The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1951
Page 5
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VOKDAY, APRIL », 1SB1 4,300 Flee Flood-Struck Homes in Minnesota City »y THK -ASSOCIATE!) PKKSS S"n« 4,300 p*rsoiu fled their flood-slruck hornet .In a Minnesota (own Sunday u the swollen Minnesola River swamped streets. With temperature! down ne»r freezing, all but 500 North Mankalo, Minn., resident! l«Jt their hoine« under orders o( local officials. Most were c*red for In Mankalo, *n;tii O f tht suburb. SLYTHEVtLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Meanwhile, the spring thaw «ent the Red River rising. A flood warn. ing was jxisled at Fargo, N.D., and JU Moorhead, Minn., lying on ellhir ~J side of the river. The river U e»- pected to cre*t at 2S or 21 feet today. Elsewhere in'Minnesota, the community of ' Marshall counted IU losses a.s the Redwood River ebbed. Damages were estimated at (I 000 000. . In Alabama. Iowa and South tx- • kot-a, flooded rivers were subsiding. The Minnesota river .spilled over levees at Ncrth Mankato, in .southern Minnesota, as volunteers boli- tered the dikes against, the expected Hood crest. Twelve miles north of Mankalo at SI. Peter, about ISO volunteers were building emergency dikes. River I^vel l>rops At New Ulm. 30 miles upstream, the river level dropped some Sunday night giving rise to the "hope, that Die Minnesota would crest at Mankato today. Two feet of water covered North Mankato -streets and at least a thousand telephones were out of order. Four persons were hospital- Congress Check <* Planned on Riqhts Of Little Man' WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. W Va., April ». OPi— 'congress plans-to Investigate whether the little business man Is being trampled in the mobilization^crush. Rep. Celler (D-NY). In minoune- Inir the congressional Inquiry here yesterday, suggested the nation's defense agencies are being advised by committee* loaded in (avor of big business, He said some members of these committees, servlnf without pay. are "merely sale*., managers" for their companies. .- Celler, chairman of th« House Judiciary. .Cimmltlee. disclosed plans for the-inquiry at : the .final session of the conference on economic mo- bilisation. He said It will . "start shortly." l'-OK TWO I-1N-S - Hollywood actress Jeanne Lochridge paints her own fancy leg art to resemble those eye-catching designs embroidered on expensive stockings The daisy pattern was made with eye-' brow pencil, cake makeup, spirit cum and sequins-right on Jeanne s leg. not on stocking. THEATRE 2013 Wes! Main Open Weekdays fi:45 Snow Starts 7:»« Saturdays A Sundays 1:M Always » Double Feature Timts Today )•«»« Sttwirt —PLUS— "THE RED PONY" (In Color) Knherl Mllchtim Mirrnn T.oy .S'ews A -C»rl»on Md as a result of the Hood, one man w«s burned when his lloo<icd hous* exploded and caught fire. Carbon monoxide - fumes from a pump engine made three others »iclt. The North Mankalo residents were moved fr6m the stricken area by truck.s and boaus. Their empty homes were protected by patrolling Minnesota State Guardsmen. In Alabama, disaster relief workers still aided victims of the rampaging Tonibigbce River which had marooned an estimated 1.03p lowland residents. 'llie river dropped about H inches Sunday from ii.i maximum flood stage. Red Cros* I'elps The Red Cross said it expected to continue bringing food to residents near Demopolis by boat for another week, Later, families would be able to come in their own boats to draw rations, the Red Cross said. In South Dakota, the Big Sioux River, fell slowly and steadily after forcing 1.500 from their homes in Sioux Falls. The peak flood .stage was reached late Friday. In Iowa, the Little Sioux and Cedar Rivers were reported tailing Sunday. A band of cloudy weather slj-etched from east sections of the Dakota*, Nebraska ami Kansas through the Great Lakes region and Ohio Valley to' the Atlantic Slates Monday. . Elsewhere -In the country, fair weather was In prospect, -Temperatures were generally seasonal with the following early morning readings: Chicago. 41, Detroit 3«. St. Louis 38. New York SO.. Miami 71. Seattle 41, Lo* Angeles 55, Phoenix 57. eight miles north of Charleston, its destination, when ic struck a tali locust Iree and plunged in, earth i a burst ol llaine. Aboard were nine enlisted men and 12 of/tow, an honor guard [roni Godman All Ftorce Base in Kentucky lo Ihe funeral ol Maj. H'oodford w. Sutherland. The :u- year-old major Irom nearby SI. Altans. W. Va., losi his life Thursday in a ground collision of (.wo planes al Elgin Field, rla. i.ike Sutherland, most of tile ID vlclims or yesterday's crash were members of the ifiTth FiRhtcr Squadron, Be/ore being called in- lo federal service recently, the squadron was a West Virginia Air National Guard unit. GLASSY CHASSIS—This, clearly, is an automobile. It was desired so you can look rfeht and find out how your new auto perks. The transparenl chassis makes full use of plastics fluorescent lacquer and ullra-violet ray lamps to show complete en R ine and chassis ope, P)ymouth engineers in Defroil spent 18 months buildipu ihn rtUr>la U the display Indochina Reds Believed Repelled HANOI.- Indochina. April 9. «')— Ctilnese troops that invaded northwest Indochina and seized two border towns were believed today to h»v« turned back aller French troops were rushed lo Ihe area. French army headquarters said yesterday a battalion of Chinese, probably Communist ' irregulars, crowed the- frontier April i and headed toward the provincial capital of Lai Chau—170 miles northwest of Hanoi—after taking the towns of Ban Nam Koung and Phong Tho. French aerial observers found nn trace of the invaders yesterday and French trooos. airlifted In t,M Chan, failed to rrontnct rhem during patrols north of the city. People Less Happy, Say* lOS-Year-Old ' HUMBOLDT. Tenn. —W>— Mrs. Nancy Catherine Shumate, who has seen a lot of people In her 105 years, says folks are not as happy now »s they use'd to be. "People have changed so much they're mighty near lite butterflies now," she says. "People are so proud they can't go in chinch unless they're In silk. And pride has taken the religion out of them." The slim, little lady of 90 pounds has reared nine children and "has outlived all but three of them. Right now she llve.i vutli the "bRby" of her flock. 52-year-old Mrs. L. E. Mosley. It's a long ria.v Mrs. Shu- male puts In. LTp at anywhere from 6 to 9 a.m., she spends the entire day doing something _ cooking, feeding the chickens, marketing,' and once In a while a shopping trip lo Jackson. Tcnn. Her favorite evening paslimc is watching television and the part she likes most Is when the big bruisers gel In the wrestling ring down at Memphis. According lo Ihe 1950 census. 25 per cent, of all renters of non-farm dwellings were paying J50 or more per month in rent, while in 1940 only 7 per ceut were paying thai much. « f.asl Times Today 'King Solomon's Mines" (Color hy Technicolor) Deborah Kerr Slewurt Granger Tuesday Bargain Nile All Tickels ISc "Challenge to Lassie" Edmund (Jwenn Donald Crisp Heart Trouble? Powder Takes Salt from Food ST. LOUIS. April 9. M>,_ For heart patients, a new white Powder takes half the foi bidden sail oui of their food after they've eaten it. That means tastier food, and even regular restaurant food, for many people with congestive hean failure, high blood pressure, and cirrhosis of (he liver. The powder helps them get rid of excess water, lo lose weight, and to reduce the work load on the heart. The powder u a resin (trademark Resodcc) shown today by Smith. Kline & French Laboratories. Philadelphia, in an exhibit at the opening nf the 32nd annual meeting ot Ihe American College of Physicians. H soaks up sodium, by electrical attraction, in the Intestines and carries it out of the body. Sodium is the culprit in common table .salt, which is-bad for people with' Ihe heart condition or high blood pressure. La Prensa investigation Hearing to Be Today BUENOS AIRES. April 9. M'l— Congressmen of President Junn D. Pcron's majority Peronista Parly meet this afternoon lo set a date (or a session lo hear a report from the congressional committee Investigating the muzzled independent newspaper La Prensa. Reports circulated that Peron may call the special session of Congress later in th* week. Swallows, night-hawks, whip- poor-wills and some other birds have weak legs and walk with difficulty. NOXZEMA'S Wondtrfu! Rtltfl For Poison Jry, Oak, Scixei of peopl« find No*-l>y, niH'Se hy tht> maker* of famou* Nf>Krcm« SVin Crf»m, brinjj" quicV r.l.ef lo lh* • nnoyint: itchine ol poUoti Ivy, help* dry up bliilert f*H- Get No«-Uy from your riruaRi't today. 39(! unil 73tf. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "lour Cojjirniinily Ccnler" MANILA, ARK. iMalinces Sal. & Sun. . ' Ph. 58 Times Today OPERATION PACIFIC" .lolin \\'ayne Tuesdav "Bowery at Midnight" East Side Kids Wednesday & Thursday "Texan Meets Calamity Jane" Kvetyii Ankers .lames Ellison EDSON CoiiUiieuci from Page 4 HFC examiner who accepl, 1 ; Tree holet accommodations and a senator who does Ihe .same thing? Who Taught the Boys A It out Kasy Money? What's the difference between R basketball player who accepts a bribe lo throw games and an alumnus who subsidizes an athlete — making him a profession.-*!— m amateur sports? What's the difference between al racketeer who lakes advantage of j loopholes in the tax laws ami an oil producer or the builder of a defense plant who asks for accelerated depreciation allowances, to take advantage of other loopholes in the same laws? What's the difference between the natron of a policy game racket who Is illegally in this country and ought lo be deported, and (lie employer of "wetback" labor smuggled across the Mexican border in violation of the immigration laws? What's the difference between, say. dealers in gray market steel, defense profiteers, labor union leaders who walk out on government efforU in protest over wage ceilings, and the congressional bloc whkh threatens (o make It Impossible tot Price Stabilizer Mike J3i Salle to put a 45-cenL ceiling price on cotton. As Senator Fulbriglit has said, his investigation may not have uncovered many outright violations of the law. AVhab is has uncovered are many cases of presumably respectable people "hiring knavish lawyers to circumvent the law and enrich Britain, U.S. Open Oil Talk On Iran Crisis 'Last Times Today THE STEEL HELMET' Robert Million Steve Hrodis RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. -Monday & Tuesday MOW IXCITINO THAN "WHJSPfKING SMfTH"/ . lechnicolor* BRANDED A fjrimoufli Ptetuit stirring WASHINGTON. Apl'll 9. I/I', _ I'he United Slates and Britain open lotiay a scries ol talks designed lo produce a common Anglo-American policy lor meeting Ihe Iranian oil crisis. Assistant Secretory or „ Stale Clcorge McGhee is expected lo urge Ihe British government, IbroURh Ambassador Sir Oliver Franks, to accept the nationalization o( Iranian oil and concentrate on working out a plan [or operating the Industry under Iranian control. Britain, hcwever, Is understood to oppose the nationalization move approved by the Iranian m»jlls < parliament.) and reportedly Is anxious to block it. This apparent din'sion of views probably will be the major Issue in the talks at the State Department. themselves at government expense.' The big test now Is whether the While and (he Congress have Ihe guts to correct the abuses lhat have been disclosed. Will the President have the decency to fire tht members of his staff who havt been indulging in taking questionable favors? And will the Congress have the honesty lo close all the legal loopholes which sanction stich goings on? Nol jffcl some of thorn but all of them. 44 KHM in Air Miihapt— Plane Crashes Sweep Nation over Weekend CHARLESTON. W. Va., .#,11 ». (APl-The funeral mission of ,„ Air Korct plain ended five mlmiles ahead o( schedule yesterday—in a •iery crash on a moimlalntop. Nineteen o! iu at occupant.,, headed lor I Ihe funeral oJ a fellow airman, perished. The twin engine c-47 was Just Plane Falls into Cottage WASHINGTON. April 9. I/I',_A (.win-engine bomber, crippled and abandoned by it s crew, crashed into a suburban coUaije yesterday and killed t«-o little g jris ami tllcll . uncle. The children*' lather, mother and aunt were Injured. Dead were irvln Guycr ol Cran- 'ord, N. j.. Kny Su.vdor, 7. and Rene Denise Snyder, two months. The injured: Mrs, Gnyer. nnd -Master Sergeant and Mrs. Samuel Snyder. The B-25 bomber's three crewmen parachuted to safely niter n four-hour struggle with the crippled plane. They said they beaded it toward the Chesapeiike Bay before leaping out. Air Force officers said any land-, ing would have resulted in a violet t crash, possibly fatal to the crt'.v. The plane's landing gear hart locked with only one wheel down, an fiimllgHCliig the crash of r. southwest airways plane which (lung UN- bodies of 32 passangers and crewmen »" mountainside, near here Friday nlsht. Only 10 of Ihe bodies ar» b«- lieved identifiable. The rest were torn and burned beyond recognition In the crash nnrt resultant fire. A convoy of trucks brought Ihe bodies lo ! mortuary her« lasl night. Miionu those positively Identified so far are Mrs. Norton Clapp, Beattie her daughter, Gulc. 13; PH, John McNeil. Bevorly HilLs, calif • Allan w. Webb, Seattle; Sgt. Russell J. Schullz, [.unldgton, Mich., and i two crew members, dipt. Knox Pitlimin. the pilot, and Purser Grant Peterson. Some of Ihe 12 military personnel on the plane can be Identified only by dOKlaRs. Auriol Leaves for Home MONTREAL. April 9. M>)_President Auriol of France leaves for home today after his first state visit to the united States and Canada. The fltf-yoar-old president, hl.i wife and nicjcs are scheduled to leave for Paris aboard a speclnl Air Fiance plnne. CAA Investigates Crash SANTA BARBARA. Calif,, April 9. (/TV—Civil Aeronautics Authorities Heart Courier NEWJ Classified Ads. nsplrin for chtl- drcn bearing St. Joseph name. 1'/« Krairt tablets »•sure nccurncy. Orange Ctavorvd. Starts 7:15 p.m. Kids Under 12 FREE Wilh r'arenfs PLAYGROUND LAST TIMfS~TONIGHT TWO GRAND FIRST RUN HITS G.I.JOE 2—COLOR CARTOONS—2 Atso Warner News & Shorts Wednesday & Thursday "CHINA SKY" Kandol|)h Scolt Also News & Shorfs old friend in a new place... JACK RA \VM.\GS... manager of tht> new Delia Loan * Kinaiu-e Co. which lias just opened office.* here in lilythcville. He invites you to come in and Jtel acquainted with Hie new office—and the friend ly service. The location is convenient for you (across Ihe street from Kuhinsim Lumber Co.) with plenty of parking space. It's the place to remcmtjer when you need money...nil types of loans quickly and coiifidenlialfy arranged. Now at your service. , DELTA LOAN& FINANCE CO. • 321 Ash Rnln'nson Mir. Co. Is Across The Si reel • Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Save On A New Refrigerator Tomorrow., .TuMdi?; April 10. ..that', your hut. chine* to i«t rid of your 0U r»- frijf«r«tor or icebox (for , which we'll allow j-ou |60!) • nd trade (or • bcaullfal new Inlern»Uonsl"H*r?«»t- tr. W« sincerely urge yo« not to pa so up thi» opportunity because it looks u though it will be impossible to repent this offer in lh« future. Come down tomorrow and chouse the exact model .von ivnnl—Ihey'r* priced HS low as $21S.S5. If .von don't wish to makt the cnlire down payment rlj;hl away-, .we'll allow •yon (o make a small payment each week ($3 to $5) and still lake advantage of Ihis special trade-in offer, Hut tomorrow's the day. S» do plan In come by and M* Ihese beautiful Inlernalion- ill - Harvester refrigerator* . .and Delta Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Ph. 6M1

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