Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1898 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1898
Page 4
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o AILY PHAROS MONDAY, MAY9 ; 1898. IH1HJ. t. LOBTKAIJt. JOHN W. BARSI8. I*>t*ttl* A BUI-MOB. WUTOft* ASID PROPKIITOKS. VKEMB OF BtTBBCBIPTION — D«lly per v«4&. 10 oecU; p«r month 40 cent*; per year itilotiy In mvsnofl) »4JO. me W«rtd7 Fltiaroi Mid the 8»turd»y Pbiiro*. the rmo.t'Dnnlnif the Semi-Weekly •^l.ilon. flJ6 a yjewr. itrtctly in wlT»noe. liotered at the Loinntport, Ind.,ponofflce RI olM* mall matter, u provided by l»w. LT 1§ t gratifying thing to know tbat no Americans were killed In the naval battle at Manila. THE rumor la current tnat two of too Indiana volunteer regiments will be sent at once to Ohlckaoiauga. prld<! and Spanish tyranny ar« thlcga that have brought a decaying munarchy to the verge of destruction . ]'.T 16 given out from Washington thin the French minister, who now represents Spain, has been authorized to make a ten tail ve proposition for pence to this government. THE Spanish fleet which sailed frcm Cape Verde islands a few days ago Is much more formidable than thu one encountered by Commodore Dfiwey at Manila. It contains the bent ships in the Spanish, navy. FITZHTJGH LEE Is now a full-fledged meijor-general In tbe service of the United States. This war Is not IKely to last long enough to give many major-generals a chance to display their couraije or abilities. It u likely to be over before any fighting occurs on land. THIS will likely oe an eventful week in our war with Spain. American soldiers will likely Invade Cuba, tho battleship Oregon will arrive in Cuban waters,and Jf the Spanish fleet reaches Porto Rico a great naval battle may be expected. Another Spanish defeat will very likely lead to the overthrow of the Sagasta mln- Istiry and may Involve Spain in civil war. Her people are ready for revolution. THE excellent prospect for a good wheat crop in this country has greatly encouraged our farmers. The spring weather toas been most favora- Die for the growing wheat and if nothing now happens to the crop aa abundant yield is promised. Tne weather DM Men lees favorable for other crops. Corn plentlng has been retarded by we1> weather but if this week remains fair most farmers will gel;' through planting their corn. Muny fields, have already been planted anil if the weather remains warm corn will be realy to demand cultivation within the next tan days. There ant no idle people on tbe farms now. Everybody finds something to do. It is but sixty days until harvest and there will ba no rest now until the harvests are gn.rnered. Midsummer days are approaching. THE Republican congressional cor- ve'ntion will be held in ibis city on the 26ih of thii!' month. It looks as though the contest had narrowed down between Congressman Steele and Judge McConnell. In case Judge McConnell get* a solid delegation from this county, he will stand a good show of securing ihe nomination. Major Slieele has lost ground since the Howard county contest and it is doubtful iljhe secures a majority in the Howard county delegation. He will have his own county solid and apart of. HunMngton. la case he does not receive the nomination on the am ballot, he expects to receive enough votes from Miami county, after Stutesman drops out, to pull him through. Stutesman's friends are friendly to McConnell, but Steele hits some friends among those who huve been glvea official positions aad some of these men are oo the Miami county delegation. Judge McConneJ! hii* some very good managers, who are watching bit interests. Dewsj's Visitory. The naval battle at Manila is one oijihe few that history will make pi^lrient. Dewey's victory over tlie- Spanish Is one of the most notable in history. The destruction of an enemy's fleet without the loss of a man and without injury to tbe attacking fieet, is one of the most remarkable in all history. .Commodore Dewey has shown the same courage that has oharcterizad the American sailor In all our wars—tbe game interpld'lty, the same daring, He knew whera the enemy's fleet lay. He dared the dangers of submarine wines and boldly headed his warships into the bay of Manila. He boldly attacked the Span- 'iih fie&t that had gathered there and when the iimoke of battle cleared away (hat particular Spanish fleet hud been demolished. It could not «v«n run away to live to fight some other day. Dewey's name is one not. born to die To him the opportunity came tc make a most; glorious re cor 1 and bd was equal to (be opportunity. It li but just to s»y that in a!l proba- PertinentQuestions. Why Will a Woman Throw Away Her Good Looks and Comfort? Whv .will a -woman drag out a sickly, half-hearted existence and miss three-quarters of the joy of living-, when she has health almost within her grasp ? If she does not value her good looks, does she not value her comfort ? Why. my sister, -will you suffer that dull pain in the small of your back, those bearing-down, = ~ d.-ngging- sensations in the loins, ~ that terrible fullness in the lower bowel, caused by constipation pro ceeding- from the womb lying over and pressing- on the rectum ? Do you know that these are signs of displacement, and that you will never be well while that Lasts ? What a woman needs who is thus affected is to strengthen the ligaments i,o they will keep her org-azis in place. There In Mothing- better for this purpose than Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. The great volume of testimony which is constantly rolling in, proves that the Compo'smd is constantly curiiijr thousands of just such cases. The following,letter from Mrs. Marlow is only, one of many thousands which Mrs. Pinkham'has received this year from those she has relieved—surely such testimony is conrincing-: '"My trouble commenced after the birth of my last child.- I did not know what was the matter with me. My husband went to our family physician and described my symptoms, and he said I had displacement and falling- of the womb. He sent me some medicine, but it did little g-ood. I let it go on about two yoars, and every time I did any hard work my womb would corae down. Finally a lady friend advised me to try Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which I did. The first bottle helped me so much, I continued to take it rig-ht along. My hack was almost the same as no back. I •oiild not lift scarcely any weight. My life was just a drag to me. To-da,y t si,m well of my womb trouble, and have a g-ood, strong- back, thanks 1tt Urg.Pinkham'» Vegetable Compound."—MRS. L. MABLOW, Milford, 111. El-Pre»ld«nt Flshlxip for Tlront. Sandusky, O., May 9.—Ex-3 > rcs).<J*nt Cleveland', accompanied by ex-Attorney General Judson Harmon and John Uri Ward, of Cincinnati, arrived in the city Saturday afternoon, the object ot .their visit being- to spend a. few- day:s angling for trout in cne Oastalin stream, and for black bass at P«-lee Island. billty every other American commodore would be equal to the occasion should such an opportunity present Itself. Another victory like that at Manila will end the war with Spain. Dewey struck a vital blow from which Spain can never recover. THE jcieutiousn'ess. They do uot do' their •work right because they do not care for anything except to rush it through and get their money. If they can slight it find cheat the employer, that is'so much gain to them. The worst of il i.s, too, that these hireling people probably perform their simple dntiesas honestly ;ind efficiently in their lowly sphere as their probabilities are thai! from 60,000 to 75,000 troops will be sent t5i employer does his particular so called Cuba this week. It will require 300 ' higher duties on the superior plane. snips to transport the army. - — — — — : The new law for the reorganization of the regular army does uot chanye the number of regiments. There will still be 25 regiments of infantry, 10 of cavalry, 7 of artillery and the engineer FOR JOINT REPRESENTATIVE. ^mbir-ee O'Brien, of Fulton county, will be a candidate for joint representative of the counties r.f Caes and Fulton, subject to the decision of.the.Democraticnomlnatlngconven don, To voters:-! will be a candidate for Joint Representative of Oasa and Fulton counties, subject; to tne decision of delegates, and I earnestly solicit tne support of -Democrats.— Arthur Me.zlei.-, Fulton county. Tae name of 0 A. Davis, of .Rochester, will be presented as a candidate for Joint Representative of Cass and Fulton counties, subject to t he decision of the Democratic nominating convention. Spain'• X/a«it .-Naval--Victory. The St. Louis GJobe-Democrat has , quired, been at painsi to look into the history'of I those ambitious West Point graduates corps of one battalion. But a regiment will now be divided into three battalions of 400 men each, making its complement 1,300 men instead of 1,000. lusteadof 25, 000 men the infantry regiments will contain on a war footing 31, SCO enlisted men, the cavalry regiments 12,000, the artillery IK, 457, the engineers' five companies, Toil men. The regcuar army, when on a war tooting, will ;hus consist altogether of (!,!,009 enlisted men. For these 259 a<Mi- tional commissioned officers will he re- There will be places now for'nll Spain in modern times and seb -what she has beeu alile to do in the field of naval warfare. The editor finds that the dons gained their last victory at sea in the gulf of Lepanto, where, with the aid of two Italian fleets, they whipped and destroyed the Turkish navy. But thut victory was in the reign of Queen Elizabeth und the fight of Lepanto occurred 327 years ago. Seventeen years after Lepanto, in 1588, that is, Philip 11 of Spain tried another great sea fight, this time-with England. Its disastrous result is known to history in the tale of the destruction of the armada. Next Spuin .lost Gibraltar, and she hns been losing sea battles ever since. Jndgiut; frosu" .ner history in thu past three centuries, as . recalled by the tit. Louis editor, it ought to take about three months lor ns to whip the cruel aud decreph old country oft' the seas and give htr .-inch a thrashing that it will be three centuries more belore she sends out another fleet. The Globe-Democrat says of the light of Lepanto and after: No n:ivnl victory hn>? been £:unt-cl i.n- Simin since that ilay. Thri* eeiuurif* mid a quarter have clap*™ sini.-e tl.~ battle i>i Lemma, but .^pwiii nt'vi-r \viin iinather Inip<.>rmnt nVht f| u the waUT afterward. Since Lrpumo Span; hns un tile oi-i-:in ill urn- tini-o and another foimht England, FniiK-e, Holland, the different puns of Italv, .some of ;he vnrtous ruinbin.stions of the German srati* in<i almost even- oilier country it» Em-opt-. ^inall and ;;:-eat. find mosr of the little imtimis of Central and South AttH'rioa, but r'lie lias won no bnttle -which has had the faimerst effect toward belterinc her own fortunes ur which has altered in even ihe slightest doaree the general current of history. '____ Where the Luck Is. Scribner's Magazine has an editorial on the inefficiency of people who work for other peaple, A lady pays $25u for a gowu. It conies home half .finished, rips out almost if she looks at it aud is full of basting threads. She takes it back vcrathfully to the man dressmaker and he bewails his luck and blames it all on "thoso girls" whom ha hires to sew by the day. Her husband has the same kind of lack with the office boys or clerks whom he hires or the mail whom he enjplcy> at $30 a month "and found" to till tbe ground on his country place. The story is the same throughout—hired persons will not do their work right. The 3cri!ffle:r editor attributes this general failing to various reasons. One is ignorance pure and simple. The hireling people botch things because they do not know any better. Sometimes, too, he says, false pride, the feeling that they are above their -work and as good as their employer, prompts them to flight the task. The editor is wrong. The inefficiency «f working, jteojjle is doe La las):; ot con- who have been pining in inglorious temporary retirement because there were no soldiers for cheru to officer.' ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. A dispatch from Chicago says: that the Union NationaJ bank has arranged to import $130,000 in gold. Wheat reached Sl.TO "per bushel on the Chicago board of trade Saturday. The May option closed at $1.67. Cornell wen in the dual athletic games with Syracuse university at Syracuse, X. T., by a score of 62V6 points to 49M;. L. B. Suggs & Co., one of the best- known cotton and commission houses in Memphis, lias assigned. Liabilities, $6S.COO; assets, S62.800. The Detroit Soap company's plant: at Di:: avenue andTv.-enty-fifth street was totally destroyed by fire Saturday. The loss is $100,000; insured for $50,000. A dispatch from Shanghai a.rmoimces that the Chinese government has issued a. proclamation of neutrality in the war between the United States and Spain. Three fine iron bridges, spanning- the Arkansas river east of Perry. O. T., have been washed away, one at Bla.ek- burn, om? at Ponca and one at Ralston. l.ymanJ.'lage, secretary of the treasury. Incrured before the students ami faculty of Cornell university Saturday evpnins on the "United Slates Treasury." The State University of Iowa defeated Cornell college in a dual track meet. The varsity look first in every one of the twelve events, winning tin- meet SG to 10. A great throng of people welcomed \Vllliam Jennings Bryan and his wife at Penbody, Kas.. where he made a. speech to thousands in the open air on silver. Addition Hills, assistant to she pres- tdent of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad, died in his home at Cleveland Saturday night of pneumonia, aged SI. George P. Pugh, editor of & local weekly newspaper; David Burteh and David Galreath, were drowned yesterday by the capsizing of their boat on a small pond near Gallatin, Mo. The representatives of China paid the representatives of Japan over £11,000,000 ($55,000.000) at the Bank of England at noon Saturday, this being the bal- nnf-e ot the China-Japaji war indemnity. ft does not appear under the strict construction of the United' States constitution that the president has power to call the national guard regiments of the states ont to leave the country for service in case of a foreign war. The constitution says, "Congress shall have power to provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of' the Union, suppress insurrections andrepel, invasions." Uougresi! bylaw has given the president the right at any time to call out tbe militia for the purposes specified. Since nothing ia said of the right to order them to the front in case the armies of the United States were sent to foreign soil the presumption is that the president has not such authority. There is no doubt, however, in the present instance that it will be the pleasure aud glory of the national gaard regiments to volunteer to help drive Spain from Cuba. The graceful way of offering these gallant services has already been iidopuid in several instances by the militia tendering their services to the governor of their own state and he in his turn making offer of the regi- mepta to the president for the war. This mode of procedure recognizes state rights properly and nt the t-ame time in the most desirable way acknowledges the paramount sovereignty of the United States. Certainly the sympntby of all Americans must be with tbe queen of Spain aud her young son in the present terrible situation, Sh^ dares not accede to onr demand to give up Cuba for fear of revolution at ho.ne. and if she fights us, as she -is compelled to do, she will bf. sure to lose hgth Cuba and her throne. Vveyler," batcher iu Cubu, traitor ac borne, is aiuiost certainly kuo\vn to be plotting with Dun Ca,rlos, the pretender. to make him k^-ig of Spain. He does this out of a wean and petty motiva'of revenge for the hurt to his vanity when he was recalled from Cuba. Poultry lu Politics. There are numerous old hens in political office ia the United States, which nobody can deny. They cackle and gather up the public pickings as they go, and we are used to them. It has been reserved to Pennsylvania, however, to unearth a uestful of scandals in connection with the poultry bulletin, and the whole state is cackling over it. In that department of the great sominonwealth which furnishes free information to ruralists there was published some time aiuce a hen bulletin. It dealt in. a poetic, and picturesque way •with the diseases of poultry, giving learned names to gapes, chicken cholera, swell neck, hen eating her feathers, etc. So far 'twas well. Bat the hen bulletin gave out as to its supply. Then the legislature authorized a new and enlarged edition, "wftb such addition kl matter and changes as tha author* may deem necessary to explain this important subject." In the last clause -was the open door. "The authors" set to work and raked the archives of the past, present and future for material to pad out that hen cholera book. The original modest pamphlet had cost, plates and all, $500. The enlarged poultry bulletin cost $50,000. The authors had crammed iu a quantity of material concerning bats, deer and fish, illustrated with fancy colored plates. How they reconciled it with their conscience to tack these upon a bulletin on tbe gapes we know not, but they did. The book would have gone through in beautiful shape and somebody, several bodies, would have made a lot of money out of it, bnt Governor Hastings heard of it, and with adamantine heartlessness sat upon the whole delectable scheme. He told the state librarian not to accept a copy of it and tbe auditor to draw no warrant to pay for it. Now the authors can have their beautiful book on the connection of bats with hen cholera to admire all to themselves. Ocean Telegraph Stations. No donbt during tbe days of uncertainty in regard to the fate of 1;he American liner Paris and, her chancea of being captured or destroyed en route by a Spanish war vessel the thought occurred to many that there ought to be some way of establishing one or more cable telegraph stations in midocaan. Wherever there is a break in tbe ocean cable, as there has been from time to time ever since submarine telegraphs were laid, it is comparatively The nninber of rich American citizens who offer to help fit out and maintain in the field regiments from their respective states is notable and is increasing. It show&that money does not choke patriotism, as so macy Americans who have none are fond of declaring. There will be companies of stock brokers, of telegraph clerks, of railway trainmen and miners enlisted for the war. Bnt the liveliest, howlingest company of all -will be the cowboys from the plains of the trackless west j. | easyto find the ragged ends of the line and splice them. What is to binder, therefore, the anchoring of a ship in raid- ocean somewhere along tbe Ime of the cable and making of it a telegraph station? Lighthouse ships are maintained permanently in parts of the sea more perilous so far as danger from storm and hurricane goes than the open ocean, Tbe cable ship, close to the lanes of ocean travel, powerfully built, held fast bv great anchors to her place aud connected by strong insulated wires with the submarine telegraph, would be able to give notice to both Eurcpe and America of tbe passing of e'rery vessel that came within rang'e night or day. Indeed improved methods of telegraphing ioa ; j make the eirta,bli£hn>eut of it midocean cable station easily practicable. „ . _ ~ . A W0RMUT FAD. Spring Medicines," "Blood Purifiers" and "Tomes" an Old- Fashioned Idea. Pure blood, strong nerves and muscles, firm, healthy flesh, can only come from wholesome food well digested. "Blood purifiers" and "nerve iionic" do not reach the cause of the mischief. The stomach is the point no be looked after. The safest and surest way to cure any form of indigestion is to take after each meal some harmless preparititn of this tind, composed of vegetable essences pure pepsin, golden seal ana fruit salts, sold by druggists under name of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, and these tablets taken after meals assist digestion wonderfully because they wtll digest the food promptly before it bas time to ferment aocl sour, and 'lhe weak stomach relieved and misted ID this way soon oeco:n«« strong iicd vigorous again. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet! are superior to any secret patenit medicines because you know what you are taking into your stomach. They are sold by druggists everywhere at 50c per package. Write F.- A.Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich., for book on stomach diseases,mailed free,. JASIES BURNS, Ex-Collector of the Port of Kansas City. Of tbe men who have occupied positions of public trust la Kanui either by gift of tbe people or by appointment, none has a more enviable? reputation for ability, 'honesty and efficiency than James Burns,Collector of the fort of Kansas City under Grovei Cleveland He lived to the letter- the maxim, "a public office i« a public trust," acd when he retired be carried with him the respect of everyone in tbe community—Democrats and- Republicans alike. James Burns, has used Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets and he doe* not hesitate to s.ij they have accomplished wonders. "I suffered with dyspepsia for twenty years," said Mr. Burniyesterday. "Never kn-»w what it was to enjoy life—in fact living seemed^> burden, M? It does to all wbo suffer severly with dyspepsia. A few montbt ago I began taking Stuart's Djspepsia Tablets. From the first I felt relief, and now although I am still taeing them, I feel entirely cured. For tme firat time in twenty yeeirs I can eat anything I want and suffer no 111 effects from It. You can't Imagine the pleasure of this unless you have been a dyspepsia sufferer. , - •• - - -,•• •, ,. "I never gave a testimonial for any medicine before, but I feel' at if everybody ought to know of this remedy, and while it is personally distasteful to me to appear in prrnt in this connection, I feel a* If I had no right to shirk the opportunity to, perhaps help some other sufferern from djspepr sia. I have been recommending the Tablets to all my friends.. Only-recently l took James H. Lillis, the father of Father Llllis, dowiB to get some,. and I understand he also is being wonderfully benefited. I can't recommend it too highly." The "Domestic" Office. Now is tbe time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock include* all tbe leading makes. My term* are tfisy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing machine; n ^e boose. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSRTT RfTTEX. Commencing May 1st, and continuing until Oct 1st, 18S8 the- summer rate on Residence Heaters aad grates is as follows: $1.88 Heaters 500 per month .25 " .---.. .....75c " " Grates and open front stoves 75C " '* Special! Bates on Furnaces and Business Eeaters HJXMI application. .All bills are due and payable at tbe Ompany's office tetweeir the 1st and '10th, of eact month. Mey Gas fc w

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