The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1951
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 1951 'Go fast Young Lady,' Jam's Carter Claims, If You Want in Movies By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, April 11. </r>-"Go a/ast, young lady, it you want to {'yet K. break in the movies." This switch on the Horace orceley nrivice is the secret success fo'r Janis Carter, blonde and curve- some actress. Her film career is busting out all over, thanks to that old devil (to Hollywood) rv. Janis was a song-and-dance hit m "DuBarry Was a Lady" and "Panama Hattic," and shows won her a contract with Columbia liiclures. So what happened? in her seven years at tlie studio she never played in a musical. "I had only one good picture during all the lime I was there." .she recalled. "That was a lead in 'Framed' with Glenn Ford. They were 50 excited about it that tlicy tore up my contract and gave me * belter one. And then they let me sit around for a year without doin? anything!" After seven years of doing mosily secondary rolls and posing lor cheesecake, she and the studio parted company last Ocfober. Instead or moping around IOM-H, she headed cast. "1 Took Apartment" "I look an aparlmenl and wa 1 ; ready to stay." she related. "Ti.™ things started happening. 1 signed i< up to do a television show, to or. ' broadcast on Christmas Day. Av.d brother, lhal was hard work". "We worked all day Christinas, starting at nine o'clock in the morning. ! had Christmas dinner in a delicatessen—maUali ball soup 'and a chicken lior sandwich Rut I knew it would help me il I made good on the show. And it paid off. "By intermission time—while we were still on the air -1 had oilers lo do three other television shows. And Ihe next day Richard Rodcors, George Abbott nnd smother Broadway producer called me up aboui Jobs." Janls kept workitm. In three weeks of television appearances, she had time to eat out. only once. Word of her success eot back to Howard Hughes, ihe enigmatic heirl of RKO. He hauled her back from 3 Florida nightclub e.ncaqcment (o play opposite, John Wayne In "The Flying Leathernecks." That won her another seven- year contract. She is now slurring In "The Half-Breed," in which she will sing and dunce [or the first lime in the movies. Trij) WU Ifmulers "The trip east did wonders (or me." she concluded. "II gave me a chance to try out my singing and dinciiiK again. It gives you a lot of confidence to know that you can still RO out and eanr a living and n f>ood one at that." Pnraun.viially enough, she is now unable to return to her benefactor television. Her RKO contract preludes any TV appearances. Talk of the Town . . . the JIPH revelations of Red activity in •Hollywood—and how will this affect -he box-office? . . . the spryncss of Ethel Barrymorc, who still delivers more magic: than any of the younger crop of actress . . . How long can N'BC foot the bill on Tallubh Bankhead's "Tlic Big Show"? iwhich continues to be Ihc best thine in radio! . . The westward trek tit mast ol (the big TV comirs come ihis fall j. . (he arrival of Margaret Tm- jman to act in a radio play this month . . . what's going'to happen to Larry Parks? . . . the success of Belle Davis' "Payment on Demand" fthankx to "All About Eve?"i .. . . what ever of Montgomery Clift? His fan:- may forget If he doesn't get active. U, S. Comics Make Comeback in Yugoslavia BELGRADE tAP(—For the first time since the war. an American comic strip (Donald Duck) has reappeared in n Yugoslav newspaper. I' is runninq in the "Sunday Information", a new weekly started this ye '. In pre-war Yugoslavia American comic strips were very popular and were published in many daily and weekly papers. During (lie German occupation they were cut out And they stayed out aflcr Ihc Liberation and Ihe founding of Marshal Tito's Communist government until this lone entry. BLYTHEVTILE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HOW IKE'S COMMAND SHAPES UP— ouquijn LEGEND Northern Commond Central Command Southern Command Iron Curtain Countries TCH^SWITZ CJ"AUSTRIA f> HUNGARY under Gen. Dwjghi D. Kisenliowci 's new Supreme H L-a worthy is the fact that Eisenhower's command rstcmls n and ihe eastern .Mediterranean. This leaves undi-finert It tense. The same is true nf wrslern .Germany. Lines of lion aren't loo ri«id. For example, Adm. Sir ['muck Br Gen. Alphonsc Pierre .min commands only the yrollllrt I. U. S. U--GEII. Lauls Norstad cottmiatidi illc air frarrs (1 areas ol the three major defense romnm Inunrlcrs, Allied Powers in Europe iSIIAPE). NV to Fir-neb Norih Africa, but not into the Middle !• e future role of Greece and Turkey In European command IhioiiBhout the new military oryan lid has overall command in Northern Europe. ices In ihe all.imnoriatu Central Command, while eie. and Frenrh Virc-Adm. Robert .laiijard HIE Navy. America's Lor Low- , LARGEST... and fhe f<j<fs speak for themselves It's LONGEST in the low-price fold, a full 197^/3 inches of spirited action and clean, sweeping lines. It's HEAVIEST in Ihe low-prico field, o staunch and solid 3MO pounds in the model illustrated. If has Ihe WIDEST TREAD in Ihe low-price field, a road-taming 53% inches between centers of the rear wheels. Longer, heavier, wilh wider Ircod . . . that's the measure of Chevrolet's rock-solid value ,.. big in looks, big m handling and riding ease, big in road-hugging performance. Why settle for less than o Chevrolet . . . when Chevrolet is the lowest priced line in the low-price field. Yes, FINEST... and here arc the plain-spoken reasons FISHER BODY QUALITY, renowned for solid and lasting goodness. UNITIZED KNEE-ACTION RIDE, smoothand gliding. VALVE- IN-HEAD ENGINE ECONOMY, spiriled performance at lowesf cost. PANORAMIC VISIBILITY, wilh a big curved windshield and large window area. JUMBO-DRUM BRAKES, biggesl in Chevrolet's field. SAFETY-SIGHT INSTRUMENT PANEl, with shielded instrument lights. POWERGUDE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, billion-mile-proved, combined'with 105-h.p. valve-in-head angina - . . optional on De Luxe models ol extra cosl, Good reasons why MORE PEOPLE BUY CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO Snow Snackbar Enemy of Sun MITTENWAljD, Germany (API — Have n hot doR and n couple nf drinks served on an ICR buffet [n Germany* Inllirst snai-kbar hnllt of .snow some C.700 frrl hlyli in the Ravarian Alps. An enterprising bar keeper of MillcnwaUl had a .,0-lonl tunnel dug through a wall ol snow' and ice. I'.t-re, in a "fiin-\ ramn" he set nji a bi£; buflet and Ice tallies. On his day. more ihnn 3.0011 .skiers dropped in. The sun evcnlil;ill\- Kill ,.|* se Ihc re Ma urnm for Din .sr,-i<,nii l>v inrll- inc Ihe buflnt anil all Hie olhcr Miow furnitvire! PAGE THREE Homeless Arc Cot/ntcd During Indian Census NEW IJKUII ,,\I'i Oiii-ralmn bfiinrlcs.s.-r'uunijiif: (he ih'KL^urcls of thi.s anrl e\ery liiflnin cily's liaveiNcnl rttt-rllers-ri-ihlrunss volunteer woikcrs tinishini; ii]i Hie • first national CVUMIK Tlin crn.s'iis-tuhvr nni..| i-niunfr- :lle tin: vast lloaliiu: pri|>ulritil:n of hPtisar.s, refusec;;, ami dn> lnbi>in-.s' by Inn-li or .-aiullch-hi n's I hey lie huddled in lattrrrrl hl;inV;r!.^ uli.ii" ' ba; •-i- .-UK! Mr'-els, Aiiviji i ISI..MI.M ion nii,i, STIU:I;T mrito'. I.MK.VTS. cirv or IILVI iii:vn.i,i:. ,si!K. Srali'd imijm.,»li, ml) i lc nvi'iu'ii !>>• ihc Oitj' ComiLi) ol ilir (;in ,,t UlythoviHe. Alkali:,;..,, until •< rim. Monday, April 23i<i. ]!!:>!. in II K . Municipal Court cn.v ll.ih, Hlyllirvillc. ArkariHis, lor clmi-ri'tc slrc-ct jiaviiii; auri ttitiriiiii;; »i ,. x . , isUng p«M ftr«eij, »t yhlch time I »ii<l plarn Die proposals will bo pilhlirly openrrt nnd rend aloud. Any! hiih rrcnvrd alter clreiing time will! be returner! unopened. IMirmilrrl <jii.TlHIHi.-i ! Aripiox. Ifi.TOfi so. Viis, S" Nn n . j reintorreil I'ortlalid Ceninnt | I'avemrnl Apprnx. B.noo Oil. j Y">. Earth excavation. 7 Drop ' Inlets. ; flans and Sprdfli-allon.s and other rtonimriiiA aic on file In the C'lorks office. City Halt, and nre open for pnlili,. inspmioii. plan> and Sprrtnratlon.s and Contract Dwiimnir.i ma.v br obtained from \V. I. Malm. City Clerk, City Hs'l. lllyiheville. Arkansas, tijxm receipt of Sftlll). ulni'h de|>csil will lie re- flllliled to r:i<h liolui fldi- bidder prnviricil Die I'Jaiis nnd Hiiccifira- J llon.s ale ri'liirnrd In JJIVHI rondl-i lion. i Cliauutrt nilii amount of securl- 'v lo l )n furn!.,licd hy bidder arc '-I lied in (he d*n'Uiiiei\(.s. No bid may lip U'ilhdlawn '.vnhln tinny iby.s Irom dale nf cjirjiiiis. iincl nil hidilers will he ronulivil In roinply n-ilh rxi.«Uns A< Is (if ihe A.'.Jciulily of Ilic 5Iatn ol . Arkansas , The t'tiiill.'!) n'.H-nr.^ Hie rj-lll. (o M-JiTt :tn\ nr all liids nnd In \viilvc 111:01 juahtii--. CTIY 01- lll-VTlll'A'll.l.K ; AKKAXRAS Ov: hnjli. lfi'iir)>il. Mnjoi 1.1-11-18 • • .FAVQRIfC Of Milt IONS I Sfatose|)h ASPIRIN WORUys LAMEST SELLER JVT 104 Phone 578 Come One,.. Come All for (ho best Jctil in (own on good USED CARS! Lot No. 1 2ml. &- \VaIiinl \']\anc in IS '•!S NASH sujirr "fidll" Snclan, a sharp 2-lonc crry nnd trern llnlsti. lias bolh railln nml hcali-r ..(hi, ivreh's su|irr- «l«r.lal • Mil UUlJlit'; J-iluwr Sfdiin, lieru's ;i (at v»u Khould n:-k nlnnil— it'll s;i\u vim nnini'.v . . . Inw miliin);L>, wliilu Sttll'H'illl lilt'S, Mllll lltllL'l I'Xll'.'IS. • '17 IM.Y.MOUTII l-,|,,,,r Sudan. . .ssivi- . . , 5^-,. • '17 DODCIC l-doin- StdJin. . .s:ive. . .Sill"). • '17 DODCK a-dimr Sciliin.. ,B;ivi!...?:).i5. • 'ti; h'OU!) ^-(l(n,i St'd.-in. . .H.-H-I.. . .57:1-,. % 'Ki I'l.V.MOIiTH l.ilimr Scdnn. . .sn\t. . .5735. Lot No. 2 311 No.«ay P|,nnp 35(1 • "is WII.LVS '.-Ton I'ickni.. . .I,.,,,!,, ,, m v . . . Sl,:»r,. • 'IS ClllvVKOI.KT h-'l'nn I'.-nirl . . . f r;u!c nmv $7!!.'). • '17 noDCI-; I .'I',,,, lOxpH'ss. . .d-in • '17 DODO-; :t l.'l',,,, S(;,!, ( .. .. I, ,•„!,, n,.vv . . ST.ill. • 'is IH>IX;K IKOV. . . ?7!l.">. . . . . trjitk- now. . .? I !).",. s\VI! <'.-,',. ,n ,\l Itl.Mllu'illt .Mllllil' I'D. VIM, ;; V .| n «|||| ( i|, |/,l;i r .'llll PB willi nrrv n m > ,,| ||, C sc r.-ns. If I he .IMP you v,,-,n( isn't listed nlnnc. limk (ivtr (iiir Inl— il'll IIP (here! BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 1st & Wul.ut— Dodge-Plymouth — Phono 4422 Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS S.v; (Iciiniiijiliuii . . . $l.2. r » lltislicl Dell, Ark. Earl Magers F/' 7/ m 11 m& Thursday ® Friday ® Saturday Apnl 12-13-14 Plionc 2811

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