Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 10, 1898 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1898
Page 17
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THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. TEAR. TUESDAY EVENING, MAV JO, 1898. NO 101. WASH GOODS. A veritable hurvc-st for curly M;iy shoppers, radical reductions to <|tiicldT ck-iir tlie odd lots and remnants in this very aggressive department this season, it displayed the handsomest novelties ever shown in the city. To finish the season with a £fittin<.'- climax, we HOW place on sale all short lengths at greatly reduced prices, 15 cents for 2o cent Organdies, Dimities aud French Ginghams, new nobby patterns. Best values of the season. Summer Underwear. Ladles' Ecru ribbed Vests, finished sileeves and taped neck, full size worth i;2c, special, 2 for only Lie ][0c for ir,c ladies' oleached tnaco cot- 1;on fancy rilibed, veits, wing sleuves, embroidered Marvelous; Collection of Trimmed Hats. taped neck. 25c for 35c Misses two and two ribbed Union Suits,winged sleeves silk taped neck, floe maco cotton. Special shoeing of SAILOR RATS. 58c for $1 Sailors,98c forSI.SO ones, $1 35 for $2 kind.. For this week'* selling artistically and profusely trimmed at 1.48, 1.98, 248, 2.98,3.48, $3.98 Each and every one worth from one do three dollars more than the marked price. Indicated of United States Troops in the Invasion of the Pearl of the Antilles. OEDEE PlOtt THE WAS OFFICE •tatting WU<-rr Ihe Militia I* To Be Concentrated Taken lo Mi'iin That It Will >'ol Be LOIIK Kvfure Spulu Will Have a Ural JMj^ht mi Her Miinds in Cuba— How the Mm Mill tie Called Oul— .State Camps. Washington, .May 10.—Thewardepart- ment has finally decided to announce where the various istate volunteer troops are to be concentrated. The order as published by the department is thought in so-me quarters to warrant the assumption, ihat it contemplates a speedy movement oj the United States military forc-es upon Cuba, and ir. much greater force than was originally planned. The war department offi- I I < < < < 1 < I 4 I Use Logan Milling Co's Flours PATENT AND AUTOMATIC. Flours are the Purest and of .Highest Grades on the Market NOW FOB A SPRING SUIT. If'you want one, you shcmld not fail to See iny Stock ami Get Prices. H. G. TUCKER, TAILOR, 4th * Broad *"'y- HAT SALE. We have just opened 200 Pattern Hats, trimmed to our own order in New York and Chicago They will compare favorably with any millinery in 'the city and our prices are, as usual, lower than any other place in the city. Large stock of Walking JHats and Sailors, best quality, lowest prices. ©PRY'S. yesterday afternoon in a message from Secretary of War Alffer. Governor Tanner Immediately replied that he could have two regriments ready by Wednesday. Two regiments, the- Fifth., under Colonel J. S. Culver, of Springfield, and the Third, under Fred Bennett, of Joliet. have been mustered into the service of the United States govern- mem. They will be sent to Camp THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . FOR THE.. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE .. ,,;FOR ... Dyspivpsiii, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, iShetimatiam, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimplis. •Scrohila, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum, Eczema, Weak Back, Fever and Ague and all other Diseases arising rrom impurities of tlie Blood e>r Derangement of the Nervous 'System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK,, SSODQEASS HOUSK. [Noted spot in Chickamauga. Park] ;ials refuse to say anything on thi jioint, but there is evidence that the; expect a short, sharp, conclusive an Immediate campaign, such as could no be waged by 5.000 or 10,000 soldiers. I is also to be noted that preparation made by the quartermaster's depart incut and the commissary's department so far as it is disclosed by actual orders indicate that provision is being mad for mobilising' and transporting 1 am feedinsr many thousands of men outs'.idi ol" the United States. Will l?c Oi'<li-i-pil to Move When :K<>;i<Iy. Instead of allowing; all the troops called for from a particular state to b assembled and broken in at the rendezvous tlie department is instructing fls mustering 1 officers to complete the organization o'f regiments as rapidly as possible and as soon as one is organ- ised to report the fact to the department, when' that regiment will be ordered at once to the point selected for concentration. It is the expectation that the first regiments organised anc reported from the states will be sent to Chattanooga, thence going to Cuba via Mobile, Tampa. New Orleans and alveston, for expeditions will be dispatched from each of these ports. GOVKRJfOKS TO HAVE XO "PUIX." First Ready. First Called—Force Tliat Will Go »o Cuba. The governor of a state will have no land in the designation of the regiments to go to particular concentration amps; the destination will depend up- m the promptness with which the volunteers are organized and are ready for rasportation. Probably about one-third f the entire ;evy called for by the prescient, or about 40,000 troops, will con- titute the force to be sent south to take part in the first Cuban service, fol- owing the regular army forces. These roops will be the first to receive their qulpment. IVhen they aTe organized, quipped and concentrated the govern- nent will be ready to equip the second ontingent, namely, forces about equal o another third ot the total call, which ill be assigned to'the defences of the oast, and harbors, replacing th>e regu- r United States troops withdravrn from lose posts. When these are equipped the government, will turn its attention to the third class, comprising the last third of the 125,000 volunteers called for. It is the sincere hope of the war department, that it will not be called upon to fully equip these troops before hostilities are at an end. but the work of preparation is proceeding on the contrary assumption. This third division will constitute the second reserve, to be drawn upon for reinforcements whenever needed, and it is possible that the men never will be called upon to leave their own states, unless the plans of the war deparrmer.t miscarry. It may be remarked by the way tha; out of the first-class will come the troops which will be sent to the Philippine islands. The response:; so far received from the mustering officers Continue to be very encouraging'. Major General Nunez, of the Cuban army, arrived here Sunday niirhi. on his r-iurn from landir.g a party in Cuba. This landing \\'is made after conferences between General Nunez, General Miles and Seuor Quesada, the Cuban delegate, about two weeks ago. and was for the purpose of opening up communication with Generals Garcia and Gomez. After a brief conference w;rh Quesada Genera! Nunez left for N'ew York,where Thorr:a*,-at Chickamauga park, the Finh vas first mustered into the service oncy ten companies were accepted. Last night the other two companies, making- the full twelve, were taken into tiie service. Companies I, of Aurora., a-i'i A, o' Streator. cf the Third regiment, were not accepted on Saturday ^•.issht by the United States recruiting; (Officers. These two companies are cow full and will be mustered in today. It looks as though tomorrow night or Thursday morning: would s*e part oil the troops at least leaving: Camp Tanner fi;r the field of battle. Major J. C. Buckner, commanding- the Ninth battalion colored, of Chicago, was yesterday M- instated to his command, his term of seir.enc* having expired at noon Sunday. I'nder orders from Washington battery A. of Danviile, was examined by United Stales surgeons this morning: and immediately mustered into the service. Capt.iin Mager and Lieutenant Sillier spent yesterday at Danville securing recruits to fill this battery. Tlw> Firs: cavalry regiment will follow th* battery, prov.ded the government caa equip them with horses, etc. The First regiment, commanded by Colonel Tur ner, went to Camp. Lincoln in heavj marching order yesterday to spend th< entire day in field exercises. Captalri U. T. Reed, of Chicago, commanding officer engineering corps, has resigned. Captain Kelly, of Chicago, will probably succeed him. The engineering corpsi is expecting a cal! into service durinj; the week. James- Alexander, of company I, Second infantry, met with a paJnfut accident Sunday night at Camp Tanner. He a.ccorai>anied some friends to the railway station, and In crossing the tracks before an approaching train, stumbled and fell. The wheels passed over one leg above the ankle, mashing It so badly that Colonel Kreider, post surgeon, found it necessary to amputate the member. Governor Tanner has issued a proclamation calling tor a meeting of those who are interested in extending aid to the sioldiers and their families during the time the troops are at the front. Milwaukee. May 10.—Governor Sco- fi-'ld has wired the war department from Camp Harvey that the examination of two of the three regiments of Wisconsin volunteers has been completed and the men are ready to sign the muster rolls. The governor says that If they are not to be equipped before moving the First regiment will be n?ad,v to move Thursday night, the Seco/id Friday night, and, the Third Saturday night. If the war department want:! the troops equipped here it will take a week or ten days before they will be ready to move. Milwaukee. May 10.—Two Wisconsin regiments will leave Camp Harvey for the south this week. The Third regiment, under Colonel William T. Moore, of LaCrosse, will go to Chickamauga. park next Thursday night. The Second regiment, under Colonel Charle A. Born, of Sheboygan, will be sent to Washington next Friday. The First regiment, jndei- Colonel S. F. Schadel, of Monroe, will remain in camp for the present at east. It is to act as a reserve regiment and will be called out only in the svent that other troops are needed. Carnp Eaton, Island Lake, Mich., May 10.—Twelve trains from different sections of the state carried that man> houfand persons to the tented village Sunday that they might once again say good-bye 'to their soldier loved ones jefore the latter take their departure ir the scene of conflict. Company A. First regiment. Captain Granger, has iee<n mustered fn, amid the wildest en- husiasm. This is the .Ann Arbor com- iany. and is the first. The troops are jecoraing accustomed to the hardships ncicent to camp life, and all seem more .nxious to go to the front now than at; ny time since coming here. Governor Mngr.ee is as active as ever In preparing he soldiers for "hard fighting," and ex- ressH-s the belief that Michigan's quota f warriors'will win fame, if the op- urtunity is given them, in the field of attle. Des Moines. la.. May 10.—Governor haw telegraphed Secretary of "War AI- er asking information conc«rning the i6\vment of Iowa troops. Secretary Iger wired Saturday night wishing to now how soon a regiment could ba nt from Iowa. Governor Shaw sked how the regiment nhould be chosen, by numerical order, or by the rank of its colonel. The latter is Preferred, because it is the Usual rule in military operations. There is intense '••eling over the state on account of ths American Fleet Reported by tha Spanish Governor To Be Approaching That Place. SAMPSO.¥ LIKELY TO BE THERE, But the Washington Authoriti»i Refuse to Say Where He May Appear. anish Keport of an Kri(jwjj«men1 at Car- denus—Spanish >I«?n-of-1»V«j- Also Reported Near Porto Rico— Doll* at Manila >"ot Likely to .Surrender Before the City 1> BIou-u io rleoe<—-Our Kxpedition willi Troops to ,Sl;i rt for tlxe Philippine* »xt Siiiidn.v. Madrid, May 10.—A cable dispatch Has been received here from the captain general of Porto Hico saying that thre« suspicious looking vessels are bov.ering in the offing. He adds that he has confidential information io the effect that the United States fleet is approaching- Porto Rico. Madrid. May 10.—An official dispatch from Havana asserts that: an American cruiser and a large torpedo boat attempted to force Cardenas channel, arid opened fire on the Spanish gunboats Antonio Lopez, Ligera and Alefta."Aft- er a half hour's engugen-ient the American warships, the dispatch says, were "forced to retreat." .Spaniard K.tfupes aft AuxiHa Madrid, May 10.—Governor Macias, of Porto Rico, cables the government that a. Spanish merchant steamer was pursued by an American armed trans-Atlantic liner, but escaped with the aid of Spanish men-of-war. London. May 10.—A dispatch to The Daily Mail from Hong Kong: says a tBe navy fcepartnuent yesterlay the cable had been cut between Montevideo dnci Rio Grande do Snl. thus cutting off all communication i.lonc the east coast of South America below th» first and la»t named point. In the south of Brazil. If this were not an. accident. It would !»« hard to gufs* »t the pur- powi. tb« Oregon havlnj- pii3s*d fir north of th« break.. It in jus't poMfbli tftat Spanish emissaries have cut th* cable to conceal some naval demonstration or movements of Spanish ships in that quarter of the world. Washington. May 10.—Thew is the best authority for the statement that yesterday having: passed without a report from Admiral Sampson the navy department does not expect to he&r from him within several days. The authority for this statement is fully acquainted with Admiral Sampson's plans, and the remark would seem to indicate that the admiral having failed to find the enemy a.t the place expected liad turned his attention to an alternative project. What thi? is cannot be as- cenaim-i!. It is evident, however, that Hie department is under no a.pprehen- sir,n as to the safety of the American fleet, nor of any vessel of the fleet. THANKS OK CON<;KKSS TO UKTTEY. a< t:on oi tlie war department in order- he wi'l make a report to President Palma. The results of his trip are i^uarded with much care by the Cuban officials here, who deem it inexpedient to discuss wbjit General Xunez did. It said, however, that his party 'found no difficulty in establishing communications with the Cuban commanders in the field. CO TO CAMP THOMAS. Two Kesriniriit* of Prstirie Stat<» ]ftoy» t» Stsrr on We<ln«xlHy. Springfield. Ills., May 10.—Governor Tanner lias received word from Wash- .r.gton to equip the two regimen's mustered into the service of thegovennnent and get them ready to be removed a» noon as possible. Thi» word came lit* ing a single regiment to the front. It is regarded as a plan to break up the original organization by filling the ranks with regulars and volunteers. The entire camp demands that it go as a brigade, to preserve intact Iowa's quota of tn.'ops. Sioux Falls. S. D.. May 10.— Orders from th--- war department were received yesterday to rush the recruiting: of staif tru.iDS and move them to 'U'ashinsrton. where it is understood they ar^ Hi be held as reserves. There was almost a mutiny in Camp Dewey when "he examining surgeons rejected the captain and first and second lieutenants of company H. of Huron. Lincoln, May 10.— Saturday night late Governor Holoomb received a. message from Secretary A'ger saying a sudden rhange had been made in the assignment of Nebraska troops and. that one regiment, perhaps both, would be sent '.o Pan Francisco to go to the Philip- Sine "islands. communication from Manila asserts that the Spaniards are still arrogant and not likely to surrender until the city is blown to pieces. A telegraph operator has gone with the McCulloch to pee what can be done with the cable. San Francisco. May U.—The City of Pekin, with the steamer Australia and the cruiser Charleston, will leave here about Saturday or Sunday next with troops and provisions for the Philippines. That Fijrht Wont the Other Way. Key West. Fla., May 10.—Three separate reports of engagements of TJnited tates warships reached here last night, but thus 'far deails are wanting. One r'imor is that the cruiser Montgomery has captured two prizes off Cape Hay- lit-n after a sharp I attle with 'two Span. Ish frunboats. and put into St. Nicholas slightly damaged. Another «ays that the tug Osivnia, of the mosquito fleet, svas fired upon near Havana, and the third is that three Spanish gunboats fired upon the United States torpedo boat Winslow at Cardenas, but were repulsed by the Winslow after one had been disabled. ADMIKAI. SAMPSO3T I.OCATKD. to Command the Invasion. Tar.ipa. Fla.. May 10.— Major General Jarne5 F, Wade is now in command of the army of invasion, by his right as senior officer, displacingr Major General W. R. Shafter. heretofore in command. Orders to this effect were received from IVashlngtiwi last night- _ _ ETu aild His fleft Wei-f Near Cape Haytien, San Domingo, Sunday. Washirgtun. May 10.—It is now »f- tlcially admitted that Admiral Sampson Sunday was with his fleet nes.r Cap« Haytien, on the north coast oJ Santo Domingo, and distant about a day's run from Porto Rico. So far no reports have come to the department of any of the lurid engagements that are said to have taken place in th.osa waters, but it is believed at the department that it there was gun firing Sunday and the day before, ae reported by merchant vessels, it probably was caused by some of the United States vessels chasing either prizes or the small Spanish gunboats that are be- ieved to be cruising around in those n'aiers. It is not believed that there ,ias been any engagement between Ad- •niral Sampson's, forces and the Spanish ironclad dying squadron, elsa reports would have been received already at ths department. The expectation, is plainly marifested at the navy department hat something !m;»rtant is to happen, very soon. Ii is surmised that if Sampson does not strike the Spanish flying- squadron. he may strike a blow at Porto Pdco it- pelf. It is a curious fact that thus far the navy department does not. know positively where the Spanish fleet is, and it i;; just possible that the vessels may be away over on the other side of the Atlantic, at Cadiz, instead of being in Sampson's neighborhood in the West Indies. That such a. thing can happen is plainly shown by the report from st. Thomas that the Spanish cruiser Alphonso XIII arrived at Porto Rico Sunday or the day before. This is s. protected cruiser of modern type and it has been supposed all along that she was at Cadiz. Spain, forming part of the horns defense squadron. The fact chat she has arrived at Porto Rico without knowledge ot her departure having leaked out is an evidence that the Spanish aiithoritiwi are able to guar-i cue secrecy of their naval movements much better than our own ceople we ,a.bj» .to dp. Wprd CUM *c Both Houxos Vot«" TliuMji and Slake Him • K<-ur A<lm:r:il. Washington. May 10.—Fitting tribute was paid by the senate yesterday to Commodore Dewey for the magnificent victory he achieved in the battle of Manila bay. A message from the president was received recommending that a vote, of "thankis lie extended by congress to Commodore Dewey and the aslant officers and men of his command. Without a word of debate and without a dissenting voice the »enata agreed to the resolution carrying into' effect the recommendation of the president. A bill was then presented Increasing the number of rear admirals in the navy from six to seven, in,order that the President might nominate Commodore Dewey to the highest position in the navy within his grift and that, too, was passed without dissent. In addition a joint resolution was unant- imously agreed to directing the secretary of the navy to present to Commodore Dewey a sword and medal ot honor, and to have struck in commemoration of the battle ot Manila a bronze medal for each of the officers and men who participated in the (faJ- lant light. The bill authorising the postmaster general,to establish postofflces at military posts and camps was unanimously passed. Tne rxjstoffk'e appropriation bill was under discussion durins' almost the entire session, the subject ot. discussion being the proposition to ra- duce the compensation of railroads 2<J per cent, for carrying the m.-.ils. The amendment was defeated, .^t a late hour it became evident the bill could not be disposed of, and It was unanimously agreed to vote upon. It at 2 o'clock today. The greater part of yesterday In tha house was consumed by war measures. The recommendation of the president that a vote of thanks be tendered Commodore Dewey and his asisoclate officers and men was followed quickly with a unanimous vote, and with equal concert the house passed the bill creating; an additional rear admiralship for the hero of Manila. The bill providing for the organization of a volunteer .-.n- ' gineer brigade and enlistmen;'of 10,009 volunteer troops Immune to tropical diseases was passed after two hours of debate. The senate bill authorizing the army to distribute food among the suffering Cubans and to arm the Cuban eople was passed. H«* S'l^ht^cl 11 Spaniard. Boston. May 10.—Captain Roberts, of he Warren line steamship Roman, now n this port, reports that at noon last r riday. when seventy miles southeast from Sable island, « Spanish torpedo boat was sighted. She wras sharp and ow at both ends, with two funnc-is lose together. She had no masts and no flag. She was steaming at: the rat« f 12 knots an hour in the same direp- ion as the Roman. She continued her ourse for about half an hour after she vas first sighted and was apparently aining on the Roman when a thick tog accompanied with rain set in and the torpedo boat was lost, to view. T))K Order diven to Dew<ry. Washington. May 10.—The order Admiral 3>-wey received before he started for the Philippine? was made public yesterday. It is addressed to "Dewey. Hong Kong." dated April 24, and in as follows: "War has commenced between the United States and Spain. Proceed at once to Philippine islands. Cornmenca operations at once, particularly against the Spanish fieet. You must capture vessels or destroy them. Use utmo»t endeavors." And Dewey did it. J.irut. Rovi'uu In Itafe. Atchison. Kan.. May 10.—The wife o! Lieutenant A. S. Rowan, who lives in this city, received a telegram from the war department stating that her hua- band was safe. Rowan WM lately sent to Cuba to the camp of General Garcia.

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