Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 29, 1892 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1892
Page 4
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r fe 5," £ John Gray's "CORNER" ON FALL AND WINTER UNDERWEAR for Ladies, Gents, and Children, in every style, quality and price. We carry the best selected line of underwear in Nothern Indiana and at prices that can.t be beat. P. S.—We keep a full line ol •famous South Bend underwear. the Europe made by labor paid one half what labor is paid in this country. The party god of cheapness is the working man's devil. The crowding doivn of the cost of the product crowds down the workingman who makes the product. Briefly the Republican party advocates the increase of wages while the Democratic party advocates the buying- of cheap products no matter how much the workingman who makes them may suffer. It was the party of slave labor in this country and it is now the advocate of maintaining the slavery of labor abroad by the purchase of cheap labor products. The Republican party believes in giving laboring men plenty of money to buy as much or as little as they please. The Democratic party JT-HUET. DEMOCRATS VVRiTHE UNDER PECK'S REPORT.-,. believes in making- products as cheap DAILY JOURNAL tfoDUBlied every day In the week (except Mondaj) by Tux LDSANSPOET JOKKKAI. Co, itr-Iee per Annum, - - - - «C oo per Month. ..... 50 THE OFFICIAL PATEK OF THE CITY. £jfntered as second-clas" matter nt tlie Locan- sport. Post-office February, 8tJi., 1888 ] THURSDAY MORNING. SEPT. 29. HOW TO VOTE. Ib' Stamp in Tliis Square. For President, BENJAMIN HARBISON OF INJDIA3VA. For Vice President, WHITELAW REID For Congress WILLIAM JOHNSTON. THE STATJEITICKET. Kor Govereor—IRA J. CHASE, o£ Hendrlck 1 ; •conntr. ' Weatennnt-Hovernor—THEODORE SHOCKNET, of Randolph. 8*cretarr of State-AARON JONES, or St Joseph. Auditor otSbite-JOHMW. COONS,.oI Marlon. Treasurer erf State—F. J, SCEOLZ, of Vander- as possible if the laboring man has to live on shavings to make the products cheap. The higher the wages the less powerful the capitalist, the lower the wages the greater purchasing power' of the millionaire and the less the prosperity of everybody else. That is why money loaners become Democrats. Wages cannot be higher in this country than in Europe without a protective tariff to prevent the competition of products made by half paid | labor. That is why Republicans favor a protective tariff. If you want high wages and prosperity for the masses vote the Hepub- lican ticket. But here comes in two of the striking results of these two policies. The Republican policy has invariably cheapened the product whil-j increasing wages by encouraging American ingenuity and enterprise while the Democratic policy has increased tho price of the product while decreasing wages by giving the manufacture into the hands of foreign monopolists. Thcy Make Unreasonable Demands for the Purpose of Discrediting It—Democratic Truths Are Unpleasant to TStem. Peck Undismayed. The manner in which the report of Commissioner Peck, of the New York state bureau of labor statistics, has been received by the managers of Mr. Cleveland's 1 campaign strikingly proves the familiar charge against the Democracy that it ^essentially a calamity party. Mr. PecE is a Democrat; he has always been a Democrat. He vras appointed to be commissioner of the labor bureau of New York on the date of its creation siate:;--JaT.'Jti-anner- ; gays/inai; no had a talk with" Senator, Hill, bni declined to divulge the natnre^of it. "If yon have any money to bet place it on Harrison;" added'Mr. Eahner. Highest of all in Leavening Power.- - Latest U. S. Gov't Report •*• — -w\s wi j.i/o x^icttLiyil ^April 4,1883, by Grover Cleveland, who was then -governor of New York. He has performed the duties of his office so admirably, as-that each successive Democratic governor "has successively reappointed him. In 18S6 he received his second commission from David B. Hill; in 1880 Governor Hill renewed the commission, and last May Governor Flower appointed Mm for the fourth time. Mr. Peckls distinguished character as a statistician and the successful and important work he has done were recognized last May by his election to the office O f president of the American Association of Labor Commissioners at the association's convention in Denver. Mr. Pick succeeded in that office the well known statistician, Carroll D. Wright. It thus appeal's that the same high opinion of Mr. Peck's character, ability and | record was entertained by his fellow commissioners of labor throughout the Union as has been expressed by Mr Cleveland, Mr. Hill and Mr. Flower successively during the last ten years. TThat Peck Really Did Tell. Three weeks ago Mr. Peck issued his ninth annual report. Necessarily it dealt with the conditions of labor in the stato of New York since the McKinley bill went into effect. It is Mr. Peck's duty 'to ascertain from year to year Low American workingmen have faired in wages and production. He corresponded -»-^XL O AAA r- i ... * CARLISLE ANSWERED, Cost of I.ivin~ Kednced ijy the McKinley Law. ' Senator Carlisle's ingenious but not entirely ingenuous argument, in which he^attempted to show that the cost of living had been increased by the McKinley tariff, has been ably answered by Senator Hiscock. That gentleman, in a speech in the senate. on Ang. l, completely swept away Senator. Carlisle's arguments. He showed' that the ooly increase in the cost of living in the twenty-seven months covered by the sea- ate finance committee investigation was in prices of such articles of food, as are produced by the farmers of this country. On the other hand, in articles whichper- tain to daily life, such as-clothing,'fuel, tools, lumber and building' materials) house f urnishinggooas, drags and everything of this character, there had been a decided reduction in cost. The advance in prices of agricultural products are of course largely due to the 'increased demand abroad, and the increased l amount that the people' of this country [ must pay for food cannot properly be charged to the tariff. ' On the' other hand, Senator Hiscock shows from Senator Carlisle's own figures that there has been such a marked reduction in prices of other articles of daily : use, and affected by the tariff, as to warrant the conclusion that the cost of living was re-' duced through the action of the McKinley law in the sum of over §47,000,000 in the period between October, 1889, and September, 1891. Senator . Hiscock's speech on this subject has been printed in full by the Republican national committee. . ..-..-• Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE ENGLAND'S NEW CABINET. A .Body of Solera Which Was Xever Created by Law. American readers are once more invited to the difficult task of learning! what elections mean over in Great! Britain, and how it is that they take place at odd times, so to speak, instead 1 of at stated intervals, as with us. It has been said that any intelligent American can readily understand anv part of the British government except the cabinet and the established church. The former only requires of him loa<* and thorough study, but to really unde£ stand the latter one must be born and reared in the kingdom. The cabinet was created not by law— it grew up by practice. There is no STATE BANK NOTES. The •Utornej-General—J.B. FERRALL, of Lagrange. •upwimc Court Reporter—GEORGE P.EAYWOOD ot Tlppecanoe. «ate Statlclan-SIMEON J. THOMPSON, ot Shelby. Jodee of the Supreme Court—Second District, JOHN D. MILLER; Third. BTRON K. ELLIOTT; Fifth, ROBERT W. 1TBR1KE. Appellate Judges-First District. A. G. CAVms, ot Green; Second, C. S. BAKER, »t Bnrtholo- omew.-Third, JAMES B. BLACK, of Marion- /onrtli, M. S. ROBINSON, of Madison; Filth" KD6AR C. CRXJMPACXEE, of Porter. SODA ASH before the passage of the McKicley sold for $5 per hundred pounds in this country/and this was the imported article which was made so much cheaper abroad than we could make it. American enterprise was called into play and American ingenuity sot to \vork under aproteclive tariff, and to-day American soda ash of better quality is made at Syracuse, N. Y., and sold for $1.75 per 100 pounds. But for a protective tariff we would still be paying §5 per 100 pounds. This is the history of every protected article, and yet there are Americans who would encourage English monopoly at a terrific cost to Americans rather than stimulate American industry by a protective tariff securing to Americans . every time a better, article at less cost. . one with 6,000 manufacturers in the stato of New York and received from them statements of what had been going on Farmers' Alliance Opposing a Ke turn to Tlicir Ugo. The New York State Farmers' Alliance is much exercised over -the Democratic proposition to repeal the prohibitory 10 per cent, tax on statebank'issues. John Chamberlain, president of the Alli- m . „.."«. .10 to the governor the simple factsf as'he •was in duty bound to do. These facts were summed up in hia own language as follows: *" "It appears that there was a net increase in wages of §6,377,925.09 in the year 1801 as compared with the amount paid in. 1800, and a net increase of pro- THE COUNTY TICKET. J«Int Representative.. Marvin ft). X.one *epre»entaUve .......... -IVcldon Webster rrotecntor ...... . ............. .Charlc« E. Hale •beriff. ..................... Sylvciiter S. Crnsau Treasurer ...................... -..Hodney Strain Cknxmer ............................. Fred Bismarck A»«*8iior ............................ ,. ...... A, A. Cook. •arveyor .................. Andrew B, Irvin THE report of the Postoffice Depart ment shows that Indiana has made the greatest increase in postal receipts of any State in the Union in proportion to - population. More postage means more business, and the fact that Indiana leads the States in progress shows, if nothing else does, that the establishment of protected industries in the gas belt has made Indiana the most prosperous . State in the Union, But it is hardly necessary to refer the postofflce department to prove this. The farmers in the gas belt know that they are benefitted by a home market for their products acd .A. j. Morrow .they will vota the Republican ticket. I. N. Cran-ford Instructions to Voter*. There are two tickets. The State = -and National candidates are on one and the County on the other. Stam» 'both tickets. To vote a straight ticket stamp anywhere in the square surrounding the eagle at the head of each ticket. To vote a, mixed ticket stamp the square at the left of each candidate you wish to vote for and do not stamp In the square at the head of the ticket. If you are a democrat but want the republican county ticket elected, stamp jour rooster on the National State . ticket and the eaglo on the county • ticket. WAGES AND CHEAPNESS. Higher wages 'may for a trifle " make the cost of production higher ;l>ut prosperity increases for the ;Trhole country as wages increase. cannot bay a hat for §1 it coats $2 to make. If i want to get better wages yourself gjfou must do all yon can to make your wages better that he may more money to. pay more for Dur work. The Republican partv H ^ * ' *" Recognizes that prosperity increases as increase and it is always for itter wa£es. Tho. Democratic party ifcs cheapness no matter how de, the .labor that makes the pro- It is after the cheap things of IT was truly.an inspiring- sight to see Dan Baldwin, whom the Pharos •has spoken of as "old 40-per-cent," for the last twenty years making a i Democratic speech. If there is any [ thing that will make Cass county Republicans it is Dan Baldwin talking- democracy. ' The Journal says "that the Pharos has been trying to make the voters believe that a 2O cent levy would rim the county." The Pharos lias l>ecn doingnothing: of the kind. It has never claimed that a 20 cent levy would run the county.— I>aily Pharos Sept. 21,1S92. LABOR in! Egypt at 10 cents per day caught Judge Baldwin. . The man who has a million in cash is twenty times as rich when labor is twenty times lower. Free trade will make poverty, starvation and millionaires. TariffPlctures. In September, 1S90, «>cton ties ware quoted at SHIper bundle. Tlie following montt tie ilcKinJey S>2! became a law, by tthlcb the autj on cotton ties was made protective. As a result American manufacturers started making these ties on a larger scale, active home compeatlon commenced andto-dar, according to the 1 -Iroa.\sa-'oJ September 1.. they ecu be purchased for S3 to 90 cents per bundle duction of §31.315,180,68 in the year 1891 over that of 1890. Of the sixty-seven industries covered by these statistics 77 per cent, of them show an increase either of the wages or. production, or both. There were no less than 89,717 instances of individual increases of wages during the same year." Mr. Peck reported elsewhere in his summary statement these further facts: J 'Of the sixty-eight industries included,' 73 per cent, of them show an increase? average yearly earning in the year 1891)' while tho total average increase of year- 1 Iy earnings of the 285,000 employees was §23.'ll. The average increase of yearly earnings of the employees of the fifty- ' one trades showing an increase was $43.96 in 1891 as compared with 18510. The total number of strikes reported for the year 1891 was 4,519 as against 6,258 occurring in the year 1890, a decrease of 1,740. Of the total number—4,513-r 2,375, or 53 per cent, of them, were in the building trades.-" It Hurt Their Feelings. Notwithstanding that Mr. Peck is a Democrat, a Democratic official, and was an appointee of Mr. Cleveland himself, these facts haye dreadfully hurt the feelings of the. Democratic party, and more: particularly of Mr. Cleveland's managers.' They frankly ccnfes that they do not"'Want wages and pro daction to increase in the United State 'under a Republican administration— they won't listen to Mr. Peck's figures They say the figures are false—they utterly decline to believe them—they sim ply won't have the facts as Mr. Peck re ports them. One would suppose that every American party ought to be patriotic enough to welcome the fact of increasing prosperity among the people, but the Democracy thrives and grows fat on calamities. It is happiest when the people are overburdened with debts •-when the statistics of labor are statistics of mortgages and mercantile failures. This is a Democratic heyday, a condition that calls forth its fullest rejoicings. Mr. Cleveland's managers in New York have challenged Mr. Peck to a war of proofs. They propose that h* shall submit his statistics to the exam-, ination of a committee of expert free traders, gentlemen who are always competent .to make figures mean anything that suits their purpose. The announced intention, of this committee is to take Mr. Peck's statements of increased wages and increased production and prove therefrom that American labor is -worse .off in Ne-w York than ever before, and that the saddest calamity which can befall, an American workingman is to have more goods to sell than he used to have .and -to get more money for them. ance, as representative of that organiza- <» on j has issued a circular to the farmers ai.or laborers under the caption "The •"Peril of the Nation." ' The section of the Democratic national platform recommending that the prohibitory 10 per cent, tax on state bank issues be repealed stands, the circular says, as a danger signal for the sons of toil to warn them that such repeal comprises a scheme to re-establish the wildcat fluctuating currency of a generation ago, when the state bank notes were of varying and uncertain value, and to the lossofths fanner, the planter and •• the laborer. The notes then were subject to a discount of 10 per cent. The circular continues: "Older men must look -with dread upon this midnight madness move- Has been multiplied more tnan six times, and the wealth per capita more than trebled, a gain in prosperity that has never been equaled by the people of any other leading nation during less than a third of a century.— Iowa State Register. E^-Gov. Fifer. of Illinois, was so poor . in his youth that when he enlisted as a union soldier he walked barefoot to Bloomington. But he had pluck. Wliea wounded in the battle: of Jackson, Miss., lie was given up.by the doctors. He started in pursuit of an education after the war. practically penniless, and he endured great -privations at this stage of his career. Illinois republicans feel proud of his record as chief magistrate, and regard, four years too brief a term of service- for him in that capacity.—K. Y. Tribune. EUSSELL. HABCOUKT. EOSEBERT. ASQUITH. 3IOELET. such olUce as premier or prime minister —it is simply a title bestowed on the head of the cabinet, and he holds one or two offices, as may suit him. Mr. Gladstone is lord privy seal and first lord of the treasury. Next to him in rank, if rank there _be, for it is all a. their convenience may require, ar Earl Kosebery, foreign secretary Baron Herschell, lord chancelor; Si William Vernon Harcourt, chancelor o the exchequer, and Herbert H. Asquith home secretary. There are twenty two members of the present cabinet and may be more if Mr. Gladstone see EUROPE'S CROWNED HEADS. THE king- of Greece speaks twelw languages. . j THE emperor of Austria writes to the-! pope every week. _CAEJCES- SYLTA, the queen of Eouma-: nia, has almost recovered her health) and will soon return to Bucharest Sh has spent several months in P.eUanza. EVE>{ royalty practices' economy at' times. The king- and queen of Portu-; gal are removing- to the palace of Ne-! cessidades, a tumble-down' edifice repainted to hide its real condition. THE empress of Austria lately ordered! that 50,000 rose trees should be. planted! around the statue of Heine, to be erect-i ed on her property at Corfu, on a rock; over 2,000 feet above the level of the! sea. o „„„„„„„ .1^, 0 _ . ment to repeal, the state bank tar ifthey flt to 5n ^ te ° tn er heads of department, •un'ii T.a/,oTi *-u~ —j_-j.--_ _ r- j.-, to seats in the council. will recall the condition of the currency prior to the war, when the losses by counterfeits, broken banks and discounts were appalling, and when many of the state banks were started with the pro- conceived purpose of swindling the community by irresponsible and unscrupulous Wall street adventurers from -whoso offices the bills were issued, the nominal location of the banks being .fixed .at remote and obscure points difficult of access to prevent the presentation of such issues for redemption." A Double Paced Ticket. How can you vote for a double action presidential combination like Cleveland and Stevenson? The team does not pull together. One is plowing in' the political furrow of tariff reform, civil service and gold, while the other is pulling the old Democratic cart in the direction of free silver and spoils. ^Between them you do not know where you will fetch up. When there' was honest, real patriotic work , £? sts^'DoT^ss ,• ^fSSAss,trst ititute candidates.—New York Recorder' I ?T f^, 1 Stevensoa ^as a frightful { political blunder. And yet how strong men waved their arms at the Chicago Right. Hon. John Morley is rather more prominent than his rank woulc indicate, as he is chief secretary for Ireland, and the same may be said of Sir Cha,rles Eussell, attorney general. On these two will fall the principal labor of arranging the details 'for the tome rule for Ireland bill, which is to be the leading measure of the Gladstone administration. Much vexation is expressed by the so-caUed radicals, or democrats, that no one of their wing of the liberals was invited to a place in the cabinet. The home secretary, Mr. Herbert H. Asquith, will have a temporary interest for Americans, because a strong pressure will soon be exerted on biTTi from this country to secure a pardon for Mrs. Maybrick, tho American woman now in an English prison on conviction of having poisoned her husband. OPINION OF THE PRESS. E5F"The democrats begin to realize hotv it feels to take told of the hot I end of the poker unawares. The "force bill" issue taught them the lesson— Toledo Blade.-. G^~If the whole miserable record of the-democratic party up to the time of the beginning of the last session of congress should be expunged, there would still be abundant and conclusive reasons for opposing- its restoration to power.—St, Louis Globe-Democrat. £5F~The democratic effort to redeem the west is a pood deal like the efforts of the Buddhist priest to redeem this country from Christian rule. The west is capable of deciding its own political Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, C-UT9B Chapped Hands, Wotuicls, Burns, Etc. Removes and Prevents Dandruff. AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP, 3est for General Household Usa. Under the flrst full year of the 3TcKinley iw importations of manufactures of wool, silk, hemp, cotton, iron, steel and tobacco were reduced 840,602,434, thnsgivinc increased employment] to, persons engaged in their manufacture' in' tnfcfconntrV. -,, ; -, • f j.,1 J It Is my-delilferate judgment-that th« rcrosperlt^ of America is mainly due to Its system of protective laws. I Qrg o tliat Germany lias EOTV reached Hint point where it is necessary to imitnte the tariff system of tho United States.—Bismarck. There tras a jreneral belief of the loyal people that Stevenson -n-=s a member ol ihe Kniglits of the Golden Circle, and it afterward tamed out that he tvas.—Rev. G. B. Soedelcer. convention and cried out for "Gen. Stevenson!" They supposed he had a war record. He did; but it is. black with disloyalty.—X. 7. Mail and Express. ZS'-Now watch Adlai's smoke and The couctry has been bronght face to - y ° U ^ s = e . re P nDl ican gains wherever face with the question, Which is the bet- ?,? ff ° e t x? 1S smuous ***& wiu e *tend JS^o£2' S^uSS in November next will be iri answer to'-f^T? 3 ^ tetter by disappearing in that •that question. Evasion-of -ifrwould be I ^L- *"** ™- ^ "^l the cam impossible. Mr. Cleveland has not in- { P ^ over.-Mumeapohs Tribune, timated the slightest dissent from any S2~Smce the republican party came part of the platform on which he stands i lntopowertte Tvealtn of th e United The Most Elegant line of Baby Carriages In the city. All New Styles and at Lowest Prices At J. W. Henderson &Sons. 320 Fourth Street AMUSEMENTS. OLiX'S OPERA HOUSE. EDWE? STUAKT, MANAGER. Is the tariff duij- oa cotton ties a "tas?' Xetr York Pre ss. Advice Xrom a Valuable Source. George E. Banner; of >few York city a first cousin of "David B. Hill, says that Harrison will be elected;, and that he •win have v a majority of votes in New- Baking Powder >0sed in MilHbns of e Standard. D FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1892 THE PREMIERS. terlys Mastodon Ifairels, Under tte Direction of J. H. HATEELT. TOL • KJOIE, Manager. THE FINEST AND BEST MINSTREL ORGANIZATION IN THE -WORLD Dtrect from a SIX MONTHS' BUN AT BAV- ESLI'S CASINO. CHICAGO. Tire BEST SIXGEES- TIffiBESTCOXEUIAXS. THE BEST DA.YCEBS, TEK BEST ycsicuxs. ALL XHB OLD FAVOKITS: . Billy Rice, EH Hall, EMKayne, Klssf 11, Banics Winter, Ed Bogert, A L Tfiatcfier, Lou Belmore, Nell O'Brien Frefl Wi'son, H Constine, Ctias Salty, Geo Evans, ArtlmrYme, AND 25 OTHERS. Ko Parade—tat a Gland Free Open-Air Band Con cert at i tfdocfc P.SI-,lcont o£ tie Opeia House on day of performance. Admission, Ctnl« T5e; Parquet 50c; Entire GaHerr2Sc. / < " . ' ' V ',,.;, .. J. . .-.. . J • .... ." .." L "f. ' ;.«'«.. -I:

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