Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 27, 1892 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1892
Page 2
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GELBBRflTED <Hf\TS STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES. BEWENTER. "The Hatter," OBSERVE. H. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is showing some very handsome woolens lor fall wear la suitings He also has something new and attractive foi overcoats Yours Truly, "PUCK. M DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, SEPT. 27. * Specials. CLEVELAND ACCEPTS. Special to the Journal. YORK, Sept. 2G.— Cleveland's letter accepting the nomination was made public to-night. It declares adherence to public utterances, denounces the tariff legisla- J tion as encouraging selfish greed and •' gains. National democracy's purpose is tariff reform. Believes that gold and sliver should be utilized on equal terms; commends a liberal consideration of "veterans" pension roll. It is void of vital points of national ^interest. A DISGRACE XO CIVILIZATION. Special to tte Journal. WASHINGTON, Sept. 26—Col. Lee Crandal who traveled with Gen. Weaver in Mrs. Lease's interests, say that the treatment accorded Gen Weaver's party was a disgaace to modern civilization, but he has I roseate view of the prospects. BASE BALL YESTERDAY. Special to the Journal: CHICAGO, Sept. 26. Baltimore 5, Now York S. Boston 7, Brooklyn S. Washington 2. Philadelphia 11. Cincinnati 2, Cleveland S. Louisville -1, Chicago 0. St. Louis 2, Pittsburg 0. THE DIVORCE MILL. COAL COMBINATION DENIED. | Sp;clal to the Journal. PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 2G. The lalleged combination of ReadingPenn- Jsylvania to keep up the price of co.al |is denied. A NEWSPAPER CHANGE. ^peclal to the Journal. CHICAGO, Sept. 26—Joseph R. Dun- fap has sold his interest in tlie <<Mail.V SAM'L. o' POSEN'S TRIAL POSTPONED. Special to tne Journal. SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 26.—Actor 2urtis? trial has been postponed to 14th. The Trne Lwcntlve Principle )f the plants used in manufacturing he pleasant remedy. Syrup of Figs, as a permanently beneficial effect on ie human system, while the cheap egetable extracts and mineral solu- [tons, usually sold as medicines, are irmanently injurious. Being well- iformed, you will use the true remedy bly. Manufactured by_ the California jig Syrup Co. • _ " To Loan, ^ J,000 to $20,000 at 7 per cent. inter- It on business property. Apply to W. ] Jeep posted by going to the Trade j and see the new goods opened The Maurice Divorce Case—airs. taura layne Disappointed—And Still TJiey Come. Yesterday morning before Judge N. 0. Ross in the north court room the divorce case of Mrs. Frances Maurice vs. John L. Maurice was called. This is the somewhat sensational suit which was filed some weeks ago, in 'which, Mrs. Indiana Connolly was named as co-respondent. At the time of the iling of this suit Journal readers were apprised of the nature of the complaint which, need not be rehashed in this connection. The nature of the case attracted considerable attention and he court room was crowded o.!} day. Fansler & Mahoney appeared for the plaintiff and D. H. Chase for the de fendant. A cloud of witnesses had been subpoened in tha case, nearly every one in the Connolly-Maurice neighborhood having been called to testify what they knew of the alleged clandestine meetings of the defendant and Mrs. Connolly. It was shown by the evidence of a number that Mr. Maurice had been in the habit for a year or more past of calling at the Connolly residence in daylight and in dark. Mrs. Connolly when put oa the stand declared that the object of Mr. Maurice's visits was purely legitimate and of a business character; that since the death of her husband Mr. Maurice had acted as her business agent and that their relations with each other were never of the character hinted at by the gossips •and alleged ia the complaint. The case dragged its weary length through he entire day and will consume the most of to-day. , MJRS. LAYNE DISAPPOINTED. Upon the opening- of court yesterday morning Judge McConnell rendered his decision in the divorce suit of Laura Grant Layna vs. Geo. W. Layne. He decided that' the evidence of cruel and inhuman treatment alleged in the complaint -was not sefficient to demand a separation under the law and that the plaintiff was therefore not entitled to a divorce. He put the costs of the case and attorney's fees on the defendant. Plaintiffs attorneys made a motion for a new trial. A NEW CASE. Yesterday witnessed the filing of another divorce case. This last is the complaint of Eva B. Moss, brought by her attorneys Nelson & Myers, against John Moss, alleging crue] treatment, failure to provide, abandonment and defamation of character. She also sues for $1,000 alimony and the custody of their child.. The par- EAILEOAD BUMBLDiGS. ItetnK from the 'Note-Boot of OUT Railway Heporter—Point* Per- noual and Otherwise. Pan Handle engine 484 went in the 'Shop yesterday for light repairs. Lou Hetzner the Pan Handle machinist is visiting friends at Indianapolis. Julius Wagnef:~-?.the Pan Handle blacksmith has resumed work after a months sickness. Ed Warnock has quit work at the Pan Handle boiler shop and will go to Pocatello to live. Pan Handle engine 487 was taken out of the back shop yesterday, having been fully repaired. Ed Hamilton .the Pan Handle switchman was off duty yesterday testifying in a law suit. Bob Knight of the Pan Handle paint shop has returned from a short trip to Kokomo and Anderson. Pan Handle fireman W. S. Henderson, who has been sick for some time resumed work yesterday Dave Loftus of the Pan Handle pilot gang, is back from Chicago where he spent a few days. Chas. Ptagan of the Pan Handle blacksmith shop, and a party of friends spent Sunday in Fulton county. J. W. Mitche of the Pan Handle round house has returned from the G A. R. encampment at Washington. Pan Handle engineers T. F. Rich ardson and W. 'F. Bishop reported for duty yesterday after a short vacation. Perry Dickey, machinist in the Wabash shops at Peru, is home eick. He will not be'able to resume work for several days. Pan Handle engine B which caused the wreck at Elwood -last : Saturday was towed in and is now in the shop being repaired. Thomas Shannahan foreman of the Pan Handle pilot gang and family •eturned from Chicago yesterday where they spent Sunday. Ed Logic a machinist who has been working at the Pan Handle hops for the last two weeks has esigned his position and returned to Chicago. Michael Cowan, of the Pan Handle blacksmith shop has just received a consiirnement of the latest Irish songs which were sent him by friends in England. Will Watson formerly of this city, now working .for the Wabash at Peru, is in the hospital there with a badly- mashed hand, 'sustained while working on ac engine. John Presken, foreman of the Wabash repair tracks was a passecger on train 44 last Saturday on his wav to Toledo to spend Sunday. The accident caused him to return the same evening on 43. A palace horse car containing some fine racers belonging to Ed Corrigan the celebrated Chicago horseman, passed through the city yesterday en route home from Louisville, JKy The Pan Handle round house office is being cleaned out "and disinfected. AJ coat of paint both .inside and. out is adorning it.which will change appearances wonderfully. The occupants deny however, that this 'is done to prevent the spread of the cholera as some of the road men assert. H. L. Clark, the Pan Handle carpenter, has returned from a week's visit with friends at Indianapolis and New Albany. He said that the only objection that he had to southern Indiana- was the mosquitoes which were so large and numerous that two or three would lift the canopies of the beds while the others would proceed to make a square meal on the occupant. Otherwise he.enjoyed himself very well. A special car for World's Fair pas senger business has been designed-a the Columbus shops of the Pennsyiva nia lines, and it is said that 100 o them are to built. These will b built on the frames of standard 34-foo gondolas, and after the special oecas ion for their use is past, they can be FREE--THIS WEEK ONLY. Oak Chairs for Everybody. Real Japanese Cups and Saucers for Ladies. Folding Vest-pocket Comb, Case and Mirror for Men. Beautiful Bound Books for Big Children. Iron Tops and Flying Kites for the Boys. sale Sh ° eS thiS Value de P ehdin §" u PQn amount of We adopt this plan to attract the people instead of <*ivm<r an opening. Our stock is now complete; inspection solicited. * ** SHOE DEPARTMENT. keys. Incase of a refusal by the officials to do this, the other organizations will then have a grievance and a general strike will, it is claimed result. The strikers say encouraging reports are coming in from all parts of the system, and that the new men induced to take the places of the strikers continue to come out. Five men between Cedar rapids and Burlington left their offices yesterday, and on the other division the ratio is about the same. The report of railway accidents in the United Kingdom during 1891 gives the number of persons reported to the Board of Trade as having been killed from all causes in the working of railways during the year as 1,16S, and injured 5,060. Under the latter head all injuries are included, even those of a^trivial character, Of the number killed 103 were passengers and 549 servants, and the remainder other pecsou&rrrL,.e., trespassers, =uicides, and persons who were passing over level .crossings. Of the injured 1,612 were passenger, 3,161 servants and 287 other persons. In addition, the companies have returned 79 persons killed and 6,440 injured from accidents which occurred on their premises, but not connected with it'he movement of railway vehicles.. The total number of passenger journeys, exclusive of journeys by season ticket holders, was84-5,463,- 668, or 27,719,622 more than in the previous year. Calculated on these YOUR NAME IS PRINT. Items of n Personal Character Con- cernins togansporters and Their Friends. Mrs. E. H. Jolley of, of Chicago, is visiting Mrs. W. W. Smith. Mr. Chas. May, of the North Side, has gone to Chicago to spend a two week's vacation. Ed. Hurst, of the Trade Palace was called home yesterday by the illness of some relatives. Dr. Arthur Herrman went to Crawfordsville Sunday, called there by the serious illness of a friend. - W. H. Gregg will go to Kockfield today to attend the crystal wedding of his sister, Mrs. J. W. Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. George Eldridge of Delphi are visiting in the city the guests of Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Clark. Mrs. Patrick Mahoney and daughter Nellie, will start for Pueblo, Colorado, this afternoon on a month's visit with relatives there. Miss Lynn Shirk of the West Side entertained a pleasant party of her friends last night in honor of her cousin Miss Marie Edelman. of Greensburg. Elegant refreshments were served, the novelty of the servica being an attractive feature of the evening's entertainment. will be robbed ness. of most of its bitter- A KaUronti Ticket. For genuine, unadulterated, upro- rious fun the farce comedy of the above name is recommended to all lovers of the most healthful form of drama. Dyspepsia and kindred ailments induced by a, morbid conditioo of the liver don't stand a ghost of a. show before this merry, rattling- comedy with its sparkling dialogue and side-splitting situations as presented by the excellent company' which kept things so lively for three hours at Dolan's last night. The company is strong numercially and contains a number of very clever people. The performance was witnessed by a good sized and appreciative- audience. Married by Esquire James Eicheson; ' of Jefferson township, at the residence of the bride's parents, Wm. Mack to Minnie M. Wilson, daughter of Andrew J. Wilson,, both of Jefferson township. ties live in Adams township. Attention. Execnave Committee! The Republican-Executive Cnmmit- tee will meet to-night 'at; Republican headquarters. A full attendance is desired. M. W. COLLETT, Chm'n. cheaply converted for freight service They are to have wide windows and comfortable seats, and will , be usec only for comparatively.short runs, say 100 miles. Naturally with freight car trucks they will not be-as comfortable to ride in ..as regular passenger cars, but for short runs they will probably be found satisfactory. The Illinois Central is worMng'on the same lines to help out its emergency passenger equipment. A union meeting, of railroad organizations was held in Cedar Rapids. Saturday night,, at'which a committee •was appointed, representing the organizations, to wait on. the officials of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern railroad Monday at 10 o'clock, for the purpose of'requesting- them, to submit their differences to arbitration and settle it-, at once. They will contend that they believe it. unsafe to run over the road npon train orders issued by such, incompe- nzen as are ^now handling- the figures, the proportions-of .passengers killed and injured during the ; . year, from all causes, were one in 8,208,385 killed and one in 524,481 injured. ' In 1890 the proportions were one in 6,940,034 killed, and one in 600,840 injured. A Pretty Cnurch Weddlnz. Sunday evening at the Ninth Street Christian.-,church, Rev. T. S. Freeman Officiatin*'->Miss Ida M. Harp and Mr. Chas. E.' Harreii were united in marriage. , •', This union,'solemnized so impressively before the large congregation meets with the approbation and receives the warm well wishes of all who know thi= estimable young couple. The groom is a clerk in the Pennsylvania freight office and the bride is-well known as a former teacher in the city sc.hools. The Journal joins their friends in congratulations and well wishes. Children Weed Sleep. Children, until they are twelve or thirteen years old, should have at least ten hours sleep, eleven is better- . Tl . . . I is .Ken's Republican CInb. All members of the Young Men's Republican Club are requested to meet at the Broadway rink this evening at S o'clock for the purpose of making arrangements to give Theo. Shockney, Republican candidate" for Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, a reception, and to transact such other business as may come before the club. R. M. TAN WINKLE, Pres, FREDERICK LANDIS, Sec'y. until eighteen or nineteen, nine hours is none too much, writes Mrs. Scovil in her valuable department, "Mothers': Corner," in the October Ladies' Home Journal. In this country our, children inherit nervous temperaments. No'hygenic measure soothes, quiets and strengthens the nerves like plenty of sleep. Children should never be wakened in the morning. Yet the demands of household convenience and the claims of school make it necessary that they should be out of bed at a certain hour, usually not later than seven. To make this possible, and give them their fair share of sleep so that they will be ready to awaken of their own accord, they must be in bed bet ween eight and ten, according to their ages. If bedtime is made pleasant" to them, as mother love can make it, with a story, a little talk over the events of the day,' with loving words and ministrations,' the hardship of banishment to bed ROOT AND BRANCH, the poisoa ia your blood, however it may bavo como or whatever shape It may be taking, is cleared away by Dr. Pieoree's Golden Medical Discovery. It's a remedy that rouses •• every organ into healthful action, ' purifies and enriches the blood, and through it cleanses and invigorates the whole system. Salt-rheum, Tet> ter, Eczema, Erysipelas, Boils, Car-" k buncles, Enlarged Glauds, and the , worst Scrofulous Sores and Swell-, ings, are perfectly and permanently cured by it. Unlike the ordinary Spring medicines or sarsaporillas, the " Discovery " works equally -well at all seasons. All the year round and in all cases, it is guaranteed, as no other blood medicine is. If it over fails to benefit or core, you have your -i money back. You pay only for the good you get. Isn't it safe to say t&ftt no. other blood - purifier can bo "just as [good?" If it were, wouldn't it be sold so 2 for the Zeltunc'* Ke3ecrio "The Zeitung is working hard Hamburg when it speaks of tbe I-isb nugilist as a bully and sav-s i.^i H, whisky bottle will be hi# ai-ir.-.nnani-' aid an Irish Democrat je.-.:eniav. :bufr we .will have something to say bout this at the polls and Horaburg- may need a monument too after the election. l: H3 V«'S % &M &y^ .-?{ r "&«; ] ^ff\ Fine dollars and ninetv-eight cents for an imported -pattern suit worth double.—Schmitt,& HeffleV. The carpet trade is good at the Trade Palace. Call aca get a bargain at the special sale this week. \ .L Storage Room FOR RENT. In Reap of Pryor's Drug Store. FREE SEA DING.i00! Open Dally a;;d Evening n Welcome THE PRICE Or QTn ER BRAND :J SOLD IN CANS ONLY • N J ..A , ( "he regular Reading Room Itla tbirci ; each month. DENTIST. j. •of the Free of

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