Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1898
Page 21
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The secretary of war ;bas made an aeiilgnment of the ladlfina regiments and all of them will leave Gamp Mount within the next few days Two regiments and a, battery will be sent to Chickamaugii, one regiment and a battery will be sent to Washington and .tbe remaining regiment win be assigned to protect tbe coast. It is expected that, this First and Second regiments will be sent to Chlckamauga and the Third regiment to Washington. This will leave the assignment ol the Fourth regiment, to which tbe Cass county boys are connected, unusslgned. The regiment will likely be aenii to the seaboard. The regiments going to Oalckatnaugh are likely to see active |service In Cuba, as they will con- jstltute apart ol'the invading a: - my. | Before leaving Gamp Mount ^ach 'mac will be furnished with two shirts, several pairs of socks, cotton underwear and flannel underwear, a blouse, overcoat and other details necessary. QThls will be I'urnlshed by the government and this property must be brought to Indianapolis from the army depots. It will take several days to get this stufl there and it is not thought likely any troops will be moved till It has arrived and has been issued. The formality of mustering in troops is as follows: The regiment will be ordered up In front of brigade headquarters and the mustering officer will then call for a company at a time. With the muster roll In his hand, containing a description of each man, he will call the men one at a time, check the description .-and satisfy himself that there are no "repeaters" or duplicates. The oath will tlien.be administered to tbe company, every man having been accounted for by his presence, and the company will give place to tbe next, though still maintaining its line. Ttte oath is to obey the constitution of the United States, defend the country against all enemies and obey the superior officers according to the rules of war, Tbe Third regiment* will be the first one mustered In. It has Its full complement of officers and man. It will be mustered in today. It is expected that tbe Second regiment and the Indianapolis-battery will be mustered in today. Up to last night 3,820 men bad >een examined and accepted. This eft 534 men to fill tan state'u quota ind there are nearly 1,000 men ready 10 fill it. There is a serious need of money imong the troopn in camp and there B a general demand among tbe line }£ficers and the privates to know when they are to be paid. Most of ine men have been In camp nearly two weeks and so far they hive bad QO authorltive information as to when they can expect their money. Nearly every private who want Into camp with only |8 or 110, now finds that his pocltetbool; is empty, and when It is to be replenlibed is a lead- ng question with him. Some ara in jreat need, and cannot even buy postage stamps. The pay rolls have not eached tbe adjutant general's office, and there is no way of pa.ytng the men until these rolls are turned In. There is plenty of money with which o pay the men, but tbe difficulty eems to be at the camp. Later—The latest news £s to the ffect that Lieutenant May, of the egular army, has designated the sec- nd and third regiments and the In- ianapoiis battery as the. ones to RO o Chiokamauga and they may leiaye onight The same raport says i;nat hs fourth regiment and she Fort DMLYPHAKGS TUESDAY, MAY 10, 1898. OITY NRWS Joseph Kreis w^nt to K.ewanna today. The G. A. E. meets tonight in regular session. Louis Dleokmann and family will return from EvansvUle tonight. _^Mrs. Chandler will entertain the nigh Five club tomorrow afternoon, Mrs. W. S.Richardson will entertain the Club of IPwelve Thursday afternoon, E. S. Hall, tb.e Panhandle conductor, has returned to work after a weed's sickness. A tborouRhbreii fox terrier belonging to James Barns, the liquor deaJer, is sajid to have killed, seventeen rats Saturday In less 1ihan two minutes. Ghw. Grusenmftyer, tbe grocery- man, of the Soutlulde, IB confined to his b«d wltb partial paritlysts. The attack has been f;radu»Il/ coming on Mr. Grusenmeyer fot several years. Vayne battery will be sent to Washington. Tbe first regiment will remain at Indianapolis for some time. OTEREXERTIOS to Cacseu Mrs. AntbDnv GrnseomeTcr Hate a Son Stroke les- terdaj'. Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Anthony Grusenmeyer went out to Mt. Hope cemetery to do some work about the family lot In preparation for Decoration day. While thus employed she overworked herself and suffered a sun stroke. It was first libought that Mrs. Grusenmeyer would recover in a short time, and after being taken home In a buggy, did not cull a physician. Home remedies were used, bat could not counteract the injury done by the overheated blood. During the night her condition became much worse and the alarmed family gent for I)»r. Ballard," who worked nearly all night wltb her. She was reported better and out of danger today. RAILROAD BREVITIES. Short Items of Interest tJithered From •any Sources. The Wabash people expect tint their new air line between Buffalo and Windsor will be open for buoi- aes? May 21. District Passenger Agent Thompson, of the Wabash, is distributing a little book which will! be greatly prized by those interested In bane ball. It is a well gotten up schedule of the Inter-State league games for the season of 1898 Charles F. Beam went to St. Louis. yesterday as a representative of dl viiiion No. 26, Brotherhood of Railroad Engineers at tbe third biennial convention. He was accompanied, by Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Williams and B. B. Pittmaj. Most of tbe railways reported! greater earnings for the month o!!. April, 1898, than for the same period of dBy of the five preceding years, Tbe Vanderbilt lines never did better in April and the Wabash reports an increase over last year of $231,789. The .passenger department of the Panhandle reports tftat rapid progress is bein;j made on the new day coaches the company is building at its shops in Gnlumbus, O. A.11 t'ne appointments are to be of the highest standard, wide vestibuled and complete in every feature. There are three important lodge events at Indianapolis this month for which the railways running Into that city will make special low rates.They are the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Baper commandery, Knights of Templar, May 14; grand lodge of Odd Fellows ancl Rebekah assembly of the state of Indiana, May H5 to 19, and the grand lodge of the Masons, May 25. Among the new problems which are constantly confronting the railroads there is none at the present time more serious than the question of how to meet the competition of the electric street- railways. Tbls question Is especially prominent In tbe east, wbertj the passenger statistics of nearly every road show a growing decrease in the number of passengers carried. The annual re- parts ot the Lake Shore and Michigan Central roads issued last week and the recently published report of tbe Massachusetts railway comoils- siioners confirm the gravity of the situation. In the New England slates, where tbe cities are nearer together and electric car lines more numerous, the problem Is even more serious'than In the territory of the Central Passenger association. The rate to be made by the railroads for the transportation of troops .during the war with Spain will ba 1 cent per mile. The roads had decided that it would be double that, but the government has formed a different opinion and tbe chances seem to be that tbe opinion of tbe government will prevail. The roads have received from Washington information to tha' effect that the government officials did not think that ID the present war they should be called upon to pay more for the transportation of troops than during the civil war and It would not, therefore, pay over 1 cent per mile, whlcb wa.s the < rate made for such traffic between 1861-5. The roads were given to understand Ijbat the governisant was desirous (ihey should make the rate of their own free will, but- that in any event lit would not pay over 1 oent- Tbe matter will be- discussed at a joint meeting of the eastern nnd western. lines, whlcb is to be held today. There Is no doubt but what tbe rate will be made. Base Ball. The Logacsport team is entirely boo strong for tbe Shamrocks of Muncle. Twice they have been defeated. Yesterday the score stood 12 to 10 in favor or the home team. The game ended in the seventh in- iiing. Mrs* Rorer {"the most famous cook in America" recommends and uses Cleveland's Baking Powder exclusively. " I am convinced Cleveland'* is the purest baking- powder made, and I havesuiopted it exclusively in JKJ cookinjr tchools and for daily household u»e." ADDITIONAL ITEMS M.. Garrison, of Converse, was in the city toduy. There are now fifteen patients Ii St. Joseph's hospital. Try McHule'a old whiskies. Tteey will inrely make you patriotic. MliB Sadie Grace has gone to Palnsvllle, 0., to spend the summer Miss Madjje Kline returned to Peru yesterday al'ter visiting Mlsii Bessie Haak tor several days. Two drunks were before the mayor ithls morning. Both were tramps and were ordered to move on. Mrs. Amwons, of High street, who lell down ijtairs recently. Is still guttering from internal Injuries received. Dr. Hetherington has recovered his valuable peft dog. The animal was In the vicinity of Peru, stopping with a farmer. Hon. Clem J. Kern, of Valparaiso, has been In tne city for the past few days, visiting his mother, who cele orated her 86th birthday yesterday. Natural and artificial gas bills for May are due and snould be paid on or before the 10th of the month at the company's office oa Pearl street. The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will hold their regular meeting at the Some for the Friendless Wednesday afternooa at 2:30. Parties putting in bath tubs and water closets will find it to their in terest to call on Martin M. Hughes the fifth street plumber, for low prices and good work. No boys for a man's pay. The Eoworth league of the Broadway M. E. church will give an anniversary social this evening; free to all. The church has been handsomely decorated, representing the different departments of league work. Miss Ellen Comlngore, a representative of Cass Council, No, 42, OhOHen Friends, and Alvln Denbo, representing Logan Lotfge, No. 21, will leave tonight for Indianapolis to attend a meeting of the Grand Lodge. Mrs. Dr. Caroline Taalor was no- titled today of the death of her brother, Camm Moore, which occurred this morntcg at JDecatui 1 , Ills., aged 86 years. The decease? was once a resident of Logansport, and will be remembered by many of the older citizens. One of bis«- daughters, Mrs. Peter Castle, resides at New Waverly, and a son, Adolphus, lives near Wheeling. Another son is Walter Moore, who lived here several years, but Is now at Decitur. The remains will he brought here fc r burial, arriving tomorrow afternoon at 4:18 via the Wabash, interment being made io. the old cemetery. PIGEOKS Released by Express Agent Brawn Make a Quick Trip. Sunday morning Adams Express Agent Brown released 332 taomlng pigeons near bis office on Fourth- street. A letter received yesterday stated that the Mrds ail reached South Bend Inside of two hours. Two hundred and twenty-one of the number reached there lu one hour and a half. Yesterday another lot was re- leajed, and today about forty more were started . When the box is opened the pigeons go high in the air and circle around a number of tiime to get nheir bear- lags and then start off 1 a the direction of home. They are all owned by South Bend parties and the race is being made aa a test for tbe annual flight which is held every season. McKEWES ENLISTS. In ilie Xavv. Yards at Norfolk. Vs., Eipects to bo Assigned Soon. Arthur McKwen the carpenter tvho lias made his nome m .this city for S«Teral y«irs, w«ut TO Norfolk. Ta_, some time ago. In a letter to a friend recently, Jae said tba* lie hsd enlisted as a naval recruit; and was on duty in the naval yards. He expects to be as- .siiraed to duty on board rlie ship Newark. H-e also slid Tbat tae iiostiital ship Solace lias g^m? to join Sampson's fleet. The men employed there are •workiusr IS hours each day. MAY FESTIVAL. For Benefit of St. Joseph's Hospital to be Held Sooru A number of ladies of the city kav* ranged ro jrive a May Festival at the Broad-way ring commencing ' May 16 and ^ndiiis May 21. the proceeds to jro to the St. Joseph's hospital. A spsc 1 - ial program IMS been arranged for each evening. The ladies who have promised fancy work are requested to leave it the Saturday oi 1 Monday previous to the openi'jjr, ar the rink or if more convenient, ai Mrs. A. C. Barnett'.s o.u North street. REPUBLICAN 1'KIMARIES. Tin; Republicans have called their primaries to m-eec on Saturday, May 21, for the purpose of electing delegates to the Congressional coirven- tion. The delegates so chosen will meet together with delegates from the different counties of the State in rbis city, May 24, for the purpose of nom- inatmir a candidate for Congress for the Eleventh Congressional .district; also to chose delegates to tie Joint Senatorial Joint representative eon ventioiis. Perfectly Delighed With Them. No o t h * z wearable will please a woman as a dainty, stylish, snugly-fitting pair of shoes. If the price Is reasonable it makes her all the happier. We make women happy every day. Ladles' chocolate vici kid laoe new ooio toe, very latest style, a $3.00 shoe at 12.00. Ladies' chocolate vlcl klid, figured silk, vestiog top laoe, new co:ln toe worth $3.00 at «2.50. Call and see them. Elias Winter BALDWIN CLUB. :A meeting of tbe Baldwin club tva beld last niiglu in Judge Baldwin' library. ODr. Bozer read a. paper 01 "Denial Seien'ce" and B. F. Share- >reseiK-ed "Erideiioes of Xa.tion.a] De cay as seen to the Uni'ted States Sen ate." Nearly every member of th ::lulj vas present. TUe next will 1* held May l(!th. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Mr. and Mrs. I. X. Crawford will en terrain the Young Men's club o the Broadway Presbyterian churcl "Wednesday evening :u their home or iroadway. Quite a number of .the Sunday schoo :eaehers from here went to :owa Sunday to discuss the of 'the Sunday school problem. Tin meeting "was well attended. The absence of the street cars at the ipera 'house last night was a very 110- liceaole feature. Mr. Pickle -was a. he bedside of a sick child and his foreman neglected to send the cars down, It is authoritatively reported that londay, May 16th, the Vaadalia •win •esume itmninj? an early morning passenger train to St. Joseph, which will eave Logaai&port at 0:05 a. m. Re- timing arrive at 9 p. m. R AC E R § A N'D tf'AC IN G. GONE TO FLORIDA, Hospital A Logangport Girl Now a Niii'ne at Tampa,. Miss Belle E. Hosmer, who recently graduated is a professional nurse from, a hospital in Chicago, has ten dered her services to the authorities at Tampa ancl has been assigned to duty. Miss Hosmer was a former resident of this city, residing with her mother, Mrs. Indiana Hosmer, at 1130 Linden avenue. Always what you want, Ban Fiiaher •'Sweet Inniscanu" Chauncey Olcott presented tbe new Irish play, "Sweet Inniscara,' at Dolan's la*t night to one of the largest audiences that greeted a play during the season. The play was all that it was represented to be and tbe audience was well pleased. Attention, St. George Commandery. All members St. George Com- mandery Knights of St. John are hereby ordered to be present at the armory 8 o'clock this evenia g CHAS. RXTHI,, Capt. Order American Plowmen* Continents,! Council No. l meets tonight in Progress hall, corner of Fourth and Market streets. Candidates should be present early. Smoke the It is said that Morin, the famous 'ranch, sprinter, was offered 10,000 rancs to ride in America this season, ut he patriotically replied chat this as his last; season of riding before bis ervicu in the army, and be \vould not eave France for 50,000 francs. Tbe meeting between Frank Starbnck ancl Edouard Taylore, tbe Frenchman, is an unusually interesting eveut w the American cycle race lovers.- These two tneu are to meet at Philadelphia May 28 in a 20 mile paced match race Tbe last time tbe two met was in tbe same city on an indoor track, and ic was there that Taylore met witb so fearful an accident that be has not been able to do much riding since. Tor.ii Cooper, who is to ride for the Natioaal Cycle Track association tbitf season, wants to meen Jaap Edeu in a series of one "mile hesit match races. Cooper thinks tbat he can <sbow tbe Dutchman tbe way over the tape and snggests tbat eacb ridijr be entitled to two tiindems or triplets. Eden is -wJll- icjf to try conclusions vpicn tbe Detroit boy and the result may be a pretty contest between tbe two. A race between Fred Titns and Eddie McDuffie is on tue tapis. .McDuffie is a wonderful 10 to 15 mile rider, and it is thought that Titns is pretty nearly as good. If tbey aieec soon, it will be a battle of giaats if Titus has eliminated the "yellow streak" wbicb was'so manifest last year. Tbe manager of Titns for this season claims that this has been done, so tbe result will be looked, forward to with great interest. Every machine that Jimmy Micbael rides is specially designed and con- snrncited from plans aiyangeiJ by Dave Shafer. Sbafer knows ifhe cycle racing business as well as anybody connected with it and never loses sight of any small particular that would hurt or better Michael's chances. He t&fces the utmost care in designing Michael's mocnt, it being necessary to consider every little detail, even going so far as to notice bow tbe uaidget keep*, bis saddle and hcrw bis position compares with that of tbe pedals. Ho wonldn't let Michael ride the regular made wheel of any firm, sayiog "higb grade or low grade makars cannot make a -wheel to sun me."' Whatever £na engages Michael Me to buriM a wheel for M For the next 30 days we wil be like a lauib tifter more vrool. Will pay you even 1 cent we can and have a smsill pro- tit left, (the small profit is what we lire after), would be pleased to pay the highest market price for all kinds of grain, and if you are not mistaKen will make it to to the interest of the fanner to tnide with us. We have for sale, corn, oats', chopped feed, middlings nnd; bran,clover ami Millet seed, flour, baled buy and straw. "Thanks for past favors." Will pay next business day for Wool 18o, Wheat $1.35. Co«:n 32c Oats 27c. Clovei seed |2,50 W. E. Hurd, Mahlom Cooover- REDUCED To Various Points Via Pennsylvania Lines. Excursion ticket* will be sold TI» Pennsylvania Lines s« indicated in the following pars- graphs Although conc«°Blc,nii in fare are authorized for meetings of oertain ordere,tick- ets may be obtained 07 any person whetbur a member of the order or intenMfced in the event The reduced rates will be open to everybody. To Indianapolis. Ind —May Btbana llth.ac- count Fifteenth Anniversary K«»er Com- mandery Knigh's Templar: (food returning- until May 36th. Kale of ticket* will b« re- Btricted to stations in Indiana,. THE JfllDIHflY TINSHOP. JOHN MEHAFFIE, Prop ietor. All Kinds of Tin work Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. No. 314 Fifth Street, Mutual 'Phone No. 1 LIFE OF A BICYCLE. new of the It has long been a matter of great §urprise to wheelmen that; go delicately constructed apiece of mechanism as th« modern bicycle stands so well the rough and tumble treatment it so frequently receives. It is riddea by bnndreds ol thousands who have no Mechanical knowledge, and yet accidents are comparatively rare. It seems to be little short of -wonderful that a wheel of about 25 pounds should ba able to carry from six to eight times ite weigfit ovex all sorts of roads at a speed running op as high as 20 miles an hoar, day in and day ont, and have damages come, except in rare instances, :l'rom defective 'orgings only. It is more than likely, nowever, that most of tie protection is given by tbe pneumatic Cure, which prevents the wheel from ever getting a really hard blow, the sir cnihion taking up most of uhe force of impact. A well known manufacturer i» quoted a* tayiug that tbe lii'e of a bicycle is at most an uncertain qua::itity, and that the treatment it receives at the hands of cbft rider i.s tbe most important factor. considers it quite passible for a mash ine to be strong enough to carry a •iiier of 180 pounds and yet give way under a rider of 150 pounds. It all de- >«nds, he says, upon tbe relative strain t upon it by tbe rider. The really ;ood bicycles, and thiSKi are many, -are safe and may be ridden thousands of miks without any signs of giving way. York Post. KEL S"^^""" Ij-WFittin; ,*o* we wfllerpr««you.vs of our nrwt mi exquisite Arabian Per?c:mo PMk*te {(n xin-der form, to Kent gloved, tuuidk»ntal«t*. '.othinjr. etc.) to teli *monc friends at 10 omtt uih. Wteii ftfi<J. remit u» t»« 010007 ttlter eiucting express ohs-xe*) and -r- will Mod ou for your trouWe a lof^iy DeoormtM Kor- Te»8etof Mptooe<l.(faH itae for faaiilV ite>. Each tec il «rt(«tie«3]j- decorKUd in olort, itMtefnl lei,f and Homer nMMm. Tta> ipe» are of j*!j«ct ttyle. wUcb uwmrr l*tr ill appreciate. Order *t <mo« <ad BMB» , are«t «ipreM o«ca AtHtott, AnUfxttr-l umo Co., Bridfreimter. Oonri.

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