The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 10, 1951
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VOL. XLVJ1—NO. 18 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS — -.,. ... I'** DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OT NORTHEAST Amr.wsao . "^""* * ' ^-^ Blythevllle Dally Va ,..., . : _____^_WJK1MEAS1 ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST UISSOWWC BlyUuvlll. Courier SSKS H±S Le " dC ' or vnn,,,,,, T , T ^m~ ' — • —— Legislators Hunt Nav ^ Sus P ends For School Funds InLoiytase House Moves to Delay Any Consideration of Taxation LITTLE ROCK, April 10. (AP)—Arkansas legislator today pondered methods of raising money for school a, d to carry out other portions of a program submitted to the i ipecial session by Governor McHlath. An Increase in the stale sales tax from two to throe per cent ind numerous other tax measures rere introduced for these purposes is the extraordinary •ened yesterday. session con- An administration 'leader in [he House, fearing the sales tax would Ve most strongly opposed, said lo- lay all other ways of obtaining extra money probably would be explored first. However, a move to delay consideration of all tax measures for a couple or days staned in the House today, it came arter ihc House Revenue and Taxation Committee announced a meeting for 9 a.m. tomorrow lo consider all proposed revenue raising measures. Another flock of tax proposals were introduced in the House, one, by Rep. M. D. Anglin of Carroll County, would extend the sales lax to hotel and tourist court rentals. New Whiskey Tax Asked The other would levy an additional state tax of 52.30 a gallon 011 whiskey. It was oftcrcd by Rep. Ira Long of Con way Comity. The Senate didn't go back lo work until noon. Reception of McMath's address at a joint session of the House and the Senate yesterday led to predictions that money would be provided for the schools, over stiff opposition, and that the governor's other proposals would be cut or defeated. Opposition to the sales tax boost is headed' in the House by Rep. Paul Van Dalsem ol Perry County and in the Senate by Sen. Ellis Fagan of Little Rock, Fagan's extends his economy drive to battle against any new lax for anything. Shortly after Ihe governor finished speaking, bills to carry oul his program were introduced—in Die House by Hep. L. u. ,iu!ry (if Mississippi County; in !be Sen»te by the budget committee. ^Van Dalsejn. then;.;,ojjered,J}jiuD- enamber i Increase ,.., „., by 53.50 a gallon; Boost the state tax on natural for the schools and the welfar, department. A proiMsal to give legislate committees broad Investigatlvi powers was approved in the Hous without opposition, but met a loueh fight in the Senate. The pro|K>sal would permit com mittees to summon witnesses d testify at public hearings called in the investigation or slate govern nient operations. Senator Fagan, arch foe of (he McJMulh administration, sponsored II.e resolution In the Senate. ICs opponents were led hy Sen. Lee Heard™ or Leachville, who attempted lo get a commillee report on the matter. Lt. Gov. Nathan Gordon settled the dispute by ruling that a vote could not be taken immediately on the measure. Legislature Shorts— LITTLE ROCK, April 10. M>|Rep. Jean H . Garner of Greene County resigned from the Arkansas Legislature yesterday as a protest against (he proposed stale sales tax increase. I.I1H.E ROCK, April ,„. (/P) _ Ally. Gci,. lke Jlurry said today Arkansas legislators cannot vole themselves a $14-a-diy "expense" account for the special session of Uio General Assembly. LIU-US ROCK, April 10. <«V- Altorney Genera! Ike Murry [ o - "H.v agreed to assist Arkansas House members Investigating bill lampcring charges. K ROCK, A|)rM I0 (/PJ _ A hill lo set up a new Confederate .home—at Hcnlon instead of l.ilde -R" £--*••"* introUuccil in Ihe Arlt- gfstis Mouse today by Rep. Kwnll •fclcCrixhl, Saline County. DOMINANT NEWSPAPmor NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BLYTHEVILLB._ARKANSAS. TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 1051 Stephen Brunauer And Wife Figur* In Security Mov« WASHINGTON, April 10 (/!',- ih'. C f, ta ' B P c l""'''»ent satd' today the Navy has suspended former Commander Stephen Brunauer "under Navy department loyalty' and security procedures." Brunauer has been employed as a civilian on explosives research for the Navy. with his wife, Mrs. Ester Irunauer. the former officer icd by Senator McCarthy last year in a list of cov- ernment employes McCarthy regard as subversive. In announcing the Navv action the State Department said it had suspended Mrs. Brunauer fron a department job pending the outcome or navy action on Bhuiauer. »"<- has been employed by the department's united Nations relations stafr as a liaison of f ic er At the time of McCarthy's charges st year, Mrs. Brunauer declared she was not, "never have been and couldn't possibly be a Commun- st." Husband "t s /.oral" .."'"'^. R PP K - A i"-« 10- MV-A -—. u .. . .,... u .... ,_„. ,. A ilCj ri'-'ijiY, April 10 f/Pi A gas pumped from the ground and! proposal (hat taxpayers marchon jer cent on the the state capitol was adopted with levy a tax of five p market value of such items as diamonds, mussel shells, sulphur and oil; Put the state in the wholesale liquor business. Crarr.Ti of Benton ' 'id a bil. to hike the ; ' ' • tax. it wouid tax salaries below $3,500 a year at one and a half percent and collect seven and n half per cent on salaries over 525,000 a year. Beer Levy Prnnosetl Representatives. Gean v. Houston of Cleveland, Abner E. McGuire of Nevada and J. In»ram Turtle of Faulkner, proposed a" levy of one-quarter cent an ounce on beer, with Ihe revenue car-marked --* ....„ lauujjjtCU WiUI little opposition by the Arkansas House today. The resolution was Introduced by Kep. G. C. Carter ot Franklin vl .Cpunty. '' He asked that Thursday be set aside as "homecoming day" for Arkansas taxpayers. She described her husband as z thoroui-hly loyal American" a v i»- orous anti-Communist and "able and briliian scientist who made a distinguished 'contribution to ih var effort." She said he receive av.v letter of commendation an he order or the British em decoration. "As a result of what he did dm ng the war in the rield of hm explosives, certain new explosive vere developed which were or grca •aliie In anti-aircraft and tmdcrsc varfare," Mrs. Brunauer said thei n a statement. She said her husband once ha Communist connections shortly af er he came to this country at til p- or is as an immigrant froi Iimgary. But, she salr! they resultei rom a youth's need for companion hip which led him into the Hun anan section of the Young Work rs League. Husband Q.iil I.easne Mrs. Brunauer said her husband uit the league in 1927 afte he be an to understand lhe workhiRs o he Communist movement. In appearance before a, Senat ;rcign relations, bubcommillce hich investigated McCarthy', largcs, she submitted a letter froir ormer Republican Senator Joscpf Ball of Minnesota. Ball's letter dc> scribed Brunauer as "perhaps the most violently anti-Communist person I know." Ball was a neighbor of the Bruii- aucrs. Brunauer entered (lie Navy as a lieutenant on Oct. 23, 1042 and held the rank of commander when he was returned to civilian status Nov 1.1. 1946. He then went to work for the Navy as a civilian. O.N' THI.U, trial in Circuit < as she entered coat i —Courier News rhntu -Mrs. Willie Flo McCormicfc, Blythevilie bookkeeper on i'," 1 '™' 51 * °" ai ''""' 8B of c «ibez!!lcnicnt, is shown above holds up a Frost Reported Over Arkansas LITTLE ROCK. April 10 (if, _ Frost formed In some Arkansas areas early today. L. A. Dhonau of the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service said no reports of any damage to crops would be compiled for several davs Frost was reported at Little Rock Star Joined Communist Party to 'Help World' WASHINGTON, April 10. (AP)-Movie slar Sterling Hayto, said today he joined the Communist Party hi 194 6,. but that he now imks iha was the stupidest, most ignorant, thing I've ever done WASHINGTON. April lo. (APi-Movie star sterling Hayden said oclay he Joined the Communist Party ,n I9« "because , felt I wa, ted to do something for a better world." »*i«ea Hayden. brawncy former Marine* Corps captain and holder of the Weather Arkansas forecast; Partly cloudv and mild this afternoon. Scattered oYovV; COOLER owers tonight. Wednesday partly flcuriy and cooler. - Missouri forecast: cloudy this arternooii and 'onighu followed by ex- um^nv. IUUUMUI showers southeast tcniaht and C.N- tremc southeast corner Wednesday by Wednesday evening; .lot so cold southeast and extreme south- colder east and south Wednesday" low tonight 38-40 southeast; hiah Wednesday near 50 south. Minimum this morning— 31. Maximum yesterday—45. Sunset today—6:28. Sunrise tomorrow—5:3.1. Precipitation 24 hours to 7am today—.21. Total since Jan. 1—16.83 Mean temperature (mldsvay between high and low)—37.5. Normal mean temperature for April—61. This Date Last y f ar Minimum this morning—60. Maximum yesterday—77. Silver Star for valor, told the House Un-American Activities Committee that he signed up with the party at the request or a Bea Winters. He joined the party, lie testified after his discharge from service in December. 1545, and his return to civilian life which he said he found "dislurbiiiEr." He Was Tnccrlain Tht 35-year-ohi actor sal;, , le went back to Hollywood uncertain whether lo go to his original Job as a seaman, or whether to do something "about this political thing" he discovered while serving in (he Yugoslav partisan movement as a U,S Army agent. Finally, he said. Miss Winters asked him: "Why don't you quit talking and join the Communist Party?'' "I joined thc party." Hayden said. Tiie one-time Marine Corps captain, whose real name is John Hamilton, was the lead-off witness in the second phase of the committee's orobc of whether Reds have infiltrated the movie capital. fn sessions scheduled for the remainder, or the week he will be followed by actors Will Ocer Victor Killian and J. Edward Bromberu- actress Anne Revere: writers Rich ard CpIHns. Harold Bi.chman. Waido Salt, Robert Lees and Paul j ar . ™": ™ a . t M <*« R<=is Rosenberg, Fred Orarf and a Mr. Moore, not otherwise Identified. Council to Get Water Utility ' Jaycees Name Election Slates H. L. Halsclf, Jr., And Billy Boone To Seek Presidency Billy Boone and H. L. Halscll Jr were named last night as caiidi dates for president of the Junto Chamber or Commerce ror th coming year. Election of three other officer and four members ol the Board o Directors will be held April 23 fol lowing a. dinner meeting, It als was announced last night. . • A Jaycee nominating committee last, night announced the following other candidates: For second vice president—J. t. Westbrook Jr., and Al Chaffin For treasurer—Prank Harshman and Edsel Ilarber. For secrctarj—Virgil Shaneylel and Chester Caldwell, Jr. For directors (four to be elected) —Bryce Layson, Bob Warren, Elmci R. Smith, A. A. Frertrickson. Robert Ltpsccmb, Joe Warren. Louts '.vnch and Herb Child*. To.Name Honorary Members Two honorary members or the unior Chamber also will be se- ected by the club at the April 23 lection. These memberships are warded annually (o Blythevilie icn who have assisted the club in ts activities. Nomination deadline cr honorary memberships is noon \pril 18. The new officers and directors •ill tic installed and the honorary lemberships awarded at a ban- uet lo be held during the week of lay B-12. Mr. chafin, Mr. west- rook and Wade Lcc arc in charge r thc banquet. In other action last night, the ub nominated Jaycee President harlcs Moore as a candidate for ate vice president from Northeast rkansas. stale officers will be ected at the annual Arkansas ivcce convention in Port Smith ay 4-6. About eight Blythevilie <ycecs are expected to attend Ihc •invention. The club last night also voted to iter a Jaycee team in the City oflball League. Mayor Doyle Henderson said this I • morning he would present to thei Woman Claims New City Council tonight a copv cf his' PI c j r. . letter to Robert K. Johnston own i Plane Spcecf Record er of Biythevillc Water Company ' asking him to set a purchase price j [ ' S " DI ° Calif.. April 10. <iP>— Jac- , =>• .1 w.ijjj,uuu[] iiums uil a . an effort lo coneeai Mrs. McCormlck's face fron, the photographer. Testimony Under Way In McCormick Trial The trial of Willie Flo McCormick. bookkeeper charged with the embedment of more than 54,100 from'her employer Blythevilie Pro ».«e Company, droned through the second morning wi'thUiestae c,™" mg only one witness and presenting 'foundation evidence. Dick Watson, manager at Meyers Bakery here, was the only witness to take the stand this morning and he testified that certain canceled checks were given by his company in payment For propane gas shown by delivery tickets to have been delivered by Blythevilte Propane Company. Both the tickets and lh e can- M f Arthur to Push Demand for Free Hand in Conflict General'* WorJ. Boil Ov«r World ; Pae« I* i n Toky* By The Associated Trent Ihe controversy over Gen. Donnas MacAithur's recent statements boiled on three comments today but in Tokyo the United Nations commander Indicated he intends to Keep right on pressing tor greater latitude In the Korean campaign I" a two-hour discussion "will Armv Secretary Frank Pace Jr at his Tokyo headquarters yesterday, MacAi'llim- Is believed to 'have -iskcd for more troops and a freci hand to wage war against the Communist Chinese. Mar-Arthur has repeatedly railed against Red China's "privileged sanctuary of Manchuria" and In his talks with Pace may have sought Ihe right to bomb Chinese supply bases, Tokyo dispatches said Ihc supreme commander—criticized by Truman administration supporters for urging use of Chinese Nationalist Hoops in a record front against Red China-authorized a spokesman to deny reports he had been reprimanded tot the statement. Informed sources said MacAr- tlmr stood his ground in his conference with pace on his publicly expressed views that have provoked a storm in Washington Paris London and other western capitals' I" London, a foreign offic-' spokesman Britain has ex- as expressed privately to [„(, Unitca States il.s concern over Ihe MacArthur the Americai MacArttinr. 'Our viewpoint has been made known through on. ambassador Sir Oliver Pranks, through normal' conversations," the spokesman said He insisted It was not a formal protest-usually a stern measure Britain is anxious to keep out of political dispute over In Washington the White House maintained silence on any possible presidential rebuke that might be planned for the general. One highly Placed concessional source said no drastic action against MucAr- (Inir was In immediate prospect and that Mr. Truman has not yet reached a decision on the burning question. • . While - •administration supporters SccMacAKTHUR on l'a w 12 Mortar Blasts Bring UN Units To Halt at Dam Water Still 200 Feet Deep in Reservoir B) Or.EN' CI.KMIiNTS AP Corrpsunnrldnt 'IV*.,. n 1-1 . ' "..i.. :eled checks were Introduced ,.„ evidence by the state. Remaining Jurors ricked The opening statement of the prosecution yesterday afternoon Informed the jury that the state would attempt to prove that Mrs McCormick altered the Propane' company's records of the Meyer's Bakery account in'order to hide au> embezzlement. " The attorney for the defense" In his opening statement yeslerday'af- ernoon, said they would nttcmpl to prove that Mrs. McCormick only followed instructions In her job and that seven persons had access lo the propane company's cash box' Earlier yesterday afternoon the last, four members of the jury were chosen, atter 34 prospective jurors lad been examined. The four chosen yesterday nfter- 10011 were George Slilwcll, Clirford Elliott, Ben Hall, and Joe B. Evans. Supervised Itccnrils Mrs. McCormick has been an em- ploye of the Blythevilie Propane ;ompany for about tour years Ac- ording to the stale, she had the upcrvision or the records and she ook the delivery tickets and money rom truck drivers, she also pre- lared the daily sales report and ' -""•<K-M wuii considerable he collection report listing ihe I Klunv " support, to knock out ol the hecks sent in rm credit sales, 'at;- I'O'y'h'B legislation even a skeleton.. to the prosecution's state- lent. This morning, Mr. Watson AP Correspondent Tom Hradshaw* reported from the central front latllCBround that the water behind the dam still is about 200 feet deep The Reds opened 10 or Ihe reservoir's IB floodgates AJomlav in a try to halt the Allied drive But water quickly subsided lo ncar- lormal levels in the Puklmn River -escrvolr outlet. American units paced the Allied assault on the dam. The Commu- ilsts fought back ivilh a steady barrage of mortar shells. Hracislmw said it was believed the Chinese lucked the equipment nec- "Mttry (n litow the dam. In the nir. American F-8G Sabre et.s shot down one Russian-type ilIG-15 Jet lighlcr JUKI d.iningetl .notlier. The air buttle was fought' at low level over "MtG alley" near' Slnuiju in northwest Korea Oilier Fifth Air Force' plane Tuesday flew close support mission, or Ihe Allied Infantry and con tinned their attack- on Red supply lines. Bitter Communist resistance wa reported from the western front a. Allied patrols probed deeper Into Red Korea, intelligence reports said the Reds were sending more troops lo this sector. Supply Dumps Hammc.tH On the east coast Allied warships hammered Communist simply dumps ami traffic routes There was no report .of ground conlacl on this front. At the Allied offensive punched northward, Informed sources In Tokyo said General MacAr(,hur liac See WAH on I-.ige 12 Barden Renews Effort To Defeat UMT Plan Hy RUTH COWAN WASHINGTON, April 10, (AP)-Eftorls by aij'wror convinced loclay, "' " 5l " light <Imn .bill in mittce, said he still intends to fig"ht liard, backed with considerable , . on tool•he stand promptly at !!:30 and was ept there until court recessed for oon. The sUlc presented, one at time, the gas delivery tickets and he canceled checks for each ticket. Hie courtroom was packed again' its morning when Mrs. McCormlcl- imc forward, but the crowd thiri- ed as the morning wore on. izccl UMT provision. "Universal Military Training in peacetime affccl.s the economic and educational life of the The House late today or tomorrow will resume consideration or pending Universal Military the American people us no other legislation ever has," Barden said. "It's Ton Important" "It Is much too Important to be considered as part or a draft bill on the utility. The monthly held at 8 o'cloci imetina will ill City i;all •Mayor Hcndcrsr.n .saici he had not received an answer to this letter and therefore "would present tils letter lo the Council and Ict them quelinc Cochran claimed a .new world's speed record ror propcllor- drivcn t'rplancs today. She averaged 169 mites an hour yesterday over "a j Jfi-kilorcietcr course. Officials of the National Aero- n^aulic Association recorded Miss on film and timing Instruments. Negro Killed As Train Hits Auto Dock Nctferdill Of Luxora Victim Of Crossing Wreck LUXORA. April 10. _ Dock Nct- j tcrdlll, 55-year-old N'e B ro of near an cachvlllc husi I I '" xora ' wcls killetl Distantly at 2-30 new men In Ixrachville last niph't I p ''"' >' ci5ter[ja - i -' »'l'cn Hie 1930 Ford cout Troop Organized Leachvilh " T hlctl hC . WB5 " rivln * " "" " l —• / v« May July It's Your Problem, Too ><P »*l*Wc f™dkc^- i " CVitn '" C >r ' 31 lhc sc * cr »il«»ii"n will come There Is no need to belabor the point that Ihis topic I, a vital one conccrnm, all ot us. While no final action is likclv tonight It behooves us all to become acquainted with the issue. ' ' ni inis could be ncconipljshcd bv hcttrr at tendance of citizens at Council meetings than has been noted in the You cannot act or form .,„ Intelligent opinion on such an issue Open High Low ,.« "T """""^ "* moran<!nt *">"* "" varied paths o s n, . 4539 MM 4539 4539 ^'^ " CW a ' ld ° dC 1 Ualc s «'r Wl<™. " • -H7S 4482 4460 4460* , have " volce ln lhi s matter-either at Ihc polls or through ' Z 5 SS 39 " M7 i m ' ma "' AUendi " g Co " r ' cil meeting, is , good way 1 . 3M8 3399 3870 3863 « cilizen who knows whereof he speaks A Boy Seoul troop for Leachvillc was organized last, uisht at a meeting of North Mississippi County scout leaders and Lcachvlllc busi- -e.w men In Ixrachville last night i Tlic new troop Is to be known as I Troop No. 42 of Leachvillc and Is I cln^i S|)0nS " r . Cd ''- v lllc LeacliviHcl will scrv'e the troop as scoutinas- I ter and J o S^'ilnrt will iw 1 \ "'"" ~ "" '•" IMIA ^"^ ststant sctiut im-ter i»s-j Nclterdill's car had Just turned off ^is \Lr^ B b w A ^--'i'T''^'^-'-^"^ vcn nnraerf , , Hipp i when It was struck by the train. ,„!.„ t. nr> u p comm '"™- Netlcrdill was alone In the car at men hy thc Chamber of Commerce.' the time of the acrideni Ihe new troop has a member-j Car Aiin.irmllv Slaltc ship of nine and all were present; Deputy .sheriff Dave Youn 3 it at last night's meeting. The prcs-[ Osccola "was Ihc investigating orti ent members are Billy Gene Cir- ' '" — ---. . . . ter. -Karold E. Thomas, Bill 'w Reid, jimmy J. Mooney c.irl n Selby. Tommy M. oia.«. J M w ! • ...„.- Ymin?, non R. Edwards and Gray I aml was w - A - AHcnsworlh of Training and service bi'll. It , vul[ , u reduce the draft age to 18n years and lay the foundation for" UMT The Senate has already passed a military manpower bill providing for UMT to come into being alter the present . emergency military call-up, and lowering ihc draft ace to 18 years. The House bill is spoiuurti Chairman Vi.iEon (U-Oa> and Price Regulation To Be Discussed At Meeting Here District OPS Head To Talk to Merchants Tomorrow Night Ceiling PHCC Regulation No. T affecting retailers or many lines of merchandise, will be explained at i meeting here tomorrow night by j =; V'!, 1 "f, thc dlstlict ° fflc e or Price Stabilization In Little Rock The nice ing Is to lie held In the Mun"! cipal Court room In Citr TTnll at 7:30 p.m. J ' at Announcement or the mectlnn was made today by Worth D Holder, manager of the Chamber ot Commerce, who said a similar meel- ng for grocers and cnfe oper.itor. Is being planned lor the night of April 17. Under the provisions of regula- flon No. 7. retailers aro required lo prepare a pricing chart ' what they sold goods for on tied dale, what was paid Roods and what was the m u twcen cost mut selling prki """ ' Sels Margins Having determined, the i., u(tu?lr) , this manner. Mr. Holder sald.' r lhe retailer cannot use wider margins ln]e Pricing the goods offered tor Retailers or men's, women's and children's apparel and shoes household textiles, yard goods, furniture floor coverings, lamps and lamp shades arc rctiuired to use Peb 21 "i the list date In preparing prlc- Retallers or radios, television sets phonographs, musical instruments louscwares, notions, luggage sport ng goods, silverware, chlnaware glassware. Jewelry, watches and clocks are required to use Mar 31 is the list date in preparing charts ccordlng to provisions or tht Mr Holder stated that merchant, ...willing any o! those items should attend tomorrow night's meeting as the Items arc covered by Ceiling Price Regulation No. 7 N. O. Cotton i O A A T^ T™' ^" j Amor Tobacco by Anaconda Conner - an en- B «U> Steel dor.scd 32 to 3 by his Mouse Armed Chrysler Services Committee. Rarden isat! Oc " Elnclrlc work on a campaign to put over r ' c " Motor* M°»tgoinerv Ward " Trooper ClMif Marker of Blythevilie Trooprr Dp.tkrr staled that the known eye witness to Ihc acct- New York Stocks U Wcinbcrg. " " "'"* j Dlythcvlllo. , The troop is Lcachville's first and j last night's organizational me et- I Ing climaxed nearly two year* of | crfort by North Mississippi county Scout workers lo form one there. New York Cotton Open Ills}! Low i : ; May July Oct. Dec. 4539 4183 1488 . 3011 MB3 . 3900 3908 •i.WO 1472 3950 453!) 4 4 65 3918 . Ds.kfr stated that Nct- terdlU'K car apparently had become stalled on the ti;uk. The car was dragged approximately 1.200 feet by the train. Trooper Marker said. lint N'cttcrdlll was thrown clear of the wreckage fol- : lowing the accident. I The freight train was traveling north at I lie time of (he accident and the car east, Ihc officer said. 'Hie Negro's skull was fractured as were his right arrn and left leg, 1'rooper Barker said. his substitute measure that contains no UMT provisions. Indorsement Kcrcivri] In an attempt to allay tc.trs tit ihosc opposed to UMTS, vinson yesterday sot endorsement of the armed services committee for an amendment that would stren s thcn Congress' control. 'ruler this amemhm-nt thc bill «culd set. up plans for UMT in a National Security Training Corps and provide for a live-man com- nbwion to be appointed by the Pr.*-. den This commission, within six ; , r . lv months after appointment, would:,},,;. •submit to Congress a program for i s"m operation of the corps j ^ N Y Central fnt Harvester Soco.u- Vacuum Studcbahcr Standard of N J ! Texas Corp I Hears ! U S Steel ' " 153 5-5 - 63 5-8 . 39 7-8 . 55 . 7!) 3-8 . 55 . 52 6-8 . 70 . 1!> 1-5 34 (i(> I-i 13 l-< 20 27 -{-I 32 1-! 101 1-1 333 333 :(25 2D7 333 333 322 231' Closa 333 333 .321 296 T wo Men Fined Here as Result Of Separate Auto Accidents here last night. Clarence Busby or rilitiois: was fined $100 and cosls and sentenced to one day in Jail on a charge ot driving under the Influence of Honor R«(ly Morris wa s fined S10 on his pleas of guilty to a chaise of fail- In? to stop at a traffic li»ht Busby was arrested fast night Jit hc *' a ' "riving back- 3H18 l Otis Bn.vdfr of Chaffee. Mo., wa s was parked in the Slrcct - 200 block n, - o one »•« injured but damage to Mr. aann's car was estimated at $iso Morris was arrested after the ear he was driving collided with a car driven by Joe Bcchcl of Tunell at the Intersection of H'a 1 "—'" «> •»'i Main Street. ' " """ According u siati IVOOIMT CJydu "s>". *>u uni' \\tiS injured but both cars suffered minor damage. ;: Officers today wcic continuing in-ji vcstigation or a> third accident. which occurred at 3:15 u.m yes- -- r lerday on Highway 61 three "and' " one-halt miles south of Dlythe- ville. Trooper Barker reported that a Chevrolet pickup truck dm-en bj Charles !f. Panfcey 15, of Blythe- vllle Route Four was going off » road known as Barker Lane on to Highway 81 and was struck by «. Kay Cookie Company (nick. The name of the driver of tho Kay truck was not learned. Troop- ir Barker said. No one ivss Inured and no arrestj hav« bMti iiade if yet.

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