Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1898 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1898
Page 5
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•*••• |«^^^^— • • — '• "• ' John Gray's OX- HIS ANNUAL -Bed auilt Sale- We are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early and get first choice. LAWN MOWERS, Lawn Hose. SCREEN DOORS AND WINDOWS, Mammocks. Ice Cream Freezers Fishing Tackle. Carpenter and Mason's Tools, and a complete line of .Builders' Hardware at 408 Broadway. flattie L Johnson. DR LYDIfl LEPURE. ~ Office in Residence 813 Market Street. jRbeuroatium and Diseases of Women and Children Specialises. RAILROAD BREVITIES. —3 PE. C. D. EVJSRSOLE'S DECTAL PALLORS Ovec Portor'il New Drug Store, Ooraer of .Fourth &nd Market Streets. W. J. BARNETT, Sucoeiaor to C. L, Woll, Undertaker, Erabalmer, Funeral K~*^lnr< W Market street. Cain attended InrcClOr day or night. The finest outflt in the U. S.Col. C. L. Woll. will remain with me. Fho«e»— Office lB.KeaideECe-Mu.65: 0. U. 189. SETHM. VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Malres Abstracts and writes Fire, Tornado and Plate,. Glass .Insurance. '_._.. HRNRY WRBELR, The Merchant Tailor, JOM first dais wo:rk, SvUali and well flt- Une clothes m»de. Gleaming »nd repair- tat neutly done. See him. . 324 Pearl Street :o:p:o:o:o:o Dr. R- S- Hunt, —DENTIST- All the Ittett "lls-soveridg In medicine and tDnllanoet to relieve pain In extraction or flll- Uxt r of teeth. Modem methods, modern prioee, All work HiiKranteed. Office over John Gray'* on Fourth utreeu D Telephone No. 328. MONEY to LOAN A)it»y son hand. Any sum over £5. Mortgage Or personal •ecuritv. Notes bought. lower rates than »ny body on largo sums. Geo. Fprgy. HcConnell & McConnell $50,001) 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Ckmrt House. DAILPIIABOS CITY NRWS M. Garrison, of Converse, called on friends here yes-terdav. Ollie Mole ha,s accepted a position it Wandrei's restaurant. E. F. Newton, of W'inamac, transacted business here yesterday, George Stone has established, a cigar stand in the Manioc* hotel. If you figure up jour shines (and tan shoes should be ahined dally), the New Otto shoeo cost you nothing. C. M. Anderson and wife, of Royal Centre, will calebratis their tenth wedding anniversary tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Ed .Leonard are among a party who will go out from this city on the 4:30 train. When the improvements are completed the Loiiransport state bank will have one oif the handsomest Interiors of the kind in Indiana, Wller * Oo. have the contract; and Robert Kankin is doinjj the work. The Logansp'Ort Storage and Commission company opemod for business this morning at 217 and 219 Fifth •treet The firm, whlich is composed of D. A. Elder acd'H. C. Fltzer, will handle, besides their storage bmi- j DMS, fruit* and tegestables. Short Item* ,ef -intonat fathered From Many Sources. Panhandle engineers and firemen have purchased and caused to be erected a new 10x6 flag over the wash house in the yards. A. flag pole one hundred feet high near the Fort Wayne Wab&sh shops will be erected soon. They claim that the lAnrest flag in the state is being made for it The freight department of the Wabaah is much excited over the earnings of the lines in the last week of April, they esceedlng those of the corresponding week of 1897 1 •86,446. Within the last three months over 4,000 Dunkards have migrated from Pennsylvania and Ohio to North Dakota, taking with them 450 car loads of household goods, farming utensils and live stjult. The current number of the Eall road Gazette shows libat in the month of March there were 182 railway ac cidents in the United States, it which nineteen persona were killed ; and 123 injured. Of those killed, fifteen were' employes, three tres- ' passers and one passenger; of the injured, 92 were employes,35 passenger and l trespasser This year there were four notable wrecks due to high water. Conductor Samuel Young, of Peru while in charge of a, freight train on the Eel river division at Chili Satur day, was seriously injured. He was cllmblcg down a Hide ladder while the train was mov:lng and his head struck a telegraph nlgnal. The left side of the face was cut and his head was considerably bruised. He was taKen to Peru on a sitretcher and is at tae railway hospital for treatment. The demerit report on the Wabash lines for April contains announcements of yeveral 'mertSi as well as de- merti marks,. A conductor, brakeman and engineer are given merit marks for good, service on a fast freight run. Among the assessments of demerit marks thirty are against a conductor who cairried a man in a caboose without a pass, twenty for a brakeman and thirty for an engineer for frequenting saloons. The Vandalia amd the Pennsylvania lines will make a new departure this year In the running of trains to Michigan pleanure resorts. A throuerh car will be hauled between St. Louis and Mackinaw via Indianapolis and the Grand Eaplds & Indiana. The car will leave St. Louis at 2p. m. Indianapolis at 7 p. m., and reaches . Mackinaw at 10 o'clock next morning. In years past this car has been run via Logans- pott. Mr. Llndsley, road foreman of engines on the Vandalln branch of the Pennsylvania lines, is in Fort Wayne organizing a school for engineers and firemen similar to the ones now so successfully conducted in Chicago, Terre Haute and elsewhere on the Pennsylvania.system. The sole object of the school Is to advance the men in a way which will aid them in the work in which they are engaged. When the school is organized there will be two meetings .held each month. Peru Journal: The other night while Conductor Ourran was coming in oo Wabasb train No. 3 on the Eel Elver divlsijn, he had his hands full of business. On tihe train were twenty-three immigrants and four of them were Spaniards- In the same were elgnt soldiers and a couple of themjwere intoxtcated.One of them understood the Spanish language and whe he heard the Spaniards talking among themselves he got up out of the seat and went after the Dor . in a vicious manner. Had not the con- lactor and some others interfered a riot would have occurred on the train. The Wabash received from the Wagner Palace Oar company, several days ago, the first of the new trains for night service between St. Louis and Chicago. This Drain was built Young housewives may depend on Cleveland's baking powder, it does the work just right every time. • •! have use^i Cleveland's baking powder over" »s ears—it B*v«r diiappoiata."— especially.for the Wabi»b and will be known as the Banner Limited, supplanting the old Banner Limited, which is still a handsome vestibule train. The new equipment, however, has many improvements, the most noticeable being the widened vestibule which is used, throughout the entire train, composed of * combination baggiige and smoking car, two reclining obair cars, one Wagner open section buffet sleeper and two Wagner compartment sleepers, which are models of luxury and comfort, each stateroom being provided with a stationary wash&tand. ALL IHULNK Five Jten Before the Mayor this Morning Cftarged With In- toric&tion. John Logan a fruit tree agent who celebrates in this city about twice each year arrived several days ago and proceeded to commence lio properly observe another anniversary. He got so much on board that he needed rest and yesterday while sleeping sweetly near the Wabasib depot in the middle of the street two policemen came along and took him In. Ten days was thought necessary to sober him up. John Doe, well known, was celebrating and mixed up with a true near the creamery were was found by the officers early Sunday morning. The tree was all that kept him from falling and the officers had to almost carry him over. Ten days was prescribed . , John Downey, A. W. Nicholson and Pat Lease were given ten days forga smaller celebration held during yesterday. ADDIT10SAL ITEMS Ed Messinger is in Mbntilcello today. Strawberries, tomatoes, Rothermel's Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Marshall drove to Peru yesterday. Van Hayes, the Panhandle engineer, ban resumed his run. Waists,,' Waistel! We are waist headquarters—Trade Palace. Benjamin Havens, of Kokomo, was a guest of the Johnston house yeator- day. Alfred Camcbell is learning the mall routes, prepartory to accepting a position. El wood Sine and Baymond Wilson, of Indianapolis, «pent Sunday with friends here. John Gard, of Eav's grocery store, is in Camden. It is said that John will not return alone. Dr. Marshall Sedam has returned from college and is visiting bis parents on the Westside. Robert Taggart is now a member of Co, A,. 3d Eegt., Ohio National Guards, stationed at Columbus,Ohio. Contractor Lewis will finish flaua- walts new front In his drug store tomorrow. It will make a handsome appearance, Mark Hewird, of the Adams Express office, and wife, are spending several days with the former's parents near Kewanna. Misses Maud Graham, Mame Kline and Jessie Hauk,, of Peru, are the guests of Miss Bessie Hauk. Miss Graham returned home today. A company of twenty-four man from Auburn, en route to Indianapolis, passed through here yesterday at 1:05 via the Panhandle. Natural and artificial gas bills for Way are due and should be paid on or before the 10th of the month at the company's office on Pearl street,. Get a carpet, rug. matting, linoleum, shades or draperies at ithe Trade Palace and save money. We lave the largest line in the state to select from. Logan Chapter No. 2 will confer the Mark Master's degree on three candidates tonight, commencing at ~:30. All companion's are requested to be present. Mrs. Ellxabeth Hill, nee Wolf, of Chicago, who Is visiting her parents at 1313 Wright street, was taken dangerously ill Saturday. She was omewhat improved today. Do you want work? We want live or six young men or women to call upon the citizens of Logansport with ihe greatest work now extant. The Americun Navy, Cuba and Hawa i. Call right away at Logansport Wall aper Co. In a letter to William Boerger, Tames Nelson, who is touring urope, says that he crossed the ocean on the American liner Frjed- and, and on account of a fear of capture by Spaniards, there were but wenty-six passengers. Frank Bott, or Fort Wayne, was !n x)wn today calling upon our easiness houses in the interest of their trade n the celebrated For XXXX Crackers. It is surprising how their crackers please the people. To siatn- )le the goods is to buy the crackers. PRllfEBS FOR PEiCE ff 111 be Offerf d in tfce Catholic Chnrehes of the Fort Wiiyne Dioetse. The following letter, addressed to the clergy and laity of the diocese of Fort Wayne, by Kt. Eev. Bishop .Eademacher, was read at the 10 o'clock mass in the Catholic churches of the city yesterday: FORT WAYNE, Ind., May 6, '98. Eev. Dear Father:—You are hereby directed to gubsMlune for ihe Ora- tlo "Pro Papa" the prayer of the Mass "Pro Pace" when the rubrics will permit. This change is to remain in effect untfl tbe close of the war. After the mass you will say with the people one "Our Father" and one "Hall Mary" for the same Intention, and especially for the eternal repose of the souls of those who may give up their lives in this war, including the unfortunate victims of the Maine disaster, 190 of whom were practical Catholics and 150 monthly communicants. With the sincere hope and earnest prayer that bbe Almighty may bless and protect our beloved country in this momentous crisis; that He may guide and direct our Rulers in the faithful discharge of their responsible duties and speedily restore to us an honorable and lasting peace. I am as ever. Yoursi sincerely in Christ, Jos. RADAMACHER, , Bishop of Ft. Wayne. Smoke the Columbia, cigar For the next 30 days yre wil be like a lamb after more wool. Will pav you every cent we can and have a small profit left, (th« small profit is what we are after), would be pleased to pay the highest market price for all kinds of grain, and if you. are not mistaKen will make it to to the interest of the farmer to trade with us. We have for sale, corn, oats, chopped feed, middlings and bran,clover and Millet seed, flour, baled hay and straw. "Thanks for past favors." Will pay next business day for Wool 18c, Wheat $1,35. Corn 32c Oats 27c. Clover seed $2,50 W. E. Kurd, Mahlon Condver. THE TIKEHOP. ,'OHN MEHAFFIE, Propjietor. All Kinds of Tin work. Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. No. 314 Fifth Street, Mutual 'Phone No. IBS. ^'^-^Jsj^^j^r-^.j;/;-,^- (i, t^-L & ''J^y^&&- : '~ Pertectly Delighed With Them. No other wearable will please a woman as a dainty, stjlish, snugly-fitting pair of shoes. If the price is reasonable it makes her all the happier. We make women happy every day. Ladles' chocolate viol kid lace new coin toe, very latest style, a $3.00 shoe at 152.00. Ladieb : chocolate vicl kid, figured silk, vesting top lace, new coin toe worth $;i.OO at »2.50, Call and see them, Ellas Winter For Umber Glazed windows from 40 cts up. Lowest in town, you will aa^e money to give me a call and get prices teiore building. DANIEL VOORHEES. •pporite V«nd«lia Dep)t, r, Ind LONG HAVANA FILLEDCIGAR For ten years it has maintained Its supremacy as a le»der-thee<iual of SEVEN-EIGHTHS OF TH E TEN-CENTERS SOLD. DRUG COMPANY Sole Distributers, INDlAlSAPOt,l« HAT SALE We have just opened 200 Pattern Hats, trimmed to our own order in New York and Chicago They will compare favorably with any millinery in the city and our prices are, as usual, lower than any- other place in the city. Large stock of Walking Hats and Sailors, best quality, lowest prices. S PRY'S. NOW FOR A SPRING SUIT If you want one, you should not fail to See my Stock and Get Prices. ... H. 0. TUCKER, TAILOR, 4th & Broadway. We are shewing thei largest line of Sideboards and Extension Tables in the elty at very low prices. We have just received a our load of Bedroom Sutti, which we sire sell- leg' at tbs lowest possible prices, consistent with good, hoaest workmanship, • See the all-wire Hammocks,, which we are-sell5ng at very low pricei. ASH & HADL*EY *> 425 and 427 Market [f You Have The Knack of putting up paper yourself you can renovate your rooms for next to nothing, with some of our bargain rolls. These remnants represent odds and ends of the best manufactures, the cut prices being no criterion of their real value. Logansport Wall Paper Company. STRONG AGAIN WHEN IN DOUBT. TRY 'Theyk*Tc:*caod thefcMTOfrean. id hvfn cured ibuutfaDd* «f of Iirrvoui DiscaM*. rack the citcuUuoa. l _ p-rfect. and impart a beahfcy vigor to the wb?Ie bdnf. All JraiM and lanes w,th<y*.c<i ffrmtxriitfy.- L'a\a* pttinu are property cured, their caaditjoa often worries theminto Insanity, Coi»vntopuo*Of Deatfc. Maiied sealed. Price Si per box; 6 boxes, with Iron-clad I e^al ruami>:«e to core cr rated ta* money, $5.00. Send-.for free hpofc. AddieM, KM, MEWCIHIE CO., CltnUk* 0. For Sale at Ben Fisher's Drag Store. • • <!

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