The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 25, 1944
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VOL. XLI—NO. 187 Blytheville Dally Newt BlythevlUe Courier Who Fail To fee*. Their fapcr By 6 P. M^ay Tofepnono.2573 Before 6:30 P. M, And It Will Be De/,V««f COURIER NEWS BEAST ARK-jvaia »»n-» D^T, „,—, »^»n^m n » ^n^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley leader T ARKAr^ANDSOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTHEV1LLE, ; ARKANSAS. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBBK 25, 19.44 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS yj/TWARSHIPS IN CRUCiALBWfil TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS— Propaganda Couldn't Do It, So Japs Try Bombs By JAMES UARPEIt United Press SMI Writer Japan's admirals arc trying to do what Japan's propa- (fandists have been doing for months—win naval battles. The enemy, sifter sinking many nu American warship- with propaganda broadsides, now is trying to do it with bombs and shells. Tired of winning mythical victories, the Japs are out to win an actual one. They now want to'sink ships the hard way—by actually sinking them. For months, the Japs have been saying that they were waiting for a favorable moment to strike back at our fleet. Such a moment would seem to have arrived. For the first time, the American fleet is within range of Japan's land- based air power. Other conditions favor the Japs. *- . ; ; The : Philippine islands abound in protected anchorages wliich the enemy may use as hiding places. The Japs have a repair base at CavUe In Manila harbor, and other nearby bases at Singapore, Hong Kong and Formosa, all within less than 1000 miles. On the other hand, t|ie American fleet - must stick close to the Leyle beachhead to supply, reinforce and providence carrier - based air power for General MacArthur's Invasion army. Us nearest forward base lies at Sai- pan, 1500 mites away'. • Jap strategy is obvious. The enemy waited until Admiral Halsey's fleet, had used prodigal amounts •'""""• llirpe! ot. Ammunition-and supplies in a month-long scries of attacks., Then It struck to deprive General Mac- 'Arihur of-the air protection, supplies and reinforcements he-gels from : tlie warships riding at anchor offshore. .Only by establishing his lost air superiority in the Phfllp- Bakery Reopens After 2 Months Arrangements Made TO Borrow Sugar On Future Allotment Hart's Bakery, closed two months figo because the store had no sugar IT be used In baking, reopened today after a temporary arrangement was made. No increase has been granted in the bakery's allotment, but' the business may borrow a small amount on future allotment under n lemporary arrangement, it ;Vas unnounced by L. S. Hartzog, owner. In the .meantime, the bakery's wholesale business had operated with no products sold in wh.lch bugav vas used. Closing of the retail store made this cntire'sectidn without a bakery. Mr. : .Hartzog said today •"efforls were being continued to obtain a s can .the.~e_njrijj;,win. I larger allotment needed ; - Slakes 'Are High,"•"',' ,'tcause 'of tho' increased .popu'lalton For'the Japs, the., stakes of the battle are high. If they don't.stop MacArthur, the Phillppin e - based Par Eastern-'Alr Force will snip their supply lines to Tirnor.' Celebes, the Moluccas, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Thailand, IndOrChina and Burma. Tills vast empire is garrisoned by one million men, or & fourth of Ja- piin's army. And it furnishes that army with much of the equipment it needs to fight a war. Moreover, the Philippines can become a springboard fbr an American liop 600 miles to Formosa or the China coast. Planes based at either plice could beat Japan's cities and industries into dust. Thus the enemy is trying lo win a naval victory in the Pacific to prevent America from winning a land victory in the Philippines and an air victory in the skies over Tokyo. Secretary of Navy Forreslal - has said th|£ either'the Third or Fifth fleet is capable alone of taking care of the entire Jap navy. Nonetheless, a number of factors now favor the enemy, nnd all we can do is wait for the next Pacific commu- nique. However, tune in on radio Tokyo if you want to get a picture of what is not happening. Jap broadcasters have done lime and again what Jap gunners have failed '° do, sink the American fleet. For instance, Admiral King said last April that America has afloat, all told, 20 battleships. Of the 20, the Japs claim to have sunk or damag- cd~-31. Actually, the enemy has sunk only one battleship, the Arizona, which was blown up at Pearl Harbor. Or take cruisers. Up through last spring, the Japs claimed they had sunk or damaged 148. We entered tlie war with 38 cruisers and 18 are known to have slid down the ways since. During the Solomons campaign, the Japs (ought, and of course won, a great naval engagement; entirely by broadcast. But while Japan leaves the sinking of American ships to its propagandists, the United States Navy- prefers lo do the job itself. The Third and Fifth Fleets alone since June have sunk 356 Jap ships and • probably sunk or damaged 549 more. As for Tokyo claims, Admiral Mtnltz made this causfic comment last week: "I have received from Adnyrnl Halsey the comforting assurance that he is now retiring toward the enemy following the salvage of all lh e Third fleet ships recently reported sunk by the Tokyo radio." Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS—Livestock (WFA): Hogs 8,500, with 8,000 salable. Top price $14.70. 150-240 pounds $14.70. 120140 pounds S13.25-14.25. Sows 13.95. Cattle 7,300 with 5,500 salable. Calves 2,500, all salable. Mixed yearlings and heifers 10.00-12.75. Cows 7.00-11. Canners and cutlers 4.50^ 6.75. Slaughter steers 9.00-18.00. Slaughter heifers 7.50-170.00. Stocker and feeder cleers 7.25-13.00. Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec. . 165-54 105-S 16-Hi 164'/. 164>.i May . 161H 161« 1605. 16011 1601S due to Blytheville Army'Air Field personnel and their families,-, the allotment' having been tnkeri in accordance with amount of sugar used before cslablishment of the base. Lieut. Walter Dies In Crash In Solomons Lieut. James Arden Walker, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Walker -of Huffman, has been killed In an airplane crash In Solomon Islands,' the Navy Department has notified ' his parents. The 21-year-old first lleutepant In the Navy was killed Oct. 7, along with seven other:Navy filers Iri an accident which climaxed an 'out-' standing record for the Huffman- man. ' In <h c South Pacific since last November, he had seen much action as a pilot. ' • • Becoming an ensign upon graduation in Februarry, 1943, Corpus Christ!, Texas, h e first received training at Partner and Olathe, Kans., and after graduation was sent to San Diego. Calif., before< going to the South Pacific, Former student at Armorel high School, from which he was graduated, he attended William Jewell College, liberty, Mo., before Jqln- ing the Naval Reserve. He also is survivd by three sisters, Mrs. Jo e K. Waddy of Blytheville, Mrs. Cecil Marr of Marked Tree and Mrs. Charles Mcciard of Liberty, Mo., Louie Walker and two brothers, of Matthews, Mo.. , .. and Owen Walker, of the Naval Reserve, now stationed in Louisiana. • Blytheville Soldier Is Missing In Italy Pfc. Lloyd w. Jones is missing in action in Italy, the War Department yesterday informed his mother, Mrs. Beulah Jones. Missing since October 2, the 20- year-old soldier is only son of Mrs. Jones. With the Infantry, he began foreign service last Spring. N. Y. Stocks AT&T 163 3-8 Ainer Tobacco 63 Anaconda Copper 267-8 Beth Steel 62 1-2 Chrysler 905-8 Coca Cola 1361-4 Gen Electric 381-2 Oen Motors 621-2 Montgomery Ward 51 N Y central is 1-4 Int Harvester 78 1-2 North Am Aviation 11 Republic Steel 18 5-8 Radio | 10 1-2 Socony Vacuum 125-8 Sludebaker 183-8 Standard of N J 54 3-4 Texas Corp 45 3.3 Packard 53-8 U S Steel S7 1-2 Foreign Policy Not Issue Now, Dewey Declares Places International Collaboration Above "Partisan Politics" By United Press Governor Dewey said today lhat so far as he's concerned foreign Policy no longer Is an Issue In the presidential campaign. The Republican candidate In a talk with newsmen at Milwaukee, said posl.-war International collaboration is above partisan tfclllics. Dewey believes his stand on lhe issue, as outlined in his Minneapolis speech last night, is clear and needs no Interpretations. .' Later, in a speech to an outdoor crowd of about 6000 In Milwaukee, Dewey promised that II he became president there will be the largest house cleaning there ever was in Washington. The Republican standard bearer wtis on his way to Chicago, where nc'll speak tonight' from the stadium where he was nominated. And he'll beat his political opponent to Chicago by Just three days. Dewey says his speech tonight will center on what he calls "moral Issues" In government. But his aides say there may be sonic last-minute changes in the subject. Democratic national chairman Robert Hannegan today called Dewey's display, of telegrams from Republican congressmen in His speech last night "a shallow trick".'" The Democratic chairman described Dewey as "a Junior Harding." • A -Dfi«-ey'5 running-mate Is concentrating on domestic issues today Governor-. Brlcker says if the government .handles.. post-War produc'-' lion-, as it did war production", American business will be, "har- -Sff ed Btld nltc ' !eU " with Sidney Hlllman and Earl Broader Klvlrifr orders. . . Biicker charges that industry could not get on with the nation's rearmament program until — "Tlie restraining hands of the palace guard let go." And expert industrialists took over. And he .<ays Governor Dewey is the man lo give Industry "the green light" lo pro- (luce and make jobs. Bricker's Democratic opponent, Senator .Harry Truman, says Dewey is—as he put it—"hiding under the bed" to avoid answering his challenge to repudiate eight Republican senators who are up for reelection this year. Mrs. Evelyn Mae Sales Pies At Home In Manila ..-MANILA, Ark., Oct. 25 — Mrs. Evelyn Mae Sales, wife of Olan Sajes, died Monday night at the family residence instead of at Robinson's Clinic as announced yesterday. 'Admitted to the clinic 10 days ago for treatment of a kidney aliment, Mrs. Sales was removed to her home several days prior lo her death, after having shown Improvement. Again stricken at noon Monday she died that night. Attend Funeral Rites For Mrs. Martha Droke Mrs. J, c. Droke and son, J. c. Jr., have returned from West Memphis and Eudora, Miss,, where they went because of the dcalh of Mr. Drake's mother, Mrs. Martha Droke of West Memphis, who died Sunday night in her steep. She was 78. Mr. Droke, son' of Mrs. Martha Droke, Is in the Navy now stalion- c d in the South Pacific. Funeral services were held at Eudora yesterday. She ajso Is survived by seven other sons and daughters. Vessels Sunk British Bar Main Escape Road Of Nazis Ir) Western Holland; 1200 Heavy Bombers Hit Reich City and County Jails Have Few Prisoners Now "Business" at the city and county jails here Is very poor—the worst in history. Only three prisoners now temporarily "reside" at the county Jail and the only inmate today al city jail was a Negro woman, expected to be "balled out" by afternoon. Because laborers are so badly needed now, employers do not hesitate to pay fines and costs when their employes are convicted In Municipal court or, In more serious cases, to post bonds for later trials, It was pointed out. New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. open high low close . 2176 2185 2176 2183 2173 2170 2187 2179 2185 2174 2159 2169 2159 2168 2157 2091 2101 2091 2M9 2087 2169 2175 2160 2174 2160 Hhlneiaiul. Tli c British also have cut the main highway above 'S- IlciloBonbosh. Tlmt deprives (lie Nfizls. of their lust good bridge! "cross the Mouse river Ilirce miles above the transport center. Now In 0 only possible escape routes for (lie Nazis In the Dulch pocket arc three secondary bridges to the west. Dill Ihcy lire dc.wrlbcd ns nimble lo hold up against heavy military traffic. Main Highway Cut British patrols also have cut across lhe main highway south oi '•He city. There lhe Tommies. In a new attack west, of the highway struck to wllhln five miles of Tilburg. United Press Correspondent Rqnalcl- Clark said the Germans were reported abandoning Tllburg us well as Breila below 'S-Hertonen- bosch In B AI,I,IED IlEADQUAirreiiS, Ocl. 25 (U.l>.) — I he British Second Army was reported today lo have captured the vital bottleneck city on the main osci.po iSu lor sonic 50,000 Nazis'in western Holland Dutch front reports said the strategic transport center of B-IIortoiigeiixwjch (he Hritish (oday. Allied ilcad- iiuarters said the city has been, occupied by British forces except for an enemy toe-hold in tlie soulhwosl corner but later unoflicial accounts said the conquest of the to'wii has . . .. . ^ •' ."'been completed. M6QlCm COftK -,;^' ol ' B . u , lno l'. 1 "' 01 ' 1 * 1 '^ v»y Man Is Killed Pfc. Owen Lee Kirk Hit While Serving Wounded Comrades. Pfc. Owen Lee Kirk was n nifcm ber of the Army Medical Corps wllh n specific Job of stopping flo^' of blood mnong wounded -on ,ths batllcfleld. Ovcrsens only seven mantli;,, he had served' almost 'con- llnuously in thb capacity. On Oclober 8, during a battle In Germany, Private Kirk was administering first aid to the \vbunded i injured by enemy fire. He several hours later at a.base hospital, to wiilcli he had been removed. ; He' had written relatives of ills work and of countries visited since leaving the United Stale's; First stationed In England, he later wiis in France, nelglum and' Hollanrt before reaching.' German soil.' •( A message tc'llliig thnl ho hW been cerlqnply K .wounded .,qnd - 'jvC 'moved to n-hospilal was tecelvccf Monday nlglit'nnci n Inter me " today told of his ricalh. Reared in Blylhevllle, he wns husbr.nd of the former':' Miss Mamie Blnghnm, whopi he married lluce years ago. . He nlso is survived by his mother, Mrs. Florence Kirk'; two sisters, Mis. Fannie Goldberg and Mrs. Ponnlc Todlno, who with' his wife live at 418 East Sycamore; his father, HiiRh Kirk pi Huffman, and a brother, Hubert Kirk, seaman second clnss iri the Navy now stationed at Norfolk, Va. The 24-year-old soldier ciilMod in the Army here In July, 1943. Erie WafPlant Ordered Seized Accused Of Fqijure To Abide By Prices Set By Army, WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 (UP) — President Roosevelt has ordered government seizure ot the lord Manufacturing Company at Erlei Pcnn., on the grounds that the firm did not abide by a "fair and reasonable" price set on Its products by the War and Navy Department. The President Issued an executive order, effective at 10:50 n. m., EWT, directing Secretary of the Navy James Forrcslal to seize the Plant. The order said the firm, which manufactures aircraft, parts, bad changed terms and conditions of sale of its products In a manner that increased rclurn to the cor;- pnny above prices set by the Army and Navy, and had "wilfully refused and failed" to furnish these war materials at prices fixed by the Army and Navy. The President said the company's conduct "threatens to interfere with the effective prosecution of the war. He ordered the Navy to operate the facilities at Erie iinMl Porrcstal determines that the plant can be operated privately "in a manner conslslcnt wllh the effective prosecution of the war." Weather ARKANSAS: Pair this afternoon, tonight and Thursday. Not much change in temperature. Minimum temperature here last night was 47 degrees and maximum temperature yesterday was 83 degrees, according to the official weather observer. Chicago Rye open high low close Dec. . 1W1 115S 113 113-H IHid May . 112% 113 HOTt 111K 11414 N. 0. Cotton Afar. . 2183 2189 2181 2186 2178 May . 2184 2192 2184 2180 ?179 July . 2166 2172 2166 2170 2l. r ft Oct. . 2094 2102 2094-: 2100- 2090 Dec. . 2170 2171 217» 2176 2169 All along lhe Dutch front, despite mud nnd snow, the British lire steadily rolling back Ihc.Niral flank lo the Meuse river. The plight of the some 11,00!) Na- ?ls In tbc Islands In the Schelde Estuary Is deteriorating as fust as thai of the Germans In western Holland. Canadian troops hnvn K.alned'"In thelr-drlvo. lo clear tK' approaches from* which lhe fAuls are barring use of the big port of Antwerp. Tho Germans admit lhe Canadians are gaining. A Nazi news agency says the Canadians hni'p broken into (he causeway connecting the-Dutch mainland with a peninsula that Juts Inlo lhe Estuary. ' And the Nazis admit the Canadians hnvc captured Port Frederick Hendrlk, a miles west of Breskcns in tho fight for the south bank of (he Kslimry. That fight cpnllnucs unabated, wllh some U-o or Ibrce thousand fnnatlc Nazis fighting wilh their backs lo the sea In lh e Breskens pockcl. 1200 llomlicr.s on Raid In the nlr war, more than 1200 American heavy bombers covered by'o.veV 500 flghlers raided Oer- rnany today. Thc v lilt lhe rail yards nt Hanini and the natural oil refineries In the Hamburg imrbor. In Italy, 'American troops have captured Mount Orannde, eljjlit miles south of Bologna. Other American units have advanced northeast of Mount Grande to wllhin four miles of the Bologna- to-Rlmlnl highway. From Spain came reports ot still another bnttlefront In western Europe, but In a different war. Spanish Republican sources say the uprising against the government of General Franco Is spreading, that fighting has broken out In four areas. But General Franco's radio station Insists thnt the outbreaks have been quelled. Arkansas Briefs UTTLE HOCK.—Members of lhe Arkansas Dcnioerallc Campaign ComtnlUcc are pilng lo gel lliclr heads loyclbcr al 1,11-' tie Rock tonight. Doclnr It. B. tlohins nf Camden, Dcnincrallc National t'om- rnlltccinan, says U. S. Senator .folin I.. iUcClcllan, Sciialor-nnin- Incc J. W. FulbrlRht and Cnn- jrrcssm.-m Wriglil I' of Texas arc expected to allcnil the meeting-. Members of Die Arkansas Congressional Delegation liave also been invited. Nazis Evacuate Air and U-Boat Base In Norway Russian Invasion Of Northern Norway Hinted In Broadcast LONDON, Oct. 25 (U.P.I-Ucrlln announced todny thiil Hie Ow- innns hnvc evncimlcd tho ulr nurt U-liont base of Klrkene's In norlh- rrn Norway. A Nai-.l radio comincnlalor mild the Clt'i'ininiH Imve wltlulrnwn Iran both Iho city: and hafbor of Klr- toics nfwr blowing up nil installn- llons. nnd wallliiB ' for Ihe Inr.t fliljis to put, out lo sen, 'I'lie brondcnst nlso' reporlcd thnt f.U-anB sovldl, Ihrnsts nenr Lunjr 1'Jord, wvprnl miles west of Klv- kcncs, lmve been Ihrown buck ' The Clerman broadcast strongly 1 liKliailcd tlml the Russians may liiire Invaded Norway from north'-' ern Finland. .: In the battle of ••Kasi I'mssla ' Soviet forces- are gaining stc!ullly' ; ngixlml IncreiisliiB I'eslslnncc, ; But front reports predict the Imidcsl riKhtltiK U yel to conic.' , Tim moHt furious battles lo dulc have been In thu Ouinblnn'cn'nrcu, "bout l(i miles east of Hie mil nnd lilghwpyfi ccntci' 'of fnslerljpr'g. Soviet bombers »nd artillery are clcnilnj! the way for •ground forcci. whloh.-last. were. , reported wllliin. live nillcs of quniblnnen. ' J Borne 25 irillcii'to tho r cnal. Soviet rchiforcemenls jive strci'unliiij thru 1 Baps rlpiied In Qafninh Ixirdcr dq- fenses. And loii(j cohunns or Nnil prisoners nrc being ho/'dcd througlV Hie frontier openings la (he 6l)-' • riElto direction. ;i 'v.. ,, , n "'.', 'AHliouuJr no Soviet -force!? arc known w Ue wllhlti ICM thnn nlioul sjsly miles of Ihe East Piiis'sjiiji capllal of Kotiljjsbcri! 'nn Allied' radio corrc.ipomlcnt In''Moscow,' quotes unconfirmed reports Ihiit uio NHK!S lire cvacimllng the huge siiljplj' center. ' ruisslnn columns drlvjng southward Inlo Pru.sslii continue to close In on Tilsit, n .sLrdngpolnl.on Ihe railroad lo Tnslcrberj! 'soipc' thirty miles lo the south. Sllll olhcr Rusfilnn foices haVo win new poftlllon.s In southeastern Enst Prussia. And Berlin says the Soviets arc pressing n new attack from the Polish border area toward Dniwig. Such a drive could cut off East Prussia from the Reich. LITTLE KOCK.—K. \V. Brown, tax chief of Hie Arkansas C'nr- porallon Commission, says Ibis .rear's assessed valuation nf property miller lhe jnrlsrllcllon of the commission was Increased more than 6,1100,000 over 1013 as- cssmcnls. Tills figure includes all corporate liilcrcsts except bus and Iruck lines, which have nol been fixed as yet. Total assessed valuation was $125,875.000 as compared (o SII9,- 102,000 In 1013. BKNTONVIM.K.— Anll-prolilbl- Hon forces are golnp lo ask a recount of voles in the Ocl. 17 local option election In Bcnlon Counly in which dry forces scorert a victory by 90 voles. A pcllllou asking for a recount will he filed with tlie Bcnlon County Election Commission by Friday. Counly Judge Joseph IJreasley will llien li.ivc 20 clays In which lo file an order declaring (he resull of the clcclfmi. Fire At Manila Destroys Collon 30 Bales Are Lost When Cotton House Burns At Dixie Gin MANILA, Ark., Oct. 25—Fire destroyed the cotton house, 30 bales of unglnned cotton and 25 Ions of soybeans at Dixie Qin this morn- Ing when flames broke out about r o'clock. Hale Jackson of Osccola nnd Jess Horncr of lilythevllle own the business. Unloading teed cotlo(> In the house, the flames appnrenlly started from somelhlng In that load which became ignited. : 'Hie fire spread rapidly through the metal building with nil contents lost, but firemen saved the Bin proper and several adjacent .dwellings. Value of property burned estimated at approximalcly $0000 wilh soybeans valued al $1700, the building at about $3000. The cotton house Is expected to be rebuilt Immediately as the gin has no olhcr building of Ihls type. Hugh Softer-field Dies Last Night At Princeton, Ky. Hugh Snlterflcld of Princeton, Ky., brollicr of Mrs, T. J. Mnhnn, died al the family home there last night after having been ll| 22 years. He was 81. Mrs. Maban, who went to Princeton 10 days ago when Ills condition became more serlojis, was joined there yesterday by her daughter, Mrs, James H. Dell. Last of the five Satterfleld brothers, none of whom ever married, lie was a stock and Jobacco farmer before stricken ill. He visited In Blythevllle before becoming bedfast 22 years ago. Funeral services will be held there tomorrow morning with burial at that place. : Besides Mrs. Mahan, ho also Is survived by another sister, Miss Mary Ilird SiUterfirld, \\ho makes her home (here. U. S. Aircraft Carrier Is Lost As Riydl Planes and Warships Slug It Out Hear Philippines .WASHINGTON, Ocl 2fi (UP.)-A gieat mwnl'imtllo wiis raging lodiiyjii the Pacific, a battle t)mt may decide tlio lino oi tho rliilippino invasion nnd Lhe length of the wnr Hfc' Jniniti. A'llniirnl'llniscy'a powerful Third Fleet hn<j taken on lu-cc sepm-ate oneiny task foiccs. And Washington experts boliovo the Japs Imvu committed the major pait of the Imperial Grand I-lcel in what may bo the lop K -a\v>aited showdown, buttle, a .Jutland of the 1'nclfic -Alromly, lhe Thiul Fleet has sunk al Jcftst oil? Japanese nlrcrnl I carrier, two ciuhora ami a destioyer, and a round doxeii other vessels, including five 01 six battleships and two.aircraft carriers |ia\o been damaged American losuos announced GO fur 1 )! , consist iJfionu iilrernfl carrier, the ""* 10,000 Ion Princeton. Hut her cap- ccl nnclul lo tllc exticme tip of San lain nnd m other officers and m? Juu » lco BlrolLs Tlmt gives thein n enlisted men liavo Ixieii rescued The •"' In " 0 coastal /xnie with a depth' of Princeton's purwiiuioi casualties 10 m *} e * were light .— nva oca con! /i.tms llm} tliV' Unltdl Sfnlcs unil Three Airfields Captured „ Tho Pacific fleet commander Art- Ilvi ' <lc thflt <-uiHurcd itretch, are mlrnl Nliulte, leaves ho dolibt but °° "'"Irome^Riid at least 28 towns thiil Iho luilUa Is far from ovoi In ™ ml vlll "B cs However, Jap restsi- hlc """"»"•• '-'said (hilly, "Clcti- ftnco ^ <> tcil <nl> stiffening Moving InUiug • Here In "H" 1 " 81 Bui I airdrome, the Amerl- slory of tho b U- cm " lmvo encountered n complex "«"• "• system of plllboxc*, fluid ' bunkcis hold Tnelobiirt .—- And lhe cnp- Iho thhd, lit San Pablo, his communique he said (hilly, "Cicti- oral. action Is couth " brief, Is lhe whole , , llo-ii.v far as. wii know It Jap Task Forccji titm\ Two enemy task forces weiu spol- 7|10 V" ted'yesterday, riililpiiliiu time, slip- ?i™ Ullln K plug IhroiiBh the continl Philip- , u " r . cn ," 1 , Inlil nor the west of Loyle. . " v-* Hnl'juy's carrier pianos Immediate- Dl ' 1 " K ly flew to the attack.' 1 Then bomb's three or four battleships l" i ,''l™ n|o throwing moie '""> the battle A total ot In 1 Hie' Slbiiyrin "Sua, «n<l llicli tor- !! l 10 lllll> P'"hes lmvo carried out — - • .-..." ; > _^ _ nv e ^Itarato alludes on Leyto hnr- , • ' '— •~-'-i--->----' -•> • tar, But oply soven of the^planes wcue able to penetia.te tho Jap de- nses ami five of ihosc tare shot ..... ...~, n _.,.„ -.»/»*, Ocl. 2fi , ^^n "Allied hnvul official con- aljllis liavo been i III .the Dalllo In. I'hlll- 1 ..:..'..- v * '[lUs.wur to> a qucrj, a nival ?wijui iijild; .' M—liV-ii Hurfucc acllnn. 1 ' pedoes nt least one iiiore One of tho 10.cruisers-in 'tills force also was torpedoed, .but there Is no icport of damage to tl]Cj 13 accoiiiiiaiiylng do- *lrpycjr6.-, ' ',' . .Halspy's nlrmdn also hit hard at the sulii Sen force. Every ship In was da(«(iged lo some degree. r i>q; batlleshlps ^vele battered with bombs and n cililbcr and four destroyers were strafed Lnle yestercla'y afternoon, American alrincn spotted ihe ililrd enemy licet, between the Philippines and Formosa. It was steaming sonlh. While our Third Fleet was moving north ag'almit Hits force, jap shore- based planes swarmed lo the attack. One hundred and 60 of the plnnc-5' were s;-,ol clown, but lhe Princeton was hit am! its mnga-/lno exploded. The ship, badly crippled, Was sunk by the Americans. However, the Jnps suffered even more severe carrier losses Tho com- munique says: "Reports which are lis yet Incom- plele Indicate that severe damage has been Inflicted ..on the'encmj, that at Ica^t one 'of his largo cm- rlcrs has been sunk and that two others have been damaged severely." Ja]is Admit Losses However, tho Japs have voluntarily added lo the toll-by acknowledging lhat two of Ihelr cruisers and one destroyer have been sunk But they say nothing of Iho aircraft carrier and do not mention damage lo other licet units. The communique from Admiral Nlmien makes no definite mention of sblp-to-shlp action. But Tokyo specifically says surface unite are In action. And u Berlin dispatch from lhe Jap capital says lhe opposing flcels closed to within 25 miles ot each other al the climax of the tattle this morning. Tokyo propagandists have gone nil out In this baldc. They've given a blow-by-blow account In which, nf course, the Japs come out the winner. The yarn spun by glib Tokyo broadcasts ends with the Americans "fleeing under a smoke screen hotly pursued by Japanese units." Itcport Prom Tokyo Yesterday, the Japs say, they damaged a couple of aircraft carriers a battleship and two cruisers Today, they claim to be llteinlly cleaning up. Here are a few excerpts from the amazing Tokyo slory "At 7:18 a.m., our naval units starlcd lo fire. At 7:20 a large enemy cruiser was sunk. At .7:35 two enemy aircraft carriers were sunk At 8:23, two large enemy aircraft 'carriers were sunk. At 8:3.0 one large enemy cruiser and one dcstio>er were sunk." And so pii. So far, all accounts:mention only Ihe Third Fleet as being In action However, the American Seventh feet and an Australian naval squadron Is known to he standing off Leyte presumably ready to lend a hand if necessary. While the two peels are fighting if out. offshore, Geheral. MacArthur's Invasion soldiers aro steadily strengthening th'elr grip on Leytc Island They beat off the first oigantzcd Jap cotmler-nltacks today nnd push- uid Irouchcs Tlio Yanks "° down But the Americans "i tho i ' heart of themselves Big B-29 Silpei- fbrtrcssc'i were out pyor the Jap Island's ogam today to hammer 'at itrntoglp military target 6h Kyu- unu Idlhnd,* The,official announcement *e«n't Identify the targets Dill KJushu, southernmost of Ja- pan''! island chain, Is lhe site of Important naval bases, shipyards and steel factories lhe Tokyo radio says that approximately 100 planes raided both Kyu,i "" d 11&noll > I! r Wand off the southern Up of Lorea The enemy admits thnt the raid Indicted "some damage," L I . , • , , _ ~ 1 VVilliam Taylor, Reported Sunk = William K 'Taylor, seaman first class, »a£ on the TJ8S Princeton, aircraft carrier'sunk in the'fight for the Philippines/but it Is believed he was rcscu«d as his mother, Mrs W K Taylor, has had no message from the Navy Denart- mcnl Most of lhe 1300 officers and men aboard the carrier were rescued, It was officially - announced ' today. Ne\t of kin of those lost and wounded arc notified by the Navy Department before public announcement of the ship's loss Is made The IB-jear-old Blythevllle min will have n 10th slar to wear, having already participated ]n nine major battles since he began his foreign service 10 months ago He also received a citation from Ihe commander of his fleet for his outstanding nark After atlending school here, he entered the Navy In June, 1343 Strikers Close Bauxite Plant 650 Workers Remain Away, From Jobs Today And Operations Stop BAUXITE, Ark, Oct 25 (UP) A total ot 650 employes of lhe Republic Mining and Manufacturing Company at Bauxlle were on strike this afternoon, completely shuttln'g down mining, crushing and drying operations at the plant The employes, nil members of CIO affiliated unions, failed to r6- l»rt for work (his morning This action followed a similar strike by 45 employes of the plant's shop department which began yesterday 'Superintendent' L R Branding said he had no knowledge of v,hy tho strike was called, and T C Jones, regional manager for tho Aluminum Company of America, op- ernior of the plsnt, said the unloti hasn't made any demands to his company. ,, It was understood that the strike was called because of dlssatlif\t lion over seniority

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