Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 29, 1892 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1892
Page 2
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OF PROFOUND INTEREST I3OMETHIXG WHICH STAKT LED OUK CITY. JEUglit at Home in Oar Midst Where We Know all the Parties. TVJiat is More the Parties Stand Ready and Willing to Tell All About it. {From the Eochester Democrat and Chronicle. The name of Dan Bice of 755 Plymouth Ave., Kocheeter, N. Y., is wel known throughout the country. His •wife, while enjoying a less wide lame, is the favorite of a large circle of Irienda and acquaintances, who became very much alarmed at the condition of serious ill health in. which Mrs. Rice has been for some time past. She grew terribly nervous, weak and prostrated, frequently dropping upon the iloor unconscious, until all were in despair of ever seeing her in health again. Of late, however, therejhas been a great change in her condition. Where before she waa so terribly run down in health and . strength as lo make life a burden, she is now strong, healthy', vigorous, and enjoys life thoroughly again. Her acquaintances are not only surprised and pleased, but greatly mystified as to the cause of so sudden a return xo health, when, us everybody knew, she had been so very low and prostrated. To n friend, however, she explained the ser.ret of her sudden restoration to health. "I hud a heart and nerve trouble of long standing, I had fainting spells, sometimes as many as 0 or 10 a day. The neighbors frequently .found me unconscious. I could not sleep, many times I never went to Bleep all night. "I had a great deal of pain in my aide and stomach, and I could not sleep uo my left side at all. I had an attack of numbness in my right side which maclo it difficult for me to speak or swallow. "I used Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and when I had taken, two bottles the numbness had left me and I have not fainted but 4 or 5 times in the last six months, and I have not had any fainting spells for twomoaths. I can now sleep and rest \v>_-!!. "M,\ friends are moro than surprised at my improved health." Her friend and neighbor, Mrs. A. Borne of 15 Brook avenue, Rochester, had often found Mrs. Rico unconsoious in these terrible numb and fainting spells b'afure she took Dr. Greene's Uervurw. blood and nerve remedy, and is delighted, as well she may be, with the ejects of this wonderful medicine. - We have for years advertised this remarkable remedy in our columns, . and our readers can readily turn to such advertisement in almost any issue of our paper. We knov of a great many similiar cures effected by this deservedly popular medicine—cures from nervousness, weakness and exhaustion, insomnia, malaria, poor blood, dyspepsia, indigestion, biliousness, kidney and liver complaints, constipation and the weakness of general debility. Many of us are in a weakened and nervous state, lacking our old time strength and vigor. Dr. Greene's Kervura blood and nerve remedy is the very best thing- to take to tone up the system and restore our stren<*;b. Most everyone needs a medicine lo strengthen the nerves, invigorate the blood and start up the action of the liver and kidneys, and this is the greatest and best of all remedies. It is purely vegetable, too, and perfectly harmless. All druggists keep it at $1.00 per bottle. We assure sufferers from disease that they cannot do better than to use this really wonderful medicine. Dr. Greene of So W. 14th street, ITew York, its discoverer, is a specialist in the cure of nervous and longstanding diseases, who has the largest practice of any physician in the wo<ici, and cab be consulted personally or by letter free of charge. Call or write him about your case, or send for a symptom blank to fill out, and a letter, fully explaining your disease, jjivinjr valuable advice, etc., will be returned without charge. This remedy, being the prescription and disco very ot this great physician, is not a patent medicine, but on the contrary is a remedy which all doctors recommend and endorse because they know it will cure. I,»vr Kate to ^.exlujjtOD. Ky., via Pemi»TJYa«ln, l/tees, for the Kacex. October 2d to 13th, inclusive, excursion tickets will be sold at vary low rate vis this direct route. Please apply to nearest Pennsylvania line ticket a&ent for details. BITS Qg INFORMATION. The schooner May Gibbon was sun! by a hurricane off the Texas coast anc four of the erew, were drowned. Bishop Messmer has purchased at Green Bay, Wis., a. large tract of land, on which he frill erect later a college. The home of Mrs. Lizzie Whalen, of Fort Howard, Wis.. was entered by burglars Monday and S200 in coin was taken. Mountain & Sons, proprietors of the St Louis corn and rice mills at Mobile, Ala., assigned to Shelton Sims Tuesday. The liabilities are heavy. The McCahan Sugar Eefining Company, which is opposed to the sugar trust, organized at Philadelphia Tuesday with a, capital stock of 82,000,000. Kellum & Glennis' .retail store at Mount Clam, Tex., was blown up by a spark from a cigarette falling- in a powder barreL A boy was badly hurt. Sim Curry, of Thompson, N. D., and John Ellis, of Brussels, Ont., victims of the Thompson gambling- house fire, are dead. This makes a total of five deaths. A woman named Montrose charges that within a period of ten months forty newborn infants were murdered by Dr. H. <D. Bcale at his hospital in San Francisco. Five members of a band of smugglers were captured by the custom house guards near Del Rio, Tex., Tuesday, with large quantities of dutiable goods in their possession. Fire destroyed Joslin & Co.'s grain warehouse in St. Paul, Minn., and damaged the buildings of the Phoenix Beef Company of Chicago, and Gatiglehoff & Co., dealers in farm implements Loss, $48,000. Five of the notorious Jackson gang of moonshiners, including a cousin of Rube Burrows, were captured red handed by federal officers at their illicit distillery in the Tennessee hill fastnesses Tuesday. William M. Richards, president of the Fidelity & Casualty Insurance Company and a director of the Continental Insurance Company of New York, died of heart failure on a ferryboat at New York Tuesday night, 74 years old. Under an old /'blue law" notices have been posted at Stonington, Conn., saying that "the using of profane or obscene language, also shouting, brawling- and quarreling" arc in violation of the law t and that hereafter that law will be rigidly enforced. The president has appointed Prof. Thomas C. Mendenhall, superintendent of the coast geodetic survey, as the United States committee on the international commissioner which is to settle the differences between Great Britain tind the United States in the matter of the boundary line between Alaska and British Columbia. UORDENTOWX, JSI. J77~Scpt. t!S.—.Lena Schnutt; a German woman of this place, Tuesday afternoon murdered href 1 , small children by choking them to death in her house at 4 Chestnut street. One of the victims was her own son and the other two were sons of William Bowkner, a neighbor. The children's ages range from 1 to 3 years. The woman is belie ced to be insane. NOTES OF THE MODES. ensoiiablo Suggestions For Folicnvers of tho ITtisliions. There is no longer any doubt that most gowns, for the early autumn at east, will have the fan breadth in the back sweep the ground. The imported walking-jackets for the autumn that have already arrived have leeves that are neither very high nor very full at the shoulder. The Eton jacket has entirely taken he place of the open-front summer acket The Eton jacket proper is cut n one width in the back with no cams. Those who have recently come from he shops of leading French modistes in >aris declare that during- the coming eason buttons will be much used as a garniture. The blouse of flexible 'washing silk with the easy, rolling Byronic collar is much more the vogue than the starched, shield-fronted shirt waist with its hoker at the neck. The sailor hat may be as chic and aunty as possible, but under no cir- umstances is it counted a dress hat. ''or this reason any g-arnitura save a and and a few upstanding bows is in jad taste. The new torchon and mecHei laces xave flower designs like most valen- iennes laces and others are in chevron oints or diagonal stripes. One of the most novel patterns represents a stag and hounds. A handsome picture hat worn by a very pretty, golden-haired, brown-eyed, girl at a recent garden party is of satin braid panama, with an open lace-straw edge. It is trimmed with a trail of hops, shaded-oats, pale- green, unripe hazel-nuts and two pink roses. Cambric petticoats are made two yards and ahalf wide. They are closely fitted in front, having a narrow gored front breadth, single side gores-and a straight hack breadth. They have no belt, hut are hemmed over at the top or laced, and are dravrn up by tapes passed through the casing. A fetching and at the present moment a very stylish gown is of fawn-colored crepon, trimmed with gnipure lace of the same shade, with a girdle of black satin ribbon. The foot of the skirt is finished with three tiny frills of black ribbon veiled with gathered ruffles of fawn-colored gnipure lace. A French trimming which is being used for the 'bottom of Dell skirts is made in this way: Fold a sheet of gray wadding- three times along the edge to form an inch-wide . strip, ilake the strip long enough to reach a little more than around the skirt Having made three of these long strips cover them with the dress goods and braid them ex-, actty as one braids the hair. TVhen finished this is fastened to the extreme edge of the'bell skirt,—2T. Y. Post . SAYS IT'S FALSE. A Georgia Political Leader Denies Gen, Weaver's Charge. He Says the Third Party Leader Would Be Given as Fair a Show as Anyone—Political News. KEPLT TO WEAVER. ATLANTA, Go., Sept. 2S.— Hon. W. Y. Atkinson, chairman of the democratic executive committee of Georgia, says in reply to the published address of Gen. Weaver and various special telegrams which have been sent out from Georgia by Mrs. .. Lease that they do great injustice, not only to the democrats, but to the people of the state. He says: "The only possible foundation for the greatly exaggerated egg story spread broadcast by- Con, Weaver and Mrs. Lease is that a small boy In the open-air audience at Macon threw ac egg, and he was promptly arrested and punished for it. " As to Mrs. Lease's statement that "the disgraceful scenes at Macon were repeated twice in the presence of the governor of Georgia at the state capital," Mr. Atkinson says:_ "Gca. Weaver or Mrs. Lease did not appear as advertised in Atlanta. They -would not go up to the capital, where a large crowd had assembled to hear them. Gov. Northen himself, tearing that Gen. Weaver would not speak— claiming that he would not be listened to— went to insure him a hearing, and the meeting by vote guaranteed that ho would be respectfully listened to. I called on the chairman of tha executive commit tee of the people's party of the state early to the evening to extend him this guaranty, and he told me that Gen. Weaver had made up his mind not to speak. His claim of persecution is nothing more than an overworked effort to pose as a martyr. His statements deliberately misrepresent the people of Georgia, and are cunningly devised for campaign purposes. He did not want to speak In Atlanta, and would have had just as fair a showing as any man who ever spoke here." New York 1'opallsts. SVKACUSE, N. Y. Sept 28.— At the state convention of the people's party held here Tuesday L. J. McPharHn, of Lockport was nominated for judge of the court of appeals and Thomas Wakeman, of Isew York and I. E. Dean, of Monroe, for electors at large. Dr. H. A. Steber, of Utica, offered resolutions denouncing tha railroad corporations of the state and asking for the repeal of their charters. L. .1. McPharlin, of Lockport, offered resolutions favoring state canal improvements, state elevators and docks, and denouncing- Gov. Flower for vetoing the canal appropriation passed by the last legislature. The Omaha platform was adopted. Michigan Kepnbilcaiis. RAPIDS, Mich., Sept 2£.— The judicial convention was held here .Tuesday. John W. Jochem, of Mar- quctte, was nominated for secretary of state to fill the unexpired term of Daniel E. Soper, and Judge Frank A. i-Iooker, of Charlotte, was nominated 'or justice of the supreme eourt. Philip T. Colgrove, of Hastings, was elected president of the Michigan League of Republican clubs at the fifth annual convention Tuesday. In his •etiring address President John Patton urged the usefulness of r^pub- ican newspapers as the best iitera- ,ure to convert doubtful voters, and said he league's work in this direction had resulted in a weekly circulation of 200,DOO republican, papers in the state today. John T. Rich, G. J. Kiekema and Wright Giddings, candidates on the republican state ticket, made brief ,peeches. At night J. Sloat Fassett and Julius Caesar Burrows addressed he main meeting-. John T. t Eich, !yrus G. Luce, several of the state candidates and various congressional nom- nees were on hand and spoke briefly. Joint Debates la Nebraska. BEATRICE, Neb., Sept. 2S.— Lorenzo Crounse and Charles H. Van Wyck, republican and populist candidates for ;overnor, began a series of joint debates here Tuesday night. Three' thousand people heard the debate. There will be seven more of these debates at other points in the state. J. Sterling Morton, democratic candidate for governor, asked to be allowed to participate, and make it a triangular discussion, hut the populist state committee refused. ?IcK!nley Talks to 20,000 Republicans. WASHINGTON, Pa., Sept. 2S.— Gov. McKinley, of Ohio, addressed a monster mass meeting at the county fair grounds during- the afternoon. A conservative estimate places tho number present at 20.000. Claim They Find Anthracite «joal. GOSHEX, Ind., Sept. .25.— The discovery of a promising- vein of anthracite coal on the Belgium Horse Company's farm, west of this city, has been made. Prospectors of experience say the find is a good one, and farming- lands ad"joining- have quadrupled in offered values in twenty -four hours. Insane Over a Daughter's Suicide. WAEASH, Ind., Sept. 28. — Samuel Charles, one of the best known farmers in Wabash county, was declared insane Tuesday morning. The first symptoms were developed just after the suicide by drowning of his daughter. Since her death he has been greatly depressed. a JLTSOU. Mo., Sept 2&— Thieves robbed the safe of J. F. Tising's store in the southern part of the county Monday nijrht and then set the building on fire, the store and contents being con- snmed. The robbers secured several hundred dollars, and the entire loss will amount to about $15,000. Animals' The individuality of each animal in the herd must always be considered. Each has its preferences and dislikes, and to secure the best results the wants oi each animal . must "be supplied. To feed a herd so that all must eat the same kind of food may be to surfeit one animal rrliilc another may not be supplied. There is no Ssed rnle for ifred- kvf any class of animals. POTTSVILLE, Pa., Sept. 28.—The Pennsylvania Railroad Company has introduced a new system at its car-shops at Lower Pottsville and all hands work by contract The men arc well pleased with the innovation and claim they can make more money. Besides this, 20 per cent, more work is accomplished. Dcatli of South African Explorers. LONDON, Sept. 2S. —Advices have been received from Mozambique. South Africa, that a felucca containing -a party cf eight Englishmen and Germans, who were proceeding up the Moma, river on an exploring and trading expedition, was capsized while crossing a bar ant! only one of the party was saved. An Old Insuraute Company'" JCnd. NEW FOBK, Sept. 2S.—Justice Beach, of the supreme court, has appointed Wright Holcomb referee in proceedings to dissolve the Knickerbocker Fire Insurance Company, a corporation which has had a life for over eighty years % Competition has made the business no longer profitable. Mexico's New Tariff. CITY OF MEXICO, Sept. 3S.-~The work of preparing the new customs tariff is to be pushed, and it is expected that the measure will be published in a fortnight. It is understood that it will embody a reduction of duties on crude materials, increase of duties on machinery and the entire abolition of interstate taxes. Senator Mills Seriously 111. COESICAXA, Tex., Sept. 23.—Senator Roger Q. Mills is seriously ill. Hard campaign work has caused a relapse of the grip from which he suffered last winter and from which he never entirely recovered. THE MARKETS. . Gralu, Provisions, Etc, CHICAGO, Sept, 2 FLOTm— Steafly. Sprics wheat patents, RIO ©450; Eye, 53L-(0®3.00; Winter wheat patents, S4.OOiSl.10; Straights. ?3.60<£3.75. WHEAT— Kuled easier. No. 2 December, 7Gy Cg,~;;c: and May, 817£®S2iio. Cash Na 2 73K@74£c. COHN— Was fairly active and steady. No. 2, 15;i@46t; 3STo. 2 Yellow,' 4GiJ©46V4e; No. 3, 45--*c; No. 3 Yellow, 45i£c; October. 45?«@46yc; December, 46' / 4@<5Jic; May, 40!4©<9^c. DAIS— Market easier. No. 2 cash, 325J; October, 32J-;@327a'c: May, 36?J(33CSc. Samples steady. No. 3, SOSiSSc; No. 3 White, 32®3-lc; No. 2, 33ii(334c; No.2 White, M^®35VjC. KYE— Was a little stronger; demand fair. No. 2 cash, 57^c; October, 57c, November, 5Sc; and December, 57c. No. 3 by sample, 49@Kc, BABLEY— Pemand good but market easy under free supply. New by sample, common to fair, 35®45c; good, 48©55c, and choice, 58® 65c; fancy Nebraska. C6@G8c. ?,IES3 PORK— In rather good request, with fair offerings. Market active and prices higher. Quotations range at S10.75<310.BO foi cash; J10.eOiaiO.80 for October; 510.70@10.87^ for November, and 512.10@12.£2>< for January. LARD— In fair demand and offerings moderate. Prices higher. Quotations range at £7.85 &7.S7'/, for cash: S7.S5O7.S7V5 for October; S7.17ViQ,7.27!4 for November, and S6.90Q0.95 for January. LrvE POT/I.TRY— Per pound; Ciiclcens, 9c; Turkeys, iS&l-^c; Ducks, O'/iSlOc; Geese, 4.000:7.00 per dozen. BUTTER— Creamery, 10@23Uc; Dairy, 15©2;!c; PackiHg Stock, 13'/j@Uc. OILS— Wisconsin Prime White, 7&c; Water White, 7j;c; Michigan Prime White, 9c; Water White, 9c; Indiana Prime White, 8Kc; Water White, O^c; Headlight, 175 test, 8y : s; Gasoline, 87 cleg's, rZc; 74 deg : s, £c; Naphtha, 03 dcg's, NEW YORK, Sept. 28. WHEAT— Moderately active. December, 82 ..11-lGc. .;. Com"— Firmer, quiet October,'53c; November, 53fjc: December, 5<5jc; No. ~, 53@54%c. OATS— Dull, easier. September, 36yc; October, 37c; December. 39!ic;;Western.'35yQ>40!4c. PROVISIONS— Beef light demand, steady. Extra mess, SG.25®t!.75, Pork moderate demand, firm. New mess, 512.00©12.23: old mess, $11.00® 11.25. Lard quiet, nominal. SS.20. TOLEDO, 0., Sept 2& WHEAT— Quiet, steady. No. 2 cash and September, 75}£c; Oetober, 75?ic;- December, 78Jsc; May, 83^0. " CORN— Finn. No- 2 cash and October, 46j(c. OATS— Steady. Cash, 33c. RYK-Qulet. .Cash, 58£c. CLOVBHSEZD— Active, firm. Prime cash, October and November, fC.40; January; 56.52^. CLEVELAND, 0., Sept 28. PETROLEUM— Quiet S. W- 110, 6;4c; 74 gasoline, 7c; £6 gasoline, lOc; 63 naphtha, O^c. Live Stoofc. CHICAGO, Sept 2a CATTLE— Market dull ana week. Prices 5® 10c lower. Quotations ranged at 34.85®5.20 for choice to extra shipping Steers;$4.25@4.80 for good to choice do; ?3.70@4.20 for fair to good; E3.10@3.K) for common to medium do; 53.00® 3.75 for butchers 7 Steers: $2. 50® 3. 15 for Stoekers: Sl.755i2.75 for Texas Steers; 52.75®3.75 for Eange Steers; S3.20 (£3.60 for Feeders; £1.75® 2. 75 for Cows; S2.CO@2.75 for Bulls, and £2.25© 5.25 'or Veal Calves. HOGS— Market active and firm. Prices well maintained. Sales ranged atS4.10®5.:0 for Pigs; 55.00-35.60 for light; i4.90@5.15 for rough packing: S5.05fip.GO for mixed, and 55.2<xa5.70 fsr Sieavy packing and shipping lots. an animal until aged may result in a loss. The greatest gain is •when. n.n animal is young. After it reaches maturity it may lose hi weight or sain bnt very little. Itfr. JJo&eri W. Bermlr Ac Exempt Fireman of Jackson Engine Co., Lous isioiKl Cirr, ?'. Y.', says tnatat Cbristcsas, 1800, !:e could on:y take a sseil of dinner, as !:o ^-as in 2 fearful condition from 3>j-Kpep*ia. •. Tlis ncsi summer lie \vent to Europe for Iu3 lie.il th, lint C3=ie icnfc unccred. la the Jail ne decided upoi: a thorough trial of ? s Sarsaparilla And bv Christmas liad - a. hearty appetite, healthy digestion, and was perfectly welL His cure was cue -wholly to Hood's Sarsapaiffia. HOOD'S PILLS cure liver ,121s, coastljatloiv ENJOYS Both, the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and "Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste ana acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commendit to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 75c bottles by all leading druggists.. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will -procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Manufactured only by the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO., SAN KB-S^N-CISCO, CAL. t.O'DTSVII'LE, ETJT . NEW "ZOSK, ST. E For sala ; iv all druggists :. Special Bargains, and Notices. Bargains Offered bylogaaspsrt Merctiants, Wanfs and Chuck, Society, K&ilroad and Miscellaneous Notices. Call at John Schriefer's 224 Market street, for Toledo Pilsner beer. M. M. Gordon, Real Estate and Pension Agent. Pension business a speciuity. Wanted—Three hundred yards of boulders, 4 to 8 inches in diameter, Cincinnati inspection, at occe.—-Win. C. Bowker, contractor, Elwood, Ind. Tne hopes of core held out to the advertisements or numberless remedies are mere fcuns, without the slightest shadow oC about them- On iSe other hand, no statement has ever beea made In benalt or Hoswtter's Stomach Bitters that Is not susceptible or ample substantiation. Care hns ever been taken in lay- Ing Its claims before, the public to clrconsscrllje those claims wltatie bounds of truth. Allegations outside ol these lonn no blot on the record of this sterling, tune-honored remedy, proven hy the most respectable evidence to be a remedy Joi and prerentlve of malarial disease, rheumatism, klduey trouble, chronic Indigestion and biliousness. It Is an Ineffably flne tonic, promotes convalescence and mitigates the infirmities of age. Taken before retiring at night it Is a promoter of sleep. Are yoj made miserable by indigestion, dizzeness, loss of appetite, yellow skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a posi: tive cure. Guaranteed by B. F- Keesling. ____ " The Rev George H. Thayer, ol Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Sbiloh'S' consumption cure. 1 ' Guaranteed by B. F. Keesling. With a record like Simmons' Regulator all should use it for the liver. kidnei'S and bowels, Shilob-'s Cure will immediately re lieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. Guaranteed by B. F. Kees- St. JLoais Fair, October 3d to Stli. Fo" this occasion the Wabash Railroad has named 'rate of $8.25 for round trip; tickets to be sold October 2d, 3d and 4tb, good going date of sale only. Good returning not later than October Sth. C. G. NEWELL, Agent. Noi'tli Mcncliester, Jf.U.. Fair, September 27il» to 30th. For this occasion the Wabash Railroad Company will name the rate of $1.50 for the round trip. Tickets can be purchased September 27th to 30th, inclusive, good returning not later than October 1st. C. G. NEWELL, Agent, Harvest ExcaT«io Lines. On September 27th, excursion tickets to points in the Northwest, West, Southwest and South, and on. October 25th, to points in the South and Southwest, . will be sold from principal ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines west of Pfttsburg. The Pennsylvania is the desirable route, being- direct and offering excellent service. The rate will be low and thead-vata- ges afforded via these lines cannot fail to make the journey over them a pleasant one. For details apply to J. A. McCullough, ticket agent, Logansport, Ind. Rev. E. H. Fairall, D. D., editor of the Iowa Methodist, says editorially, We have tested the merits of Ely's Cream Balm, and- believe that, by a thorough course of treatment, it will cure almost every case of catarrh. Ministers, as a class are afflicted with head and throat troubles, and catarrh seems more prevalent than ever. We cannot recommend Ely's Cream Balm too highly." .. I used Ely's Cream Balm for dry catarrh. It proved a cure.—B. F. M. Weeks, Denver. A Horrible Kailroail Accident It is a daily chronicle in our papers; also the death of some dear friend, who has died with consumption, whereas, if he or she had taken Otto's Cure for throat and lung diseases in time, life would have been rendered happier and perhaps saved.- Heed the, warning! If you have a cough or any affection of the throat and lungs call at Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and get a trial bottle free. Large size 50 cents. I Have, as You Know, been selling BradSeld'a Female Regulator for years, and have had a steadily increasing- demand for it; it gives the very best satisfaction. I • frequently sell it to physicians, who use it in their practice with the most satisfactory results. R. THOIUS, M. D., Valdosta.' Ga. "Haekmetack s~ lasting- and fragrant perfume Price 25 and 50 cents. Guaranteed by B. F. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. A nasal injector free with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Guaranteed by B. F. Kees- ir "*- . Do not waste your time ou doctors when your liver is diseased. Take Simmons' Liver Regulator. Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. — A positive cure for catarrh, diphtheria and canker mouth. Guaranteed by B. F Keesling. g LeadM to Consumption. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once ' Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. To enjoy life, stimulate digestion and regulate the bowels, take Simmons' Liver Regulator. Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence sexual weakness, pimples, cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling s. Tlic Trouble Over. A prominent man in town exclaimed the other day: My. wife has been wearing- out her lifo from the effects of dyspepsia, liver complaint and indigestion. Her case baffled the skill of our best physicians. After using three packages of Aunt Fanny's Health Restorer she is almost entirely well." Keep your blood in a healthy conditoix by the use of this great vegetable compound. Call on Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street. • sole agent, and get a trial package free. Large size 50c. Steamliiz the face and Facial Massage for removing wrinkles is at the present day attracting wide-spread attention everywhere. In fact, hundreds of Face Massage Parlors are established in every large city where the treatments' are given at $2 each. Thousands of ladies however prefer purchasing a bottle of Blush of Roses Massage Oil which lasts two months for $1. Full directions for Face Massage and Steaming the face accompany each bottle. Circulars free. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. Health is wealth. Take Simmons' Liver Regulator for all sickness caused by diseased liver. . Why will you cough when Shiloh's cure will give immediate relief. Price 10c., 50c. and £1. Guaranteed ty B. F. Keesling. -When Baby -WEE sick, wo ga-o in;:- ( '^L,' ' .-.When she was ,1 Ch2J, she cried 'or Cxiai^ri.'i. When she became Miss, sbe clvius to Ca*'j«".u When she bad Chilclrczusba gave tlura Caswria. For dyspepsia and liver complain you have a frinted guarantee on every bottle of f-iiloh's Vitalizes It neve? fails to jure. Guaranteed by B. F Delays are dangerous. Take Simmons' Liver Regulator in time for dyspepsia, hiliousne.ss, and all diseases Of the liver. ' , , Short breath, palpitation, pain in chest, weak and faint; spells, etc., cured by Dr. Miles 1 New Heart Cure Sold at B. F. Keesling's. .. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Biliousness, constipation, .torpid liver, etc,, cured by Dr. Miles' Xer-vine. Samples free atB. F. Keesing's.' Laj»e'« Family Medicine .More* "the' JBowel* Every dav. Most people 2e«<i to use it-:

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