii.loiig time. But at last the count) y is to have its memorial to the Forgotten Taxpayer. Publication In this column of editoil&u from other neaspaperj <lc*s not necessarily tneah endorsement but Is an acknowledgment 6£ interest In the subjects discussed. While Tourihg Missouri Dropping df.n'fcvr symbolical names such hr, Truth. Ark., Vcniis. S. p., ntid Utopian, knii., fiom the United Stales Official Postal Guide Is noted with regret by flic National Geographic Society. ' However,' Missouri nlone still has »u nl/mtdarice of placd-nnmes lii atlns nnd I'mUil Guide rich ih sbclolbgical, historical and philological connotations. • . Sliannbn Cbutily, for example, hns Flip, Not, Congo, Sinkln, Venice, Low Wasslc, Owls Bend, Gang, ink. Alley and Eminence hidden away In -Its confines. Cnindcii County, famous for Nonsuch, Only, Hoach and £cbm, has only' Roach to Its credit In iiie Postal Guide, Douglas Coiinly is" wllhoiit Witty anil Oinbii now Ijnt •rclalns Cross iloiuls. Hojie and l-'recilom c'oiiie logcthc'r !u Osiigc COUULy, but Fi-ankcnStein aiii! Judge are not iri Hie Guide, in Dent, County there me Boss, Doss, Joy,' Jack niul Turtle, with Glla nnd Ark missing. Viiibaii, qillte-(ipprbprliitriy, still Is in iron Comity, and so nib Minimum nnd Chloride. Prohibition aiul. Gainiha have (lisnppbiircd froinl Monlgomcry Coimly as posloFflces, but T3mtr-j lidii has not, been takeii away from IVanttlltiS Coiiniy, nor bcita from 'diip'c Girriidbaii. Pi'bs- iicijty Is Jipt cVeti nroiiinl llio coMiei 1 aiiy ihbi'c lit Jiisiier County, According to ihc I'oslnl du'Mc, tint there's n biainoiui| in Newton. The'. joiirncyinnii priiitcr who (jSvc Stet (a prlitlliig teiiti mcnnliig "let It strincT'j riiid Quote to Carl-oil County no\y iins only tiib fornici- to ,lils credit. Ami Peculiar, bnss Coijnty, rcmaiiis unique In the- United'.States. Vtciiy and Safe Krc still accmiilccl to Miii-lbs County, biii Pay- dbwii, Vbinis, Brba'dwiiy,;- : TQvcr)i ailii Veto are libt in the Guide.. P'titiiaiii Cbiiiity lin's Lciiibhs nnil Pemincbt, hns pencil Circhard. There's a cy- cicihc iii Mcbotiiiid ami;'n iiurricaiic in Boillii- B«'. Amy liils'.ieft.Howcii Coimly, Ijut Curcall remains, nutter • Comity hns suffered n heavy Ires since Geltis, ilex, Nyssn nnri Qiicrcus, all jowiis ' jiniric'd with ' IJolanlcnl designations for irces. Iiiive |iractlcai|y. fncicrt' nwiiy, wltii only Faeiis rcMiiliilng In the Giiltic. ^Aiul hs for fanibii's cities—there's Roiue, Pnrls, •'-. New, London,-. Atlanta, .Trb'y, Hannibal, Yiitoii, Pliiiiiciclpiitii, bnrthasc, Dostoii, Bclgraile, cnlro rind Hcreiilhnbiihi. il migiit be well lo eii'ti wltli Brngeadoclo In Pcmiscot, County niul i«lcl that Missouri is not •boiisltng in ofTcrliig this conso- laliori to Ihe National. Geographic Society. —SI. Ijdu'ts Pbst-blsp'hlch. so THEY SAY; Aballilbiniicnt of co-braiiwiccl thinking j>aves the way for Fascism mid revolution— Dr. Edwin E. Aubrey,, Chicago -university thcplbglst. .•'•*.' • •*•'•; * Other shiECis mlyhl well lake some hints from Blng Crosby.-fjr, .Walter Damvoscli, orclicstra cbnduclpr. , ••'••'•'• . compi-oiiilsc is the only eh'ccllve lactic In lliis dlsbrdDi-cd clvlll'wllon.— Dr. Edwin S. hiil-'d'bll, dlrVctor, Caoiicr biifoh. . •».-.» « II Is ' cncoWEliijs .to fiht! oiiraol'ves no vvbrac off lliriii we hi'c after six 'years of attack by the government of Hie most powerful nation on caHli.-Cliniics. 'W. Kellogg, president, Edison Electric HistUiiic. * *'•*•• De-sides, It Isn't .the kliipS we hnvc to wbh-y about today. It's •llic.diclntor^— Mihvankcc^ Socialist, mayor, ban Hoan, lii deciding to gi-'cH Crdwrt Princ'c Olav of Norway. : JvJNE : _24j; 1939 SIDE GLANCES by Ga/braith "Ali, {{cc^-ilo J liiiyrj to' kiss the brkic?' Isn't it enough . tliat sljti jr 0 ! my LroiJicr?"' : _ji, - THIS CURIOUS WORLD — • . , ,'• • * .^* -*- -W - -»^J _ ^ ; COFR. I9J9 fllf HEA SERVICE.INC. , *'V*V T,M.HEau.S.WT,OFr. ' ''•' '3 . OjZ- W ' N J. Q. PUDVV ALIGHT VEX Z.O. BURK'S A THAT CONTAINS Al_[_ L.E.TTERS OF TrHE . • ALPHAfSET, WITH KjcDNie REPEATED. ANSWER. Dog days usually arc considered as beginning on July 3, and continuing for 40 days, until Aug. 11. • • • NEXT: Haw much light would a'sky full of moons give? Fox Terrier Demonstrates Ability at Mathematics liiciitiiucTo. N. n. (DPI— AI- tvccl S. Dccrs owns n clog thai can ic'owil.; add nnd siibtrncl-. I For Ihc benefit, of skeptics, Deprs has a repcrlolrc of niatlicniaUcR.l stunts .that his fox terrier can do. | When he nsk.s, "What Is four from • six?" the dog barks twice, and |gli-es the answers' lo other prob- 1 lems In the same wny. '. The hlghllsht or Hie pcrform- nnce is \vheli lift owner shows Ihc "dog any .card 'from the .deck ami risks Mini what ,iHmfh'c,r' .It' bears. The | dog barks as many Units as .thbrc iirc siio'ls" On' the 1 card,' then walks oy'pr! to a chair, where the Heck is' sprea'd 'but iiiltl nittlgcs one of the cards,of the .sainc suit.' SAN FRANCISCO (UP): — The Golden Gate Park Of this city lias Us first riair ••. of bulfnlo twins. They we're about a yard long mul two- feel higri, and they tipped i the -scales at <iD pounds. WELL, AT LAST I HWETHE ^.novw, PROOF Of- JUST HOW U3WG IT TAKES SOUUO TO REACH SOUR. BRAlM AFTER. fT^eOES IMTO VOUR EARS/ I ASK VCU "*" ""JT UP THE SCREEM TXX2K. AMD WJ& UP THE STORM DOOR..' REMEMBER, IT WAS EXACTLY SIX ~ - • - vVHEM I ASHED VOU TO FW MRTH5 STORM KJDRj By J. R. Williams OUB BOARDING HOUSE~| .with'liijor'.Hooplc HfVM PROFESSOR PRWTLE If •^--HAR-R-RdMPH/I WOULD ^ DEEM .if A GREAT PEPSOWAU FAVOR IP I A\bHT SORROW VOUR IRREPRESSISLE PEKCV FOR THE AF TE RMOOM/ AHEM' SdMEOFTHE UEI6HBOR CHlLDftEW HWE.BEEW ASKING ABOUT THE CLEVER LITTLE STCXX3S, FAR, FAR. 1 YAS/ AMD I MAV RECALL EMOUfiH OF'THE COURSE 1 \M VE'MTRILOQUl'SM I ' > 10DK AT THE UkJiVERSiTV . OF EDINBURGH TO SSG'Jiue. THEM POR ft,' HApPV'- HALP ' HOUR OR -SO f. VERY WELL, IP YOU TO T/XKE ' &OOOCARE A.MO DOJO'T FEED MIM HARD POR , A TO - MOfJE O' DAT C/-/EAP'** Y6a Gor ' / 7 MA SHIRT' YOL/K /foo.'.t,'e/Tft&RI 4=^^i^£az^aiz^i^-' TWAT e^llLDFJEW's HOUR GA& R(\.GS LIKE A tEAP ' QUARTER TO ME/THE PROP 15 A.S DUMB AS A : MOTH I'M A SUIT OF ARMOR! • IT'S MY GUESS H6'LL ' MAVE'.TC*. RAMSOMFERCV 5EE A • SERIAL STORY BRIDE ON A BUDGET,;,«*£ NtA »I«vici. INC. yoiffrdHJ-i, Bart need* aiof* nytiey; expand* hi* liu*liif»li—«»n credit, 'I'kvy KO on a TncntloM uiul honerttio«a thut. ITln Vr.«c» ttfulJf -JentcindM and Kiitt bar* * (MujiioiJtl, jibfo on time! ' . • ' 'CHAPTER IX .....•' '•' IT was a memorable honeymoon, in a way. 1 But then, few honeymoons are ever ordinary or luim- diuiri. Only to Bail, it looked so silly, so phony. nicy drove 200 miles that first day and put up at a smart resorl shore hotel. There was an orchestra playing to a crowded dance floor of smartly garbed resorlers, and Bart was momentarily glad he had given in to Iris' insistence that he buy [he while sharkskin suit and sport shoes. Every woman present wore evening clothes, arid the men wore smart sporls outfits. there wore flowers, loo, while they dined. Iris pointed out that every girl present had a corsage. So when the tray came around, Barl "bought gardenias, knowing li-is wanted them. Knowing she had wanted nothing else on her wedding day. Ariel a honeymoon was prelly closely linked to the wedding day* however delayed it might be. "Might as well do it right," he grinned, handing her the corsage. Iris sparkled. "This is fun, hm, Bart? Aren't you glad you came now, darling? After slaving in that pokey old shop all,these months?" Bart nodded. And dispelled a momentary anxiety lest disaster befall his precious store during his absence. in the morning, Iris wanted to play golf. Not becaiise she was good at it. She frankly adrriitted siie was Ibrrible. Or because Bart . could play any. more than the most desultory o£ duffer's games. But because she had a brand-new sports 'frock termed the "Golf- girl." they rented clubs, and hired a caddy, imtil Iris saw the pro. Then there was nothing lo it. She had to have a few lessons. She was terrible. Her slice was something out of a mail order catalog, and her approach was awful, the pro was 28, Lalin, dark and handsome. He was also cynical, and hard pushed for money. Bart paid, watching with seeth- iiig frustration. But at the b'each, wh'tn \jjby went out to swim and sun-bathe, Iris was by far .the loveliest Tady present. Her thick, .powder blue wool suit, and brief liltle terry ciolh cape, end the bright blue cap she:.iughd,down snug over her platinum hair, Snapping a narrow strap" her saii little' chin/ had halt the smart" resort beach watchjng her, ; It made Batt so proud, so ?nof- iribusly riroud ; of hii bride. O'f knowing she yras hii wife, hot just his girl. That th'ls.was (Heir honeymoon.- ••;. , They lay on the sand, sun-batfi- ing and watching a lifeguard do stunt .dives off, the. spring-board. Watching, Iris turned,away after a while and sighed, She was aii excellent swimriier, 1 'but had never learned anything jfiectacuUr in diving. • . "Want td try sonie of that stuff, honey?" Iris stared at him; startled. Sfie swallowed carefully arid sifted a slender handful of hot white sand over his lean wrist.' "You're kiadir.g, Bar I'' "Kid'airig riijih'ing; you'd have them facing off the sand, at Aya- Ipn Beach", back home, honey. And you , could do thst flip. You're Quick at picking up things like that." "Barf, 'darling,! didn't you see llie sigh oh the lifeguard stand? It says lessons, instruction by the hour, or to suityour purse. Diving extra." "Sure, I know, .jibriiy, 'Go ahead." "Bart, lie's just'the same as a pro, don't ybii see? You'll have to pay him to te'abli me." She didn't add, "and, you'll hate' that; you 1 always hate, paying for anyihirig unless it's absolute necessity." ...... •*.**-. rpHEY spent ; ?S5 for diving .lei• sons, and trie- pro \vSs a peach. Married himself, rife coniided.,TKe little wbrriaii was there with .him. She worked in the main dining room, and bbss'od five' girls. He gave Bart a redileed rate bfecause they were honeymponers, and because Dart's friendly interest moved him. "The wife would" love tb' meet 5'OU folks, I'm sure," he told them, when the lessons were over. Iris managed to execute an imperfect, but nonetheless fairly authentic single jack-knife dive; "You're gbod,' Mrs. \Vhittaker; you. could be a. pro. Only it's a clinch you won't ever have' worry about working." Iris explained to Barf, in their room, while - trmy • changed to normal clothes again. "Just a lifeguard, married to,waitress, Bart. "Nobody you could afford to cultivate." • -.' . Secretly, Bart was dipSppbinted He liked the ex-<-d]lege. ..boy turned lifeguard ta-.vfefeetr.out a summer's existence. He liked tki idea of the girl bossing five girl:, in the dining rb'Crri sti she could be near H«f, htsband. He. icy,,were swell. He said so. , . "What'i wrong V^ith people like that, Iris? ' TKey're swell. And if ifiere were more folks like Bihg- liam and his wife, there'd be less dizzy finance in this world. Peo- pl'd with both' fee't down solidi.ort earth like that, earning 1 their own way and riot goiiig faeyOnd their means .' ..."-. . 'Bart, couldn't you leave your finance arid adding machines behind until we finish our hbriey- rhbonj please?" 'Sorry, 1 ' lie said gruffly. But hi wasn't. He was a trifle mail.. That night, while' Iris dressed for the moonlight dance, lie went dO'wri ahead of her,, and Hunted Bjhgharri tip, offering him a fjtioke, They sat on th'e' running board p£ a sports -car arid smoked and talked. Bart learned .that Ted Bihgriam^was an engineer—lliat is, lie had his degree and \vaa/^ wailing for an assignment, and T liotly, his \vife, was a singer, wilh five years hi the Conservatory o£ Music behind, her. 'She wants to fnake grand obera,, but if we wangle a radio spot -for., her; ive'll be pretty tickled," Ted explained. . ... t * * "DART left him with genuine re- grel. He Iike8 him. more than _..y of fh'e fellows ttie^ palled aYoimdwith at home; John Trent, or Horace Negley, or Don Hammond. He liked Jn'rri. for a fcM- ism, a simple, direct h'biicsty {fiat lie' sSw less and less of,. around ^'iti at.hofrie. . The way Birighafn surveyed his scuffed .crepe sole oifor'ds and said, "Gosli, have . I got to buy another pair of shbcs pretty c/uick; or fee on rny feet .again?" Tlie cbtitras't the .simple statement made to the light, sppinsticat&i ySneer Over everything his friends at home said or did. '• A •-"DSrn," Negley had said, spill-'*' ing cafe an la it down his, new seersucker- suit | front, ."my favorite Saturday night pants, loo.".-. As if-lie had a-aoz'ert at home; as if any; brie .pair.of trbusers were that cheap cibth,- jib. I told you it;WOiiiH IcKik avvfu't on yob. Seer- sUcker is for flat, ti'iin rhe'h. Like BSrt.';; . ; - ';....• ... •'.-'••''• "Where were you, iJart?" iris ' ,,... "I fpfgot to lock the ; car," BJirt said gravely. .Knowing he'3 .fib cerisiiffed petuipntly', for cayajliiiig 1 even y conv.ersatibn3Hy .-with lifeguards.;':- Exf cojlcgeJ Halfbacfci'''cub engineEr Jifeguards. : Iris"J didn't approve.., ... : (To fe Continued) * THE FAMILY DOCTOR Co-Oitlihaiioii di' Mtlscle Coiiirol Fiirst Signs of Baby's Dawning UY nn. Mbiiiiis FISHBEIN ; Editor, Journal of the American Me d i c a I AssbdaUdh, ami of liyg'cia, the Health Magazine Tliis is Hie first of a series if four articles by Dr. Fishbeiii on how t'o gauge the intelligence of your baby. , Is my child a genius, average, or dull? Mothers would like thai question answered the day the babj' is born. But an accurate answer is not possible iu most instances until some years have passed. More important is thb 'ijucs'Ub'n: Has this child the capacity to adapt himself to the conditions under -\vlitcli iuimaii beings live? The mastery of subjects studied in scho;l rarely indicates adaptability to the conditions of life. The rcilccn'l child with a good niind may lie underestimated; the aggressive child, with characteristics lliat will certainly interfere with success, may lie overestimated. The earliest signs cf the development of intelligence • in the. ff-runj infant are .closely integrated with the .acquisition of control of the muscles, and emotional bcliavtcr. Behavior,- in a large part, is learned. The types of be- haiior present at birth .will be mcdincd and changed by the infant's experiences. * • * The human infant at birth is helpless and able to perform only those functions which are necessary to maintain life. He can suck, swallow, and cry to gain attcnticn. New abilities arc rapidly eaiiiircd. He-learns to seize the nipple with less lielp. If it slips from his, [lie moves his head and lips and j later employs his hands In order lo 1 find It. again. During the (Usl few- months of life, ability ID use the eyes develops rapidly. The baby will stare Intently tor a long time at brlghl cbjects, such as lamps, sUnltjhl on Ihe wall, or windows. During the second month, Ihe eyes follow nltv- ins objects. Movements'of the head acconijMny the eye mrvcinenls af- lei- Ihc first. lew wcefcs of life. • * * Al ahoul Hie end cf the Second i month. Ihc ability to mailipiilae i objects begins to dcx'cld)>. Tlierc 1 may be a Jerky wa\ing ot cbjects placed hi the hand, j After another month, the infant 1 uses the hands and flugers for making b'ricf-- bxplcratb'ry liibyp- fncnts, but association of eye arid ifand riibvement. dces.nbi devb'lbp iihtil a liltle later. Without ibok- iiig at the objects, tlie chjirt moves them wltli his hands, ifd gazes with interest bitt h-iak'cs n'b 'attc'm\)l to.rcncli. for things-he-wants. By three or' four incriths 'bf.dgi; MiM Your Manners ; ,Tcst your knowledge of correct social usa|e by answering the fpl- lovtiiig .ciiicsiidns, • ilieh cli'eckirig ngninst the RutliBHtativc aiiswers below; " ' ' • 1. What Is the limit mi ihe riiiin- b'ef of forks on a prbpcfly set table? .- ._ .2. When B sriiaii. fork is tlic only piece of silver .'lisect Jii seri-ihg r'e- rrcshments, on what side of the pliue is' it piac'ed?- 3. Shoiiici water be in tile glasses .when' a nieal is aiihouiiced? • <i y ',",H ,, .P»r;'yi™ ot ; ag B ' 4. Shoul'd a hostess keep apdl- thc cliild has icanied :to connect |'ogi z irig for Her s'crvic't if.Uirigs go nis nancl with his mouth, to co- wronc 9 ' • <•, ordinate his eyes, to piili cr pu'sli his feet .and iiaiHts, an'd .to lv:ld iip Ills hea'd without supfjprt. If he-is lying prone, .lie can lift liib iipricr part of .ills b<idy. By the tthic lib is 6 mcii'tlis'old, lie should have learned, .to tuhi himself pve.r and shciild be making: effort,-; (o sit. efect. NEXT: The second six months. Ten Years Ago Today. ,:• June' 21, '1929 Miss JoSebhiiie Kliig. whose marriage to Itcy Dean took place, last evening, was given a shswcr Saturday .evening, by Miss .Mamie. Slytlic for six couples' who arc tlie most iirtiinate friends' of the' bride and bridegroom. Mr. and Mrs wrpng? ...... 5. Sti'oiUd one 'food be served Ijvo; WSj'S rit .oiie meal? " • : What would yoii cib if-i ;--- Ybii afe a host an'd'waiii, to give l.lipsq at ttic'table a -secpiid sei-'v-* (Itg-.. .-vyould you sa5 ; —; ' •'. '••'-, • •' ta) "May I give you sohic nibre .potatoes?!' " |. (bS ."Won't you have some po- jtatoesr'' • • • •••-' •' • Answers : 1. Tfcee. •'•' '• . - 2. Right. -' ' .-•":' 4. No. Tlie ; lcJ5_ .-it'^ntibn she calls,,tb the''ser.vicc, .the L belter. Best "Wliiil : Wbiilcl!You Do"'sci- Ititfoh—(b). Says Dinner bate Best Way To Chb&se TeachiDr NASHVILLE, Tend!—Tlie bpsl «;ay> for an. administrator -to select a. new teactief—at least in. ilfj^. U) « , , ork City has gone to - LOuis for A home after ^fr. and Mrs.' Paul Rosentlill. Mrs. Levins and Mrs. fWsenthat are sisters. - ' .-'.'• Mrs. Irene Bcaclinm aiid s-.n, atcotiipaliied by Mr. and lilfs. Alva Bilrks, of Detroit, fire visiting relatives 'in this city. H. S. Mobley, of the InterhJ- tion'nl Harvester company 'cf Chicago, spent yesterday here 8s the guest of his soil, b. R. M:bley, and Mrs. Mobley/ .i's. what Miss' Willie' A. of- the Arkansas 'Education ASSo 1 - . e ransas ucaton ssr- visit before returning • c i a tfon. fomid -'during IVer' six y.ea\s two weeks say Wh .service' .as' a|- comUy .'supetiri 1 - Gussy and Joe Givc-ThaiiKS SAN JOSB; Cal. <UP>— f ;dussy Riid Joe" gave indicatiotis of \\zv- ing studied Emily Post at. least. After borrowing the motor car d,t H. W. Jensen and drUiug il ab:ut 50 miles, they abandoned It with a note lettered and. signed by Uiem .. ___ on the .windshield, which read: j 81,058,127 revenue iendent.. ' . .M know .that it forked fitVe In ihy casS, 6ui of course, it 'probably woiildn't be advisible for the iViin s'b>eriiilcr;riei)U-tb tAke out every pretty little, teacher' 'who is look- Ing for a. job." •• . ' •.-•., Miss Ll'wsbh said a trip lo the restaurant :ivoiiM. reveal '.'what-kinci of-, table. :.mahners itlie i)rbsp'ccUye ieaclier lias. ,hoy she greets si5o- pje. iicr . ittitdde toward chit'chen and servaiits ind topics she .might, select for conversation.". :'. .,_^ .Tlie educalo.r has Been Vn'"NaW vttlc. alUjnding- the armual meeilivg of the Sdutlierh Education Secretaries Association. During 1938, domestic airlines ! H * U " . "Thanks for Oic calv" . niiles, an in\ crease 6f 3,654,762 over 11)37

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