Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 26, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1890
Page 7
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OF TREELESS OAKLAND. How ^rrelched ^ *' a * maa w ho has fallen, i TJctisj to Bjiio'dsEtss. Icdigestioa, Ski Heacac'-e, or d^ased Liver, -with ill the fc.rrri't' 1 .-? sSu-.njir.ts. Lcx>k spon the p:iiur?. T~" r r.-ain. being tire^ of •-•••>pc-s jency; altogeth- < :•.<*"•'.rn ^T>frC]in£r3. Do i.>;' i curse; but at the A.- ~ ri d ths» in a measure :':: ;h-j bid state into •r.. A 5iirc. safe, speedy .r. ; fdiitjd in Simmons ,-—"Nature's OTTE rem- •r. be •-• r: ! .; •ce p!>7 k 4RIE? V»*^ - i fit L3 1C- 1- <• i: • taste, and always c': 1 s remc-dy as you can '-• T.-ithou'. "a shadow of c-rd for it: I haw V.-T-. i-.V.er: :* seven -.peHs of : • .: :> - L: • cr. j.r.c hsvc been in ^ rjih crDeral'v laid'' cnc up for lire*: t-'r four days. La:dy 1 tivc been taking £Ur.=ir-tL> Iiv« Regulator wtticb - —'• '- c —--^--.--t any LsrerrnpU" 1 — t.Oh lake i reiief, -witi 5»l«!ijj>=is." j. HCGG. Midacj»rt, hio. co., PBOTOTTOKS, PHILADELPHIA, PAi PKICE, 81.00. Molfoni Has Been Lying About It for Twtnry Years. [Special OorrespoadeoM.) J OAKLAND. CaL, April 19.^During my ] ion:: say awsy from Califo^fia I used to ] bijconis garrulous in telling eastern pea- ] pie what .a beautiful spot the- city of j Oakland was built on. I said many, tansy times that as you approat-hed Oakla! 1 ; ci on Use fe.rrv boat from San Francisco .Tin: saw scarcely ^ay house's—only frees —;; roof or caur;li spire- s'-iokir.™ out here r.nii then--, but nil the rest a sea. <>f tlie '.]:;!>: jcreen foliage of the 1 live oaks—to !•;•:• t h;?"rnu-t br.iutifuJ of the ori species —,1 tr-.-T; '.y.';;-:..." intent seeaied to give in .-» Kracei'nlly. :ir.d having always the tendency to fjiread in a son of umbrella fashion ttcsvsrJ lie «?arlh. So in the course of ten or u'seeu years, while in '•'the stales." I told this Moryof ^roT'e of nKli^': tf3.ks for rix or : aaiies. I said thai: Oakland was one pl.ic.? which gave proof thai the American could spare a tree and knew a ire-:- aJso thr.t v.-as l>i?autiful even if it j j "-.,,~ !;2l.ive So Ihv Kiij.aaJ iliat bt 1 vroulii r.o~. cut such a Irree co-«*-n arid iiun^edial^v ly i-jpnly its place vrit.li a.n ug:Ht*r one. a I su-rabbier one ar.d a more sk-Jdy one, ! ciiij-e it came from some- other of>i anvl it had Ix^-oine a fa.;'uon acci n crar.? to p?r.'.5t it r.n<l in. 3 ::?! apart ir thai it | ',' prerails there. Often when a fi'rc-el is nev.-Sy grade'? the trees most pa. Ami they are coinp. SWINDLE !-•, JIa.vo I*(-«'ii U nprecedented Attraction Over a Million Distributed. PERFECT MA! J tfce t£*s »inrer yrc For Stablemen and Stockmen. CTTRES Cits. SirtHinjs. Bruises. Spriing. Cans. Strabii. Limtntss, Stiffness, Cracked HE*IS, Scrstches, Contractions, flesh Woumls. StrinehsJt, Scrt- Throat, Distemper. Coiic. WhiUoK. P«ll Enl. FistzU. Tuners. Splints, Singbones and Spjrin hi tbtir tar!)' SUgtt. t> rections wBheaii bottte, AT 3>!!rBCI»T<l JLTD . THE CHARLES A. VOGELER ClUBlKimen. Ud. ! Louisiana State Lottery Co. i j '. MA7THOOP. -dries parieliti'" ;.n»Hi.t slate O i. In IMS. b.T an orcrwErimtna; jif.r-uiju- ro'.a. Hours, £ to r; Ssatfayg. S to 12. A<3'cr*--*s "' F. O. CLARKE. IB. D. t S36 3. Clark St^, CHICAGO, ILL. Health is Weal, Its MAjJjiiOTH DRAWINGS t5S# r-iaw =«a3- .iTjtiiailij. ' JII.T- HDii I>«*vra>xT,. and its <i'EV.VI' HIGGLE MniBEh im.'.V>TSG5 late r-!?.« in «acl <:! tt* olic-r ten jcoahs <•! i tic ;t-ar. i?.,i arc ail drawn in mbKc, at ihf Acadfiur o! lluslt. TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity of its Drav. T ing:s,ar.d Prompt Payment of Prizes. ri.-i:;J of .^i;>'- l'^-r th :•." s'.-ori , I uinv bt s:it he i* r. .-fslj.3 :»nJ p ixl an par and we nmiiorize tbf- GonspaiaT to us* similes of our signatures as taefcocl, In l Heals theSores Restores the •>eiisesoi Taste nrtd SmcU 1 wj,i cuiuii'.t; from iny the t-3evat!«J sta'.icn," he becai:. wi: h ," :ur of a man who has ;•. story to te]l. her.; cam? r.-'Ui«l ths orner, just in i:it of Zi. K. C. B'w:'i S«rr» lad ErmiaT tp<£lfi£ for AY-F-EVER fellow was '.veil uressoj a:;d -_n-*nilc.. Pi4<w ,W cents auSn=.(!elsi5: MSi«i*T*d. OB cuu ELT BEOTHEfiS. 55 kiTi^, but he was 3'jorribJv and BanSess wil psj We toe aadetsSgned ^ ^'ouj<3 lurch over her every fav,- sjops and nearly knocked over several tiians. Through is all w«.s E r X'-rt nature j, even drunlienly Vet t,o -tiii osWEt this i^ ju^: wbai the ! Oaklanders h::.ve <3on<\ i Ho-v I ha-c ujxvjnscivwjsh- 3i-.-d about j 1 nrsd Oakiai,-.] as BC-.T. fron: '.!;•> fey of j S;:]i Kran'.-;s-.:e. not a s-c-a of foiiQ.ro, but a MOORE'S • J As I passed them fae lurched again:-i t mcsr.d I he woman, ivjio riE-t urally seero<»J juiiL'h ^stres^eJ, spoL'et 'WouJti you J:>e .-..' lzi:y.! cs to help i^c take ^layhusban-j l:-x:;e.' si;;- Kii-J. 'It i> only aro\u-.d ih-j <"_>r;>?r, l;i:t TCI Ej'ni'J he •will pufh me ir. lie's been <•'.:! all ui.sht 2nd I ::.:u?; The? act is £he Kood. Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & Impure Blood Tbtr erpel disease germs, i ail Prtsre drawn to The Louisiana Staie Lot- tBries T.iiieh maj" l>e pre-woted ai our cc^D SaTl Kanit. State Xat'J f. ET Orle&a« Xat'i Coion ^'altonaJ Bank, i ii.t.i..I»Vt5. I-*.rT«.0£« __ r . Lo-j-n ar-i epermUcrrboo enusd tr i^£ of tbe brtin, Mlf-atsse '-^ orer^s- B£cb bOX GtfOtSJziC OB# ^OBTi: 1 !! O«>t- , or Ox coin for tS-«i. net bj 0&. 1 ! prepaid on rv^eip: af pcica. WE GT7ARAXTEE SEX BOXES Wits exohonicr i»- ^rea 6 > r«fc& t & ear* Gurut*« li*D*<l oisJ> a> B. T. Kale Artot tor Lor»n»p(-rt. Grand Monthly Drawing, ^""rtzelsoo.OOO. tpooMes in* liia E jsteni, siscJi -23 . , DrCTfEiaass. Distress aftar Kiai^:j5i : -a;T: lie Side-, fcc. 'SThils liieirTnnsi ill C"W B'ri*; E=2ad!sti ysi Carter's litae Uror SOB OS Ec^iHy TcJMlie ia Cc-m4:TBiMK5. faring aad jno- Toii= :i - s i=^:' j i^C c^=- tiiSiC.rd^r? c i ilie Srsa if they only ! country, lfj.1 <j^ite b?.re of In-c-f-. A ir->e ! various pv'opk- ln-r-.- xii-jTil i: i;; :i r.iint j h-arled s:,n of >v;iy. and asln-.l ibt-ai i -.viiy they were s.i 3:o?ti!* to irtvtu Th» r,iri'-'tyofr;'i*o:is :;:••(•;•: rue is iiirr-ri»in~. One said: ••Yvcii. you know, tre vrant So j jrct ail tbe fi:n v,-e caa about oar ho-usc*. The trees keep ii off." Another said: "O, tl'.^y're <3:rty thuj\:s aloiir r, iiuuse, and t:sp^:i^;Uy -bouta ?•..•>-,••. 'iliey're sheiidin™ tbkv-rs ail t;«> I I :i;l:>.-ii M-hy tiic-y c;i: lio-ru Use raid- J ;.ijv treffi?. ••Well," s^id a laa::. "be- j i^\i^^ "I'le r^axliiiri-stcr? are co'srn CT: "e.U3. „.,. s .,, v They Positively Cure. it mnii I ri.s;-Jie wi'.cri I V-H-^* 10 lh-.- CUT hai] Etslii Tbe Great English Prescription. ' OTe-r ""^ ' -jar? .:) 'fa.r-'ii'^a.a'-* ci" i-3 for '£.tp ro '-\.t.-ur.T3t*'. One Si. fir «r, bi- rrioi!. IVri;? ft r PiinpV,«. Ad Eu relic CbeutiCJii Co., Ef-Iroiu Fez sate t>7 B. r. Seeslins. mar5<:i«c]:T !OO-OOO TJrkels ,., ac4; KalYes SJO . Tents.* *3:TTre»<;<-t i PrS« or *iit : .";V:>j -'^! ! Prixe t-! Ss,Wj is.. i l-riies'ti 3P.CKO arV S PriS of ' ^ 10J PrSxes c* XB Prizes ol KO Prizes or I>oll: Voc Kohl Coopaay. CiKiaeatl, CUa LOX are a.u are. SBVT nt; butfortjl- be ket-p the SHE oS and the Orv up fast O5O'j:;!u anj " ^et so i;: :• -- TrittsKrt tiscs. J8> '^^ l ' iSl not bo •sr3- c£ bead e c£ 5^mzr-r lives list iil3 very grmui ana T::?y S>;:vt CO rain .'sere u.t ail for a full six months, aiju uuj'iiig that season the Uus^ iliat^is i3*-ve:opcxl is son^thia^ not ;•> b-? andersiood or apprecLaicd by an t-':-isi -:-rr> :3."iJi 'ur!7i3 3'..e ^et-r; -^n 'so2i;e of >de> u> ss^ it —which im . Tbo-r tre r'.rictlr Ts^etabia x.-2d do nc-i gripe or r-r??, b:rt -T t^-''ir f-sntjfiaciacc plaise all -who l^'t Uiirr- ^nTilLsat ioce^is; SrsforSl. Soa* , or sett tj- CARTER SEOtCrHE CO., NewYortc; SMAILPILL SKAIL BQSE-. SMALL PRICE DR.KiLMEFTS ESS A HUB mesa ena^ TTTSBLAg EiJ B &8LJ-d.C<IO iuciis l>Tli-jiLE Viii ecu. 190 ?'*i Prizw; i.-t i^ii ^-^res c-' S-iM ?rij*» S.TH. NOTE.—T^t«i- en^iJed to lennir .... 25.'»:*' .".".'." 5-XO.Ci •joe s-?;...;^^....'.'." souko 1 w s«'..'"." r."".~ ~r_~ . KO are!' _ — aS.938 itinz to !a»-JK Capita; Prires are 2<s i rises. of it for a si:'j:ili f^iriu ia .r.is vye.^. WJ:*:; t!:e ivir.d blows iib:'jvr>L'.-rc :.c> snuic- pur- air ir. blindinir ir:.a,3M'-. Ft'-j:1 '•-•ta:-r *.,hcn P'K'S up .1:3 J is irav^:::i;4 ;-.!; ;.;•>.* tiniv-. ji .) -xrea£-lT Ir -ho.-'. v.-.-.:-.i.'c-rful • . t n-i J tn ^ T mi^e a Ov.-sert ^-^X'lii hi^3 in r jcr t "> 1 ir^ ^_f >"Lribh". I :say heo^igbt L 1 a tV i •= -rv. It i? hb; n'^iiU In i i "Gjf i r^ltiesnaic, sin- i/urros"- ^ ... \. -j i^f jis io turn ir^ lji*ivi ^rj r -iir 1 , ~ if it '.vt 5 rr? 3u::i^:. -.viih a t u ^"i f^/, t j Kt ;n the n'.-ok. ^uti ' _- 'jnd. <-••! ii.r--l—a. dirt c..':'i-r<?J q'.ia'j- i.r s -«itJi ti liiauiiy. ^"Hiaci-itc-d tail, ^ "-si! -n a rat ami :i <auirrei, a r.« f i £- r" j tnirg. not. :"i ;oent, a3- i. fu 1 u j'cjti and cj.'Urtv.xd -,riih a . adtrf'ji ciiicurity for tutaVjisi; intfj it-. .'.e. trh* r-r- -n ran't get it v.-h."n si:o: ••'iVt'il. tier only &ut fifty odd tl^'-lirs j froaj rce. fatji my v.-aich vras worth $i->J.~ j said ibc 1 nr^t sptsi^er. "I vretst to Ir-qiiiri- ' s.l«t>rjt thesn at tlie fir.r.. bat no sucii pt-o- • pie lived there. They probably only j stood in tbe hallway untu I trot out of i sight." ' i ••VHiy <Joa"t you appiy t-c< tie police?" i I inquired. "I'd rather bear ths loss storv ^vi ih m^ rmtut? In the c35orns*d in ans^e-r. And so inii ragenious cxyaple are prot a!>ly goin~ <a reaping a rich Uar~e=T araion" kindly disposed people. There are two middle! acred peutieiEer! in Xevr York, howevc-r, wLo, if they see a mac zigzagging covrn tlse slreet under Uie guidance of a quiet little woinan, ^Till let him zi~Ea~, philanthropy being, in their i . too FARKEH'S _KAES^BALSAFfi ; KIWDERCORKS. Trpr-<"'^'~r T^f GorriS. F.V'pr.Rll PE™ M lit f Ml. ire. il DnaEifOL BlscxtzJ AGENTS -WANTED. or CiiJ* E::.^e^. or E.D?- fun>>*-r Inlormark-n 4e- ed. wrlit- InsblT to lie u^<i^-rsisir»d. clrarlr ill!'i2;K l ^'re>iJeDce i a1U3 sir;t-r. cCMLniy.sti'reTar^j ast«er; More ra^Sd retunj mail iJeliT^JT wli" iisurf^JI I»T jroar ^Ddo^Ir^rari Env£;Cj.-s bfc*u g TOUT foil »CiClT€iSS. IMPORTAI^T. Address ^ A. !»•*.*" PHI*. " *o-'cy Order . Ne*v York £x- .UOSEPHGILLOTTS STEEL PENS CX1.D SfEDAZ. PARIS EXPOSiTXJS IfTS. ' Nos. 3O3-4O4-17O-6C4. TE3 HOST P32PSra 0? PSHS." LAD! Tbei-er Pric? for St-rr-fx -•':. " 3YSS " '-±- : :M3C. 1 i^'T :.rc-s-,-; -^ Ben . S1I KoiBtt ? . bralt cr . P -"^'«-::J NK-r, Is. t^nc. Me. CHTCHESTER'S ENGLISH O-css I*iadoil£i Erauii. iSrUff for Address Recisieiea Leners • O?t!.2.5Kt NiTreSAL PANX." FE! S3.OOSHOE FOR SESPELSMEIT. Tbe onl- Fir.; Calf S^ainlcis |MA^ ^ SB-OOStoeia iButto^ . If Vniir bs?" tiumps after suddi a effort, II lUUl skips beats or Bntteis. Jf fou hara heart disease, faint spells, fits or spasms, If Vmi 1&^ a » thcragto trater was gathering II I UU around the heart,or have beartdropsy if Vnii have Vera^o, dizzy attacks, nngiag-io Ii I UU €;ars, disposed to Dervous prostrsuon, appoiijery. shocS or sadden death. K tni! bave Neuralgia, Nunibnessin arms or II I UU IJiab?. oartiiigr pains Zike Rbeuma.tisiat Oeeaa-Vi'ecd prerents it cojnf to tbeheart. PrtMrfJ»tIM,pe»««.rT. "SriDE TO KEALTIT- M»t fr»<-. AdvlreFrnE. E!*ri»Iai:on, S. Y. DttVliGISTlf. Idrg; SSs. ErgiL UTft SLOP. ~(i — I fer -T joj j > i.ve or, treek-ss. ;iri<j. sun d lands. .-Vi>d rcaJJT raany of the <- h\.-t JT tne mtiti-er of irets. scvns hive tbe same tastes, and ihev r.a~o a p l.uT One or more bra-* ek j ts a:c wore- aT ilj*. wrist: bracelets in pairs are reappearing, bnt the pairs arc gesfral'T worn or: ;!:•• same ana. ISrocades are seneralh" chof--n b- raatrons for evening toilets. T\.f- designs are of set character, simiiar :•• those in vogue daring the Erst empire turt's pre f rn. er wiiat i;.i the future is dors-; KEVEB TAIXS. GRATEFUi-- CO?" ^ORTi NG, i is fta - .«. . ! KATIO'- : the Tickets, c-f- r\zKra UrHc-Ti. «';i.-- rn^rtt-r tee hifJiK-: Cjirts: Stations o: - :it nvi«oii«. l!ftl.t..\tf V>. K-« . . rirM*. are i>-'-o£::l2*-:3 1" relore 1 :*^-art- .-t sD !a= -. ] lor !*«? ih;::i a Dcfllzr is a s- t'f tbe sicaL'e«i I^fl !"-!> BV l'»* JTI <?cr r;c3e oSereJ CAUTION iassss;™* bottom. If the dealer cannot tupplTTon, •end direct to £art«rT, eocloBtng »aT«ra«tta i -K-oauer wnai; la me :utnret> OMI;-: jarriTK.* <:•>' ri-n; isn S&-K. j _, .. jj Tir—-> TV^Tstlir^" "i7>-r-s^.- ^ito^d^/ft^Sfif^^^"'! *^SiB^IS^Hfei?;S^i ' ~lsa CMS k CEE& u,L\ Jicln't mean t'.» !i-?. i tioasbl I was MJi- ^,3.=-;-a ft-ar r«,Rk-s«" FniiV* i=---.i:'r-.. li.in- - „ ,_.,.,^;,.- VT FhyKic^ins r^.: .---,•-, :--'•:•-.•• JofiU^nrth. StiUldidi^^tV,^^ ' — '--T "^^^.T--''i,,. ; ^i'^^ 3 '^; ^^.^ ' £V No Tscis. Ka3s or Heavr &^= of Thread '.o hurt the Fett and tear oat StocUfcgs: .C.TT tbe pnitlsaiser perfect :_ oo Sole, BYCE $3. S80E WHBASTEa (W. M. GRAFF1S, LoganspcFt Infl 5 I The BUSSOUSI PACIFIC H^U-WAIT kas placsd in eiTect *Ji£ fc-i^T-a-irr ^"^ r. veab-i- - t'.Tcclt poi^LS o-i us L".:iE» :- «»«.» St. Jo«-i.h. AteU ui Ku>u City. *ud . Fwdde, C»ter»4>» .__^ . . . 1O.8S Discov r en r ot tfie. 19lfi Ceotory! Medicated Air! fJr.Teasne's REMEDY LUNG is a r^-;aE.ri: somen-hc-ri? ?e.id~, "AU liirs sliaJl ba%-p a share- in tbe In)-;;' of !lrc a;i<3 brinisitinff.*" Ti:«v eeeins no iu,-x5ification.in tiiis matter, :io t-xcep- liocs at all where apersefTrriDjco^rsp of ]yin^ such as mine lias been coiild 3-uiTe e-tenustirj^- circumstanoes countctsi with it .-.!» as Wsctften dow.-j ihe penally a!;/.cho:2. Ji has a black and -ruljiiiuroas Soa.i<; might iultr vo rttaJirs^ ihi» tUat I tvas abusing or finding fault with Oak- ijujd. No. larn not. TbeOakiaud people know better tlsaai I ilo vrliat xhey want. If a :nan prefers soiir milk for breakfast v.-itlt fai::u on accouiit of bfc preference for sour? By 119 inea^s. Tbe rattle- ,-aakes. l:oraeJ toads, tarantulas, burrow- i'n% invis jmd ground squirrels prefer tiieir towu luEs vritiiout trses. Do I quar- riil with them? J?o. Ev«r ancs? ina:i -UT ASU ^ fjoorreled, fou~i)t, tilled,' burneil and 'DISEASES 1 ^ r'>asU!<3 bis feiiow Eian, because Fellow rj^> M* r.?rAi- | for t>ir™ or Xerv- ] onsi Headnrfee. L " i " se BUfswa 15 a pasjtiw core fat W*. s^ie Tbstat. Hoar^nKs * 1 ? 5 o! B wit.b Mfi^cS't* 1 ^ ^ir t JJKS no egual ,«^,.. is a r«rf«* Trt- ikm-s oJ -perieel troeiJom eoftoeus K> tbe com- <!nwg1ct. 5Mffld tO tJ>» ?nd, t. S. A. 'Tror, Wffi Porter stQd "WJB 3Isn mi^bt i3Ot like, or beiiffv^. nr '!'.», or s-.r/i. ^r jlrinJ: -vhat bf "ii.-i n-it ibinii propur U> do. balk-rt-. <al«Hr <;riiik wha,! the other Lliought the tiiiog for hisastJf, whether it was or not—and its snaay cases it was not- No. Mine is simply tire ix-aceful, beaeScant attitu.ie of mere difference of opinion or taste. T5ie -Bagl* soars. The mole "burrows. SliaH Die mole persecute the eagle for .soarmg? Or rice versa? Alarneda, celt to Oakland, and in substance a caSntinualaon of it, is & -very beeratifa! claoe yet Yet itira an ' ' RUKTHJIT1.SK 2 am -c tin- v."Ii''. atiHD r.-ilh iJte Ife! U 1. Rw: i HIMBOB i SOL3 P2OPE1EZOES, i 19-; FULTON ST., NEW YOPK'. Tine. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. X^ceck GrBinnad Crced- BiSliTtibi^Jrortd. TTr«anlne fcU S5.OO GESmXBHAVD-SEWKD SHOE. S58 ^^l^^g^I^i^ibB. •2^0 K3TTKA VALUB ' 5*^£_ s SS£-«, K2.S5 * ts WOKKING:*KN!* ; | l 'SS« ! •3.00 and *1.75 BOTS' SCHOOL SHOES. All made to Congress. BEOOD and Lice. S1.73 SHOE FOE JOSSES. i B«* Mmtorlal. Bert Style. B«*t ; W-L. Doudw. BrodUxRu MM«. Sdd bj Eiaadard PojraSar Mefficu ireaaseoa .tt* To».-th, Premamrr UecJrae, J> QmMi^li ^ay WTt t^-53y?_ Ifee^^ipc-rsju^. h.- .- cn-a. ., , aa3 rhtH»! DelaEly, ImpnrSUei of tbe Bjood, 0r. G. McLanrs Geiebraisd LK-er Fills. 3r 25 ^^—-~. — — - — • &ck joardroggist fiojrtike gs^jaxao 3Dar. C3. 3&!Eo31i^i UELEBRA TEH LIVER PILLS —fflijJEET— Fl£M!NG BROS., Pittsba^h, Pa. ^It^otftteCtosCTgCTmsimdBiaS*, Icffla. USE IVOEY POUBH BKEAZH. -. vrort. B'lf rn»w. tbe ilirried OT Sociii Be roid oiBlalftjI prrtCTSerm. Poescss tbif grral rk. 11 OMiuJtw Sin p»g»-». rrT»J Sro. B«tttlfoS d jic, ezl/o-ead. fca gilt PiiM, only »-<iO bT Sl. posl-paii «.ncealad in phda »rapper. IBas- Fre«, if Tpa apply M»- The (?r, XTia. H. PM ier, M. P.. re. ««0 JEWELLED MEbAl. tl»e HatJoital MadJcal Association, h- PSIZE ESSAY en MERVOUS »TMl PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr.P»rterjn!d»TO«» -,! AwMm riyrimm n»y be ca^suJied, •na- Sj-vaiSr >? 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