The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1951
Page 9
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MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1951 'E 1MB TILLS, (ARK.)' Our Boordinq House with Moj Hooole BAH.'GROSSLY . .' IOO DWISlOHS MUST 66 RePT AT HO M 6 TO PROTECT THOSE CfJASS THE [PRESSURE MS UP/ — CUT "^ SMOP'AMO FROM THE GOOD Peopie- Uke A klD vMlTH r ^M ARMFUL ' [A SGSSIOcJ OF THE Ollte^^/CSHk *sS-VV-^ /lllt"=—, S (,---li^ // "^ =_^-.--,S*;-=«.=i. - -S5W-V gS /^^^W^^r'i^r-fc^^ g OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I STORY HE IW--STT noww AND WAIT A *AIMJTE OR TWO TILL I FIKUSH rr WILL VOU? HEROes ARE MADE -NOT BORM For economy's sake, For our family's health, Buy Meyer's Bread. And conserve your wealth. The Gold Mannequin By Myles Connolly COPYRIGHT 1951 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Gtiaranfepri Resl Prices Kirby Drug Stores HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD... Shoe Repair Saves Monev H-flLTCRS JQUBUITY SHOC SHO, 1 t2> W. MAIN Si" XX r pIM RKESE laughed quietly to liimseJ/ in deep satisfaction. Jean Roland had not cared much for the gown in the first place because it H>,TS a design for men, but very, wisely she hud worn it 'hat niRht. She knew her jury. And Jean was right. When the ballots were counted, the men had voted that Jean had modeled The "Vess of the Year. The chairman of the ball ascended to the platform to present 'he prizes: a pair of diamond e«r- -ings for the model, a miniature, ^old mannequin for the designer, le made a little speech and called 'ean to the platform, save her the "nrrings. He made a second little speech -nd called Mr Paul Panciera to •he platform, gave him the tiny mannequin. The chairman com- nlimented Mr. Panciera for his •alent in knowing the taste* of women, demonstrated so often in •he past, and for his talent in ;nowing the tastes of men, dem- instratcd so well there that eve- iing. Tim realized someone had to take 'he bows and if this were Mr. Panciera, the head of the firm, he was ttt* logical person in Tim's sb- Slill, Tim expected Mr. Panciern Jin his speech of acceptance to give (some credit to the actual designer, to refer, even indirectly, to Tim himself. But Mr. I'ancicra made no even slight reference to Tim. He praised Jean and took the rest of the glory /or himself. Indeed, to Tim's complete exasperation, Mr. Panciera was smug about the award, accepting it with an easy egotism, passing the gown oft as something he considered one of his lesser achievements. Tim watched him glibly bow himsel/ oft the platform, nonchalantly acknowledging the applause, and his exasperation grew to anger. He belonged in this evening somewhere, he told himscll. After all, he HAD designed the winning dress. The music began. Again the danceri danced, and again the whirling, ever-changing pattern of black-and-white marionettes and radiantly jeweled and gowned creatures came to life. But it was no longer fantasy for Tim. Somehow, falsehood and deceit had dispelled the celestial aura. Who was this tall, sharply-mous- lached, urbane and egotistical Mr. Panciera? Could he really be the unprepossessing, practically odious head of the Brm that Jean had led him to picture on her first visit to Cedarbrook? And why hadn't Jean telephoned or written to him about this important evening? It was his creation, she wore, wasn't it? Tim. in the balcony, got laboriously to his (cot. He was going to find the answers. • * • JIGGER, the bellboy, found Jcsn J at the bar in the lounge oft the Main Ballroom. She and Mr Panciera were being gaily toasted by a group of admirers. He waited until tbe hubbub cf the toast was over, then gave Jean the note he carried. Indifferent to the contents of the note (Jean had had many no'.es in her lite), she finished her wine before she read it. Mr. Panciera noticed the shadow of shock across her face. He took the letter from her limp fingers read it. 'No." he said in quick annoyance. "What does he mean turning up here without warning? No He can't do this. Send word you are tired and have to go home. Tell him you will call him tomorrow." Jean, still mute from shock, indicated Jigger who stood by waiting for instructions. "The gentleman is waiting?" Mr. Panciera questioned the beliboy. Jigger jerked a thumb over his shoulder. "In the lobby." Jean finally was able to speak "I'll have to go." She lowered her voice. "1 may not be able to comeback for a while. Forget about me. 1 ' Jean followed Jiggei toward the lobby while Mr. Panciera. frowning with annoyance, looked on. • • • "JYIE lobby ol the Empire was many-columned and richly shadowed, and Jean, trailing Jig- Ber, came upon Tim even before she saw him. He. from a low, deeply-cushioned chair, looked up at her tall and slender in white against the softly shadowed background, and immediately his anger left him Never had he seen her at night before and never had he seen her so lovely. She, looking down at him and discovering, instead of the helpless, pale creature of the wheel chair, a healthy, extremely handsome and well-groomed younp man, was startled. (To Be Continued) YES, WE BUY Scnip Iron ami Melul. Old Cars, Plows, Cull i valors, Tin, Hire, Hat (cries, Radiators, Rags and olher ilems of litlle value In you. We snll all kinds of angle iron, flat iron, sic. and when you need Coal and Kindling, call. . . HESTER'S COAL & SCRAP METAL YARD 61 |'h(, ne 318fi PLANNING A GARAGE? Then Call 2.131 for Free Kslimale '^F ! 5^fl'P%.'3S!3 T " rn J° Ilr P"^ 11 '"I" » knottj pine tlen or ^jSfti-iJjtr^JB^ TV room. ^sfiS^Vg?!,. liath.s anil Kitchens Remodeled Non-Mortgage FHA Terms As LOUR as :W Months lo Pay BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., inc. "Kverylliinj; for the RuiMtr" W It. Pease S. lliwa.v fil .1 Wilsnn Henrj RBEBRR mm mm Stepped Up! , Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miles Extra Power Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G. O. POE TZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 Service that Shines T. I. SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2122 SOYBEANS RECLEANED Now is the time to haye the weed and grass removed from your seed beans, liring Ihem lo us for re-cleaning al your convenience! Henderson-Hoover Seed Co. Hiway61So. Blytheville Phone 2860 Soybean Custom Cleaning We specialize in recleaning soybeans. I,el us reclean your beans before the rush starts. Se« us for your field seed requirements. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phones 6856-6857 '' SAY—that steadily employed people are al- ways a good risk for a loan with GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEH Correcl <otr A LOAD) THATS CH.D OF BENUSO'S ZIMGy HIM- SCLF.GOIMG MAP OM TUB puny BLOWEfi/ STUFF; AND LISTE,. _^ NURSERY RHYMES "According to this old clipping, Mom, you're five years older than you thought—maybe I'm old enough to join the air force!" PRISCILl.A'S POP Oeltiiijr In the liollom of H ft BY AL VERMEER EVERY SPRING IT'S THE SAME SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT "I LOVE /S'/ I DO, TOO.'. 1 I'VE GOT A STRANGE FEELING.. WAY DOWN STORYi SHE IMAGINES ISN'T LOVE! •YOU WERE 5/77/MS OAT MY KNI77ING', MEEOifS. SHE'S IN LOVE! M'MM/ JUST WHAT VOU'|7 tXPeCT TO -IM7 IM OOE OP THESE LOCKERft )' I SU6S5 — AW Oup ftJ'TCASE. WEAN'Y FCK T6 SIZE—PUT THIS IS AWrrt- "LACE TO Of'EW IT/ Q AW MOUTH SHUT N&VEK VOUJNJTEEK." i SHOULP OF HAD THE ) SEMSE TO JZEASEWSER IT// WE CAWT CALL THE )VQU &L/Y6 AEE &VVIE/ONE OF us / CHICKEN: 'ix\ A HAS GOTTA &O 1M >. csieu , BUT I'LL fro THAT HALAJTEP HO-'SE I IM - - TM WOT •=T THE HALL There Thev Arc BY I.RSI IF. TURVFR HERE'S |\ 5TWK.WAV TO THE COU14TVABD, OFFICES!' DOOW USED ir wmicur INNKEEPER SEEIMG »M! HOLV CATS! TOO LATE NOY1 TO TRY TO GEr AWW BUGS BUNN1 An Arlisl, Too, BU6SVS . PASTRY/ BY V. T. (1AMI.IN YOU DIDM'T SEND OSCAR AND / NO, 1 ALLEY VERY f DIDN'T, FAR BACK / OOOLA... IN TIME / LESS THAN Tt<15 TRIP, A HUNDRED DID YOU? V YEARS MY GOSH.OSCAR.N WHAT'S THE OH.YEH.MEBBE.BUT HOW YOU GONNA . SCRAPE UP SEVEN f GOT MF HUNDRED GKAND ^ PAL IN THIS KIND O A SET-UP.' WHERE WE GOIM'fl MATTER, WHAT'S THIS / OOP. AREN'T GETTIN' US? /YOU HAVING BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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