Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1898 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1898
Page 3
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if** Fj- • -IF THE COMMISSARY. At any one time have|we been able to show so many exclusive Patterns for Sprang as the season. "|> Coatings, Suitings, Trouserings and Fancy Vestings, At Prices; that will Surprise PIERCE, The Tailor, 318 Broadway. DR. F. M. BOZER'S Be;atal Parlors,, OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner ot Fourth imd Broadway • Centnil Telephone No Office 3es. residence 343. D R. DENTIST •Corner Fifth and Market, Pjthian Building. GEORGE W. RO.DEFEK. r-^.-*. ,«eal Estate, Loans. . Monar to Loan on mortftago or peraoual security. Call on roe sr wflito to me lit No. 81 Eel BiTer n«miie,eaBt »nd o:l Market street brklg-e. D«IIj Rations of * Company of dim. Sol- Following Is the daily rations of a company of soldiers: E*ch company, consisting of 100 men, can draw from the commissary 75 pouads of bacon a day, or 125 pounds of fresh beef, or 75 pounds or cooked ham,or the same amount of cooked corn beef. To the same number of men is also ismisd 112 pounds of soft bread, In loaves welghning 1J pounds each, or 100 pound of "hard tack;" also 33 pouods of cooked beans or 15 pouads of uncooked beans. If rice or hominy Is preferred to the beans, each company can obtain 12 pounds of either for a day's ration. Each company dally receives 12J- pounds of roasted and ground coffee, two pounds of tea, i'our quarts, of vinegar, four pounds of soap, four pounds or sail, eight ounces of pepper and two pound'! of candles. The company quartermaster has his choice of 100 pounds of potatoes or 15 pounds of onions. He also gets 33 pounds of tomatoes, and tha same weight of corn, 100 pounds of pickles,33 pounds of cabbage and 400 pounds of ice. Seventeen dozen eggs are apportioned to each company every day, as wollas 125 pounds of corn meal and 33 pounds of canned apples. STAIS1) FOR THE FLAG. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Peru. Is Bay and Sell Second Hand} Goods,. awe u« a caU. 209 «t& street •E. H-GRACE. D.D.S. • DENTAL PAB.LQRS 3116 Market Street. Aluirinite Rubber Plates. New Undertakers. :»3 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day or n'ffbt, Mr. KUlUn \vtis for many years foreman for Cnarl sL Wi,:i Talephone old 881, new S17 When You Xeert an -ABSTRACT OR A LOAH F. H. WIPPERMAN, .306 Fourth StrestOpp. Court House Entrance, German Catholics Pass Resolutions Denying Sympathy for Spain. The Catholics of the United States are showing a wonderful loyalty for the stars and stripes. At the recent meeting of the German Catiaollc Benevolent societies or the state the following resolutions were adopted: "Whereas, Some of our journals in different parts of the United States malicioi'sly stated that Catholics in this country were In sympathy with Spain in our present war, therefore be it "Resolved, That we, the delegates of the Catholic Benevolent societies of IndUna, in convention assembled, emphatically deny such unjust charges, aod that we stand ready and offer as true American citizens our possessions and life blood In the defense of our country, the United States, against any and all foreign powers. "Signed: Rev, P. Francis Haase, 0. F. M.: Very Rev. A. B. Oecbter- ing. Director; Peter Frisz, Pete Walrath, Joe J. Bauer." OPERA HOUSE. Swaiu 64. Cal18 Promptly attended day or night 613 Broadway. AU ltlnd8 'Insurance and Loans. woe and Bonds written in flrat olnsa com panlei. Money to loan « per cent, S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. MAKE capital. MONEY $1.00 will start you in the Chicken bv:«tne98. Young-Chicks for sale at 10 cents each. Ten fed (in the table scraps until fall makes a nlc« flocl; for winter egrga *t no expense New hatch jugl; off and ready for delivery at Poplar Poultry Park. Clifton Ave John M. Markley, Proprietor. Private Money to Loan No Delay- C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance:and Loans. SMWI Fourth (Street. PITY NRW8. Judge N. 0. Ross was in Peru Saturday. Harry Metzger spent Sunday in Iud!anapolB. Mrs. Harry Lux is sick at her home on Fourth street. Fired K. George, of the Danville Qom.uaersia!, spent Sunday here. Ths meta.liic circuit line from this oity to Koohester is now completed and ready for use. The LadiBs' Sewing Circle of the Westsld'3 will meet V^ednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock ut St. Bridget's ball, Mrs. Ilidclle and Miss Lizzie Felker spent Si;.nd(iy at IndlanaDolis with Mrs. R. '* son Georgo, who la a member of Company M, Logansport Yol- untoers. The Blisses McGregor spent Sunday in Indianapolis, the guests of their brother John, who is a member of a Lafuyeitte military company in oamp there. The Ellina entertainers closed their engiigenienli here Saturday night, after a profitable week's engagement. Mr. Kline's entertainment is a good •ae and will always 1* welcomed in . Logansrort. !da.nncej Olcott in "Sweet Innisonra 1 Tonight. Chuncey Olcott and company wK "present "Sweet Innlscara" at Dolan opera house tonight. Mr. Olcott ha a wonderful power of fascination, hi magnetism and strong personality i mo;t marked, and his voice i as fresh as ever. His rendering o his new soogs are encored over anc over again, and it is difficult to selec the better ones. His "Fly Song,' in which an imaginary fly is bother ing him while writing to his swest heart, is a clever bit of acting. His '•Old-fa-'shloned Mother" Is sweet and touching 1 , "Kate O'Donoghue" is love song to his sweetheart, and Sweet Inuiscara," a rollicking out burst of love of nature. The play is magnificently produced, the scenery and costumes being, elegant. One scene 'Is particularly beautiful, "Tne glen of Besting," one of the hand soonest woodland scenes ever seen on any stage. Matinees will be given Decoration Day Committee. Members of the memorial commit tee for Decoration day, May 30th are requested to meet ao the resi dence of Prof. Giffe on Monday even jr at 7:30 o'clock. Tbe two com mlttees from the Ladies of the G. A. R. and the Relief Corps are requested to meet as the same time and place. Saved His Limb Flesh Was Swollen and Inflamed and Pieces of Bone Worked Out- Hood's Sarsiaparilla Healed. " Wtoa my son was seven years old he began to complain of pains in ilia right kne«. The flesh became swollen and inflamed. The doctors believed the limb most be «mputat€id, but by the advice ol one piys ician we began to give Mm Hood'l Sftwaparllla, and had the awellitig lanced. It discharged Ireely, and gradually pieces ol bone worked out. Alter I began giving Mm Qood'ti Sirsaparilla there was an improvement in his health. Gradually the wouJiid heal.ed and he had n healthy look. From that time he had no trouble with his knee, and I feel Hood's Sarsape- tilla prevented the loss of his limb if it did not save bis life." Mas- H. J. AIJ>- KICK, Slit East Sample Street, South Bend, Indiana. <3«t only Hood's because Sarsaparilla U ttw Besit—In fact the One Tre« Blood PnrMer. Sold by i;u <trugi;ists- Price. »l; six for W. AJJUJBtUO* -JW.M vu-»J J Hood's Howl s Pills are Uw best atler-dfawr pill*, aid dlgestioa. •«, Miss Nella Sparnberg, of TisitiDg in the city. New Otto shines bargain shoei free for ladle" and gentlemen. Mrs. Rldde and Miss Lizzie Felker spent Sunday at Indianapolis. J. P. Webecer has recovered from an attack of accute indigestion. Elegant Window shad«s with spring rollers only 12c at Golden Bale. Charles Meet, of Philadelphia, is visiting h!8 brother, John Meek. The Western Union m.esslnger boys have received their new uniforms. Francis Bowman and Tom Foley went down to see company M yesterday. Edward Fohrer and George Barnes are on their way home from Hew Mexico. Miss Stella Metzger, of Chicago, is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. John G. De weoter. Joseoh Grace, located in business at Palnviile, Ohio, is in the city visiting relatives. C. W. Keller, the merchant tailor wbo was sick for several days, is again sole for business. Mrs. W. J. Wright ot Indianapolis is a guest of Mr. and! Mrs. Pete Castle, or the Westside. Joseph Reltemeler, of the Bridge City Candy company, has recovered from a few dnys' illness. There were four plain drunks before the mayor this morning. All were released on promises. Natural gas bills for the month of May are due and payable at the com- papy's office, on or before the 10th Inst. The Democratic Editorial association of the state will meet in Lafayette the 26th, 27th and 28th of this month. The millinery department at the Golden Rule is doing a rushing business on account of the special prices they are offering. Say, get into the habit of having your shoes shined dally at the New Otto, f ree of charge, and you will always feel dressed up. The members of the Elks band have had taeir photographs taken, placed lin a group and framed. It forms a handsome picture. Lycurgus Powell, a cousin of SctiLyler Powell and a brother of Privdte John Powell, of Company M, is a member ot the crew of the Baltimore. S. A. Vaughn bounced a tramp artist from his empty store room OQ Fourth street Saturday. The fellow did not go when requested and he was DOIS asked again. An Anderson girl has written Governor Mount for permis sion to join the army. She would ra*.her go as a soldier in the ranks but would go as a nurse F. A. Dykeman took a drive through the country yesterday and In conversation with a representative of the Pharos today stated that be never saw a better prospect for wheat. Saturday evening, fit the Wheatland streeet M. E. parsocsgo, Miss Grace Hicks, of Royal O.ziler, and Mr. Lewis Burnett, of Clay township, were united :ln marriage by Rev, J. K. Waits. Little Charley Saell went fishing today a^nd broke all previous records. He sat on a log. baited his toes with biscuit;, and caught all the suckers in he Wabash between the Oicott street bridge and the asylum, Mrs Joseph Whinnery will leave on Wednesday morning for St. Louis, Mo., where she will represent the local division at the annual meeting of the Auxiliary to the B. of L. E., which will Isist ten days, Eev. Dr. Putnam* has returned; from Cincinnati, where he attended: the annual meeting of the board ol trustees of Lano theological seminary. Dr. Putnam delivered the barge to Dr. Scharff, who was installed as professor of church history n Lane seminary. Mrs. Al Franklin, son and brother, Walter Cheipman, spent Sunday at Columbue, Ind., with Mr. Franklin, the Panhandle engineer who was hurt several weeks ago near Columbus. He is 1 mprovlng as well as ould be expected and he will likely be brought boras some time next week. Icivitations have been received in this city to the twelfth annual commencement exercises of the high chool at Clear Springs. Ind. One of the members of the class is Miss Osse Robertson, who will be remembered as the little girl who walked off the C01XUXCEME5Y DAT Will At the Logansport High School be Obserred M«r 27th. Thirty-eight members of the Logansport high school will graduate May 2?th. at which time the commencement exercises will be neld. The opera house will probably be the place where the exercises will be held, although no arrangements have yet been made. The class is made up as follows: Nettie Seytiold, Oora Toby, Lillian Taylor, Genesva Uhl. Sadie Welch, Edwin Medland, Ella Mahoney. Bessie Martin, Minnie Nelson, Bertha Overholser, Dyer Powell, Anna Powell, Nettie Palmer, Amoa Palmer, /John Rowe, Mary Rotroff, Lillian Rodifer, Jeannette Reeves, Eleanor RoblasoD, George Bell, Mary Boyer, Harry Bell, Alfred Barnes, Myrtle Castle, Lissa .Ddlzall, Blanch Elliott, Nellie Flaoegtn, Thomas Goodwin, Bessie Horniiag, Mary Hadley, Edward Hammontree, Laura Hawkins, Anna Hanley, Frances Jenks, Lottie King, Robert McNitt and Edward McCrea. AMUSEMENTS. D OLAN'S OPKKA. HOCWB. WJf. Monday Night May 9 th. CHAUNCEY OLCOTT, IN HIS NEW PLAY "Sweet Inniscarra" —WRITTEN BY— AUGUST PITOU, Manager. A Great Scenic Production Ss e and Scenery as used during- the tour montn's successful run o£ the play to .New York. HEAR "?weet Innlscarra" OLCOITS "Kate O'Donahue," NEW "ibe Fly BOD*," SuNGS. "The Old-Fiishioned Mother." PRICES 25c,35c, 50c "DC and II. Seats on sale at D. A Hank's Jewelry store COLERIDtfE SOLD. to The King of Indiana Pacers Goes Syracuse, Xeir York. Messrs. G- D. Ouster and Gapt. A. H. Hardy have accepted an offeri of {3,500 f jr Coleridge, 2:05^. and when the money is paid the king of Indiana pacers will become the property of Frank Matly, of Syracuse, N. Y. It Is the Intention of Mr. Matly to race Coleridge in the eastern circuit. The sale of Logansport's favorite race horse is deeply regretted here. All the credit is due Mr. Ouster for developing Coleridge* as a race aorse and giving him the standing' ae holds among the swiftest side- wheeler of the country. Mr. Custer will campaign six horses this season. Three of the number were sired by Coleridge. MEK OF MUSC1E So Match for the Men port. of Logans- A large crowd of local lovers of the national game witnessed an inglorious defeat ot the Muncle base ball club by the Logansports at the Driving- park yesterday afternoon. There ts good material in the home team, and it is believed tha'D afcer the boys get ''warmed up'' they will be able to hold their own with the best amateur teams of Indiana. Treble Clef Club, Tha usual weekly rehearsal will be held Wednesday evening at 7:30 p. m. It is the earnest request of the ladies that all the gentlemen who have become members of the club to made a particular effort to be present at all the meetings from now on until the close of the season, which willbs the latter part of June. The club expects to give its final concert about the second week of June, and in order to give a successful entertainment,, every lady and gentleman should endeavor to be present at all the rehearsals. Summer Gas Rates. Commencing May 1st and continuing until Oct. 1st, 1st, 1S9S,the summer rate on residence heaters and is as follows: 81 88 heaters 50c per month. *2 25 ,, Toe per month. Graces and open front stoves per month. Special rates on furnaces and ness heaters upon application. All bills are due and payable at the compnuy's office between the 1st and 10th of each month. LOGASSPOKT &. WABASH GAJ; Co. Tlie New faifare Store. A Special Dining Chair Bargain, 75c bust Partly day. The Weather. cloudy tonight and Tues- Tho best baking powder and flavor- Ing extracts In the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. night, A Bad Tramp. About 10 o'clock Saturday when Henry* Krueger, a boy io the employ of David Powlen, the Sycamore street grocer, climbed Into the mow of the barn to throw down hay for the horses, he was assauisad by a tramp who crawled up there to sleep. Young Krueger says that he had no sooner turned on the electric light than he was knocked down by the tramp, who lost no time in getting out of the barn. From the nature of the bruise on the boy's head, the tramp must have been armed with a club. Tan and black shoes, like cut, 4!. 98, worth f 4, cloth and vtsttng top. See show window. In addition to the great saving acknowledged by all in the New Otto shoe department over the regular shoe stores, we present tn our patrons handsome decorated Chinware; (style equal to Havilland);alsq chamber sets and hotel ice pitchers and cuspidors, and shine your shoes free of charge. Tbis may not amount to much, but if you like to look neat and dressy and have your shoes shined dally and would keep track of the nickels and dimes, you would be surprised at the saving. This miy not amount to much, but It's just that much more than the nther stores give vou. Otto Shoe & Clothing Co. This beautiful banister back Dining Chair, made from handsomely mottled quarter-sawed oak. is generally sold at not. less than $13 :i set of six. Our price only $7.90, THISJWEEK, Special sale on din'njj room furniture, Sideboards, Extension Tables. Dining Caairs,China Closets nod Decorsted Dia- ncr Sets. Refri«eratffrs. ™nCor. Market^ th and Erie Sts, THE. First National Bank CAPITAL 1250,000 A. J. MURDOCH:, PKMSIDKTT, W. W. ROSS, CAsmrni, J. F. BROOKMEYER, AMT. DIKJEOTOR8: A. J. Hurdock, W. H, Brinjrhurit, Dwmit DDI. ft. 8. Rice, B. If, Yantti. J M. Harwood. W.T. Wilson. rain in her sleep severe! years ago at Royal Centre, and was brought to St. Joseph's hospital, this city,where her recovery was considered doubtful or siome time. Dissolution Notice. The partnership of P. J. Firrell nd John Ladders, retail liquor deal - rs, has been this day dissolved by mutual consent, Mr, Farrell retiring. Mr. Ludders will pay all bills and ollect all accounts due the firm. P. J. FAERILL, JOHX LTHJDKBS. Logitnsport, April 35,1898. Elected Officers. The stockholders of the Dunkirk electric light and power company'jiet a this city Saturday afternoon at the office of Cockburn Bros., and elected the following directors: Edward Gormely, Joseph Cockbum, Jas. Gockburn and Wm. M. Fraser. The directors then organized as follows: President—Edward Gormely. Vice President—S. A. Vaughn. Secretary-Treasurer—Joseph Cockburn, A SUMMER NORMAL. The LOGAKSPORT COMMERCIAL HIGH SCHOOL will canduct a Summer Normal, beginning June 6, and continuing TEN WEEKS. They have secured the services of Prof. A. W. G-amble of the city high school, who will have charge Of this department. Prof. Gamble's reputation as an educator lg sufficient assurance of the moat satisfactory results. The course of study will be especially arranged to meet the demands of ««-Aer» and those preparing 10 teacli Thorough instructions will oe given on every subjoot on which the teacher will be required to pnes ezamlna- tion. Tuition 10 f weeks $8.00 G-ood board per week 2.5« M. A. MCRFHY J. W. HOOEK PRIKCIPLS Death of Painter Painter West an old and respected of Washington township, died last evening at 5 o'clock of iagtlppe, aged 81 years. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock firom the Blue Ball church In Washington township, Rev. Cobb officiating. Interment will be made in the family lot In the West cemetery. Deceased leaves six grown children. Always what you want, Ben Fisher DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Dis- ordere positively cured. Grower Graham's Dyspepsia, Remedy is a specific. One dose removes all distress, a-nd a per- mawmt cure of the most chronic and severe cases is goaranteed. Dei not suffer! A 5»c battle will cottTince tie snwt McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CURK AND VAN SURE* »TS. CHICAGO. . la all its DopartmanM promptly And carefully done. Safety to Customers and »tookhoW»r osghi tot. Strong Re»eryo Fund Maintained. Your Spring Snity Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look 'veil and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas lYou, Save You Money. Pearl St-Nextto Dr. Bell's Office. THR City National Batik. LOQANSPOKT, IlfD.j CAPITAL $200,000 JOHS GRAY, President, L N. CRAWFOXD, Vice Pre«. P. R. FOWLER, Gwhier. —D!BBCTOB§ — Joba Gr»y. C. G. NewelL J. T. KUli»tt,I>r. W. H. Bell, A.. P. Jenkiu W.C. Pennooi:, IHM.C StddeLer, and Oeo. W. Funk Loan money on personal »nd;;ooil«t«r»l •eourfty. Hay and §el] Government bond*. Buy and Mil foreign exchange on all paru of the world. Wjlt pay 2por cent per anaum on o*rtiA«M*i of dejxxati, when depooited «lr montkii: 1 ftr oeut per annum when lett one year. Korea In Safety .Depotft Vault*, for Mfc keeping jf valuable papen. rentt r«**>nabto. NO PAIN! NO DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effect*, such a» sore month, sore gums, etc. Absolutely §ftfs and FIRE PROOF. One block from C. K. J. A: P. mud L. S. & M. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 ha.vt just been completed, arid the house now offers every convenience to be found in an> hotel, including hot ind cojd w^ter, elettrii light and sttim heat in e 'er^ irvotn. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First ciiss rsstiurint in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owier tMl Prairktot The moat natural-looking arf ifloiai Teeth on new method PLATM8, guaranteed to fit. Th«flu«Bt»n<1 bettrcBthod of CROWN UM BEUOBS Work. HT~No charge for exmotiiic without when, new teeth are to be tuppltod. Dr. W..T. Hurtt 1 'Neglected coldti m*k« fat gr»*«- yaniii." Dr. Wood's »orw»j Pta* SjTVf help* mac and WOB«B t«» b»pp7, rlgoroiu old tfe.

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