The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1951
Page 9
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'APRIT, 10, 1951 MOUR HOME FAOB JTTJfl Fixing Window Screens Is Important Part of Getting Ready for Spring If VOU rinn't, urn iifr. ts\ rrn Kn^u,-,,.__ ,_ If you don't want to go bughouse in i few weeks ,tlm I, . ,<~d lime to start getting your;screen., ready. That means a paint job unless you were wise and did it last fall. Almost 811 screens need palming. About the only exceptions are those made of aluminum or plastic., mesh-both of which are expensive and now going the way of the dodo under defense restrictions. can make one out of n block of 2x4 about the size of a big cake ol soap lack a piece of carpet over one face of the block with the nap out Place the tacks in the overlapping ends to keep them from tear- ins the screen. The applicator 1= dipped? into the paint and brushed over (he .screen. If you brush both sides, using care not to use loo much paint, ihc mesh should not clog. Screen frames need painting only every three to five years—about the same as your house. JIA11K VOUR SASH .Since mi window measures e\- aclly Ihc same, and screens ana slerm sash usually are, platted for l>£ III fils, II is important to number each frame and each u-iiuluu-. Von can get large hrad- ed lacks indented willi nuinln-rs at your hardware store. Get three or each number. nn« for Hie \viiKluu 1 frame, one tor Ihe storm window and one for Ihe screen. Iran-wire mesh—(he most common type—whether galvanized or not, needs paint to prevent It rusting. Galvanized will stand up much longer without paliU. But why lake chances. A single break in the mesh can ruin the entire screen and rust will do just that. Copper and bronze screens call for paint to prevent stains resulting from corros-.o;).' Rain chipping from these screens can cause permanent stains II your haute paint contained zinc. On straight lead paint, it is possible to wash off the stains with ammonia, but that's another job. prevention is better, if .vou want lo lighten up njur house try a Ihin coal of white paint on any screen, n will stay white longer on copper if the mesh is varnished first. Clean First Before painting a screen it should be carefully cleaned, whisk off. all loose dirt with a stiff brush. Then wash the mesh by brushing it with ^strong soap and warm water. Rinse 'Ml thoroughly with clean water. Dr\ well with a cloth and let stand for further drying. Some painters wash the me.sli with benzine, if you do this, do it in the open! Don't smoke! It's dangerous as blazes. For painting Iron mesh use good grade screen enamel. YOU can get-this at your hardware store or local paint supply house. The best lime to paint iron screens is in the fall when you take them down, because this xvil] protect them from dampness through the winter and save you the job now svlien Ihe lawn, garden and golf may demand your time. If you want to preserve the natural color of copper or bronze screens paint them with ihin varnish. Use only top quality spar varnish. Mix it with an equal quantity of thinner composed of a half-and-half mixture of turpenliiKS and linseed oil. A coat of varnish on each side is enough for a season, but if you don't mind black screens you'll find screen enamel lasts longer. Here's The Trick The (rick in painting screens K to avoid filling up the meshes with paint or bubbles. That's why k it's important to use a very thin mixture. There are two screens. In both ways to- rj j>pint ... uu v.. cases 1 a y the screens • flat—on the floor, on a large table, or across saw horses. One method Is to pour enamel or varnish in a broad, shallow pan. A pie tin often is used. Hold this pan under the screen, or place it under a screen on floor or table. 1Mb the brush through the mesh Into the paint. As the brush works up and down the screen is painted. 'Another way to get the paint on evenly and economically is to use ft screen applicator. If you can't gel - one at your paint store you Building Permits A Few Spots To Brush Up On Painting— Any paint job can ta ruined K the surfaces to be painted, such as walls, are not free from dust. Use a clean dust mop for a (borough wiping down of all walls. Kitchen walls, which usually have a grease film on lliem, should be washed with wall cleaner before painting. The kilchcn nail behind a stove can he proleclcd from splattering Krcasc b.v giving it a coal nl pure while shellac. A wet rag Ihen <riU remove all grease spots al any time. Buy or borrow a sleplndrler for home painting and repair jobs. Never rely on makeshift Arrangements, such as putting a chair on a table. Too many persons are injured every year from such carelessness. Plumbers Expect Normal Output Foresee LitHe Cut In 1951 Production Barring Mobilization The outlook for (he prartuctlor or plumbing /ix(ur« in 1951 is good according to the Plumbing - and Heating industries Bureau. Barring all-out mobilization manufacturers expect to be in s position to produce and deliver as many vitreous china plumbing fixtures such as lavatories, water closets, laundry trays, urinals, rhink- 19SO f ° l " Uai " S " ' hCy pr ° ciucecf Production of many types ot Plumbing fixtures set an all-time '' e ™f<| las * J'car. the Bureau jays. While some curtailment in new residential construction is expected !" 1951, it is believed that the increased demand (or plumbing fixtures in the construction of cantonments, bases, hospitals, schools and industrial plants «ill more than off-set the lessening demand in new residential construction. Modernization of older dwellings and the conversion of unused spaces into bathrooms and powder rooms is al.'o expected to absorb part of the production. Remove all hardware from doors windows and walls and loostn Iteming fixtures before painting. ]f you cannot do (Ills .cover al] metal parls with petroleum jelly so paint splottcrs will wipe off. Poods pick up paint odors. If you :annot obtain odorless paint, keep >ntier, cream, pies, cakes and juices n tightly .sealed dishes. Protect all window glass and mir- ors when you paint a room. Cover ne v surfaces lighlly arounil Ihe cilec with masking lape'or a mask"S Hiliilil, which will peel off t*,- l.v when the painting Is finished. The showing of nailheads nrough a thin coat of plaster Is Caused by rust.forming on the nail- heads. Touching up nailheads with =nellac will prevent rust. A lliin coat of while nr aluminum paint on » 5rrpcn wH , mak| . the interior of a bouse less risible from Hie oulsidc. Wnlcr Is usual); (he Wsl |i me for m erior remodeling. Consutl your local lumber dealer. Jimmie Forsythe, lo change u five-room frame building at 621! South Lake from a store and dwell- 1 h Ing lo a dwelling, at a cost of 52.000.' f Jimmie Forsylhe, lo build a one- room concrete block grocery store at 622 South Lake, at a cost of {3.000. ;' ' I _ Angie Hooi!. to alter a frame rcsi- dence on NoJih Hollywood, at a cost: Teeter-Proof Lea of 51,000. I • ' | . 9 Mr and M^s. Grover Canada, lo build a six-r.-cim frame dwelling at 510 East Cl",tr Lake Avenue, at a cost of SlO.OCy'i. W. T. Ingjam. to alter a frame dwelling on JJlear Lake Road at a cosl ot Sl.OOJ.i C. A. Eaker. lo alter a building at 512 Locust Street, at a cost of $500. NOTICE Beginning .April 7(li our shop will he CI.OSK1) ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON so dial ot:r employes may have an oppor'-«nity lo work Ihcirgar- .jfcns {or do a little fisliimj). have dial sink iinjUop- on Friday! An adjustable furniture leg has been developed to stop teetering on uneven floors. It can be used to change the height, of chairs to comfortable positions as we || as lo vary he pitch of the seat. It works on a me threat which provides for easy tightening and reduces chances of loosening. Like Honey Shellac Is Insect Product Like honey, shellac Is the product of an insect. The lac bug or coccus lacca, feeds on the sap-of trees in India, Burma and Siam snd de- posils raw shellac on branches and twigs. The coating | s similar to that formed by Ice. It is harvested, washed, ground and sifted. Then it is shipped in orange colored flake form. When cut In alcohol, ii, makes pure orange shellac. When bleached it Ls the while shellac popular for preserving the grain and texture of woods. Shellac Is an ancient export of India. It was used by Akbar the great Mogul of Hindustan who built the.Taj Mahal. Pearl Masque and other great structures of Delhi. It was used by the cabinet makers of Paris in the nth and 18th centuries. Louis XIX had the inlaid floors of the Versailles Hall of Mirrors finished with shellac. Lafayette found It used on the floors of the fine Colonial homes of America. No chemist has been able lo duplicate the work of the lac bug. Example of How Ventilation Can Reduce Humidity An example of how ventilation can reduce excessive Indoor humidity Is afforded by an average sized house of 24.000 cubic feet. Such a house contains 1 BOO Hounds of air. which at saturation 100 per cent relative humidity, car nold 28 pounds of moisture. If Ibis house ts heated lo 70 degrees In the winter and registers 60 per cent in relative humidity— which is excessive— it would contain 17 pounds of moisture. This Is more than two gallons ol water. An c_qiial amount of outside air it 10 degrees temperature and 40 ier cent relative humidity would contain about one pound, or a pint of moisture. A few minutes' interchange of ndoor and outdoor air will quickly :eep the indoor humidity within he recommended limits. The house will heat quicker and be more com fort able. 109 N. Pint Phone 2731 i?V •! GLORI ous !s'F.» COLORS. EXCITING ME» PATTERNS If jou'rt bullrtlnir, rtmodcllinj or redtconuinK Ihis Spring, 1* sure, lo Inclurte our wallpaper In jotir home plans. H'e have Ihe \try lilrsf pallcrns In WAI.I.PAPKRS by IMPKB1- AI, UNITED, BIKGK and SEABROOK! We cordially lnvil« jmi lo came in and look tbrouth our fatala**! we're sure you'll find Just Ihe pattern yon wanl herfc «l Kemp Whlscnhunt * Co. KEMP WKISENHUNT & CO. 109 K. Alain Dial (.{(,9 LAMP CORD HEAT RESISTANT CORD US£ PLUGS WITH CAP WHICH CAN BE GRASPED FIRMLY DO NOT CONNECT APPLIANCES TOTALING OVER 1500 WATTS ON ONE CIRCUIT f. u llace of a loxsler. an Iron, a broiler and ^ N^'er nut llicm all on one circuit. Transfers Real Estate Richard and Marjoric Fox to 1C. 5. and Pearl Loveless, for s.7.500: ots 3 and 4 in block 2 of Willlford ind Garrison addition to Manila. K. S. and Pearl Loveless lo John and Agnes I,. Fairchild. for $15000' the south 10 acres of the «esi 30 acres of the N",.; of the sw; of section 18, township 14N. range 9E. E. T. and Fannie Odom lo K S and Pearl Loveless, for 55.000: lot -i of Overtoil survey of SWV. of scc- "on 31. township 15N. range 9E Louis A. and Francis W. Berry to r. N. and Robin Gill Bennett for 58.500: all of the north 4s feet of ols 1 and 8 in block 6 pi Davis third addition to Blytheville. Carrie Williams to George 'and :,ouella Taylor, for $1.600: lot 3 in block 17 ot Edwin Robinson addi- lion to Blyliicville. Paul and Novella Shipley lo Stella Whistle, for $4,000: lot 2 in block M of Pride and Gateway subdivision of Blylheville. Homer and Geneva Shipley to J E. and Inez Casllcman, for '$3500- a parcel of land beginning at' NF corner of N!i of lot 6 of Sloans subdivision and running thence west M7 feet; Ihence south 63 feel thence east 267 feet; thence nortl 03 feet to point, of beginning. Albert M. and Myrl Davis to R L. and Ann Peery, for $250 and assumption of mortgage: lot 2 fn block A of Morris addition lo Blytheville C. R. and Flossie Davis to Charlie and Dool Gray, for $1.400: » tract of land In Leachville beginning al NW corner of Nelson Avenue and Front Street and running west 20 feel; thence nortl) to right of wav of J.L.C. and E. rnllrond; thence east 20 feet; tlience south to point of beginning. New FASHIONS For Your Rooms! WOHSOVER The Washable, Flat Oil Paint! Dial 551 ' E.C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" WOK ifs fare rwh6w0& WALLHIDE Wtrsfasji *lSp5 ' ^TINjTtllStl iisrAorTTuTj!) 5ay.!?»£i 9 • ; ^ WALL PAINT Don't paint your walls without first investigating /Yc»' Pittsburgh \Vallliidc Rubberised Satin Finish. This new •wall paint offers amazing advantages that ordinary wall p.iint cannot duplicate. I. rX T o Primer required 2. Glides on perfectly with brush or roller 3. Rtiblwr-like- in toughness 4. Docs not chip or crack 5. Soiled spots washed clean in a jiffy. Gallon Closet Door Has A New Function Businessman Devises Simple Gadget for Holding Hafs, Shoes An Idea for Riving the Inside of a. closet, door or closet wall n function in Ihe business of everyday living was developed by a businessman who yearned for a safe and convenient place lo pi,| hi., 1,,-u when he got home. Tossing it »n the closet shelf caused it to lost its shape. He devised K simple lial rack which he fastened on the door ne made it In his workshop from three pieces of 1 by 2-Inch lumber and n panel of hardboard. :i/le of an inch • hick, la Inches wide and ->K inches long. The wood formed three up. nglils to which Hie luirdboard was nailed lo form a support fur two hats. Wilh a scroll saw he cut Iwo semi- ' circles to provide a resting nlace , or the crown of his hats, width of enclv culont was 7 inches and Us depth K Inches. Tn the center was a space of 6 Inches l o give clearance when both hals were In plare. and at either end was R clear space of 1 i Inches. Color I.lkoil Offsets at the lop.s and bmloms ol Ihe wood strips nrrmlltcr! him lo attach Ihe 1ml rack to Ihe .Itinr with screws, lie liked Ihe natural brown color of Die hardboard.i ami therefore did not paint them. He Ifted I lie arrangement, so well Iliat he built a similar device at the fool of l ho door fo- his shoes, it really is just, a slanlliiB shelf. lie us™ a piece of tempered hardlward 56 inches lmi R and 12 inches wide. Two end pieces for support were formed of I-inch lumber cut Into trmnclrs wilh (wo l:>-!jir:l> K i,le.s and the o:her M Indies. Fastened to ihe slam ing deck of the sho« r»ek wu i slrip of half-round wood *g»Insi which Ihe heels of the shc* s rest He used screws to attach the rack to the door frame. Lightning Impartial The belief thai ItRhtnlnd IA mor« llitcly to slrike a locust tree than trees of other kinds U fals«. SAND& AVEL -Any Amount- We Deliver Johnson Block Co. 61 Hiway So. Blyrheville Phone 2380 NOW.. .BORROW AND INSPECT IN YOUR HOME The Big, New They're all talking about SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Paint and Color ". . i like a personal visit to mor« than 100 beautifully decorated hnmpj . . . that's what the Slierwin- Williams Style Guide means to mp. All these big poster-size pictures in detailed color . . . [or walls, woodwork, furniture and draperies . . , took the confusion out of decorating. Now, I'm conMeji^.on color hnr- mony because 1 -'can sea fullscale color effects before I spend a pcnnyl" Tht STYLI CUrOI >h*w« "Wfirf C.W f*«> wM wW 100 50HOEOU! M PAN ruu-SQic riavtH COIOK KHEMU CMOM $WD HOUSE WISHf!! SUPER KEM-TONE Y«* c«n't m»r lit moKhUt* W« ow . If. It'i <*-.pUl.1y ni^-c.^. PAINT IS WEATHEB/UfD fo> yovr pr«!t<ti»n agoinih *>c« tiv* fan *r g'fftt, rnlor fadin r-« tK,-X IciVi Kt wiiSji mi l,\ri [, KEM-GLO 'HI MIR.OCU iimur IN (ratlrjng, talking. <»>.cUng. IV** vltd. Gorgeoul .<*lortl Nl ,\ A "t F "'Kin *nqrhf...d,ir| 3 ONLY ,., <,,,„„ 6.15 r..:r:,;;^.r*2.3 _^_Sty/e Guide specified products... ESfe H^ U..u.-Hl^cov t |( SWP HOME DECORATION SERVICE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 411 W. Main CENTER PAINTS Phone 6767 OR YOUR NEARBY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS DiALIR

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