Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 25, 1892 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 25, 1892
Page 6
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AVER'S PILLS cure constipation, dyspepsia, jaundice, sick headache. ' He H a J8 I 2™ H 3 ^ BF" tf% ln SP a THE BEST remedy for all disorders of the stomach, liver, and bowels. € TRY EEL RIVER ATARRH CURE it is sold oa u. poiuivu truHi-sinUio t'V not'Cured or jjreinly beaclitcd. money refunded. Il will stop the worst form of B.cad- .iKho in live minutes. For sale by B. F. KEESLING. Wholesale and Retail Druggist. Loganspori, Ind. The Chinese C'ostamE. "Jvever, heard of a Chinaman collapsing from the heat, did you? asked a West Side doctor, as he fanned himself vigorously, and occasionally tugged at his shirt collar. ''They maybe heathen, but they hare more common sense in apparel than all of us good Christians combined. I passed one of the; queued gentry standing at the corner at high noon, the sun pouring upon the top of his head, and the thermometer registering 01 in the shade. He was cool as a encumber. lie wore no band about his shirt and no collar to shirt or blouse. Vest he had none. _ You and I have from twenty to tv.-caty-livu thicknesses of eioth close aboxit ocr jugulars, and then we say we are Christians. Christians know suicide to b.,- sinful, don't tbcvV Then how dare they chok;: them- WOMAN OF FASHION. Hew and Pretty Fancies in Stylish TTIlito Oace More I*opu3ar li Itti Own— >re upy word tilings, isn't blistaring weather? Chinaman isn't idiot enough his undergarments to "u : s bu.'ut wi-;\r his s'.iirl insid;; hi aiTccts -jool Kanduls and in all shows a .-iupurb regard safety, ^s'cxt to following the of our Mrs I parents in t.hoir firs the Chinese n'an in summer :s the most comfortable style of dress upon the face of the earth." — Chicago .Mail. And the to clinch with sp<.-n.lers, ;.or trousers. Jle ht hats, and for his example estate, Flank & Condon. S23 Epoaciwsy "1'hcre is something Lhat I lirst savr during 1 my travels in Oor.-nrtny," said- a cntlcjcan who but recently returned. I am rc-fcTTinj to bed quilts made oi paper. They are making- great headway, and ca-n be found with almost every family now. They arc warm and a great deal cheaper than those that we r.se. It would r.ot surprise me to iioar of some one M^Uertakin^ their manufacture in this euuntry." —Nothing 1 that is in the realm of God's ordering- need causa us anxiety. For what God sends to us. God will enable us to profit by, or to endure. Therefore it is that we arc reminded to "fear nothing but sio." Sin is not in _ the realm of God's ordering-, and we j oug-ht not to feel that sin will brinp; us benefit in any way. We have :> rig-.ht : :; .'.tity to be afraid of s:r ; -—S. S. Under^vear — such an represent such pretty fio ugly that I don':, wonder the; dictionaries omit it altogether — for I've just looked in three and failed to fine! it. That which 1 we wear unJcr, yes: but not that which is concealed, for the slightest elevation of the outer garment '.vill reveal glimpses, if r.o more, of the Mangetic Phsician and Specialist in tfee treatment of Ner-; Chronic, Throat and Catarrha! Diseases. frocn EdiistnsirsjJx, Scotlanel, uo-iv pennaaieiitly located at =r& 'A'. FonrtJi St., Cincinnati.) m r Consultation, inion given and an in every case. Will Make His Next Visit to IiOgansport Monday, Oct. 3d. And Remain One Day Only. FARLOBS at BARNBTT HOUSE .fio txT£rn < T r v s Q 'NJ'^V' '-"v^T'-TV' •U>{. JSC.S-ii \ ,O ^\i-^ ^.iT.O I i-.!Y^. So many thousands are already acqur.UUrcl v.-ith Dr. Bc::Iy'i jr.ou? :i treatment in Europe Kind this country, it is only necessary to sav by tins TIIL-'.V.C! en cfiuiiianura of the .-i:al powers is at once established, and an equalization ofil!.- -••rci 1 --' - J '""' "turc Is enabled to throw oil' the effete matter. Mcdichte •(;!.: 'J onecensue. Dr. Seaty'sexperience in the Great 3IcdicaI Schorl r.i;'! country- enables him to treat nil Chronic and Caturrluvl !>::• : -' mcvervarvhig success. He does not chum vo cure ev -r.-:>.. -. this in mind. Call and see for yourself He rtoLS «-: ;•:•.-.<::; HOthiug but the latest and incst i:nprovcd Ircatnicr.t i;; i--:.-i aciucs new. T&e Greatest of all (Sifts—Trie 3»oT/er of diseases. Dr. Bc.itvknowslieisoac ef iheGrer.trst nir.jrric'EiiciaiiS i" t/,e v/orld. lie lias d national ^reputation forlJinjuosinj t-ie inost co::iplic3tL'Cl cllsc^.ic. By his l;rcn pcrcc-.tion an-ii-tuil-Io:: lie is cnablc-.l to fi: *;:o50 and reveal to tlie" sic'.C <:>::" the- Iru-.^ ibr.ntr.in n:ul ca;;^c . physicians have tailed a::\I vrtrc ^rropx::;; ::i darkuc^s. Byhiscorrect •.ir.r:ers'..-.=iit:iyoi'e.-\t;ini-.'l evm-cr.sc, r>r.:: •Jif diseases giveii up by the ruo&c c:nii:"at physicians 1.1 tl;e c: rciilfiljoii lillcft charm, and Iicallh at iiingly, n:;u with physicians. Bear , Dr. Beaiy uses liosrjii.ijs -nearly all med- BOIIE S23T7 UNDEKWEAn. apparsl beneath. It's a sort of index to character, I think, and it's interesting to stand on the corner of a busy woman's thoroug-hfore and make up our minds about our neighbors simply from the few''••inches of petticoat they display to all ores. Pretty soon, v/hen trains have disappeared from the streets, we? shall be denied this-privilege. This woman co;nir,£- along-now, for instance, with tho remains of a once g-orfjeous silk petticoat, which is at present all frayed and ragged, -,ve pronounce immediately careless and untidy. This slim girl behind her. with yesterday's mud still on her black alpaca, is worthy of no better epithet. -The immense lady following, that trails a long piece of ruffle after her in stately fashion, is surely not aware that she looks ridiculous, or she couldn't possibly be so dignified. But, oh! to see always such freshness and whiteness as the skirt that comes next displays! It is nothing more than plain, fine muslin; with a deep hem and above it nuinerous fine tucks; but its spotlcssncss carries the day. Black skirts have ruled all summer to a great degree, but the old-fashioned white skirt is finding a larger and larger place in our hearts every day. Everyone thought a. black skirt v.w.ld look so neat and clean. But, after all, a black skirt frays out, a black skirt shows the mud very distinctly and some black skirts wear very gray. Then, when the summer girl had the white craze of only a few weeks ago, of course she discarded everything that had a speek of color in it, even to the pretty rose-colored silken wear that went nest her fair skin. Then she discovered anew the charm of the dainty white garments, and now can't bear to go back again to the va.ri-colored silks. And yet, apart from the summer girl and the very young girl, a considerable part of womankind still robes itself in black throughout—black silk union garment, black corset, stockings and skirts. Nothing has as yet superseded the tight-fitting silk union garment. For both summer and winter it answers every purpose, particularly with an admixture of wool. Every part of the body is protected from the caprices of temperature and winds in this most whimsical climate, and the outer garments can be selected with more freedom. The tints become more various daily. One sees now, in place of the faint blush pink, deep glowing shades, like the heart of a pink carnation. Tho blues, too, are deeper than the old celes- -vMdcr p^'ia-, Iram which the deeply scsllopeu esnoroldered ruffle- The other, of square cut, his a ssaii embroidered ruiSe at the week and below a deep yoke of tucks and era- broidery. Knickers are either cut Turkish troaser style or else made with puffings above the ktiec to widen, the shape. Lace ruffles hang very long from them. Everything, in fact, has a tendency to puff. Corset covers are made with very lull yokes,, and night robes have likewise yokes that are a mass of little puSngs and that reach often down to the waist line, Xight robes are made of dainty China silks in pale shades, with lace anywhere, everywhere. They're'the prettiest things imaginable, and since woman has the feather stitching fad she loves to sit and prick her pretty fingers making row after row of fancy stitches on her gowns. Skirts are still cut bell shaped for the rr.ost part. What silk ones arc worn lock ver3" much like the silk summer gown that is, in the adornment of the edge. They have fancy ruffles, and pulls, and ribbons, and choux, and pretty fanciful arrangements, just as our snmmer gowns had. A pale pink imported one in a certain bride's trousseau is trimmed almost half way to the top. First on top is a row of fine lace insertion over the pink silk, finely scalloped at ea-eh edge; below anothei-band of insertion, much wider: then a deep ruffle of lace hanging over another one just as deep. The heading of the upper one is caught up all around in scallops and around the line of the scallop is embroidered a narrow band of roses, all is pink. It's perfectly lovely. The skirt has no belt, none of them have: they all tie with ribbons or have the slight fullness pat in at the sides or back. It's a step from pretty lingerie—for the French word Is so much nicer than ours that I think we should always use it—to pretty morning and deshabille robes. The loose jacket that one slips on to lounge in is made, like the nightdress, of Chin a silk and laces. For an. entire costume, however, soft wool goods make very attractive house gowns. One I have been admiring is of pale mauve ci-shmere of fine texture, draped to quite an extent in front and closing at the side. At the neck, a long pointed chemisette of white surah is inserted, cut quite low and round. Around it is a borthc of dotted chiSon, and there is a ruffle of chifJon at the _/cry E mEny •vornsn. isutfcr from E.rcesgivt cr 5fi Scr.£t Mcr.itrue.lion: xhry don't k=ow ' U ".'ho t? cr-Sklc :r, to ££t proper advice. >• Don't con£ac ::: -pyboiy tut try *^r ^!; ' ti> ' rc:. c r. ;;•• i'Ai.'i.-UL. FROrUSE. SCANTY. SIPfSSSSSa :r.d li'SEGULia MENSTRUATION. t\ I'locfe'to :i VvCixlAK" — =i!cd f: = :. 2 "!:.-'.3r!S.'_:.- r.iSi.'1'.TCn CO., A'.iir.'.s, i~3. For sale by Ben FisJier. drug;^is;. CHICAGO MEDIC il INSTITUTE 157 i 158 S. Uiirk.St Chh-airo, 11L The Regular' Oicl-EstaMislied PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS are stDi Trealing v,-::Jj tie Greater SKILL fUSD SUCCESS ALL ' Chronic. Xervou? and Private Diseases. DEBILITY, Lo<: M:mao<x! r;U!ing Memoir. Exhaust!!:? Drains. Terrible Dreams, Head and Back AdifH!!'! all the effects tei -ing in earl? decay ami norftaps Consumption or InsmUr. treated scientifically 1)3' new m<Hhods wit h never-fiuling success. :sr~SrfniLls :in<] Ml bed Blood :uu! Skin DNeases pernianemiy curd. C3~KIDXfiY and ITRIX.VHY complaints, (tleet. boiiorrhoiia. Striemrr. Y-rlcwl? and all diseases or Uu> Ueiiito-Urmiiry Organs cured promptly without injan ;o Stoniacli. Kidneys or other orgnns. traUon, Dizziness, linpotcnc:*. v.'bich premature old a;r2 : box, G bo^OS i'or ^J.O oJ price. A WKITTEN G every$5.00order rcf- If aPeriiHi^i'!it;i;;. thousands c.( tC5"..in of both ccivos, *,vl^ cured by tLio uso ct' Apbroaiiiiio. free. Mention r>ap;>r. A'.Idr .'GS THE API-iRO rvlEDlCiNE CO. Western Branch, P. 0. Box 27. PORTLAND, OSSCCM. Sold bv BF Kecslin;r, Drujj^ist fvoir. Cifi r.iid yotinr; ;ocn perm:i.ncii!:ly iS^Xo eqwtmrais. A^e «n<! huportjml. Consultation free'dRii sacred. tjT'AJl correspondence Is sai-r-Mly private. Our JOUR experience enables us to Guarantee Cure.- In all Curable Cases of Kirxeiua. Sorolnla, syphilis. Biaduerand Kidney Diseases, Lencor- rlioeiiaiid Female Troubles, Liver Complaint Catarrh, all Blood Skin and Nervous Diseases. No matter who has failed to cure you. write us a full history ot your case. Hoar.', S to S; Sundays, 9 to 12. Call on or adOr^s ^ Chicago Medical Institute. lf>» S. C'.ark St. 111. IT IS A DUTY ron owe ynunelf and fan). Uy to tret the bcwi; x-nJuo for your money, fcconomizo In your footwear by purchaslns: W. JLi. Dou&ms >hoeK r tvhich repreftent bp^t valuta for prices asked, 04 CTlU testify. ear TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE, .d Box 2' Sold by Logansport il fOOIasO 112E3 Koiieva SupprOESod Mcnstriiatioii, Used sucoosslullr by thoas- auds oi prominent ladies monthly. Thoroughly reliable and sale. Worth twenty tinies their •n'ciglu in gold for female imy iilaritics. Kcver kuov.'i to fail. Sent by rpr.il scaled £or»a. Address The Apliro Medicine COMPANY, "Western Branch. Portland. Orcsron. rist ROSE COLOBED SILK SKIKT. gown's edge, and underslceves of the same material. Over these sleeves jjo others of mauve cashmere, hanging- loose and full. "Where the g-own is caught together at the side a big- white bow falls very short but very broad. EVA A. ScnuBEHT. FALSE ECONOMY. I have the largest and best selected stock of new, fresh goods in the Furniture line in the State, which I wil! offer at the very lowest prices. Call and see the line when you are in the city. 43 and 45 S. Meridian St. '-o jiio.-t complicated di:.1 :" fuilcriui:, tvhcrc ether s ci:::l<lcd to cure buntlredl Dr.Bi t atycannhSj'.i:tc;ynii,-ii.-.crir:.i2Ci::.'*-c::«ni!vc.-..'ic.-.fC.->t.-.rrti tliat ever existed. Hs icncstly believes he can ~i;o« a ;,-rcittr record o;" case.-, t-f c,i:ar:-h c>.;r-xt th^n all Lhc physi- •eiansiti Arocrica co;ub:::c;l. zo,ooo Afflicted Cured ci" K and CatarrliaS JDlcieases I5r:Deaty pvo:-.i^!.'. -.-, absolute:-.' ^ ' s, C5?.roalo, en 1'cars. cure.-, lilu-a^i.itisrn, hr/at ,t Is it ? And IKTST does He Are ornestions asksd iiimdreds of peopl? ......cttvl in a fi:nllr.:' TW.y. ' T.'ritc hi;n. Mr. jv.^j \--.c::red c'.^dh-sne^~cr 3;.xd ivactlu-r convulsion, ^,'r. O. V.', Be'i-.^i:. •Mil, Cinnrrh cf the Pto~uch ;;-d T.ivcr EisMSC—a rou;r.r!ca'i i c:i-e. ; ; .:-. ''.rtsv.-ce^s wri'e'.o hi'-i. Mrs. S.imh A. rosey, Cvryiio.i, ICy . - • -•- V'^lV.c^'.l :ri\e-i'.:p Vy r.Il tiicc'actors, tu-vl^y sl:e is w c l!. Ir . •• •- ••^••;t—r cr\sc. •*v~U.: t'j her. Mr.?. Ada Avcry, Allen. r-:ic'i . • . .:v.:•:'-;'.ff'.ri'.nf yiirs' sta-jdlnj—'to-dny she ir, doincr her ovn ^r,- •':;•••'.';, :.;:cb . Citr-rth.-Bro^cai";:?, Nervous Prostratiou cnci a . - •-•; >''.e svsx^m. His rerovervastonishedcvcrj- otic. j. ^., . >;t- 1 ••.-.dr-.-iisar-.d hundreds of persons whom he has treated and Jcrc,rc;!. If y •'.• '•'• •••• J-:--. V.::">.5-;c?--'l orbnrily triateddocot -n-aitfor a more convenient sea- j.ssn, >>ut co^io :•; u..^; i~a ;^EA i; ii ^vosdcrful powers to the test. You will never regret it, S.e- Coissaitatlon Private and F"ree to All, i Dr. BeRtv vri'.l trra; von l:o=:sUy, and positively will not throw out any false hopes or talce •ysar case ifliecan •-'• — : —-i-^n. Ifyour ease is incurable he will frankly nod honorably tell ••ywttso; alsocavitir '-^etidinsraoncy forraedieinCoWhicliiniposters usually sug- jpsst. Ch»rge*4Ji and within the reach of all. A PEETTY HOME GOTTS. tial shades, and the lavenders and terra cottas push themselves apfnressivelyior- ward, >"ent chemises—if you wear them; scarcely anyone doas these days, except, perhaps, the combination chemise acd skirt. Everything- we wear must be a combination cf some sort, or it finds no favor in our eyes. Anything- to get rid of superfluous folds and unnecessary garments. The chemise is seen sometimes with a deep round collar of fine lace, sometimes with narrow alternate rows of embroidered lace insertion, running- up and down in widen- in ^ and narrowing-. lengths, so as to form deep points all around. Two pretty ones from Paris, one of batiste and the other of finest nainsook, are both run with pale blue ribbons tied in full shoulder knots, and both trimmed with fine hand embroidery. One has a round neck and tw ..j— puffings all around The Keeping: of Useless Article** For Probable Future Use. How many of us when sorting- over our house or our wardrobes have come across many little things utterly valueless in our eyes at the present moment, yet which are put carefully away, thinking- that they may come in good some time. This programme is carried out spring- and fall year in and year out until after a while the closets are littered up with useless, half-worn g-ar- ments and the storeroom looks like a g-enuine Hotel des Invalides for crippled chairs and sofas, unhung pictures and faded draperies. Now, dear, careful souls, there is not one bit of economy in hoarding up all those things unless, being of a philanthropic turn of mind, you desire to give the poor little innocent moths a good square meaL Suppose you do put all these odds and ends by for future use, do you believe you can ever put your hands on them when you want them? True economy is of a very different type from this and the spirit of the miser is not the one that leads to wealth. Be careful and prudent. If a dollar can be saved by making over an old gown, save it If this summer's bonnet can be trimmed with last winter's feathers use them, but do not save a great lot of accumulated dress goods, rnilinery, odds and ends and feeble furniture just because ten years from now you might have occasion for a solferino button, a gray tip or an antiquated hassock Give them to those who can make present use of them, but do not accumulate a lot of worthless stuff just because you think at some distant period it may come in ffood.—Philadelphia Times. A FETV old liens sitting rouna tnat xaj no eggs take the cost of their feed and care from tho profits, besides occupying room needed by others. PENNYROYAL WAFERS. A specific monthly modlclna for Indies to restore and roguloto tbo ipansos; (producing (roe, healthy «nd painles* idiscbnrgo. Ko ftches or pains on approach. Now usod by over M,OW ladles. Onco used, will u*e again. Invlconucs' these orRana. Buy of your dru^ffist ooly thoso with our signature across face ot label. Avoid mibstitutos. Sealed particulars mailed 2o stamp. «LOO per box. Address, EUREKA CEffiMICAL COMPANY. DzrSQlTp MICH. For sale by B F HCeesltng and J D Hanson . ELECT BELT WE CUiB- IMPSOiaO 1 ,-,.,.,^. srttKFCSB-^iSrit-.. BOSKY, i, Cars ol Gra»r»«Tfl Writkn»«f. ^ .. - . " inUbaop" Cni-wi* o' JflretricJif tjiroush nil ; reiloring them to IIKAI/TH ami tHJOIiOUa SniKSOTIL HlMMl Cnrrmit F»lt InntauUj-, or no forfeit Si.OW in aMx BKLT luid SarfiMarj Co»plol« Si. si"i "p. ™ — ' CnrM In tlweo montb«. Sflilcd p ',OTBJCCO..J — -"-"-* K se, Cor f, Con , BUT ADD SUSPENSORY Kudc for (iUlpPclEopu?* ' ISl'rrfij-, t Froc. GENTLEMEN. xxaxvt^- -MIJV w M -*esr u*=» <tuic.n ft ••c.kviB^ny THE BEST SHOE fN THE WORLD FOR THE MONET. •A genuine sowed Bhoo> that will not rip, flno cf.ll, seamless, smooth inside, lloxiblo, moro coin- lortnblo. stylish and durnblo than any other shoo ever Gold at tho price. Eouais cuatom ma nut! ?3 Hnnd-iiewccl, flnocnlfshoeo. Tho most scvllsli^casy and durablo shoes over sold at tho price. They equal flno Imported shoes costing rromSSto$I!. CO OO 1'olico Shoe, worn by farmers and all, ^OM others who want a good hoavy calf, threo fioled, extension etlgo shoe, easy to wallc in, and will l:cpp tho foct dry trod vxirra. fijrt 5O Fine Cnlf, SS.'JS and 82.00 Worlc- «pffuaD tnffmcij'H Shoes will civoinoro wear Tor tho money than any other make. Thev U-ro mode tor sor- vlco. Tho increasing uales allow thiit worklnsmca havo found this out. E3t(T»l/«;' S?-°0 tto| J Vontlis' 91.7S School SSt\JryJO Shoes aro worn by tlio bovs everywhere. Tho most flervJceribloahot?H8old at tho prices. ' 9rf.OO Haurt-Mpvi'cil. Si.50, Sii.OK and Sl-95 Shoes for ^08 aro mado of tho boat Donsola or fine Calf, ai desired. They oro Tory stylish, comf ortiiblo and dura- blo. Tho&J.lX'shODequafscuntommadGBhoesco&tlnK from 84.00 to 30.00. Ladiea who wish to economize to their footwear aro finding this out. Caution.—W.L. Douglas' name and Iho prleo Is stamped on tho bottom of euch shoo; look for It Rtltuto other maKes for them. SuchsubstltutlonBora fraudulent and subject to prosecution by law for obtaining monoy under fatfte pretences. W. L. BOUG1/AS, Brockton, Mans. SoWbJ J. B. WINTERS, Broadway. H CATARRH FOB OVER FIFTY YEARS' this old SovereignRemedy has stood the test, and stands to-day the/best known • remedy for Catarrh, Cold in the Head • and Headache, persist in its use, and • it will effect a cure, no matter of_ how tong standing the case may be. For salo.i by ..druggists^ W! EAK A*W UNDEVELOPED Organs Etrcnjttiiencd and enlarged, emit- etopped, JL.ON'. J. -ihood Beatored, Tttricocelc, weak bsck, ^^ e'memory, dtaiaefis,, nervousness, wetineM unr, * by ihe Pcnu City «eiw«il3h, H.fX)i>er i.-.'v: six bores for Ri.OO. A -vr!;'.CTi gnnrnntce of : - with (/very is boxes. S-nrj ^tamp for pi: '.'.ars 1/j the ftl Ir, the best Mood Medicine, became ISj ic r^^ists nacure to throw off the irc- jiyirjejof tlieblood t and at the sates -:• '• ;'-.'K5 i:p tho entire organism. This is JKS: :"irv vo tho cffecccf the various potash, mf r- •:vr;.-, :.u'papr.ri!la nu^inres, which-bottle up -Ji-^ irr--;'i-.:ritios in the ?ystem. thus producing m"ii v :i suik-ioss asd auITerihg. Therefore, for a BLOOD MEDICINE yr,--, f^nr.ot do better than take S. S. S. "As a physiciaa, I hare prescribed and rs?:.' T-. S. ri. in mv practice as a tonic, and for bk-;-; t -..!!-.bles, and have been very successful. I nc-vcr r..«od a remedy which pave snch general sitisiic- t.;o:i to ajvsel! and patierius. "" L. B. Errcin-, SL D, l^clcev, Inrl." TrsaDse on blood ondskiii diseases maOed free. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga. LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. Those vlio have nscd (joack Sicdlclties with high sooailng fornlsn names, and not been cured should try Dr. Averv-B Specific, a genuine medicine mntte by a "canine expert pSyslclon, and sold ivltli a written fnmrantee to cure Headache, Nervousness. Pain In Back or Side, Ert! Drearae, Lack of Confidence. Lout Manhood TVcak Memory. Lost Ernln Po~cr, and nil wa«lns dlscows caused tiy overexertion, youtMnl folly or Ihe excessive u« of tobacco, oplnm. or rtlmnlanU which lead to conecmpaon or Insanity. Pet up in condensed lonn for th= pocket. nt Cyrn»lI*l.Mpcrboi.slxfor ti.HO. mm every ts.(W order we Rive a writ- £marantce to core or refund the money. Circulars free. Before and After Use. ^rSAVEM'S SPECIFIC CO., 20 yiymoiiih PJacc, CWcago, El. THE GEJTUIXE FOE SALE OXLY DT B. r. Kcc3lln t -, Drusslst, Logaosport, led. "Nerve Seeds," U;c T?on(!e»-.''jl rctne<Sy Is solCj^-ni a -writ- iny address fo y'-r« a -written c B3KFOE2 AJTJ) jirrffl ?ji3t&. '^tSCUlAU KJiEK ^•jr Sale in Lcgansport Inii. By H C JL.a»«(^ud(% nil drains nn<t low of . _... in citiicr r*Y cnnwxl byovcrczer- Uon, yoatfclnl errors, or cxceMlTG uw^ of tobacco, opium orfitimU' I Jonts wblcli soon Jofwl to InHrrnlty. CoDtTJCJr'lion unrt Jnwinitr- ^ 5t 1 uo convenient to c-irrr Jn TCht pockei, S<*nt hy laall In plain p&cJca/ > - - Jj •tertid, ore for SS, (tVlth «vcry *5 orrf^r-r o , „„ to cure or t-c-fimd the mon«y,) Addrt*« K££LVJ5 feJGEU CO.. <'hle«sro ( 111, ^urcell 3S1 Fourth St I BB. IHHTft SEEVEBIHE 1 ij Bold BITOilK ASD iPTES C3ISG. Sold at Johnston Bros, drag store •written guarantte to cnre jllEerrons diaexaei of tho etner»UT« orgiDB of either BOX, tnch M NCTOUJ Prortnttion. Fslliof oc Lo«t Manhood, Jmpotsncy, Uightly Emiwions, Yoatbf al Kaon, Hental Worry, excessive use of Tobmcco or Opicm, irhich iwd tt> - Cocstmptionandlnrenity. Tslhe we»kitnator«illie »nip»rjd vi^or of youth, and fall power to nil Tbo n» It, Sold »tj<LOO per boz, , 6 bores for So.00. Dr. Hnttt ChMdcal Co,, Clmlmt, 0. DR. WILLIAMS' IWDSAW P5LE OJKTJWENT Tvill care Blind, Bleeding aadlteUuj; Piles. Jtaoporbs the tumors, allays the Jtcfemg at once, acts as s. poultice, gives instant relief. Prepared only for Hies and i lccin.% ot the TJrivnte parts. Every tioi is wsrranted. judge Ccoas, o^, MaysvillerK. T., says; " Dr. Williams' Icdisn ?il= Oiat- ,- ment cured me alter years of suffering." Sold by druggist* sent by mal os receipiol price. Weenie and J^ft? per bos- Sold by B r Keeslin?: and J L Hanson

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