The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1951
Page 7
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BATLTRTUY, APRIL t, 1951 BLTTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BBTKf Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams UM.' l'M6 APPEARED TO AD^^TASe^ftfOW SPJtSfSXA^'' VOL) BiG IF I RAID1M 1 TK RAISIMS MVSELF, YOU'D BE HEARlW MORE FROM ME.' WIHe _ Klf*?S AMD COURTIERS, gOT X. WOrJDeR IP of p AT wv gesT -ttAese TILL A, MAM ROAR5 HIS HEAD OFF OM PAGE OWE -«*Tl4eM 6HOW6RiMG HIM WITH HOMOkp, ^>-[ £UT * ARiWG HtrATO ty} A FR/.^LG W'TWersJD- &f L69S D&rAAMDS FOR.. -, SERVICES , AMD THB WORRY WART Business Opportunities 16 x 33 building, adjoining new high school, could oe nsed as rife nr grocery store, shelving counter, in rat block and scales Included, alsn 3 room house 854 N lOlh St 4:2 P* a Small Investment—Large Profits <J5,000 TO $35.000 per year) You RFC Ihe sole owner. DAIRYETTE DAIRY BAR— package Complete—New Build Ins- Tailored Sign Finest National Brand Equipment -. Rational Acceptance—Consumer De- Service Direct From Dairyette Speed Freezer SoTi Ice Cream—Custftrd Milk ShnXes Sodas Sundai No [loyalties—No Franchise F«« protected Territory Your town may be available! Write Dairyelte. Inc. Box B-3, % Courier Wew§ PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock .Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Store READ THIS! MORE SHOE WEAR WITH PROMPT REPHIR HflLTCRS IQU<*LITY SHOC SHOI 121 W. MAIN ST. The Gold Mannequin By Myles Connolly COPVRK1HT 1W&1 BY NEA SERVICE. HiC. THR, .STOKYt Tim Rr*«r, • rrlp- HoUi rix lnie» of IhU pwrarto-lo** •ci'nr I 'ttjtr. n fnrm *lrl wfco rrnllT rnrc nr TI»M Thf» Tim d trover* lh.i ri* York hr will bf nhl«- In wiil Wkrn hr C»K. he <cnr« in \ tn • wrprifcf' Jr*n. II* I* rrcrlved ni ihr drr«» r*1*hllMbmr-«t by • Ml*. %f*jor. who 1«-ll« hint Jcfin *• • !- Irttitlnp rtt* CorlntMim* Hull. n» rvrlnat*-* 1 n • h 1 « » lunrllnn nt whlrh Ihr **!>«•••• «>l thr V r AT" win h*- chiufn. Tin* «<>«•• rn thf Km- plrr. trhrrr the hsll I* lo hi- hrlfi. ntirl vlnnil^ imtsld* *rntchln|E the CU«» tft arrive. The doorman was puzzled. "I've been hanging my hat up al the Veteran's Hospital in Cedar- rook." Tim explained, "Thought d like to compare it with the ay out in the Empire here," "1 see." The doorman, under- landing, nodded slowly. A bellboy who nad just carried guest's suiteases to a car was currying back to the doors. "Jigger!" The doorman called to he bellboy. The bellboy, shivering, slopped. ?he doorman went lo him. "Jigger, this gentleman here is XIX A ETEAVILY coaled, gold-braided doorman, who had moved down the sjdewalk to wave away a parked taxicab, came upon Tim Reese. "Kind of chilly, isn't it. Mister?' the doorman, seeing the canes in the snow, was sympathetic. "In more ways than one." Tim (frinned over his upturned overcoat collar "I feel like The Little Match Girl." The doorman, chuckled, "You look more like Stella Dallas." H was well-spoken, as benefited the chief doorman of the Empire "Bu I'm going to have to b* the heavy The ladies are wearing a lot fancy hardware tonight, and it be hooves m« to ask you to ambl along." "Guess there's no chance of me ambling along into the Main Ballroom, iS'there?" The doorman gave Tim a quick, sharp look. 'Tx>st your mind, or something?*" "Probably." marionettes supporting brilliantly jeweled and gorgeously gowned crealuro.s in some sort o( celestial b:it!et. TJie glowing woII lamps. Ihe glittering chandeliers, the sumptuous flower decorations, the romantic in u sic, added lo the grand illusion. Tim searched the whirling mass bcnealh him for sign of Jean llo- land, followed with his eyes each flashing face, each tossing fair head, but he could not find her. The minutes whirled by with the dancers and Ihe evening was half over before Tim reali/ed H. Then, the dancing and the music and the gaiety slopped. The time had come to choose the dress of the year. Jean had not been dancing. She had been saving herself till time came for the modeling of the dresses, and it was then that Tim saw her first. HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL066EX Need a Tuneup? "My wife and \ never fight about money matters—she always gives me enough to eat on! 11 f^ECKLCS .' YES, I c&w GO WITH YOU TO PUISCILLA'S POP What KvorV Husband Knows BY AL VERMEER I'VE STEPPED ON THE STARTER =O LONS IT WON'T GO ANY MORE' vith the television unit In the Main Ballroom." He winked at igger. "Show him in, will you? I __,,,._ ,. ..,.,,„ You'll find them up in the bal- T" E llehls ln thc ballro ° m we " on .. •• dimmed (or the presentation "Okey-doke. Right this way." except at one end where radiant rigger, cold, turned quickly back ;o the entrance. , "Thanks, chief." Tim, graieful, turned to the doormnn, fumbled for his wallet. The doorJTIan shook his head. "Don't use the stuff. Give it lo Jigger." S° Tim could not resist trying out Ms joke again. "If's my first night out since June. 1944." The doorman looked down at the canes and up at Tim's face. "Polio?" Tim shook works.** his head. "Fire- Tim Reese found himself comfortably seated in a corner o£ Ihe balcony of the Main Gall- room, looking down on the splendor that whirled to the music on the floor bnlow. A few feel away from him the television men had their cameras set up and Tim to all appearances was one of the unit, If the elegance and opulence Tim had seen at the canopied entrance of the Empire a few minutes back had seemed a fiction to him, the scene below now was pure fanlasy. It would have been an extraordinary spectacle to anybody except one jaded wilh luxury and weary of pageantry. But to a man who had spent years knowing only hospital walls and a nisllc landscape, it v could only be fantastic. The men in their flawless formal black and white seemed like white spotlights Hi up bordered platform. Beautiful women gowned moved on to the platform. modeled and went on, greeted with applause. And each to Tim seemed more than the one before. The gowns, too, were so slrik- ng and original that Tim's heart jegan to sink. Would Jean have one that could measure up to this competition? Certainly none id sent would ever qualify. Then, Jean made her appearance. Th>5re was no applause at Irst as had greeted the others bul a hush and the immobility of complete admiration. Jean mounted to the platform and then Tim saw her clearly and saw she was modeling his winter white gown. For a moment he was fearful the tribute of silence had been for Jean's beauty, not for the gown. It was loo simple, Tim thought, too chaste. But then the applause broke, and looking down, Tim saw the applause came mostly from men and, remembering that night was made up entirely of men, he knew that Jean and thc gown had won. (To Be Continued) YES, WE BUY Scrap Iron and Melal, Old Cars, Plows, Cultivators, Tin, Wire, Batteries, Radiators, Rags and other items of little value to you. We sell all kinds nT angle iron, flat iron, etc. and when you need Coal and Kindling, call... HESTER'S COAL & SCRAP METAL YARD S. Highway 61 Phont 3186 PUNNING A GARAGE? Then Call 2434 for Free Kstimafe Turn your porch into a knotty pine den or TV room. Maths and Kitchens Remodeled Non-Mortgage FHA Term* As f.ang us 30 Mnnths to P»J BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. "KvRrvthing far the Builder" \V H. Pens* S. !lht»j 61 J. Wilson Htnrj Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miles Extra Power Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G. O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 SOYBEANS RECLEANED Now is the time to have the weed and grass removed from your seed beans. Bring them to us for re-cleaning at your convenience! Henderson-Hoover Seed Co Hiway 61 So. Blytheville Phone 2860 Soybean Custom Cleaning We specialize In recleaning noyheans. Let us reclean your beans before the rush starts. See us tor your field seed requirements. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Our Chrysler- Plymouth Service JUST "BEATS THE BAND"!! 121 E. Main—Phone 2122 T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Due to Public Demand We Are Now Offering DAY and NIGHT Television Service For Daytime For Night Service, Phone Service, Phone 2642 4851 We Service All Makes and Model*! FRED CALL!HAN Phone Radio Service 110 So 3642 Your Motorol. »nri Admiral Denier 1 s ^ St MY GOODNESS! I SHOULD THINK YOU'D HAVE IT WOUND UP BY NOW! 1-5 IT READY? NOW CAN 1 -STEP M THE TARTER? YOU RAN DOWN THE BATTERY AGAIN; I'LL GET THE CRANK; KY MK.'IIAKI. O'MAU.KY mid RALPH LANE OKAV, TACKY. VOU 6ET Y J. T/vKa \ riK&r CHOICE IM '•nuifA. LEPTV. / CH006IW UP 9PBSJij J>x77TrrfV:. SOT EISHT ; AMP .UU&CLE5 /VUJLLISAN KISHT WOW I '<. WISH I GOTTA »&OMA\V/COULI7 J WAV TO E A VERY IAOT3ETAWTWLOW6 BASESALL 6AM6V 6BE ".OU- .TACKY THOMAS J LATEK. 1!Y LESLIE TURNER No Eric There CAPTAIN EASY THEY MAY BE AFTER WOOKEy AWB 5H*WOS BUT I Cft.U'1 LET I'.W SCREfW, MJ& GET CM UN HECK. WHILE I'UE GOT WOi BUT HE ONE O' THE MEM V.'iWTED FOR WE ROBBEW. EKIC DOOM SEEM5 TO BE GOIOE! 0, L HAVEN'T SEEN WE GIRL. BUT A HURRY, E. DOOM GOT A PARCEL HE'D LEFT/OFFICER! THE THE SA.FE AND WEMT UPSTAIRS ifTIClEV PEM?LS FEW MOMENTS AGO. - ARE IM THMT BUGS BUNNY DOE'S THPT A.N6WER »NODENTW_UN, OLD FWIENP, WHAT VOU PO WJTH THE FEATHERS YOU PULJCKEP - TM16 CH'- r KEN? ONE LOAD <y CHICKEM -VSR QUESTION? BY V. T. HAM1.IN ALLKIGHr.WM.,MAKE WITH THE FAT PINE...THIS POT DON'T RUN ON LOV6 THERE'S OUR BALL/OKAY. HERE WE O... I'M CRACKING THE THROTTLE) BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Phones 6856-6857

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