Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1898 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1898
Page 8
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Sampson's Squadron Wearing the Spanish Fleet. NEXT BIG BATTLE WILL BE FOUGHT OFF PORTO RICO PERHAPS TODAY. Cuba to be Invaded ia,t Once by an Army of Sixty Thousand Men- The Flying Squadron Has Steam Up and Making -Beady to Sail-Probably to Porto Rico. 0|iecl«] to »• Fliarom. Lisbon, May 9.—Newspapers here say that, a Span Ish fleet, consisting of nine vassels, paused Cape Espiohel, twenty-one milss south by west from this port yesterday. The fleet Is steering in a southerly course. St. Thomas, West Indies, May 9— Tl!ie Spanish cruiser Isabel II arrived heire this morning, and sailed soon atlierward. Banal, Brazil, Mfcy 9.— The battle- sh!:p Oregon hasi arrived here. Delaware Breakwater, Del , May 9, —The auxiliary cruiser St. Paul, Onptain Slgsbec in command, sailed tnlsitoraing. Destination unknown. Kingston, Jamaica. May 9,—It is announced that Gomez and Garcia with 18,000 men have readied the province of Havana. London, May 9.—A. special dispatch from Madrid says thitorders have been sent to Governor -General August! to resist to death a,ny ac- taok on Mi&lla. Washington, May 9.—Commodore Schley is awaiting sailing orders in Humpton Roads, has steam up and all hands on board. If not needed in Porto Rlcan waters he will co-operate wlith Commodore Howell in protecting sea ooaat cities. The president sent a message to •congress warmly commendlng»Dewey and his men. He aays the initial success was of great Importance. He recommends that the thanks of congress be tendered Dewey, his officers and men. 3enator Hale presented a resolution of thanks to Dewey and permit- tins; hlm.to oe made rear admiral. The bill passed. In the house Boutelle did the saime. Senator Joucis Indicated that [he would oppose tie bond provision ot the war revenue bill. It will therefore be stricken out in committee report and a fight will be made in the senate to reinnert It. Washington, May 9th.—It is reported that tbu Spanish fleet is near- lag Porto Rico. It is expected that Oommodore Sampson's fleet will roach there toiilay. A battle is ex- pooted tomorrow. New York, May 9.—Cruisers Yankee and Pralre left the Brooklyn yards under sealed ordars. It is lie- lieived they have an important mission . Washington, May 9—Tht president nominated Charles H. Allen, of Massachusetts, for assistant secretary of the navy, to succeed Roosevelt. Madrid, May 9.—Riots broke out at Cadi/, and Alicanta. More trouble fearec'l. Martial law has been proclaimed in the provinces of Albaeeto acid Jaeun. Washington., May J 9—Today the cabinet decided on an aggressive campaign againsit the Spanish in the Philippines acid 5,000 troops will ba seat there. Important nows is expected from Sampson, vrho has moved against Porto Rico. It is balieved he will not encounter the Spanish fleet at Porto Rico. Havana will, soon be attacked from thEi rear by American troops and Insurgents a.nd fleet in front. The house passed 1;he senate bill authorizing the army to feed the Cubans and arm the people In Cuba;. The house passed a resolution ot thanks to Admiral Dewey on a rising vote. The Senate passed a resolution authorizing the president to present a. sword to Adlmiral Dewey and medals to officers and men under him in battle at Manila, and appropriates S10-, 000 for this purpose. UHUUlGO BUCKETS. Received Dally Inj A. M. Ebaugh, at the Garner »ll North and Fifth Streets. Chicago, May 9, 1898, Wheat—May opened at 11.75: high, 11.75; Low, 11,71; closed at • 1.75. Wheat—For July, opened, 81.09J: high, ll.'2li: low, $1.09}-.. closed at $1.201 b. Oorn—For July, opened at 35|-c: h:lgh,37j-Jo; low, 35Jc: closed ttSBj-ct Oats—For July, opened at 27jo: high, 27|c; low, 26Ao; closed at 27i-28c. Pork—For July, opened, «11.00: high. $11.22:- loir, *11.00; closed at in.22. Curb, (July), l?..21|; puts (July), i:i.01-1.90-1.07-1 _05:caHs(July),f 1.33 1..42-1.45-156 Toledo, 0., May 9. Wheat—Cash, opened 11.62; closed Wheat—July,opened,81.11*; closed at 11.20}. '^ LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. The following is the price paid for grain in th« local market today asi reported by W. E. Hurd: Wheat, »1.35: corn, 3'2c: oats, 27c: clover seed. $2.65. Odd Fellows Celebration. Morris lodge No. 477, 1. 0. O. F., of Deer Creole, will celebrate the seventy-ninth anniversary ot the order next Sandny at 2:30 o'clock In the CumberlaEdlPresbyterian church tnere. Quilte a crowd from this city expect to attend. To Loan,, Money. Six Per Cent, On city or item property, as also on personal security.—Jordan Hecht, 400 Broadway, Wlnfield block. James B.iley, of Richmond, is spending several days here with friends. • Get jour silk waists at reduced prices this weei—Trade Palace. ITEMS. Hooley, the taUor ; can please you, Try a cup of best Java with cream at McHale's. Special window shade sale at the Golden Rule. Vea! at Rothermers Eastend meat market Tuesday. Toilet sets, ten pieces, only $1.75 tomorrow—Trade Palace. McHale sells the largest and best glass of beer In the city. Get your hosiery and underwear this week at the Trade Palace. Freiih cow, Jersey, and calf, for sale. Inquire 2201 Market street. Smcike "Our Bond," the new 5c cigar, made by Shaffer & Gammili. Jim will shine your shoes free, even if bought at the Otto half-price sale. Mrs. I. M. Richardson, of Mueller & Richardson, has recovered from a two weeks' illness. Remember Miss Winn's violin recital a,nd concert tomorrow evening at the First Presbyterian church. Shoes taken care of by the New Otto. Shine lasts longer and looks genteul and tidy. Ladles, give us a trial. See our fine line of white goods welts, lawns, organdies, Swisses, P. Ks in white and fancies.—Trade Palaca. See our new carpets. George K. Schofield, of Adams' feed yard, Is purchasing horses of- all description today and will ship a ear load tomorrow to Indianapolis. Samuel Helvle and Miss Nora Robinson accompanied J. E. Reeder, of Hauk's jewelry store to Peru yesterday and spent the day with his parents, • . The Cass county Bi-metallic league will meet in regular session at their hall on Wednesday evening, May llth. Members and the public a re cordially incited to attend,—C. E. Carter president. Mrs. Joseph S. Craig was notified today of the death of her father, Hiram Pickering, which occurred early this morning at New Ellzabota- town. The remains will be buried in Wabash county. Charles F. Beam left today for St. Louis as a representative of division No. 26, Brotherhood of Railroad Engineers at the third biennial convention. He was accompanied by Harvey Williams and wife and B. B Plttman. It is never tou lute to mend. If you've been buying crackers that taste like brick dust why not stop now and switch onto crackers that are delicious and nourishing? You can do this easily. Simply ask for Fox's XXXX Square Wafer Butter Crackers, They are as good as crackers can be made. The Trade Palace will make you a special discount of 10 per cent on black silk, fluches, pean desore, India silk, in brocades, all black, tbe best bargains, On account of heavy stock, we make the prices right, when manufacturers are advancing silks on laiccount of raw material. Come ^uick, as tbls sale only lasts until stock IB reduced. Meeting of Stockholders. The stockholders of the Masonic Temple Association will bold their annual meeting next Tuesday even- ng, May 10, at 7:30 p. m.,at Masonic Temple, for the purpose of electing eleven directors to serve for the ensuing year, also to hear the repottfi of the treasurer and secretary. Every stockholder is urged to be present that they may know exactly how the siflalrs of the association stand. J. L. LIKWILL, Sec 1 y. Letter From Lieut, Lanflrj. In a recent letter from Lieutenant Landry, dated May 5th, at Montreal, Canada, he stilted that hia ship wss just starting down the St. Lawrence and that the next shop would be at, Quebec about 180 miles distant. He said that he and other members of the crew were exulting over Commodore Dewey's victory at Manilla. Breid tioes Op Logansport bakers are preparing to Increase tbe price of bread to from six to seven cents per loaf At the present price of 'flour they say they are losing money selling bread at five cents a loaf. Try Mc.Hale's old whiskies. They will surely make yon patriotic. A PURE SHAPE CREAM or TARTAR POWDK* •OR; BAKING POWER Here are Two Stunner*; in WINDOW SHADES FOR A FEW DAYS. Feet Shades, with good Spring Rollers in many colors. 7 feet long. Price, only Apague Cloth Shades in.all the new Spring Shades with the best Hartshorn Rollers and full 7 ft long, for a few days only 12c SCHMITT&HE1NLY. AT CAMP HOUJST. Bender s Men Spend Their First Sunday in Camp. Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair Nearly Half of tue Company Passed the Medical Examination Yesterday. The Cass county volunteers passed their first Sunday in camp yesterday. Two of the boys spent awhile In the • guard house. They were guilty of | attempting to better their beds by taking posession of a mattress, the ownership of which was in doubt. On yesterday thirty-two members of the company passed tbe required medical examination and are now ready to be sworn into the government service. It Is expected that at least eighty-five of those who went with the company to Indianapolis will pass muster and be sworn in to tbe government service. Only tbe best men physically will be accepted. Two cf tbe regiments and one artillery company have been ordered to move at once to Chickamauga. The regiments best prepared and nearest full will be sent to Chickamauga. It is believed that the Second and Third regiments and the Indianapolis batter? will be sent there, perhaps, this week. There Is a probability that the Third and Fourth regiments and! the Fort Wayne battery may be sent to tbe Philippine Wands. If tbis should be determined upon the Cass county boys would bs required to msike a long sea voyage or more than 6000 miles. All tbe volunteer force of Indiana will .be ordered to tbe Iront just as soon as tbey are cornplutely equipped |for service and have.the necessary quota of men. It In expected that an army of 50.000 n?.en will be assembled alt Chickamiuga before the end of this week. Tbe following are the names of. the Gas county volunteers who pa.ssed muster yesterday: Tom Gemmill, James .Dolan, W, R. L. Gates, Frank Kerns, R. Robertson, Anthony Albert, Barry Osborne, Jacob Ruff, Joseph Sher- mac, Matthew Eager,J. W. Holman, Will Griffin. Robert B. Gemmill, B. H. Bennells, Alva A. Crooks, John Grarmger. John McGin.ey, T. J. McEIheny. W. J. Behmer, E. B Booth, Charles Bear, W. G. Huckleberry, J. W. Elliott, Harry Fickle, T. H. Crawford, Charles Rlcbard3o>n, E. L. Hut- too, Francis' Frushour, Cbarles A. Peck, Albert Meden. Wm. H.Albert, Trenton Catterlln, Charles Bruner, Ayres Wise, Wm. Rollings, W. R. Grant. " LATE DEATHS. Mrs. -Mary Yeazell died at 10:40 -this luoraLng at Hie residence of her son-ai- law. O. W. Cooper. l.'OS Spear sireet, of consumption, aged 6S years. The remains mil be taken to Sprinirfieldi, O., a-t midB-iprht for iatermant. Samuel H. Berry Oi-ed at 4 o'clock yesterday morn-ing at St. Joseph's ho.<- pital of uraemic poisoning. The body was taken to the residence of his son- ra-livw Andy Gallion. Xorthside. The funeral -was held at "2 o'clock this afternoon from tine M. E. church, Rev. E. L. Semans otnVia/iina:. Interment was made in Mi. Hope cemetery. j BEAT HIS WIFE. ' .Tames Xeal got drunk yesterday and troinsr to his home near Fifth and Railroad streets, beat his wife with a skillet. One blow -was inflicted on her head aad one on her back. Them the i officers appeared, but the festive .Tames had skipped and his wife refused to file charges against him. j '•Pe$nry°' has figured several times lately in the police court. He deserves to t»e seviartilj' puruished for his brutal act, of yesterday. j ^ ^ I NOTICE. j Chiefs and brothers of Wea Tribe. • Xo. 1TO and Ozandiah. >"o. 242, Tou aa-e earnestly requested: to attend the regular meetng of t"ie <»imcil fli« on the sleep of The lOtto sun as there- -will l>e important business transscK'd ia which all are interested;. j By order of SACHEM. : SCOTT E. PRICE, C. of E. T T A A T T^ You b een around yet to see JLJL./-^ V JZll JACOB HERZ'S line of Spring Suiting's, etc. If you have not. call at all the tailor establishment in the city, and then go and see his prices and if you can not be suited then, t is because you don't want to buy, as he has all he Novelties of the season, such as STRIPES, CHECKS, Etc. A kind invitation extended to all. Yours truly, JACOB HER2L Main Office OF HUB, 3O9 Market Philadelphia Pa Owing to the critical time in the eastern markets—we have today shipped to your store, 500 suits to sell from §5.00 to $10.00 pec suit, fully worth 50 per cent more:. THEY ARE HERE. And go on sale Saturday May 7th—they come direct from our factory, and we think this a very lucky deal—and are glad to share our luck with you —IS'o shoddy advertised as baits, but a stock of tbe finest and most cleverly gotten up garments ever shown h«re or elsewhere. Made in our factory—which means a saving oit 25 per cent to you at;'the start. Visit any clothing store you like, then eome here and compare the difference of the fabrics, the trim, the beauty of tit, aud the 'PKICE. We leave the decision to your own ; adgement, t*r your eyes cannot deceive you. CHILDREN'S SUITS From the reliable sort, from $1.50 up, ages 3 to 15 • years Knee, Pants snito.. The best 25c Underwear in the city of Logansport.. The best Soft Shirt with extra caffs—Soft Shirts with collars to them .... - QO GfcSJ Our space will not permit of any other mention,bu<- ask you to call at The- Hub if you want $1.25 worth of goods for - UBIO-OO THE HUB- Harry Frank's Old Stand. j 13 Fourth St. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Squire Walters was in Marion today an le:r:il busings. Miss Xellie Sparenbexpc of Peru is visitinj; 1'rieuds here. Geo. W. Walters is in VHnaJnac today on legal business, Mrs. C. M. Cordell is in Potomac. 111.. ri.*itnig wiib relatives. M.iss May McCoiuwll vrlll mum iVom Indianapolis tonichr. The mvo-year-old ohil'l of AValtf-v If ".shop of Walton is damffTou-sly sick. Miss Stella Melzs<?r. of'Chicago, is i lie giiest of Mr. aiwi Mrs. .1. C. 1 >'"•• •.venter. , Dr. Russell of Sprinrfeld. 0.. was liwe Saturday in consultation """itli Dr. J. B. Shvfitz. "Emmet Morrow has resumed from Hot Springs, Ark., -where lie has beei: for several weeks. John HiWebraad has returned from Wiaamae where he was looking for Trouble along the river. Harry- "Wright has accepted a position witn S. ]il. Velsey formerly held by Ed Bciotif 'svho enlisted. Mr. and }Irs. C. H. Yoimg of ludi- ajuipolis are visitiitg: Mr. and Mrs. .Tobw Rowe of tbe East-End. CT. Jos. G. lloprers of Long Cliff is at St. Louis attending 'the aiiMJural medical and psychological association. Frederick, -fitie little son of Mr. and Mrs. F. .!L. Milier of Pern is seriously HI at the home of Mr. J. H. Potthoff. Mrs. T. 3L .<Ju§g«n&«im of Cincin- iiati, is risiiiii? 'her -pareiiite, Mr. and Jirs. "Wm. Ros e " . oa Market street. AH committees appotated to make arrajjgements for DaxwaitioJi' day -will meet tonight at W. T. Giffe's residenc« at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. J. H. Sample TrtU eutertaitk at her home on Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock in honor of her ate- ter. Mrs. Thrasher. C. J. Horn who has bee» employed jn the office of J. E. Graia & Son, arch- iteoLs. has resigned a»i j?one -to Joltet, 111.. 10 nccept a position there. Miss Myrtle Garwm was from Lon}j Cliff this -.iftenxxm «.* cured Sheriff Homlrar^: sent her t» her home in. Tipton to'iviiship ihi« afternoon. John -MeehaTi. Jr.. who returned fj-oiri Chic-as-o to vote has decided to remain <here and has accepted a posl- tiott with Parker & $>on, grocers, oa Twelfth street John Kritze was :cciarrie<l to M)» Harness, daughter 'of WasniM(rto» Harness hi Younjr Aiuerica- Sotordiy ni^at. The Rer. Hobsixm •perrormcd the ceremony. Both j-arties reside'- Itt ! Howard county. The Baidm-in dub trill iae«t it Jw5g« Bald-crin's library thfei er«jniag ki p<»t- ponetf session., As .mati:er8 of muck importance to tbe «1"1> are to be considered at this meeting a full vinee of the members IB Martin Broyler ^ras declawd incapable of TDxns^glnf Ste orwii estate In •*• Casts circuit conrt thte Xormaa Bpetfter. hi* father, -wi» pointed ili CTawUaa inncl filed » bond.

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