The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1030 CLASSIFIED ADS •iTto cents a word rpr first Insertion ami one cent » word lor each, subsequtnt ln«r- tlon. No BdwrliMment Uien lor less than 60». Count th« words and tend tbe cash. Phone 306 _ FOR 8AI.K TOR-SALE—Baby Chicks. Custom hatching each week Iiom now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2Celt-ti 5TANTOR COPVRIGMT IQ5Q foY PACK FIVE OUR HOARDING HOUSE By Aheru MEATU WOSKEN .CHELSEA MOUSE. \.'j. Take Dial Trio hi a Gwd Used Car. You will have Ihe use of Ihc iar while you're Ihcre and also save Iraveling expenses. Make your Selection From (lie following List of Used Cars, l.e-w- cs,l 1'rlccs mid Easiest Terms. 1929 Model Whippel Coach.. S2U51 1930 .Model Ford Couiw $5251 11WO Model l-'ord Tailor Sedan 5193 j 19JG Mudel-lluklt Sedan .... $175 l'J29 Model Fcrd Sland. Coupe ?425 1923 .Mcdct Ford Sporl Couijc $305 1028 Model Chrysler G Sedan $3751 1'J'iC Model t'irA Touriilf .. $ 85 1929 .Model Ford,Tudor Si-dan 5350 1929 Model Ford Stand. Ccupc $325 1828 Model Ford Uoudiler— $205 11)28 Mod. Ford Business Coupe 5295 Investigate our New "55.00 Duwu and $5.00 Weekly" 1'lan Covering Every Used Car in Slock. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authoriitd Ford Dealers PHONE bil TODAY HiSN'i FOR RENT—August 1st, one office, Ingram Building, inquire Pjrinursl Company. . !)c-tf. FOR KENT—Three room Dal, all modem conveniences. 1013 West Walnut St. Call 678. 19c-ll FOB. RENT—Modern six room stucco house, liath and double garage. One and one-hull lots comer Missouri and Franklin. Has been newly decorated. Rent 535.00 per month. Ato a live room Irame house $12.50 per month, Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410- 21ckH8 m:i;i.\ HF.nn TODAY JUDITH <;llA.Vr, nrll«l'« mnilcl. Jnv<-« AI.AN STEVM!. "» <lo*« rllllMMV MQKI.KV. hrr lic«l frlrutl. irbummr hnil lovrd Slejup jrnr. imo nnd lt»l hrr mrmiirf \\brn he \vi-m H«ayi •"- (buupU hi- h>vr» Juililli. JuJllh I»|>IN fee run.I ui.irrr fhuiiiiujr. »vku rmalni hrr )m . Iy %>hcn ifer «rcn Ulni nRaln. Jil'lllli «luillr» ilnm'lnj: anil 1,1'i-nnir. M.-.i ol n iuii»l«il ".turn linrkfd lir rkli IIHUC1-: (illli:<)\. lilu. K InlniunlrJ wilh her. .Mrunivlillr. Chummy lr:irn> Hint .linlltli nnil Sterne lire In love ant* ililli rrriix-n lo tUflTTy Slri'iir, l-humiiiy. Cliloon lrlt» In JUInrlt Juililli In lili niiarlnicnl. Slit *»- rn|ir», 'nnd ht l,ru« l"' r lo mn"J Mm, hill ftbe rrfimrji nnd ftir* 10 J-:uro|ie im n imile»*lo»m lour. I IninniiT :u:-l SIC) lie i<rr|iarc 10 en inrtrrlril, liul Miililriilr lr "' n ,linnil, hn« liccn lindlj HIITI I" " thrnlrr Ore. Shp li lirouitlil liarK In Ncit Vork nnd lell« Iiirin »ue ui;i> nrvrr lie oble <o tinner- jiBliln. I1ASTII--.N HUMONT. n Veiling nrlKl «ho luv*» Juilllii. NOW co o.v WITH tin: STOHV CHAPTER XL D UMONT saw Judy oltcnc-r lha anybody clso during tho DCS three or four days. Filio seemed t like him lo sit with her. Sho wa gentle anil kind to him. Sho too a grc-iit Interest In his work. They were days that passed like a dream to tho young artist He was unhelicvahly happy. Each day he thought Judy looked more as If she were coming back to life. She said Blio had hardly any pain lelt, and she was healing up splendidly. They were truly golden September days, and all his life Bastlen never forgot them. One day she said lo him, Just as he was going away: "Galileo, are they saying that 1 am Being to marry Mr. Gideon?" "I believe most of them think BO. Judy." "You can tell Ihcm 1 am not, lie asked me to, Bastleu, but 1 Eald uo." "1 don't think I over believed you would, Judy," ho said. "Only, of course, you were about with him a Kreal deal." "1 know. I played a little game with him. nasliea, if you want to ! hasn't been near mo sliico she llrsi ame—lhat was four days ago. hill has become <if her? Do you liuk they've been married?" "Oil, Judy, we Bhoiild have card." ho replied. "Oh. 1 wish they would:"'she rlcd. "I do islsh they wnuhl!" Her eagerness svcimjd naiuiiil in carried her tuto tho studio. llo opened nil llie windows, ton land botlom, nnd felt the fresh air riiidi In and [mrlly the place. llo felt very nuccr nnd cold. What had happened to Chummy? llml she mat' ning her Or ehe gas stnvo and :iiihrcl lo Ihc finiiea? liul <'«c i|ii. FO he missed Ibe fcvrrisii IP.u- j didn't clonn a tins slovc wllh tho a' her voice. As he said untidily llmriiera nirncd on. he took OIK' of his hainH ami lali! j icr cheek n?ri!iisi H fur ;i sci'mul n ust like a child, lic'nre I"' r"" : 'i' < -,lop hlmsclt be had linn an.I hi • •"--. . I icr hair. "Dear old Ihislli'ii!" ,ii:ily i:m i inured. "Ycu'rc siifh n pull" Uomont lliinisln " M..I:I-I' :i-i' ho had not seen ollln'r u:iiuin:i\ m Stcyno at the Cafe Ti:n- tur «. v, -.--. ' nights. I'crhapi ihey liail K"i :i . • ami been married wiilimii s:i>-i«-- | anythlni;. They coiililu'i !::>'• i •• •: much of a te.'livlly uf U. i:-,i>- i .» wilh Judy ln!d up. Ile thought He "wimlil !M'|> m a: , Clmmmy'a sliulin on lil^i w;n n.u-li It was then about hair |i:isi .<iv i The day had hccn o;iu i>t mi-lnav heat, and Ihe atmosphere w:is |):irk | and Ihrealcnliig. It fell Ilkp u storm. A few heavy raindrop Icll I'urliiiibly caiiiieb, Dasllen bod 11-1 liofore IHOII present v. beii a ii-inl hail I: 1 . I'M risusciialcil alicr uii^ ni-iirly Killed hluiftll In llifi ir-;ime way. lie kus-w what to , .ul lie did It ^Illiont gnlni; for iluc-nir illiiiminy was very far .-:.•. lull lu> s::ll'll!«d hllllFelf tlial :i- c<ii: : <! lii 1 i^vivcil; n:id he knew I.,- i < d'.-.l ii"i v.Ish him lo call a l;ntw what slie was talking alioul. Kho &.IVQ cliapU'r and vor^o. \Yhllo tlic llooil^atca v.-cro open, tin flood Plotted Ihroiieh. Judy :u;il Alan loved oilier. They h.'.d loved c-ven more sinco Alan tame bark. quite fi'i-uiitlcu her. she said. nldy hi! never loved IHT. llo had l>. in very tond of her n? a frletid--ih;-.l was nil: hut hu L>voi| Judy, llnw could any man help lovLiii; Jiiily'f Tho I:, t rpii ti'iico \vns s-i tr.:o ylie:!. and Ihiil it waj l':o did one never as Bastlen rcacheu Cbuniiiiy's liuild ng. He boned II was not the bieak I',,i j;. I'.l' ilii:? lie roallzod lhat • ..;; ;iv I ::il lnlrlii!i'(l 10 comiilll ..; .-.ill II • l-.;:i= Sllll IllinlhCll. It ,-:, S" >nnlid-Chummy lylns i;.i-n- >-.nh Her brad In the uas .vi'ii chummy to tunlly !ill liy life rh:ii slie liuil .-iuuHlit this way out! EU' cniLEil imrt^lno nlhcr sills do ins II even Judy, under cerialn oiri-iiinslanres: Hill not Chllmm'y— Clinrniiiy. who nnil inailc up uer inli:il ihal love camo before work nuil who was i;oiiiK lo bo married up of those wonderful, golden days ', :lm | || V(J hiipptly ever aflcr! Not a sound was !o be Heard In j |j er C ycllds btlircd, nnd she the building- Diimonl reached her mo nned faintly. Dumont held col( tloor anil knocked at her door. water lo her Ilp3. Sho drunl; n Thcro was no response, ile knoclica n,,| C Then he hurried out to tli again Me with the §am« result, tried the door, Ihen. and I galley, and. knowing It was nm I sato lo strike a light, put BOIII found that il was not locked; so | ;faler on lo boil. WANTED lie went In. Chummy's place wna rather dark at all times. There was o little dark lobby that led Into tho studio, where, of course, it was light, tint a curtatn shut oft tho entrance. Leading out of tho lobby on the right was a dark passage that led into tho tiny gallery where Chummy's cooking was done. Her bedroom was oil tua other side o! the studio. The storm made It even darter this evening. Dmnonl stumbled against a tall oil jar thai was When he came hack she was »H tine ui>, greenish while about ill' breathing more or lesa know. Ilo-didn't want to marry mo meant to hold umbrellas. He called ffice, normally. "naslieu!" she gasped. "Chummy!" ho replied, wllh as! much reproach as rclicl. "What a dreadful thing to do! Ic was luck that 1 camo in time!" And then Iho proud, reserved Cbnminy came lo the end of her self-control. "1 wish you hadn't come!" she cried. "I you hadn't come!" Sbo broke down completely, and it was terrible lo watch. WANTED — Family Washings.. Washed and ironed by compe-i lent white woman. Mrs. Brown, | 701 S- Lake St. IVck-tl [ —you can imagine that. He didn't think 1 was goad enough; but he found he couldn't get me any other way." The young man was white. 'His hands wei a clenched. "Juiiy!" ho said, and ho shook with a frenzy ol rage. "It's all riRht, liastien," she satd. "You needn't worry. Mr. Gideon Husky Chicks, standard bred, pro- ashed me to marry him, and 1 reduction type, Barred Rocks, Reds, English' Leghorns,' Orpingtons; 100 —57.50, Heavy Mixed, 56.75; prepaid; live delivery. Ozark Farms, Westphalia, Mo." "Reds, Barred Rocks, White Rocks; 100—58.85; Heavy Assorted, 56.50; prepaid; live delivery. Central Farms, Jeflerson City, Mo." LOST i fused. We're more than quits. You can tell the boys that I'm not going to marry him." out Chummy's name, hut there \v no reply. Just as he was going out. he studied gas. Tho odor was strong He thought Chummy must have gone out and left a burner on. lie had better look into her galley; so ho wen*, along the little passage and oncued the door ot the tinv kitchen. Hero the fumes of gas were almost overpowering. He dared not light a match, so he groped his wny Little by Illllc-. Dnmont managed to soothe her and to bring her back lo normal lieliavior: hut she was completely demoralized menially, and could no moio control her word? thai) a person out of her mind. did i:. t l;i "l!l!I ,vhy ho :is!. -:1. "IKi .11; -e llu-y tliiln'l waul ono In L;IICSS. ll.islicu." film Ul;.;li'.p In Uofp nuytblilK b:n'!.". They u".:iied lo l:i:i'p It from inc. t w;.- Judy at llrsl — yon k:inw iidy: 1-n afterward It wan A 1.1:1, 00. Pl.-j n:ade him tec il lhat v.-.-iy." II,'-.v do yon krmw?" T*f:ii.r.p ] do know—I cau'l 1. Il v.iis \-.\-.i bt'foro wn wi:ro i;u-' l:ij nuinlcd the lir.-u iSmo — ast >i:ir—1 r.iii't Icll yon, hnl 1 saw ilium Inscllier. and I know. They were faylns tooilhy. Jmly knew I loved Aliui. Klic wonliln't take lihn frnm I:K'. Yon linnw Judy. They -li:ln't know I'd heard and seen." "A 1 :'] then," said Ihe youiiB man, growli::; eiillclucncd. "ynu suddenly dcclik'l ibal you must cut your work iicfore Steync 1 .'" - Ch'iLimy nof'.dcd. "J-.nly always thought you'd bad n qunfrcl. you know." "Yes. I know. 1 don't think sbo gucEbol at l!ie time: but alterward sho knuw (hat I know." "Aroa't yo'.i inK,^inlng tlilii;;i?" "Xj. Ibstlen. I'm Enro of il. Then, you l:uuw. filio maiio IKT great E'icccss nnd went away. ;md I believe c!ic tci>k up whh Mr. Cld- C(s:i so dial Alan shouldn'l think about l;c-r any moio. Yau ki^.'.r Jndy." k was pathetic how sbo repeated tlioso Ihrca words. "I-lio would never marry him while 1 was tberr—I know ll:al." "lli-.l then." put In Dumont, Intensely [".r/zlod. "ynn WLIC goiny lo ho iriiijiii'd—nou'V" "1 .l:n.)-.v. Alan dritteil luck somch'i'..-. I e'M'frt It was hci-iuite LIMPS Til 7 -tiMBS '. GOME IM TOR A SAU--PUME, AM PS MORE KICK THAU CA.RM&RA'.S BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES *l?| AIRY THOUGHTS By Martin forward, as the little place was almost dark. « T fUDY. you always said you oroiild never marry until you fell fn love. Aren't you ever going to fall in love?" "Oh, Dastien!" Kho heaved a deep sigh, allhough sho laughed, too. Ho saw the sadness In her eyes, and he wondered nnd wondered, having no Inkling Judy mid there w;,s all lhat lali: alj:>iil .Mr. Cildcou. 1 don't She did what she would never 1 know, hul (hero It wax: nnd 1 was have done, whnl slio wnuld rather |perr.'i:n';d n;-»i:irt myself, liast'.en. liavo died than done, it sl'.o hnd j 1 o::::!it tn h.'.vc, known thnt ho been herscll—she lold him the|had!:'t fori;ottcii her. 1 thought truth. | perhaps hn had: lini'on Iho night "Baslien, yon should have Ic-t me when we h.-arrl a!»>ut Ihc tiro at tho cut of It. Ihcaler—the nisiit when wo wcro of tlie truth. "Bastieu," slie went ou. "Chummy LOST—Mack leather hat box containing Indies wearing apparel from car Sunday at Sixth and Main streets. Bag has initials R. F -' nr • . .„„ ™ M _ Re II $3500 reward. No questions CHANCi, OP A LIFE TIME-R.e-J asked. Higiiflll Cotlou Co., phone | liable, ambitious man be. It's Uio only wny Judy and Alan love each other, ;ali at the cafo—ilieii I know onto but they won't take their haiiiilncsr, ini>d for ii'.l. Snuo r.t yn.i inil!icd E gave a cry as he nearly fell I because or me!" lh!:n. I ll:in!:: Imt 1 did. 1 Just saw over something soft, neinltns. " * ' I'llin die. llaslica!" ho found lhat It was Chummy, quite unconscious, her fair head lying almost in tho gas oven, Ihe door of which was open. He began to choke and splutter, as ho felt for the gas burners and found them fill turned full on. When ho had Inrned ganizcrt volition and her eloquent I v them off, he picked up Chummy and »'ord», ho came to sco that she 1 Hiininni moved to action. at her and was Telling her to r,lc AT first Dumont thought Chummy "• must he mad. lie had not hnrl (ho fuinlosl inkling of such a situa-' si!!l, Im v.-esr. nut. brewed coffee, lion. He put it down lo tho gas. | and forced her In drink a cup. Sho It hud poisoned her mind. Dot 'had recovered somewhat, hat sha litlle by little, through her disor- looked as U B!IC had shaken hand* ganizcd volition and her eloquent I with, death. (To tic Continued) 352. to cstob- i-ick'28 I Hsh local business. We finance you. Experience unnecessary. McNESS DISTRIBUTOR WANTED—UNUS-1 CO.. Div. 45 Frecport, III. 26pk28 UAL OPPORTUNITY with good' profits—exclusive territory open to sell Dluco 1,000 Mile Guaranteed Motor Oil—small investment necessary. Blumcnfclrt Oil Co. Memphis, Tenn. 26pk28 COLORED MEN—Hair straightening pomade, $1 a can with special price to agents; no hot comb needed; satisfaction guaranteed, j"' Lr-.obong Manufacturing Co., Au- • gusta, Ga. 26pk28 New York Cotton OLDEST NEWSPAl'EKSIAX j STILLWATER. Minn. <UP) — 3elebraling 60 years of coniiimous service, W. E. Easton, editor of 111? Stillwalcr Gavotte, will observe the anniversary of Iiis three score years of service August 5. StarthiB NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3u r dental offices will be closed :ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I> H. Moore. Dr. H. A- Taylor, Dr. H. S. >Davis. NEW VORK, Jliy 20 tUP)—Cot- lon closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct (Old) 1230 1300 1230 1305 Oct tnew) 1205 1280 12G4 1275 Dec told) 1304 1321 1304 1317 tncw) 1273 1285 1279 1203 Jan (old) 1310 1318 1310 1303 Jan (new) 12B9 1303 1289 1302 Mar 1310 1324 1309 1310 May 132C 13-11 12G1 1330 NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Hook your coal orders now, for fulure delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 N. K. R. Office 107 1'hone lies. 717 V. U. WASHAJI—Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phona 851 Memphis Phone 3-0315 Spots steady at 1205, up 20. oniy a bay and has had a hand in ; ear was nnh,idi<d all parl'ir, ro- put'liug oul every issue sine:: '• |.ortcct themselves im!::e:i:;'.ly i:H bficd. EVKIIVKODV'S HAJ'l'V RED WING, Minn. (U?>- 1; Red Win- B. Easton, August G, 1870. Eas'.on | mcnt u, 0 j helped with the first issue, though ' drop]>cd and XALAMAZOO. M:tl-.. 'UP) ntiill, cuiif-itlini; Dl lii.Cii5 t] .ui! h;- [;iC-.cii!vd to I'residem lioo ver in llie near fiilnrn by Geori; Iliimilton, of CiMiistin:-: Park. Ham ]llcn, nn cx-srrvlL-:- man, has hre withu'.it wo:-!: ^iuc-r- Inst Dcrcinb 1 could er.l all fna: v.crc ; ami is liiiar.cliiu l::o miilt by sell the ! ini New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 2G (UP) — Co'.ton closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct 1268 1282 1268 1278 Dec 1285 1298 1285 1294 jau 1293 1303 1292 12Mb Mnr 1310 1326 1320 1320 May 1330 133Gb Snols closed quiet at 1268, up 19. WERT ,Hc Makes 'Em See Closing Stock Prices A T. and T 239 7-8 Aviation 61-8 Chrysler 3U-2 Cities Service 293-8 Coca Cola 1793-4 Fox 48 3-8 General E:eclric 721-4 General Motors -16 7-8 Grirjsby Grunow 151-4 I. T. and T 471-2 Montgomery Ward 37 Packard '. 14 3-1 Radio : 45 Simmons -271-2 United Gas 365-8 U. S. Steel 1697-8 Royal C. Mills Public Accmmliinl and Auditor Sixrclallzlng in Income Tax, Gcoklieoping Systems Phone 52 tap-am Kids. Blylhevillc. Ark DON'T KNOW OWN FATIIEIIS DEAD COD, S. U. tUP>—"Father Is that strange man who comes here still daddy?" is being asked by scores of Deartwood children as reel whiskers, black whiskers, blom whiskers and just plain whiskers adorn Ihc faces of the male hal: of Uic town's population. It's al because of Ihc Whisker Club pr<\ paring for the annual "days of 'IB' program here August 7. 8 and C Prizes will be given tor tl'.e ues growth and for tl'.e mosl wonder f'.-l and fearful designs. SUIJDKN CI1ANGK OF MINIT TAiifi A COUPLE LOADED FRECKLES AND HIS I'RIENDS .... JUST A rMUUTC, P6D 1M6 CHAHseo W/ WOT 601VIS To SEMD VoO AFT6R ALL....AM' ' I'LL TELL ._... O~ AGATE IS Si* 1 \HAfJT Y°O To 60 Ti;crJ£ AH' BC S PAV aou DOLLASS, ALL REDDH-SG..-1 tAIMD DOiH' A 6WALL ERR AMD FOR fA6? Pfti DA.V FOR TUE WEsS H£KG OK! tuE CAMCH WST so FAR OFF 1 AWIAVS PAV EW, HELP N I<OI_> CXJT, BOSS—' AlUT AT ALL ueoe 1 DOKT TAl;S MO Do foa voo {- ) OUTDOOR HEAUTY SHOJ'I'r. I GC)T HIT WTH SO OVtR VJaH MY WATER COLORS SO -IHE.BLf.CK BLUE: V-JOM'T SHOW- OH'. HOW SID VOU &E.T SUCH A f\HV -SfVi SMtvLU-POX BUT 1HELY MiC JUST FRLCKLES. KOtt

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