Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 25, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 25, 1892
Page 5
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DUN fiflTS CELBBRflTED STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES DEWENTER. "The Hatter," THE BROTHERHOOD' OF HCMAMTT. Tlie JEeJatlon of tfie Jevtrs to This CoDHtrr-A Synopsis or m.r. A. Friedman's Recent Adires*. The address given by Mr. A. Friedman of the Cincinnati Union College before a Jewish congregation in this city in connection with the observance of the feast of "Rosh Hashanah" on •Our Relations to This Country," attracted much attention and evoked considerable comment on account its expressions of broad humanity, an its loyal patriotism to this countrj the safe haven and refuge of the Je as it is to the Gentile of all lands. Mr. Friedman bepan his address b comparing the family of Israel to rivulet "gradually urging- its wa OBSERVE. H. G. TUCKER. The Pearl Street Tailor is showing some very handsome woolens lor fall /rear ia suitings He also has something new and attractive foi overcoats Yours Truly, TUCK, )5 DAILY JOURNAL. I YOUR XA3ffi I>T SUNDAY MORNING. SEPT. 25, ItCIUK Wiler & Wise for the choicest dress goods. . Call at Kichy's for the finest fruit in the city. , To Mr. and Mrs. Slayton Kepling-er, ]'. a Republican. Stop and see the Journal gold medal to be given October -L More beautiful novelties in dress goods, were opened at the Trade Palace. Wanted—Experienced shirtmakers '-at factory, with machine, Apply at |rMiller's shirt factory, S26 Market /street. Wanted, at once—A pood girt; good ..wages and small family. Apply to .Mrs-IX A. Borges, No. 18 Columbia street, North Side. Wanted, at once, a steady man to do pressing and repairing. Apply at Logan Steam Dye Works and Laundry, 60S Broadway. :• Look out for bargains the last of this iveek. A large stock' of new fresh goods will be placed on sale at [fifty cents on the dollar, at the Trade Palace. You wouldn't believe that choice dress good of lovely designs and land excellent quality such as the Bee [Hive show at SJ cents, could be sold for so little money. It's the quality that does it. C. W. Burgman and Jake Stoll will lake atrip to Lafayette to-day on iheir faithful • -bikes" Another bicy- sle trip contemplated to-day is by "rank Lytle and Harry Troutman who Kill ride up to Roann. Major Chas. H. Watson the veteran >rinter will return to the Soldier. looie at Marion this morning, after a ouple of weeks sojourn araoog his old riends and fellow crafts men" ia Lo- ansport. The Major is probably .the Idest printer in service in the Wa- ash valley. He printed before the war nd has printed almost continously .nee the war. Although a most vali- nt soldier during the war, he has soldiered" none since, not being that ind c<& printer. The later years of of a Personal Clmrncter Con- ng L.osanNponci-8 and T)»_eir Friends. Miss Josie Swadenen of Chicago, is visiting her former homo here. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Elliott are visiting relatives at Richmond. Ed F. Ivies of High street has taken the road for Miller's shirt factory. C. M. Bencett is spending- Sunday with bis wife who is visiting at CJrbana, 0, Mr. Ed Loser and sister, Miss Ida, are visiting their cousin Miss AUord, of Fifth street. Rev. Norris went to Andrews last evening. He will dedicate a new church there te-day. Mrs. Chris Hitzman, of Fort Wayne, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Potthoff. Mrs. A. C. Wichman and Mrs. Win. Paul, O f Fort Wayne, are visiting their sister, Mrs. J. H. Poithoff. John Mowery returned yesterdav from Washington where he has been attending the G. A. R. Convention. 0. M. Hand, of the Chicago Post., arrived in the citj yesterday on a few- days visit at his former home in the city. Mrs. Rose Bruington, of Cleveland, Ohio, accompanied by her daughter, is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. S. Farns worth. S. P. Grafflin was seized with an attack of vertigo in the lobby of the postoffice yesterday morning and fell unconscious to the floor. He was carried to his home where he presently regained consciousness and is at pres ent himself again. presented to it at every turn.'' Th speaker then took a cursory review of Israel's checkered course in time;, past. "There is hardly a country where we have not suffered; there is hardly a cation that has not oppressed us, that has not persecuted Israel. Think of Egypt, think of Babylon, think of Greece and Rome, think of Spain, think of Russia! y e t where are they all, these mighty nations? Where is powerful Babylon; .where mighty Rome? Greece has Joag since sunk into the abyss of oblivion; Spain lost its authority and nimbus. And Russia? friends we wiil all perhaps live yet to see its great fall! But we the oppressed, we have outlived them all." •We have felt the. weight of the world's wrath, we have borne the burden of ages of sorrows, such as no being can conceive and all this or what—for nothing but our religion. If we had bu( . poken a few unmeaning words, if we nad only renounced what the world ailed errors, we might have enjoyed 11 that others enjoyed. Not till now ave we been rewarded for our per- everance in retaining- that for which we have fought, in retaining our re- lig-ion. Whatever else we have lost— for as Jews every noble avenue of life was shut to us—we have at least preserved the banner of Judiasra ia- tact. We d 0 not desire to be a singular, God-chosen people. We long since discarded that idea with ail hopes-for a united Jewish kingdom. This free and blessed country is, and may it ever remain, our beloved fatherland. Here we want to live and here we want to die. We no more exist as a nation, we aie and will ever remain faithful citizens of this glorious republic. It is only in religion that we are Jews, just as the Catholics, Protestants.'and other denominations '.ave their respective churches. And as faithful citizes we shall always be ready to take up arms in its defense; when duty calls us we shall willingly shed our last drop of blood in behalf Of its liberty." 'Nor shall we in any respect make a distinction between Jew and Gentile and if there be any one among you, who in his or her dealings, in business or charity, in word or thought draw a partition line between Jew and Christian, let him or her know that such is wrong and certainly .against our religion. We are friends to all man-kind. Our religion admonishes FREE--THIS WEEK ONLY. Oak Chairs for Everybody. Real Japanese Cups and Saucers for Ladies. Folding Vest-pocket Comb, Case and Mir' J - ror for JMten Beautiful Bound Books for Big Children Iron Tops and Flying Kites for the Boys. shoes this week, value depending upon amount of sale. n, the pe °P' e ^stead of givin- Our stock is now complete; inspection solicited, an; SHOE DEPARTMENT. ;iri ast o4on .. It is a matter of congratulation that we are to enjoy an evening of metropolitan minstrelsy presented by that world-famous organization, Haverly's Mastodon Minstrels, under the personal direction of Col. J. H. Haverly direct from Haverly's Casino, Chica-o where they broke the record for time and receipts, appearing to large and fashionable audiences, giving two performances daily for twenty-eight weeks. After a brief tour of the leading cities they return to Chicago for a season of one year and a halt during the World's Fair. The com^ pany which is to be presented at Dolan's opera house next Friday night Sept. SOth, is the Mastodon Minstrels in its entirety, embracing such names as Billy Rice, E. M.Hall, E. M.Kayne Bogert and O'Brien, Delmore an Wilson, Chas. Sully, A. M. Thatcher Arthur Yule, Geo. Evans, Harry Con stantine and thirty others of nationa reputation. On the afternoon of ex hibition a free open air band concer will be given opposite the opera house at 4 p. m. by Haverly's magnificent band and "Kissell" will give an exhibition of his , marvelous military musket manoeuvers. This is a pleasing change from the old time minstrel parade. TRYKG FOR. be >*otlcc to Our Customer*. We wish to notify our customers that we do not spend money advertis ing to deceive the public as you will see by our sidewalk display on Saturday afternoon. We have received a portion of our spring ordei-from Janeway & Carpendar, who sometime ago notified us that, they would ship It once. Sorry we have to prove how little our competitors knows'about the wall paper business. LOGAXSFORT WALL PAPER Co. , ,.. • , - — \ Tlie True JLaxatlve rmiclple >rs We have been rendered Of the plants used in manufacturing ^t unpleasant by an infirmity \ the pleasant remedy, _Syrup of Figst has a permanently beneficial effect*^' the human -system, while the cheap vegetable extracts and mineral solutions, usually sold as medicines, are permanently injurious. Being well- informed, you will use the true remedy only. Alanufoctured by the us to help all who suffer, to console all who mourn." The liberty and freedom, however, we DOW enjoy must not render us careless of the treasure we are guarding. We have watched over i; when it brought on us contempt, prison, torments and death, and we will not, we can not relinquish it now, when we are called brothers, friends favorites of the most high. We shall and must proclaim His name and unity till His kingdom will be established on eartn and the Brotherhood of Humanity cease to be a mere phrase and judging from the constant progress whiclTthe belief in only one invisible, incorporeal God is making towards universal dominion, we are justified in concluding that the time is not very far when the words of the prophet will be fulfllled, -And God will be King of all the earth, that day God will be one and His name will be one. •Acd with but one God, mankind will form but one large family. Then, and not till then shall we cease to be Jews, then we shall be like the mighty river-flood which is swallowed up" by the vast ocean after having completed its weary and varied course." The ZeltunK'a Opinion of Irishmen The Zeitung, the German Democratic paper of this city, has been honored by the selection of its editor as a member of one of the committees on the Democratic rally in this city in. October. Tins selection was probably made to secure the attendance of the Irish voters of Logansport, the defeat of whose champion pugilist is reported in the Zeitung of September 9th as follows: John Sullivan, the greatest Irish pugilist has finally found Bis master After 21 rounds he was disabled by Oorbett and acknowledged himself defeated. He was severely punished and ins nose suffered shipwreck, while on the other hand his victor escaped comparatively unhurt. The Irish bully will probably drown his remorse w ith whisky and the whisky jug will soon become his monument. tlie Journal's Gold;Medal to Given lu tno Kond Knee Tuesday, October -i. Much lively interest is being manifested among the local bicycle riders over the Journal's gold medal road race to be held, barring bad weather, Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 4. The entries are coming in and the race promises to be by all odds the best ever given in this county. So far as can be seen now the racg will begic at Royal Center as near 3 o'clock as possible, the start to be made at that favorite village gathering place, the "town pump," the finish to be in front of the Journal office. The road will be cleared for the racers as far as practicable, it being believed that all persons will gladly turn out of the road for the speeders. Especially will this precaution bo taken on College Hill, and across the bridge where persons will be stationed at the time the cavalcade of riders is due to keep all teams off the hill for a few moments, I that the racers may be given every opportunity to put in their best licks on the final spurt. The gold medal is at last from the hands of the engraver and can be seen n the Journal window this morning. t is a beauty and is well worth the ffort to gain. There is much peculation among the boys as o whose manly breast it will l>r. Hall To-uieUt. Dr. Wm. Edwin Hall, editor of tho •international" New York City, will'-, preach to-night at the Kinth streei; Christian church on -The Resurrection of the Dead." This -lecture packed Grace St. Bcptist church,, Richmond, Va., ;md overflowed Tulip^ St. Methodist church Nashville. Tenn_ Dr. Hall stands in the first rank witfa- the best lecturers in the United States- Scores of critics pronounce him iba full equal of Talmage, and not a few his supe-ior. Hear him deliver of his great -sermons to-njjht. are cordially invited. one- All S10 Steward, Melvin Harley will pay the above reward for any information leading: to the capture oi the thief who stolehfe bicycle from his home, at Eighteenth and High streets, last Friday mores- icg. Gospel temperance meeting to-day at 3:30 o'clock in Good Templar hall, on Fourth street. Everybody wel-" come to the meeting temperance people expected to be present. Minis-, ters will please announce. By order- union. adorn after the great race. There are at least a half dozen riders who are quietly confident of winning it, but as all can't come in first, unless indeed by a most wonderful chance, some will probably have to .restrain their ambition until next fall when they can take a chance at the Journal's second annual road race. Boys, call and see the beautiful medal, imagine yourself wearing it for --keeps" then train up for the effort of your life on October 4. rich, takes away much of his afore- ne sprightliness and vigor, and con- quently he feels that his days at the Jase" are almost over. It is under- ood that the Major is expecting a ljstantial increase in his pension and s friends of the art preservative will ' i - ; ^ ••-»*• *-•- vuv^tv _t/i wowi > v*t* t C »• iii I'.greatly pleased if fortune and ihe Insion commissioners turn in his for, for he surely'deserves it. He inch pleased with the surroundings he home at Marion and is stroogly iched to this new home which he upies in common with so many er of the -old boys" to whom the thus displays her gratitude. i , Fig Syrup Co. Prehistoric Gutters. Everr resident in Kokomo is joi willingly in the health board order to clean up. On one street gutters were uncovered lying twelve to eighteen inches below the surface. which previously were sot known to be there. For the coming Journal gold medal bicycle race a number of the'riders are equipping themselves with the latest improved xacers. : Burgman, Lytle, Euhn and Herr have provided themselves with the famous Marion ^Scorcher" wheels.^ perfect beauties in simplicity and speed giving- Qualities. Roach, Troutman and others of the boys are also getting ne^. wheels for the race and a fine array of the best wheels will be made on that day. Wanted—Three hundred yards o boulders, 4 to S inches in • diameter, Cincinnatiinspeetion, at once Win.' C. Bowker, contractor, Ehvood, led. Inhumanity Charged. A State item says that the friends of the late Emanuel Isenhour, of Elwood father of Mrs. Al L. Anderson of this city, who was fatally injured at Bates ville while en route for the Washing ton encampment, charge the citizen of Batesville with gross inhumanitv Mr. Isenhour was thrown under while attempting to step on the platform o a moving- car. and one leg was frightfully mangled. He dragged himself on the platform of the depot station, and there he lay for three hours before surgical relief was afforded. Meanwhile his wife continued on her journey, and she was forty-five miles distant before she knew that' her husband had been injured. She took the first train back'to Batesville.. It is claimed thai if an effort had been made to stop the flow of blood J-ea- hour would have lived; further. : that his pleading, to be removed v.-hrr« he might occupy a bed. v.- c -nt unheeded. .Sunday School CourenU The Sunday schools of Eel t hold their regular monthly eon'. mention on Sept. 27 in the African M. E. church. ' • PROGRAM. Topic-Is the Sunday schoc! c'oiag gathering in tie children.*)! Opened by Mari — ulaski-V/uite Joint KcprcNctuatirc Convention. The Republican joint representative convention for Pulaski and White counties was held at the Murdock hotel parlors in this city yesterday. Hon. B. Borders, a prominent attorney Of Winamac. was nominated by acclamation. LOOKATT33K SIZE of the ordinary piJU Think of all the. trouble and disturbance that it caus»s you.. "Wouldn't you T^elcoms something easier to take, and easier iin its ways, if at the some time. nv. . . '* •Md 7° u mora .--- That is the case -with T>r. Pierce'e easant Pellets. They're the smallest ia, size, the mildest in action, but the most thorough and far-reaching in'results Tfaer follow nature's methods, and they give help that lasts. Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, Sick and Bilious Headaches and all derangements of the liver, stomach ani bowels are promptly relieved and permanently cured. "If we can't cure your Catarrh, ao matter- how bad your case or of bow long standing, well pay you S500 in cash." That is what is promised by the proprietors of Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy. Doesn't it prove, bettor than any words could, that this is a remedy that cures Catarri ( Costs only 50 -for .-eftrrins to a subjwri so unusual h-i- It aay possess interest for socie to kj ;( ,w tta: . — Topic, The Importance of presSea? 1 r ° 21Ier the dlre «ion of the \ . — i jricc or t! l.-i ^OLD. we say—;/;!;(; JWn-jta-liatall. Storage Room FOR RENT. ' In Reap of Pryor's Drugstore. FREE BEADING ROOM..; L&mz Powder Conpante say n of -Jjeir exorbitant prtas. but'tali- Uaii^L'j- of cieoJcai EasJysis, i-c. iet the scientist lead the -cie.iri^ let practical women cry C'firr.-x" judge for theioseJ ves. open Daily and 21 Pearl Street Welcome 10 All AT TOCE OEOCEES— regular meeting of thefr&e Reading Eoom the third Tuesday of each, month. ' '

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