The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1951 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1951
Page 6
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SIX BLYTHErTU.E, (ARK.V COTTRrER WEDNESDAY, APRIL >1, 1951 Pro-Truman Leaders Slated To Testify on 'Selling of Jobs JACKSON, Miss., April 11, WV— Pro-Truman leaders in Mississippi Ve expected to testify today before pi Senate committee healing charges that federal Jobs were sold in this postmaster at their home in Pelahatchie and supports the family. When fiue.stloned about conversations he hart with federal job applicants. Beasley replied: "I told them Matt. Sen. Clyde Hoey (D-NC), chairman of ihe. three-man Invcstieat- Jnc committee, said Clarence K. Hood, titular boss of the pro-Tru- rnan faction, and Curtis Rodccrs, ncttne committee secretary, will l» KummoMd to the witness stand today. T. B. Wilkins of McComb, Miss, told the committee last ni?ht that he and Early G. Harvey of Liberty. Mtss., "were s couple of chumps" /or buying OPS county jobs that didn't exist. No county offices ha^e been authorized by the Office of Price Stabilization. Wilkins Is a retired businessman. Harvey operates en aino accessory ( . store. The other two who testified j ( they discussed OPS county organization jobs with Roy F. Biashier. a pro-Truman organiser in Missis- were Phillip Rrasfield. Wood- alt we were not selling jobs." "Was it the established policy that you inform them they were ex nectcd to make conlrilmtions," Hoey asked. "H was not the policy. 1 wns men- tiomns rout] ihutions all Ihe time, to !jnplii'(ints x and persons who were not applicants."' UnderworldChief Fischetti Dies Sen. McCarthy, Rain and Snow s Weather m I , » M I ' ^ ' " CTUllltl Acneson to Meet: Scone Stone Is Returned— To Scotland Secretary of State To Face Severest Critic at Hearing vllle mayor and banker, and A. F. Pylant of Purvis, Offered OI'S Jnh Each said Brashicr oflej'ed him a non-paying job as county OPS chairman with authority to name personnel In the office. "He got a check for S3DO from WASHINGTON. April 11. iff** — Secretary of Stale Arlirson and one of his .severest critics. Senafor Me-' Carthy tR-Wis*. arc honVod lo meet; [acp-to-face tomorrow for the first! p^nlr<1 time. i .cpi-pad Cominc soon allrr Ihn diFcharjrc i Texas r>f General Mac Arthur—which Mc- Picture for U.S. Ky T\if> Assor ialed I'rr-ss Tlir i a it-end nf the sprint; Hi'nv- florm which swept Uic Rocky Mountain Mates brought rain and snow lo wide areas of the central part of the country today. ft was !>Mow frep/ijsp over parts of lhc M jr I west and the Rockies. The cold sir from Canad;!, acrom- hy strong northerly winds, snu t h wn rrt ove r most of Mr. Harvey at their first meeting." j De|]artnicnl fund*. McCarthy Wilkins said. •;! gave thory a c heck I n(W mcmhcr j( thfi Rroup . in the committee's Jackson office the following Saturday. "Nothing was said about a political organization or about rebuilding the Democratic Party." Harvey said Brashier told him "we don't care how you get your money back." Th( , ( . o | dcst S)X|1 . S ,. vn ic in Mon- Carlhy called akin to treason _ ,,,„,, Colorado, WvnmiiiR. North Ihe confrontation is likely to hot Dilkr>ta an(1 M ,iinesota. But it was dramatic, but it probably will be on lhc cnat si( | c ovel . most of behind closed doors rather than \ Novlh CenU . al ,.,. R t (m . The. Far 1 out where the public can watch. Southwest was having hot weather 1 The secretary tomorrow ROC.S be- |_ an[i it was ,„„,, ovc| . mos , nf ,,,„ fore a Senate appropriations sub- [ SMlUK;1 . st( , ru stillos . committee which passes on Stale] . r , lc snowfril | ,„ Nonl , pm Mitl . is aj llcst)U was light as comi):lln(1 1o . i , h( , fM w i,j cn measurcil nine, inches Appropriations sessions almost al-1 u noulder , Colo ., cjglu in( ,, lcs in ways are private, and tomorrow s ] U( , lim . and rol|r lnches in )iu ., s o , meeting now Is scheduled to oe i Wyoming and Montana, closed. „, Rain fell todnv from Ihe Central McCarthy has been belting away ] p]ains and MW j le Mississippi Val- Death in Form Of Heart Attack Overtakes Gambler M1AMF BEACH. Fin., April 11. 'API—Charles Fischelli, SO, one of Ihe leaders of America's underworld, died early today at his luxurious Miami elVftch. homo. A doctor who had been attending! PusclxeUl for four days safd that death wns caused by a heart at- lack, He .sniri there was no doubt il resulted trom natural causes. Flschetti and his brother .flccco, surrendered nine days a?:o lo ihe pi-Ream-at-arms of the U.S. Senate after federal agents hart .sought many times to serve then) with U. S. Senate Crime Investigating Committee Subpoenae.s. Senator Tobey (R-N T HJ, a nicm- ber of the Kefauvcr conimiUee, prc.ssed for reopei\iH2 of the crime pvcbp. (he day the Fischcdis surrender pd. Tobey .said at the time that, l1l ihcy are kingpins in the Ramhlins world and would conivl- bute a lot of infonnntion." DUNDEE, Scotland, April 11. iff-i —Britain's coronation stone—the Stone of Scone—stolen from Westminister Abbey Christmas morning, was handed to the custodian n[ Arbroath Abbey near here today The famed Stone of Scone was placed in the high altar of the a 1 ) hey, on the grave of King William he Lion, king of Scotland from IM3 o 1214. The abbey, founded In 1178, 5 largely in ruins now. Two unsigned letters, one adrtrcsv rt to King George VI and the other to the General Assembly o he Church of Scotland, were let with the stone. The people who left Ihe stone did not. Identify themselves. The sandstone slab, known State Teachers College Is Accredited by AAUW ATLANTIC CITY, N. J,, April 11. <AP)—The American Association of University women last night announced it has added 15 colleges to the list' of those whose graduates ure eligible, (or membership In the organization. The institutions, approved at U« AAUW biennial convention Include Arkansas State Teachers College. The AAUW said standards for ploded and burst into flames after approval cover "academic standing, striking a runway. Black smoke from general educational requirements, the crashed plane could be seen 1 academic freedom, provisions for five miles away. | women students, and status of wo- Witnesscs said flames consumed mr . n on faculty and governing bo- Eight Are Killed In Cash of C-54 Transport Plane FAIRBANKS. Alaska, April 11. 7T| -A routine attempt lo pick up a slider al Lsdd Air Force Base ended n the licry crash of a Imv-flylnu tout-motored C-54 transport plane with llic loss of eight lives yesterday. The Air Force, transport plane cx- dirs" Read Courier Ne'*'s Classified Ads. the crashed plane from tail In engines inside a minute after it hit thp ground with Us piclH-man crew. Names of the victims were withheld pending notification nf next of kin. Three names were released ov names be withheld from publica- the. Air Force late, yesterday. Later; tion and broadcast. No reason was (he Air Force requested the three j eiven. "Stone of Destiny" "in Scotland. -t^^^T^^r-^---^^ has been reliably -reported taken from Westminister Abbey by Scottish Niit Lonalists, The National ( ieozi-aphic Society says Bnslish is the world's leading laiiRuage. spoken by 260,000,000 persons. Wednesday & Thursday "WAGON MASTER" BEN .IOHNSO.V JOANNA DRU r-_^ Starts 7:15 p.m. f~- Kills I/iiHer It fKKK Wilh I'arcnli PLAYGROUND For Ihf Klttdlw LAST TIME TONIGHT— BIG DOUBLE FEATURE at Achesoii lor more than R year-| 1( , y llmllWim | ever since he first accused the State Department of harboring He added that he stowed pay- Comm , mis ,' 5 Mrt Re[i sympathizers, McCarllly has rt Pm andeci repeatedly tlla( A( .J, CSOI J he fired— among oth- throufh Iowa and Millm . sol!1 _ R;lln ,, ho w! , 5 rcp)orlcci in ^prr pnoHna a(1 H .nrtt ^r \- rt ,.. Ens ' Anrt alld parts of Nesv ment on his check before it was cashed. Wilkins got bis check back Irom the committee. Pylaul said he gave £400 Hfter Btn.shicr's visit. BrasfieM did not contribute. Grover Smith of Snnlng. Miss., one of several postal employes who testified they contributed to tbe pro-Truman faction m hopes ol getting a job, said he paid S500. Smith was asked, "Did you pay Ihe money as a voluntary contribution? " "If someone had z knife al ynur back would you consider it voluntary?" Smith answered. "They made no bonrs about It—making a contribution was the only way to get the job." Donation "Wouldn't Hurt" pr reasons, because of his policy differences with MacArlhur. During the long and bitter controversy, McCarthy and Achcson j never have met. i "As a matter of fact. T never have j met. A cur son in my life," McCarthy told a reporter, •'I'm not solus; £n try to browbeat him at the appropriations meeting.' I just have A number o/ questions T want answered in nrder to get certain things straight." McCarthy declined to tro info detail about, his line of questioning. 'Drowning' Children Found to Be Driftwood LITTLE ROCK, April 11. iAPj — A horrified resident reported to police early night that a boatload of children had capsized In the \SRK River here. Youth on Trial For Fire Deaths BENTON. Al*.. Apvil 11- (.^>—A to-year-old boy charged with first degree murder In the fire deaths of his parents was tn tell his side of the case from the witness stand here this morning. The case, in its fourth day of trial, was expected to go to the Saline County Circuit Court jury about noon. The boy, Ernest Bunt, is accused of substituting tractor fuel in a Kerosene container at his borne, near here to cause an explosion and fire in which hi.s mother and father perished tast, Jan. H. A psychiatrist, m, RlizabuDi D. Fletcher o! the Aikansas Stale Ho:s- pUal. testified yesterday that Bunt had tbe mentality of a 12-year-old child. Six Face Charges B. C. Beasley, who served as act- After School Dispute ing secretary- of the pro-Tmman committee for 18 months, admitted reluctantly that "I might have told *onie of these job applicants it wouldn't hurt to make a donation." Committee Chairman Frank Mizc testified previously that Beasley was fired lor drunkenness. Beasley said he had devoled full time to committee work and received $30 weekly lor expenses, but no salary. Beaslej', his hands shaking as he was sworn in, testified he is unemployed. He said his wife is actins Norman Named Head He could .sfip the overturned boat i Qf CfOSSCtt Companies and the children's heari.s bobbin? ! up and riown ,he said. And he could THEATRE 20 in West Main Open Weekdays «:15 Show Starts 1:00 Salurdiij* A Sunrinjs l:0fl Always a Double Kealure l.itst Times Toclay —Added Joy— 2 COLOR CARTOONS : Remember Folks! Every Sat. Nite C1 fin fftDWITF I-natl itpfhe F.nfire Is $I.UU|>i, VHK m I fc Family and Come Out, ROSE OF TYRONE HP WASHINGTON WE SQUARE Thurs. & Fn. TWO BIG HITS hear the children screaming. Some 20 policemen and firemen hurried to the scene. In the dusk. they also saw \vhaf, ml°ht have been a boat, and bobbin? heads. A rescue boat was launched. The overturned boat turned out to he = ALMA, Ark.. April 11. (API — a pile ot dtittwooil; the heads, Jvlzs. Charges have been filed in Craw- used as flouts on a fishermen's ford County Circuit, Court at Van , trotline. Police decided Ihe screams Buren against six men in connec- } probably came from some children tion with a disturbance at a school playing on the river bank some riis- board meeting here last week. Officers said the men—not members of the board—went to the meetine lo protest dismissal of a faculty member. The charges include disturbing the peace, distvirbirn; 3 public as' sembly and assault and battery. tance away. • CROSSETT, Ark., April 11. <AP) j —William C, Norman has been pro-j nioted to general manager of the ; Cravsctt Companies, with which he ; has been associated for many years. P. F. wnizek, who has been president and general manager, con- inue.s in the former position. Norman, who hSrt been Ucaswrer \nd assistant secretary of the companies since 1943. was named the general managership at A meeting of the board of directors jtstorday. Pine BiuH Man Heads Water, Sewage Group HOT SPRINGS. Ark., April 11. —Cecil Brown of Pine Bluff wns Reeled chnlrman of the ArVian.sns Water and Sewage Conlerence here yesterday. Other officers: J. J. HigliHll. Epringdale, vice chairman; Dr. HRT- rison Hale, Fayetievine. secretary, And Neil Thayer, Jofte.sboro, pro- pram chairman. FaycUeviHe was selected (or the 1957 conference. Read Mena Okays Bond Issue MENA. Ark.. April U. 1JT>— Residents of MRna yesterday voted 794 tn 7 for a Jl.DBO,OQO bond Issue tti finance a natural cas supply line and distribution .•system for the town. State Dental Association Names Arkadeiphian LITTLE ROCK, April U. {/Tj—Dr. Paul Hardnge of Arkndelpbia been chosen l.o head the Arkansas Dental A.ssnciation beginning a year from now. He was" named nresident-elrct by the association at K.s convention here yesterday. Dr. Roy Bucy of Rector, chosen pre.sirient-elecl al, the inr>0 rcnivfti tion. apsnmed office as president. Comedy—"Who Done 11? TWO COLOR CARTOONS Air Conditioned * By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinee* Sat. & Sun. Ph. 68 W*dn«day & Thursday "Texan Meets Calamity Jane" Evelyn Ankers James Ellison RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "CHINA SKY" Randolph Scott Also News & Shurfs Few Police, Many Thefts SINGAPORE —W>— WarehousM alone Sinsapore harbour havp. bs- come a happy hunting ground lor thieves. Goods worth more than 36.600 have hccn stolen within the last I wo months. Thefts from warehouses, have doubled since last Dec. 31. Then the Singapore harbour auxiliary police were disbanded. Only 40 harbour police lieutenants art now patrolling the areas handled by 120 officers last year. More Korean Casualties WASHINGTON, April 11. If! —! The Defense Department? today identified 74 more casualties In Korea. A new list (No. 274t reported six killed In action. 48 wounded. 12 missin? in action and B Injured In NOTICE Our offices ivill be closed April IfHh, Hlh, and I 2lh. Dr. Milton E, Webb Optometrist HUDSON HORNIT WINS! This is the H-l-45 enjrins in the Hudson Hornet, thxt scored FIRST in grueling 160-mile NA- tionsl Chftrnpionship Stock Car Rare — a great victory ovpr71 car* of practically every make -proof of superior Btamina and power! For home and hospitality Here's the engine with the terrific Pick up a handy 6 bottle carton of Coke today. It's welcome refreshment for guests and family. lOtTltO UNOU AUIHOCITY Of tHl COCA-COl* COMFANY »Y COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEYILLE Miracle H-Powes* FOR THE FABUt-OUS NEW •-• '*=&> HUDSON HORNET punch! Miracle Vl-Power, In the JL new H-145 engine! In get-away or cruising speeds, it has a terrific powerhouse punch! This ania/.ingly powerful engine is quiet as a cat, smooth as cream! It is simple in design for low upkeep coals and trouble-free operation— built to outlast any other engine. The Hudson Hornet itself is a standout for sleek lines and interior luxury —"step-down" deeigned for the most room, Dost ride, greatest safety. Come in — drive this new car just once! We're sxire you'll want it for your own — through the long tomorrow! All Hudson* gtv« high-compress) on performance on REGUIAK GAS! HVDSON .. .MOST DURABLE CAR YOUR MONEY CAN RUYI BURNETT HUDSON SALES 51S East Main Fhon. 6991

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