Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 6, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1898
Page 24
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WAR RUMORS. No Definite News From Commo dore Dewey. SPAIN TELLINfi HER PEOPLE THAT DEWEY HAS BEEN TRAPPED. A French Naval Vessel Captured While Trying to Run the Blockade. Spain Has Made Another Effort to Get European Nations to Interfere in Her Behalf. French Vessel Captured. Qptclal to th» Ph»ro«. Key West, May 6,—The Annapolis captured the French liner LaFayette while trying to run the blockade at Havana. The LaFayette had been frequently warned by the blockading squadron not to attempt to enter the sighted off Porto DeBares, Cuba, They are supposed to be a part of Rear Admiral Sampson's fleet. An Idle Rumor. London, May 6. —The Spanish authorities are now Intimating that Commodore Dewey has been entrapped by Spanish cealed outside gunboats kept con- tne harbor at Ma- htirbor. ODOll She Is said to be carrying provtsons 1 ,, and munitions of war and may prove i T( . . ,,, 1 v I It is believed, however, tbat they to be a Spanish vessel sailing under' , b are only trying to make it appear as false colors. It is said there is a serious inter- possible t'Or such a thing to have occurred la tbe absence of any news VH* • v«u AM ubku auo^Lli^o \, national aspect to the capture of the I, .. . r irom the American fleet. French vessel as she mounts guns and Is a French naval reserve vessel. Manila Probably Burned. Londay, May 8.—A special from Shanghai says HhatCommodoreDewey after crushing line Spanish fleet and disposing of the batteries at Cavite, bombarded Manila,. which was soon on lire. Certain powers have again made overtures to Gireat Britain lo Intervene to put a stop to the war and Great Britain has again refused. A London dispatch says thab there are Indications taut Bear Amiral Sampson may attack . the Canary Islands. War Ships Sighted. Kingston, Jamacla, May 6.—Four United States war ships have been Buenos Ayres, May 6.—The Spanish torpedo g uob ,at sailed today. Spanish Bluster. Madrid, May 6—It is reported that tbe Spanish (government has decided to dispatch immediately from Cadiz two Iron clads, two cruisers and! three transport ships with a view of driving the Americans out of the Philippines and to then bombard American cities on the -Pacific coast. 6jc forCallforniaHams—McCaffrey. Hooley, tbe tailor-, can please you, New beets,cucumbers—Rothermel,, SJc for Lilly package cofleu— McCaffrey. Try a cop of best Java with cream at Me Bale's. Tomorrow 17 qt dish pan for I2c at the Trade Paiace. Eight cents for the best sugar cured hams—McCaffrey. McHale sells the largest and best; glass of beer in the city. Splendid programme of moving pictures at the rink tonight. Try MoHale's old whiskies. They will surely make yon patriotic. Spring lamb. veal.Botbermel, meat market, rear of grocery, Saturday. Wanted—Girl lor general bouse- woric. Apply with reference, 1530 North street. The Democrats of Cass and Pulasfcl county will nominate a joint senator in this city tomorrow afternoon. Natural gas bills for the month o;t May are due a,id payable at the com- pary's office on or before the 10th Saturday specials—Decorated bowl and pitcher II, 17 qt; seamless dish pan only 12t, «2 Jardiniere 93c— Trade Palace. Mrs. John ML. Cantley entert&iced the Thimble club at 6 o'clock dinner Wednesday at her beautiful borne south of the city. Dissolving effects Introducing famous and beautiful scenes, abbeys, monasteries, etc., of Merrie England, at the ring tonight. The programme at the rink tonight will include pictures of Capt. Bender's company enroute to the depot, at the depot and the crowds. Extra Ticket Receiver Henderson, of Pittsburg, is substituting for Panhandle Ticket Receiver R. B. Matthews during the latter's illness. The ladies appreciate the 'act that we sell the best sailors and also that we clean them free of charge when soiled—Dewenter, the Hatter and Furnisher. The Prohibitionists of Cass county will meet In mass convention at the north court room ,on Saturday, May 14th, to select eight delegates to their scale convention that meets at Indianapolis May 24th. Traut's bargains ?or Saturday: Onions ic a bunch, pie plant lc a bunch. lettuce 5c a pound, spinach 5c a Ibj tomatoes lOc lb, asparagus 5? buach, new beets,new potatoes,string beans, wax beans, cauliflower, cucumbers, parsley, strawberries and pineapples. Superintendent of Motive Power Barnes, of the Wabas'n, is said-to have an offer of a box of cigars for tbe engineer who first makes ninety miles an hour with the immense new engine recently put in service. It is said there is scarcely any limit- to the capabilities of the new mon-s- ters and that they will develop just anything an engineer Is brave enough to urge them to. KLISE'S ESTERTALNERS. ' An Important Garment Sale | FOR TOMORROW - - * * This'is such a sale that sets the feminine brain to think and the purse strong to loosen. For the garments are beautiful. Chic and in every point correct, and the pi ices are slaughtered more than the Spanish fleet was at the Phillipiue Islands by Commodore Dewey's Fleet. This Sale Means Great Saving for you on Spring Capes, Spring Jackets, Children's Reefers, Ladies' Suits, Ladies' Ready-Made Skirts Ladies' Shirt Waists etc SO H MITT & Every day Erings S imeth'mg JSTew in Shoes See the latest colors in Magennta, Gray, Tan and Olive colors. The handsomest colors and most Exquisite Styles imaginable, beautifully designed and something quite different from those you have ever seen. Equally as handsome in Misses' and Children's Shoes SEE THBjft. Stevenson & Klinsick, 403 Broadway. HAVE .£ «. **, r c ',:?- e J. c> If -Y° u hav e not, call at all the tailor establishment m the city, and then e-o because nCeS ^ * *° U CaH n0t be suite " then! STRIPES, CHECKS, invitation extended to all. Yours truly, JACOB ,, A < - A THE WALLiCE SHOW Per A Large Audience Eojttjed the fonuance Last Erening. Notwithstanding the inclement weather there was a large audience at the Wallace show last night, and the performance gave general satis faction. The show will exhibit at South Bend today and at Laporte tomorrow. Logansport people take great pride in the show because It is a Peru production. Fifteen years ago Mr. Wallace organized the show at Peru, and from a small concern it has grown to be one of tbe most gigantic circus aggregations the world has ever known. Bert Davis, Mr. Wallace's press agent, is without a peer In his line. He has the ability and has had the experience necessary to win friends and admirers among the newspaper fraternity of the country. He was with the Barnum show for a number of years. family residence at 10:30 a. m., Sunday and intarment in- the family burial lot at Mt. Hope cemetery. MA:.U€)ER OOLAN Appeals t» tlie Patrons House. of His Opera Death of Mrs. I X. Myers. Mrs. Rose Ann Myers, wife of Isaac K, Myers, died yesterday afternoon at the family residence in JeSer- son township, after a protracted illness, in the 65lb. year of her age. Mrs. Myers was the daughter of the late James Justice, of Clinton township, who was one of the pioneers or this county. Mrs. Myers was born in Fayette county, Ind., and at the age of 6 years came with her parent? to this county where she has ever since lived. She was married to Isaac N, Myers in the year of 1S51 and leaves her To Theater Patrons: J have secured Uhauncey Olcott. the popular comedian and singer, one of the greatem in the country together with his iarge |aud talented company of actors and actresses for a performance on next Monday even- itig, and trusli I will have your support jn making the engagement a success, While 1 was in New York a year ago Mr. OlcoU was closing his second consecutive season at the Four- eenth street theater, and at each performance sitanding room was at a premium. I saw the performance and was so captivated with Mr. Olcott's singling and acting that I insisted that nls manager, Mr. August fitou, give me a date should he decide to send the company west.7/hen I received a dispatch some weeks ago from Mr. Pitam to book Mr. Olcott for May 9th I was more than pleased and wired that I would do all in my power to give the brilliant young star a large iradience. Respectfully yours., WM, DOLAN, Manager. Another Large Audience at the Rink Lust Sight, . Another large audience enjoyed Kline's picture show at therlok last night. Tbe street demonstration prior to the departure of the Logansport volunteers, together with the scenes at the Panhandle station this afternoon were photognphed by Mr. Kline ana the pictures wiii be reproduced at the rink tonight. A large attendance is assured, No Ghost of a Doubt but what Marshall does the best work of any laundry in the city. We have the finest machinery made, use excellent soap and starch, and onr employes are trained to do their work carefully. Give ua a trial. Both 'phones 110 Marshall's Laundry, 608 Broadway. CHICAGO SiKKETS. Received Daily by A,, M. Ebaugh, at the Corner of Sortli and Fifth Streets. Chicago, May 6, 1898, Wheat—May opened at 11,46; high, 11.50; low, 11.42; closed at Onr Some one asked this morning why red, white and blue ware selected as the colors of our national flag. It was because of their significance. Red stands for bacrifice, white for purity and blue for loyalty, all of which are characteristic of the true American citizen. Base Ball. The Chicago Unions, the best colored base ball club in the west, and the Logansports are playing this afternoon at the Driving park. They will play again tomorrow. The Weather. Fair tonlghc and Saturday: frosts in the north and west portions tonight: warmer west portion Saturday. Wheat—For July, opened, tl.C'OJ: high, »1.02i; low, fl.OOc; closed at tl.OU. Corn—For July, opaned at 33 Jc; hlgh.S-Uc; low, 33Jc: closed at 34c. Oats—For July, opened at 26{o; high, 27£c; low, 26io; closed at Lumber, Lath, Shines, Doors, Blinds, and Ladders. Cheaper Than Ever! THOMPSON LUMBER CO. Sixth & High Sta. ^M"P^iir»iaj^ ^^^^^__. OPENING DISPLAY OF Spring Suitings! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens and Novelties. JOHN CARROLL, The Tailor, I222 Broadway. » PUHC QHAH CdCA* Or T»FTT»H FOWOl« husband, Qulncy A. Myers, Schuyler G. Myers, Alva,and Mary A.Souders, (children) wife of Dr Souders of Burrows, surviving her. Mrs. Myers was a woman of many graces of char- acter»,nd her gentle and loveable disposition endeared her to a very large circle of friends, and her loss will be severely fait by all who know her and irreparable to her family. The funeral will be held at the Mirror's Court. Samuel Collins, a colored man.from Kenneth, was arrested last night and placed in jail. He put up a strong fight and claimed he was a Spaniard. The mayor grave him ten days to ponde;r over his actions. John Dawscm, another man from the quarry, was also In a bad state of intoxication and! was given a similar dose. Another young man, who Is a member of the volunteers, was released. He got drunk last night in honor of the call for the home company. His name is withheld, and it is hoped he will do better,, •DR, Pork—For July, opened, §11.07: high, $11.20: low, *11.00; closed at •11.00. Hogs—Hogs opened 5c higher. Receipts or hogs 25,000 head. Estimated receipts, tomorrow, -—— Mixed, I4.00@4.20; heavy, 14.15 @4.25; rough, «4.00@4.10; light, •3.15@4.15. Receipts of cattle, 25,000. Sheep, i;,000. Curb, (July), «1.00f; puts (July), 97i-98c; calls (July), ll.03j.ll.04. Toledo, 0., Mays. Wheat—Cash, lopened *l.37@38c: closed at J1.38. Wheat—July, opened, S1.01@l-02; closed at tl.OU. LOCAL GRAIN MAKKET. The following is the price paid for grain in the local market today as reported by W. E. Hurd: Wheat, 11.20: corn, 30c; oats, 27c; clover seed. $2.65. Some Stores* Pan Undersell All Others, CREAM POWDffi Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair OoM Medal, Midwinter Fair Wheat is Booming. "^ AlthonghfLogansport buyers oSfir- ed.$1.20 for wheat yesterday and today none Is offered. The advance is caused by cash wheat lo Chicago on Wednesday selling at $1.31 The war scare and the fact that France has removed a duty of 36c a bushel on American wheat forced it up. It Is likely that wheat will go to $1.25 in Logansport tomorrow; at least so say the dealers.' and yet make as much moaey. If the business— like this business.— is bi* enough t« run its own factory— and handle the entire production or seraml cloth mills — and commands enough ready cash to take advantage of *U lb* concessions that ready cash constantly wins— it has decided advantage owr every other store ia this community." We are the only manufacturing «]**. iers in Logansport ..... -and co other store here will name om low prictt for the same class of clothing. "High grade Clothing at fair prices Wher^ else can you find it? Money back if dissatisfied. MRN'B SUIT© It we weren': rnanufiicuirers yon wouldn't have such suits at $7.50 as ywu. i.twve now.—Thiak of nobby all-wool fabrics—carefully sewed with, rilk by irst-class tailors—and i:ne«l and trimmed sulmantially that thev'll hold together ust a long as the cloth itself—Besides the fancy patterns, we also tuive the plua jlack Clay Worsted in tlk- $7..30 line. $10 would be fair price for them—that'* jhat other stores ask, SMC! so would we if we didn't do the making ourselves—$10, >-,a.OG>, 113.50 and »15 00 are the next grades—and the saving growu larger ia KM mces go higher. Do you know "the famous Hob's make '{" Don't let thi« " ' pass without getting acquainted with as. Save from 50c to «1,00 <»n each cnas of your hats bv buying at THE HUB. Harry Frank's Old StaiwL $13

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