Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 27, 1890 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 27, 1890
Page 8
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a* 1 ^ *fi n"^ «*• t^^lX^l y,r ^ r 1 ; ^^ >•", f»^f*"T «*, r v^ iy * ^ST^'^V THE REMOVAL SALE IS BOOMING Children's black bonnets. Foster lacing gloves 69 cents. Children's inported " Fast Black hose 24 cents well worth 50 cents SUITS INSTITUTED. B GOLDEN RULE. JOIN Harry G. Tucker's Suit Club. Investigate the new mode of buying a suit for $2.00 HARRY G. TUCKER, Merchant Tailor, 32O Pearl Street. RETIRING FROM THE RETAIL CLOTHING TRADE Grand Closing Out Sale! The undersigned concluded to retire from the retail Coithiug trade »ud hereby offers his magnificent and Valuable Stock of Koods at retail, at such pi-ices never before heard of. It must be borne in mind, that this is the most legitimate closing out sale ever held in Logansport. This is no .scheme, no dissolution sale, no faker sale, no money required to pay out going partner, no quitting on account of poor health, not overstocked on account of cold or warm weather, no money required to satisfy creditors, but a bonafide sale for the sole purpose and benefit of the proprietor Mr. Martin Frank a, citizen of Logansport ever since 1853, who now wishes to retire from the Clothing trade. My Stock of goods does not consist of cheap stuff brought here for a Si 30 day stay" bat straight legitimate goods fit for Farmer, Mechanic, Merchant or Man of leisure. A saving of 10 per cent, or 35 per cent, as often advertised will bo nowhere, my deductions will range from 33 to 50percent. Will sell you 3 Suits for the price you often paid for 2 Suits: Come yourself, bring the big boys, the little boys and be benefitted by this great sale. Goods marked in plain figures, showing former and present selling prices. Sincorly Youri£ MARTIN FRANK, : On the corner of Market and Third Streets. If yon have Defective Vision Have your eyes examined and fitted by D. TAYLOR, Graduate Optleion Defect of Vision Corrected. SIX-CORD COTTON. Leading Dealers. WILLIMfAKTIO SPOOL for Sale bg aft * 34 Union Square, Hew York City, Aug. 3<«*. After a seties cf tests at our Elizabethportfactory, extending over a period of several months, -we have decided to use the WILLIMANTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, Se&eetttg if to be the lest thread now in the market, and strongly fetommend it to all agents, purchasers and users of the Singer Machines. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. Junday Journal. SUNDAY MORNING. APRIL. 27. To Collect •rnxi'H on Property Alleged to Have Keen Uureturned. Two fomplalntH Filed Yesterday and a B'romlwe of More. The Allogatlonw of the Complaints Denied and Trial Demanded. Strawberry short cake at Hightower's to-day. English walking ' sticks at the Haberdasher. Strawberry short cake at Hightower's to-day. Coin purses for the ladies^at the Haberdasher's. Mr. Frank F. Cager, of Mouticello, is spending" Sunday with friends in the city. Parlor suits, bed room suits, side board^ and furniture of all kinds, at Ash & Hadley's sale. apy20d3t Meesrs.Statiley and Critchfiold will hold a meeting at Star City beginning Tuesday night. Every tissue of the body, every bone, muscle and organ, is made stronger and more healthful by the use of Hood's Sarsaparilla. 4 The C. I;. S. C. Alumni will meet ,t No. 823 Broadway Monday, April 28th, at 1;S<) p. m. Lessons 13 and 14. Quotations from Shakespeare. The usual service in the English lUtheran church this morning. The hristian Endeavor meeting is at 6:30 p. m. There will be no evening service. Regular morning and evening services at the Evangelical church oi Wheat-land street to-day. Preach- ng in English by Rev. Fisher. All are invited. A good appetite, good digestion, steady nerves, pure blood and healty liver, can be had by using Osborn's System Pills, for sale by all druggists, 25 cents. april24d6m. Services will be held to-day as usual in the Christian church. Rev. L. N. Early of California,will occupy the pulpit in the morning at 11 o'clock. All are invited. Gospel Temperance meeting at the rink to-day at 2:30, and again in the evening at 7:30. These meetings will be the last of the anniversary week's meetings which have been so sue cesstul. Rev. W. P. Van Cleve of Delphi, will preach at the Baptist church tbis morning at 10:30 and evening at 7:30. You are cordially invited to attend these services. Logansport chapter No 2 R. A. M. will confer the Mark Degree and Post Masters Degree, Monday, the 28th iust. The officers acd members are requested to be present at 7:30 promptly. The usual services at the Episcopal church to-day at 11 o'clock a m. and 8 p. m. Subject of sermon in the morning, "Forsaking Christ." Sunday school at 10. Strangers and citi zeus invited. On Monday, April 21st, I cut prices on collars and cuffs. Collars, 2 cents or 25 cents per dozen; cuffs, 4 cent.-; plain botom shirt, Scents; open front, 10 cents. China ware for sale cheap. Tea, 60 cents per pound.—Lee Wuh Sing. E. and W. collars, Wilson Bros.' shirts, underwear and neckwear, Perrin'a kid gloves, eleotrio black half hose, go to make up the best goods in inens' furnishings fin this country, at Patterson the Haberdasher. -.!-..-• The Wabash, qrawfordsville: Judge Baldwin delivered one of the most interesting lectures of the year on last Sunday afternoon. His subject was "Tennyson," whom he admires greatly. The Judge is one of Wabash's most welcome visitors. The regular services will be held at tbe Baptist church to-day; morning and evening services will be conducted by Rev. Vanclave of Delphi. Sunday school at 12 o'clock. The public generally are.invited to all of these services. Strangers in the city •will be made especially welcome. CONTINUATION Of the greatest bargains of all the bargains ever offered here is now going on at HARRY PRANK'S Two complaints wero filed in the Circuit Court yesterday, against D. P. Baldwin, alleging that lie had not made proper return of his property for taxation and demanding judgment in the sum of five thousand dollars in each cat-e. Although the contract was made by the Commissioners almost two years ago this is the lirst action instituted by reason of it. The conditions of the contract are well known to the public, and, while attorneys are not to be blamed for getting as large fees as they can, the Commissioners have suffered id the public estimation by their liberality in this particular. Other suits are* promised and the result of the proceedings will tie awaited with interest. If the attorneys at once file other actions which the Pharos says they will do and thereby admits that they think they have causes of action against other parties, the political appearance of their action will disappear. The suit against Judge Baldwin alone when there are other equally liable'in their .estimation has the appearance of an attempt to direct public attention from the terms of the contract giving between twenty and thirty thousand dollars to a trio of attorney*, one of which is County Attorney and the other Prosecuting Attorney, for services which could just as well have been secured for much less. Judge Baldwin was interviewed lust evening and to a Journal reporter said: "Wull.that s'lit will give me an opportunity to explain what the public have a right 10 know; why dolnot pay more tax? isiuuply because I am now and for half a dozen years past have been' paying $1,500 taxes per annum for the money, I have invested in cattle in Arizona. To buy au< take care of a great cattle ranch takes a great deal of capital, and uay "omitted taxables" can be found upon the Assessor's list of Apache county, Arizona, I have been compelled to borrowed large sums of money to carry these cattle, and that too, under thi liws. Of Indiana constl tutes "borm fide indebtedness" which the tax-payer is allowed to deduct from his credits. I have entire confidence in my ability to defeat this d inland. I expect to go intsfr court Monday m >ruin[r, waive the ten days given me by law, and demand an immediate trial of the case. St. Luke's Lutheran Herald: Mr. W. W. Beck has movtd his family to Adamsboro, a few miles northeast of the city. Mr Beck still continues to be foreman of the Daily Journal and Mrs. Beck and family go to a farm which their eldest son will farm. Mrs. Beok has been a faithful attendant since she connected herself with the church, and will be missed We had the pleasure of u. visit from the Rev. J. L. Guard and wife on the 19th. Bro. Guard was called back into his old fleld to eon- duct the funeral servioe of an old friend and former parishioner. He has got settled ia his new field of labor, and is getting along nicely. He reports encouraging things. A new church is contemplated at Lyons Ind., and will doubtless be built in the near future. On the 3rd inst. about sixty of his people visited them unannounced and left many substantial tokens of their esteetn and good will. The many friends of Bro. and Mrs. Guard will rejoice to know that their lines have been cast in pleasant places. Maj the Lord continually abide with and prosper them. _ Y. !K. C. A. Mot-ting. The meeting of the Young Men's Christian Association to be held today as follows: Good Templas Hall at 3:30 p. m. conducted by George Horn. North Side Union Sunday school hall at 4 p. m., conducted by Mr. Wilson. U. B. Church, South Side, at 8:30 p' m., conducted by Frank Hight. African M. E. church at 4 o'clock. Young and old men alike are in- vit'daud urged to be present at these meetings. All' members of the association who are not delegated to attend other meetings In the city are earnestly requested to be present at tbe meeting at Good Templars' hall as matters of interest will be considered. Chrlctlnn gelnnce. Christian Science services will be held to day at the G. A. R. hall. Sunday school at 9:30 and regular services at 11 o'clock. All are cordially invited. The entire stock of Mr. S H. Kasley bought at a great sacrifice will be sold at less than 50 cents on tbe 'dollar. Flanel Shirts 25c. Cassimere Shirts 35 cents. SaspenderslSc. Linen Collars 10 eeni* Unlaundred Shirts 33o. Laundred Shirts 43 cents. Shirts and Drawers 25c. Knit Jackets 50 cents. Jockey .Caps 25c Children's pants SSc And thousands of dollars worth of other goods. The's are wonterful bargains Unparalleled in the furnishing Trade. Prudent buyers owe it to themselves to call and see for themselves—We boldly and truthfully state that no Merchant can sell his goods at such figures unless procured at sirailiar circumstances—Come and be astonished HARRY FRANK, Leader of Low prices at Logansport and Delphi. C. E. KILBORNE'S BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, 317 Market Street Is the best place in the city for board, by the meal or week. Meal tickets of 21 meals only $3.50. Use "Peerless" and "Boston Brown" Bread. What Merchants Say "There's something wrong-for we can't make those prices, we cannot buy at some of them. McCaffrey's will not sell at what they claim to—or, if they do, poor qualities, short weights explain it 7 '' Nonsense! What folly if we'd advertise a price we did not hope you'd come and buy at. We had better close our doors than to refuse to sell at what we say we wi'l. As to poor qualities and short weights-those who know best know better. Compare on standard goods- such as neither they nor we can cheat on, These for instance Be't Sugar Cured Hams. Iresh smoked, per Ib many dealer charge 12^ ...._. . 9i^e Best Sugar Cured Shoulders, per Ib 8;^c Is the price at other store's _ Best Breakfast Bacon, per Ib Look at sour Pass Book and see It you arc not paying 10c_ Best smoked side meat, per Ib Best LiriedBeer. perlb Best Country Lard, perlb Fancy Sorted Potatoes, perbu „ S» Another quality I'otatoes. per bu B6 A good Family Flour, perhundred $1 It The Best Flour, Pink Sack, under the brand of "Snow Ball" guaranteed belter than any iTanil of Flour made In Logansport, per hundred...„„ _ a e» Corn Meal, White bolted, per Ib _ 1 Fancy Golden CSuaar, per Ib j..i « Choice Fancy C Sugar, perlb 8 Choice extra C Sugar, per Ib 61 White, extra C Sugar, per Ib „ Si Soft A Sugar, perlb _ W Standard A Sugar, per Ib 61 Best Granulated Sugar, per Ib _ 61 Fancy Bulk Roasted CoSee. per Ib .• _ JZ Ajiix—Roasted Coftee. per Ib. package 24 . Extra Choi, e Package Boasted Coffee, the Cordoba— with a Story Book enclosed— per U> 31 E L. C. Package Koasied Coffee, per ll> ........................................................................ The Vesper Pucka e, a • omblnatlon blended to make a most excellent drink, per Ib. ... Mocho and Java Roasted Coffee, extraordlnay Bne per Ib .............................................. _ 85 c e e 26 c 23 e A Good Green C -ffee, per Ib. A Fancy Green Coffee, per Ib. . VS 'A Fancy Peaberry Green Coffee ; -25 e Funcy Banana", per doz \s » Fancy Layer Ftes per Ib ; Js e Fancy Dates, per Ib „ „ „.:..:.„.... „. 10 e, Oranges, per doz _ :....;.... ._. 1* «Fancy Lemons, por doz , It * Fancy Ulnce Meat, per Ib _ _ q|» No business ever prospered as ours for ten years with an element of fraud about it. »--r-i-. What Mechanics Say Some Mechanics tell us they have saved $500 in the last five years by buying of McCaffrey's.- What costs them $20 elsewhere must cost the $1.1 here to do it. One could so(>n buy a home with such : a saving. Argument is folly anyway. Our prices are facts that need no comment" Our reputation guarantees our weights and qualities. If it were not so McCaffrey would not be a competitor worth \vorryir.gabout As it is who would not trade with us? McCaffrey M Go,

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