Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 26, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1890
Page 5
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f-yfjaywxmfn&gp-ir^'fWQFf z~"f^^t> DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. Wednesday .April 30, W.H.Power'sCo. -PBESKSTIJi'U- ' TUe Romantic Irish Drama- THE FAIRIES WELL i A Companion Play lo THE IVY LEAF.) . ^irlrt'j First-lass Company. Including I lip ~ ' TaJentt-d lr:.>& Comedian. Mr. Carroll Jolmson iLneof Johnson* Siovln's 5Im«tr?ls.i i Csr UwJ of Scenery-' A Powerful Dramatic IT. Rej'lrte with New Songs anil Danced. i?i'.on same as at the Hth Street rYorH. SCALE OF PRICES: Ssienaf, y- cents: Parqiiet. 50 cent*; Orel* 7$ esrtc. S^its ori sole at Keeping's. Real Estate. For Sale orTrade lu all part? of the City. Residence at all prices. Business Houses. Vacant Lots. Exclusive Sale of Johnson's "Riverside Addition". 20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Bargains in Lands close •o to the City. B N. TALBOTT Real Estaie Broker, St. Elmo Block, Broadway. B. M. MeMillen Pie'ures, gcatlonair, Hammocks, Croqcets. Picture Framing A SPECIALTY. Xo. SOT - - Market St. MONEY TO LOAN! iad Notes Boogtt in any sure orer $35 at lowest Tar.fi. Larg? amounts c percent. GBO. B. FORGY. MONEY TO LOAN, a any stun at the L-OW2.8T r&t«s iTJvate rsadf -nJy, ilotiey ai-srayfl ts'aeiid, ?*ored ts-psortle- -cj. Interest ns« prlaciv** payable In Logics'^ors. £p«ci>jL] fcrTacjreEieats &* to pa>Tn«Et oJ prinrfpslizid IcterGEt, n;&ia co rclt the «rt&fteof Sorro-weT. For fartfcar jmrticcltkra apply to Fred W. Munson, i uorn07 t; Law arid United Sates Cammi«dccex t Fourth Btrwt. opposite Court Hoafv. Tlie Kmbalmer'rt Skill. The remains of James Raynes, the itinerant silversmith -who died at the Johnston house on the 14th inst. from the effects of a long protracted drunk, are still li ing at the undertaking rooms ;of Krosger & Strain, nothing having been heard of the dead man's friends. Mr. Krosger embalmed the body, -which is in a remarkable state of preserration, and presents even a more natural appearance now than jast after death, eleven days ago, the process of decomposition having been apparently arrested by the action of the fluids used in embalming the body. The tips of the lingers and toes are beginning now to show signs of mummification, having become dry and bard. As a proof of the embalmer's skill the body is certainly a remarkable testimonial and Mr. Kroeger expresses a confidence that the present state of preservation will continue indefinitely. The remains will be held for some time in the hopes that friends of the unfortunate man may yet turn up to claim his body. Xothing reliable, is known of the man here. Although he stated to persons for whom he had done work that he had formerly lived at Pullman, Illinois, nothing has been heard from that place in response to inquiries directed at the time ot his death concerning him. The excellent preservation of the body is such however, that it is evident it could be claimed a year from j now and be turned over to the friends in as good a condition as the day the man died. Messrs. Kroeger & Strain are content to retain charge of the "unknown" indefinitely as it is not often such an opportunity presents for tin euibaliner to thoroughly test The success of his operation. _ ilish Seho.il Xotest. Visitors are invited. The Teachers are getting ready for their picnics in the woods. Visitors ar« iavited to Miss Cox' room next Friday afternoon. Hon. D. P. Baldwin was in the High School rooms yesterday afternoon. The pupils of A Grammar room spent the afternoon with toe High school pupils. The pleasant faces of UbaHattery, Edna Stevens and Mary Weaver, were missing in the High school yesterday. The time in Miss Cox' room was spent in a very pleasant, manner yesterday afternoon, an'd was enjoyed by all who were present. The pupils who have not missed a day in the school room during the -whole year are as follows: Miss Coi—John Swigart, Nellie Stanton and George Chase. Miss Linvilie—Dora Benica, Bdna Donalson. Grace Anderson. Mary Chase, Carrie Stocks, !Lawrence Anderson, Lillian Taylor, Helen McConnell and Minnie 2Selson. Miss Sheets—Harry Wright, Lizzie Phersou. Maud Mc^itt Stanley, Crawford and Edith Burgman. Miss Gordon — Polie Blaser, Bertha Beghmester and Sophia Heitzman. Miss MeConnell—Ida Gyer, Harry Touslev and Liilie Baken. A GAY LOTHARIO. Jacob Zorstr. a Pu Handle Krrlfht l'ondac-t..r. B«*-omes Bad 17 In- i volvrd with ihe Fair (*rx. ' Thr^e <arls Expeclinc t» Marry Him j HP Find* the Climate Too Warm and I>ej«Lrti«. MONEY and L.OAES. A U £<odft or lu- placed ts first elase oora panics. Er.il ow. j.olic3*e . porcbssed, Bonds of soretjfi. c. for pa-rJei» hoi dj fee pc8iti«o« of trun 319 PEARL ST. S M. Closson . y Journal SATURDAY MORNING. APRIL 25. A colt deiuolisbesawagon andjcuts itself in the east end. — Headline from the. Port Wayne Gazette. Miss Daisy Graham has returned to her home in Cincinnati, after a pieasaat visit with friends in tbi» <ity. Mr?. C. O. Fenion departed last sisbt for Winamao. to spend a week *iih her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Trier. Cyrns V. Conrad, of Adams town>P, left Thursday for Berthoud. oKancl will make that place his uture home. ^Open until 11 o'clock to-nfght, b'.it •Wdon Sunday. Bay year farn- goods accordingly of the Ha- 7. Sny.der is erecting a busi- a !83 house in the East End which he saloon. The build- ia g-«illbe completed about May 1st. Enere were forcy-oue applicants ° r teachers' license at the 'ornary examination. Fifteen «8 successful, as follows: Mary A- 1 "-™ \Villard Ault> Igaac i- Barton, P. A. Bayless, i, Ida, Gal- MeMillen, Mori- About the same hour that theves entered the residence of Mr. A. J. Slurdook Thursday evening, the same fellows or others equally slick effected an entrance into tbe house of Mr. Chag. Raucb. opposite Mr. Murdock's residence. The •work of the sneak thief was bert again evident as it is thought by Mr Rauch that the rascal entered by the front door, and stealthily making his way through the house, succeeded in picking- up a few dollars and a few small pieces of jewelry belonging to Mr. Ranch's little girl, of little value, however, save as keepsakes. No clue was left in this case and both this and the Murdoch burglary are wrapped in mystery. The Hnjnrity f»r B*vi*!on. BI Telegraph to the Journal. KBW YORK, April 3i.—The Inde pendent this week publishes return* of the vote on revision of the confession of faith from 170 presbyteries. Of these 110 vote for revision, 55 against revision, and 5 do not vote at all. Forty-four presbyteries are yet to be heard from. Furniture Sale. Ash & Hadley will offer their stock of damaged furniture for sale in the Hagenbuck block, 417 Market street and also at their own rooms, 435 and 427 Market street, on Monday at 8:80 o'clock; the goods will be sold at private sale for cash. The goods must be sold- _ apr36d3t Bnv while the assortment is large, unlaundried snirts, 3 for $1; laun- dried shirts, 43 and 55 cents; choice neck scarfs and four-in-hand. 15 anc 35 cents, at Harry Frank's" to be sure. t Win. R. Gannada was on triaJin the Circuit court yesterday on the •charge;of being a'pinip; '• Tie jury >re r ;ired:last evening and will proba,- -bly return a verdict this morning Jacob Zorger, a freight: conductor who has made this city hisheadquar erg for many rears past, running on the second division. Pan Handle^ applied for aud got a ninety days eave of absence on Wednesday aud hap departed, nor did he leave be- lind him an address whereby his riends might establish commuuica- ion with him. #if appears, however, roiii all the evidence on the subject, i hat Jake does not particularly de- i sire that his whereabouts become '. uiown until a very decided breeze which he has raised has quieted down somewhat. Those who knew Zorger best eon- i siclered him a quiet, retiring sort of a 'ellow, not much given to paying Attention to the fair sex—but that is where tbey wpre mistaken, as events go to show. In a positiou to make money, and being reputed to je worth considerable property in Ohio, Zorger had no diffcalty in stablishing his credit about town. All witn whom he had dealings considering hisn "good pay,''—this is. where another mistake was made, as vents also go to show that his :ailor, his beading house keeper, his restaurateur and numerous others ivho had dealings with him are now bewailing the fact that he is gone an-J their little bill is left uneo'.lect- fd. Wherein Jacob fooled bis 'riends regarding the girls s just where tbe difScultie ies. With all his reputation to the contrary, Zorger has established a reputation which Lothario might aave envied. It appears that like a tailor he has fouad a sweetheart in each port, at Bradford, at this place, aad it is said that a Chicago maiden is also , lamenting his absence from her side. These girls, it also appears, have each gafotd from him a promise to marry, and in two cases at least the day was set. They not only gave him their love, but their all—a love not wise; aud in the two cases, here and at Bradford, interesting developemants are expected in each case as a result. Zorger was expected at Bradford on Thursday, that having been the day set for the wedding. All preparations had been made for the event, and in the morning the father of the bride to be drove into the town to njeet his expected son-in-law at the train. For all tbe purpose of bis trip tbe honest old farmer mi be waiting at the station yer, for no Zorger appeared. Lothario had flown to escape the result of his too promiscous Joves. It seems that the Lagansport girl had heard of thtjtp- proaehing wedding and considering that she had an equal claim on him. had. threatened to make [things very interesting for him should he proceed further towards carrying out his plans concerning tbe Bradford girl. From what is said the Chicago girl also interposed objections of a simiJar character, each complaint possessing a "cracker" which gave Zorger every assurance that things were working around in sneh a shape that it would be altogether too warm and saltry s for him in this part of the country until the storin which was brewing had passed by, hence tbe sudden retirement. Hone: or the Board. Vote away, vole awar, Commissioner man; Vote away money -is fast as jau can. Vote it tor bridges. " For extra pay; Vote it to iawrers. Vote, TCI* awar- Gertrude Athernm. : NEW YOES, April 2-J.— Gertrude Atlier-, ton, the author of "Hi.'nniu Suydatn," is an interesting woman. Slje is u Cali- foruian. a wiiiovr. v.-jtii uua trhild. She lives in a charming .-lii^rtmtnt on East Fiftieth street. It u- ;Uuio.,t like stepping into a L:i uf woodla'id to enter her dainty drawing rooia, huiiit a:ul furnished in uiil'-Teni, ituifes of green, ilrp. Allii-rton's favorite euitjr. as wat iliu ilerini.1 .Suyjum's. The great. brr,:n! couch ;«M high with fnit-raM i;ui-il cu.-!>iims is iikc- a rnossv bank v.-h. :-<-i.u th'. 1 v.ilil tljyiiK: prows. S»'ft griri-i! lian^ings ai tls«' windows give a iiim. Oi.-lifjous li^'ht :.•; the prcUy room, and perhaps tin? 1'rcitk'St object of all is tW ivory skinned, l*ryl .-yc-d, yellow haired liule mistress. Si)-? si:s in a spacious chair over which is thrown a. great wliii..- fur rug. n capital background for the graceful v.-onian whose gown uf soft, green Indian silk hsrinonizps beautifully with her picturesque personality ar.j surroundings. The great desk nearby is heaped \vith letters and proofs of Mrs. Atherton's novel which the Lovells are bringing out. It will not bo an erotic romance like "Her^ mia," but an idyllic romance, the scene of which is laid in California, on a ranch. A new dialect is introduced, and the hero ine- is a daughter of a bandit chief. It is rumored now and then that Mrs. Atherton is to wed the handsome, stalwart editor of Current Literature, Whatever truth there may be in this report 1 know not, but I do know that, they are very old friends. Mrs. Atherton leads a very quiet life, and especially so since the unpleasant and distasteful publicity of the pen clashing before referred to. Her u^jo is devoted to her work, and she goes i.nt only for her daily coD.stitutionaL Beiore her husband died, while living in California, she used U, loujj for literary fs,me and turn vrb-tful eves toward the *:ist. Her intimate friend, to whom she confided her aspirations, was Sytiil Sanderson, whose EiSel tower note astoviivd- <?d artis'-ic ParU last year. Svbil vras us ca^fr to ^-o upon the stage, as Gertrude v.-^s to write, but both were opposed bv thoir families.. "We used to taie long walks together and talk it over, and won- ocr if V.-P should ever get out into the world and re;dize our ambitions. At last the vray opened for both, and when we inc-t. after the separation of years, in Piiris, la=t suiumer. ;.on can fancy how much Ujpre was to talk r,bn\]t-." Vote avraj i Don't lock the door; When it's all gone You can borrow some IBOM-. What It Cost* must be carefully considered by the majority of the people, in buying even necessities of life. Hood's Sar- eaparilla commends itself with special force to the great middle classes, because it combines positive economy with great medicinal power. H is the only medicine of which cau truly be said "100 doses one floilar," and a bottle taken according to 'dirt»etions will average to Jast a month. fl instilled to the Best. AM are fntitied To the, best that their money will buy, so every family should bavv. at one*-, n boul* 1 of the best family reuie<ly, Syrup ol Figs, to cleanse the system when costive or bilious. For sale in 50c and $1.00 bottles by all leading drug gists. For sale by B. F. Keesling-. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly OB the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses 'the system effectually, dispels coldc. head aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the, aaly remedy of its kind ever produced, pleafiug l<> the taste and ao eeptable to tbe siorrccl), pron:pt in its sctioa and truly bencf.eial ia its effects, prepared only from the xaost beaithv and agreeaL'c saK'iaiice-!?. lit many excelleiit qualities conrr.ei"! :; to all and have Trade it ibc ;«":! popular rcincfiv kuoiva. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and" §1 bottles \T ail leaning dra- ay not have :t I..D hand Tril! pr<> cure it pr«v2iptly f;.r ar.y ore vrh-. Trisbes to" try it- D.-. r.-.it accept ai;y subs^tute. CALIFORNIA FiC- SYRUP CO. !•,',•<' r.7,4"'»\::cp, :~'-L UHtisruif. r.". '•'-'-' •">"'• •'•••? For 5.1! s- l>y B F Keeslinj Chang* Their Uniforms. IJio introduction of smokeless powder into the ; G«rman army will involve the alteratiojj of the uniforms of several regiments, as the wearers of brigfu* colors will -be too^jiia'nly visible to tbe" enemy without tb» protecting- cloud o' smoke Suring' warfare. •••••-•> Laniz Bro's & Co.. of Buffalo W. Y. are placing a ticket in every family in Logan^port, which are good at anv grocery store for a bar of their Aclue Soap free for trial. £>o do not fail to present your tickt-t as each one is worth ~fiv« cents to your grocer. THOMPSOiN'S GLOVE FITTING CORSETS! Acknowledges tjw Tirorld Orer as ftinE. most Perl«a firm gjvlnr a most ft»DOjnIc3 Corset on tlie maTket^ . For Sale In complete i ssortmeats a* tne BEB HITK Dry G«»d» H«nt«. -.=. & WISE 315' Fourtt iStre;!. ' ! 'I " U Engineer's Puzzles WITH HATS. Base Ball Outfits With Boys' and Children's Suits. A Bag of Marbles With Children's "Waists and Pants. Webster's Dictionary WITH EVERYTHING. OTTO KRAUS, OF COURSE, DEPARTMENT STORE. A. H. SRR'JYEK. remedy of Elliott. Siiorcr 4: Co.. C. if. CBOSS. SctmuU it Co., SHROYER & CROSS, Jobbers of Imported, Key Westland Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc, Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. FRED DYKEMAN Represent* the above firm in Ix>ga-aspor; awl surrounding Memsliausen Has AH ffiSa-^iT'SSS Retrigerators:L AT Chicago Prices. Call and be Convinced* WATCHES! WATCHES!! WATCHES!!! Lartre»t .Stock in'tlie City «o<l Sold OD inoothly pi .W. HlgiiJ Watches $5.00 and warranted. NO AUGTfOK GOODS. prize? jiv«r>. Xo lottfrys run; hut KOOJ good*, ««?!'! low. li(~work and *• iisrr.tviai; rfon* in'th«» city. A. HAUK, The Jeweler,

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