The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BMTTTBVIU.B, (ARK.) COUKTTER NEW! Only HADACOL Gives You That derful HAOACDi Feeling America's Great Name in Family Formulas ~ Is Preferred By Insistent Men, Women and Children Whose Annoying Athes and Pains Were Due To Deficiencies of Vitamins B,, B., Niacin and Iron HADACOL Gets Right To The Basis of Your Troubles YOU'LL FEEL CREAT- or your money back* Let HADACOL help you get more out of life. A»k your Druggist for a bottle of HADACOL today. -Trial sire, only $1.25. Large family •conomy sii», $3.50. And, note this guar- ont»»— *You'll feel great with the first few bot- tlei you take or your money back. Read what HADACOL is doing in conditions which may be du« to deficiencies of Vitamins Bi, BJ, Niacin and Iron. imr*. Ao*«rt £. f.*a, JZUK Kind Street, Houtlort, TcxaM, is B house| wife and moth! e r who also j works for a [department j store. She says: "I was weak, tired and run; down. I'd felt that way for quite some time. I had no pep or energy. 1 heard about [ HADACOL and took 3 large hollies. Now 1 feel just wonderful. I have plenty of energy and strength and 1 never let tired any more. I think HAD- ACOL is wonderful." Jnitph JY. namillat, .1114 Kth Strefl, Darton, Ohio first boflle of HADACOL convinced me that HADA COL was what I needed for the gas on my stomach at nights. I could not keep food on my stomach, bill after Ihe first bottle 1 wasgoing great. Now I eat bacon and eggs, and other foods that never would stay with me. 1 also can sleep well at nights.- Thanks to HADACOL, I will never he without it. and can recommend il to all who suffer with the above ailments that I had. I know because I have suffered for quite some time." IT. I.. ltnifutn, . ered with aches Truman, lllll Kaul St., "I had been both- .Mr.. ;. P. Murai,,,, 41)11 H,,,|i. ic* St., i\ftc Ortfting, l.a.i "I have taktn at least 5 boltlesof HAD- ACOL. Before I look H A D A COL, I w a very nervou i^K'KM^M My family was p -^"«-'i>*^ affected, loo because 1 WT so i r r i I a b 1 e. Then my sister suggested! take H A D A C O L and 1 started taking it immediately. Afler the second bottle I felt like I had taken all the (roubles of Ihe world off my shoulders. My nerves are now as steady as ever. My family thinks HADACOL is wonderful because my disposilion is 100 1 ™ nd 1 am not the l?ast irri- better a table. That's because I alwavs have a bottle of HADACOL on the kilchen sholf. HADACOL is the most wonderful product on the market." 27 St., Kail Si. l'., been a nurse for 'over H years. My food never seemed to agree with me. 1 heard one d a y how so in any folks were being helped bet uise of HADACOL I tried it and after 3 bottles I »v ' ~ could lell a big ' improvemenl f>ow I oil iiuthmj, I want—sleep well and am full of energy. The continued and insistent preference for this fine family formula is reflected in letters like those shown here . . . voluntarily sent in by folks who have benefited substantially from the use of HADACOL. If your sickness or ailment—annoyinq aches and pains, stomach disturbances (gas, heartburn, "sour risings"), after meals, insomnia (when due to an upset stomach), certain nervous disorders and run-down con- d.tion-is caused by deficiencies of Vitamins B-, B*. Niacin and Iron then it is to your advantage to take a course of HADACOL You see, this great modern formula doesn't give just symptomatic relief. It goes much farther. It gets right to the basis of your troubles and relieves the real cause of your complaints, by overcoming such deficiencies And, if you take this fine family formula regularly, it he!ps prevent these deficiency-caused ailments from recurring. HADACOL still taking HADACOL has done good." Brrfc, Bo* Z.T.I, I was run-down, sick and skin- n) and weighed only 90 pounds before I u s e d IIADACOL. I| would not eat because 1 had no appetite. Now I weigh 123 pounds and have an appe- lile. I feel 3 lot better. I have '"' been taking 10 months and am it. I am 15 years old. ne lots of , Kurilc 2, 5<i,rirr.' "My age is 59. 1 1 aJ;- riinimn rill,; Mahama! was sirk for _ . ime. Could not fr sleep al night. After taking three bottles of HADACOL I fell much be 1 1 c r and now I can sleep all night. My wife says she believes I could sleep a week. I can --- ---- rio n full (lay's ,vork on my farm j [Before taking HAUACOL, I! couldn't work more than an horn -i or two at a lime. I am verv thankful for learning about tliis product." and pains fc * o m e time. seemed to be getting worse. It began lo s h o w in my work, too — 1 just didn't feel up to my job. I'm a paperhanger and the aches and pains nagged me so that I couldn't do ",M° d da / s work. I read about HADACOL and started taking it. After the second bottle I began lo feel better. Today I feel fine I dp 3 full day's work without a {"' o' trouble. I'm really sold on HADACOL. It's wonderful" l.ra l>. Fi,li<T. >J01 r.hnrln Strrrt. .*»/. Jr>*f>i>)i. Mt.iwtfri: "I am 3. veteran of World War I. I have ' had stomach distress and was nervous and could not sleep.-1 had no appetite and could not eat any fried foods I started taking HADACOL. 1 have taken 8 small bottles and now 1 am on my 5* botlle. I eat anything. I feel fine and sleep good, thanks lo HAUA- COL. I have recommended HAD- ACOL to many people and they are taking it. I am a booster for I cannot do without it," :«« ( .<l. l.,,,,i,rillf ^lirtcil taking HADACOL I was run-clown and nervous — and had a hard time sleeping nights. With my work in the store I have tci spend some limes M hours .. day on m> feel. Since I am in the r e la i 1 -' ."••• '. ••„ business. I saw how many folks were asking for HADACOL, so I decided to try it myself. Afler the first couple of bottles I could tell a definite improvement. iVow ! have all the pep and energy in Ibe world, my nerves are steady as ever and I'really do get a "nuil night's rest—HADACOL SENATOR DUDLEY J. L Whose Tireless Efforts For Relief Of Suffering Have Brought Humanity Today's Great HADACOL. This great product, that brought so much happiness and contentment to thousands, is a fitting tribute to, nnd high point in. Senator Dudley J. LeBlanc's aver-conlinuing fight for the cause of the oppressed, the underprivileged, and needy in every walk of life. The Father of Old Age Pensions In Doir.JRna, Senator Dudley J. LeBlanc was the first candidate for governor to advocate a specific plan for the aged. To his critics, his opposition, in the long, lone fight, ho has continually slated, "If you do not believe in Old Age Pension, remember the mandate of the Lord Himself— •Honor thy Father and thy Mother that thy days may be long upon the land which tha Ixird thy God giveth thee.'" And Ihe Senator has championed the cause of Ihe veterans. In him they have found a true friend. He introduced and successfully passed the law that created Ihe State Service Commissioner whose duty it is to see that every service man receives his just compensation, trom both State and Federal governments His activities in public life in behalf of the working man are too numerous to mention here. And now, through endless effort and study he has developed today's great HADACOL." 'one more addition to his long record of service lo humanity. II was logical Ibat with service to mankind uppermost in his mind that Ihe Senator would seek anil find this wonderful IfAD- AC.OL formula. MANY DOCTORS RECOMMEND Read what HADACOL is doing in conditions which may b, due to deficiencies of Vitamins Bi, B 2/ Niacin and Iron. -•. H. H. Hotilr,, 221 C,,li,,,is the M tint go l , Alahi mother of two children and has two grandchildren. This young grandmother works as an inspector at a glass company in Mont- go m e r y. She says: "1 w a s nervous and run-down and I had lost weight and had no appetite—food just didn't interest me. I had aches and pains. I felt miserable. My mother started taking HADACOL and it did her so much good that I decided to give it a try. After the first bottle I noticed an improvement. I have now taken six bodies and feel grand. I am no longer nervous or run-down. I have loads of energy. I have a big appetite and have regained the weight I had lost. No more aches or pains either. Today I feel : wonderful, just wonderful and J owe it to HADACOL for il has done so much for me. I just can't praise it enough." DEMAND THE GENUINE IIIRIHS rest—HAUACUL is won- ^^^ ^~^^~^ ^""^^^ <•••• derful—1 not only lake il. but recommend il to all my customers. 1 ... ., \ 11J' I > I' / /111111-/ /'/'/////// illl>lf'l'// &^^ r>rl,, H. C.hurrh Point, . years old and J am in the 8th grade in Church Point High School. Last summer didn't have bit of energy. I didn't want to ride my bike and I didn't want to play baseball. Mother tried everything to gel me to eat a good meal — bul I just didn't feel like eating. Food just didn'l tasta good and lots of times food would up. set my stomach when I did eat. Mother says I waj underweight- for my age. Then mother started giving m« HADACOL. I know that in just a little while I started feeling a whole lot better. Now I am center on the football team, I like baseball and basketball, and I tide my bike tvery «vening after school. Afothsr j« yl tn « hal never wen anyon« with such 5 rf}?T a ACOL. ••*«, - HAD - Mothtr sayi she it never m * HAD- DRUG STORES

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