Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 27, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 27, 1890
Page 7
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jjow wretched is the man who has fallen victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with* -ill the horrible aUi-ndants. Look upon jJie picture. 1V.T man. being tired of taggiat; out a miserable existence, ho is the pictnri- nt' dcf> omleucy ; altogether ho 13 rathrr a 1'iirV>rn specimen. Do W e pity luiuV l) f I'^ursc; but at the same time fetl ;ts-.uivd t hat in a measure be is to blame tor ihe bad state into wkicb he has fallen A sure, sate, speedy •Mid easy cure van i •• Ibund in Simmons Liver Kesuiaun-N.uure's own rem- edr No nieiv,n v •,>[• cl.^U-terious drugs, uot unpViisup.i i.: :iio ta?te, and always reliable—just fudi :•. remody as you can pin .your'faith U> without a shado^7 of Sisappointinent, Read the testimonial, ion't take our word for it: "I hare been subject to severe spells of COTRKtion of the Liver, ;md have been m the habit of tl.Vmg from 15 to co grains of oJomel wliirh generally laid me up for tbm or four days. Lately I have beer, taking Simmons Liver Regulator wriicri lite me relief, without any interruption TO Iwsiness." J. Hucc, Middleporl, Ohio, jr. n. zmijijr to CO., SOLB P»or«»roits, PHILADELPHIA, PAl PRICE, SI .OO. ANOTHER'S FORTUNE. ••1 have made one fortune in my time." said an old merchant the other day, "and- -" "Spent it,'' broke in tho writer. "Didn't have that pleasure." -Lost, it?" '•Xo, sir; tin; Coi-lunii I matin was that of another man." "Why, how was that?" •• After 1 left i-olle.ge." replied the first speaker. ••! knocked about t.lie country, bore ami thorp, for a. fo\v years before 1 setl.lcd down in this city, lu course ofmy wiintlerings I met an old school friend who bad gone- 1o a medical college and was then ju^l, starting to buildup a practice in a small country town. When 1 ran across him lie v,-:is in a dreadful -lit of blues, iuid 1 said to him after Uie first greetings had been exuhahgcd: •Why, old man ynu'ri'. not like your former self at all. You haven't been practicing JoiiLf enough to have killed anybody. ye,l, have you?' •• 'No, no! my boy he. :i.ns\vcruU, •nol that. But. if 1 may eonjide in you with, safely, us 1 thick 1 eari. will tell vou my diflicullKis, Tra madly in love tvilli Hie most beautifn! girl in a!l the world, and ..she loves me, but till her ueople are opposed 10 our marriage because the old man is wealthy and 1 am poor. 'They wan ll^r to marry a rich suitor who is tiftei IH'M- and I feei like a brute in ,-iskinj, her to wait for me fill 1 am able to support, her. while th:ii prospect seen so distant. I've been in this toivn s months now anil nol a single paiie IKIV;.' 1 seeviriHl." •• -Uov." luanv rira!~ iiuve vii'i?' HER VOICE MADE HER RICH. jvck Eoutaeljo ncd relieve all the troubles tool••'rat to a billons state of tho ETStom, suon as ^'•~*necs Nausea, Drowsiness. Bistrosa after Stag. Pin in the Side, &c. Wliilo Uielrjmost arStnle success baa bees ahoiro in coring iis complaint; butfptta- c«3aotend.liera,andtlios3 is the tor* of oo many lives that hers >f«*«a t72maiemrrgreatboit. OorpiUacureit-wlul8 rgrea! „.„. -"JUS ara very small and .-, c ^, » ™ One or two pffla mntoa dosa. i»y rue strictly vegotobla and do not gripe or rar-w, bvrt by iheir gentle action pleaao all jno tEothoai. InTiaisataScents; fivelorSl. oo» fcy arngsiata everywtfiie, or sent by mau. CASTER HIEDEOINE CO., New Vortj; SMALL PiLL. SMALL DOSE. SHALL PRICE f A GBEAT BLESSWG TO WOMEN.I Read Symptom* and Conditions tliia Specific will Believe and Cure. 1C Vnn bave nervous or sick beodache.stom- 11 I UU acbache, backache, spineache, bloat- ijiff, internal heat or scalo'ing urine, It Vnn na ve chronic weataicss.bearing doirn IT iQU or perversionsincidont to lile-change HVnn Dave uterine catarrh, suppressed or II I Uupainlul periods, or ovarian dropsy, If Vnn lla ve suspicious growlhs, disposed to 11 lUU tumor or cancer, or hemorrhage, It Dnilrio up quickly n run-down constitu- II DUllUS tion and brings relreshing sleep. ;ie.' lie ans\vofed. -old l)i Serog'srs, but lie has been here for fort. yem-H or move all by himsulf. He. re sents my intriis^on us a personal in suit, and' so do his |Ui!ients. 1 think Tln/rc seems lo he u ravjudiee a pains younjr duel or*, si.nyw.ny and 1 am j heiirtily (list-DUi-nyeil.' j •• *\Vb\- don't yor. li'^' souif of thr. time honored old tricks of the trade?' 1 said. -You litii.w tlieui as well as I do. Have :i. boy rush into ehnreh and whisper in your ear. where you sit, •.veil up toward the front. Then grab your hat and make as much noise as you can going out. (let up half a dozen prescriptions uiui have the bottles directed to Mrs. Smith, itrs. Crown, etc., and then see IVmt tlioy are delivered to tho wrong houses. Send for them ti.jra.iii. explaining- that in the rnsb. of business these little mistakes will sometimes happen. There are u dozen such liU.lt', dodges tha.t ' •• -No. ute my dear boy.' be answered with a sijrh. -All these, little games arc 3s. (T. in ii sma.ll town. If Mrs. Smith has a ioot.hachc nearly everybody else knows it, or will hear of it "some day. The tricks would, all be discovered here to a dead certainty and I would be worse off than ever. They are all right enough in a big city, but ' '" -What's that,' 1 exclaimed as a terrific banyinc was heard at the outer door. Charley, ray friend, wont to the door, and si girl's voice, came out of the darkness saying: -("omedown to the hotel, doctor, there's a traveler there took down with a lit or somethia' and he's like to die." •-Charley grabbed « ease- of instruments, and we both started for the hotel on a run. We £Ot there a few minutes before old Srroggs, for whom the. girl who told us had also gone. Before Scrogps got up to the traveler's room Charley bad diagnosed the case, to his own satisfaction and was looking very wise, indeed. Scrotrgs seized the insensible patient by the wrist, listened to his.heartbeats, and before Charley had time to say a word rapped out: •• 'Case of sipoplox.y. Bring some Th<- Ambitions Kmmii AMioll and tbo Snug irortune Sho lias Acquired, Few American songstresses, says a York paper, can prove the substantial success that Is the lot of Tirana Abbott. She is an example of the pluck and perseverance of the American girl. At the age of IS she was a soprano in Dr. Chapin's church in New York and known to the communicants as a very pleasing singer. She was ambitious to succeed as a concert singer, and an operatic future she ha.d never believed possible; but through tho interest of friends she was induced to go to i'aris and complete her studies. She was even at that time the betrothed wife of Eugene YVctherell. lie urged uer to accept the.proposition, and she wont abroad and studied wiih such ardor that she. inside of a year had complctly lost bci' voice through overwork, but by careful meiSieal attention she was enabled to vogi'.in her former voca.l capabilities aud rotm-ned to this country, where she was introduced to Mr. Hess, arid a coalition w:*s formed by Wetherell, Hess and Jiiss Abbott to star the latter with the. Uoss English Opera Company. Livst Saturday she walked into the'Treasury Department at Washington with tin ordinary package i.-f brown paper, about eighteen inches thick, carried carelessly in her hand. Concral Hosecrans bad one of the i-ierks examine the package, and it was found lo be .*i:V>.000 in government I pur cent bonds. jMiss Abbott had iironghl them to be registered. This iimounl represents the partia' {•rofils of her stage career, and it i; -afi> '.o s:iy that no other prima donn: i'tui match JHss Abbott in wealth, wit' tin; t.-.\-ri"pUon of Arieliua Fatti. POWER OF THE CVCLONE. CURES PERMANENTLY^ SPRAINS and STRAINS. Athlete* Pr-l*e It Highly. (K Minna St., San Fnndaco, toL, Ma; 1,1881 Borne timo.ago, wbile a member at tat Olympic Atbletto Club, I sprained my knw •everely and snflterod agony, but waa speedily Bod completely cured by St Jacobs Oil. JOHN GAKBDCT. Jumped from Xngrine. <09 8.17th St., Omaha, Neb.. Sept. 22,18S. I Jumped from an engine in collision, ana ctralnea my ankle very badly. I tuted caxtei tor »«eta, St. Jacotv Oil completely emcd inc. ^^^^^_^ G. ROBBER. AT DEt«8i=rm AITO DEALKBS. THE CHARLES *. VOGELEB CO. BalUmora, •», U nprecedented Attraction Over a Million Distributed. ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses the Nasal Passage Allsiys Paiii HealstJicSorcs' Kestores the Senses oiTast< and Smel) Louisiana State Lottery Co. incorporated by tin: Legislature, tor Ed ticanorml and Cbiirllable purposes, and Its frarj- uliiRe made a partof tlifl pr»»per.t State Constitution, In 1879, by an ovenvhelmtDg popular vole. Its MAMMOTH DKA WINGS take piacs Sartl- Aimually, (June anil DecnnilvT), and Its lib AND SKULK NUMBER DltAWLStiS take |jia<» In each of the otlierten months ot the vrar. nnilar* all drawn lu jmbtlc. nt the Academy ot Music. New Orleans. La. FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, FOP Integrity of its Drawings.and Prompt Payment ol Prizes. Attested as Follows: 'We do hereby certify that we supervise the ar- •angements lor all the Monthly ami semt-anotial rawing of the Louisiana State Lottery Compani id in person manage and control the Drawings lemseives, and tual me same are conducted wlib onesty, fairness and m good faith toward ah par as. and we authorize the Company to USB tlfl* .ertUlcate, with lac similes of oursignauir^ rrt iched. in Its advertisements." PERFECT Try the CureifAY-F-EVER A particle Is applied Into each nosti-il end is agreeable. Price 50 cents at druggist?: by ii.all, registered. 60 ets. ELT BEOTHERS. 6fi Wiirren 8t, New York. ausilOdivrtf;;; MOORE'S They act in the Blood. Sligbtlr la Tulr* <if Hie ri-f»ks of the Wind. who linvr; hail no cxpei-ic-nri: :!om?* ''Jin have :ui 'jiduiiii.'i'n-. jili-:i nf (he imiuenso power of the wind M'lien atriUited in this mysterious ;r.a::iiiT. Many are tha stories 1.oM oi 1lu. v.-.-iy in which objects art 1 carried H \vuy Ji'iid left in strange places. In ; o-c' Illinois tornado two children a:iil uii infant were caught up. The dead bodies of the children were found only a rp.w liuiiiircd fee! distant, but the in- fani \vas jiir.ki'il up alive more than n v.-.-sy from Ibe spot\vh(?re the. lor- uvpt tho .'hild iij.-. An ;u"-oi-- ,iat must have fome a lor.ss dis- .-ior it. VTHS never rlaimeil— ivas MI civt-injrled in the branches <>i I'mit il was alternately pulled ;:nd pressed together by '.he rrejitlnjr Mich weird and un- nnis-i'.' durinff a v.-hole night n already sufficiently sacred ti.-i- i, of negroes were kept in :i stale nf f-ai'.tie dismay until dtiylijrhl ro- venlcd 1he cans-i'. Jii another r:i.'.,u:i. furme!- v.-lm ff-!-' i.nvni 1.1i! N lornado's trad" in sean-li of mir-,-ii''j rattle was aMomsheel to uis- covi-!- iiiv of his cows staddinj* about tv.cniv '"'•••! above tho yronnd in the bran.:';«•- ..f a hill Mci led maple. ••1 iilifcs kij^w that, was an active heifer." hi- remarked, as be fa-mo in offfht of her niandiny i rect on tho slanliiiLr trunk, "but I • neve; allowed she could climb a tree." Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, &. Impure Blood They expel disease germs, zn'.l Purify the System Druggists, & Dr. C.C. Moore, 78 CortlandSt. N. 1 * They Positively Cure The Great Enplislj EVencription. A succeKsful MeOicin.- used over 30 years in tboufands of caifes.ja-,, Cures Spervfatorrlma. Aen'Ous 1 ^" Wcakntts. E-missiuus. Imptitency ond all difeaaw catised by abuse,' BEFORE! indL'wrel.ion. or over-exertion. fiFTER] ackaEes Guaranteed to Cnrc- when all others ifci Ask your Druggist for The Cre.t E»c"»!> Prescription, take no substitute. One pacEO(re 51. Six $5. bv mail. VTritK for Pnmphjpc. Address Eureku Cbc^iicui Co,, Detroil. .uicn. T« sale b# B. F. Keesilng. niarMiwii' HBW ADVEETIHM.y.1 oal j, 6U Br'ditaj, PARKER'S SAL.SAr.~i ur-.d b-:,.Hi£,-a the I....:. jr.t'Xc- :i luxuriant c--wt!i. v.-.r K;. '.'. to Rater-'. Gro> U'-f • • V >•:?'-,>'.;! CO'.T. auty k^.st Give it to your weak and delicate ......IBIS daughters. Not a drop of impure fiiood can escape ita healing and purifying influence. U Vnn value sood health and hope for long IT I UU life, use Female SSemedy. Coo Symptoms continued vrith certtncatea ot rune. OCC to "Guido to HesUth" tree. Ala) advice tree. Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blngbamton, K. Y. Druggists 81.Og To Iteliov<- tin- Vain of Tooth I'allius. Aii electric instrument has been invented which is designed to remove the pain incidental to the extraction of teeth. It consists of adjustable proiisrs ciirryiiiif buttons and connected with an oleclric. buttery. The buttons are phuvd on the face over the r.erves leading from the teeth, to the bruin, and a circuit is established 'in* r.:omenl tile exti-auting instrument touches the tooth 1* bo removed. GREAT CUT! 'IN RAILROAD ____ ___ _ _ RATES The MISSOCBZ PACIFIC RAILWAY has placed in effect the following low rites be- tween points on its line* :• - r 1 d K»»«-i.Cltr . St. !»«!» end Om_h» Betvew 8t JoMnb, Ate and Kan«» Cltj, on «prloe» «"<1 n<rii»er Greatest Discovery ol tne 19tU Centnryl Medicated Air! :>r. Teague's REMEDY rnsis AstHmal Teagne's Lu ng colds. So Balsam Is a positive core for re Throat, Hoarseness, Diphtlie- , . , , 5J- Spitting of Blood, Whooping Cougn, and au Throat ana Luns diseases. Teague's KyeSalw «t» all diseases of the Ere: GranulatedLldsana t-Knk Vision In conjunction with Medicated Air »s an ointment In Catarrh it has no eqoaJ Mwlicated OMiterater la a perfect Toi Ite purity allows of perfect freeaom n;; a delicate softness to the cora- notkppt tar. your drusgist send to the •Ir Co.. iacliraond. EN S. A. C. E Prior. Will Porter and W11J febailtaw&SKly NEVER TAELS. KIHTPTIOS OX FACE ANU NEfK. villi tlie U.'.-.l '"' 1,. i.. Kfiv.sHia, HAH r.-.fti: 01- rnifti mTt. A . -i .-.iiL imtV'r n!v c-har^'-' v.'fi.-b'iiliy mTi^.u-'i v:iu, r M«*'X>. *• "•-,'" i"',r V Svo H 'i«• fri-l l;»lli !-rt i-.'-'i >1"«i-'lic<l off teioro l-.i- » :i- t"n,olovcrU.in«. ll^y^mrcNl ^""rt;-"! ;•; j-,,,. i,,.,,i,,;/,(• ^ >; ^ un.l is no-.v ivuiknu: ::l-i'.J' ;« ill" tliwV,'-'";:. i- 1V«'l'. J!ill«3i:<-vni.'. C". 1.11 HI- Swif ••But Charley was not to be jgnorod in this waj". -It's a pliiin case of ep ' he began, but, just then I pulled him to one side and whispered in his ear. •• -I was about to remark. Dr. .Serojrg-s," resumed Charley, with considerable dignity, -that the case is' undoubtedly one of morphine poisoning-.' •• •Nonsense, young man.' said old S«rogffs rudely:' -I say it's appoplexy.' • • -A stomach-pump will soon prove ,vho is right, said Charley, as he unlocked his case and produced one. "The little crowd of hotel employes and villagers who had crowded into the room, a big one, seemed rather amused by the arguments of the doctors, and as tho patient was a stranjrer to all the application of a stomach- pump, if only to settle the controversy, met with general approval. • -Well, to make a long story short, morphine it was sure enough. This discomfiture of old Scroggs spread abroad. Charley soon built up a practice, married his heriess, and lived •happily ever afterward." • 'And how did you discover it was morphine, just in time to prevent your young friend from declarinff in ^ t toJ: favor of epilepsy?" asked the writer. *"*"».-.'—.-..- — ••That's just what Charley asked me, when it'was all over," replied the narrator. "The fact is. while Charley and old Scrogjrs ivero engaged in looking wise over the patient and guessing :;t°his malady, I was looking about the room. There in a corner behind a footstove I spiet a bottle. Picking it up I saw that it was labled 'morphine poison,' and tfiat it hau been recently emptied, as the outside ot it was still moist. That was enough for me, and I just had time to hiss in Charley's ear -Morphine!' before lie committed himself. : .. . • • \ J» is » thlanWesTworld. A mail gets j no«redHw!in.n he pays-cash. j The otilj- mre O-.ro for Cnrna. SljpB all rjin. ^i»r comfort to fis-rcrt. ir«.-. »l Uruginfts. niMiixgLo^j.^ o m time. 50^ CHFCHESTER'S ENGLISV FEKKYROYAL PILLS. Wj ;u-,.f Cror.s Diamond Brand. ,-r.ij- rcrni.'c T'i'1 tK Bale. . Middle-wred ana K'derly men *h<t ore snffarinjr from the effects or j-omnfui foiiu^ nc nx- CCM69 of maturer yean 1 , and now l!n<! their i;,BnJT vigor deortHisficl and who tirr tro\;!»U'<,1 vt;!i u-rritije drains and iosscs.juu can bt: peraiaavmiy ro>t"f e*i to PERFECT MAKKOOT*. at home, wtLhoirl exposure* n.t Hn»e*tt eo*t, by IJr. <.'l«*-Ue*» approve*! metbodu. totted ai'd pro-roc in u*>Ati>'>«i rear's proctUf* (ElstaWlfheil IS'tlj. in Chronic, Xei-von* and Special I>iscaf«i^- If in need of medirail aid, t*pn<1 for Question -list so you can 1'nlly denciitx2 the symptoms of yf>«ir particular disease to me. Consultation free s:xl sjierert. Honrs,atoS; Sn£Klay.i,dU> ti. Addro!^ F. D. CLARKE, M.0.. 186 S. Clark St., CHICAGO. fi.L. iealth is Weal, Wethe undersigned Banks andEankt-ra wil! we 11 Prizes drawn in The Loalal.ina State Lot- erles which may lie jjresenttvi nt our soun ers. K. 21. WAL.M.SA.KV, Prcs. I^onlaiau Safl aijiux, IE1CIJK 1,AX A-ti'X, ^rc-8. JStale Nat-} «»«:. \. BAtWWIfli, I'rpK. Xt-w OrletUJH Siat'J >-"• •«'•> Di. E. c. w««t'« K»rr» tad Brain Treitecut, « «p«clfio (or H<r*UrU, Dlncwa, Ooc- . Pres. Union Xatiousil K:-"--. Graucl Montlily Drawing, In the Academy ol Music. New Orleans, Tuesday, May 3.1. 1S90. apitalPrize$300,000. IOO.OOO TieUcfH at Tweiisy Wollars zr.k. Halves S1O; quartet's «5: t-ntliM Si: TweiitJcths SI. Nervom Prontntioii o>c««d by tbe ate o! sloaboi or'ton&cco, fV£t;efala«e«iiffmta] DeprwioB* Soft- tnlcif ol th« Brain rwoltlne In Innnltr and Iwd- Ing to ml'orr ,d»c«j tuid duth, Fremxtnr* Old Age, BarreDOSts, IxiM-Of pover in eltb«r flex, lavolantar? Loeaaa uad 8p«raaatorrlio«a cmosedlir o»ei -«x«rtlon ol th« Drain, MU-ataie or orer-ln- da!i:ftnc«. Each bor «enlalna <n« mootb^n tz«*t- menc. 11.00 a bax, or all boiwior 15.00, mat tj mall prepaid on raoelpt o£ price. WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To eur» any caje. With e«oh order re^iyed b niTtor sir hoist, aocompanlod -wiaiK ' ^, •»» wl Nnt t^ parcbaaer onr written gBArc^«4e to refu the moD«j 11 the treatment doea not fSnA a aare OsuaiiteealaKiedOD]) b> E. >. feeding Dmgeict, Bole Agant tor. Logaupcrt. Jnrjraaik^iy 1 Prize ol $300.000 is 1 PrL-e of 100,OS» is 50.000 Is 25.003 is 10.0WJ are S.OOU are l.OOC are 600 are aW) are 200 are I Frtr.e ot 1 Prize of •2 Prizes ot n PrUts or liS Prizes o! 100 Prizes of 200 Prizes of SOO Prizes of , lOO.OOO 60,000 K).0:iU liiiloae 100AX) . 38,(>JO 500 Prizes of $500 are ICO Prizes of HOD are 100 Prizes of 300 are TxicirsiL pitizE-;. ifflS Prizes ol S100 arc- U99 Prizes »r 1(30 are 3,134 Frizes amounting to ............... il.OW. XOTK.— Tli-1;ets tirr.vrlns Capiia! f'riiss :;re : entitled to terminal jirtzes. Adopted by UK; G*r- .-nanGoTerniD«atfor Hospital £Ara:yuse P.S.C. isp^tupfor American tra^e in n patent bcttlc holding syringe fse« cut) At druggists, $1.00. " ju,seal«l, forSIJC The Van HohtCompany, Cincinnati, CJiia 13 F. JOET5SLIKG, Agsnt, Logansport. la<I. STEEL PENS COLD MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION 1S7S.: i Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-«O4. ..' jTEE MOST PEBFECT OF AGENTS WANTED. For Club Rates, or any furtliT information Ju- slred, write letribly to the i-ndetslgned. I»S ro;:r fall address. IMPORTANT. Address Vi .4.. 3> -- » ' '*K I 'S J>o Th y .-i whe"-. Vrvv - t fr- •'; for .Sci'^":.' .. i. L.. • or fur J' • ' TI-.P.V.- • Ben Fisher. 811 »'onrt!i .. -. . • Br ordinary letter. «.-oirt;iini;:s >for»i-y Or<!trr i?si;?<i by all Exi'ress L'oni;iai:ie*. New t nix Jis- chiuige. Draft or Fost;..; Nolf. Address Reglsieicd Letters Containing Currency to SEW OKLHANS :-MTlOXAI. BANK. XHW Ori?-)!!.-. i.ii. MADE WITH BOILING 'AADE WITH BCiLlfxG MIL:'. Shernn 7* 15 f- * 'v'> I. 3i-*Mi"- > * • SJATJO''- I. 3i-*Mi"- "f Nf." Or!»mis. an'l the Ticliet<:Lr» s!Kneill'SO'.fl ' r^id<-iit u" an iastl *nt!on. w)n"» . i-hartei-'-O rtplils ;ira rewgiilio;! In the hiKiifsi Cioirts; tbcrclore !>ewai<- otaulni itaf.ons or :;no:iyinous scbenies." OXSJ HOI.3.AK Is llie price ot the sraallen part or frauilon ol aTlcKetfi*s»l*J> K\ «J» ir. any Dra-King. Annuing Ui our naroe oflered for less than a Dollar Is a swindle. _ S3.OOSHO FDR The only Fine Calf Seamless $3-OO Sb.oein the -world •with a, smooth Innersole. price are bottom. K the dealer cannot send direct to factory. encloBln* price. Hay Perer, ffistBiem 1 ll CflMOL r i MANTTE'G CC SOLE FEOPRIETOBS, ,91 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. .0.1 jiii'l -!ii" I3i^en^^•-r.>- [• Sl't.l'IV'ir ''(>., All;l);i:l. : achy, tired, pain In ». my whole Eoily ECCBIS out o lliatitisno conflitioa, »a can cu- - , is out of order and r.™ aaing those never Siiua JST? I fee?ndseraWe, hcaJ- i-s- b'aek,mf food won't ilir.-: t. ; i out of era™. We :ras-.;v ~SSxr~^&a<*t!tz?~~i -jd. "tficv may L/my i»* i»su.4na a, WAI —->"• **'*-;, * &2Voirrdraggi»tforthegcnainQ . DELEBRA TEnljYER PILLS FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. t for COOTTERTOTTS made in St touu. USE I70EY FEKinjaiES THE BKEATH. d Standard PoimtarH»dtiailfWB«e on thcEro«f Voi.tb, Prcmatur.-Decline NerT«w and Phv«iottl Uebiiity, Iropuritluot the Blood. U^iilunerrom Folly, Alee, Ignorance. Ovcrtjixiirion. Enprvallng and ujitittraK for Work, Bnpin.i-n, the Marned or Soci \void ntitiliilf"! pretenders. roMC* - •• - lK f s, roynl 8vo. MEDAI. Dr. Parker and a may be mail or in peron. M ice oi W. L. DOUGLAS £>3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. •_. _ _^_ _-, TT ~~~* fs~**9-n anrt f?*^*«il« Fine Calf. Laced. Grain and All nude tn Congreea, Buttoond Lace. $3 & $2 SHOES L A F D°.?3. 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