Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 7, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1898
Page 19
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Never At any one time hsivefwe been able to shmv so maov exclusive Patterns season. for Spring is the Top Coatings, Suitings, Trouserings and Fancy Vestings, Prices that will Surprise AT CAMP MOUNT,, Arrival of Cass County Boys in Indianapolis. SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES. Topics to be Diseased in the Pulpit* H05TE WAR NOTES ADDITIONAL ITEMS. First >i?ut iu PIERCE, The Tailor, 318 Broadway. DR. F. M. BOZER'S OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner of Fourth and Broodwy Central Telephone No Office 3«3, residence S43. JD R. DENTIST a Barn Beds. on Straw Corner Fifth and Market, Pythian Building. GEORGE W. RODEFER. :^i* Keal Estate, Loans. % mroapnedrtycity Bought, Sold or Exobanired. Money to Loan on mortgage or personal aocurity. Call on roe or write to m« ar. No. 31 Eel Rlvor »v Sn ue,eaBt »ndof Market icreet brids:e. 3JANLEY & SHANAHAN. Bar and Sell Second Give ui A call. Hand] Goods. 309 8th street E. H.GRACE, D.D.S. DENTIL PAKLORS 316 Market; Street. Hew Aluminite Rubber Plates. New Undertakers. '•303 Market irtreet, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. G»UB promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. KiliUn wa* fir many yearn foreman for Chsiri a L. w»;i Telephone old 361, new SZ7 When You Seed an ABSTRACT OR A LOAN ;.%<30?r<vm, F. H. WIPPERMAN, 006 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance, Calls promptly attended day or night Undertakers, 613 Broadway. •Strain W. J. BARNETT, Suooewor to C. L. Won, 'Undertaker,, Embalmer, Funeral 4 r Market Btroet. Calls attended . clay or nlam Cne flneat outfit in the D. 3. Co! . C. L. Woll. will remain with me. •Phone*- Office !6.Resldenoe-Mu. 85: 0, U. 169. Unsurance and Loans, o anoe and Bond! written in first class com- paaiea. Moi:ey to loau 8 per cent, S. M. Clojsson,3l9 Pearl St. MAKE MONEY l capital. fl 00 will start you in the Chicken business. Youns Chicks tor sale at 10 oentii each. Ten led on the table scraps until tall m»l*es a nice Jlook l.'or winter eggs «t no expense Newh«,toh1U8tCiEfand ready for delivery at Poplar Poultry I'ark. Clifton Ave John M. Markley, Proprietor. Private Money to Loan No Delay C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insuirance 7 and Loans. ^ *!OS Fourth Street. OITY NRWS. Read the ad ot the Golden Rule. Chester and Mrs. Hadley have re turned to Lafayette. Fra,nklPoley was over from Valparaiso, yesterciay, visiting his mother, who Is sick. Medland & Sons today began work oc a (two story brick house for Cbas. E. King, on Eel River a venue, Mrs. Rad ibaugh. Misses Gertie Winters aod Ada Cushraan went to Indianapolis today to attend the May musical festival. S. P. Younglove returned from Toleclo, O., last night, having been called there to the bedside of his sick tfrandsou. The boy is better. Mliia Olara Dawes, cf Peru, ecoum- paoied D.T. Oarl as far, as Logansport. Dr. Carl 'Is en route to Lafayette. Miss Dawes will be the guest of Mrs. F. M. RIchMon and Mrs. G. W. Murpihy, of Fourth slireet, while ia the city. At That the Bojs Had the Best (Barters in the Camp. When the Logansport troops arrived ID Indianapolis last night a cold rala was falling and after march- Ing- through it to the camp grounds, the boys were In all probiblllty discouraged to some extent. Alter several delays tae men were instructed to take piDSsess'.on of a Ifirge barn In the fair grounds, which load been used for exhibiting fine stock. The stalls were filled with clean, new straw, and although some of the men felt that they were not being assigned to propar quarters, they were In reality getting much the best place to pass the night. The barn was closely built <ind wa? warm and dry. Captain Bender assured his men that they might be ici a worse place and declared that If they did not have any rougher time than that before the war ended they conid consider themselves lucky. Oae officer of the guard fcold one of the company from here that if they were assigned to water soaked tents that many would get sick and be sent home. Toe boys were assigned to the Fourth regiment and will be known as Company M. T&e names of the men who left yesterday and from among whom the necessary eighty-five men will oe selected are as follows: OFFICERS. Captain—D. S. Bender. First Lieutenant—W. C. Dunn. Second Lieutenant—Leroy Fitch, nomination and of winning the plnc-p over such a jirorciuent citizen as .Tucljre Dij-keman. HP promised; to muka an .active campaign throughout and exhorted Democrats to pull r These wore loud oil Is for Pykcman awl (ho rrspoml^d by s:i.vin-g: tflint the convention. li;td <l<>?i<' him a ;;re;vt, favor. H<? snTK'cl_ ih:U lie had an ambition to lie senator ia order that he misfit bring Hfootit certain reforms and rote TO return Turpie to flie United States senate. He stated chat he wa.« jri-owiug old but is still full of iijrlu and Chat to the com- ins campaign if Tiis 'health permits: he will mak£ as many speeches as Judge Wtofield. HLs speech was warmly applauded. The committee on resolutions, liav- Lns had no opportunity to prepare ires-' olutioos, F. B. Hedges of Pulaskij moved the adoption of the Chicago J. H. Rhode; was at L&ke Maiin- kuckee yesterd,ay. Countv Treasurer Cash John McGinley is a great parader. terday at Royul Centre. spent yes- He carried the flig yesterday very erectly. The seats reserved for tha officers of Company M. In the coiches yesterday were covered with flowers. Apollo Lo3ge, .K. of P., 5o. 62. has passed resolutions to keep up the dues of any of their members who 1^0 to war. J. G. Powell, W. W. Moss, Tbos Dunn, W. S. Wright and C. L Woll went to Indlanapalls yesterday with the recruits. Letters addressed to the Cass county volunteers should read, care of Co. M, Fourth Eegiment, Ind. Vol., Camp Mount, Indianapolis, Ind, BICYCLE PATE IL1W. Something of Interest to Efery Wheel- The new bicycle path la* is now •affective. It provides that whenever t>tie commissioners of any county shall ao decide, every person of the county owning a bicycle shall be taxed $1 each year, the fund so raised to be used in building bicycle paths along rjadsides of the county from some suitable material, such as cinders, (itc. These paths shall be at one aide of the roadway so that teams or vehicles are not impeded. The law also provides a penalty for any person who shall drive any animal or vehicle upon or across the path und injuring it, such fines to be used in repairing and building paths. The commissioners of this county will take no action under the law this year, or probably at any other time, except on petition from persons interested In tbe building of psths, 16 is douotless too late to take action this year, as a census or wheels would probably have to be taken by the assessors, but some enthusiastic wheelmen will get after the matter one of these days. In case the law Is made operative each bicycle owner will be required to go to tbe county auditor and pay his dollar He will then be given a tag which to be fastened to the left front for of the wheel, so that it may readil be seen. platform of 1896. which carried. M. M. Hathaway of Piilaski county offered •tbo foliowiJiff '(vftioh was adopted: Kpsolved, That ttie record of Hon: David Turpie. as Tinned States Senator from Indiana be in nil ThiEffs- approved and endorsed and that tie nom- irwe of this cowve-ntioa be, and Is •hereby instructed to support i>i£ candidacy and vote for his re-election to the Senate. THE NOMINEE. Hon. Maurice "Winfield. ilie ea.ndi- date for joint senator is a native of N"o\v York amd is 57 years old. He graduated from Princeton college in. 1SG5. He came to Logansport in April 1SC5 and for a term was employed in nhe Presbyteria.n academy. Ho studied law under .ludse Biddle and coru- menced the practice in 18(57. He has been a successful lawyer. In 1SS1 he TV.'\S elected judge of the Cass circuit f!.") and for ;i time was employed in court and served, for five years. He lias the ability to represent any constituency in a legislative capacity and •will make a -record as sena-torthat. will please the people of northern Indiana. Tonight'* Special at Foler'n. Strawbarrles iSJc quart, lettuce 4c lb., best country butter 12Jc lb, tomatoes 7jc lb., new beets 2c bunch, apples I7opj;ck.._ ___________: Ia CHAUSCEY^OLUOTT '•'Sweet laniscara" at Dolan's Oper Honse Monday Night. F?heumatism Pains Were So Severe They Prevented Sleep-Completely Cured by Head's Sarsnparlila -Scrofula Bundles Disappeared. "For seren years or more I had rheumatism Bind could not rest well at night. My left limb pained me so that I could not sleep. I obtained no relief from medicine until; I begtin tahing Hood's Sarsaparilla which has eo irely cured me." MES. J. A, FCBOESOX, 116 Sycamore SU, Terre Haute, Indiajja. " Wo hare found Hood's Sarsaparilla to be all It is recommended to be. It has oared my husband of rheumatism. Large lompo apjjeared back of my little boy's ears, and lire gave him Hood's Sarsaparillm. In a short time these eruptions disappeared, aij.d he was entirely cured." MB«. HATH« PIBKT, 184 Vincenne* Street, New Albany, Indiana. Bemember ^ Sarsa 9 parilla I»tt»be«t—Inf»c1; the One Trati Blood Purifier. |l; slit/or $5. Get only Hood'*. Oa Monday night, at Dolau's oper house, Ohauncey Olcott will present his new play, "Sweet Inoiscara. I is a pretty title for a play. It i simple, not impassible, the action smooth, with just enough Incident to keep up a vivid interest. Mr Olcott bas a wonderful power o fascination, his magnetism and strong personality is moat marked anc bia voice is as fresh as ever. His ren derlng of his new songs are encored over and over again,and it is dlfficul to select the better one. His "Fly Song," ie which an imaginary fly is bothering him while writing to hi sweetheart, is a clever bit of acting His "Old Fashioned Mother' 1 is sweet, and touching "Kate O'Don cghue" is a love s&ng to his sweet heart, and "Sweet inniscara" la a a rollicking outburst of lova of nature. The play is magnificently produced, the scenery and costumes being veiy elegant. One scene is particularly beautiful. "The Glen of Destiny" being one of the handsomest woodland scenes ever seen on any stage. To Aid Enlisted Meu. M. D. Detwlller, grand exalted ruler of the B. P. O. E., has issued the following ordsr- "All membars of subordinate lodges, who at the country'8call,have enlisted in the service of the United States government at the sacrifice of their business and private interests, shall be protected during the term of service. All dues Incurred during toe period of their enlistment shall be remitted and not charged against them. During their absence a special committee of three shall be appointed to ascertain the circumstances of those dependent upon them and to provide them with such livelihood, if necessary, daring the term ot enlistment of our brothers." cor * Unl Delegates to State Convention. H. D. Battery, C. E. Garter.John W. McGreevy, George S. Kiatier, Peter Wallrath, John E. Irwln, M. Winfield, S. A, Vaughn, Charles L. Wool, Joseph Guthrie, D. J. Calvert, L. B. Ouster, Washington Neff, Harry Elchter, A. F. Murphy all of whom receiveive their mail at Logansport: Jerome B, Jones, Twelve Mile; John M. Bliss, Royal Center; Jacob E. Beet, Young America; Leonard Bnrton, Lucerne; G. W. Con well, Galveston; Willard Galloway, Lake Clcott: H. O. Johnson, 3Sew Waverly; W. T. Shafer, Onward, sad G«orge Enyart, Walton. Alwajs what you want, Bon Fisher Step in at ttae Golden Rule tonight, where you will find the birgaics. Dr. J. E. Pryor, who has been located at Knor, is in thr city visiting his parents. Miss Louie McDsnald has returned from Richmond, where she visited Miss Flora Teagle. Canyon G-oodpaator and E&sa M. Baker, both of near Walton, were licensed to wed yesterday. Money to loan on mortgage security on terms exceedingly liberal. Write E. L. Miller, Peru, Ind. Miss Mamie Downey, with a party of Huntington friends, left yesterday for an extended trip through the east. Sol Gohn is no w the district agent of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance company, with headquarter? Jssre-. The Cental ttoion telephone exchange now has connection with Rochester, using the long distanc metallic circuit Mrs. G. A. Van Seas, of Toledo 0.. is here oo a short visit with he brother, W. B. Scarier, 720 Speoce street. Parties putting ia bith tubs an<: water closets will find It to ther ia terest tti call on Martin M. Haghes tbe Fifth street plumber, for low prices and gjod work. No boys for a ms,a'e pay. Lost—Adianoond pin, between Hub clothing store and Dewenter's; one opal set with thirteen diamonds, j Finder will be rewarded for Its return toC. G. Dodge, at the National Building and Loan office. Huntington people are excited orer a noise they heiard Wednesday night. They claim thstt their homes were jarred bj the report of somel&hing, they know not what. They were probably excited over the war news Several cnembers of the family of Of Chris Miller living near Pipe Creek have the scarlet fever. They burlad one child last Sunday and DWO or three more of the family lire down. Do you want work? We want five or six voung men or women to call upon the citizens of Loganspor'S with tbe greatest work now excant. Toe American Navy, Cuba and Hawaii. Call right away at Logansport Wail Paper Co. Mrs. C. F. Thompson writes the Pharos from Slstervllle, West Va.. that both she and her husband enjoyed their trip to that point very much, b5ing two days on the biat UD the Ohio river. Mr. T. left here for the benefit of his health, Kline's cineomategraph will close a week's engagement at the rink tonight The building will be lighted by the acetyline light, the new 11- luminsnt with which Edison proposes to light the sea during night battles. The show goes to Fort Wayne Monday. The directors of the Adarasboro Gas & Oil company met last evening AMUSEMENTS. D OLAN'S OPBRA WK. DflLAR. MJLNAOXtt. Monday Night May 9th,. CHAUNCEY OLCOTT, IN HIS NEW PLAY "Sweet Inniscarra" -WRITTEN BY- AUGUST PITOU, Manager. A Great Scenic Production |gj e and Scenery as used during the tour tuonih'6 successful ruu of the play m Aew Tors. HEAR "Sweet Inn'ncarra" OLCOTrS "Kate O'DodaJiue," NEW " i he Fly sonar," SuNGS. "The Old^Fashloned Mother." PRICES 25c,35c, 50c 75c and II. Sea;a on sale at D. A Hank's Jewelry store Tfte New taritae Stow- A Special Dining Chair Bargain, Stammer 6as Rates. Commencing May 1st and continuing until Oct. 1st, lat, 1S9S,the summer reite on residence beaters and grates is as follows: 13 ?8 b iaters 50c per month. »2 2o ,, 75c per month. ' Grates and open /root stores per month. . beailtif.il banister buck tliuiu" DC I Chair, made from ' ' ' ' °~ haudsemely mottled quarter-sawed oak. is generally sold at Special rates on furnaces and busi-jnor less than 812 a, set of six. Our price ness heaters upon application. All bills are due and payable at the company's office batween the 1st and 10th of each month. LOGAKSPORT &• WAUASH VALLEY GAS Co. The best paints for the least money at Ben Fisher's drug store. only $7.20. THIS WE£K, Special sale on dining- room furniture, Sideboards, Extension Tables, Dining Chairs,China Closets and Decorated Dia- iier Sets, Refrigerators, Cor. Market, 5th and Erie Ste. THH First National Bank tmdtum*. CAPITAL $250,000 A, J. MURDOCK, PKBSIDBHT, W. W. KOSS, CABHIXR, J. F. BROOK&EYER, Amr. CAJHTMX. DIRECTORS: A.J. Murdook. W. R. Bring-hum. JDeaotf Uh'. B. 8. Hlce. B. JF. TanUg, I M. 2uwoo4. w, T- vrnsoo. in the council chamber and were in session until after midnight, Derail nating the affairs of the compani and arranging a report for a callec meeting of the stockholders which will be held some time next week. A young man in Michigan—just for a joke—is said to have silver-plated some cents and passed them as dimes on an unsuspecting groceryman. He had passed nearly a dozen when the •rocer discovered the joke ami com- Gained to the authorities. The •oung man was arrested for counter- 'eiting, aod although he explained ihe funny part to the court, lie was convicted and will spend thei nest wo years of his life in prison. Funerals. The funeral of Mrs. I. 5T. Myers will be held tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. rom tbe family residence in Jefferson owaship. Rev. West will conduct ihe services. Interment In the amily lot at Mount Hope. The funeral of the Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Spencer will ie held tomorrow at 12 o'clock from he United Bretbern church,Fulton. ?he cortege will leave 'the house at o'clock. Interment will be made n the church cemetery. The funeral of tbe infant child of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Slecea, of Jefler- on township, will be held tomorrow 110 a. m. from the house. Burial 111 be made in theBaptlat cemetery, Harrison township. Male Help Wanted. CALE3«ES'-S«J! "Cncie Sam's WaTT" ro Jl merchants for advtg. and premiums. Big ay. Immense demand Over 200 Iars« Photos ide line or excln. Mfre^ 3943 Market Philada. DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Dis- rders positively cured. Grover Graam's Dyspepsia Remedy is a specific. ne dose removes all distress, and a permanent cure of the most chronic &nd ivere cases is guaranteed. Do not safer' A 50c battle will convince the most We.cioo't sell all the shoes, ALL THE FINE SHOES, but we Otto ought to). Our price, OUR NEW SA.LE PRICE as long us they last on 4.00 haad-made vlcl taa kid shoes !LOTH and VESTING TOPS is 12 ud NETTING TOP OXFORDS, ool and dainty, presplratioti proof. Worth 14 for $2. This is v,he new rice for finest ladles' and gentlemen's shoes as duly announced and lied MOUNTAIN HIGH ON TWO 'LOG'RS but is not choice of all reg- lar shoes. Boy's Vicl Kid Swell hoes II.25 to $1 50. Another reason why we"0bto" sell 11 the fine shoes Ie because we charge COMMON PRICE for fine shoes and e prove to you Real Fine an:d In ad- Ition give you China ware or Barometers free and shine your shoes free ifrh^all other things being equal is inducement to trade at the. Otto Shoe & Clothing Co. Banting- In si) its Department* promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customers and itookbokier na«gbt for. Stron/f Reserve Fund Maintained. A SUMMER NORMAL. The LOGANSPOKT COMMKBCLLL HtOH SCHOOL •will canduct a Summer Normal, beginning June 6, and continuing TEN WEEKS. They ha.ve secured the services of Prof. A. W. Gamble of the city high school, who will have charge of this department. Prof. Gamble's reputation as an educator Is sufficient assurance of the most satisfactory results, The course of study will be espoeialiy arranged to meet the demands of teajbera and those preparing: to teacli Thorough instructions will oe given on every subject on which the teacher will be required to pai'U examination. Tuition 10 Jweeks |S.OO Good board per week.... 2.50 M. A. MURPHT J. W. HOOKE PRtNCIPLS Your Spring Suit, Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, Jook -veil and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas iYou, Save You Money. Pearl St.Nest to Dr. Bell's Office, THR City National Bank. e " LOGANSPORT, IKD.1 CAPITAL $200.000 JOKS &RA.Y, President, I. If. duwTOBD, Vice Pres. F. R. FowiJtB, Cashier. KcCoy's New European flote) COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREh 0 fS. CHICAGO, Joon Gray. C. G. Newell. J. T. BUioU,Dr. W. U. Bell. A. P. Jenki, W. c. Pennooc. tauc Shldeler. and 0«o. W. Ftuik Loan money OD. personal and"coUuteral securlt.7, Btiy sind lell Government bondi. Buy £ind s«U foreign exohang* on all part* of the world. wm par 2per cent per iAmun on rnrt1Hr«lm of dU[W«itg. when depocltad sii zaonthi: I pw cent per annum when left one year. Boieo in Safety Depoilt VaxjJW, foJ tuffs of valuable paport. NO PAIN! NO DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, ouch as sore mouth, sorij gums, etc. Absolutely safe and palnles. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R. I. & P. Bud L. S. A: m. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,CCO.OG hivt •ist betn completed, and the laous* now 'ffers every convenience to be found ia my iQtel, including hot and cold wafer, dectric "ght and steam heat in e 'ery ii/om. Rites 75 cents per day and upwards. First ciass restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Q*w art Prttprietec The moflt natural-looking »rMflol»l Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed V) fit. Tkeftnett «nd beat method of CBOWH ud BSiiDttB Work. WNo charge for era-Rottac without; wh<m new taeth »r» to be inppltod. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, Bad blood and indigMttoi:. enemiM «b good health, Bi«od Bitten SM

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