Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1898
Page 19
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K 1 ' At any om: time havefwe been able to show :so many exclusive Patterns for Spring as the season. Top Coatings, Suitings,, Trouserings and Fancy Vestings, Prices that will Surprise you_^g=J PIERCE, The Tailor, 318 Broadway. O'UJR COUNTRY FIRST/ WHlUm Jennings Bryan Speato of the War. DR, F. M, BOZER'S Dental Parlors. •OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Comer of Fouinih and .Broadway Central Telephone No Office U83, residence 343. D. R. DENTIST Corner Fifth and Market, Pythian. Building. 6EORGE W. RODKFEB. r-*,.-^ Real Estate, Loans. Farm aud Property City IlouKh.t,BcldorEiChanfH*d, Money to Loan on m<rrt*:ajre or persona) security. C»U on me •orwrti* >v> me at No. Si Bel Klver »v«mie,e»»t w»doi: Market street bridge. H ANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy uad Sell Second Hand] Goods. CH*e in a call. S096th 8 treet E.H. GRACE, D.D.S. DENTAL.'PARLORS 316 Market Street. Aluirinite Rubber Plates. >'ars It Is ilhe Duty of All Citizens to Stand l)j Their Government. Hon. "Wlllliam Jennings Bryan mude an address at Peabody, Kan., last Saturday, in which he toot: strong grounds in favor of an aggressive proeiitcutica of the war with Spain. Mr. Bryan said that he did not want to ta'lk about politics, as questions of war now ovhrshadow questions of politics. He said tliat until the war is ended and victory crowns the arms iti America, all this people should forget politics and as one man stand behind the government an Washington and uphold and sustain it. He said that although there is a monodoly on almost everything in America there should be none on patriotism, and he expressed joy at the thought that the Republican party could not claim onu. He also expressed great gratification that the piesicleni) had elevated two former confederates to the high rank of major general, and regarded It as a ] splendid means of emphasising the fact that the two sections are reunited. When we: were not in trouble from foreign domination, he said, then we will again proceed in our own peculiar peaceful manner to free our own beloved country from foreign financial domination. He advocated an income tax as a means of raining war reveDiUes, and. was loudly and heartily cheered. In the forenoon Mr. Bryan sjpoke to the school children in the opera house. In his address to the youths he paid a glowing tribute to Commodore .Dewey, and urged all the boys o emulate his sturdy Yankee determination. COURT SEWS. Local Matters Transacted In the drill jmd Probatfi Courts. Win. A. Guy, adrainistrator of the estate olf Andrew S. Guy, an absentee, hiss filed his final report andl been discharged. Anna Kramer was given permission to transfer property belonging to herself and Henry Kramer, insane. The property is In Soyal Center. B. B. Elchards, administrator of the estate of George Robinson, deceased, has been ordered to sell real ewtate belonging to isbe estate. In the case of D. D. Dykeman vs. the unknown heirs of Peter Palmer, deceased, the title to certain land was ordered quieted as prayed for. An order to quiet title was also granted In the case of D. D. Djke- man vs. Griffith Wheeldon, et al. Marj A. Cooper was granted a divorce today from John Cooper, upon, the payment of costs. Tie casse of George Frushour vs. Asbury Barnett was called . for trial this morning. METROPOLITAN POLICE SEPARATION OR RARITY. DECORATION DAY. •3)8 Market street. Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. llB promptly attended to, any or night. Mr. RUllan was for mlmy years foreman for Cliarli li L. Woil. Telephone old 381, new 317 When Yon Xced an .ABSTRACT OR A LOAH Preparations Being Completed for Proper Observance of the Occasion. the All Organized Societies of the n ill be Asked to Participate. City Of This City Work Erery Day io the Tear. Iti Jiearly Erery Other City They Are Allowed Seven Days' Ta- cation at Full Pay. The Metropolitan police of this city are required to work every day Ic. theyeair. Other cities grant them from seven days to two weeks vacation at full pay. This has bean mentioned by the Pharos before and is again broanht to notice at the request of several citizens. A short rest eacn summer would do the officers good and would en- ;ourage them to greater efforts to preserve peace and order. The force as: it now stands is one of the best aud very little complaint is heard against them. They should have a vacation the same as inai' carriers and the matter should be kept before the public until they get ft. F, H. WIPPERMAN, 1KI6 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance, .KROEGER & STRAIN. Calls promptly attended day or night. Undertakers, 6:13 Broadway. Stialn <H. Insurance and Loans. ^noe imd Bond! written In flrst olasi oom- panlen, Money to loai:i 6 per cent. S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. MAKE MONEY On bia»ll capital. W.OO will start you in the •Chicken business. Young Chicks for sale at 1» uentg each. . ,, . Ten I'ed on the table scraps until tall makes a nice Book for wlntoi: eggf ft no expense New hitch just off and ready for delivery at Poplai Poultry Park, Clifton Ave. John M. Markley, Proprietor. Private Money to Loan No Delay<J. ()• HEFFLEY, Insip-ance;'and Loans. SOS Konruh Street. OITY KLRWS. Walter SVestlafee. of Marion, spent Sunday here. Andrew Robinson and daughters have returned from Indianapolis. Bo'&ert Krump and Edward Baker brought in a large uutaber of horses from Winamac yesterday. Natural gas blllu for the month of May ire due and payable at the com- pary's office on or before the 10th inst. W:ia. Dolan is manufacturing one of hi.'i Little Gianl; water wheels for the electric light department at Leroy. :*. Y. The Misses May and Elizabeth McDonnell have returned from Indian- •spolin, whers they were in attendance at th>5 May festival. Jo'lin Laraway will begin the practice of medicine al;B8llefountaine,O., after his graduation from the Cincinnati Medical college next Tuesday. Dr. Marsha.ll Seidam, who recently returned from the New York Belle- yue hospital medical college, will apemil the suipmei: in practice with Dr». Busbjahn and Hollowsy. The doctor expects to locale in Ch'cago i next fall. The joint committees recently appointed from tue G. A. R., the W. R. C,, Ladies of the G-. A. R., and citizens, met last night, at the home oC W. T. Glffe and made further preparation for the proper observance of Decoration day. A general invitation is extended through the columns of the Pharos to all organized societies to take part in the exerclsies. and their acceptance of this same should be sent to the Post Commander at once. Wna M. Stewart was appointed to act as grand marshal of the day. The financi) committee, composed of Joian Banta, John C. Nelson, J". H. McMlllen, (Jeorge W. Seybold and James Hendertion, is at work raising funds! to rneeb the expenses incurred by the committees and reported progress in thair work. Ths school children are also Invited to participate, and each one is asked to procure and carry a bouquet. Taey will be under the command of H. C Cushman. Tha Ladies, cif the G. A. R. and W. R, C, will gather flowers and make bouquets for etich soldier's grave. Ths committees wrll meet again on ttie evening of the 23d at "r. Glfle's house. Summer Gas Rates. Commencing May 1st and continuing until Oct. 1st, 1st, 1S9S, the summer rate on residence heaters and grates is as follows: $1.88 heaters 50c per month. $2,25 ,, 75c per month. Grates and open frottt stoves 75c per month. Special rates on furnaces and business heaters upon application. All bills are due and payable at the company's office between the 1st and 10th of each month. LOGANSPOET & WABASH i VALLEY GAS Co. The fttffnt Wide Separation of Not Dae to Relative Production. ID 3896 M. CerDHsehi said: "The free coinage of silver at 16 to 1 re-established by the United States vrithont the corjoniTenoe of Europe would be a step in the direiction of international bimetallism. Under the regime of the new standard the productive power of the United States would receive so enormous an impulse and this development would have such a disastrous effect upou the economic and financial interests of England and other European nation* now governed by tbegold standard that it may be confidently predicted iu advance that the course of events would force the adoption of international bimetallism as the only true solution, eveu upon .those who today deuy the possibility and efficacy of it." Ic is said that the present wide separation of the metals precludes the possibility of our considering so narrow a ratio as 1 to Iti. What has caused this separation of the metals? It certainly cannot be eittributed to any change that has takeu place in their relative production. At the begiuniug of the present century their relative production was a little uiorei than 3 of silver to 1 of gold. At the middle of the century it was BC'urly equal, aucl iu the fifties their relation iu production was nearly 4 o gold to 1 of silver. But these changes did not produc any practical effect upon their relativ value. They were linked together b; tho operation of the himetailic princi pie, aud tht'y rose together from 180 to 1849 as the inflow of silver diminish ed, and afterward they fell together a the inflow of gold increased. An in crease or decrease iu the output of eithe metal simply bad the effect of increas ing or decreasing the volume of primar) money without disturbing in any prac iical degree their relative value. THE TOILING MASSES. Purdne Crop Report. The crop reports trom Purdue say that i»he cool weather and rain have b«en beneficial to all growing crops in Indiana. Potato planting continues. Field peas are coming nicely. Peaches, plum/*, cherries and pears are in full bloom, especially pear trees are covered by thick bloom, apple trees are bickward and buds are not so abundant, and possibly the applei crap this year will' be small. Small fruiti is doing well and strawberries are ver/ promising. Htles Escapes. John Hiles, line notorious, got out of jail one-day last week while tha grand jr -as in the corridors looking uv 'all. A bar had been sawe' -'ring him access to the ov.1* -dor. Na effort is being np'.-c'tid capture him. Bauk Case Set For Trial. The case of Uhl va. State National Bunk has been set for trial Monday, June 6, In 'the Miami Circuit court. Judge Nelson and S. T. McConnell were in attendance at that court yesterday, returning in the afternoon. The SiewICouncil. The newly elected members of the city council will be seated tomorrow night. .The new committees will be appointed and everythingiput in. shape for business. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Are much in litlle ready, efficient, satisfactCiry: prevent a cold or fever. <ure 3:11 liver ill*, -sick lieod- ai:he, jaundice, constipation, etc. Price 25 Tha oalT f'Mi lo lil;a -with Hood'i S Pills Fresh cow, Jersey, aud calf, for sale. Inquire 2201 Market street. M, M. Hughes 328.fifth street for gas fitting. All job work promptly attended to. Charles Reynolds and TMax Jennings' son. are at the Martlnsvllle mineral springs. Mrs. I. Werner and Mrs. Carl Lange, of Lafayatte, spent Sunday with Mrs, Kraut and family, Mrs. Alfred Greenman, of Ma'/lon, returned nome today after a pleasant visit with Mifis Katie Kraut. Money to loan on mortgage security on termsi exceedingly liberal. Write E. L. Miller, Peru, Ind. Herbert Graffis, late of the Terre Haute Tribune, is now in St; Joseph, M;O. He is looking for a location. Schuyler Powell's marble shop was. b:roken open Friday night and several articles of value taken. No clew. The Gass county Bi-metallic league will meet, in regular session at their hall on Wednesday evening, May 1.1th. Members and the public are cordially invited to attend.—C. E. Carter president. The regular monthly meeting of the Third and Fourth wards of tbe Broadway M. E. chnrch will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. Every member 15 requested to be present. Those living in tbe First and Second! wards are also requested to be present.—Mrs. Earl Stewart Sec'y, One of the Incidents connected with the departure of the Logansport volunteers for Indianapolis was the presentation by Kobert Whitsett to e*ch of the boys of a souvenir "war t:' 1 also to the band, drum corps. Uniformed Knights and the old soldiers in line. The cents were of ttaose issued as advertisements by merchants and others during tbe war, and wnile they were not legally money, they passed as such until congress set its foot down on them. Mr. Whitsett got them from his grand- futher, and had several hundred al Money of the Hieheat Talue Bears Hard «gt on Tfreir Humbl« Home*. Since 1873, the period of their sepn ration, the production of silver has very slightly if at all exceeded that of gok! Their separation from each other com rueuced in JST3, when silver was ex eluded from the money stock and re dncfcd to the situation of merchandise, when it was transferred from the scaie of the balance occupied by money tc the scale occupied by property, and as a necessary consequence gold, the sole oc: cupant of thtt money scale, has risen in value, and silver, with other property, has fallen. In other words, prices have been and are persistently falling. The disuise of silver as a inonay nieta! is the sole cause of its separation froiu gold, aud the only proper way of restoring it to a parity with gold is to replace it in the iiiouey scale of the balance by endowing :it with the money function equally with gold: This certainly w hare the effect of arresting the fail ol prices and causing them to gradually move in tho opposite direction, thereby energizing all our industries and giving ample employment to labor. Certainly \vii ought not to forego these advantages in order that we may try to pay our debts, publiic, private and municipal, in money of thtj highest value or purchasing power, especially when we are nn- der no legal or moral obligation to do so. We must ever remember that money of the highest value or purchasing pow er means tbe lowest range of prices, a continual lessening of production and a cutting down of wages paid to labor. To pay our debts in money of the highest value or purchasing power is a sentiment that iaay be applauded in a great city at a sumptuous feast of its beneficiaries, bat it can find no entertainment in the humble homes of its victims, the toiling masses. PEOPLE PATRIOTIC. Politics Not Considered When tho Country's Honor In at Stake. Perhaps 1;he secretary of the treasury thinks the days of tense anxiety over tho war crisis an opportune time to discuss monetary reform. One would judge that such must be the secretary's view from a perusal of his Cleveland speech. But surely the academic discussion from a banker's point of view is aot calculated to arouse popular enthusiasm just now. lo be sure, tbe congressional elections are not so very far distant, but tbe people are not talking politics these days. They are talking about the destruction of the Maine, the murder of 2tlO American sailors, the starvation of 400,000 Cubans during the first year of McKinley's service aa president, the ii;- solence of De Lome, tbe incendiary talk of Weyler, the mobilization of the United States iirruy aud the strengthening of the navy. There is one significant feature in the secretary's speech. He affirms loyalty to the cauf ; e of international bimetallism. In hi:- report to congress he favored the single gold standard, ic his Philadelphia address he reaffirmed his gold dcctrine. At Cleveland, however, he said that the Bepublican party is pledged. to bimetallism "to secure which all honorable aud proper methods will bo put forth/' There maybe politics in what the secretary says, but jast at thi; present mouimt the people would prefe:: ps triotism. Good Chance For Jobbery. All sorts of war jobs are, of course. pouring in on the government, attracted by the $50.000,000 national defense ap- . . A. southerner semis "il DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Disorders positively cured. Grover Grar- hiim's Dyspepsia. Remedy is a specific;. One dose removes all distress, and a pei- nisuient ctiie of the most chronic and stvere casea is guaranteed. Do not sul- fer! A. 59c bottle will c*mTiace tie must told. j skeptical. word ttiat palmetto cabbages make tbe b«B{ kind of fortifications and he offers (lor a consideration} to bay up all in sighs and deliver them to points for coast defense. A ci;:izeu of Eausas City writes that hog brissles tn:il;e bnllec proof cloth, which, in tbe form of thick mats, conld be bnug around on the sides ol: the war vessels. He adds incidentally that, in anticipation of tbe adoption of hiis suggestion., he has secured ati option on all the hog bristles iu tbe market.— Springfield (Mass.) Republican. Stor/ 'fold ABotit ]{[>her. "If Maher bad a heart of steel," said a prominent referee the ol;her day, "he would beat tbe world. But he cannot stand tbe gaff. When La fought Joa Goddawl at Coney Island some years a«o, Dave Holland, his iiuauager, had an experience with him than he never ceases to tell aoout "'We were iu the ring,' says Holland, 'and Peter sac there looking Goddard over, ijuddenty be said to me, "That fallow is two stone heavier'n me, bogorra. " I told him that it made no , difference, but Peter kept looking, and • a moment later he isaid, "That fellow is five stone heavit-r'u me, Dave." Then I told the referee and timekeeper to hurry up and start things, because if there was auy more delay Peter might tb.iuk Goddard was ten stone heavjer'u him and-climb out of the ring. As i; was he quit vrheu Goddard landed a good wallop on tbe jaw.' " —Exchange. New More Store. Cor. Market, 5th and Erie 8to. Just Opened Our New Line of Celebrated Girls »s Gait Cuddle*. The growing popularity of golf all over the country has brought forward girls as caddies, aud many are earning quite a comfortable income by this occupation. Isabel.le Hellis is the favorite giirl caddie of tha Shiuuecock clnl) o.u Long Island. Though only 12 years of age, ishe is quite competent to fill the post. She has a practical knowledge of the game—iu fact, can give points in a round to any number of the players.— Boston Harald. NEW ICEBERG Hardwood Refeigerator. — 0HY AIR— With aud without porcelain liaed Witter Cooler, wade of solid ash; of beautiful design, finished antique, carved paneis: solid bronze surface locks and hinges; Fox patent self-retaining maple wheel casters, made extra heavy for refrigerator use: perforated galvanized iro» provision shelves, and corrugated galvanized ice racks,: lined throughout with polished zinc and galvanized iron. :.5 Different Styles up from H6.90. THB. National Bank first CAPITAL 1250,0(10 A, J. MURDOCE:, PBXBIDKNT, W. W. ROSS, CASHISB, J. F, BBOOKMEYKl, AJUT. CAUHO. 1 DIRECTORS: • A.J. Murdock, W. H. Briofhunit. ftennlt : Uhl. K. 8. Hioe. B. F, Yantti. I M. aarwood. W. T. Wiiion. f BaaUnc In all iti i and oiirerully done. Safety to Customers noBght tot. Strong Reserve Fund Maintained.. Department* promptly and itookhald*r Tan and black shoes, like cut, $1.93, worth $-1, cloth and vtsting top. See show window. In addition to the grant saving acknowledged by all In the New • Otto shoe department over the regular shoe stores, wo present tn our patrons nandsome decorated Chiiiware; (style equal to flavllland);also chamber sets and hotel ice pitchers and cuspidors, and shine your shoes free of ctiarge. This may not amount to much, but f you like to look neat and dressy and have your shoes shinecl daily and would keep track of the nickels and dimes, you would be surprised at the saving. This may not amount 'to much, but t's just that much more than the other stores give vou. Otto Shoe & Clothing Co. A SUMMER NORMAL. The LoGAXSi'OBT COMMERCLIL HIGH SCHOOL will canduct a Summer Normal, >e<rinmng June 6, and continuing TEN WEEKS. They have secured the services of Prof. A. W. Gamble of the city high school, who will have charge of this department. Prof. Gamble's reputation an an educator is uffictent assurance of tbe most satisfactory results. The course of study will be especially arranged to meet t'ae demands of teachers and hose preparing ilo teacli Thorough instructions will oe given on every subject on which iie teacher will be required to paes examination. Tuition 10 fweeks $£i.OO Good board per week <!.5t M. A. MURPHY J. W. BlOOKE PRINCIPL8 McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BURE* »TS. CHICAGO. Your Spring Suit, Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look "veil and have saved money in your pocket. **—-^-o- ^ .«Will Pleas JYou, Save You Money. Pearl StNcxtto Dr. Bell's Office. THR City National Bank. LOGAKSPOBT, IfT3.| CAPITAL ...... $200.000 JOKK GKAT, President, L N. CKAWFOKD, Vie* Prea. P. B. fo^jjai, Gagliier. — DIKIICTOK* — John Gruy. C. G. HeirelJ. J. T. Elliott, Dr. W. H. Bell. A. P. Jenki. W.C. PenaocK. IUM SMdelior, and 6*0. W. Funk Loa.a money on pernonal iind"iooUM«rml gwurtty, Buy and noU Government bond!.. Buy and Mil foreign exahuirci on all put* of the world. Wijil pay 2per cent per cnnum on omrtfloBtw of dei>oilta, when deposited ilx moittht: > p«r Giant nwrftnmim when left one jeu'. Boieg In Safety Depotit Vault*, for §afo of valuable papers, reuta i-euonabla. NO PAINf NO DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such M sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely »»f« and palnles. FIRE PFJOOF. One b'ock from C- R. I,. & P. 1... S. A: 71., S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing' $75,000.00 hiv< jst been completed, and the house now ffers evsry convenience to be J'ound in any ote!, including hot and cold water, electru ght wdl steam heat in « ~'ery nxim. Rites 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOV, Owner nt Proprietor The moot naturfcl-looklng K 1 - luclil Teetih on new method! 1'LA.TBS, guaranteed to fit. Thcnneet and belt method oC CILOWN and BBITOE Work. KVNo charge for extracting without pal« wh<»n new teeth are to be rcppliod. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, SUM Fcur*it. Cougts ind coidi, down to the veiy borderland of conaomption, yield to tho toothing, healing Influence! of , Dr. Wood'i Korwey Pin* Syrup.

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