The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1951
Page 10
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PACK TEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION B,,YTHKVtU,R, (ARK.) COURIER llti* for cun*rc>i||yr Dally ral« m Insrri Ion; Minimum chare* .. - . 1 (line I>PI line . .. 2 limes |ir-< line per day 3 limes per lint- [>cr dar « limes |>IT IJne JIM ri.ij 12 M/rws pet line per daj Month per tine Con in five average word Ad ordctril !m ihrre ur si ito|t[*rd ljpf<jre rxpLr.iilon ivill he rarK- fd I at the number ol tJnics (he ad appeared and aitjiitinirnt of bill ni&rit All fl-issiflrd adTrrlHinR topi sub- mltlrd h>- prrsnjn rfsidiiiR niilistrie of irie ritT imm hi- ;iiToni|ianinf by rush Hair* may ra%i|j hr tomputp.i from itiv ahnve talilr. AdvrrlKinj; nnlrrrri for in- ifrllons takos DIP one time tahlc. No rrsimiKlMUlT will be ukon for mort ihan one Lnrnrrert Insrritnn of tnr rlis^ffird ad. All arts air rfM'trtrri Ki i*<Mr prmirr rtaKsificniinn sty I* -inrj ivpr. Thr CVmiirr XPMS rrservej the rUhl lo edit flr reject nny art. USED TRACTORS 1947 Mlimra]K)l1s-MoIi,, P Mode] R 'Itri 2 How Cultivator $693 F'arjtiaU "F-2y with 2 Row OllltlvR- tor. $:i5u ~-K" Kmnull's wild Power Hikd 'J PU-fi'.s o[ K«jnHinu'iU Kacll 4800 John |)t'rrp n with 2 now Ctilllvft- -g-'tor Rtid 2 Ho* Busier. (70(J ?c 1947 C(i5«- "VAC" wiih Two ROW ic Cultivator J7.SQ John ncrrr "H ' MixM Trnrior with ^ Ho* 1 Cull . 2 now Uufitcr «ncl 2 How I'lanirr. IKtOO *ll Tractor whli 1 HOW Cultivator FarnialL H M ]«l Planter, usp<i only 1 yen i $100 A How Planter for "F-20" Tumor J175 Only $325 Apartment for Rent | 61 Implement Co. N. itiway (it Phone 21-12 2-9 ck tf 3 lar<;e MiifiiT room fi[it Front, hack ' o IT entrance. Pti /( 3405. 4 JO pk J7 i -">'U'0 iUOIlcy— AlakO lUOIlcy 3 rm. vmfur. apt y>G l.mucraio i>h. ' rWCB. 45 pk |;t ' room fur. apt 'l\\ PJi MocVrn 2-romn furnished C.»I! .155 or 25!>5 Apt for rent rii 67 5U urn :'-22 N Sixth W KpMlnek'. •*' 5 P* 12 vou'lt ! hirnlui Vt'rk",, ^".r, 1 Used Furniture at Clln Harrison i o»ipure our | : II 4'8 pk 13 2 room-fur n»it: 3 room nnfnr. npt Ph 4267 or 3665. 4;7 pk H 4 rooms and bath tur apt Gns r-qtilp- nit-Ill Electric rcfriff tutor 121 W Davis. F Simon Ph 3373 329 ck tf 4-room unfurnished apt . prlrate hnth 540 17th and Ash. ph 6700 327 i-lt 11 Modern upstairs npl 5 rooms hTirt b.ilJ), plrrtrlr refr1ppr.itor, equipment Ciood fiirtilliiTr Corner of Main and Second Phone 3373 r Simon 323 cfc H room unfiir apt , clnse In Ph 565 ' 3'13 ck if 4"room unnir npt Pbontv 3;K Auto Supplies and Services AUTO AND fcRN'mmr, LOANS Prompt Personal Rp trice General Contract Purdbnsp Corn 108 South 5th Phono 6503 , 4'5 rX tf Don t endinKe: ymir famllj with Faulty llrts—BUY L,EE TTRFS CHAPMAN SKRVim STATION MMn A Dlvlftinn Phone 25fl3 13113 ck ti Sery/ccj o. 1 ; Anrt iS{ your i present fiiriiltiiii- 10 us we pay ' «:asii. o/ r«iir."f* U'e'tl )>e glnd [ o crarie svltli you romp to GUN 7 IIAHK1SON & SON KURNMTURE CO. 517 W. Ash Phone 25:V> J 4-2 ck 5-2 If you wan! to sell 01 buy I USKD FUUN'ITURE see us. i Arnold & Goines | •!0i; ICa.«t iMn I'll. G357 tf . Ph 702 Bnrdftle Gdlrt fish unil ^ 292 328 E Mi\ln St t; GUARANTEED SKWINT; \ND \T~- j TERATIOKS 3H N «T|| ST I'll «BII _ _ Washing Machine repaired all makes. Blythcville Machine Shop. Phone 2823. 3-0 ck Prompt. E.xpp'rt S«rrlce on Coname REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING _ A 3 >. for FRANK WESTALL Charlie's Rlectrio Service Phone 2D93 - - R«!clence 2S05 It ck If Watch and Jewelry Repair I-DKJ nrrrln on Jewelry--! d»y.i o ss?%" k - n ssr^'' PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second RADIO & TV SERVICE Tour set on th« blink? For M« >lrc. CM] Manager Carl lone M RLYTIIKVII.I.K tcloCisi it Radio Service Phone 3Tya Ilili TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 1>3 W walnut rhoni . 338) Plenty of Parking Space SOYBEAN SEI'in S-100 and State; Certified Dorichsoy no. 2, at 5-1.00 pci bii. LOCUST I'osls at 25 lo 4U cents c;ic)i. BURUKTTK PLANTATION Phone 782 __ _ ''"'' ck tr TBACTOH FOE SALE: 1 FarniaTi M wiih 2-row c\illlvator. Burtiah] hon«jH.H_. 4 j <. k ,j nuicr, rixtiiii-»-'l'.v|irwiln<r. ailillim Lih.-hln,.. :U |.I -ISO lr> s:il^. I'il. fifin -(.6 |* 13 Walnut Lumber. Hoy Vencli. Mnnlla. KVIOUY FAMER SHOULD RIO AD THIS MKSSACH! Vou can mate tertllltr savltiR! on used larm •«]ulpnieni nou- at Rujscll Plilllll).i Trnclor Co. In Hlytlievllte Votfll find a|| kll ,d: s of etiulpmeiit Including trarlors . all reeondltloneil intl ready to RO To work! check these tractor prices. . Ihen see them yotir- Alils-Chnlniprn "c" wltli ultlvators. anil planters. .. as ^ood . John Deere "B" with cultivators I Mr> . fro/en F\i)il and planters. . . In excellent condition I CRrl uhe/.svJIJe. Mo . . .$1095 Famuli "K-20" Tractor with n pieces J 4 Open Nights'-^ Til 9:00 3 "% tt* »*x|. For Your Convenience %T S£ % F '*i«i_ • Hint) ford custom ik-luxe Tudor—black color, ha* h-olh radio and heater. • 11ISI) Ford custom dflim* Clnli ('oii|)(.~ P( |ul|)pt.(] with overdrive, milio nnd healer, . .nian.on n >l«r. • 13-151 Kord Coupe—wonderful condition, low mile- • HM7 Fun! Tudor—ire s.-<y i(*s "cJean". .fust drive il yourself and .see. • inili Ford Ciiil, Coupe—radio iim | heater, hlack. • 1!>IX Chevrolet l-ifoor— good tires and motor. • 1011 Chevrolet Coach—even heller than you think. • J.>() (F AIL .i I-1 on Mick up—hi ue, yoix! heat or • 1!H<> Slmlehnkor .lAI-Ton Slake Truck_l,ar K aii,. • l!)lfi Ford i/.-T,,,, |'ii.|<,,p__i ( ' s a nice truck. Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 JTOR SALP: farms of all sixes and types IN SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Come lo Dexter and fet u.s show Ilioiu lo you. JOE G. RADICAN Realtor Dexter, Mo. '1-2 ck If Good hou«« »IH, 3 Ph SJJ3 pk I 17 r ro? r ri Food Exick e i Mo Ftlcetl way below Cimiihprsvllif : or plio»e 1011 330 P k 13 rqulpinent ..nil reconditioned '/. \ Corner Inl" on Highway Cl Nnttb nciow I ruin. Canio Moullrlr M i 1M CHse -"DC" Trnclnr w .rnl busters , ready [o :ti cultivators the field. . . S«e them Tomorrow Russell Phillips T'o. Rpx Crnnp, ."o Highway fil i'lionp 2171 For Sale, Real Estate Real Estate i'arnis—Cily Properly LOANS lr Tntcrfstecl In •cnK «<•. Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil lOarls Glencoe Bldg. !'h. fiSGS 9 ^0 rk 1C I Ph 2557 3 10 CK IT Corner l.ot tr>tli and Main, 80 x MO, Blylheville, Ark. See or Call M. C. STUJCS Osceola, Ark. -t-5 pk 12 Wonted to Buy ••Fcathrr* nr-x or usrtT BrM rirlrTi paltl Ctnral feather Co 1523 Kan.ns . B»5.t^ st Ixjuls. III.". j i pt 5 i «•!]] pay si.oo to 51 2j for IOH Ihs m scrap Iron . JOc 10 60 c lor 1011 Ibs oj tin and wire . <o c ror 100 lh , , old tires . . . ,2,0 ((lr olrt halterlp , HlBh.r prices for radlmors »n<l nil illirr inruils linvf Iriick,, to pl rt: H in Call 4019 or come to irXXI W Vlni- ;t,2T |ik \ r: \Vc buy old nius ror .-irrHn Iron Hapi 1<; <0 1'jc lb Call 4609 or comr lo icoi West Vine <4 nlt s., ^l 553 Kor ConipletG Insurance Protection W. j. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m W Ash 61 Ol.*NCOE HOTEL BIMLDINtl <:s ck Not/c n. phono 3309 3 21 ci tl Eiittcrics Charged O n Slow Charges _ Only :!5c. Rental t'l-ee. Southern Auto Store. __ 2-9 ck tt foi Sale. Cars and Trucks miln a -h 0 5 iH-od In Blvihevllle for >•<•»«. HERMAN -I.OVELAUY .t Sholion Moior Co.— in E . CARL PAUL -> 'nV'^I.DSMOn:,^"';' ^'"f,^ ii«*; °'.i" OOOD u ^ r - r> OAR »'"••" (i • £ b "' tr * do ln '"••>' n1 To"'" fintl him nl Honicr-\\'il.son Afntor To. '"""' 7 " 5 « NlRht HIH For Sale, Misc. R"l 2 j>te cc lHi n= rotm ttc;il!y ri^-.v. I'Jv 213217. 4 :i pit 17 Station, the fciltrr ot Corning. I'Oli SAI.K Good a-rooin nnd liath House, located at 715 U'esl I Walnut. Tliis house is in good [riindilmii. recently decorated I iiisidt' .-UK) out. Has large j screened in back porch, two ; i ••«!• ijaragn and outdoor slor- jatre. I'ionly of sliade on this;! > I I'liiuvh, school and.downtown Price $8.500. Terms. See or call Help Wonted, Male IS"" 1 '^"^' PRKF, PA I N'T JOR WITH CAR ItKPAIIt lob Oi. any estlnint? AVAILABLE NOW! 2 How Lift Tyj* and l)ra« T.VIW Holary How. 4 Row Kofary Hoes Sc« (he new Hull and Socket I'nlveri/injf Disc Harrow. . .perfect for seed hed preparation. Trad or 8j>ra.vinj{ equipment that .you'll need In lh« fill lire. . . 2 How through S How for any style tractor. COME IN TODAY! Specializing in Ferguson A Kord —Repair Service— Complete lint of Kergiisou A Ford Paris Jack Robinson Implement Co. 500 K. Main lilylhevitl* Phone 2.'i71 Also Your Ferguson Dealer in Osceola For Rent 4 room mil J rm. partly fiirn. house b»th. full ^1)57. 4 10 pk 17 Fh, 6213. 4;iO pk 17 f FAHM I-AN'U KOli HKN'J'. 'JOI> flvr* farm 10 itiile-s \ nt Holhtiul oti Hravel rrj^Kl Et:is 10 hou.SL's, el^lil Tui/iis. flectrk-Hy atid school bus romp. WII] r<"nt on crop ij.'i.sls to tenant who ]i»s sufllcU-txl equipment. Wtltc Information regarding yourself to Ho* "H". Slecle. Mo. V10 ck 12 4 r<n. house, part halh, gftrtle;!. HO 116 K. Sycamore. 4'IO pk 17 N>* 4 /in. house and bath on Holland .St Ph, !HR. 4 10 pit 17 -1 rooms and hath, electric water heater, ph. 4084, 801 N. Franklin. Furnished house and apartments, 'hone 2087 or 539 7 pfc H m lionsc. t 1604 W. 4'6 j>* 13 Apts — furnished or unfurnished Private bulb 7S9 W. As-h, St. 4 fl pK. 1'J •M° 46 pic 13 n room house: also t*-o new 3-toom pts. Ph 9SB, SOI North Sixth. 4 fl pk 13 Nicely furnished bedrooms private entrance Convenient to bath Ph WI9 45 pk 11 3 room tin. apt Fifctric sieve And r«f iterator -Auioniatlc hoi watfi heater Good location, cotipl* only Mrs Kdgur P. Borum Ph. 450J --Hfttr 5 pl» 3123 4]4 ck if 1 IS acres of high, dry land 8 room house Set R [, Fluher. MxrMon Mo «t flAh*r> Cild Co 227 ck tf Boy | pk 5 9 i BnllultiK at Abt*!ihm's Toutlst Court <1 clt it 4-rnotn nnfurnlshed house with bath Newly decorated. Located on North Ninth Street 5-rooin unfurnished house with bath, hardwood floors located Just off South ranklln SI Call 565 or 2595. , 4]< ck tf Taken Up Tnlcf n up. White barrow ho? aboiu 200 Ibs. Graham Orr. Huff 4)7 p For Trade 49 ck i 9 Small city home, well located. V/lll rude In on small farm near Blythe- ••ULe. Write Box C-3, % Courier News 4 in pk 17 fema/e He/p Wanted Woman to cattr for itil and do at fi p.m. TJie word "argosy" comej from "racusy" \vliich referred lo ships from Ragusa, a famoii.s port in the Mirlrile Aucs but now the town nl niihrovnik on (lie Yugoslavian seacoast. An aceraee of iix) persons who claim they are mora than 100 years "W, die each month In the u 8. Have opening In Mississippi County tor a very enprv'etlr. man, to write liospltnl. Ufe Insurance, roiio and l-lrc Very liberal commission It you "re Interested In mnklnit from JinOOO r,^«" nr ""• ivr ' lt SOUTHERN HOSPITAL BKNF:FIT SOCIKTY p«-r sonnel Dept . soil Slate Line Ave , I'ex- In Hie Ufiitcd Slntes abo\it -13.- j 0(10 people are ndniilcd lo hospitals [ cnc}] clav. | 1P3K. Chevr paint |ob free c . ; yon money »nd I i ffviklns car You 1 !) • Fiprrt Mechanical Repair • Wash antl Grease |nbs • Wreckei Etrrlre -any time ot ,l»r O! nlcht Call 5991 days. «103 nlBtltJi BURNKTT HUDSON SALKS WE REPAIR Hatlltu. rf.frlseralori. Irtttrrs ranurs, wash em. irnall .pplt 1'iCfs. All worX itiaranleed. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. Students Travel And Get Credit HOUSTON, 'Pox. —W—You get collude 'cuedil for your foreign travel at Hie University of Houston. Bill you-have to travel on (lie tours irratlged by Hie de|mt tinctU of so- •JoJogy iiudrr Prof. Joseph S. Werlln, Tills year Ihere are two, one to Mexico June 5 to July 8. ntitl one '.o Europe July 12 to Sept. 4. Werliu ha.1 tile toopernlioh of (he Universities of Mexico and Paris Fees on each trip will include all expenses Including field trips and jiUcrtninnicnl. In Europe the students n'lll visit France. Switzerland Ilnty. Austria. Germany. Luxeni- FOR SALE SERVICE STATION GARAGE RADIATOR SHOP Radiator repair equipment, vats and soldering supplies, electric welder, drill press, two emery grinders, (ires and tiihe.s. fan hells, larjfe supply of hot patches, radiator hose, wafer and fuel pumps, lialtery i-aliles, ig- nil ion pails. M K -|if hulhs. starters and generators, hall cry charge r, three jacks, grease eiiuipnienl. several hundred used parts 'Must sell by May 1st, 1951 Tom'i Service Station So. Hi(lm>y (I Phone 391.1 Look ot the Record PLAY SAFE! For Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! For Automatic Washing at it'i very best, get a BENDIX Aulomalic WASHER Isn't It Tim* You Bought a Bendix at HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Step Out In Style NOW...THIS SPRING...STKP OUT IN ONK Of OUR LATK MODKI; HKCOND1TIONKD CAKS! 1950 Clievrolel deluxe Powerjfliile .|-<Ioor Sedan, deluxe radio, plaslic. seal covers, white sidewall lire.% fresh air healer and defroster, driven only 4,000 miles, 19-19 Chevrolet deluxe <l-door Sedan, deluxe radio, white sidewall tires, heater and defroster, this is a beauty—a real buy for you. 19-18-Chevrolet S-passcnger Coupe, original black finish, deluxe radio, healer and defroster, a one-owner car and it's clean ..-.only 51)95. Iil-17 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, beautiful green finish •I new tires, it has large hot water heater and runs perlect. . .special, $895. IS42 Kord V-8 2-door Sedan, radio and heater.. .SH5. l!)l(i Konl V-8 2-door Sedan, radio and heater. . .?(i!)5. 1911 l-'ord V-8 l-door Sedan, radio and heater, cxlrii K'Kxl niechanically, tires K , H >A, a real good chcnp family CHI", » *^! [ l*',"), .j^ 1917 Cadillac "(i2" -l-d«x,r Sedan, hlack. while sidewall Urcs. lar^e radio, healer, defroster, seal covers cily-owucd. this is a beautiful car, K ood for manV thoiisand miles. . .S1495. KASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut phone ^ bcuirg, Belgium, Holland a»rf Eni;- IniuL M. M. Peld. Houston philanthropist, sparked the idea in 1044. Credits tn Education, Sociology. History nnd Spanish can he earned. The National Geographic Society says Indians iimcle the first broom* used by American lioiisevvive.s, Due to Public Demand We Are Now Offering DAY and NIGHT Television Service %I?E:^,™-" r " JOHNNY MARR REALTOR tinvc irvi-rsil hnini-s [or .a» nims. nnd (own lot.s One tiact of laml comali.lnv- 7iV acre... priced to «r. Coming. A,k 9 „„ •1-OMATO PLANTS .iro , cnd , n<>w f!»!f St.-.:.- »rjfl Mnrnisiniicl cciitllrd ' ' C'lran Sprlns j nr-.v nipUl oil dt .1.000 bn coin Plione -Mil. Res. Ph. 25!)(i 3-20 ck If Modern 2 bedroom home lo- fUod in very «<>od residential ' :^., M| -i (lisli-icl. This place is in jicr- r pv n Ifii-l condition. Kquipiicd wiLh Walnut nnfift. t nnr) conrtltlorr~Ca1l T.lli.Bt.i li</ 604 __ nd poppe _ 3 27 pk 30 plants. 15r per ' ni«trini-r» Mtnvbrrly plants «ftiniM>. i;io ciik-k rn Mrs ______ _ .12S pk 411 One iiitoiinntlr Alku oil linrnliTi!'! In-Mer. uno poiMMr lyp.'»-rltei. . >•! Mlc l>y SJ'AIUT. .113 Ru.ldlt- Hoad. 4,111 lit. 13 atUc fan, 2 autotniitic floor furnaces and Venetian blinds.! f.arge back porch foi enjoyable Rummer living, nnd future expansion. Ciarago nnd j driveway. Owner will sacrifice ! for quick sale. Sot? or rail MAX LOGAN Lynch Building f> llOMC 2():( , | 1-10 ,-k 17 i t. Standard. 2 door rebuilt motor, cltitrh. Used Car Values 191S Mrri-uri SrcJan. rp.rv clean :i\l!nni,,l,ile Only Sinfl.i int? I Door Snliin. Hy ilr:imalic Drivr ->nil all llir "(her p\lriis . . XI33->. W11 I'milinc 1 Dnor Srrlnri Sll):l.i mis Kei.ser Scilan . . . S!)!).V IS 16 1' Cimrrrlilile . . » tiU5 . $635. 1913 K.ilse'r Dollitr 4 Haar Sc- ilan. all c\tra» . . . $1:195. atul nian.v more, all values galore The 61 Mo tor Co. Yotlr Kaiser-Frozer Headquarters North Gill. St. Phone 2M2 We'll Be Here TOMORROW to Bs.c!t Up Whnl We Saj ,nnd Do rODAYl" ;fov f r.s. s-2-iS Cash. I'h 2165. AJ ek 14 Private Rooms \ HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) All types ot hfmorrholdi iplkj). ft»»Br« »nrl nlhrr rccl^ .llmenta IrtMcrt ,ml currrl bj nur modern office m«tho<ta. l*cnlj years e<pcrienc<. For Daytime Service, Phone 2642 For Night Service, Phone 4851 W» Service All Makes and Models! FRED CALL! HAN Phone Radio Service 110 So, 2642 .Your Motornl. »nd Admiral Dealer 1 St St | HORNER-WILSON 5H Main Drt. Niei & Hiet art] num In? * ti;ui ph 2209 Mis Mall .117 pic 1 |7 Bt-dromii ronvenirnl (o hAlh str« irat I'h MM 6J] W Main I 3.H pt » 14 j ulnlnu bath Urn onlj Ph (4^^ 38 cX it ; NI^cTl-NCOF \-\OVfT i ^H 3 Strond Ph 4484 j $8.00 WEEKLY j J a ck tt l"or Better Performance, Try Magnolia Tractor Fuel and Mobilgas Dial 4091 or 740 Shifter Hipp FRIENDLY'' lAGNOLIA DEALER SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Cuslom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo ',', inch Ihickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hroadway !>hon« 2651 SPEEDOMETER REPAIR SERVICE lie sure your speedometer vrnrka rij;lil. We >;ive one-day service for any kind of car or truck. Drive in today. T. I. SEAY Motor Co. 'NS^ 121 East Moin Phon. 2122 ^O" • Cars & Trucks • '49 '47 r ,/ 4fS ^ OMO V7-Ton Pickup, Ktidrnnteed court It-Ion prRctlc.Tlly new tiros," FORD \'y-Ton Pickup. radio. heMer, 5|iot- Hght, seal covers. OMC '.i-Ton Plrknp, delude cftb. nc'j.- tires. U's * really tine buy. CHEVROLET >i . Ton , Pickup, ii'a RS clean * tnicfc s* you'll find Anywhere. >-onn ^-Ton Pickup a completely rncnntli- t/orrp<l truck at a coorl arlcc. CHKVROLKT V, - Ton flfXxip. rfrluTe ral> n?w tires. . . . Anrt i FORD i^-Ton Pickup. * wonderful buy in t really clean M t t I * tritcfc. CHEVROLET "i -Ton Pickups (2 to choosr from i, new tires and ««w paint, rORD i^-Ton Pick.i p. one of the nlcrst trucks in the cltv O f BiytUrulll, '50 '50 '48 '41 '46 OT.D8MOBFLK "83" with Rocket envElns, 4-rioor Setlnn. radio, heater .feat covers. Rocket deluxe 4-door Sedan, all nxtriut. 11k« ha ring a new car at * CHEVROLET 2 - door Sctlan. a home-o7>-nccl car driven very few OMC 1 - Ton Trarlor wttti jjhort wheel has*, Kimrnniecd condition, very low mileage. OLDsMOBILE 2 - door with Rocket engine, new white llres, very BUICK i-door Srdan, a home - owned car mre to alve you ton of good service. PONTJAO Streamliner 2-door Sedan, ne^v while Ikes, radio and healer. rOKt) li 3 -Ton Truck with bed, here's A" nice truck at a real **r- CHEVROLET "3 Sodan. tttp li^cX n looli R«!iln Rt this sp- cial price . , . IH9.50! door d HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. Your Oldsmobilc-GMC Truck Dealer Us«d Car Lot - - , 300 East Main Street fw

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