Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1898 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1898
Page 2
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i S '( "jr x -c IL-S'V V* Cov. Mount Telegraphed by Gen. Alger To Be Quick with Those Soldiers. WABTS TWO SEGMENTS TO MAECH, Jftelr De-tlBBtion Bel..« the C»7T,p Hi:. CWckama-up.-1-act. .,f l,.U-«»l About; U« Military Actiivity- Cable from » Mail, Who Wan at Manila and Saw the J'icht- and \Vaba»U Are Proud- Anil- S.-Secmary of was witnewed by the largest "(JienM of the week. "The Ride of the Old was rendered by Paul Haase. and Mme Gadski sans the aria "Herodiade and appeared In other numbers. The performance closed with the sin&lng- of America." In which the audience joined Notwithstanding; the large audiences the festival has not been a nnan- cial success. Novel Ca»« of CannH»U«n- Lafayette. Ind.. May 9.-A «" n ? rka *'« instance of cannlballstte quaht.es has -nine Or TU C I RIALS OF THE Many Hardships For the Klondike Tenderfoot. HOESES ABE 01 LITTLE BEKEIIT. way from ttie to i tion the home of Lenathan, who of a 2-year-old Trust I'uts Down "Wa Indianapolis. May •War Alser yesterday telegraphed Governor Mount to set in readiness two Indiana regiments to be sent to Chickamauga at once. The first regiment, to go -will brobably be the Second infantry, and the other will be completed and equipped as soon as possible. The Second regiment will be ready to start within two day?. The secretary did not indicate what disposition would be made after reach '.ns Chick- been discovered im a woman named has been in charge „,„-,. nenhew deserted by his mother. \%hiie I a state of intoxication and trended v some unexplained Incident, the voman punished th, child by bit ing u on the face, arms and feet until it was in a frightful condition, and had to bft removed to the hospital for attention, Bleedin* gashes and bad• ^ses -er. made all over the child's body by Lafayette-. »nr Correspondent S»y. They < Their For»re and >'ot Much M' Are Fast Travelers Pnttlne Cp a T«nt k Very I>i«calt Task. [From Our Special Correspondent.] LAKE LlXDEHAN-IX-THE-SSOW, } March 25. S If I vere to give my opinion of the of the troops jnauga. Governor Mount has received a gram tele- _ from the surgeon general of the United States army at Washington to {mediately organize an effective ho*- piUl corps. As the instruct.ons *re not explicit enough he wired back for details The corps will be established promptly. The governor has received information that the pay of enlisted men will be 20 per cent, higher m time of war than in time of peace. Soldier* (ii!t»10.60 a Month. The peace pay is $13 a month, and the Increase will be J2.60. The government will „ t 1 W » V 1 v wo-nan's teeth, and when found by officers the child was suffering so that its clothes c-ould niu^be put on. SnK-ial Oilile* His Family. Ind.. May 9.—John F. Mo- of this city, a newspaper man on board the McCulloCh. cabled his family fmm Hong Kons as follows: -Great victory and preatest experience on earth. Am perfectly safe myself and hut few Americans wounded. Many Spanish killed and eleven ships punk. Manila and forts bombarded. Just bar-K from jlanilaonMcCulloch. Every American man and boat did great work. Dewry is magnificent.'^ Nicholson Forsakes Politics. Wabash. Ind., May 9. - R? v - s - E Nicholson, author of the famous liquor law bearing his name, who until a snort time ago was a candidate for congress in this district, has forsaken politics and taken the field as a life insurance agent. Ht- has received a commission -- ! and the reader can imagine m of his outfit after it has been loaded _d unloaded by tbe wayside upward of a dozen times. I think it is fair to esu • mate the present cost of hiring a year 11 supply of goods taken from Byea, to Dawson City at about $400, and the owner must be at an additional expense of from $1 to $3 a day, according to his taste, for bis own living. Of course the i expense will greatly exceed tins later ! in the season when the ice breaks up in I the canyon and the snow is melted from j the rough Chilkoot between Sheep Camp and the summit. If a, man be strong, be can pact his outfit to Dawson City himself, but so Innc a* the 1,000 pounds rule isenforc- if i wpre to K IV ° *"j •-'f- i "*~— -"• -— j iu^fc •**- *-** v *» ^ . . difflcultiTa^d hardships of the trip to j e d be cannot possibly do so m less than DawHon Oity thus far, I could notes- press it better than by quoting an old Connecticut farmer. He had just killed bis hog in the fall, and bis neighbor, after the usual custom in rural localities asked him how much it weighed. ' .. .. - u _ •_,•,«! Tt * ( i+- /Itrln' 1 should add that 1 slid down from tbe summit of Chilkoot to the boales. ri£*g™*J <***<* **™\ lt *" pretty well worn when I reached the bottom and I wascapsized several times but it was tbe nearest thing to a .good coast that I have bad since I was a I may add that this is the usual . of descending tbe Obilkoot just at this season. WalkinK Twenty Mile* » D»T. Mv wife began by walking only ten " " iu a dav, but she can now take a- y of ->0"miles easily. The bracing «„,„ this locality enables one to per- tern physical feats that would be «m- ply impossible m warmer climates As Lother preventive of illness and like wi«e as a hardening process we do most of our cooking outside the cent, usmg inside to take the chill HOME COXfOBt. IMC air in 'Well, the reply, "it didn't six mouths. Looks hard, doesn't it? a Comfort In * Small pert latereated It's a nice 'thing" to be abie to carirj in j-o»r pocket. Have it with you with you In irour d*lly raoMlone. So De oomfortable with any itchlnm of Ui« ij Irri urtions of »ny nature-. *uoh M eottmi; like trouble* make you miserable *H day loot*, and wrenched allafcht. Beller mean* comfort, perfect cure me«»g li»pplne««. Both r»U«t aud cure are near at band, for everyon* who u»»d »oan'« OimmeaU Everybody who trie* it be- comee an cnthuilMt, and alwayi h»» a box about, to make life comfortable for bimielf and family. Plenty of U>g*n«poH people will endorse our claim* for it. Read wbw thii citizen »»ye.: Mr. W. J>. JohMton. 1S14 Hifrh 8t, member of the firm of JohooWJii Decker i Oo.Howp Mfgrs the Pearv stove ' e — offonlv.'andas we are well clad and take eat care to keep our feet warm weigh as much as I ^expected, aud I j didn't expect it wocld." to the matter, however, which I will give further ou. Pnttinc Up a Tent. Possibly tbe reader may never have tried to put up a tent when the mercury was at zero, the snow four feet deep The trip to Daw^City is not quite j an "d the wind blowing like blazes. First eas .. pay for the mobilization of the In- the ex- as the diana troops, but will not pay Dense of those who do not enlist. Die state will foot these bills. The state -will also have to pay the difference between the cost of government rations and tb« rations which have been given cut It will also have to pay the difference in salaries of the state troops and tb« regulars. The guardsmen have been receiving tt.SO a day. The government will pay the state at the rate of J16.SO a. month :tor each man. The Chanco for General McKee. Tht governor has been advised from WashlnBtcn thut the president had said that he would rot appoint any brigadier cecerals of volunteers until the volunteer army Is organized, which will be Bhortly. The governor said: "I have promises that General Mc^ee will be taken care of, though the fear now exists that the war department will appoint no one to the position of brigadier K en«ral who hs.s not seen active service. But 11' there ars exceptions made to this rule General McKee will be one of those benefited. If he is not appointed to this place he will be made colonel of the First regiment. That place is now seine held for him." i Take a Wsek to Finish the Job. Th« mustering-in proceeds slowly and it will *iot be finished until the latter part of this week. Col Studebaker has failed to paw. Captain B. F. Clements, of Company D,Third regiment, of North Manchester, failed also. First Lieutenant John Dun bar has been promoted to the captaincy. Second Lieutenant J >.. Jenkins has resigned because of business affairs at home, leaving Company D just now without a first or second lieutenant. >'ine men of Company E. of the same regiment, northern Indiana men, wer« rejected^ NOTES FROM GLASS PLANTS. •Wl»olr»ale Rwlnytlon of W«Re.»—Violation of the Election Laws. Anderson, Ind.. May 9. - The Penn Glass company, which has absorbed the interests of the American Glass company in the plate glass plants in this county, has made announcement of a •wholesale reduction of wages ranging from 5 to 2=- l>er cent, and extendm to every man from paymaster chore boy. Th« company has 800 men employed most of the time. The cut cornos unexpectedly, as plate glass markets, according to representative of a New York company for Howard county. Certainly Shomld Be a Hades. Lafayette. Ind., May 9.-Ernest Freeman. aged 26. who had recently separated from his young wife, went to the home of her parents, and flndlng: ner there endeavored to persuade her to return and live, with him. She refused. He then shot her in the heart, ana Lhen. shot himself twice In the same place. Both are dying. __ _ Prie»t "Want* a Chaplainship. Hartford City. Ind., May 9.-Father Charles Dhe, a Roman Catholic priest of this city. hasmadeapplication^toGov- ernor Mount to enter "'-" ' expect it would be. And yet it is no | easy thing for a "tenderfoot, even though he bas money to pay for the packing of his goods, this traveling in an uninhabited mountainous country where the snow lies from 4 to 50 feet deep and the mercury, bangs around zero day in and day out. As for ourselves, the most exasperating feature of the trip is the innumerable and unexpected delays at every point. Steamers are a week or two behind their sailing dates and double that time in reaching the Alaska shore. Then there is another delay of two or three days in getting goods from the steamer and one of similar length m preparing them for packing to the first camp in tbe interior. It is safe to estimate the average time from Seattle to this point at three weeks, even if the goods be packed in tbe most expeditious have never yet been able to reach terra on Toledo St.. "Abouttye*r*««ol n«<l alternately hot and cold is a dangerous one to health, and I believe many who have taken this trip have suffered 5 \lthoueb we have been in this coau- trv but a few weeks, we can eat three ^"called "square" meals of the simplest food a day aud enjoy them as we have not been able to do since our salad days. We fan sleep soundly for fight hours ^^Tou pr= £Tii° S alight W -^i-*' "?™*« tetit"poles. P«h»™ von may imagine with heads clear aud bodie. Perhaps yon may imague are fall of them," but you You shoulder your ax \%iLii U^ii^.j vj..^.*-.- •md wt) have seen beautiful and grand scenery enough to compensate for a trip for tbe thick forest, afraid to half round the globe. eight. & the great Gladstone and how be fells te trtas purely for recreation. go so far as to declaim— You even Woodman, spare that tree! of the rest of A. A. the Guard as chaplain. National Dhe is a in the way. Boraei of Little Use. There are a thousand and one things to cause these delays—weather, tides, blizzards, snowdrifts, balky horses and dogs looking up lost goods, loading and unloading, etc. tbe party^ Ab,"tberV is just the thing for the ridgepole, yon think from a distance, but as you get nearer you nnd it bas an ugly crook, aud you must search further. At last yon find one that will answer for the uprights, but the top pole is still wanting, and you finally go back and decide to take the one with a bad crook, for night comes on apace. Then they must be dragged to the tent site, and before you get tbem there yon £ 1 ^ it "" r V'a~raeat rac) 5 in a dri PP in « Will think they weigh a ton each. <•« J ~- — -* •—JH-~ -^ator How to Cook Fre»li Tonrn*- Properiy roasted or braised in stock, a fresh beef or calf's tongue is delicious meat. It is not remarkable for its nutritious qualities; but, like tbe tenderloin of beef, the meat is of good flavor if it is carefully cooked and seasoned, and it is always of melting tenderness Select a fresh beef tongue for roasting. Wasn and trim it thoroughly and season it vithsalt and pepper. Wrap a paste around it made of a pint of flour and a cupful of water. Boll oat this paste and wrap it around the tongue. .. yellow Jaundice, very bad and turned M T* lw low a* saffron all over. I wi*ted away until I wa* only a shadow of my loirmer, and when I recovered the skin commended polling off *"* great flakes Of It I could rut off. While this new skin was forming, it caused n terrible itchinesB. which annoyed me gieat y. H finally passed away, as the new skin formed, with the exception of the elbows. Theee oartioular points continued to itch, and though 1 trie* every known remedy whi.:h refined tbem all 1 spent a good many dollars trying; to cure this, and «t last I struck Ooan's Ointment. happening to notice an account of It In cur papers, 1 at once got a boi at 3 F.Kessling's drugstore. 1 applied it to ope elbow, that night and It save prompt relief. Then 1 commenced using it in earnest, aol was cured in » Jew days and never feel anything of it now. To say that it Is the best remedy that there is. hardly expresses my opinion. I can endorse it as a grand remedy, for all itcbineM of any Doan's Ointment for sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Mailed by Foater-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y., soleaffenui for the TJ. S. Hemeaber the name. £>oan'» and take no other. An excellent likenew of Lieut. Henry McCrea, of the TJ. S. na^y, appears In the last issue of Harper e Weekly. Father Frenchman and was chaplain French army far_three_years. FIFTY BUILDINGS BURNED. Ami 2,000 Person* Are Ma.de Homeless by the CoiiflHgrtttion. Duluth. May 9.-Fifty, frame buildings on Minnesota Point just above the ship canal, were burned yesterday afternoon. There was a lazy puff of smoke, a burst of flame and then a long row of ramshackle buildings sprang into a blaze. <n hour later 2,000 people were homeless The fire took twelve frame store buildings fronting on Lower Lake avenue just below the "under-the-hlll district and swept from there back to th* lake shore. by the The district was populated poorest people in the city. Many of the utjper parts of the two and three story buildings were occupied as were inhabited as story to about me. the em- ployes" do not warrant any such move. This is the great anti-trust concern, now that tr.e American company has been absorbed. Many workmen are quitting. William C. Dennis. X. P. Ellirott. \V. P Boyd and \V. L. Kahn, managers of the America:! Plate Glass plants ill this county, hav<; beer, placed under arrest and bound over to court, charged with violation of the Indiana election laws. which require every manufacturer to permit his workmen to vote, and further require him to close down Ins plants for at least 1'our hours on election day for that purpose. They not only refused to let their men off. hut it is claimed th»y also discharged two foremen for permitting men to steal away and vote. INDIANA BOYS AT MANILA. Ihr^« Alremly Noted in thr Fleet Com- Wabash, Ind., Mn.y 9--It has just been learned that a Wabash youns man, Bert Klin*, is * sailor ou the United Statse miiser Concord, now with Commodore- Pewey's fleet. He enlisted four years ago at San Fratu-isco and for two yea.rs has been on the Concord, having previously werved on the Yorktown. When last heard from lie was Mirs bay. expecting to go to Hong This was three months ago. Anderson, Ind., May S.—Claude McCurdy and K«-Eln».ld Monger, of this city are vrith Commodore Dewi>y and were in the Manila affair. The former, •who ran Jiway from home two years ago is ou the Concord as a gunn-er, and the' latter, Who also ran away from home, is a cabin boy- tor the captain of the Baltimore. Their last letters home •were dated from Hong Kong and both made kindly mention of Dewey jind expressed the hope -that they would get a dash at i:he Spaniards. Both boys are of, good families. tenements. They closely as the people could cluster, and back of the line of buildings-fronting on the street were shacks huddled all too close for health and saftty. There are no particularly larjre individual losses. The total, is thought to be over $100,000. _______ WORK OF AFRICAN BUTCHERS. Five AmerirMi Missionaries Killed, Four ofTheni BeliiR'WoTnrii. Sierra Leone, West Coast of Africa, May 9.—Additiorai advices confirm reports of the.assassination of Miss Archer Miss Hatfield and Mr. Cain, and add to the list of murdered missionaries the name of Miss "Kegs," possibly a mispronunciation of the name of Miss Schonck. Miss Cain fled into the oush and her fate is not known. All these missionaries were Americans who were How's Tlilsl We offer One Hundred .DoUw* my owe of Catarrh that cannot be oui»d by HaU'i Ortarrb Cure. F J. CHBNBY ft CO.. Prop*., Toledo. 0. We,the undersigned, nave k«own F. J. Cheney for ine last 15 yeaiw. and heller* bin*, perfectly honorable in all bimlnew tima»e- ttoni »nd financially able to oairj out W obligation* made by their nirn. W»T *TKUAX. Wbolewlu 0ru*gl»t«. Toledo,. MABTW. DruggUM, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure i« taken Inwardly. »o». inc •Uwxaly upon the blood and mu- oou. surfaces of tbe system. Price. 76o per bottle. Sold by all druggist*. T«tJ«onUiH.. tent free. Hall's family Pilfr are the best. Master Rollln Place entertained a party of TOUDR friends last nigh* la honor of bis tenth birthday annl- yersary. Great Triumph. Instant relief and a permu»nt;cu» by the- great remedy. Otto's Cure for lung and tboato SIT.*... Why will you teri«.y and lungg with a haoldnir oou e h "< Port^ner Four* «« gent, will furnisli you .. f this guaranteed remedy! 1 Its suoce*. Is w*« derful..* your druggist will wll you. SamUr tree. Large bottle SOcimdMc. Miss Carrie Young went to Chicago yesterday on buslnesB. She- was accompanied by Mian Nettle- Qlmmelberger. _ent out here by the United Brethren of Chris: Mission, Dayton. O. Springfield, O., May 9.-The missionaries killed at Sierra Leona, Africa, are well known here. Miss Marietta Hat- nelrt 'lectured here last July. The correct names of the others s.re: ... v.. Cain Many Cain. Mary Archer and Ella Scherick. A Terre Haute. Ind.. telegram says the name Hatfield should ba Hacfcett. . [Photograph by E. A. SUMMIT OF CHILKOOT PASS FROM THE SCAIJSS. Hegg. Copyright, 1898.] at Clo*P of the Mtwlcal F«»tiT«'l. Indianapolis, May 9.— One of the most enjoyable events of the May music festival was the mai.inp? Saturday afternoon, when "Into Life." by Benoit. was sun* by a, chorus of 200 children. The T»rot«Lrame also included solos by Mme. Jacoby and many orchestral numbers of jreat beauty. The last concert of the ItBUval was liven Saturday nlrht and YOUIIR Woman'- Dress Catcher Fl™. Rockford. ills-. May 9.-There was a lively scene at the annual reception to the students at the Rockford college Saturday. Miss Alice H. Tobey. of Washington. Kan., one of the students serving refreshments, stepped too near a small gas stove on the floor, vbich she did not see. Her organdie dress ignited and in a second there was almost a panic among the guest?, who were startled by the flames and the screams ot the younr woman. Miss Tobey's arm- and neck were quite badly burned, but her injuries^will not_prove serious. •Will Have s Suit with lh<> Roods. Lansing. Mich.. May 9.-A11 railroads built since 1S91 north of the forty-lfourth parallel of latitude have been exempt from taxation under a law providing for such exemption for a period of ten years. Railroad Commissioner Wesselius has decided to assess all these companies tJiis year, denying their claim thai the fact that the exemption provision was omitted from the Merryman tax law last winter cannol: operate as a nullification of the state's contract with them. The companies will appeal to the courts. Oil. "\Vcwilford »t \Va--Tiinctnw. •Washington. May 9.—General Stewart •L Woodford. United States; minister to Spain, arrived in Washington from Xew York last night, shortly before 9 o'clock. He went almost directly to the White House where he was given a. most cordial reception by the president. •But why not get your own team- horses, osen, dogs—or use your own strong arms and back?" some one asks. Simply because when a horse is laden with enough forage to take him Irorn tbe beginning of any of the trails to Dawson City that toad alone is about all the animal cau carry. Two or three hundred pounds extra m:ight ba added if the animal were a strong one, but this is less th;iu a qnartfir of the weight that the miner must carry, according to the mandate of the Canadian authorities. -U the present writing their rale of insisting that; every person take three pounds a day for a year, besides tea and coffee, has not been modified. As for dog teams, a dozen will not drag tbe weight of a single individual s outfit and their own food to .Dawsoii City. The dog is a fast traveler and eats iittle, hot he.can.nat pnjl.much. Injsv is "^possible to stick them , -oas,; it for aoont two hours. Keep the ! enrface of the paste from drying too surface ° P » to the ground, so you freeze them | •»«». o ; ^ p- -^- . ; ^ ^ into the snow, a comparatively easy and hard or £uu> g ^ ^ ^ into i-ue suuw., a i.u^^u^^ j -—. - i ... , v .,t er in the bottom 01 tne ui*p- satisfactory «od. of fasten^. But taling^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ping pan some way must be provided to fasten the stay ropes. The freezing method will haidly answer for thesa, so yon must go to the woods once more and cut four logs for an. outside framework base. M yon are able to drag one of these back to your tent, you have jns: gcock in tbe pau move the paste. It is of no further value. Loosen the skin of the tongue aiid peel it off. It should come off easily. Lay it back in the pan, rub it freely with butter, dredge it lightly and pour a little rich brown Try 6rain-0! Try Ask jour grocer today to flbo* A package of GRAIN-O, the new loo* drink that takes tu* plac* of of coffee. Ibecblldren may drink it without, injury as well a* the adult. All who try it like It. GBAIN-O has rich seal brown of Mocha or Jai it is made Tom pu refrain*, and tn* stomach receives i* price of package. that; moet delicate without dl§tre«i. J i the coffee. I5c and 25c per Sold by all grocers, be proud of your physica. reason to prowess. A Party of "Tenderfeet." In our own case it was pitch dark Ions before we could put up eveu the it to baste it Roast itj Dagt i ng jc often, until it is well browned. Take it up. Add mnshrooras to the brown gravy in the thicken it and serve it dripping pan, with the tongue. Tbe musbrooma, of ions: oeiore >v« ^uu*u ^^" -*- — • .T,I-* — — 0 - »u»« =^<i > framework to our tent, although we be- course, may be omitted, bu they add a «n at T o'clock in tbe morning, so we great deal to the flavor of the tongue. That Tired Feel ing is due to 1m- poyerjshed blood. Hood'. Sarsaparill.. enriches and vitalizes the blood and- gives strenptb, energy and Tlgor et Hoods Be sure to get _ Hood's Pills are parely vegetable- and do notlpurge, pain or gripe. All. Mrs. John tilery la at Battleground, visiting ielative«. i; ail **•< i " ^*»*'^j*- — -- — — - L got into the snow tent cellar, lighted our Peary stove, melted some snow egua made coffee and dined on pilot bread ^. ud ]ay pr ,; SSWa rn cyclists to take our Re* are or coio«. Regularly at this time of year tbe cycling aucl lay press warn cyclists to take and cheese. Then we put on our ; autkiag again g t taking cold, but fur jraiis, drag knitted caps over our * fa ^ ^ beejj repeatedly done it beads und faces, throw our sleeping . g worthy of i ns j £ten ce. There are new The.p«ciJlc , g wor . bags on our prostrate tent, cover tne ; riderg comjng iHto t he fold, and they a.. n , The Weather TVe May Exp««:t- Vfushington. M»y 9,-roUo'iriBc th« . , j,tlier »dii-»tioa* for tw.nty-foar , from Sp m. vest-rdsv: For wifl 1111. -F»!r, warmer Treaiher: irinds bocoimng 800'thcrly. For Mi.diieaa-Partly clooSy wesither: warmer: lijlit swotherly wind*. F«r 1PTi-icon»in-Pirtly cloudy weatlien HjcM sontk- ,,rly wln.ds. For Iow»-»»ir ir»th«i sooth- w«it*rly winas. HTMAN PACK HOKSE&. ery reportetf case of quick tripiTby dogs the journey bas been from Dawson City to the coast, where only food enough for the journey was taken, and Dot from the coast to" tbe interior. Oxen are good burden bearers, but it would take one at least sis months to goover.,ny of the trails at this season provided the animal carried any load beyond that of its own forage. Xbere are sack#r.8,u> abundance strung bags with blankets, crawl into tbem sleep, ob, so soundly and sweetly, , „. ~1 daylight. The next forenoon is quite consumed in finishing the putting np of toe tent. Nails must be driven into the base logs to hang the lower | stay ropes upon, goods must be unpack- j ed, and, wood must be cut for a fire, for | the Peziry stove is too expensive to use except in places where there is absolutely no wood. Our party is essentially a "tenderfoot" one. "My "better half" was city born and bred, and I have lived what may bo called a sedentary life for the last °5 ''•ears. So we resolved from the outset to take tbe best care of our health and to toughen ourselves by slow degrees using the utmost caution not to overdo at first. My initial walk was from IJvea to the Cbilfcoot summit and back w Sheep Camp. Tbe distance M about 22 miles, but I was more than 1.J b<) tangh| . the dangerB tbe y are encouater) M it j s not out of ^ ^ ^^ m advige tbe ns€l clot i ing Btld ^nderclothiag snfficient- ^ ^ necessary protec- ^ jg ^ uooommon to see wheel- fi]Jed ^.^ the ^^^^3^ o f their rid€is of t j, e new season take a ride as bard as ta ey cango ketstre«t«. _ a»d then make a stop by tbe wayside without any thought of the perspiration which they have rorkad taem- s. — Philadelphia Tiae»- into hours making it, so you see I took it liUUJ-a I~M— -— o --• - ,,*.*„,. quite leisurely. Of course the last few miles made me rather weary, bat I felt tatter at the end of my journey than if I bad walked a distance of tea miles on city streets. - Mow to Deril Potato**. *, Fare tbe potatoes and cut iutifij small balls. Drop into cold water unrilSroady to cook, then dry thoroughly I in a towel. Place ia a frying basket an\l immerse in smoking hot fat. Shake sionally until well colored. For a of potatoes allow a scant tablatipoonfnl of butter and a half teaspocnfal of prepared innBtard. Mix together and put with the potatoes in a aanoepan. Shake over thct fire for five minutes aid sorve jn a bectted diali. herbal tonic i(tiinul«te« tb« *!«••«»• rul.w. the liver «d ««"•** vigoroui |he«lth «nd eDerfJe*- »"»- L4rKep.ctofe.fiOc p 8 r. only by W. H. Porter, comer Fourth «n*>Urr LAKE BREEZES on one of the LAKE MKHIGAK AND LAKE SOTEWOIt ' CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS

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