The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1951
Page 7
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, APRIL 10, 1S51 Midwest Floodwaters Leave More than 12,000 Homeless »LYTHBVIU,K. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS fly The Associated Press Floodwaters. spilled out over thousands of acres ot land In a three-state Midwest area today, making more than 12,000 persons homeless. Property damage mounted to au estiiniled $3,000,OCO. Fc?, by spring rains and thaws, the swollen rivers and streams overflowed Into several communt- AJies in Minnesota, Iowa and South ^Dakota. The surging waters covered rich farm land, highways and railioads. '• • The Red Cross ami National Guardsmen were on the scene in many of (lie flood-stricken areas. The Minnesota river In western and southern Minnesota was causing the major damage. Some 5.000 persons have been forced from their, homes in Mankato. Minn other residents along the lowland areas of the turbulent, .stream were reaSy to evacuate. Kffu&ees Find Shrld'r Most of the relugees from North Mankato were housed with private families in Mankato, a city of about 18,000, which Ls on higher ground than the suburb. Only a few dwellings in Mankato have been flooded. " There was some hope the flood e:resc. had been reached at North Mankato, The Mumesola held steady overnight, about eight feet, Above flood stage. Not much rain was forecast for the southern Minnesota area today but weather observers along the stream said that great quantities of snow from the winter season's Kre'cord fall remained In ravines, guHies and oilier sheltered areas. A sudden warm spell, they, said, would bring new flood dangers. Tempera- lures have been in the 30's during the last few days. Only one main road was open from St. Peler, 12 miles north of Mankato. Workers added to a nine- foot dike at St. Peter, seeking to halt the floodwalers from the city's power plant. The drinking water supply o( the city o[ some 7,000 population would be threatened If electricity failed. 1,900 Home* Are Damped Robert C. Edson. disaster service director for Ihe Red Cross mldwesl- •rn area headquarters at St. IxniLs. aald more than 1,000 homes had been damaged in the MHnkato.area, STORE-BOUGHT BITE — Those store-bouglit choppers put a nice bite on a big apple, thinks four-yenr-old Ralph Warren Gill Jr., of Bartlett, Tcnn. His first teeth decayed and impaired his speech and health. Now he boasts 3 full sel of false Iceth, uppers and lowers. As his permanent tooth grow in. the plastic ones will tao removed and holes bored In plates (o let them grow. including Blue Earth and Nicollet Counties. Edson said the American National Red Cross already has allotted S30.000 to supplement local funds of Red Cross chapters providing emergency assistance in the flood areas. Some fiO persons fled from their homes last • night at Henderson, Minn.. 35 miles from Mankato. It is estimated that there are more than 50.000 lumber mills now- operating In the United States. Hannibal, Mo. Chief of Police Shot to [)eath HANNIBAL. Mo.. April 10. If)— Corse nost, 39, chief of police here since IS4S. was found shot lo death in Ihe bedroom of his home yesterday. Marion County Coroner Crawford Smith said it appeared to be suicide. The coroner said Host left a note. Contents of the note wore not reported. fiost was found by his wile after she had taken their hvo daughters to school. His .38 caliber revolver was beside the body, Patrolman Floyd Capp. who was the first officer to answer her call, said Host was still breathing hut a few minutes later Dr. F. VV. Francka pronounced the chief dead. Loyalty 'Watch' Called Effective WASHINGTON. April 10. (if, — I-Bi Director J. Edgar 'Hoover says the loyalty program designed to keep subversives out of the federal government has been "very effective. " He recently told a senate appropriations committee the program 'has kept out of the government employment many undesirable individuals »-ho ordinarily would have had no difficulty In securing such employment." Hoovcr'.s testimony at a closed .session was made available yesterday. Communist Battalion Can Be Wiped Out in 20 Minutes by Yankt WESTERN FRONT. Korea April 6. (Delayed)—Wj—u. s' artillery can wipe out a Con- nnmist battalion in 20 mlmiles This is how it works: An air observer spots » battalion of Chinese Communist infantrymen (about 250) gathering behind » bridge. In a few minute* the Reds would launch one of their reck- cr- mnny, where she noted as Interpret. er mid interrogator at the Nuremberg trials. Hollywood bis-wigs look one look at Lisa after she had been brought Hollywood Sheba male Continued rrum Page « (leer and wen! to Gcr- accent." But how could a chesty like Lisa fool anybody In disguise? "They bandaged and bandaged and ' BANDAGED. They made me flat-chested, but nobody In Hollywood could find bandages at the drug stores for months atfcr that." Arkansas Court Backs from New York b7Howa«l1[™k* Worke "' Str '^ Right •°l W«" S'u! 5 " 1P , C M i '.° r °»i 1-l-rTLK ROCK. April 10. f*,-Tl,e decided Uiat ,h, h " aild A ' Uns « Supreme Court vesterday ?ioi t of oil or, 0 " 8 '° "' '" I u " hcl<1 llle rlgllt of slrlkl "B ™rk- 10111 ° r -" >e camc ">s. crs at the Acme Brick Plant near Mnlveni lo establish a picket line near a railroad spur track. The opinion, written by Associate Justice George Rose Sinllli, said tlie picket line of the United Brick and Clay Workers does not constitute a secondary boycott. Such PAGE SEYEW M'Afthur'i Hands Ti«d, Cooke Says NEW YORK. April 10, M>)-Er!e Cocke. jr., national Commander of Ihe American Legion, charged yesterday that On. Do.UKlas MacAr- Ihiir k having <„ utiht in Korea with both hands tied behind lu< back." j Cocke tolil newsmen as ne arrived ; here by plane from a world tour t'm R while it loked as if i i SR would give Yvonne de Carlo and Maria Monte: a run for their money as an oriental charmer 'I dicfn-t mind getting mv Pycs slanled," she laughed, 'Tin [ ao good a business woman. But some AUSTRALIAN ENVOY—Percy Claude Spender, above, Australia's external affairs minister since 1949, will be Ihe new Australian ambassador lo the United Stales, according to Washington reports. He is expected to succeed Norman J. O. Makin soon. Hickenlooper Urges Death For the'RFC WASHINGTON. April 10. M> _ Senator I!U-kenlr<r,!;er irj.'-w-. '.-••( yesterday the Reconstruction Fi nance Corporation has acquire: "such an odor of immorality" ought to be abolished. "There may be some good reasoi for a small new agency which conk make loans (o deserving and quali fied small companies unable lo go them from commercial banks," Hickenlooper declared. "But T think the RFC. as slid has outlived its usefulness and shonlc be liquidated." Hickenlooper expressed his view, io a reporter against a backgroimc of charges by a Senate baking subcommittee that. In granting tout) the RFC has yielded to outside in fluence, some of it from the white In urging that the agency he abol- i«''»rf. Hirkcnlooper opposed a pres idemial reorganization plan whirl would replace the RFC board of directors with a slnv>Je artmi-i-h .,~........ nu^ ..^ijui:- limes I wish they'd do something more than plioiocrapli me from the waisi up. I've got good legs loo " Once she persuaded a director io let her loss away a low- cu i Row ,, and wear 3 high-necked blouse "Everybody laughed a t , ne ," she wailed. "I'm snlclly a white shout- nei'.s and cleavage girl." In Columbia's "China Corsair," she plays a beauty who masquerades as an old Chinese peddler. "Im Ihe first Chinese on the screen to talk with a Hungarian _ that lie approved M8cArtht«T"p». <;cnt statement that Chinese Nationalist troops on'Formes* be used In China. • . boycotts arc prohibited by the Taft- I flirt Icy labor law. If Itchy Skin not eased in Five Minutes- II Tcttcrint docin't relieve ikin UcMnt Athlete's Foot,'Sohits, or' imiociimi* in' ltd bttti. ii cnst* you noihinj;. Gel Tc(- le/int E/orn ,*nv lUuERiii [01 direct from KriujiUKit Co, Ucpi I, Sjv»niuh Gi ) for 60r. uie *i <1irr(!(,i. ind if itching it a/id £t( your 60c birV io boot, (idv.) FOR IMPROVED KIDMiY FUNCTION Subnormal function wai ini- proved, lUmlitcr P*«n and diu:om- "Ofi r«diicej in tnoit ohitrveJ caiea after drink- i"K Mountain V*l- l«» Water. *rcd rifihc to you. MIIKKTY CASH OltOC'lIKV 501 Wcsl Main ^ . Phone im? "w«^ if ?3S^ ••»vllh WHIZ WOTOR Clpjins otn cnrbon Anrl sludge. n». ncw» cngJnc "|iep". protects againri trii'lion. Adil lo gna and oil. Satisfac- llon or money rtfunijecl, 'fry HOTOii nvTHMl n. M. HollingtheaJ (; arf Cnrntltn 2,N.J. M S.n.le. 5loilo»i, Coras.., Avf« t< ff lf d^. less counter-attacks again?., ericans fighting ynrd by yard the forward slop? oi the .1 Don'/ 8. Satisfied With Symptomatic Relief YES, HADACOL MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO RELIEVE THE CAUSE OF Aches and Pains, Stomach Distress, Weak, Run-down Condition! and Nervousness When Due To Lack of Vitamins Bt, Bz, Niacin and Iron In Your System M] i. 4. riank, ./ SZOi 5. Xfc- vrdn n, CMrnfo, lll.i "My daughter' Jarmelila, who is 10 yean «ld and in Ihe fifth grade, had always been underweight and I h ( c! to positively (orci her to «al {(She had no interest in food wh itscgiver, but I knew that xh« ]*•]' |i*° ca *- Wlien we were visH- in^Imy mother in Missouri over the Christmas holidays she suggested I give Carmclita HAD- ACOL. I bought a large boltli cf it that same day and waj smazed at the change in Car- melitB. Her appeti'e picked right up and she now eats three hearty meals a day plus in- between snacks. 1 have really praised HADACOL, snd highly recommend U." C. K. A/oncM,, 321 Col, lm . but Si., :\t n ,,lg,,,,,, r} , Ala.t "Quit. some time ago I began to hav« indigestion and sour stomach. My food just didn't digest right I'd get a full, 'gassy' feeling after I ale. Tlii, affected my »ppetit« and rriy weight. I was run-down,, too. My wife started taking HADACOL and so did my daughter. I saw how much it had helped fliem. so I started taking it. And HADACOL has certainly helped me, too. My stomach never bother* me any more. I have n terrific appetite and have gained weight. I have lots of energy and just feel good in every way. I think HADA- COL is wonderful. I w ish 1 could tell everyone jusl Kbw wonderful it really It." Afrj. TT. O. Jon.., T2« N. Hfll 5(., Chicago, III.i "I »m « hous«- wif« and mother of three children. I had been feeling very run-down, would lira so easily, ind just tell listlesi. Mj moth- tr-jn-ljw ngg«l«d I taV« HADACOL. as she h»d heard of it through friendi of h«ri. I just took It for a few days, when I noticed I was feeling stronger and teemed tc hav« more energy. I continued liking HADACOL »nd I' haj certainly built up my strength. I am no longer run-down, don't lir« nearly as much. I «tn now on my sixth large bolll. of HADACOL. and intend to con- tinut tikini >t." Give HADACOL ^Chance To Help YOU K your lyslem lacks lhe.i« essential elements you will 6e amazed at the wonderful results HADACOL can bring you. as it has to thousand* of olher fine folks who suffered Wllli«m J. />Mnl n/ ,, 4IOi Fr,*r St., Apt. 1, Dtlrntl, Mich.; "Along with the paini I" suffered my body had a tired, worn-out feeling. I had to force myself to keep going. I re«d about HADA- COL and decided to give it a try. Am now on my fifth bottli »nd would not he without an ample supply. My first bottle gave me astonishing relief, and at this time of writing I feel better, without a pain or acha. Am a dairy employee. 54 yean old. Veteran of two world wars. Active overseas in holh. I have given your HADACOL every praise to friends and relatives and know some are using it with just aa astonishing results ais I myself havt found." heartburn. lour "rising MANY DOCTORS RECOMMEND after meals), as well as that general o.. u ijAnarv-ii iZj — „ . . . lc . "'"" '"ese aeiiciencies. Buy HADACOL today. Trial sue botllc only SI 25 Lares family economy sue $3.50. Refuse substitutes There's; on!y one Irue and gentlini HADACOL. meres only DEMAND TNI GENUINI HUBBARD & HOKE Presents You with Something Better in Refrigeration! PHILCO 2-DOOR DUPLEX II, 10 and I cu. ft. ... from 379.{IS up NO DEFROSTINO ThaL's right —no defrosting nnywfiere in Llu'a now kind of 2-Door refrigerator from Philco. You simply forget nhoul defrosting. It's auto- malic . . . and works so fast, foods are completely unaffected. liven frozen fooda, ice cvibea and ice cream stay hard and firm. Here's everything you want in one great new Philco. Come in ... we it. At a Huge Saving . . . Every Advanced Design Feature! LOOK ! NEW 1951 PHILCO MODELS FROM $ 209 9U ; EASY TERMS 'UP/C ToOJ WEEKS TO PAY Yea, at far lower c:osl than ever before ynu gel today's • Buili-in Zero Zor.e Frcc.o, wilh most wanted features— the convenience of s doors for Uie built-in freezer and the main food compartment—and complete, automatic defrost. In addition, you gel a Iniitt-in freezer as big as 2 cu. fl. Why accept less? Why j>n> more? See I'liilc.o and compare! loparale door • Main staraaQ compailmanl with icparala door • Fully Automatic Dcfroil • Completely Adju&lobla Sholvsi • Huo« Doublo Crispars • Mao! Storage ComparTmenl • Five Yea/Wairanty Don't Forget - - - Small Payments Can Be Made to Hold Any Refrigerator for You Until Down Payment Is Made HUBBARD & HO Appliance Company Phone 3450 Blytheville

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