Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 7, 1898 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1898
Page 20
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• • if i" ." il^w*£» ,-s -*, - ^' VT^iFp-J DAILY PHAROS SATURDAY. MAY 7. 1898. JOHHW. BAMM. B»r»e«. 1DITCM A»I> WtOPMKOHS. MM.«.W»*HAW. I OF BPB8CBIPTION - Dailj per : I*' month 40 oenta; p*r rear * th. Saturday * ttStwottlDir the Boroi-Weokly •rfltton! tL* a year. itricUy In advance. Entered at the Logwurport, Ind^poftoffloe at »«on<f d«M mall matter, a* provided by law. MOST Indian! cltiei now nave Pemocratic mayors. _ IT will be Companj M, Fourth regiment, Indiana Voluoteerg, Infantry. IT is reported td»t Gen. Algerwill quit McKlnley's cabinet. Be and Gen. Miles ctonot agree. IK tbe Spanish fleet Is moving towards Porto Rico, a naval battle may be expected at any hour, Sampson li near there. IF all our commodores had been jjiveu fall authority to dc as Dewey did, Havana would now oe In possession of the United States. SPAIN cannot wage a wai of any duration unless supported by other European powers. She has few friends among; the nations of the world. SPAIN would like to make peace proposals bui dare not do It. Spanish pride and Spanish Ignorance are proverbial. If the queen recent «hould propose peace now her subjects would rebel. THERE la one impatient commodore in the American navy today. The commander of the "flying squadron," Commodore Sobley,' would like to have the opportunity of striking a blow. The war may be over before he 18 given orders to sail away. IT is expected that Admiral Sampson with the big ships of his fleet will turn up at Porto Rico today or tomorrow. It Is quite likely that Sampson will seize Puerto Rico and hold it. If the Spanish fleet Is cruising in that direction it may expect to share ths fate of the Spanish squadron at Manila. GKN. LBE favors an aggressive war agaiast Spain. He say a if the volunteer generals are to be kept in camp all summer teaching militiamen to turn out their toes when they walk, he will throw up his job. He declares that be would rather go to Cuba as a private in the ranks than to stay at home as a major general of volunteers. WAYNE MACVKAGH says that the political conditions .in Pennsylvania have reached a point where they represent purely and simply government by bribery and corruption. The black flag of corruption floats from the white house and capital at Washington, representative of the Influences which brought the administration into existence and controls it. Unless public sentiment shall • be awakened to the dangers which confront the republic, due to the power and corrupt influences of money, anarchy and revolution will become more dangerous to life, liberty and property than any foreign foe. THIS country is not conducting a war of conquest. It has no desire to acquire more territory. It proffers blood and treasure for what.: 1 To abate an intolerable condition lq Cuba. Spanish rule in Cuba is a disgrace to enlightened civilization. The war waged In Cuba by the Spanish is uncivilized and Inhuman. More than 250,000 innocent women and children have died of (starvation. Spain does not deserve to hold a dependency in any part of the world. Spanish subjects in the ieilands of the seas are treated worfie ttoan slaves. They have borne cruel burdens for centuries until the loud has become unbearable. They have been cruelly robbed to enrich a degenerate aristocracy . THE proposition to Impose au income tax for war purposes was defatted in the senate by a slight majority last Wudnesday.. It was proposed to aiuend the constitution so that congress may have power to levy such a tiuc and to meet the requirements of th,e recent decision of the supreme court. The proposed amendment which was offered by Senator Mills and supported by all the Democrats except Senator Caffrey reads as follows: "Direct taxes shall not be apportioned amon ; e; the several states which may be included within this Union, according to their respective numbers; but congress shall have power to lay and collect direct taxes as other taxes, imposts and excises are levied and collected. Tbe Drew of intervention. "In spite of all protestations to the contrary," says the New York World, "it is evident that Spain still clings to the hope of a European intervention . •'This hopei would be futile under »nr circumstances, To cherish it DOW reveah a total Ignorance of the atate of mind of Europe. "The Interne Interest shared by all Annual Sales ov»r«,OOO,OOO Bon.i FOB BILIOUS ABD WEB70TJS MBOEDEBS such as Wind and Pain in tbe Stomach, Giddiness, Fill ness after meais. Headache. Dizziness, Drowsiness. Flushinsrs of Hent. Loss of Appetite. Costiveness. Blotches on the Skin. Cold Chills, Disturbed Sleep. Erislltfnl Dreams and all Kervoua and Tumbling Sensations. THE HS8T DOSK WILL GIVE EELTEP IK TWENTY. KUniTES. Every sufferer will acfcuowleclfc'e them to be A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. BEECHAJTS P1IA8, taken as directed, will quickly restore Females to com- plote health. Th«y promptly remove obstructions or irrejrulsrities of the system and cure Sick Headache- Fora, Weak Stomach Impaired Digestion Disordered Liver IN MEN, WOMEN OR CHILDREN Beecham's Pills are Without a Rival And have the LARGEST SALE Of any Patent MecHdne In the Worldi 25c. at all Drue Stores. the powers, showi! that the one question Europe Is tblnkiop of la the question of naval efficiency. AU the Dew naval conditions are summed UD lo our fleets, and all tbe world wants to know just what the new ships and guns and armor amount to In action "If Europe could stop the war by intervention it would not do it. Europe wants to see a great naval bat Me." ANNOUNCEMENTS. FOB JOINT REPRESENTATIVE. Ambrose O'Brien, ot Fulton county, will be „ candidate for joint representative of the counties <•! Tass and F\ilton, subject to the decision of the DemoBrirtic nominating conven tion. To voters:--1 wHl bo a candidate for Joint Representative of Case and. Fulton oountieB, subject to tne oecisimi of delegate*, and I earnestly solicit tue support of Deirocrats.— Arthur Meizler, Fulton county. The name of 0 A. Dayli, of .Rochester, will be preeemed as a candidate for Joint Representative of Case and Fiilton counties, subject to the decision of the Democratic nominating convention. ^_____.^__^_ •"*',: ~ Flags. A stranger dropping upon ns from a far country would conclude that we were decked out for a week's national festivities and rejoicing.'i, BO gay is onr land with many colored bunting. From north to south, from east to west, it flutters upon the spring wincls, our own red, white and blue banner mostly, with the flags of other nations friendly to us intertwined here and there. Close together upon the same building in ocir large cities are seen at one side the British union jack draped with the United States flag, whilfi on tbe other slide the stars and stripes and the grEiec. flag of Erin with its harp of gold wave out through cloud and sunshine. A* the seat of the Canadian «overn- meut, Ottawa, when recently the St. George's society held a banquet, one of the most notable decorations JU their hall was the flags of Great Britain and the United States intertwined and the most honored guest of tbe occasion was the United States consul general at Ottawa, Colonel C. B. Turner. Even Irishmen, who have cause enough, heaven knows, for a grudge at Great Britain, are inclined to ceasia gibing her for the present because she is friendly to the United States, which welcomes as our truest citizens the sous of Eriu and rnakeis them policemen to guard the peace of our large cities, And ever iu the midst of tbe sea of bunting that rolls over our laud flashes in and out most notable of all the beautiful flag of free Cuba, with its five blue and white stripes and its own brilliant star upon the red ground, emblem of the glory and tbe suffering of the patriot island, its white purity of purpose, its blue steadfast fidelity to that purpose, its red the blood the patriots have shed to win their liberty. For us of tbe United States, next to the glorv of being tbe nation to make Cuba free, is tbe satoisfaction of knowing that the flags of so many other countries are intertwined with ours in sincere friendship and good will at this moment It is the best evidence that we are a nation of peace and that we wish well to all peoples who love liberty. How little marina enterprise the people of the middle ages had is shown by the fact that the (Jape Verde islands, distant only 320 miles from the westernmost point of Africa, were not discovered till the middle of the fifteenth century, not many years before America. The Portuguese were the greatest navigators of those days, and they first sighted these dots of land in tbe sea aud took possession of tbem in the name of their government. The Cape Verde islands have belonged to th« couutry that discovered them, Portugal, ever since bev navigators found them, being oue of the few tracts of i.and that have not changed bauds in modern times. Spain was only a.ble to buy two Atlantic liners ;o be converted into cruisers, the Xormaunia and the Columbia of the Ham burg- American line. After the sale bad been completed the German government expressed in strong terms its displeasure at the transaction, Germany had the like claim on these two vessels that the United States ment had on the four steamer* of tbe American line, the St. Paial, St. Louis, New York and Paris, snd there was an implied understanding that they should be taken and converted into armed cruisers for the service of tbe empire, if they were ever to be needed lor such pnr- 1DDITIO V 4 L 1TEM« •Jhe order of tbe war measure was this-. First, congress passed! tbe joint resolution directing President McEinley in the interests of humanity and of civilization to intervene in the Cuban struggle and stop the war, ac.tboriziug him to use the army and navy of the United States for tbis purpose. The resolution was signed by Speaker Reed of the bou.se because the house first passed it. Then it %vas signed by Vice President Hobart. After that ic went to tbe president, who wrote underneath the other signatures: "Approved April 20, 1898. William McKinley." Next two witnesses signed it. Then tne document, called the ultimatum, which tbe president bad already prepared, demanding that Spain should withdraw her forces from Cuba and giving her 60 hours to reply to the demand was inclosed with tbe congressional resolution and sent at ouce to tbe Spanish miiaister, Senor Luis Polo y Beroabe. When he received it, he sent without; delay to the state department asking for his passport to leave this country. It was immediately Rranted, and be started for Canada, there to remain, as be said, "till Spain whips the United States. " Thus diplomatic relations with Spain in tbe United States ceased. Senor Bernabe will have several days to wait. So far as the usages of diplomatic etiquette go Spain has saved a hurt to her vanity by being ahead of tbe United States in breaking off relations between tbe two nations. When De Lome wrote that insulting letter concerning President McKinley, which it is now plain, was merely a shrewd dodge to get out of a bad situation before tbe worst came, he was able to cable to Madrid his resignation before thin government eoald request his recall. Aguin, Minister Polo demauded from tbe state department at Washington bis passport before it oould be offered to him by McKinley. For the third time again Spain requested Minister Woodford to withdraw from Madrid before he bad opportunity to present the United States ultimatum. If there is any satisfaction in these little triumphs, Spain may enjoy it to the full. Ic'is not long she will have satisfaction of any kind. In the mutations of modern warfare coal has come to be considered as a mu- nition of war and should be so proclaimed by the United States. Without coal the Spanish navy will be utterly paralyzed. It is Of utmost importance the^ia- fore to see that Spain gets no fuel either in this coantryor tbe West Indies. Tbe American who in the present juncture would smuggle coal for USB on Spanish warships would sell, his soul to th'e fiend for H) cents. The Cincinnati Corninercial-Tnbnne speaks of "a face that hud seen better days." This is good. "\Vill Be Seven Army t'orps. VTashington, May 7.—A general order providing for the division of the regular and volunteer armie? into seven army corps was issued at the war department yesterday. This announcement is expected to be followed by the assignments of the major generals who will command the respective corps. ABBREVIATED TEtEGBAMS. Miss Helen Gould will expend $1.00,000 In equipping four cavalry companies for United States service in Cuba. The opening of the national circuit nf bicycle races at Louisville, Ky.. was postponed until- tonight owing to rain. The big- six-story brick block at the southwest corner of Bank and Lake streets, Cleveland, was destroyed by fire. Loss. $125,000. Veterans of George A. Custer post. G. A. R., Chii-ago. adopted resolutions protesting ap-'inst iiioycle race:; and base ball grames Memorial da.y. Dr. Thomas, chaplain of the First Illinois regiment, has resigned. Rev. P.. C. Preston, of fl'hitewater. Wis., will be appointed to succeed Dr. Thomas.. Harry Pollock, aged IS. whose home is at Monetl. Mo., shot and killed himself because he failed to pass- the examination and couid not go to the front. Admiral Dewey fought the battle of Manila at 5 a. m. Sunday morning, or :i minutes 30 seconds past 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon in Chicago. The women of Eau Claire. Wis., who are carrying out the plan of Governor Filigree, of Michigan, to help the poor, have twenty-six garden patches ready for plowing. The audience at the National theatre in Washington, including Mrs. McKinley and a box party, arose and stood •n-hile the orchestra played "Th^ Star Spangied Banner." Alexander Xorolmd tried to kill Mrs. L. E. Whartnn at Chicago. Nordlind was recently discharged from the position of janitor in an apartment building of which Mis. \Vharton is the agent. A special train on the Rock Island railroad which left Chicago at L'rSO-p.m. Thursday arrived in Denver at 1:32 p. m. yesterday, having made- the run of 1.0S2 iniies in '24 hours and 2 minutes. Ele-ction ot' officers of the Westerc Drawing Teachers' association a.t Detroit resulted as follows: Miss llyra Jones. Detroit, president: Miss Minnie Pepple. Elgin. Ills., secretary-treasurer. A Rome special asserts that tin? pope has sent a telegram to the queijn regent of Spain earnestly advising an immediate appeal to the European powers for mediation in the war with America. Perry Headstreara, 4 years old. son of H. C. Headstream. was gored! by a cow at Marshfield. Wis. The suiimaj caught him ancer the jaw and heiid hiru suspended until his father release:} alni opened auspiciously as any year since we can rernes&ber. The National league men were nevisr more full of vinegar, neither were audiences more appreciative. The 3'adii.'i;ce themselves were never larger. From S.OOO to 4,000 spectators is by no means an nuusuai figure even thns early in the seiisou and with ev«:r;?body's mind full of war. Tbe common. mind is so full of war indeed that the epidemic has infected the gallant players and their audiences. Eveu more vigorously than of old do both audiences and players fall upon their common enemy, tbe umpire. At New 1'ork, where, owing to the ^averting of the yellow journals, the Spanish war talk is hottest, the baseball war thus far has naturally likewise brokeu out hottest. Before the season opened we rend the little baud book of etiquette for baseball- ers that bad benu prepared with the especial view of making them angelic in their behavior. Now. we thought, baseball grounds will witness scenes of Cbes- terfieldian deportment. The fun of baseball gatues has vanished, we sighed to ourselves. We need not have sighed. At tbe very first game played by the New Yurks at their own home tbis season pandemonium itself broke loose. Tbe crowd and some of tbe players alike attacked tbe umpire. They hooted, tbey hissed, a player shook his fist and swore awfully and stamped upon his own hat in his impotent rage. The audience roared at the umpire like 5,000 ravening lions. "Lynch him!" cried some. "You're a robber!" yelled others. Finally a happy idea concentrated all tbe wrath of both players and audience in one word. "You're a Spaniard!" That finished tbe umpire. In the midst of a hail of cushions and other missiles around his ears that unhappy man escaped under the protection of the police. Oh, no! The national game is not declining any in interest among us. The London Times is usually consid. ered, not altogether without just ground, as mildly hostile to the United States. These words from a recent editorial iu its columns are therefore all the more weighty: "As the American people have beeu stirred to interference m Gu-' ba by feelings which again and again have prompted serious action iu this country (England), so they will carry on tbe contest in the Anglo-Saxon manner. They will probably make some mistakes, as we almost invariably do, but with them, as with ourselves, mistakes will only increase the dogged tenacity of purpose which knows how to convert mistakes into stepping stones of success.'' We are fortunate in having the approval of the London Times in our present line of conduct, at least in the estimation of the London Times itself. • • - _ " In order to cover all war seizures on tbe ocean and make things entirely clear and legal the president's proclamation dated back, so to speak, the beginning of tbe war to April 21, 1VH1.T IS YOTJR TRADE? Each Its Trade or Occupation Has Special Disease. It is well known among medical men that certain diseases are more readily developed In certain occupations than in others. That each occupation has its attendant physical weakness. Engineers, railroad men and similar occupations suffer mostly from kidney troubles and men who are often exposed to the weather suffer ifrom rheumatism, while clerks and professional^ men, inj fact, the army of people whose business keeps them indoors, are oftentimes great sufferers from piles and constipation. In thlsi connection tbe following letter is of Interest to people whose occupation will not allow sufficient outdoor exercise. Mr. A. F. Calhoun, notary public and jeweler and watchmaker of Cir- clevllle, W; Va., writes as follows: I hail been a severe sufferer from piles for years and had tried many remedies with but little benefits, when about three years ago I saw the Pyramid Pile Cure advertised and sent forlt. I ws,s badly afflicted when 1 got it, but alter only two applications the piles disappeared and from that day to this I have never felt a symptom of tbe disease.' I feel that I cannot recommit 3d it too highly to sufferers from piles. The Pyramid Pile Cure is free from cocoaime, opium or any mineral poison, absolutely safe, pleauant and painleiss: sold by drcggistu at 50 cents per package. . If there is any constipation the Pyramid Pills should be used with the pile cure. The pills are 25 cents per package. Any druggist will tell you that the Pyramid is the beat known and most successful and popualr pile cure ever placed on the market and Its reputation a.'i a safe and radical cere has only iresnlted from the personal recommendation of people- who have been cured of this distressing ailment. SeniJ to Pyramid Co., Marshall, Mich.., for T»la»ble little book on cause and cure of piles. Free Medical Treatment for Weak Men Who Are Willing to Pay Wliea Conytoced of Cure. A scientific combined medical .«od mechanical cum bw» beendiscoTered for " Weakness of Men." It» iaoe«M hMI- been to startling that the proprietor* DOW«an0«WBltM*. .they will send it on trial—remediet ud appliutc* -•withott iidvucc pcjMMt—to any tvHMMmB. II not all t.nac if claimed—all you wiik—MM! 4* buck-that ends it—pay nvjUung! No sin'h offer wa* ever made in good laith befoni we believe DO other remedy would staud nuch a t«t. This combined treatment, cure* quickly, l&OKWchly \ \"! 1 My V-^W-V and forever ijl eflects of early evil h»WI*. lMer«»- "IA'1^ ^^k'\t* cesses, overwort, worry, ew. It creHW h«*Hfc^ ^ x^ /<7 Wj strength, vitality, sustaining powers and ration* . ,Lj—* Ju" ^v ^-Ufe&^FI weuk and undeveloped portions lo natural <)tm» U.P"" jft^ JL-^^CLX sions and film-lions. "~ " " -*"y man v-nting in earnest will rectife dvwzip- ti° n ' particulars and references in » plain waled <w- velone. Professional confidence. Ko deception nor imposition of any nature, A national reputation- toeckjthi? offer (Cutout and send this notice, or mention paper.) Address ERIE MEDICAL CO., Buffalo, N. Y. HAT SALE. We have just opened 200 Pattern Hats, trimmed to our own order in New York and Chicago They will compare favorably with any millinery in the city and our prices are, as usual, lower thain any other place in the city. Large stock of Walking: Hats and Sailors, best quality, lowest prices. e PRY'S. NOW FOR A SPRING SUIT. If you want one, you. should not fail to See my Stock and Get Prices. TUCKER, TAILOR, 4th & $5 per month. ERMS 80 Lots- ADDITION. the "Wabash Railway. 80 choice' ese lots on the most tempting; TEEMS we ought to sell the- rth of property ao that it will, terms on each lot as low 1 1.25- Kailroad men, Salaried people- ir Money. Purchase a Ipt and 12 per cent on your investment. yourself. \ ou will be giving I help our city. Oar cheapest: graded on up, the highest price- ocktourn. Room No & Masonic Tempi! tic" Office. w is the time to provide your- tb a good Sewing Machine at low price. My stock include* e leading makes. My terras y, and there is no excuse for out of a good sewing machine, house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th, R B WHITSRTT GflS RflTES. Commencing Jifay 1st, and continuing until Oct. 1st , 1898 the • summer rate on Evidence B..eaters and grates is as follows: $1.88 Heaters. . ... ......... 5oc per month 2.25 " ..... :u ...... ..75c " Grates and open froflt stoves 7$c ** *' Special Rates on Furnaces and Bcsiness Heaters upon applicatiom. AH bills are due and payable at the Ompanj's office between'. the 1st and lOfh. of each month. . - .. Mey Gas • ;«,^:i!(

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